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3D Mammography Nuclear Medicine Thyroid Scans suspicious, patients need to be called Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death back for additional views. The multiple among women. One in 8 women will develop breast images created by 3D mammograms Cancer in cancer in her lifetime. Each year it is estimated that over have such increased accuracy that this breast 252,710 women in the United States will be diagnosed there is decreased need for this. On is difficult to with breast cancer and more than 40,500 women will average 3D mammograms reduce detect on die from the disease. This is why early detection is so callbacks by up to 40% compared to this standard important. With early detection, the five-year survival traditional mammograms. This means mammogram. CyrusisKhorrami, rate nearlyM.D. 100%. The latest weapon in the fight against less radiation exposure, increased - Hyperactive thyroidand gland Normal - Normal appearing thyroid Decreased - Poorly(also functioning thyroid breast cancer is 3D mammography known as breastHyperactive convenience for our patients, more take up a lot of the radiotracer and looks gland gland takes up less radiotracer tomosynthesis). This new technology has increased early peace of mind. bigger and brighter detection over traditional mammograms, especially in Q: What can I expect when women with dense breasts. Greater accuracy means thyroid gland is overactive. It can also help in distinguishing between benign (nonThyroid overview better breast cancer detection. having a 3D mammogram?

The main function of the thyroid gland is to make hormones. Hormones are chemicals that are released into the bloodstream. They act as Q: What is a 3D mammogram? How is it different from messengers, affecting cells and tissues in distant parts of the body. Thyroid regularcontrol mammograms? hormones metabolism, a chemical process that regulates the rate at which the bodymammogram--also converts food to energy. A: 3D called breast tomosynthesis--is one of the most advanced Becauseforms the thyroid gland produces hormones travel theof blood and affect of breast cancer detection. It usesthat a very lowin level radiation to body systems, a problem with the gland usually leads to symptoms in other parts take multiple pictures of the breast. The x-ray tube moves over the breast in an of the Symptoms andimages signs vary depending on the thyroid disease problem. arc,body. capturing multiple of each breast from different angles. A or computer Tests to checkthese the thyroid include blood tests, ultrasounds of breast. the neck, reconstructs picturesgland to create a 3-dimensional picture of the A regular biopsies, and thyroid mammogram takes a scans. single picture of the breast.

Q: What the advantage What areisthyroid scans?of 3D mammogram?

of the challenges of interpreting mammograms is normal breast A:AOne thyroid scan is a diagnostic nuclear medicine test that providesdense information tissue the hiding breast and cancer. Additionally, overlapping of normal about structure function of the thyroid. It canareas do this by usingdense smallbreast tissue can look suspicious. This is why detecting breast cancer in women withThese dense doses of radioactive chemicals to create special pictures of the thyroid gland. breasts is more difficult. The 3-dimensional images of breast tomosynthesis help pictures can help doctors see the structure of the thyroid gland and assess how well the tissue overlap that can obscure cancers. It also helps distinguish normal itdecrease is functioning. breast from breast cancer. a chemical called a radionuclide. A overlapping Prior to the scan,tissue the patient is administered Studies have shown that 3D mammograms the like x-rays. radionuclide emits a type of radioactivity called significantly gamma rays –improve which are detection of breast cancer, especially in women with denser breast tissue. It also The gamma rays that are emitted from inside the body are detected by a special picks upCells breastthat cancer at anactive earlierinstage, whichtissue may be missedwill by traditional camera. are most the target or organ take up more mammography. 3D mammograms find 20-65% more invasive breast of the radionuclide. Therefore active parts of the tissue will emit more cancers gamma rays compared to traditional 2D mammograms, increase of 41%. The than less active or inactive parts. The gammawith rays an areaverage then sent to a computer. computer displays the different intensities of radioactivity emitted into different Q: Isofthere increased performing a 3D shades grey. This color map radiation shows the physician possible cold or hot spots of mammogram? cellular activity. A: Mammograms expose patients to very low levels of radiation. The level of radiation exposure fromthyroid a 3D mammogram is the same as that from a traditional Why do we do scans? mammogram. So a patient receives all the benefits increased risk. Your doctor may refer you for a nuclear medicinewithout thyroidany scan if it is believed traditional when a radiologist an see areawhether that is the partsWith of your thyroid mammograms, gland are not functioning properlyfinds and to

cancerous) and malignant (cancerous) thyroid nodules or lumps. Thyroid scans can A: The process of having a 3D also be used to evaluate changes in the gland following medication use, surgery, mammogram is the same as a radiotherapy or chemotherapy. conventional 2D exam. The technologist will position you, How toyour prepare thyroid scan compress breast, andfor takea images from Thedifferent referringangles. physician or the imaging center performing the exam will provide There’s no instructions on how to prepare. theitdays prior to the3D examination, blood tests Using mammogram additional compression required,Inand may be performed to measure the level of thyroid hormones in the blood. Often, technology, the only takes a few extra seconds. the patient will be advised not to eat for severalcancer hours prior to the exam and was able to be wear loose, comfortable clothing. It is also important to leave jewelry Q: Do insurance companies clearly seen. and other metallic accessories at home or remove them prior to the exam, as these objects may cover 3D mammograms? interfere with the procedure. Medicare, and many insurers, cover 3D mammograms. In the past, not A:Depending on the typeprivate of exam, the radionuclide is either injected intravenously all private insurance companies covered 3D mammograms. However, in August (IV), swallowed, or inhaled as a gas. If necessary, a nurse or technologist will insert 2018, New Jersey a mandate requiring nearly major health insurers an IV catheter intoenacted a vein in the patient’s hand or arm.all If the an oral radiotracer is to cover 3D mammograms. used, it is typically swallowed up to 24 hours in advance.

Toms River X-ray has been performing mammograms What to expect and serving the community for over 30 years. Our 3D mammogram To begin the imaging partlatest of the on exam, themarket patient will lie flat onthe an most is the the and has examination table with their head tipped backward to expose the neck. The advanced technology. It is our mission to provide the very patient must remain still for short periods of time while the gamma camera takes best for our patients. We thank you for trusting us with your the images. These images will take approximately 8 to 10 minutes each. After health and the health of your loved the examination is complete, the technologist will check the images to ensure all ones. We look forward to offering areas were captured successfully. Occasionally, additional images are needed for you this significant advance in breast clarification. This should not cause concern, as the need for more images does not cancer screening. necessarily mean an abnormality was found. The nuclear medicine physician will provide a report to the doctor who ordered the thyroid scan.

Cyrus Khorrami, If your doctor has ordered a scanM.D. of your thyroid, please call Toms River X-ray at (732) Medical Director 244-0777. PARVIZ KHORRAMI, M.D. CYRUS KHORRAMI, M.D. Founder Medical Director PARVIN MOTEMADEN KHORRAMI, M.D.


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