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SMILES ARE GUARANTEED AT AESTHETIC DENTAL CREATIONS. Creating relationships is the hallmark of Aesthetic Dental Creations office operations.

MEDICALLY SUPERVISED WEIGHT LOSS! Ocean Health & Weight Loss has cracked the code and found a way to cure the problem.

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SELFREGULATION: A LEARNED SKILL. Does your child have difficulty with self-control?

Annemarie Schreiber, a trusted elder law professional at Carluccio, Leone, Dimon, Doyle & Sacks in Ocean County, is committed to understanding the needs of each and every client. Her passion for Elder Law allows her to ensure that all desired results are achieved. Read more on pages 34 & 35.

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July/Aug. 2019

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“Cloudy, With a Chance of Pain” – Weather and Joint Pain by Ashley Hansen, PT, DPT

Have you ever noticed an increase in pain or soreness when it’s raining? The old wives’ tale says that the change in weather can cause joint pain. Well, it turns out they’re right! Based on recent evidence, the change in barometric pressure, especially a decrease in pressure, does affect joint pain receptors in the joints, thus increasing pain. What is Barometric Pressure?

This is the pressure of the atmosphere pressing down on the earth’s surface. Barometric pressure is based on air density, which is determined by temperature, and the height above earth’s surface. It is measured in milli-bars (mb), where 1 mb is equal to 1 atmosphere of pressure (1.01325 bars); therefore pressure decreases as altitude increases. Standard pressure at sea-level is 1013.2 mb, or 30 mmHg. Barometric pressure can range from about 28-31 mmHg. Humidity, which is the amount of moisture in the air, can also increase atmospheric pressure. When there is more pressure pressing down on the earth (including you and your joints), it results in less activity in the atmosphere, subsequently resulting in “fair weather,” which is typically greater than 30 mmHg. When air rises, moisture in the air cools down the higher it gets, increasing condensation and cloud formation. When the atmosphere gets too full of moisture, precipitation forms, and the result is either rain or snow, depending on the temperature. If the pressure drops below 30 mmHg, it’s considered to be “low.”

Joint Anatomy

Baroreceptors are nerve endings that are found in joints and other tissues throughout the body that detect change in pressure. The joint cavity, articular cartilage, and surrounding bone in the joint are richly innervated (contains nerves) by these pressure receptors. With osteoarthritis (OA), the articular cartilage that surrounds the joints breaks down, thus changing the amount of space and pressure within the joint. It is also common to have swelling and effusion (excess fluid in the joint) with OA. One study performed in 2011 suggested the fluid that is found naturally in the joints can change with the shift in temperature. When the temperature is cold, the fluid can become thicker, which can increase pressure in the joint, thus triggering baroreceptors. Studies have shown increased weather sensitivity in people who have experienced physical trauma from a surgery, joint replacements, and fractures.

Current research has shown how change in atmospheric pressure affects joint pain. One study looked at the effects of weather affecting joint pain and mood. It showed an association between areas with low pressure and increased pain and decreased mood. The results were inconclusive whether the decreased mood was the result of poor weather or increased pain. Another study, conducted in 2018, showed that women were more sensitive to changes in humidity, whereas men were more sensitive to changes in temperature. This could be due to changes in temperature which cause a reaction in the body to prevent heat loss. Temperature also acts as an instant stressor on the different body systems. In comparison, humidity affects perceived temperature rather than temperature itself and thus is more related with a person’s comfort. However, since there is more moisture in the air, it can create more pressure on the body.

How to Manage Pain

One way to help manage arthritis symptoms can be to change the environment around you. One article suggests adjust the temperature in the house. One study recommended using a dehumidifier in order to reduce the humidity in the house to decrease the joint pain. In cases of post-operative surgeries or replacements, ice is helpful to decrease edema (excess fluid) and pressure around the joint. With the help of Physical Therapy, proper exercise and education can help manage joint pain as well. Come to All-Care Physical Therapy Center to get started on your way to decrease and manage your pain so you can enjoy those sunny days! E.C. de Figueiredo, G.C. Figueiredo, R.T. Dantas. (2011). Influence of meteorological elements on osteoarthritis pain: a review of the literature. Rev Bras Rheumatol, 51, pp. 622-628. Lee M, Ohde S, Urayama KY, Takahashi O, Fukui T. Weather and Health Symptoms. International journal of environmental research and public health. 2018;15:1670. (Shulman et al. 2016) Following an orthopedic trauma/ injury, low barometric pressure and high humidity had a greater association with pain. Brennan, S.A., Harney, T., Queally, J.M., O’Connor McGoona, J., Gormley, I.C., & Shannon, F.J. (2011). Influence of weather variables on pain severity in end-stage osteoarthritis. International orthopaedics, 36(3), 643-6. Weather science (https://sciencing.com/understand-barometric-pressure-readings-5397464.html)

New Location: Brick/Ramtown!


34 Lanes Mill Road • Brick Dorado Plaza

We Offer Free Transportation, In Home Physical Therapy and the Full Range of Outpatient Services.

AWARD WINNING Physical Therapy right in your area. Ashley Hansen, DPT


Come Experience The All-Care Difference For Yourself! Whiting • Toms River • Freehold/Howell Manchester • Barnegat • Jackson • Wall/Manasquan Forked River • Brick/Silverton • Brick/Ramtown Home Therapy Certified Hand Therapist

Free Transportation For Patients In Need www.AllCarePTC.com

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Ashley graduated from Richard Stockton College of NJ in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a Minor in Gerontology. She achieved her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Sacred Heart University in 2017. Ashley has had extensive clinical affiliations in outpatient facilities at Riverview Medical Center, Cape Regional Medical Center and HealthSouth in Tinton Falls and experience with medically complex patients at LSU Medical Center. She has treated a wide variety of diagnoses including: post-operative joint replacements, stroke, balance dysfunctions, and vestibular disorders along with complex comorbidities. She has always had a special interest in geriatrics and aspires to receive her Geriatric Specialist Certification. Ashely’s treatment technique focuses on evidence based practice and hands-on techniques in order to help her patient’s achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

July/August 2019

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July/August 2019

Manager’ s Note Psychotherapy


All correspondence should beAll addressed to: correspondence should be addressed to:


Welcome to the July/August Issue Trauma ofDr. Sharon the Ocean County Flaherty Woman!

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Dr. Peter Levine at UCLA took PET ofbetrauma, he ortheshe may healof over time. this paper may reproduced without written permission thebepublisher. this paper may reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. to dine al fresco. Besides barbeques, scanstheofmild the weather, brains ofsummer patientsmeans before and after Regional Director Kathy Sabol The County Woman’s Newspaper isSales not is responsible for any editorial comment (other isthan The County Woman’s Newspaper not responsible for any editorial comment (other opportunities than But if the trauma too much for its own), typographical errors from advertisements submitted as camera ready or any its own), typographical errors fromreproducadvertisements submitted as camera ready or any reproducswimming, and plenty of relaxing days at the beach. sales@thecountywoman.com EMDR, and found significant differences; areas the mind to handle, help may be tions of advertisements submitted as camera ready. tions of advertisements submitted as camera ready. Of course, the delectable comfort foods like hot dogs or and“hot hamburgers make the season of overactivity, spots,” disappeared, Billing Manager If an advertisement meetover our standards acceptance, weHartsig may does revisenot or meet cancelour it atstandards of acceptance, we may revise or cancel it at IfJennifer an advertisement neededdoestonot get it. Ifofthe person even more delicious. Summer is also aalong time towith reconnect with oldsymptoms. friends and EMDR family billing@thecountywoman.com the patient's any time, whether or not it has been already acknowledged previously The acknowledged and/or previously published. The any time,and/or whether or not itpublished. has been already develops symptoms likeadvertiser nightmares, advertiser assumes sole responsibility for all statements contained in submitted copy and will assumes sole responsibility for all statements contained in submitted copy and will members. From reunions to graduations, is ininthethe air.“A” category by the hashappiness been placed Graphic Newspaper, Designerits owners, Golden Design LLC against protect and flashbacks, indemnify the Woman’s publishers, andthe employees, protect and indemnify Woman’s Newspaper, its owners, publishers, and employees, against anxiety, fear or depression, Did you know that more than 40% of American adults have a vitamin D deficiency? Vitamin has been Department of Veterans Affairs asD“strongly any and all liability loss or expense arising out of claims forK. libel, unfair loss tradeornames, any and allWolf liability expensepatents, arising out of claims for libel, unfair trade names, patents, CEO Lynn they may fitandthe criteria for copyrights and propriety rights, all violations ofcopyrights the rightPTSD, ofand privacy or other violations propriety rights, and all violationscalled of the right privacy or other violations for good reason. Since the sun is the theof sunshine vitamin best source of this vitamin – be sure you lather on recommended” for the treatment of trauma. resulting from the publication of this newspaper or its advertising copy. resulting from the publication of this newspaper or its advertising copy. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. One EMDR haslead been usedpain withand veterans, sunscreen and get enough of it. Vitamin D deficiency is no joke and can to bone musclecrime weakness. The publisher shall be under no liability for failure, for any reason, to insert ancall: advertiseThe publisher shall be under no liability for failure, for any reason, to insert an advertiseFor advertising inquiries, please does not have to have PTSD to benefit victims, police officers, and victims of crime, This year marks the beginning of the 10th season of production for the Ocean County Woman publication. ment. The publisher shall not be liable by reason of ment. error, omission and/or failure to insert anyreason of error, omission and/or failure to insert any The publisher shall not be liable by part of an advertisement. The publisher not be liable or failurean inThe performance part offorandelay advertisement. publisher will not It be liable delay such or failurea inprivilege performance to provide our readers withabuse and accidents. works written on largebyormany smalltop has forbeen over 8,000 educationalIt articles from talking to awillprofessional about in publication and/or distribution if all or any portion of an issue isand/or delayed or suspended in publication distribution if allfor or any portion of an issue is delayed or suspended for traumas for people of all ages, including children. In professionals and business owners throughout Ocean County over the past ten years. In addition, I have been upsetting However, ifinsymptoms over judgment in these instances and will make any reason. The publisher willevent. exercise reasonable judgment these instances will andlinger will make any reason. The publisher exercise reasonable adjustments for the advertiser where and when appropriate. cases it professionals works muchforfaster thanfive traditional psychotherapy. extremely blessed to be able to work withmost these leading the past years. adjustments for the advertiser where and when appropriate. time, counseling/psychotherapy ismaterial recommended. The Woman’s Newspaper assumes no responsibility The for unsolicited orassumes reproducWoman’s Newspaper no responsibility for unsolicited material or reproduc When you see those fireflies like up the sky you will know that summer has finally arrived. Traditional “talking” therapy can be very effective with tions made by advertisers. tions made advertisers.tremendous success in treating One treatment that has bymonth. shown of our readers a lovely summer! This newspaper will be published by the 15th of every Thisother newspaper will be published by the 15thWishing of every otherall month. these problems, too. Dr. Sharon Flaherty has advanced training in trauma called County Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or 2008. 2008. County Representations by TheisMonmouth Woman, LLC TM COPYRIGHT Representations by The Monmouth Woman, LLC TM COPYRIGHT


Contact us: P.O. Box 619 • Turnersville, NJ • 08012


EMDR, and years of experience doing EMDR and traditional Best, EMDR. EMDR involves a series of eye movements, sounds or tapping psychotherapy. Sheatcan reached at 908-242-4618 or at via her Shover, and the Staff the be Ocean County Woman Publication www.TheCountyWoman.com FIND US ON THE WEB! FIND US ONLauren THE WEB ! Production Manager while recalling the upsetting event. EMDR was discovered by Dr. website www.sharonflahertyphd.com. Veterans who are having WWW .T HE COUNTY OMAN .COM WWW .THEshe COUNTY COM Find us on Twitter Francine Shapiro in Facebook, theW late 1980s when was working at the.Veterans issues likes these can call – their localChesney Veterans Services “It’sWaOMAN smile, it’s a kiss, it’sdifficulty a sip ofwith wine…it’s Summertime!” Kenny And follow us on Facebook and and Instagram AndTwitter follow us on Facebook and Twitter Officer: in Ocean County 732-929-2096. Administration. @TheCountyWoman Sharon


The County Woman’s Newspaper is published bi-monthly public establishments and authorized distributors only, or by paid mail subscription. Trademark facebook.com/TheCounty Woman facebook.com/TheCounty @TheCountyWoman Wom an and is available free of charge at display stands in approved private and Flaherty, PhD • 908-242-2618 •The County dr.sharon@verizon.net www.sharonflahertyphd.com and U.S. Copyright Laws protect Woman’s Newspaper. No part of this paper may be reproduced without the• written permission of the publisher. The County Woman’s Newspaper assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material or reproductions made by advertisers. This newspaper will be published by the 15th of every other month. Representations by CW Media Group, LLC, COPYRIGHT 2008.

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Do You Need an Attorney if You’ve at Family Work? How Workers’ Compensation ProtectsBeen You Injured and Your

minorCompensation, injuries, you Many people have heard For of Workers’ butprobably few people don’t know need the services ofatan attorney what it really means until they themselves are injured work. Here’s a unless primer meant to give you a basic understanding of yourgetting rights. your medical you need help Over a 100 years ago, business and labor bills paid. If any of the following is came to a compromise that benefits both workers true, however, you probably do need and employers in the event of a work injury. For themedical services of an attorney who is workers, it allowed for prompt and wage in to the area of Workers’ replacement benefits as wellwell-versed as an opportunity receive compensation for theCompensation ongoing physical law. limitations that occur after a trauma. It also • You need surgery. created a no-fault system, one where an employee •need Your injuries impair your ability toto function as you did before the not have towill prove negligence in order accident. receive these benefits. The goal was to lessen the • You canhealth no longer job because of limitations or pain. negative impactdoforyour injured workers and • You have to change job to accommodate your limitations. maintain their financialyour stability.

• TheEmployers insurance benefit company is contesting your claim and not managed pay your from workers’ compensation also.will Highly medical bills or wage replacement. healthcare by workers’ compensation insurance companies are thought to keep •costs Yourdown doctors released from to treatment prematurely. andhave return injuredyou workers work more quickly than if they pursued • You would like a second opinion regarding your condition. treatment independently. • You’ve been fired or have had your hours significantly reduced as a result of Overall, the system has benefited society by reducing your work accident. conflict, improving work safety and protecting taxpayers • The process is overwhelming and you would like the opinion of someone from the burden of paying for the care and needs of who is well-versed in this area. disabled workers. Dealing with insurance companies regarding your Workers’ Compensation This all works theoretically, of course, but there are times claim can be daunting, especially when you should be concentrating on feeling when medical treatment is withheld, wage replacement is better. Without the assistance of an experienced attorney to represent your not paid or a workers’ comp claim is completely denied. interests, you’ll be subject to the actions and opinions of those who may have If you’ve been injured at work and feel you are being interests contrary to yours. Don’t go through this process alone. Contact the Law shortchanged, call us for a free consultation to discuss Office of Kathleen M Dotoli for courteous and experienced legal representation your case immediately as there are important deadlines to for your Workers’ Compensation matter. which you must you must adhere.

Kathleen Dotoli received recognition the American Institute of Legal Counsel forBest “10 Best Attorneys for Social Security and Disability Law Division for Client Satisfaction” 2016 and Kathleen Dotoli received recognition fromfrom the American Institute of Legal Counsel for “10 Attorneys for Social Security and Disability Law Division for Client Satisfaction” 2016, 2017 and 2017 2018.

If you need guidance, call 732-228-7534 today for a free consultation. With respect and compasson, Kathleen has helped thousands of Ocean and Monmouth County residents receive the benefits they deserve for over 20 years.


Call today to learn more about how you may qualify for Workers Compensation Benefits

Testimonial “Kathleen is that very special person you pray to meet in your life time. She took her personal time to listen to me and explained each any every step that was necessary throughout my case. She worked very hard for me and won my disability case. I would recommend her to anybody looking for a strong lawyer to present their case.” The information on this article is legal advertising and is not to be considered legal advice. If you have already hired or are represented by an attorney, you should disregard the information in this article. If this article is inaccurate or misleading, report same to the Committee on Attorney Advertising, Hughes Justice Complex, CN 037, Trenton, New Jersey 08625.

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July/August 2019 March/April 2018

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Do You Need an Attorney if You’ve Been Injured at Work?

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Two River Theater............................................................45 Professional Dentistry Gazillion Bubble Show....................................................58 Aesthetic Dental Creations................................................8 All-Care Physical Therapy Center, LLC.............................2 For minor injuries, you probably don’t need the services of an attorney unless you need help getting Dealing with insurance Drunk Shakespeare.........................................................59 Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.....5 companies regarding your your medical bills paid. If any of the following is true, however, you probably do need the services of an Tallwoods Care Center......................................................9 Travel Advanced Dermatology.....................................................7 Workers’ Compensation attorney who is well-versed in the area of Workers’ Compensation law. Management Vagabond Travel Agency................................................47, Financial Personal Enhancement Center........................................10 claim can be daunting, • You need surgery. Garden State Trust Company..........................................16 Women’s History Shore Vascular & Vein Center..........................................11 you should • Your injuries will impair your ability to function as you did beforeSubstance the accident.Abuse Treatment especially when Female Surfers................................................................49 Holistic Reproductive Science Center of NJ................................12 be concentrating on Shoppe feeling & Tea Room • You can no longer do your job because of limitations or pain. Enlightened Solutions......................................................20 Cake New Jersey Hematology Oncology Associates..............13 better. Without the assistance A Sweet Memory Cake Shoppe & Tea Room..................50 Health & Wellness • You have to change your job to accommodate your limitations. Hypertension and Kidney Group of Ocean County...14, 15 of an experienced attorney to Education Healthy • The insurance company is contesting your claim and willLiving not pay yourNaturally. medical..................................................20 bills or wage Ocean Otolaryngology Associates..................................17 represent yourOcean interests, you’ll County College....................................................51 Ocean Health & Weight Loss...........................................32 replacement. Advanced Sleep Center of New Jersey..........................23 be subject to the actions and Acupuncture Hypnosis for Women.......................................................44 •Advocare Your doctors have released you from treatment prematurely. Stafford Orthopedics.......................................25 opinions of those whoAcupuncture. may have interests contrary to yours. Don’t go Koehler ......................................................53 Hot or Not Yoga...............................................................51 •University You would like a second opinion regarding your condition. Urology Associates of New Jersey.....26, 27, 28 through this process alone. Contact the Law Office of Kathleen M.57 Women of Ocean County.................................56, Jerseyas Shore Pharmacy..................................................52 •Gastroenterologists You’ve been fired haveCounty. had your hours significantly reduced a result of your work accident. Dotoli for courteous and experienced legal representation for your of or Ocean ............................30 Fabulous Food Pediatric Services •BellaThe process is overwhelming and you would like the opinion of someone who is well-versed Workers’ Compensation matter. Derma Medi Spa.....................................................31 Grandma Tillie’s Coleslaw...............................................64 Seashore Pediatric Therapy Center................................21 in this area. Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists..................................37 Radio Business & Finance Kathy A. Banks, .....................................................38 The 107.1 Boss...............................................................66 Kathleen DotoliDMD. received recognition from the American InstituteCopiers of LegalPlus, Counsel for “10 Best Attorneys for Social Security and Disability Law Division for Client Satisfaction” 2016 and 2017 Inc.............................................................22 Toms River X-Ray, CT & MRI Center...............................41 Community.......................46, 54, 55, 60, 61, 62, 63, 65 Brick Township Chamber of Commerce.........................62 Be Well Women’s Health...........................................42, 43 The County Woman Paonessa Colon & Rectal Surgery, PC............................48 Testimonials.....................................................................24 Garden State Medical Center..........................................67 Instagram........................................................................36

If you need guidance, call 732-228-7534 today for a free consultation.

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Tracy Harman Photography..............................................3 Kathleen M. Dotoli, Esq.....................................................4 The Matus Law Group.......................................................6 Kevin Riordan, Esq....................................................18, 19 Straffi & Straffi, Attorneys at Law....................................39

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Abstrax Hair Designs.......................................................29 Arocho Insurance Agency...............................................33

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Carluccio, Leone, Dimon, Doyle & Sacks, LLC ........34, 35

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Medical Professionals Medical Professionals Cape May Stage..............................................................40

SurvivingIVANutritional Toxic World Sick? Tired?Heat Fatigued? Therapy Is Here! Stroke Vs. Heat Exhaustion First And Foremost Is To Listen To Your Body!


We live in a world that is bathed in toxins and most of undeniable truth is that we have created a living environment benefits of healing through the invisible light rays. Indications: us don’t even realize it. The reason for our ignorance is that that is toxic to our bodies. infection,optimal pain, obesity, heavy metals levels both in terms A popular trend is now sweeping across the coun- with both acute and chronic inflammatory conditions achieve and therapeutic we don’t attribute our calamities and ill health to these No one knows how long some of these chemicals remain 3. COLONICS AND COFFEE of daily dosage and weeks ENEMAS try that is utilizing a simple concept to assist our body including but not limited to: fibromyalgia, heart disFDA-approved products. Large cities are among the most inside us once they are ingested. Such chemicals become 4. OZONE ANDofOTHER BIO-OXIDATIVE THERAPIES versus months time requiring in achieving our the dailysummer requirements through what ease, depression, Lyme and other infectious diseases, HEAT STROKE: We all enjoy season but NOT the humiditypart andofuncomfortable polluted areas in the world. Some of the worst offenders our own chemical composition, and thus metabolize 5. PEMF instrumentation, initially devised to be used by high-dosing schedules. It some IV Nutrition. chronic fatigue, disc disease and more. Mostform patients • Most severe of heat these related illness that can lead todoes death if notbody treated heatcall associated with record breaking temperatures. According to the Centers contributing to this environmental onslaught include into (sometimes) even more invasive and life-threatening NASA, which has remarkable effects on the entire in come at a price, however—meaning after receiving IV Supplementation report increased A new “FAD” has been sweeping across America as an emergency for pollution, Disease Control Prevention, on average, people die from noise tobaccoand smoke, vehicle emissions, acid over 600 byproducts. Even the toxins that our bodies do know how promoting health and reversing acute/chronic illness out-of-pocket expense. Drips range in energy, enhanced mood, decreased stress and anxiety, • Same symptoms oftoheat exhaustion complications related to extreme heat each year in theto United - more than that is openingrun-off, the eyes and minds of those suffering rain, industrial sewage disposal, domestic waste, break States down require extra metabolic energy expenditure 6. IV DRIPSplus…… geared toward liver and pancreatic detoxification price from just over $100 to as high •heightened Body temperature than 104 degrees tornadoes, lightning or and any other weather event combined. improved more energy, immunity, with fatigue, generalized malaise, aches/pains herbicides and hurricanes, pesticides. flooding, complete thesleep, detoxification process. That means less energygreater for and have eliminated various forms of hepatitis in hundreds of as $400 for highly specific formulations. • These tempstime leadafter to to brain,patients muscle, total body failure if not improved hydration, andkeeping quicker about the everything in between. From just Researchers atdifference two major laboratories found an average of and other important things, like therecovery immune system up herekidney, at ICAMheart and What’s between heathousewives exhaustion heat stroke? appropriately treated THE BOTTOM LINE: 91 industrial compounds, pollutants, and other chemicals in speed and utilizing oxygen and other essentials efficiently and 7. DIETARY INTERVENTION to repair “Leaky Gut” and to construction workers, to athletes, children Heat exhaustion is theactors precursor to heatstroke and is aexercise. direct result of the body the blood and urine of only nine volunteers from five different optimally. eliminate allergies and balance our intestinal flora. Dr. Dan Once again ICAM is offering tooverheating. grandparents, literally thousands of Americans are HOW DO THESE IV’s WORK? Using medICAM offers a variety of intravenous medical drips that benefit many patients cities, with a total of 167 chemicals found in the group. Of the The Solution: In a word, DETOXIFICATION!!! Bies, a highly trained and well-respected seasoned alternative OPTIONS to and for your Healthcare self-searching answers to their medical needs and a HEAT EXHAUSTION: ical grade vitamins, minerals and other chemicals, and conditions from “fatigue to fantastic”. Whether you think you are healthy 167 chemicals found in those nine tested individuals: Dr. Bartiss has developed protocols utilizing various modes functional medicine practitioner, will soon be joining us ator Needs. For more information, contact • Heavy to Sweating resolution their troubling symptoms. these “custom-made” IV’s are you similar toIt IV’s used in are not, IV supplementation is a quick and efficient way to promote health • 76 are known to cause cancer in humans or animals of detoxification under the acronym “SOS.” includes ICAM and will provide many new services to us all. • Rapid Pulse ICAM to speak to one of the highly WHY NOT ORAL? IV Vitamin outpatientlifestyle clinicsand and hospitals where the illness. ingredients and combat • 94 are toxicIV to the brain and nervous system Drips deliver awareness, dietary changes, substitution of 8. NAD, our newest therapy at ICAM, has profound effects • Dizziness knowledgeable medical staff members minerals and amino acids directly to the are based on desired outcomes and patients’ defi•vitamins, 79 cause birth defects or abnormal development commonly used products, and various detoxification modalities those with emotional During the summer seasononICAM is offering ourdisturbances, “Hydratorfatigue, IV” foraddictions those who • Fatigue to see howother youconditions may benefit from forBurden” maximal absorption, thus allowing for nour- offered ciencies/specific needs. The IVwish route of medication body “Body is the physiological accumulation of the at ICAM. and many that are adversely affecting our to optimize their hydration either before and/or after extreme sun/heat • Cool, Moist Skin IV Nutrition. ishment a cellular In addition, higher doses many toxicon chemicals andlevel. pollutants that are inescapably Some of These Therapies Include: mitochondria. NAD has been referred to as “The Fountain of delivery allows for a much higher dosageWhether of nutrients exposure. you choose the IV or oral route of fluid administration, always • Goose Bumps When In The Heat acan partbe of given, our livesproviding and bodies.higher, Nearly yet everyone from any 1. HOCATT apparatus that provides ten different therapies in Youth.” safe levels without to be administered safely and be sure to keep effectively whilehydrated. having This is especially important in the very old and the very • Muscle Cramps industrialized nation is adoses classichave example of the a walking petri one session in aabsorption heated young sauna.onWe have performed little Forinmore information please call ICAM at and of course our furry friends! the• Nausea limitation these upon oral route Yours Health and Wealth, the 30-minute potential of 100% a cellular level, dish of chemicals, pesticides, foodetc.). additives, and heavy metals, over 1000 of these therapies for patients suffering from Lyme, 609-978-9002 and schedule an appointment with (gastrointestinal side effects, which far exceeds that of the oral, sublingual and top• Headache not to mention the residues of pharmaceuticals, legal drugs CFIDS and cancer with excellent results. one of our providers to discuss which therapies are ical vehicles of administration. For many, this decreasThese symptoms may develop over come especially IV nutrition/supplementation has time been or used suc-on suddenly, MarK Read article (like alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine), and illegal drugs (like 2. FAR INFRA-RED SAUNA, which also detoxifies thethe body full most suitableat to www.Icamnj.Com your needs. during or following periods of prolonged exercise AND IF NOT ADDRESSED, cessfully as primary and adjunctive therapy for those Mark James Bartiss, MD es the amount of oral supplements one may need to heroin, cocaine, and, in most places, marijuana). The sad but through raising the body temperature as well as providing the Until then, we are Yours in Health…… heatstroke can follow.

67 Lacey Rd., Unit C Manahawkin Whiting, NJ 609-978-9002

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7 Tips To Avoid A Will Contest By Christine L. Matus, Esq.

When you write a will, you have control over how your assets will be distributed after your death. However, if someone in your family disputes your will, an anonymous probate court judge could end up with the final say over who gets your property.

Emotions run high when someone dies. If family members aren’t content with what they’ve received, or don’t believe your wishes are being interpreted properly, they may contest your will. Will contests can drag out for years, preventing your heirs from getting the assets you wanted them to receive. As part of creating an estate plan, look for ways to reduce the possibility that someone could challenge your wishes. Here are some steps you can take to ward off a will contest after your death: 1. Start early. Make your estate plan while you are of sound mind. If you wait until your health is failing, or your mind is impacted by an accident, your will becomes vulnerable to claims that you lacked sufficient mental capacity to draft it. 2. Prove competency. When you write your will, you can ask a physician and/or your attorney to certify that you are mentally competent. A video record at the time you sign the will can also help demonstrate you acted with a clear head, of your own free will. 3. Get qualified legal advice. There are do-it-yourself books and online tools available for writing your will. But using an estate planning attorney is the

best way to ensure it is properly executed and valid. If you do choose the DIY route, have it reviewed by a lawyer. 4. Consider trusts. There are a variety of trusts that direct how your assets are managed, held and distributed to your heirs. With a trust, you generally can avoid probate and increase control over how your estate is settled. Your heirs will receive their inheritance more quickly and privately, with potentially fewer costs to the estate. 5. Write your will without interference. Avoid complaints that someone exerted undue influence over you when you wrote your will. To help avoid such contests, don’t have your beneficiaries sign as witnesses and don’t include them in meetings with your attorney. 6. Share your intentions. Consider talking to your family about the intentions in your will. Let your heirs know why you’ve designed it the way you have, or write an explanatory letter to accompany your will. Generally, what you put in the letter will not have a legal effect on your will, but it can help family members accept your choices. 7. Include a no-contest clause. A no-contest clause stipulates that anyone who contests the will, and then loses that contest in court, is disinherited from what they would have otherwise received. No-contest clauses aren’t enforceable in all states, and they’re only effective if you’re leaving your heirs enough value that they wouldn’t want to risk the challenge. Once your will is complete, don’t just file it away. Sit down with an attorney regularly to make updates that reflect your current situation. Changes such as moving, having grandchildren, or losing a loved one can impact your plan.


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• Powers of Attorney • Inheritance Tax Planning • Trusts

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CUTANEOUS MEDICINE: Adult and Pediatric General Dermatology Mordechai M. Tarlow, MD, FAAD Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Diplomate, American Board of Dermatology Fellow, American Society of Mohs Surgery Fellow, American Society of Dermatologic Surgery

Oncologic Skin Disease (skin cancer) Surgical Treatment Cosmetic Dermatology Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Esther Stern, NP-C Fay Prag, NP-C Pesha M. Cohen, NP-C At Advanced Dermatology and Skin Surgery our goal is to provide you with the highest quality skin health care in a nurturing and compassionate environment. Our experienced providers work side by side in an atmosphere of collaboration. We look forward to creating a trusting relationship, in which we can work together to keep your skin looking and feeling its best!

Most major insurance plans accepted.

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Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day Monday, SEPTEMBER 2ND

Labor Day in the United States is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and wellbeing of the country. It is the Monday of the long weekend known as Labor Day Weekend and it is considered the unofficial end of summer in the United States. The holiday is also a federal holiday. So enjoy this extra day with family and friends for the conclusion of summer!

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Medical Professionals Professional Dentistry General &&Cosmetic Dentistry Cosmetic General


SmileS Are GuArAnteed At AeSthetic dentAl creAtionS

Six Month Smiles(TM)

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Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

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Medical rofessionals MedicalP Professionals

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Medical Professionals


The Most And Earns Answers ShoreCommon Vascular Questions & Vein Center Varicose Veins VeinConcerning Center Accreditation by IAC


One of the First 10areAccredited in the of New Jersey aricose veins one of the most commonVein vascular Centers How are varicose veinsEntire and venousState reflux diagnosed?

conditions affecting women...and men of all ages. An experienced vascular specialist can make the diagnosis with Treatment options have improved greatly in a combination of a medical history, physical examination and a recent years. In spite of these advancements, painless vascular test called a Doppler ultrasound (also known as Gosin, MD,still FACS manyJeffrey peopleS.mistakenly believe that treat- a venous duplex scan.) Making the correct diagnosis is essential IAC ment for this problem is difficult, painful, and inAbout properly treating this condition. IAC provides accreditation programs for More than one half of Americans simply considered “cosmetic.” Other people How are varicose veins and venous treated? vascular testing,reflux echocardiography, nuclear/ age 50 and older affected may experience leg pain andare other symptoms Sometimes compression stockings will be sufficient to PET, MRI, diagnostic CT, dental CT,control carotid by don’t varicose but they realize veins. what is Varicose causing their symptoms and prevent complications. When procedures are needed, stenting, vein treatment and management and condition. article will answer some in veinsThis occur when the valves current technology and techniques, allow for treatment WITHOUT cardiac electrophysiology. The IAC programs common regarding varicose veins, the questions leg veins no longer function, the need for painful surgery. One of the most proven treatments for accreditation arebest, dedicated to ensuring Jeffrey S. Gosin, MD, FACS the associated treatment. causingsymptoms, blood toand pool in the legs. for venous reflux is the Closure® Procedure, now referred to as Venefit™. quality patient care and promoting health care and all support one In some cases, this condition What are varicose veins? This minimally invasive procedure is performed right in the office IAC common mission: Improving health care through accreditation®. Varicose veins are swollen veins that can betoseen through the skin. less than 30 is minutes, with no incisions, minimal progresses a more serious form inaccreditation widely respected within the medicaldiscomfort, community, as They often have a bulging, twisted appearance. Some varicose veins and excellent results. of venous disease called chronic venous insufficiency illustrated by the support of the national medical societies related may be very large andtodiscolored. Others may be smaller.improve They can (CVI). Whether relieve symptoms and/or How long isdisorders, the recovery from vein physicians, treatment? physician extenders, to venous which include occur anywhere on the legs, including theveins groin area. In most cases individuals can return theirthe usual within appearance, treating varicose can be performed nurses and ultrasound technologists. Totodate, IACactivities accrediting What causescenters varicosethat veins?specialize in the evaluation and a divisions day of thehave procedure. by vein granted accreditation to more than 14,000 sites Blood must flow up, against gravity, to exit the legs and return to thetreatment United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. management of superficial venous disorders. Isthroughout varicose vein covered by health insurance? the heart. Our leg veins have one-way valves that assist in this process. Venous reflux disease is a medical condition. Therefore, in many Those valves can malfunction and leak, causing blood to flow in the There are many factors that contribute to an accurate vein cases, varicose vein treatment is covered by health insurance. An wrong direction. The blood then pools in the legs, increasing the pressure treatment and management. The training and experience of the vein experienced vein treatment center will have insurance specialists who Visit www.GetGreatLegs.com in specialist the veins.performing This is known venous reflux Chronic Venous theasprocedure, the disease type of or equipment used and will work with your insurance company to confirm coverage. Insufficiency Venous reflux is one of theis most common causes all the quality(CVI). assessment metrics each facility required to measure, VISIT www.GetGreatLegs.com of contribute varicose veins. to a positive patient outcome. IAC accreditation is a “seal of approval” that patients can relyveins on asand an indicator of consistent What are the symptoms of varicose venous reflux disease? quality a dedication tovenous continuous Peoplecare withand varicose veins and refluximprovement. may feel leg pain, leg • The The Venefit Closure Procedure Procedure heaviness, leg fatigue and/or leg swelling. Itching of the skin of the legs is aShore Vascular complaint. & Vein Center located inworsen Somerssymptoms. Point, NJ has been • Microphlebectomy also very common Standing may Many • Sclerotherapy for treatment of spider granted by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission people willaccreditation notice the appearance of bulging legs veins. However, some veins (IAC)will in only Veinfeel Center in the area of Superficial Treatment people discomfort but not notice anyVenous cosmetic changes. and • Excel V Vascular Laser for treatment of Management. I thought varicose veins are just a cosmetic problem. Is that true? It is important to understand that varicose veins and venous reflux Accreditation the IAC indicates that Shore Vein are NOT necessarilybysimple cosmetic problems. ThisVascular can be a & sign of Center has undergone an intensive application and review process an abnormal condition in the circulation. In addition to pain, some indiand ismay found torisk be in with the published Standards, thus viduals be at forcompliance chronic swelling, permanent skin discoloration, demonstrating commitment toWith quality patient care in treatment open wounds andaeven blood clots. early diagnosis andvein treatment, and management. Comprised of abedetailed self-evaluation followed long-term complications can usually prevented. Treatment often has by thorough review by a panelaesthetics, of medicaleven experts, thethat IACare accreditation thea added benefit of improving in cases not process enables both the critical operational and technical components considered “cosmetic.” of the applicant facility to be assessed, including representative case Who is atand risktheir for varicose veins? final reports. studies corresponding Prolonged standing or sitting on one place, family history of varicose veins, and being overweight are all known risks. In addition, increasing age and pregnancy are risk factors. Some people may develop varicose veins without having any of these known conditions. The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine

spider veins and unsightly facial veins

• IAC Accredited Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory on site • Enlighten(TM) Laser Tattoo Removal

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Fertility is Finite In our rush to experience the world, whether it is through educational, work, or travel opportunities, many women are choosing to delay childbearing until later in their lives. When the time does arrive and they are considering getting pregnant, women may be surprised to learn that their age directly impacts the likelihood to conceive on their own. When is it time to think about having children? Planning for a pregnancy should not be limited to the attempted time to conceive. Rather it should include proper pre-pregnancy nutrition and vitamin intake, recommended daily physical activity, and an overall healthy lifestyle. In addition, an understanding of a woman’s “fertility clock” should be an integral complement to this preconception care model.

How common is infertility and when does my fertility start to decrease?

Helping Small Miracles Happen

at a faster rate. It is for this reason the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that a female ≤35 years of age attempting pregnancy seek a formal infertility evaluation if unsuccessful after a period of 12 months, and if >35 years of age, after 6 months of trying.

What are my fertility options?

Whether a woman is attempting pregnancy in her 20s, 30s, or 40s, an understanding of her pregnancy chances is necessary to formulate a plan for success. Hormonal testing and formal fertility evaluation can accurately assess ovarian function, and may influence a woman’s timeline to begin planning for pregnancy. Increases in medical knowledge and technological advancements allow the use of medications to maximize pregnancy rates, and enable fertility clinics to freeze eggs if wanting to delay childbearing, or create embryos that may be cryopreserved for later use.

Should I freeze my eggs?

• Comprehensive Fertility Care • InVitro Fertilization (IVF) • Intrauterine Insemination • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Screening • Egg Freezing • Donor Egg • Treatment for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss • Advanced Robotic Reproductive Surgery

The Compassionate Connection

If you are considering delaying your Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples in the United cahildbearing into your 30s, then it becomes vital States. Many causes of infertility exist, stemming to consider your biological clock. Elective fertility from both the female and male perspective. A preservation involves stimulation of your ovaries “fertile couple” has approximately a 20% chance with medications and retrieval of your eggs in an of achieving pregnancy in a given month, with 85% achieving pregnancy over the course of 1 year. office setting. Your eggs can then be cryopreserved Pictured (L-R): and stored for later use. At the Reproductive Research shows that maximum female fertility is Dr. Alan M. Martinez • Dr. William F. Zeigler Center of New Jersey, we are available begin your personalized • Comprehensive Fertility Care seen between the ages of 20 and 24, after which (IVF) Science Dr. Virginia A. Mensah • InVitro Fertilization fertility treatment plan today to answer your fertility questions, perform a • Egg Freezing time female fertility begins to• decline, albeit at a Intrauterine Insemination complete fertility evaluation, and present you Toms RiverDR. • Eatontown • Lawrenceville WILLIAM F. ZEIGLER slow rate, until age 30. • Intracytoplasmic Sperm • Treatment for Recurrent Pregnancy with individualized options for conception, all DR. ALAN M. MARTINEZ Loss Injection (ICSI) When should I start to be concerned 732-240-3000 • FERTILITYNJ.COM DR. VIRGINIA A. MENSAH in a• comfortable, Donnor Egg caring setting. We are a full• Preimplantation Genetic about my fertility chances? service fertility center experienced in all the latest Diagnosis Screening • Advanced Robotic Reproductive A woman is born with a finite numberand of eggs, technologies Surgery and look forward to helping you TOMS RIVER • EATONTOWN • LAWRENCEVILLE and as a woman ages, so do her eggs. It is this achieve success. 732-240-3000 • FERTILITYNJ.COM “ovarian aging” that contributes to the observed FREE SECOND OPINION • FREE PHONE CONSULTATION • PERSONALIZED TREATMENT PLANS decrease in female fertility and overall egg quality. For more information call At the age of 30, there is a shift in egg aging that our Toms River office number may make it more difficult to achieve pregnancy, at 732-240-3000 or visit and after the age of 35, this rate further increases, Personalized Treatment Plans and the chance of pregnancy continues to decline www.FertillityNJ.com.

elping Small Miracles Happen

Infertility Stops Here...


Free Phone Consultations

Recipe Summer Watermelon Tomato Salad

Impressive and easy to prepare, this sweet and salty salad from Marcie at Balanced Life Weight Loss Institute is refreshing and different-perfect for party guests or for you to enjoy on a warm summer day. Ingredients Makes 8 1 cup servings 4 cups watermelon (cut in about 1” pieces) 4 cups ripe tomatoes (about 5 medium cut in large dice) 1 cup thinly sliced red onion 2 Tbsp. thinly sliced fresh basil (chiffonade) basil, divided ¾ cup crumbled Low Fat Feta cheese ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

2 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar 1 tsp. kosher salt Freshly ground pepper to taste 2Tbsp. torn fresh mint In a large bowl, combine the watermelon, tomato, onion and half of the basil. Drizzle with the oil and vinegar and season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with mint, remaining basil and serve.

Nutritional Information Calories per serving: 132 Fat per serving: 8 Protein per serving 4g Carbohydrates per serving: 12g Fiber per serving: 2g Cholesterol per serving: 3.8mg Iron per serving: .54mg Sodium per serving: 175mg Calcium per serving: .54mg

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Hereditary Cancer Screening Dr. Apurv Agrawal

Hereditary cancer screening can be performed for eligible patients based on review of their personal and family history, as well answers they provide on a hereditary cancer screening questionnaire. Genetic counseling may be advised based on the results. Discussion with a genetic counselor can be in person or via Skype chat. Knowing your potential risk for hereditary cancer can help you make informed decisions about your health, including increased surveillance for breast, ovarian and/or other cancers associated with the gene mutation; starting cancer screening at an earlier age; risk-reducing medications; preventive surgery, such as mastectomy or oophorectomy (surgical removal of the ovaries).

Risk Factors for Hereditary Breast Cancer: For You:

• Have had breast cancer at age 50 or younger • Have had triple negative breast cancer • Have had ovarian cancer • Are male and have had breast cancer at any age • Have had a male relative diagnosed with breast cancer • Are of Ashkenazi Jewish descent and have a personal or family history of breast, ovarian, prostate or pancreatic cancer

Your Family:

• Has had someone diagnosed with breast cancer before age 50 • Has had someone diagnosed with ovarian cancer • Has had two breast cancers in the same person or on the same side of the family • Has had a male family member diagnosed with breast cancer • Has had someone diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at any age • Has had a previously identified BRCA1, BRCA2 or other mutation in the family

New Jersey Hematology Oncology Associates

Girish Amin, M.D. Apurv Agrawal, M.D. Jayne Pavlak-Schenk, D.O. Randi Katz, D.O. Brick • 1608 Route 88 West, Suite 250 • (732) 840-8880 Toms River • 508 Lakehurst Rd., Suite 1-B • (732) 244-1440 Whiting • 63D lacey Rd. • (732) 606-4060 Neptune • 19 Davis Ave. • (732) 206-6226 Fax • (732) 840-3939 • www.NJHOA.com

Exceptional Care Without Exception

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Kidney Care - Renal Artery Stenosis

enal artery stenosis (RAS) is one of those suspicious conditions that you may not know you have until it reaches an advanced state. In fact, most patients will have no clear signs or early symptoms. Usually, it is detected during testing for something else entirely. Thankfully, there are some potential “red flags” that your physician may want to take a deeper look into like: • High blood pressure that begins suddenly or worsens without explanation; • High blood pressure that begins before age 30 or after age 50 • Treatment-resistant heart failure • Fluid overload and swelling in your body’s tissues

RAS is the narrowing of one or more arteries that carry blood to your kidneys (renal arteries). It prevents normal amounts of oxygen-rich blood from reaching your kidneys. It is critical that your kidneys get adequate blood flow to help filter waste products and remove excess fluids. In fact, reduced blood flow may increase blood pressure in your whole body as well as injure kidney tissue. The condition is typically seen in older folks with hardening of the arteries. RAS can worsen over time and lead to hypertension and sometimes, kidney damage if left untreated. Another common cause is what is known as atherosclerosis, which is plaque (composed of cholesterol, fat and calcium) building up in the arteries. The body detects less blood reaching the kidneys and actually misinterprets it as having low blood pressure. It then signals the release of hormones from the kidney which can lead to a spike in blood pressure.


If you suspect that there is something wrong with your kidneys, it’s best to act now before it’s too late. Some common disorders we treat include hypertension (high blood pressure), kidney stones, chronic kidney disease (CKD), acute kidney injury, hematuria, proteinuria dialysis, and more.

What Can You Do?

Critical first steps involve maintaining your blood pressure. Because high blood pressure adds stress on the heart, lungs, and kidneys, over time it can lead to many other conditions and if not careful, RAS. If you have a history of high blood pressure, doctors may suggest regular blood pressure monitoring. Try sticking to a diet of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. As always, watch your salt and alcohol consumption as well. If you have not done so already, you will want to stop smoking. The chemicals in cigarettes have been known to damage blood cells, vessels, and also increase the risk of plaque buildup in the arteries. When combined with high blood pressure or obesity, smoking can put you at risk of developing RAS. Another excellent suggestion is to get your cholesterol level in check. Elevated levels can lead to a full or partial blockage of the arteries, which is a leading risk factor for RAS. Mindful eating and losing weight (if necessary) can help reduce your cholesterol levels and the risk of artery narrowing. The positive benefits of regular exercise can never be overstated. In this case, exercising can help lower bad artery clogging cholesterol and boost the “good” cholesterol that reduces plaque buildup in the arteries. Exercise also helps to control high blood pressure. By incorporating more movement into your daily routine you will be doing yourself a tremendous favor. Finally, dealing with stress on a daily basis can wreak havoc on your health. When dealing with stressful situations, your heart begins to work harder and your blood pressure raises, all of which can increase your risk for RAS. Be sure you are getting adequate sleep and taking some time out for yourself to relax.

Internal Medicine

If you are looking for treatment for non-kidney related diseases, please call us! Our physicians also practice Internal Medicine and can treat a variety of diseases including acute respiratory infections, chest pain, fatigue, diabetes, and more.

Fatima Asghar M.D. Dr. Fatima Asghar is a Board Certified Nephrologist, who has been practicing in the Ocean County area since 1994.Dr. Asghar completed her Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine at Raritan Bay Medical Center (Perth Amboy, N.J.), followed by a Fellowship in Nephrology, at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital ( New Brunswick, N.J.) She co-founded Hypertension and Kidney Group, where she practices as a Board Certified Nephrologist/Internist. Dr. Asghar is a member of The American Society of Nephrology, The National Kidney Foundation, as well as The New Jersey Medical Society. Her clinical experience, as well as her informed approach with her patients, demonstrate Dr. Asghar as a highly respected Nephrologist in the Ocean County area. Dr. Asghar and her staff welcomes you to Hypertension and Kidney Group.

HYPERTENSION AND KIDNEY GROUP 368 Lakehurst Road, Suite 303 Toms River, NJ 08755

t: 732.341.2211 f: 732.505.8229

www.hypertensionandkidneygroup.com Office Hours by Appointment

Fatima Asghar M.D. and Robert Arnold M.D. Our two physicians have over 20 years of experience in treating kidney related diseases.

Happy Grandparents Day

National Grandparent’s Day Sunday, September 8th

Throughout our history, grandparents have guided their children

and grandchildren through trial and triumph. For many of us, our grandparents were among our earliest teachers and caregivers. They have added immeasurably to the strength of our families, and with compassion and wisdom, they have enriched our lives with the stories of those who came before us. On National Grandparent’s Day, we give thanks to those who helped raise us and pay tribute to a generation that still inspires us toward brighter horizons.

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Hypertension and Kidney Group


Fatima Asghar M.D.


Chronic kidney disease is one of those conditions that are silent in its early stages. In fact, more than 30 million Americans suffer from this serious health issue and may not even know they have it. It can also at times be linked to other health issues like heart and carotid artery disease. From acute kidney injury and kidney stones, to dialysis, the specialists at Hypertension and Kidney Group have over 20 years of experience in the specialty. Dr. Robert Arnold and Dr. Fatima Asghar have seen their fair share of a myriad of kidney conditions throughout the years. Both doctors are dedicated to providing an improved quality of life for their patients. They are a state of the art care center for patients with kidney disease, kidney transplants, and hypertension. Both physicians are affiliated with Community Medical Center in Toms River and Southern Ocean County Hospital in Manahawkin and Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus. Dr. Asghar says the most challenging aspect of her profession is trying to convince pre-dialysis patients to actually go onto dialysis. She adds, “Depending on the actual condition of the patient, there may be other treatment options but sometimes dialysis is the best one.” Many folks are surprised to hear that some dialysis patients can go back to work or school after they get used to the regimen. Once a routine is established, some patients have more energy and are able to work around their new schedule. She is a big believer in her patients becoming their own best advocate and knowing exactly what questions to ask their doctors. It seems the high stress lifestyles we live these days are bearing witness in her patients. She adds, “We have seen an increasing amount of patients with high blood pressure problems. I can’t recall a time when it has been in such high number.” While stress does not play a direct role in overall kidney health, it can lead to high blood pressure, which can definitely affect the kidneys. As for kidney health, she recommends an actual kidney specialist; specifically someone who has the background and expertise in the field should be sought out. If you suspect there could be something wrong with your kidneys, she advises to act quickly on it. Additionally, healthy behaviors like drinking plenty of water and a balanced diet will be beneficial to your body. Other common disorders they treat include high blood pressure, kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, acute kidney injury and proteinuria. Dr. Asghar joined Hypertension and Kidney Group in 1994. She was in the top 5% of her graduating class at Sind Medical College in Pakistan. She is board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Nephrology.


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What Will Happen To Rover? Losing a beloved pet can be one of the more difficult experiences a person goes through in their lives, but it can be just as hard for the pet to lose their beloved human companion. We are the caretakers of our pets, and caretakers need to create contingency plans for what will happen if they are not present to care for them.

Trust services allow for the uninterrupted usage of assets by the beneficiaries and are used as a contingency plan for incapacity and other caretaking responsibilities, such as children or adults with special needs. Wouldn’t they be perfect for pets too? All 50 states say they should at least be allowed, with New Jersey allowing the creation of pet trusts since 2001. However, as with other usages for trust services, whether or not a trust is the best answer is not a clear-cut yes or no, and depends on each individual’s situation. Before getting into the details of financial arrangements, we encourage all pet owners to ask themselves these questions first:

Who will become the caregiver of the pet should I die or become incapacitated? Most people do not see their own pets as a burden (financial or otherwise), so they can’t imagine that the pet would be a burden for someone else. However, they may not be considering that their designated new caretaker (a family member or otherwise) lives in an apartment that has a “no pets” policy, or doesn’t have the time to

walk the dog daily, or has month-long international travel that would prevent continuous care of the pet.

Does your pet have special needs beyond basic pet care?

The new caregiver will appreciate knowing more than just what medication the pet needs (if any). The documentation regarding the medical records of the pet will help them know when to get that next vet checkup. Also, the pet’s eating habits, favorite treats, and other behaviors such as when they like to be let out or if the radio helps calm them down in a storm can make it easier for the new caregiver.

Have I discussed these plans with both potential caregivers and beneficiaries?

The best course of action is to discuss a plan with potential caregivers, and to try to have multiple potential caregivers so that if one’s situation changes, there would still be caregivers available. Let your assumptions be known and challenged while they can still be changed. Sometimes one child or grandchild feels a much stronger attachment to a pet than another, and would volunteer or feel slighted if they weren’t consulted on the continuing care of the pet.

What about using a will?

Publishing care instructions and provisions in a will can be helpful, and studies show that between 12% and 27% of pet owners include their pets in their wills. A possible issue can arise if the estate gets caught up in probate, though, so it may be better to make arrangements earlier on if possible, plus you may be able to avoid the New Jersey Inheritance Tax on the funds for the caretaker to use if the funds aren’t passing through the estate at death. Transferring the pet to another caretaker the pet is familiar with can often be the best option, and since the care of a pet is not as costly (financially, or time-commitment) an endeavor as the care of a person, a direct transfer of funds may be sufficient to provide care for the lifetime and burial costs of the pet compared to employing trust services.

Don’t forget to discuss your loving pet when you are discussing your estate plan with your estate planning attorney.

Lifestyle & Money Management Trust & Estate Planning Investment Services Caring for and thoughtfully guiding our clients creates the strong, trusting relationships we have nurtured over the decades. That’s why so many people rely upon our independent company for wealth management and trust & estate services. True independence and understanding are at the core of our unique value proposition.

Our focus is where it should be…

Garden State Trust Company To learn how we can focus on you and your family, contact Adam Brower or Siobhan Connolly.

On You. On Your Family. On Your Future. 1886 Hinds Road • Suite 2 • Toms River, NJ 08753


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732.255.5000 | gstrustco.com July/August 2019

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Do You Suffer From A Chronic Runny Nose? Do you suffer from a chronic runny nose? Do you always have to carry tissues with you? Are you embarrassed about your runny nose? Do you worry when you go out to eat with friends that your nose will run? Then you may be one of the estimated 24 million Americans suffering from chronic rhinitis. Children are prone to issues involving the ears. Babies and

to an imbalance of the nerves sending signals to the nose. As a result of the imbalance, there is an over-production of clear fluid, resulting in runny nose. There are specific prescription nose sprays available that help the majority of patients with atrophic rhinitis. For those whom the medicine does not help, there is an exciting new office-based treatment available. edical rofessionalsThe runny nose is treated by treating the overactive nerve endings inside the nose through cold therapy called cryotherapy. The procedure is performed in the office. It usually takessuch about child may be referred for a hearing test. Additional testing as one hour. There is minimal young children in particular are prone to getting recurrent ear x-rays may also be ordered. After a thorough consideration of all thewith most patients returning to downtime and young children more prone to ear infections. ChronicBabies rhinitis is caused byarechronic information, you and your otolaryngologist will discuss if your child regular activity the same day. Patients usually infections due to their immature immune systems and the anatomy will benefit from ear tubes. inflammation of the nose, which leads startsurgical seeing improvement in 2 to 6 weeks of their ears. There is a tube called the eustachian tube that drains Ear tube placement is the most frequently performed tofluid symptoms such as runny nose, nasal from the ear into the nose. In babies and children, the procedure in the United States, approaching 670,000following cases per the procedure. The majority of congestion anddoes post drip. you and extremely year. The procedure can improve the quality of life inpatients eustachian tube notnasal drain well dueHave to its position children report reduction in runny and stuffy smallover-the-counter size. Additional risk factors for ear infection include bottle tried medications without with recurrent ear infections and improve hearing in nose children with symptoms. Tired of always carrying feeding, secondhand smoke, and daycare attendance. Ear infections fluid in the ears. Ear tubes are are extremely tiny (about 1/20th of an tried “everything�? Often there several relief? Then you may benefit from seeing an tissues with you? Then cryotherapy may be can be caused by both bacteria and viruses. If you suspect your child They are placed inhave the operating room with the assistance treatmentinch). options patients not tried. otolaryngologist. has an ear infection, it is best to take your child to your pediatrician of an operating microscope. Ear tubes are known by the othersolution. names, other qualified medicalare personnel for assessment and treatment. There is aincluding varietyPEoftubes, bothventilating prescription and orOtolaryngologists uniquely qualified tubes, Many children with recurrent ear infections get better without non-prescription medications that can be to diagnose and treat your chronic rhinitis. pressure equalizing tubes, and grommets. If you would like more information intervention. However, some children continue to have a buildup prescribed. Often with Once in place, theyappropriate usually last 6-18medical Atofyour first visit, doctor will fluid in the fluid in theiroffice ears that doesyour not resolve. Persistent ears or you would like to schedule an months. They designed to fall out on patients getarebetter. obtain a history. Symptoms ofloss chronic rhinitis can result in a hearing loss. Hearing in a young child can therapy, affect appointment to see one of our specialists, their own.who Children withimprove tubes can swim speech development. fluid in nose, the earsnasal has also been linked For patients do not with can include wateryPersistent nose, runny and bathe like before tube placement. to balance issues, poor school performance, and ear discomfort. please call us at 732-281-0100. medical therapy, there are additional congestion, congestion in the morning, After tube placement, a follow-upoptions. If your child continues to get recurrent infections, it may be Some patients benefit from having post and clearing of the throat. hearing would test will be obtained. You will timenasal to see drip, an otolaryngologist. Commonly known as ENT doctors, continue to see the otolaryngologist until otolaryngologists are specialists in the treatment of ears and ear structural abnormalities repaired. Other After obtaining a history, you will then be www.OceanENTFacialPlastics.com the tubes have fallen out and your child is infections. At your initial visit, a history be obtained and patients your may actually suffer from chronic examined. Otolaryngologists havewillspecial child will be examined. Depending on the findings of the exam, your no longer getting ear infections. sinusitis. When appropriate, a CT of the tools that allow thorough examination of sinuses may be ordered to further assess for the nasal passages. There may be structural Visit www.OceanENTFacialPlastics.com evidence of acute or chronic sinusitis. Patients abnormalities that can contribute to nasal can suffer from chronic sinusitis sometimes symptoms such as deviated nasal septum, Christina Gillespie, MD, Ocean Otolaryngology for years. There are a variety of both medical enlarged nasal turbinates, enlarged adenoids Dr. Christina Gillespie is a board certified Otolaryngoloigist who has been in practice in Toms River since 2013. surgical treatment options available to Before and nasal polyps.She completed her internship and residencyand in Otolaryngology at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. moving to Toms River, she served as Chief of Otolaryngology at William Beaumont Army Medical Center help. Some surgical options, such as balloon in El Often chronic rhinitis can be treated Paso, Texas for eight years. At Ocean Otolaryngology, Dr. Gillespie sees patients, at the Toms River and Whiting sinuplasty, can now beinclude performed in the medically. Chronic rhinitis locations, of all can ages be withdue a variety of medical problems. Her specialties pediatric otolaryngology, sinus Christina Stephen Kupferberg, surgery,Common and surgery for sleep apnea. She also treats common medical conditions such as hearing loss, tinnitus, Bruce W. Peters, office. to a variety of causes. causes DO, FACS Gillespie, MD MD, FACS hoarseness and chronic cough. In addition, Dr. Gillespie is also involved in the American Academy of Otolaryngology. She currently Some patients with chronic rhinitis suffer include allergies, environmental irritants, serves on multiple committees which include the Board of Governors and Governance, Media committee and Education committee. Stephen Kupferberg, MD, FACS Bruce W. Peters, DO, FACS atrophic Atrophic rhinitis is as due sinusitis and aging. SoMonmouth you think youwithhave Dr. Gillespie resides in County her husbandfrom and daughter. She rhinitis. enjoys spending time with her family they

9 M P Ear Infections in Children And The Role of Ear Tubes

explore the Jersey Shore. She is also an avid tennis player.



54 Bey Lea Rd., Suite 3, Toms River, NJ 61 Lacey Rd., Whiting, NJ 1673 Rt. 88 W, Brick, NJ

For more information, call 732-281-0100 or visit www.OceanENTFacialPlastics.com.

Health & Wellness

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Legal Professionals



PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS – WHEN YOU NEED A LAWYER When bad things happen to good people, a lawyer’s services are necessary to ensure that you get the most compensation for your injuries. Why do I need a personal injury attorney?

Experience and expertise. Personal injury attorneys often have: • Trial experience (whereas other types of attorneys may not); • Negotiation experience; • An in-depth understanding of medical diagnoses and processes associated with personal injuries; and • An in-depth understanding of negligence law and other torts.

Factors to consider

When you begin the process of choosing a personal injury attorney, you will want to understand what makes a good lawyer. One important factor is trial experience. While not all cases go to trial and most settle out of court, you will want to hire an attorney who is a certified trial attorney and is not intimidated by a trial.

Know the facts of your case and have as much documentation as possible.

Before meeting with an attorney for an initial consultation, write down and know as many facts of your case as possible. The attorney may want to see any or all of the following: • Police or incident report • Medical documents, including bills, diagnoses, and test results • Pictures of the location of the incident or accident, damage, injuries or anything from the scene • Written statements from witnesses • Your insurance policy (if applicable)

Feel comfortable with the attorney

You are going to be spending a good amount of time with your lawyer, so you want to make sure they make you feel comfortable, will be available to answer any questions you may have, and will have a positive outlook about your case.

TESTIMONIAL “I am a long-time client of Kevin Riordan. Among other things, he has represented my mother for a fall and me in a worker’s compensation case, with great results. Sometimes the process gets complicated, but I feel confident when he is battling on our side because I know he has a great reputation as a trial attorney.”— William H., Manahawkin


Size Matters

Law offices range in size from sole practitioners to firms with hundreds of lawyers. While large firms may be more attractive, there are undeniable benefits to hiring a smaller firm.

Small Firm

Small firms can be an excellent choice and so you may want to consider retaining one if it makes sense, given the nature of your legal problem. Although no two firms are the same, potential benefits of hiring a small firm include: • A more direct working relationship with your lawyer.

Your case is not going to get lost in the shuffle.

• Lower fees and costs. It is not unusual for a small firm to charge less than a big firm might charge for doing the same type of work. • A more informal working relationship. You are likely to get to know everyone in your lawyer’s office if he or she is with a small firm. This can lead to a better working relationship, which may make you feel more comfortable.

For a free consultation, please contact Kevin Riordan, Esq., at 732-240-2250. Kevin B. Riordan, Esq. With over 20 years of trying cases in New Jersey, you can rest assured that if you hire Kevin Riordan he will not settle for less than the fair amount. A lawyer’s services are necessary to ensure you get the most compensation for your injuries. Kevin attended Kalamazzo College and received his law degree from New York Law School. He is a member of the Ocean and American Bar Associations. He is certified by the Supreme Court as a Civil Trial Attorney.

Kevin B. Riordan

Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney

732-240-2250 kriordan@kbrlawfirm.com


20 Hadley Ave., Toms River, NJ 08753


Health Fashion&&Wellness Beauty If fashion is your passion, there are several apps that you will want to include on your smartphone or tablet. Check out the : Health & Wellness Coach Dawn Ferrentino What Are Fashion Apps? following free apps and discover if they fit your fashion interests. Who is ready to transform their mind and body? What if, just what if, you FINALLY found the answer Fitting Room Social app: iPhone & iPad Pose app:Ferrentino, iPhone, Pad, a&transformation Android Nice weather is just around the corner! Dawn specialist, has been to being at your optimal health? No more yo-yo dieting. No more crashes. All natural solutions backed An coaching of people on their transformations for past years. Whether areexclusive social shopping platform by science.thousands Dawn Ferrentino, a transformation beenthe coaching thousands of peopleyou on their Pose isspecialist, the apphas where you cansix see to help women find fashion that fits! looking to lose weight, someWhether extra energy, some lean muscle, or extra age more youthfully, transformations for over gain six years. you arecreate looking to lose weight, create energy, improve and shop the looks shared byWith the guaranteed results, performance, just feel overall this may be the program you! this may beorthe program for better, you! With guaranteed resultsfor and custom programs, backed by Every item on Fitting Room world’s top trendsetters every day. customized programs, and one on one coaching, you will make the right decision to saylifestyle. yes to With ASOS app: iPhone & iPadscience, you will make the right decision to incorporate this program into your a incorporating this program into your lifestyle. With a money back guarantee, you get your body back or Social comes with a colored fit tag. money back guarantee, you get your body back or your money back. Plus, you can share your favorite outfits The #1 Ferrentino global online fashion destination your money back. You have nothing to lose! Except maybe some unwanted pounds. Dawn

Any garment with a red “GREAT Health & Prosperity Specialist andYour shopping finds with yourLet’s friends! JoinYour Transformation Today! for women in their 20’s.You Discover fashion Deserve To Feel Absolute BEST! Start FIT” tag is a great fit for you. If you online with the ASOS app- a free shopping the millions of people who are using Pose like how it looks on her, you’ll love to see what to wear and how to wear it! Web: dawnferrentino.com app for the iPhone, iPad, andEmail: iPod touch.dawnferrentino07@gmail.com Call: 908.208.0002 how it looks on you! dawn.baronferrentino

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AATrial Trial Lawyer Lawyer Who Who Will Will Fight Fight A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who provides legal representation to those who are injured either physically, or psychologically as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person or company. Many of these lawyers tend to be knowledgeable in the area of law known as tort law, which includes civil wrongs and economic or non-economic damages to a person’s property, reputation or rights. For over 30 years, personal injury attorney Kevin Riordan has handled a wide variety of legal cases. Being involved in an accident or incident that results in personal injuries can be devastating to an individual and their family. The personal injury field allows he and his staff to help innocent victims maneuver through the legal process, which can be complicated and time-consuming. Adds Kevin, “We try to get the most compensation for their pain and suffering, while treating them with compassion, dignity, and respect.” Another benefit to hiring Kevin is that he is a sole practitioner. Sole practitioners of personal injury law offer a number of benefits to potential clients, which include more personal attention and a oneon-one working relationship between the lawyer and the client. They are also more willing to take on smaller cases and often have lower fees and costs. OCW: What is the most rewarding part about your profession?

OCW: What sets your practice apart from others like it?

KEVIN: As a certified trial attorney, I have the ability and reputation to negotiate a settlement to properly compensate my clients for their injuries. I enjoy fighting for my clients to get the best result, even if it means taking a case all the way through the trial process.

KEVIN: I have worked in large, medium and small firms during my 30 years in practice. While they all have their advantages and disadvantages, I appreciate being able to make my own decisions and to treat each client individually, rather than as number or a quota to meet. We thoroughly investigate and prepare each case as if it is going to trial. However, my practice is run very efficiently for quick results, but without rushing to settlement. This ensures the best possible end result.

OCW: What is the most challenging part? KEVIN: The most challenging part is when a client has a permanent injury that will not allow them to be whole again. While we can help with the process, we cannot turn back the clock to return them to their previous state. OCW: What are the most common issues you see in your profession? KEVIN: If you are not represented by an attorney, insurance companies will try to make you settle for a lower amount, as they want to cut their losses. The most common issues in personal injury matters are proving fault, complexity of injuries, and arriving at a fair dollar figure. That will all depend on the type of accident and the extent of injuries.

OCW: Are there any memorable cases that stick out in your mind? KEVIN: Unfortunately, we remember the most traumatic cases that involve horrific injuries or a fatality. However, each case is unique and even the accidents or incidents that may seem insignificant can turn one’s life upside down. Making a personal injury claim can be difficult and time consuming. We work hard and deal with the courts, witnesses, doctors, and insurance companies, to allow one to focus on recovering from injuries.

With over 30 years of trying cases in New Jersey, you can rest assured that if you hire Kevin Riordan, he will not settle for less than the fair amount. Unfortunately, bad things happen in life to very good people. A lawyer’s services are necessary to ensure you get the most compensation for your injuries.

Kevin attended Kalamazzo College and received his law degree from New York Law School. He is a member of the Ocean and American Bar Associations. He is certified by the Supreme Court as a Civil Trial Attorney.

732-240-2250 • kriordan@kbrlawfirm.com

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Now Is The Time To Take Your First Step To A Healthier You! Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you having trouble losing weight or can’t believe summer is here and you have indulged barbecue after barbecue? E

Dawn Ferrentino specializes in helping thousands of people achieve their desired physical goals and feel their absolute best they possibly can! If you are ready to make a healthy lifetsyle change that will help you shed weight and be healthy at the same time, this is exactly what you are looking for. Here are some main points to know about this program:

Dawn Ferrentino Health & Prosperity Specialist

• Easy, convenient and sustainable life style • Guaranteed results - get your body back or get your money back • Weight loss/energy/improved performance • One on one coaching • Customized packages to fit your needs.

Call: 908.208.0002 Email: dawnferrentino07@gmail.com Web: dawnferrentino.com


Holistic Substance Abuse Program

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Pediatric Services


Self-Regulation: A Learned Skill By Tamara Hollenback, Director of Occupational Therapy, Seashore Pediatric Therapy Center.

Does your child have difficulty with self-control? Poor impulse control? Seem to be more emotionally reactive, quick to anger, or have limited coping skills to manage his/her behaviors compared to other children the same age? We may be able to help! Our occupational therapists at Seashore Pediatric Therapy Center are trained in The Zones of Regulation program. This is a curriculum, designed by Occupational Therapist Leah M. Kuypers, to help children learn self-regulation skills. The program can be introduced and adapted for children as young as four years old and implemented for school-age children and teenagers as well. The Zones of Regulation curriculum can help all children who struggle with emotional and behavioral management, including those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and anxiety disorder. This program breaks down complex social learning skills using a color-coded system designed to assist children in developing emotional awareness and coping strategies. So what is self-regulation anyway? Self-regulation means being in control of your mind and your body in order to make good choices. Self-regulation is the ability to control your emotions, impulses, and reactions in a way that best fits a specific situation. Self-regulation helps us do what we need to do throughout the day by adjusting our level of alertness depending upon the situation and setting. Self-regulation involves monitoring and controlling one’s own feelings, emotions, and behaviors. In order to do so, a person has to have the ability to block out irrelevant stimuli, control impulses, and persist in tasks. Therefore, intact sensory processing is a crucial and foundational building block to self-regulation. Occupational therapists are in a unique position to help address selfregulation difficulties because they are trained to assess and address the underlying skills that are impacting self-regulation development, especially in terms of sensory processing. Sensory processing is the ability to take in sensations (sights, sounds, smells, taste, touch, pressure, movement) from the external environment as well as internally

from within the body, process the sensations accurately, and then respond in a socially appropriate way in order to perform daily activities. It requires the nervous system to take in messages from the senses and turn them into outwardly observed behaviors and responses. When sensory processing isn’t working correctly, the sensory information is going into the brain; however, once there, the signals may get mixed up, create a traffic jam, and are not organized properly. This is the actual “processing” part of sensory processing that is impaired. As a result, a person may experience a wide variety of defensive and compensatory behaviors and emotional responses that do not appropriately match the context or social setting that the person is in. People with sensory processing difficulties are often too sensitive to stimulation or not sensitive enough. This results in a dysregulated sense of self and a poor understanding of one’s environment. This dysregulation makes it difficult, and sometimes impossible, for children to feel safe and comfortable and to function and behave appropriately during social or learning opportunities. Appropriate sensory processing and self-regulation develops naturally over time with experience and maturity, but for some children it is a skill that needs to be taught and practiced. This is where The Zones of Regulation comes in. The overall goal of the curriculum is to help kids (and adults too) learn to expand their emotional vocabulary and to create a greater understanding and recognition of these emotions in themselves. The hallmark component of the program is the use of various visuals and the categorization of all the different ways we feel, including different states of alertness and behaviors, into four colored zones – Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red. The program then expands to help children learn tools and strategies to help manage their feelings and states of alertness. Sensory regulation tools, calming techniques, and cognitive strategies are combined to help kids match the appropriate emotions, behaviors, and level of alertness to the situation and environment they are in. The Zones of Regulation curriculum emphasizes that there are no “good” or “bad” zones. It encourages kids to describe and recognize all of their emotions while helping them understand that different “Zones” are expected or unexpected depending upon the situation. Overall, The Zones of Regulation is an effective, interactive, and, most of all, fun way to learn these critical emotional, behavioral, and social awareness skills. If you have any of these sensory or behavioral concerns for your child or would like to discuss The Zones of Regulation program further, do not hesitate to contact one of our Certified Occupational Therapists at Seashore Pediatric Therapy Center in one of our two locations – Manahawkin or Toms River.

Toms River: 950 Hooper Ave  • Unit 2  Toms River, NJ 08753 848-251-5355

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Business &F Finance Business & inance

22 #

Service Is Our Specialty Founded in 1986, Copies Plus takes pride in serving as South Jersey’s premier office equipment company with over 30 years of experience servicing clients just like you. Our continued success is the result of a total commitment to a customer satisfaction and loyal customers who refer Copiers Plus to others. We are grateful for their continued support and look forward to building new relationships well into the future.

Exceptional Equipment And Support Multi-Function Print Technology

A black and white or full color multi-function printer provides an excellent option for a company with limited space and a need to improve productivity. • Print, copy, scan and fax from one device • Small footprint, physically and environmentally • Reduce overhead by investing in one MFP to do the job of multiple devices • Ideal for small and mid-sized businesses

Production Printing Equipment If you’re an organization that produces a high volume of critical communications, promotional pieces or general office documents then a high-speed print production solution from Copiers Plus will help you save time and money by boosting efficiency and lowering cost. • Ownership advantages of flexibility and quality control • Enhance security • Reduce overhead by keeping it “in-house” • Advanced finishing options • Ability to run a broad spectrum of paper stocks

Large Format Print Equipment A large format printer from Copiers Plus will extend your in-house production capabilities by producing large blueprints, design plans, technical documents and more right from the convenience of your office. • Reduce print cycle time • Get documents in the field faster • Eliminate production delays • Produce multiple designs quickly and accurately

Managed Print Services Managed Print Services from Copiers Plus allows you to take control of your print environment, save money and boost productivity by leveraging the power of FMAudit, the #1 MPS Solution in the market today. • Optimize Print Output • Monitor • Automatic Supply Replenishment • Audit • Proactive Maintenance

Managed IT and Network Support With managed IT and network support from Copiers Plus, business owners can focus on the important core functions of their company. • Simplicity • Accessibility • Flexibility • Reliability

Group Purchasing Organizations and Purchasing Alliances Copiers Plus proudly partners with some of the country’s premier GPOs and Purchasing Alliances to bring cost savings and efficiencies to government agencies, educational institutions, non-profits, healthcare providers and faith-based organizations.

Service, Support & Supplies Here at Copiers Plus “Service is our Specialty”. It’s what separates us from the competition. • Professional installation and network connectivity • Rapid remote and on-site support • Comprehensive, all-inclusive maintenance agreements • Efficient and cost effective solutions for your office technology needs • Genuine OEM supplies and consumables

Document Management Solutions A customized document management solution from Copiers Plus will allow your organization to transition into a 21st century digital workflow. • Store • Manage • Search • Collaborate • Secure

TWO GREAT LOCATIONS SERVING ALL OF SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY INCLUDING OCEAN AND MONMOUTH COUNTIES Equipment Showroom & Commercial Printing 3112 Fire Road/Unit C Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234 Office: 609-645-7587 info@copiersplus.com

Commerical Printing 935 West Avenue Ocean City, NJ 08226 Office: 609-398-7676 RPM@copiersplus.com

For more info contact: Robert Matthews 609-645-7587 • info@copiersplus.com

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Is It Snoring Or Is It Sleep Apnea? An interview with Dr. Christine Ally, a renowned sleep apnea doctor. Christine Ally, DDS, FICOI, FAGD Member, American Sleep and Breathing Academy Member, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Qualified Dentist, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

What is Sleep Apnea?

Many people who snore may not simply be snoring but could be suffering from a more serious health condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Only about 10% of patients with the condition have been diagnosed. It is where a person stops breathing many times throughout the night and is caused by a physical blockage or collapse of the upper airway while asleep resulting in a chronic lack of oxygen to the brain and body. Over time it takes a toll on your body and causes or contributes to other significant and medical problems.

How does it affect our health?

Sleep apnea is called the silent killer and is a very serious condition which should not be taken lightly. If left untreated it damages your cardiovascular system and can cause high blood pressure, heart disease including arrhythmias, rapid heart rate, heart attacks and strokes. Other conditions related to sleep apnea include depression, mood disorders, memory loss, low sex drive, restless leg syndrome and acid reflux or GERD. Studies now show that in some cases a person can decrease their lifespan by as much as a decade if they have untreated sleep apnea.

What symptoms do people with sleep apnea have?

Symptoms depend on the severity of the condition and some patients may show none if their condition is mild, none the less it needs to be treated. The most frequent sign is loud snoring and sometimes gasping for air while sleeping. Other signs include waking frequently at night,

frequent leg movement while sleeping, irritability, lack of focus, loss of memory, morning headaches, day time sleepiness, low sex drive, obesity, chronic exhaustion and lack of energy.

How is Obstructive Sleep Apnea treated?

The most commonly prescribed therapy is CPAP. This is where a patient wears a mask and is hooked up to a machine blowing air continuously to keep the airway open while they are asleep. Most patients do not use CPAP because they find it uncomfortable and inconvenient. The more successful and compliant treatment is Oral Appliance Therapy. This is where a mouthpiece is custom made for the patient and it is worn while they sleep to keep the airway open.

How can you help patients?

I have successfully used oral appliances to treat patients with sleep apnea for over 14 years. Some patients need appliances for snoring and others for sleep apnea. They are custom made and are small, comfortable and easy to wear. Patients find them very convenient and they are a safe, simple and effective way of treating sleep apnea. Because of the comfort and convenience of the oral appliance patients are usually very compliant.

What should patients do if they suspect they have sleep apnea or they snore?

Any person who snores loudly should be screened for sleep apnea. I offer a free consult to discuss their concerns and work closely with local physicians to get them tested. If they have sleep apnea, our treatment is very personalized and we will discuss all their options and the best mode of treatment for them. If not we can make them a comfortable and easyto- wear appliance to relieve snoring.

Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with Dr. Ally to learn about our comfortable and convenient sleep apnea treatment.

180 White Road, Suite 212 Little Silver, NJ 07739

732-842-6370 advancedsleepcenternj.com

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Interested In Advertising In The County Woman Publications?

This Is What Our Happy Advertisers Have To Say “The staff at the County Woman is wonderful to work with, and we love being a part of such an informative and interesting publication in our community.”

– Annie Jones, All-Care Physical Therapy Center, LLC

“I have been featured and done advertising in the Atlantic County Woman publication and have always been impressed with how professional my advertisement looks. The publication allows me to hit my target market of women business owners and be seen as the expert in my niche as a Metaphysician and Metiphisical Counselor and Business Coach helping women business owners clear emotional blocks to success. I highly recommend Atlantic County Woman for your publication needs.”

- Lisa Scott, Owner, Lisa R. Scott Consulting, LLC

“We have been writing articles and adverting our business with Monmouth County Woman for the past few years. Their staff is wonderful and eager to help you collaborate your business needs as well as graphic design. We have found many of our clients continue to read our content and we have increased our clientele as a result.”

- Laurie Lombardi, CDN, The Natural Pharmacy

“We have been working with Lauren and the team at Ocean County Woman for more than a year and we could not be more pleased. After a few issues into OCW, we decided to also advertise in the Atlantic County Woman. As an advertiser, the caring and professionalism shown us is exhibited in the quality of their publications.”

- Ira J. Brower, President, Garden State Trust Company

“Advertising in the Ocean County Woman Publication has proven to Koehler Acupuncture be one of my smartest advertising 128 Drum Point Road • Brick, NJ 08723 decisions. Within the first two weeks 732.262.0637 www.koehleracupuncture.com I had received at least six calls of interest. By the end of the first month I had several more calls and seven new patients in my office. The article also worked great for my existing patients who showed it to their friends to encourage them to come in.”

– Keith Koehler, Owner, Koehler Acupuncture

“Your paper has given us a great venue for advertising our practice. My husband and I love the opportunity to customize our ads with subjects that are relevant to our practice and our patients. Atlantic County Woman has given us great exposure within the community. We have gotten many new patients thanks to your publication. We look forward to advertising with you for many more years to come.”

- Dana Carfagno, Practice Administrator, Advanced Care Ob/Gyn Infertility

Reaching 120,000+ readers throughout Atlantic, Ocean and Monmouth Counties

Don’t you think it’s time for your business to test out the County Woman Publications?

1.866.398.0898 • www.thecountywoman.com

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Medical Professionals


Meet The Doctors Of Mukaram Gazi, MD, FACS Dr. Mukaram Gazi, the founding member of UUANJ, graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine and completed his post-graduate training in urology at UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (now known as Rutgers RWJ Medical School) in New Brunswick, NJ. In practice since 2003, this exceptionally skilled, minimally invasive surgeon treats the full range of urinary tract and male reproductive disorders—from no-scalpel vasectomies, erectile dysfunction, and urinary incontinence to state-of-the-art robotic surgery for prostate cancer and enlarged prostate (BPH). Dr. Gazi is devoted to his patients, treating them like family in a compassionate and caring manor. He is board certified in urology, has advanced training in sub-specialties such as uro-oncology and pelvic floor reconstruction, as well as pediatric urology. He is currently an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Fox Chase Cancer Center and Clinical Assistant Professor at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Dr. Gazi’s background and expertise, combined with honest communication, have earned him recognition as one of America’s Top Urologists by Consumers’ Research Council of America and Castle Connolly Medical, Ltd., and again this year as a Top Doctor by New Jersey Monthly.

Parvez Mahmood, MD, FACS Dr. Mahmood has been in practice in Ocean County since 1974. He received his training in New York City at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York University Medical Center, Bellevue Hospital Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He is currently an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Fox Chase Cancer Center and Clinical Assistant Professor at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Dr. Mahmood is board certified in urology and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Alexander Gotesman, MD Dr. Gotesman earned his medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and completed his urology residency training program at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York in 2005. After graduation, Dr. Gotesman completed five years of clinical research in Urology and he currently specializes in adult and pediatric ambulatory urology. He maintains strong affiliatons with many local and national medical societies and is a member of the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society. Dr. Gotesman has received several awards and recognition for his, patient-centered care philosophy. He Joined UUANJ in 2012.

WHAT IS A UROLOGIST? A urologist is a physician who has been trained to treat disorders of the male and female urinary tract (bladder, ureter, kidney, and urethra) and the male reproductive system. Urologists encounter many issues and must have knowledge of internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, and other specialties as they are used regularly. Urology is classified as a surgical subspecialty. A urologist with advanced qualifications in surgery may be a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS).


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University Urology Associates of New Jersey Sam A. Qassab, MD

Imani Rosario, MD Dr. Rosario earned her medical degree from the Georgetown University School of Medicine and completed her post-graduate training in urology at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. After completing her training, Dr. Rosario was appointed Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Urology at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. In this position, she was responsible for training and teaching medical students, general surgeons and urologists in training. Dr. Rosario is Board Certified by the American Board of Urology. She joined UUANJ in 2016.

Bob Peterson, DC, PA-C Mr. Robert Peterson is a retired Chiropractor and has been a Physician Assistant for 18 years. Mr. Peterson has been working with UUANJ since 2011. He has been an Adjunct Associate Professor at Mercer County College for 10 years, teaching Biology, Pathology and Anatomy and Physiology, and an Assistant Professor at the Philadelphia University Physician Assistant Studies Program. He has also mentored other Physician Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurses.

Dr. Qassab received his Medical degree from Baghdad University College of Medicine and completed his general surgical internship and his urology residency at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to his urological residency, he completed an extra 18 months of training and research in Urology at the Atlanta VA Medical Center where he took care of our nation’s veterans. His research has earned numerous awards and he has co-authored multiple peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and abstracts. Dr. Qassab earned recognition for his groundbreaking research on liquid biopsy for renal cell carcinoma at the American Urological Association annual conference in Boston in 2017. Dr. Qassab is a DaVinci-certified robotic surgeon and received extensive training in minimally invasive urologic surgery including robotics and laparoscopy. He practices general urology and specializes in minimally invasive techniques to treat urological conditions.

Bhaskara Changala, Ph.D., APN-C Dr. Bhaskara Changala received his Ph.D. in toxicology from South Gujrat University in India and his training as a Nurse Practitioner from Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. He completed preclinical research in pharmaceutical toxicology also while in India. Dr. Changala has been a registered nurse and critical care nurse since 2008 and worked in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit at Community Medical Center for several years prior to joining UUANJ. He joined UUANJ in January 2018.

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HAMILTON 1374 Whitehorse Hamilton Sq. Rd. Hamilton, NJ 08690


HOWELL 2364 Route 8 South Howell, NJ 07731

FREEHOLD 495 Iron Bridge Rd. Freehold, NJ 07728


TOMS RIVER 20 Hospital Drive Toms River, NJ 08755

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For Appointments: 609.581-5900 • 732.928.5300 • UUANJ.COM

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Experienced Specialists. Compassionate Staff. State of the Art Treatments.


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Wigs & Hair Restoration


Answers for Hair Loss.

2494 Moore Rd., Ste. #1 • Toms River, NJ 08753 (In the Stone Hedge Prof. Bldg.) 732-255-1733 • www.abstraxhair.com

Laser Hair Therapy can Restore and Grow your own hair. Call today for your FREE consultation to see if Laser Therapy is the answer for your hair loss situation.

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Medical Professionals


Medical Professionals


The Dreaded Bowel Preparation For A Colonoscopy… How Bad Can It Actually Be? Written by Jill Collier, MD Medical Director, Endoscopy Center of Toms River

What if I have questions or I take medications?

It is very important that you read all your directions thoroughly. Your doctor


our doctor has informed you that you need to have a colonoscopy. It may be for a routine screening due to your age or to investigate a problem, but regardless you know the dreaded bowel preparation will be needed.

You may have heard horror stories from your friends and family and often it is the thought of the bowel preparation, which stops patients from having this needed test. It is important for you to know that there are many preparation options and adjustments in timing that have made the bowel preparation for today’s colonoscopy much improved over that of the past.

Why do I need a Bowel Preparation? the colon so that your physician can have the clearest possible view of the colon. Any stool left in the colon will hinder your doctor’s ability to see small polyps and may lead to the need to repeat the exam.

Will I need to starve before the test?

instruct you about which medications to take and which to hold. Diabetic medications may be adjusted, but typically blood pressure, heart or seizure medications are taken as usual. Some medications, like blood thinners may be held for up to a week before your procedure and some preps need to be prepared the night before so look at your directions before your scheduled date. Finally, you should realize that although the bowel preparation may not be the easiest part of your exam, it is certainly one of the most important. Your doctor and right one for you and that you complete it properly, so that the important and needed colonoscopy can be completed Jill Collier, MD, Medical Director, Endoscopy Center of Toms River

Visit www.GastroOfOcean.com

Will I have to drink a nasty tasting laxative to prepare?

Omar Tamini, MD

Which preparation is chosen may vary depending on your health and your doctor’s preference.

Jill Collier, MD Edgar Bigornia, MD

any taste or grit. Citrate of Magnesia is a salt solution, which can be diluted with other liquids

Kenneth Glazier, MD

prescription. Lastly the pill prep, Osmo-prep, can be taken in select individuals without any history of high blood pressure, kidney disease or seizures.

Jai Mirchandani, MD Teresa Menadier, MD

When will I have to drink the laxatives and can I work that day? preference and your individual health needs. Typically for procedures scheduled before noon you will begin your preparation when you awaken the morning the day before your exam, starting allows you to have a solid breakfast the day before your exam and start your liquids at lunchtime. you will awaken early on the day of your procedure to complete the second half of your laxative preparation. With the split dose prep you can easily work the day before your colonoscopy.

• Colonoscopy and colon polyp removal • Colon cancer detection and screening • Rectal bleeding evaluation • Ulcer pain evaluation and treatment • Swallowing disorders

• Endoscopic treatment of hemorrhoids • Capsule Endoscopy • Breath testing • Esophageal and anorectal manometry

When do I stop drinking liquids?

Finally, because you will be receiving anesthesia for your examination, your stomach must

a morning-scheduled procedure are not to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before completing their morning laxative.

PATIENT TESTIMONIALS easy to take and worked VERY well!”

—Jane, 64, Brick A Division of Allied Digestive Health

procedure. Very professional.”

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Spring Special

10% Off

Coolsculpting Package (Minimum Four Treatments) Expires 4/30/18 Expires 10/31/18 Expires 8/31/19

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Health & Wellness


Medically Supervised Weight Loss! FAST! SAFE! EFFECTIVE! Become One Of Our Success Stories!

Written by Jill Houston, Clinical Director, Ocean Health & Weight Loss

If you follow our protocol you will lose! Ocean Health & Weight Loss has cracked the code and found a way to cure the problem of being overweight. This is not a 500-calorie diet. We are not

homeopathic. We are the real deal, available by prescription only (over-the-counter HCG is not the proven protocol). Dr. Simeon, amazingly, has proved with numerous clinical trials that the key to losing weight and keeping it off doesn’t rest with a fat-free diet and loads of exercise (though exercise is essential once your metabolism is reset). You see, there is a part of the brain from which our central nervous system regulates all the autonomic functions of the body. Functions like your heartbeat, your breathing, your sleep patterns and the movement of fat! When this part of our system is operating normally, the movement of fat occurs in a very orderly way. The HCG protocol gets things back on track when they are not operating normally. It ensures that only the good kind of fat is deposited in the body—the kind that is essential for

perfect weight and optimal health. The bad and unsightly fat you don’t want is disposed of. Obesity, in all its many forms, is due to an abnormal functioning of the body. That’s why some people can eat or drink what they like and never get fat, but the fat is allocated around the body poorly such as around their organs, etc. So let’s get straight to the chase. Reset the very thing that regulates the movement of fat and get things back in order. It’s a discovery that will switch your life from overweight to overjoyed. It’s a fantasy that has become a reality for thousands of people and it can become yours too. Why? Because unlike conventional methods of weight loss that address the symptom, the appearance of fat, HCG addresses the root cause of why the body is having a problem that forces it to store excess fat in the first place. That’s why, when you stop eating all those packaged diet foods and give up on your gym membership, the fat just piles itself back on again. But not anymore; those difficult and frustrating days are over. Whether you are 10 pounds or hundreds

of pounds overweight, this revolutionary cure will switch your life from overweight to overjoyed!

THIS IS NOT A 500 CALORIE DIET! • Amazing results in the first week • Lose 1/2 pound per day and sometimes more • Easy to make recipes • For Men and Women!


Health & Weight Loss of Toms River 732-608-9681 1735 Hooper Ave., Suite 1 Toms River, NJ 08753


All Credit Cards Accepted


FUN Websites for KIDS & Their Parents!

Whatever your child’s interest, they will find something on this site to enjoy. There are tons of things to do and explore, and plenty of their favorite characters to encounter along the way.


Little girls are able to This site is full of explore a world of games, news, unusual adventure and surprise facts, a range of with games, videos, and contests and much more a specific cool content. You can adventure section on this also share experiences and multi-lingual website. Fun for photos of your Webkinz pets! young children ages 4-7! Great for kids ages 6-13+!


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UnitedHealthcare and Arocho Insurance Agency present: a special member appreciation event. Thank you for being a member! We invite you to stop by and join in on the fun. While you’re here, learn more about your benefits while we show our appreciation. You’ll enjoy: • Giveaways • Activities • Music • Informational hand-outs

Senior Citizen Appreciation Day Tuesday, August 20 11AM-2PM Plaza 1 Mall 730 Jamaica Blvd Toms River, NJ 08757

• No cost admission

Bring a friend!

Membership not required.

We hope you can join us. Kenneth Arocho Licensed Sales Agent

732-877-7680, TTY 711 UHCCommunityPlan.com/NJ Plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or one of its affiliated companies, a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract and a contract with the State Medicaid program. Enrollment in the plan depends on the plan’s contract renewal with Medicare. Members must use network plan providers, pharmacies, and DME (Durable Medical Equipment) suppliers. Members will be enrolled into Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage under the plan and will be automatically disenrolled from any other Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. For accommodations of persons with special needs at meetings call 732-877-7680 TTY 711, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. local time, 7 days a week. Eligible for a free drawing, gift, or prizes with no obligation to enroll. Y0066_180910_105624_M

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Featured On The Cover Establish aa plan, plan, diffuse aa crisis, Establish crisis,ororask aska question... a question...

ANNEMARIE ESQ. ANNEMARIESCHREIBER, SCHREIBER, ESQ. Certified CertifiedElder ElderLaw LawAttorney* Attorney*

hashas thethe knowledge knowledgeand andexperience experienceto tohelp help you! you!

Deceased Relatives and Their Debts Studies show that approximately 75% of Americans die in debt. The most common debt is credit card debt. Mortgages, outstanding car loans, personal loans and student loans are other forms of debts owed by an individual at the time of death. It is estimated that the average American will pass away owing approximately $62,000. The good news for those passing away in New Jersey is that family members are not responsible for their deceased relative’s debt, unless they co-signed for a loan, credit card, or have joint ownership of a property or business. The rest of the debt obligations fall to the deceased relative’s estate, if there is one. It is important to keep in mind even if a family member is named in the deceased relative’s Last Will and Testament or a family member believes they are in line for an inheritance, there can only be an inheritance if there is enough money in the estate after all of the deceased person’s debts have been paid. In most cases, existing debts are paid from the deceased relative’s estate. An estate is the total value of the assets owned by an individual at the time that individual passes away. Assets include things such as a home, a car, a boat, a stamp collection, jewelry, a bank account – just about anything that is money or can be turned into money by selling it. If someone dies with outstanding debts, the assets in the estate are used to pay off those debts. That means

Certified Elder Law Attorney, Annemarie Schreiber answered questions and offered informaton on the Caregivers First TV show, hosted by Lynette Whiteman, Executive Director of Caregiver Volunteers Of Central Jersey. The episode aired last December 12th on local TV stations (visit www.scannj.com for listings). It is also be posted on SCAN’s YouTube channel and www.CLDDS.com.

that certain assets, like a house or a car, may have to be sold so there is sufficient money to pay the decedent’s debts. It is the executor’s responsibility to make sure the debts of the estate have been paid. Neither the executor nor the deceased person’s family members are personally responsible to pay the debts of the decedent; this means no executor or family member needs to use their own money to pay is also known as a health care proxy directive, off the deceased relative’s debts. a durable of attorney for health careresponsible or an advance Again, thepower only time someone may be to directive. pay a An individual appoints a trusted person to beco-signed his or her arepresentative in the deceased relative’s debt is if that person loan or other the creator can no longer make medical decisions typeevent of credit loan of forthe ordocument with the deceased individual. In that case, for himor be herself. there may personal financial responsibility. When an estate is insolvent, which means the decedent dies with is a legal document in which an individual states his or more debt than assets, the deceased’s family members will not her wishes regarding medical treatment and end of life care. An individual’s receive any inheritance, but they still are not responsible to pay off preferences for medical treatment and end of life care are often included in any debts. Family members need to be mindful when it comes to the debts of a deceased individual. Although debt collectors know that family members have no personal obligation to pay off the debts of the decedent, it may not stop them from trying to collect anyway. If you need to determine how to handle the debts of a deceased relative, contact my office.

Call 732-797-1600 for more information!

* As a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) by the ABA approved National Elder Law Foundation, Annemarie Schreiber is one of only 400 or so attorneys in the entire United States who is a qualified CELA. She is certified by the ABA approved Natonal Elder Law Foundation and has years of experience offering clients in Ocean and Monmouth counties the legal counsel they need to plan ahead for their future or the future of their loved ones work through difficult situations.

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Annemarie Schreiber:

A Trusted Elder Law Professional Annemarie Schreiber,

Certified Elder Law Attorney realized her interest in elder law when she had the opportunity to represent the Ocean County Board of Social Services Adult Protective Service Unit, which is responsible for advancing guardianships for vulnerable adults in Ocean County. For Annemarie, nothing satisfied her more than helping someone who truly needed help. It was this realization that she had a passion for Elder Law that brought her to CLDDS and to become a Certified Elder Law Attorney.

Why do you think estate planning intimidates people? Annemarie: People tend to avoid the unknown especially when they think something will be complicated. Since most people think estate planning is complicated, they tend to avoid it. Clients often comment, after meeting to discuss their estate plan, how easy it was and how they wished they had done it sooner. What is the number one mistake people make when it comes to estate planning? Annemarie: The number one mistake people make is delaying the preparation and execution of their estate documents.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your career? Annemarie: The most fulfilling aspect of being an Elder Law Attorney is seeing how I have been able to help a family through a crisis. To be able to turn around what appears to be a dire situation and provide the guidance and assistance to get their family and loved ones through a difficult time is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.

What civic and professional organizations are you involved with? Annemarie: I am involved with the New Jersey Bar Association, Ocean County Bar Association, National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), Toms River Kiwanis, Somebody Cares, the People’s Pantry, Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey and the Brick Chamber of Commerce.

What is the most challenging aspect of your profession? Annemarie: The most challenging aspect is encouraging everyone to have his or her estate documents in order. It does not matter what your age is, unexpected events happen all the time. It is best to be as ready as you can be for those unexpected events. Having estate documents prepared will ensure one less hurdle to overcome when those unexpected events do occur.

Please give us some background on your family and how you spend your leisure time. Annemarie:My husband, Steve, and I reside in Toms River and we have two beautiful children, Kelsey and Danny. Both my children attend college at University of South Carolina. Besides spending time with my family, I enjoy going to the gym and reading.


www.cldds.com • 732-797-1600 • 9 Robbins Street • Toms River, NJ 08753 • aschreiber@cldds.com

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New Healthcare System Devoted To Comprehensive Spine Care Opens In New Jersey Altair Health is one of the first physician-managed healthcare systems of its kind in the nation. Altair Health, one of the nation’s first physician-managed healthcare systems devoted to comprehensive spine care, has opened in New Jersey. Altair Health is taking the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of spine conditions to the next level. According to Dr. Chris Valerian, COO of Altair Health, Altair Health is revolutionizing spine care in New Jersey. “Managed by physicians, Altair Health is bringing together a team of experts from numerous specialties to leverage the power of integrated, evidence-based care – and guide each patient through every step of their treatment – to improve their outcomes,” Valerian explains. “Altair Health patients have convenient access to all of the specialties needed for evaluating and treating spine conditions – whether minor or highly complex – within one integrated healthcare system. A team – including neurosurgeons, physical therapists, pain management specialists and clinical psychologists, physiatrists, acupuncturists, wellness specialists and more – manages their care from start to finish.” This end-to-end care navigation starts from the very first contact and continues until the patient is released. It removes any confusion and uncertainty a patient may have as well as ensures uninterrupted care and the continual flow of patient information.

building has state-of-the-art exam rooms, an x-ray facility and procedure room. Massage therapy, therapeutic yoga and acupuncture are just some of the wellness services that are offered there. • Altair Health Surgery Center in Florham Park showcases advanced design and high-tech equipment that enables medical professionals to deliver the most advanced medical treatment – including minimally invasive techniques. Here, teams of professionals who specialize only in spine care treat patients. “Altair Health brings a unique approach to spine care to the New Jersey region,” Valerian concludes. “Our unique focus is on guiding patients and delivering the best outcomes possible. Altair Health is one of the nation’s first physician-managed healthcare systems devoted to comprehensive spine care. Headquartered in Morristown, NJ, a team of spine specialists – including neurosurgeons, physical therapists, pain management specialists, physiatrists, acupuncturists, wellness specialists and more – collaborate and leverage the power of integrated, evidence-based care for improved outcomes. Learn more at altairhealth.com.

Amongst the Altair Health partners are some of the most progressive physicians and wellness professionals specializing in spine care in the U.S. They include: • Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists (ANS) – the largest neurosurgical practice in New Jersey and one of the most advanced in the country. ANS is steering Altair Health’s efforts to take the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of spine conditions to the next level. • New Jersey Pain Consultants – specialists in rapidly evolving pain management services and treatments. New Jersey Pain Consultants uses an interdisciplinary approach to formulate and implement comprehensive treatment plans that reduce pain and improve function. • Physical therapists, physiatrists, wellness professionals and acupuncturists. “The Altair team uses data from numerous registries, including the National Neurosurgical Quality Outcomes Database that measures the quality and efficacy of common spinal and neurosurgical procedures,” Valerian continues. “This nationally gathered data helps us determine the right treatment for the right patient at the right time to get the best outcomes.” In addition to building its network of physicians and specialists, Altair Health is also building dedicated facilities. Patients will have convenient access to all Altair Health resources and services at its own facilities. They will not have to look outside of the system for best-in-class physical therapy centers and the like.

This is why… We give you the best in brain, spine and neurovascular care. Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists now accepts Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

Altair Health opened two new facilities devoted to spine care: • Altair Health Morristown features neurosurgeons’ offices located directly across the hall from its physical therapy and wellness center so experts from all disciplines can take a hands-on approach to guiding and monitoring patient care. The MCW/OCW This is Why_Girls #663_r2.indd 1

The County Woman Magazine www.TheCountyWoman.com

Neptune Morristown Jefferson

Pompton Plains Summit

ansdocs.com (732) 455-8225

Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists (ANS) is a proud partner of Altair Health.

5/22/19 4:08 PM

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Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals



If You Have Been Told You Are Not A Candidate For Dental Implants:

Are Your TeethSEE A DR. Constant BANKS!Source Of Pain And Embarassment?

Often, patients are told that they are not candidates for dental implants because they “don’t have enough bone” or their “sinus is too low.”

You don’t have to live like this anymore!

Both conditions are correctable problems in almost all patients, according to Dr. Banks. When the gum ridge where teeth are missing is too thin to place a dental implant, bone grafting can be performed to correct the problem. What that means is that a bone replacement product, or even the patient’s own bone, can be placed into the deficient area, stabilized, and allowed to heal. Following healing, dental implants can be placed into that area and then restored with porcelain teeth. This procedure is called “ridge augmentation” YOUR TEETH CONSTANT andARE can be accomplished in A both the top and bottom jaws.


SOURCE PAIN AND When teeth OF are missing, the sinus that lies above the top jaw will expand downward EMBARASSMENT? into the ridge and cause bone loss in the gum ridge. This is a correctable problem as well, according You don’t have to live like Augmentation this anymore! to Dr. Banks. “A Sub-Antral Sinus – commonly called a ‘Sinus Lift Procedure’ – can be performed, sometimes even at the time of implant placement. This procedure increases the amount of bone in the area where we would like to place a dental implant. Again, a bone replacement product or ® can even the patient’s own bone be used.”LIFE YOUR


Get Your G Summertime Dr. Banks incorporates state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures, such as 3D cone beam CT scanning of the face and jaws, to Smile! evaluate her patients for bone grafting procedures. “That way, I can accurately diagnose the magnitude of the bone loss in the area where we would like to place implants and the quality A common misconception is that the bone is placed into the sinus. In reality, the sinus membrane ! e l i m is actually lifted up (hence to name me S“sinus lift”) back to where it should be, and the bone graft material + r e is placed under the sinus ummmembrane, restoring the gum ridge and the sinus contour together in one S r u o procedure. et Y

Dr. Kathy A. Banks

of the patient’s bone ridge in that area, and pre-plan the surgery to ensure the best possible outcome.” She also prepares andOral usesand advanced biologic materials into grafting procedures such as L-PRF Board Certified Maxillofacial Surgeon 249 S. Main St. # 4 Barnegat NJ (609) 488-2325 (Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin) which are made right in the office at the time of surgery. www.drbanksoms.com

Specialty Lic # 4070

And finally, there is a preconceived notion that these procedures are painful procedures. “There are multiple anesthesia options for the surgical part of the bone grafting process,” she says. “We offer intravenous general sedation, nitrous oxide and local anesthesia” so that all her patients can Office Hoursanesthesia 8am-5pmand Monday – Friday Bone Grafting Dental Implants be treated comfortably. General and Intravenous Anesthesia

“OfJaw course, I’m making it sound easy butSurgery these procedures are technically demanding and take years Pathology Reconstructive Jaw of practice to gain the proper expertise. You only want your bone grafting procedures performed by a well-trained, ABOMS-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.”

• Bone Grafting • Dental Implants • General and Intravenous Anesthesia • Jaw Pathology • Reconstructive Jaw Surgery

For more information, call 609-488-2325 or DMD visit Call www.drbanksoms.com Kathy A. Banks, Dr. Banks Today! • 609-488-2325 • www.drbanksoms.com

Kathy A. Banks, DMD Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Your Expert in the Face, Mouth and Jaws 249 S. Main Street Barnegat , NJ Specialty Lic #4070

609-488-2325 www.drbanksoms.com www.TheCountyWoman.com The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine www.TheCountyWoman.com

8 AM - 5 PM (Mon. - Fri.) Bone Grafting • Dental Implants General and Intravenous Anesthesia Jaw Pathology and Reconstuctive Jaw Surgery

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Ask Daniel Straffi, Jr. Esq.

Rebuilding Credit After a Bankruptcy: What You Need To Know


ne of the most common questions I hear from clients is, “How will this affect my credit?” It’s a common question because it’s a good question, with many subparts. Oftentimes, clients fear the credit ramifications of filing a bankruptcy. The perception is that the filing of a bankruptcy is an “end” rather than a “new beginning.” I try to relay the latter, as it is the intent of the bankruptcy courts to provide the honest debtor a fresh start. This fresh start includes the ability to rebuild one’s credit over time. Let’s address the various subparts that pertain to the overall theme of rebuilding one’s credit:

1. How long will it take for me to rebuild my credit?

Generally speaking, it takes people approximately two years to rebuild their credit after the filing of a bankruptcy petition. What I try and emphasize to clients is that, although your credit will take an immediate hit, the bottom line is that you are being proactive in addressing and resolving the situation. This is a far better approach than languishing with poor credit for a number of years and getting nowhere. In some cases, it is best to take the initial credit hit, wipe the slate clean, and start to rebuild.

2. How do I rebuild my credit?

The best way to rebuild credit is by using credit. Many bankruptcy clients are surprised to find the number of credit opportunities they will be inundated with after filing for bankruptcy. The reason for this is that creditors know that a bankruptcy debtor is ineligible to file bankruptcy again for another eight years, generally.

Therefore, the creditors wish for debtors to resume the practice of relying on credit as soon as possible. I recommend a conservative approach to most clients, whereby they look to obtain a secured credit card (where the client essentially fronts the amount of credit offered) and use it for their monthly groceries or other regular expenses. Then, pay it off every month. Using credit helps to rebuild credit.

3. How long will a bankruptcy be on my credit report?

Make no mistake about it: a bankruptcy will be on your credit report for a period of ten years. However, as stated above, it will take you about two years to rebuild your credit. In the interim, the cash that will be freed up from not having to pay exorbitant minimum fees and the like will help most debtors operate their households while simultaneously rebuilding their credit.

4. Will I ever be able to obtain a mortgage again?

Absolutely. Most mortgage companies will not consider applicants who have filed until they are 2-3 years post-bankruptcy. However, this period of time is also essential for clients to re-evaluate the course of their life/lifestyle. While rebuilding one’s credit post-bankruptcy, it is important that folks take advantage of the clean slate they have been provided and set a strategy that makes the most sense going forward. Therefore, that 2- to 3-year period of rebuilding is a welcome and needed respite. I hope that the foregoing proved helpful in relaying the message that bankruptcy is not an end. Rather, it is a new beginning – an opportunity to start again and empower oneself to set your own fiscal course and rebuild over time.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, Contact : Daniel Straffi Jr. at 670 Commons Way, Toms River, NJ. CALL: 732-341-3800 Daniel Straffi, Jr., Esq. Protect Yourself Against Foreclosures, Judgments, & Harassing Creditors

Enter To Win

VISIT: www.straffilaw.com.

Your light at the end of the tunnel starts here. We are a debt relief agency that helps people file for relief under the bankruptcy code.


Sherbet Enter Cantaloupe To WinBlendAcatalaoupe $50 Gift Certificate To and 1 cup of milk in a food processor until smooth.

By: Cutting Board Creations

Spa Virtue @ The Body Wrap Shoppe

1 small cantaloupe, very rip & cut into Put 1 cup milk in a 3qt saucepan and sprinkle the gelatin into it. bite size chunks Cook over medium/low heat and stir mixture. Clip and Return To: The County Woman 1 quart milk Add remaming milk and remaining ingredients. Don’t worry if the Name:________________________________________________ PO Box 619 Turnersville, NJ 08012-0619 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin mixture looks curdled here. Or Visit Facebook.com/TheCountyWoman To Enter Online! Address:______________________________________________ 3/4 cup light corn syrup Pour mixture into a 13x9 pan, cover and freeze for 3 hours. Stir periodically. 1/2 cup sugar 277 Route 70, Suite 201 City:__________________State:_________ Zip Code:_________ Toms River, NJ 08755 Use a mixer at medium speed, beat until smooth but still partially 3 drops yellow food color, if desired Offer valid on Body Wrap Shoppe services only. Not available for purchase of any products. Entries will be accepted through 732-323-3000 frozen. 2018. Company not provide any personally identifiable information to third party ad servers without your consent. 1 drop redFebruary food28, color, if does desired www.TheBodyWrapShoppe.com Return to freeze until fully frozen, about 3 hours. Then enjoy! Serves-12

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Theatre & Entertainment CAPE MAY STAGE


May 22-Jun 21 HEISENBERG


WED-SAT | 8:00 PM  SAT & SUN | 3:00 PM

TUES-SUN | 8:00 PM 








Packages & Memberships for the 2019 are now for Sale! Receive discounts off of regular ticket prices. Complimentary Exchanges - change dates with no fees.  Choose your seats  all at once or on a show-by-show basis.

These one night only events feature stellar talent from Broadway & Beyond Steve Ross July 8th 8 PM Lucie Arnaz July 15th Carole Bufford August 12th Will & Anthony Nunziata November 30th



The Robert Shackleton Playhouse 405 Lafayette Street, Cape May

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My Legs Hurt...Could It Be The Blood Vessels? A close family friend complained of leg pain for a long time. She had cramping of her calves after she walked long distances or up stairs. She has had symptoms for years and just thought this was a part of getting older. She started reducing her activity to avoid the pain. Her doctor was concerned that her pain was from a lack of blood flow to her legs. (This is called “claudication”.) As she came to my office for tests, I did my best to explain what was causing her symptoms.

Q: What is claudication? Where does it occur? A: Claudication is caused by too little blood flow to the muscles during

exercise. During exercise, the muscles demand more oxygen. Arteries are the blood vessels that supply the body with oxygen. If the blood cannot supply enough oxygen, the muscles start to cramp. This is usually due to plaque forming in the arteries. This, in turn, narrows the arteries and decreases the blood flow. This is called peripheral artery disease. As the level of narrowing worsens, the muscles cannot get enough blood and the muscles can start cramping even while resting. Claudication usually occurs in the feet, calves, thighs, hips, or buttock muscles. Claudication can also occur in the arms and hands, but this is very rare.

Q: What are other symptoms of claudication from peripheral artery disease? A: If the blood flow is severely reduced, the fingers and toes can feel cold and start to look pale or bluish. Sores can also develop on the lower leg, feet, toes, and fingers. The legs can feel weak. The feet can also have a sensation of burning.

Q: What can cause peripheral artery disease? A: Things that can cause plaque forming in your arteries causing

narrowing include: smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and a family history of peripheral artery disease.

Q: If claudication from peripheral artery disease is suspected, how is it diagnosed? A: A physical exam is performed to check the pulses in the hands and feet. One of the most accurate ways to check the blood vessels is to perform a

Normal blood flow in the legs.

Missing blood flow due to stenosis.

CT or MRI angiogram. An angiogram is performed by injecting dye into the vein. A CT or MRI is then performed to create very detailed images of the arteries, allowing the radiologist to find areas of narrowing.

Q: If an area of blockage is discovered, how is it treated? A: There are several ways to treat a blocked artery. A procedure called

an angioplasty can be performed. In this procedure, a small hollow tube (called a catheter) is threaded through the blocked blood vessel. A balloon is inflated to reopen the artery. This flattens the plaque against the wall and stretches the artery open to increase blood flow. Sometimes a stent will be placed. This is a mesh framework shaped like a tube that keeps the artery open. If the artery is too badly damaged or clotted, then bypass surgery can be performed. Basically this requires using a healthy blood vessel or man-made synthetic tube to shunt the blood around the blocked artery. Of course, the most important thing to do is lifestyle changes and taking medicine so the peripheral artery disease cannot form or at least cannot progress.



PET/CT Ultrasound CT Scan Diagnostic X-Ray

1.5 T and 3 T High Field Open Bore MRIs 3-D Mammography Nuclear Medicine Bone Densitometry

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Be Well Women’s Health Understanding The MonaLisa Touch Procedure

What makes your practice unique?

Be Well Women’s Health takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. We are a comprehensive gynecology practice that offers medical and surgical options for a full range of gynecologic issues. We employ an evidence-based approach even to complementary medicine by providing researched options for women looking for alternatives to the usually prescribed medications. Informing our patients on what research has shown, what is safe, and if untested, what the risks might be. We individualize treatment plans and connect women to a wide spectrum of wellness experts to address the physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of health.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions about menopause?

The biggest challenge with menopause is that women just feel like we have to suffer through it. We don’t. It’s a natural progression, of course, but so is hair loss or graying, yet we find solutions for those issues. We owe it to ourselves to discuss symptoms with our doctors and explore all our options. It starts with the conversation.

Who is the ideal candidate for the MonaLisa?

• Peri-menopausal or Menopausal women • Cancer survivors who are experiencing treatment induced symptoms • Young women with vaginal pain disorders or ovarian insufficiency • Any woman suffering from symptoms related to decrease in estrogen which may include but is not limited to genital symptoms of dryness, burning, irritation, lack of lubrication, discomfort or pain, and impaired function as it relates to intimacy, urinary symptoms of urgency, discomfort, and recurrent urinary tract infections.

Tell us why the MonaLisa is so effective for treating women?

The MonaLisa touch restores vaginal health by stimulating the growth of new collagen, elastin and vascularization of affected areas. It works so well because it provides an opportunity for the body to heal itself without medications or serious side effects. Furthermore, it is a quick, virtually painless, in-office procedure with clinically proven results!

Can you share any success stories of patients who have undergone the procedure? The patients say it best! Below are real patient testimonials. “When I underwent the MonaLisa Touch procedure I was a little nervous and after the procedure, I came out almost bouncing off the wall, saying I cannot believe, there is no discomfort, such a short time commitment. I first began to see results from the MonaLisa Touch Procedure approximately 2 weeks after the initial procedure. “ ~ Sara “It really wasn’t until I realized that this was my body that was having the reaction due to menopause. I noticed a difference after my first procedure and then going back for the second there was a huge difference. Between the second and third treatment, a total opening, a softening, receptivity, sensitivity, that I haven’t had for years and years. Probably what MonaLisa Touch gave back to me, it gave me back confidence and made me want to date again. It made me feel like I can have a full relationship. I feel like I don’t have to hold back any more. I can just bring everything that I have back to the table, because I was holding back before and now I don’t have to.” ~ Melinda “To find out that there was actually a laser that in 3 treatments could possibly provide me with what I hadn’t been getting in the last 10 years of trying. I was ecstatic. I think having the procedure helps me to feel like I can be in touch with just being a woman again. It can really affect your self-confidence, your self-esteem. And so I think that was a plus that I wasn’t really considering, that happened.” ~ Lori

611 New Road, Northfield, NJ 08225

(609) 383-4042

Comprehensive Gynecology

Range of Services

• Fibroid Management • Abnormal Bleeding • Ovarian and other Pelvic Masses • Vaginal and Urinary Problems • Endometriosis • Poly-Cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOS) • Menopause and Peri-Menopause • Osteopenia and Osteoporosis • Pelvic Pain • Painful Intercourse • Painful Cycles • Premenstrual Symptoms • MonaLisa TouchTM We offer evening appointments.

DR. NNEWIHE, MD. FACOG Dr. Nnewihe graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Ohio. She is Board Certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a member of both the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Medical Association. Dr. Nnewihe strives to maintain excellence by staying on the forefront of medical advancement.

JENNIFER HAWKINS, MS, PA-C. Jennifer Hawkins is a board certified Physician Assistant who has been practicing in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Southern New Jersey for 15 years. Jennifer Hawkins was born and raised in Long Island, New York. She graduated from Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts. Jennifer completed her clinical Obstetrical/ Gynecological rotations at Massachusetts general, Dana Farber and Brigham and Women’s hospitals alongside Harvard medical school residents. She is a member of the NCCPA and AAPA governing boards for Physician Assistants. Jennifer has experience in all aspects of caring for women in all stages of life including adolescent gynecology, obstetrical care, menopause, and postmenopausal states.

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Be Well Women’s Health is an all female practice offering evidence-based medical and surgical options. Through a holistic approach to medicine, we view each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. We partner with our patients to set wellness goals that address the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of well-being.


Dr. Nnewihe graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Ohio. She is Board Certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a member of both the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Medical Association. Dr. Nnewihe strives to maintain excellence by staying on the forefront of medical advancement.


Be well

WOMEN’S HEALTH Comprehensive Gynecology

Range of Services

• Fibroid Management • Abnormal Bleeding • Ovarian and other Pelvic Masses • Vaginal and Urinary Problems • Endometriosis • Poly-Cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOS) • Menopause and Peri-Menopause • Osteopenia and Osteoporosis • Pelvic Pain • Painful Intercourse • Painful Cycles • Premenstrual Symptoms • MonaLisa TouchTM We offer evening appointments.


611 New Road, Northfield, NJ 08225

(609) 383-4042


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Hypnosis for Women Professional Hypnosis & Coaching Rhoda Kopy, Director 1541 Rt. 37 East, Suite E Toms River, NJ 08753 732-270-0080 www.HypnoForWomen.com

Make Your Mind Work FOR You – Instead of Against You! Rhoda Kopy is a nationally certified consulting hypnotist and wellness coach, with specialty certification in complementary medical hypnotism. She earned a B.S. degree in Biomedical Communications from Richard Stockton College of N.J., has an academic background in nursing, and 20+ years’ experience in community health education and coaching. Rhoda adheres to strict ethical standards of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Health & Wellness Release The Fear That’s Holding You Prisoner – And Start Living A Fuller Life What fear has been holding you back from fully living your life? It’s possible that you’ve lived with the fear for so long that you’ve resigned yourself to it, not realizing you can take effective steps to release it. Many people suffer through their fears, avoid situations, miss out on opportunities, jeopardize their health, or feel like a burden to others – all because of a limiting fear. It’s likely that you know others who are harboring a fear, but hesitate to discuss it. You are definitely not alone. Following are examples of common fears that hypnosis practitioners often work with, but there are many more: • Fear of flying • Fear of driving • Fear of bridges • Fear of heights • Fear of enclosed spaces • Fear of public speaking • Fear of socializing • Fear of needles • Fear of medical / dental procedures or tests • Fear of using public restrooms • Fear of germs / sickness / vomiting • Fear of dying Living with a fear can make you feel weak, silly, dependent – and can impact your health and wellbeing. You can change that! Trying to rationalize your way out of a fear rarely helps. At a conscious level, you’ve probably examined your fear and realized it doesn’t make much sense. Yet, the mere thought of putting yourself in a particular situation or actually being in it sends you into a tailspin – and, for some people, that produces physiologic changes that can lead to sweating, trembling, nausea, weakness, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, confused thinking, and panic.

Hypnosis For Women ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

Weight Control Smoking Cessation Relaxation/Comfort Fear Release

That’s the power of the mind-body connection – and it often kicks in quickly and furiously, no matter how much you tell yourself there’s no need to be afraid. Those feelings can become so exaggerated that they can lead to a fear of the fear, which can create even greater limitations. For others, the effects are less obvious, but problematic just the same. Because the fear you’re experiencing is generally not a “rational” fear, trying to analyze it, discuss it, or understand it generally won’t eliminate it. The fear is coming from the subconscious part of your mind, which creates the emotional overreaction. That’s why the changes have to be made at that level, so the faulty “programming” can be rewritten. Hypnosis is an efficient and gentle way to alleviate your fear. Regardless of the severity of your fear, the duration, or physical and emotional responses, a certified hypnosis practitioner will help you gently release your fear, usually within three to six sessions. Doing that will boost your confidence and allow you to reclaim your life. A variety of techniques may be used to help with fear release, and they are tailored to each client’s needs. They may include relaxation, reframing, rewind, NLP, time line, regression, EFT, and mental rehearsal. With hypnosis and coaching, you have the capacity to release your fear and reprogram your subconscious mind to remain calm and relaxed in situations that once challenged you. Are you ready to set yourself free? For a Free Phone Consultation, call me at 732-270-0080. Integrating hypnotic techniques and coaching paves the way for successful outcomes and boosts your sense of well-being.

Make Your Mind Work FOR You – Instead of Against You!


Focus/Concentration Sleep Improvement Studying/Testing Lifestyle Changes Interviewing/Auditions

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

Athletics Public Speaking Flying/Driving Socializing Confidence

Make Your Mind Work For You – Instead of Against You

732-270-0080 • www.HypnoForWomen.com 1541 Rt 37 East, Suite E, Toms River, NJ 08753

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SEPT 21 – OCT 13/2019

Britney Simpson, Actress

By Jason O’Connell and Brenda Withers Adapted from the play by Edmond Rostand Directed by Meredith McDonough A co-production with Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival

Jason O’Connell (Noises Off) leads a five-person cast as the larger-than-life Cyrano, the brilliant thinker, wordsmith, and swordsman. He’s a thorny romantic with an outsized reputation and a barely contained love for his childhood sweetheart, Roxane (Britney Simpson). Filled with wit and heart, this exuberant adaptation of the classic play Cyrano de Bergerac is a delightful combination of comedy and romance.

AUGUST WILSON’S RADIO GOLF FEB 29 – MARCH 22/2020 Directed by Brandon J. Dirden Brandon J. Dirden, Director

LOVE IN HATE NATION WORLD PREMIERE MUSICAL NOV 9 – DEC 1/2019 Music, Lyrics and Book by Joe Iconis Directed by John Simpkins Joe Iconis, Playwright, Music and Lyrics

A turbulent rock romance by Joe Iconis, composer/lyracist of the worldwide sensation Be More Chill! Set in a 1960s Juvie Hall, Love in Hate Nation uses classic “bad girl” movies as the inspiration for the story of young people caught between eras of a changing America. Sixteen-year old Susannah Son is carted off to the National Reformatory for Girls to get her head put on straight. There she meets the aggressively incorrigible Sheila Nail, and a relationship forms which leads to an all-out “revolution in the institution” as they attempt to break out of the boxes society has created around them. Girl Group Wall of Sound harmonies are filtered through a punk rock spirit in this rebellious and romantic new musical.

WORLD PREMIERE APRIL 11 – MAY 10/2020 By Tony Meneses

Tony Meneses, Playwright

JAN 11 – FEB 2/2020 By William Shakespeare Directed by Sara Holdren

Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare’s most celebrated plays and, perhaps, his most perfect comedy. Cross-dressing heroines, separated twins, and mistaken identities propel this gender-bending tale which celebrates a world in which every broken heart can be made whole. Director Sara Holdren is a theater artist, theater critic (for New York magazine and Vulture.com), and educator who has staged our last two productions of our popular A Little Shakespeare program, Macbeth and The Comedy of Errors.

JUNE 6 – 28/2020

Ruben SantiagoHudson, Playwright, Director and Actor

JAN 31 – FEB 9/2020

By William Shakespeare Adapted and Directed by Em Weinstein

Celebrating its 7th season as one of Two River’s most popular programs, A Little Shakespeare engages young artists and audiences with the work of the Bard! A 75-minute version of Twelfth Night—adapted, directed and designed by professional artists—will be performed and supported backstage by local high school students. Tickets: $20 for Adults & $15 Children 12 and Under

The Hombres looks at the intimacy of male relationships through the point of view of Machismo culture. Set in New Jersey (“somewhere off the NJ Transit line”), the play follows Julián, a gay Latino yoga teacher, as he clashes with the Latino construction workers outside his studio—particularly the older head of the crew, Héctor, who seeks from Julián something he never expected. Tony Meneses is the author of The Women of Padilla and Guadalupe in the Guest Room, both of which had their world premieres at Two River.



Director Brandon J. Dirden returns to Two River to direct our sixth production from August Wilson’s American Century Cycle—Radio Golf, the Cycle’s 10th and final play, set in 1997. Real-estate developer Harmond Wilks is determined to become the first black mayor of Pittsburgh, and to revitalize the Hill District. Starbucks, Barnes & Noble and Whole Foods are ready to move in. But one particular house on the development site, at 1839 Wylie Avenue, must be torn down, a casualty of urban blight. And that house belonged to Wilson’s legendary Aunt Ester—forcing Harmond, and the Hill District itself, into a battle between the past and the future.



Sara Holdren, Director


Written, Performed and Directed by Ruben Santiago-Hudson Music Performed by Chris Thomas King Original Music Composed by Bill Sims Jr. Additional Music Composed by Chris Thomas King A magical, musical, and deeply personal work written and performed by Tony Award winner Ruben SantiagoHudson, Lackawanna Blues is a reminiscence of his 1950s childhood growing up on the banks of Lake Erie. SantiagoHudson takes on more than 20 colorful characters—from would-be philosophers and petty hustlers to lost souls and abandoned lovers—in a brilliant celebration of the eccentric boardinghouse he grew up in. Santiago-Hudson returns to his roots in this tour de force performance with live blues music by composer Bill Sims Jr., performed by Grammy Award-winning blues guitarist, composer, and actor Chris Thomas King.



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To apply and schedule an interview, please call or email Susan Seiter at (609) 494-1554 SSEITER@stfrancislbi.org Training is held Monday nights from 6-9pm. After completing a 40-hour training program, you will be a certified Confidential Sexual Violence Advocate on call to provide crisis intervention, educational information and resources to survivors of sexual assault. All potential advocates encouraged to apply! Bilingual advocates also needed. Sexual Abuse and Assault Prevention Program of St. Francis Counseling Service 4700 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach Twp., NJ 08008

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“Create Lasting Memories” River Cruising: An Extraordinary “Create Lasting Memories” Travel Taking With A Packing More fun, more memories! PartIt of raising a family You: is making memories that

55 63

47 Experience Primer

your children will cherish Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic escape or celebrating an anniversary or wedding, forever. A family vacation is part of those memories. Today’s opportunities a travel expert can create a carefully tailored itinerary to suit your desires. Discover a tropical to travel as a family are as wideyour open as your imaginaYou’ve iver cruising may bebooked the hottest cruising tion. From warm paradise and surround yourself with remarkable sunsets, fine dining, and world class accommodations. beaches to excitinglong adventures, destination offers a new awaitedevery vacation trend around in 2017 -even though river A sample of some withRomantic your Traveldestinations will let you dream of your next escape. experience. cruises have been operating for decades.


Mind, Islands Body,  Six Hawaiian

And Soul

Professional andand you’re We have some suggested kid’s focused resorts destinations with ready to pack your , each with its own personality, special activities andhave amenities thatgame the entire family will enjoy: Cruise lines upped their with expanded suitcase. surrounded by blue waters, and where happiness is a way of life. Top choices

amenities and intriguing itineraries to the places Now big ocean-going question is: serene meditation retreats to high-tech From are Kauai, Maui, and Big Island. BLUFF, ANTIGUA feels both country-club and cozy at the same vessels can’t reach. ✿ RiverCURTAIN cruises are luring experienced What do you medical take spas, bathing sanctuaries to boot camps, ocean cruisers off the mega-ships andyou? onto intimate time. This charming resort with an Alain Ducasse-trained chef for wonderful dining has Ocean views 70 T ravel with and modern wellness travelers have an amazing If you’re cruising in the Caribbean 00 T ravel riverboats with focus onevery current themes. from room, diving and waterskiing, a game room and Ceebee Kids WithWatersports so many amount new including fees andof options • Add a few more tee abroad. shirts and another pairthe of shorts here and , think Santorini or Mykonos with small fishing restrictions the airlines have to a• turquoise The beach beautiful leading Caribbean Sea.poncho, and zippered plastic bags The river cruisingClub. destinations, like isa 12-day Bordeaux Lightweight sweater, rain T ravel Virtuoso Agents can guide you to the perfect style of 56 villages, stunning beaches, accentuated by whitewashed buildings. imposed for baggage, you will have to consider leaving your entire closet River cruise, or 7-day Danube, offer cruise guests the local for wet suits. retreat to fit your wishes. at home from now on.without Some airlines are charging carry-on bagsApril’s now, 55 Travel ravel experience the long tour busforrides. From • Whatever you forget you can purchase on board or at63 the and other airlines let you board first “Create if you have noLasting carry-on bags.Memories” So was what ✿ BEACHES, TURKS & CAICOS created to be the ultimate get Here are just a few wonderful options: tulips to December’s Christmas Markets, hundreds Memories” of “Create Lasting ports or resorts. are the essentials to pack? Moreisfun, more memories! Part of raising aThe family is making memories that beaches together getaway, where everything Included and unlimited. protected white sand and barges glide along Europe’s historic rivers A few years from now what Here isriverboats a packing primer from Carole Kaiman, Travel Professional that your children will cherish Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic escape or celebrating an anniversary or wedding, forever. , with beautiful beaches and great A family vacation is part of those memories. (rated theand best in the Caribbean by Travel & Leisure) exciting watersports and unlimited scuba diving youExamples will rememberof is the total of canals, which span through thousands of milesexpression of Continental Creativity artistic at are Miraval some the best opportunities a travel expert can create a carefully tailored itinerary to suit your desires. Discover a tropical might help with the•process. Today’s to travel as a family as wide open as your imaginaYou’ve booked your restaurants to rekindle your spirit and feed the soul. experience of your vacation, NOT iver cruising may be the hottest cruising (for certified divers). waterways, connecting Seawarm to Black Sea. Resort and Spa classes intophotography, North From paradise and surround yourself with remarkable sunsets, fine dining, and world class accommodations. tion.offers beaches excitinglong adventures, destination offersLine a new Themes: River Cruise awaitedevery vacation trend around in 2017 -even though river the things you forgot to pack. painting and more. A sample of some Romantic destinations will let you next escape. BEACHES resorts are about children. Amazing waterparks with body slides, lazy rivers anddream surf of your For a week in the River Caribbean: A Europe Cruiseexperience. is one of the best ways we with your Travel • Viking River Cruises, through partnership with

 Greece

FAMILY VACATIONS STARRING ROMANCE TRAVEL THE “KIDS” RiverTaking Cruising: An You: Extraordinary It With A Packing Experience Primer  Barbados

R  Italy

cruises have been operating for decades. *Remember, your Vagabond* Professional andand you’re We have some suggested kid’s focused resorts destinations simulator are a favorite of the kids. The Caribbean Adventure with Sesame Street andwith the XBOXoffers play Viking cruise guests • 2 swimsuits know to explore inland Europe, visiting cities, towns and PBS “Downton Virtuoso Professional ready to pack your Travel  Six Hawaiian Islands , enjoy: each with Abby” its can own personality, • Equinox Hotel NYC (opening in June) promotes where in a private chapel in Florence’s counspecial activities and amenities that the entire family will Cruise lines have upped theirsuitcase. game with expanded (put 1 in your carry-on so you canships goand right to the beach) lounges are so popular with children families. 19 Specialty restaurants and children’s dining areas provide great choices. villages that traditional big usually can’t access. 3 days in England Countryside, and special tour assist you in planning a vacation surrounded by blue waters, and where happiness is a way of life. Top choices deep sleep intryside you can renew your vows and have a candlelit Dinner over the Arno River. the middle ofintriguing frenzyitineraries in Manhattan. amenities and to the places ocean-going Now big question is: 2 cover-ups are Kauai, Maui, and Big Island. It•will be a great family vacation memory. with the mostfamous value andhouse. addedfeels both country-club and cozy at the same of the BLUFF, ANTIGUA vessels can’t reach. ✿ RiverCURTAIN cruises are luring experienced What do you take (1 with sleeves for evenings dining onocean the cruisers beachoff&the 1 mega-ships Pareo) touches to your experience afor wonderful andyou? onto intimate time. This charming resort an make AlainWaterways dining has Ocean views •with Avalon “Austrian Highlights” from with IfDucasse-trained you’re cruisingchef in the Caribbean • Sedona’s Mii amo, offers Native American inspired riverboats with focus on current themes. from every room, a game room and the Ceebee Kids memorable one.•diving WithWatersports so many new including fees and • Yoga pants and practices 2 tank tops with Holistic Traditions AddMunich aand fewwaterskiing, more tee shirts and another of shorts Vienna to highlighting apair Beer theme. families Greece , think Santorini or Mykonos with small fishing ships were built with in A deluxe family Ocean view restrictions themind. airlines have Club. The beach is beautiful leading to a turquoise Caribbean Sea. The river cruising destinations, like a 12-day Bordeaux , the “Jewel of the Atlantic,” Our dedication to our clients during after everybags vacation • Lightweight sweater,before, rain poncho, and and zippered plastic • 2 shorts and 2 tees imposed for baggage, youorwill haveDanube, tovillages, stunning beaches, accentuated by whitewashed buildings. consider leaving your entire closet To enhance self-awareness. • Tauck offers riverfor cruises with its Tauck River cruise, 7-day offer cruise guests the local for wetfamily suits. stateroom with Verandah is perfect for a family of 4 or 5. There’s a 3 story AquaDunk body slide kids makes a world of difference. at enjoy beautiful weather, pink sand beaches home from now on.without Some airlines are charging carry-on bagsApril’s now, • 3 sundresses experience the long tour busforrides. From •program, Whatever you forget you can purchase on cooking board or at the Bridges including family and other airlines let you board first if you have no carry-on bags. So what created ✿ BEACHES, TURKS & CAICOS was to be the ultimate get with no fearFlip onflops, deck,flat or for the younger set, there’s the AquaLab with a looping waterslide. tulips to December’s Christmas Markets, hundreds of • SHOES: sandals, wedges, sneakers ports or resorts. warm friendly Conde’ Nast Traveler • people. Canyon Ranch, on land and onsand Regent areand the essentials to pack? lessons. together getaway, where everything is Included and unlimited. The white beaches Seven Enjoy Your Travel Experience. riverboats and barges glide along Europe’s historic rivers Aprotected fewor years from now what Here is a packing primer from Carole Kaiman, Travel Professional that Disney destinations vary from Caribbean cruises with Disney’s own private island cruising Europe  Barbados , with beautiful beaches and great • Pashmina Readers have voted Bermuda “Best Island in the Caribbean” 17 times! Seas Cruise ships, offers massages and facials (rated theand best in thewhich Caribbean by Travelof & miles Leisure) exciting watersports and unlimited scuba diving youExamples will remember is the total of canals, span thousands of Continental of some the bestwith might help with the process. There are several brand new River cruise lines restaurants to rekindle your spirit and feed the soul. experience of your Virtuoso vacation, training NOT Advisor • Sunglasses (for to certified divers).connecting North with special highlights for the kids enjoy. waterways, Sea to BlackYour Sea. Vagabond seaweed based products. Personal Travel River Cruise Line Themes: and the things you forgot to pack. are about Amazing waterparks with body slides,River lazy rivers and surf entering the market such as through Emerald Waterways ForBEACHES a week inresorts the River Caribbean: • Packable sun foldable beach bag hat and A Travel Professional with years of expertise will work for you, A Europe Cruisechildren. iswellness one of the best ways we are • Viking Cruises, partnership with options available. For over 25 years, *Remember, your Vagabond* simulator are a favorite of the kids. The Caribbean Adventure with Sesame Street and the XBOX play • 2 swimsuits know to explore inland Europe, visiting cities, towns and PBS “Downton Abby” offers Viking cruise andresorts, Scenic cruises to fill can the demand. Eachguests line Virtuoso Travel Professional The options gocarry-on on towith Mexican all-inclusive exciting travel to areas • Costume jewelry, (leave the real jewels home) goand Italy where in a private chapel in Florence’s counand her only objective is to give you the best experience possible and (put 1 in your so you canships right to the beach) Carole Kaiman lounges are so popular children families. 19access. Specialty restaurants dining provide great choices. villages that traditional big usually can’t days inchildren’s England Countryside, and special tour assist 3 you inand planning a vacation tryside you can renew your vows and have a candlelit Dinner over the Arno River. has its highlights, such as the long ships and the and an evening purse 2Africa cover-ups It•will be a great vacation Alaska memory. withsummer the mostfamous valuevacation) andhouse. added South forfamily families, tours (Perfect for ofoptions! the to help you realize your romantic dreams. So many more Wellness Vagabond Travel (1 with sleeves for evenings dining on the beach & 1next Pareo) generation touches to make your experience a Space-Ships. • Avalon Waterways “Austrian Highlights” from Must Haves: and •fabulous Tauck tours of Europe. memorable one.to Munich highlighting a Beer theme. Yoga pants and 2 tank tops Vienna ✿ DISNEY CRUISE ships were built with families A deluxe Ocean view • Insect Repellent, Sun Protection at SPF)  It’s a great new cruising experience! *Check outin mind. Bermuda Our dedication tofamily our clients before, during and after every vacation • 2(with shorts andleast 2 tees 30 Contact me at, the “Jewel of the Atlantic,” Carole@vagabondtvl.com • Tauck offers family river cruises with its Tauck stateroom with Verandah is perfect for a family of 4 or 5. There’s a 3 story AquaDunk body slide for kids Start your unforgettable vacation by contacting Travel Advisor & Romance Specialist makes a world of difference. enjoy beautiful weather, pink sand beaches • 3 sundresses • Facial and body moisturizer Start your unforgettable vacation www.virtuosolife.com Bridges program,at including family cooking by contacting Travel Advisor Carole Kaiman, at Vagabond Contact Carole Kaiman Vagabond Travel with no fearFlip onflops, deck,flat or for the younger set, there’s the AquaLab with a looping waterslide. • SHOES: sandals, wedges, sneakers and warm friendly people. Conde’ Nast Traveler lessons. • Make up Bag: waterproof eyeliner, Carolemascara, Kaiman at Vagabond Travel, a Virtuoso Agency in Little Silver, today! Enjoy Your Travel Experience. for our Digital Magazine Disney destinations vary from Caribbean cruises with Disney’s private732-222-2792 island cruisinginformation Europe • Pashmina Virtuoso Agency for or latest and Readers have voted Bermuda “Best Island in the Caribbean” 17 times! orRiver 732-842-2600. Travel, Silver own today. a Virtuoso Agency in Little There are several brand new Advisor cruise lines hair conditioner and shampoo with • Sunglasses special highlights for the kids to enjoy. Your Vagabond Travel Virtuoso and some amazing travel ideas.


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amenities. 732-222-2792 or 732-842-2600. Create memories that will last a lifetime. Create memories that will last a lifetime. Little New Jersey LittleSilver, Silver New Jersey07739 07739

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Medical Professionals


Paonessa Colon and Rectal Surgery Practice Announces the Opening of its New Location in Brielle

Is a referral required in order to make an appointment? 31 Medical Professionals Although Dr. Paonessa gets many referrals from primary care physicians and

Highly Skilled. Thorough. Passionate. Committed. Time and time again, patients of Nina Paonessa, D.O., F.A.C.O.S., a fellowship-trained colorectal surgeon, describe her with these words. It’s no wonder that droves of people from Ocean and Monmouth Counties and beyond are seeking out Dr. Paonessa for their colorectal care.

other specialists, many patients schedule appointments on their own, without a referral, if they are experiencing any symptoms of the conditions listed above.

insurance plans are accepted? Colorectal Cancer: Are You Aware? What TheplansBig Hype? What’s While most insurance are accepted, it’s best to check with your insurance company. Feel free to call Dr. Paonessa’s office at (732) 282-1500 for assistance.

common The onlyisfemale colorectal surgeon in theisarea, Dr. Paonessa is known her but she performs a majority of her colorectal cancer surgeries using herfor patients, How colorectal cancer and who at risk?

What happens if it’s determined that surgery is Laparoscopic colorectal surgery is a minimally invasive Colorectal cancer the second most common cancer the United States among expertise andis patient-centered care. She hasinquickly established herself aslaparoscopic the area’s surgery. surgery in which small incisions are made to perform major surgery. This allows both“go mento” and women. It affects 140,000 people annually and causes 50,000 recommended? colorectal surgeon. Her private practice is celebrating the opening of its new decreased incisional pain and earlier return to work and arrange for a consultation deaths. The average person has a one in 20 chance of developing colorectal cancer for shorter hospital stays, Following the initial examination, Dr. Paonessa will location in Brielle, NJ, which is conveniently located just three miles south its otherofactivities. in his/her lifetime. This risk is increased if there is a family history of colorectal with the patient and their family members, as she feels it is important for every former location Wall, NJ.still in those patients with a history of breast, polyps or cancer, and isineven higher patient to a strong support system when he/she is facing a difficult medical Dr. Paonessa specializes in the treatment of patients with Can colon colorectal cancer behave prevented? uterine or ovarian cancer, and patients withevaluation a history ofand extensive inflammatory issue. Dr. Paonessa will explain the surgery in detail Colorectal cancer is one of the few cancers that is preventable. Obtaining a and draw a diagram to help the bowel disease such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s colitis. Additionally, a person’s and rectal conditions/diseases. She also offers conservative and minimally invasive screening colonoscopy at regular intervals is the single best way to prevent risk treatment for developing colorectal cancer increases significantly with age. patient understand exactly what the surgery will entail. options for many common anorectal disorders. She frequently explains colorectal cancer. Your colorectal surgeon or specialist is able to review the What is the post-surgical like? to her patients that “just because I am a surgeon, doesn’t mean everyoneguidelines needs a for screening colonoscopy based upon your age,recuperation medical history What causes colorectal cancer? While this is contingent upon the type of procedure, Dr. Paonessa’s goal is for surgery. There are other options I can offer you.” Dr. Paonessa has been named and family history. Although not definitively proven, studies published in the It is generally agreed that nearly all colon and rectal cancer begins in benign literature mention additional factors that may lower your risk of developing every patient to return to his/her previous level of functioning. Dr. Paonessa remains Proctologist of the Year by the American College of Osteopathic Proctologists, polyps, called adenomas. These pre-malignant polyps, or growths, occur in the colorectal cancer and include eating a high-fiber, low-fat diet; maintaining a wallawarded of the colon and/or rectum and may eventually increase in size and become closely connected with her patients throughout the entire post-surgical process, the Patient’s Choice Award and the Compassionate Doctor’s Award by weight; andincluding engaging in regular, vigorousto exercise. cancer, or medically carcinoma. This is known as the “adenomacancer patients, conduct regular check-ups and post-surgical testing Vitals.com for speaking, eleven consecutive years, is on the Health Grades Honorhealthy Roll and has carcinoma sequence.” Several factors have been mentioned in the literature that according to the guidelines of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons recently been selected as a Top Colon and Rectal Surgeon for 2019. may increase a person’s risk for developing colorectal cancer and include age, a diet and the National Cancer Institute. highWho in fat and cholesterol, an inactive/sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and should make an appointment withsmoking Dr. Paonessa? “After I had my colonoscopy and found out I had colon cancer, my environmental primary physician recommended I see Dr. Paonessa. Not only is she Peopleexposures. experiencing conditions or diseases including rectal pain or bleeding, excellent surgeon, I would recommend Dr. Paonessa to anyone and colorectal cancer, fecal incontinence/pelvic floor disorders, hemorrhoidalandisease, Testimonial everyone.” polyps, fissures, rectal prolapse, pilonidal disease, rectocele, or inflammatory bowel As an 80-year-old man who spent years working in the medical field, I can say Unfortunately, polyps and early cancers do not produce any physical signs or - Josephine B. disease.Therefore, symptoms usually indicate late or advanced disease. The symptoms. without hesitation that I have never met a more dedicated doctor in my entire life. What are the symptoms of colorectal cancer?

mostHow common symptoms of colorectal are rectalfor bleeding in can patients bestcancer prepare the and firstchanges appointment? Dr. Paonessa is anmyoutstanding surgeon andand she attention literally saved my life when I was “I credit Dr. Paonessa for saving life. Her thoroughness bowel suchwill as constipation diarrhea.a These symptoms common in habits Patients be asked toorprovide medical history,arewhich is carefully reviewed diagnosed with colon cancer. She even called me at home to detail made the difference for my recovery. I’ve never met a doctor like on a weekend after I was many other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract so it is very important to have in conjunction with a comprehensive examination. Dr. Paonessa will review all discharged to see how I was doing. She is a loving and caring person and if I had to her-so attentive and caring. a thorough examination should you experience them. NOT ALL RECTAL previousIS records andHEMORRHOIDS. x-rays. Based on this, yourimportant medical for history, consultation BLEEDING DUE TO It is very patients to Patricia E. undergo surgery again, Dr. Paonessa is the doctor I would choose. – Gordon F. remember this and seekdoctors, evaluation if they are experiencing bleeding. Other with your other and careful evaluation, rectal she will provide a diagnosis symptoms, such as abdominal pain and weight loss, areDr. usually late symptoms and recommend the best medical approach. Paonessa believesand in integrated quite possibly indicate advanced/extensive disease.

healthcare and will coordinate with all of your physicians throughout the entire process to ensure the most thorough care possible. How is colorectal cancer diagnosed?

Whatofiscolorectal Dr. Paonessa’s philosophy onhistory patient care? Evaluation cancer is first begun with a complete and physical exam, rectal exam possiblybelieves testing the stool for blood. A care and a including As a soloa digital practitioner, Dr. and Paonessa in patient-centered colonoscopy is the approach. most definitive used to diagnose cancer.byAname, and they personalized Hertest staff knows all of colorectal their patients colonoscopy is performed by a colorectal surgeon or other specialist in order to dedicated to maintaining integrity and dignity of their patients. All of the get aare direct visualization of the inside the of the colon and rectum. A colonoscopy examination rooms areprocedure very private and they make allBased of their patients is a safe, painless, outpatient performed understrive a lighttosedation. uponcomfortable the findings on colonoscopy, your colorectal surgeon or otherrelated specialist at all times. Although medical conditions tomay the colon and recommend testing such as blood work, CTimportant scan of the abdomen rectum other can be an awkward topic, it isa an issue thatand can’t be ignored. Dr. pelvis, pelvic MRI and/or ultrasound.

Paonessa is sensitive to her patients’ concerns and dedicates her full attention to everyone she treats. Colon and ReCtal SuRgeRy How is colorectal cancer treated? all Once surgical made to a patient, Dr. Nearly casesaofdiagnosis colorectaland cancer requirerecommendation surgery. Radiation is and chemotherapy Board Certified in General Surgery and Proctology are sometimes addition to surgery. If the cancer is diagnosed and Paonessa required and her instaff handle the preparation arrangements. By the time the patient Colon and surgery Rectal Surgery treated in the approximately 80-90% of patients to next steps towards • laparaoscopic surgery • anorectal leaves theearliest office,stages, he/she will have everything requiredaretorestored take the their normal health. The cure rate decreases to 50% or less when the cancer is Board Certified in floor General Surgery and Proctology • abdominal/pelvic surgery • pelvic disorders the surgery. If the patient needs to see a cardiologist or urologist or needs to get diagnosed in the later/advanced stages. Less than 5% of all colorectal cancer an x-ray or test, the office will coordinate those appointments. Dr. Paonessa is • fecal incontinence • office proctology patients require a colostomy or “bag,” thanks to modern technology. Dr. Paonessa • laparoscopic surgery • pelvic floor disorders dedicated supporting her patients through the in entire colorectal so • endoanal/rectal ultrasound • anorectal manometry/ prides herself into being able to maintain this standard of care her own practice.surgery process • abdominal/pelvic surgery • office proctology Notthey only is able to minimize the number of colostomies/“bags” created for areshenever overwhelmed. physiology

• fecal incontinence

• anorectal manometry/

Board-certified in general surgery and proctology and a endoanal/rectal ultrasound 2101 Route 34 South, Suite• H 1172 Beacon Avenue, Suite physiology B fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons, Nina Paonessa, DO, FACOS, an established Wall, NJ 07719 Manahawkin, NJ 08050 • anorectal surgery Dr. Paonessa specializes in in colon and rectal surgery. She colorectal surgeon practicing Ocean and Phone: (732) 282-1500 has been inCounties, practice for 15 years. Sheabout completed her colon Monmouth answers questions 603(732) Higgins Avenue 1364 Route 72, Suite 5 and rectalcancer, surgery at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Fax: 282-1501 colorectal onefellowship of the leading cancers in Brielle, NJ 08730 Manahawkin, NJ 08050 Office Hours: M-F 9AM to 5PM Allentown, PA. She is co-editor of the textbook Surgical both men and women. Treatment of Hemorrhoids, 2nd edition. Dr. Paonessa believes www.paonessacrs.com in patient-centered care and preserving each patient’s Phone: (732) 282-1500 • Fax: (732) 292-9600 independence, well-being and dignity. She provides the latest, up-to-date Office Hours: M-F 9AM 2018 to 5PM www.TheCountyWoman.com The County Woman Magazine March/April treatments and tailors each plan of care to the individual patient’s needs. www.paonessacrs.com

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Women’s History


Catching The Wave Of Female Surfers

The warm sun and the tasty waves are what energizes the surfing community during the summer months at the Jersey Shore. Every year people flock to the beaches from Atlantic City to Cape May in the hopes of getting to enjoy the surf and the sand! When I was a teenager, my sister and I would spend summers Santacruzwaves.com. on the beaches in Margate with a group of friends who were avid surfers. We spent every day at the beach either body surfing or catching waves from our surfboards. Over the past few weeks I have had the luxury of returning to the beaches in Margate and have been reminded of fond memories from summers long ago, surfing and baking in the hot sand on Huntington Avenue. As the summer months begin their approach upon us, I thought it would be fitting to highlight a few women from the surfing industry. There have been so many women who have entered the Metroactive.com sport of surfing, it is just amazing. However, I have selected three women in particular who have been trailblazers and role models to girls and women in the sport of surfing. First, there is Margo Oberg. Born on September 8, 1953, she started her surfing career at the age of 10. By the age of 15 (1968) Margo had won the World Contest, the Western Surfing Association’s women’s title. Margo took some time out of the spotlight after getting married but later returned to the sport of surfing after being offered a large endorsement enticing her back into the competitive circuit. Margo was a force to be reckoned with and developed a reputation for being a “big wave” competition leader. By the late 1970s Margo began to phase out of the competitive aspect of surfing. Hawaiisportshalloffame.com Embracing Hawaiian life, Margo opened a surf school and it is reported that it is currently active to this day. Margo continues to mentor other female surfers and she has been known to have the reputation of being one of the top female contenders. As quoted by another female surfer, Rochelle Ballard, “She was the only woman equipped for the barrel.” Speaking of big waves, Sarah Gerhardt, born in 1974, began her surfing career in California and became known for riding big waves by her late teens. What is unique about Sarah is that she is not a hard-core competitive surfer. Sarah grew up surfing and has had a passion for the water and the waves since her childhood. Sarah became a “household” name in the surfing world at the age of 25 when she became the first female Pinterest.com to surf the “Mavericks” standing up! In case you are not familiar with the Mavericks, it is one of the most dangerous big wave surfing areas in California. The water is

cold, the seas are rough, and it takes a great deal of endurance and strength just to paddle out to the right spot to catch just the right wave. Often conditions are compromised on the water and a surfer can become exhausted very easily. Surfers have the distinct ability to making the process look easy, pulling themselves up on a surfboard and catching a wave at just the right time. For anyone who has ever attempted surfing, you know that Mollyschiot.com this is a difficult sport, where wipeouts are frequent and it is easy to get sucked under the water by a big wave. Sarah is an avid surfer with tremendous respect of the water. Although Sarah is not just your typical surfer; she is a chemistry professor and mother of two children. Sarah shares her passion for the water with her husband and they frequently surf together, riding the Mavericks. The sport of surfing is an adrenaline rush that creates a competitive nature, and Sarah has proven that one does not have to be extremely competitive to be driven. She is a positive role model for girls in both the STEM and surfing fields! Lastly, I felt I would be remiss if I failed to mention the infamous Bethany Hamilton. In case there are some who have not heard of her, she was the female surfer who suffered a 14-ft tiger shark attack which resulted in the loss of her left arm. Bethany Hamilton has shown the world her amazing courage and strength. She has been quoted as saying, “My passion for surfing was more than my fear of sharks.” Bethany Hamilton was born in 1990. She began surfing as soon as she could stand. At the tender age of 13 she lost her left arm after the brutal shark attack. After allowing herself two months to recover, Bethany returned to the water along with her surfboard. Bethany had won her first national surfing title just two short years after recovery from her shark attack. Both mentally and physically Bethany showed the world that she was strong and determined to return to the sport of surfing, as evidenced by her rankings in the surfing world. Bethany has been a role model and inspiration to anyone who learns about her experiences. Bethany is married and has children and still continues to surf competitively. Bethany has written a book about her experience, and her resilience has carried into her appearances as a motivational speaker. Bethany Hamilton is a surfer with respect and a strong passion for the sport. Relatemag.com A person needs to have some level of passion for surfing to get back into the water after a shark attack. Bethany is an inspiration to everyone and has shown all of us that despite life’s challenges, a person can succeed! Always remember, “When in doubt, paddle out!”

Rita King, LCSW is the Associate Director of Justice Involved Services at Jewish Family Service. In this role, Rita currently supervises a Re-Entry program for incarcerated individuals as well as a community based diversion program for consumers experiencing mental illness and involvement with the criminal justice system. Rita is a “De-escalation for Individuals with Special Needs” training facilitator and has trained approximately 1,200 law enforcement professionals to date. Rita is also a CIT trained mental health professional. Rita has a strong passion for women’s history and in her free time she continues to raise awareness of the importance of women’s history through lectures and community speaking engagements.

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Cake Shoppe & Tea Room

Committing to ‘Memory’ –

Designer Turns Her Baking Hobby Into a Full-Blown Career AnnMarie Cooney did not grow up dreaming of becoming a baker. Visions of sugar plums and intricately decorated cakes were not dancing through her head as a young girl. By trade, Cooney was a kitchen designer, but retired early to raise her daughters. “With three girls, my job was to raise good women,” Cooney says. It was a special request from her daughter that would eventually turn her into a AnnMarie Cooney highly sought-after cake designer and baker. “It all started because my daughter wanted a cake,” Cooney says with a smile. Cooney’s middle girl, was born with health issues that resulted in special needs. So when she wanted a circus cake for her fifth birthday, Cooney made her the best circus cake around. That was 14 years ago, and her girls quickly caught on to their mom’s special talent. At every birthday, they requested a special cake. “It became, ‘what can we do next’ and ‘how can we top that,’ Cooney says. Then she began making cakes for friends. Cooney’s husband had to build an additional kitchen at her house just to accommodate all of the special cake requests. When Cooney’s youngest daughter entered kindergarten six years ago, Cooney decided she wanted to go back to work. “But, I needed to figure out what I was going to do,” Cooney says. Sadly, Cooney’s grandmother, with whom she was very close, passed away during this time. “I was sitting at home, just very sad, and my cousin called me to meet her at the park with her kids,” Cooney says. However, in the midst of grief, she didn’t feel up to it. “My cousin sad, ‘come on grandma would want us to.’ So I went, Cooney says. On the way to the park, she saw the real estate sign. She checked it out and immediately knew that it would be the perfect location for her bakery, A Sweet Memory Cake Shoppe & Tea Room. “My grandmother left each of her grandchildren a small inheritance and it was just enough for me to open my business,” Cooney explains. Cooney spent about five years at that location before moving to another larger space six months ago just two miles down the road in Waretown. A beautiful picture of her grandmother has watched over her since the day she opened. It’s difficult to simply call Cooney’s creations “cakes.” Some designs are so intricate that they look like art. Cooney and her team created a three-dimensional depiction of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” that captured the essence of this masterpiece with sweet, swirly curves and lines of vividly hued icing. Then there’s the adorable panda birthday cake that could easily be mistaken for a cuddly toy. The list of unique, edible masterpieces goes on and on, That’s because they average a minimum of 30 specialty cake orders per week, mostly by working with different catering and special event venues in and around Long Beach Island. However, they also have a long list of loyal customers. “Some of our customers started with a gender reveal and now we’re doing their fifth birthday cake,” Cooney says. Customer Kathy Helm of Waretown got her grandson’s birthday cake from Cooney close to five years ago. “It was perfect, I brought a couple pictures of what I wanted and they just did their thing,” Helm says. And she has been coming here ever since. “I’m in sales, so I bring my clients treats from here all the time,” Helm says. She’s also brought her granddaughter to Sweet Memory’s princess tea parties. “Our clients really do become our friends,” adds Cooney. In addition to the special-order cakes, A Sweet Memory, has a selection of seasonal cakes, mini desserts, cookie sandwiches and other baked goods readily available daily. Other creative creations include their cake pies; 521 Route 9 • cakes topped with pie filling and decorated to look exactly like a pie. “Our baking is very seasonal,” Cooney explains.

Winter flavors includes a tasted snowball cupcake, which is a chocolate cake filled with marshmallow and chocolate fudge, frosted with coconut buttercream, rolled in toasted coconut, drizzled with chocolate and topped with marshmallows. Or their gingerbread scone with maple cream. Or the orange, cranberry Christmas scone with orange cream. “My grandmother used to always have her ‘lady friends’, as she called them, over for tea,” Cooney explains, adding that she wanted to honor her grandmother by adding a high tea to her bakery. “We squeezed one table in our previous location and began hosting afternoon teas.” They were all so well-received Cooney has expanded her operation to include a full-time tea room. Decorated with a lovely mix of china and flowers, the tea room serves tea, lunch and snacks from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays. They also offer a high tea, but reservations are required. “Our clients have really created the charm of this place,” says Cooney, who adds almost of her china, platters and place setting have been donated by her customers. High tea ($27.95) is served on tiered platters and begins with an individual pot of tea, chosen from their selection of more than 50 teas. Followed by seasonally inspired salad and homemade soup, four varieties or tea sandwiches, freshly baked scones served with their specialty creams, and completed with a selection of their miniature desserts. “Everything from our meats to spreads, our dressings and chutneys, our soups are all made fresh in-house,” Cooney says. Cooney also places an emphasis on healthy fare. “We source organic whenever possible and offer a large selection or vegetarian friendly dishes,” she says. With the extra space the tea room has added to A Sweet Memory Cake Shoppe and Tea Room, Cooney is able to host special events. “We’ve done cake-decorating classes and other ladies events,” Cooney says. They’ve also hosted princess teas, American Girl teas, unicorn teas and more. They even carry a line of tea geared towards little ones. “We even have a dress up section that ladies and little ladies love,” Cooney says. A little help from above has turned Cooney’s one-time hobby into a business that brings customers joys bite by bite. The business that Cooney started out of her home has grown into a full-time operation with a staff of eight. “We work hard and we work a lot, but we really do love each other,” Cooney says. She says they have become a great team and she couldn’t do all of this without them. Cooney’s brotherin-law, Paul Cooney, recently joined the team as chef and baker. There’s also Sarah Rod, the head decorator, and Cindi Reider, head fondant who works in fine detail. “Sarah and Cindi are so talented, they really are the best around, they’re artists,” Cooney says. Together, what they create can easily be considered art, but at the end of the day-or party or wedding or afternoon tea- and after the last bite, their masterpiece has been turned into a sweet memory.

Our tea room serves lunch Wednesday to Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Specialty Cakes • Wedding Cakes Cupcakes • Cookie Favors Loose Leaf Tea • Vintage & New Tea Pots Tea Related Gifts & Baskets 609-242-0153 • www.asweetmemory.net Waretown, NJ • asweetmemorycakeshop@gmail.com

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Earn An Associate’s Degree Or Certificate With OCC Online!

Whether you’re well on your way in your career or looking to get a foot in the door, enrolling in online courses at Ocean County College can take your future to the next level. OCC offers a wide selection of online programs and courses that provide a flexible and affordable path to an Associate’s Degree. OCC offers 14 Associate’s Degree programs that can be completed entirely online, like Business Administration, Computer Science, and Liberal Arts. You can complete all your degree requirements from the comfort of your own home – or wherever you want your virtual classroom to be. OCC also offers online professional certificates to improve your career prospects or advance in the ranks of your current profession. OCC’s online programs are affordable, convenient, and flexible. Online classes are available to all New Jersey residents at the in-county tuition rate with no application fee required. You can choose either fifteen-week or seven-and-a-half-week terms in order to complete your studies at a pace that best fits your busy schedule. If you need to complete science lab requirements, OCC offers delivery of lab kits right to your front door. Already enrolled in college? Save on tuition by taking individual classes online at OCC to meet your graduation requirements. OCC has designed its course offerings to ensure credits are transferable to most public four-year colleges and universities. If you need help with classwork, you don’t have to go it alone; OCC online students enjoy a full suite of student support services like tutoring, academic advising and coaching, counseling, tech support, and more. Want to learn more about OCC’s online degree programs? Call 732-255-0400, extension 2960 to speak directly to our expert Enrollment Technicians, or visit us on the web at go.ocean.edu/online.

Your Classroom is Wherever You Want it to Be

Ocean County College offers many different online degree programs to choose from. Get a degree from the beach or the backyard at a pace that best fits your schedule. You can apply and register in the same day- no application fee required!

Apply Today!

Visit go.ocean.edu/online or call 732-255-0400 ext. 2960 www.ocean.edu

Health & Wellness

Try a meditative stroll through our labyrinth located in our back garden!

• Yoga Improves Flexibility & Joint Health • Yoga Improves Balance & Stability • Yoga Improves Respiration • Yoga Reduces Anxiety • Yoga Reduces High Blood Pressure • Yoga Helps Reduce Weight 8 N. Union Street • Manahawkin, NJ 08050


1-855-SANTOSHA www.hotornotyoga.com

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Health & Wellness


Sun Damage : The Dangers of Tanning – Indoors or Outdoors Have you ever been mistaken for Casper the Friendly Ghost? You may still value a glowing tan, even if you’re not quite that white. Many people think and feel a little color gives them a healthier – maybe even sexier – look. Jay Greco, RPh

So isn’t it ironic that your glorious tan can actually put you at risk?

When exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation – whether from the sun or a tanning device – your skin reacts by producing more melanin. Melanin is the pigment that darkens your skin. Tanning can cause premature wrinkling, skin spots, and a “lovely” leathery look down the road. In addition, it can also suppress your body’s immune system and cause eye damage or allergic reactions. Some people can develop skin cancer from too much UV radiation. Were you one of those kids who shunned skin protection or overstayed your time in the sun? If so, you probably had a severe sunburn or two, putting you at greater risk for the deadliest form of skin cancer: melanoma. What’s worse is the sun isn’t the only culprit! Tanning devices like sunlamps used in tanning beds are more dangerous than previously thought. A few years ago, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) looked at 19 studies conducted over 25 years. It found a link between indoor tanning and two kinds of skin cancer, as well as melanoma of the eye. The risk

of skin melanoma increased by 75 percent when indoor tanning started before age 35. As a result, the agency moved these devices into the highest cancer risk category: “carcinogenic to humans.” It is time to take stock of that warning, especially if you have pale skin; blond, red or light-brown hair; or you or a family member has had skin cancer. Melanoma is the second most common cancer in women in their 20’s. One in eight with melanoma die from the disease. Besides avoiding tanning salons, what can you do? Take precautions, whether you’re sunbathing at the poolside or cutting through the snow on the ski slopes. If you can, limit your time in the sun when rays are strongest – between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Wear wide-brimmed hats, long sleeves, and long pants, when possible. Use a water-resistant sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher. Make sure it is rated as broad spectrum, which protects against all types of skin damage. Be sure to apply sunscreen to areas of uncovered skin about 15 minutes before you go outside. Always pay special attention to your nose, ears, neck, lips, and hands and reapply every two hours. If you have a child younger than six months, talk with their doctor or Health Mart before you apply sunscreen. It is important to check your medications and cosmetics with us because they can make you more sensitive to UV rays. What else? Buy sunglasses with 99 to 100 percent UV protection – especially for your children. If you’re not sure whether your shades already offer this protection, check with your eye care professional. Remember, you can find many of these sun protection products right here in our store. Together we can help your family stay protected from melanoma.

YourHOME HomeTOWN TownFAMILY FamilyPHARMACY! Pharmacy YOUR For more call 609-660-1111 or visit or www.jerseyshorepharmacybarnegat.com. Forinformation, more information, call 609-660-1111 visit www.Jerseyshore.pharmacy Your Home Town Family Pharmacy Diabetic Shoes

www.jerseyshorepharmacybarnegat.com www.jerseryshore.pharmacy

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July/August 2019


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July/August 2019



Surf & Turf

seafood festival

We’ve got the Turf so we are adding in some Surf – with fresh seafood all weekend long at our Annual Surf & Turf Seafood Festival! Bring your friends and family and enjoy a summer day at beautiful Monmouth Park! This two-day festival will let you enjoy the best of the Jersey Shore. Stop by the famous Monmouth Park sandcastle, then grab a crab cake and a refreshing beer and watch as your favorite horse breaks from the starting gate! Enjoy live music on Saturday and Sunday. Plus, on Sunday enjoy FREE Family Fun Day featuring pony rides, face painting, a bounce house, and more! There is something for everyone at Monmouth Park – Your best bet for summertime family fun.

General parking $5 Grandstand admission $5

Gates open 8:00am, First Race 12:50pm No pets allowed Coolers and BYO are permitted in the picnic area only

Children 12 and Under

Always FREE

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What’s Your Superpower? Mine is being a CASA. Children in foster care need you to be their voice. CASA of Ocean County needs everyday people like you to be volunteer advocates for the hundreds of Ocean County children in foster care. 

Are you ready to be a superhero?

As a volunteer advocate, you will be a real-life superhero as you advocate on behalf of a foster child. 

No child should ever feel that they are alone and without a voice.

CASA volunteers provide these children with a consistent and steady presence as they navigate through the confusing and often tumultuous time in foster care. Visit us at www.CASAofOceanCounty.org or call us at 732.797.0590 to sign up now!




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July/August 2019

Women Of Ocean County


Megan Czaszynski Pediatric Therapist, Seashore Physical Therapy Center

Meg Czaszynski is a pediatric physical therapist at Seashore Pediatric Therapy Center. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from UMDNJ. Meg has worked in a variety of settings, including outpatient orthopedics, inpatient rehab at Children’s Specialized Hospital, and in both private and public school settings. She specializes in treating children with Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, developmental delays, Torticollis, Spinal Cord injuries, and other neurological and orthopedic conditions. Through each of her experiences, she has learned from the children and clinicians around her, helping to make her a diverse and well-rounded therapist. She utilizes both clinical expertise and continuing education course work in manual therapy techniques, NDT, myofacial release, Total Motion Release, and sensory integration to provide patients with comprehensive care to help them achieve their goals. She believes that healing and learning processes are specific to the individual and therapy should be fun. Her positive attitude and creativity make her an exceptional pediatric PT. When Meg is not treating patients, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters, husband, and dog. She enjoys yoga, paddle boarding, riding her bike, and the beach. For more information, call 848-2515355 or visit https://seashoreptc.com.

Teresa Menadier, MD,

Gastroenterologists of Ocean County

Doctor Teresa Menadier recently joined Gastroenterologists of Ocean County after completing her Gastroenterology fellowship at the University of Virginia. She is a graduate of Tufts University. She obtained her medical degree from Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School in 2012 where she was elected President of the NJMS chapter of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Society. Dr. Menadier went on to complete her Internal Medicine residency at the University of Pennsylvania. Sponsored by the ANMS Clinical training program in GI Motility and Neurogastroenterology in October 2017, Dr. Menadier received specialized training in high resolution esophageal and anorectal manometry and pH/ impedance interpretation under the supervision of Dr. Henry P. Parkman at Temple University. Her clinical interests include esophageal and anorectal motility disorders, as well as liver diseases. Doctor Menadier loves spending time with her husband Todd and their young daughter, baking, dancing and listening to flamenco guitar. For more information, call 732-349-4422 or visit www.GastroOfOcean.com.

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

Barbara Kannheiser,

Executive Vice President & COO, Garden State Trust Company

Barbara is a principal of Garden State Trust Company. She has over 25 years of experience in trust and estate administration and operations. In her role as EVP and COO, Barbara oversees all facets of the company’s operational and administrative activities. Additionally, she is responsible for all financial reporting for Garden State Trust Company. The depth of Barbara’s experience and dedication to problem solving promotes a culture within the company for the delivery of quality and responsive service to clients. In 1990, Barbara joined Manchester Trust Bank, Manchester Township, NJ and became the Chief Financial Officer. When Manchester Trust subsequently became the wealth management division for Sovereign Bank, Barbara served as senior manager. She worked on various management committees overseeing the daily administration and investment activities for the trust division. Barbara ensured regulatory compliance and risk management for what became a multibillion- dollar division serving a multistate market. Barbara has a B.S. degree in accounting and her MBA from Georgian Court University. She has 3 children, Brian, Dan and Kristina and 2 grandchildren, Adam and Ben all living in Ocean County. On the weekends you can find Barbara on the golf course enjoying her favorite pastime. For more information, call 732-255-5000 or visit www.gstrustco.com.

Maryann Conniff-Perez

Volunteer Advocate- CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) of Ocean County

Ms. Conniff-Perez is a born and raised New Jersey girl, living in Ocean County for 30+ years. She spent her professional career within the Johnson & Johnson Consumer Research organization taking early retirement to start her own consulting business. And while she loved both of her previous professional careers she has found her “volunteer work” with CASA the most rewarding of her positions. Maryann truly embraces the mission of CASA to support and protect the rights of our county’s children in foster care (there because of neglect or abuse) giving them the nurturing and stability they deserve. She also enjoys working with/mentoring other advocates in this valuable organization. Maryann never hesitates to answer questions about what CASA is & does to anyone who asks. Because of this passion she was recently awarded “Advocate of the Year” status. Maryann lives with her husband in Toms River and during the summer months, if not in court for one of our CASA children, you will find her relaxing on the bay, possibly crabbing. For more information about CASA call 732-797-0590 or email Maryann at: mconniffperez@casaofoceancounty.org.

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

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Photo Andrews Photography Photography PhotobybyDonna Tracy Harman

July/August 2019

Women Of Ocean County Kathleen Dotoli, Esq. Ms. Dotoli devotes her law practice to Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability and has been a practicing attorney for over 20 years. “There are very few attorneys in the Ocean/Monmouth County community who make regular appearances in Workers’ Compensation Court, so it’s extremely important that whomever you choose to represent you in a Workers’ Comp case is well versed in that area of the law, not someone who has just has a few files. Your health and financial well being is at stake, so you can’t afford to make a mistake.” Ms. Dotoli is the co-chair of the Ocean County Bar Association’s Worker’s Compensation Committee and a member of the NJ State Bar Association’s Worker’s Compensation Executive Committee. Ms. Dotoli also completed ten years of training with the Justice James Coleman Workers’ Compensation Inns of Court. Additionally, Ms. Dotoli is a Board Member of the American Red Cross, South Jersey Division and a Trustee of the Ocean County Bar Association. Ms. Dotoli holds several free lectures each year so the public can learn more about Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability benefits. To learn more about how to protect your rights, call her office today at 732-228-7534.

Jill Houston Director of Health & Weight Loss Jill Houston, born a Toms River native, has been dedicated to the field of wellness for most of her life. Jill is Director of Health & Weight Loss in Toms River and is on the Executive committee for The Ocean County Advisory Commission on the Status of Women. Commissioners represent the diverse roles that women assume in our society. The Commission is dedicated to analyzing the needs, concerns, problems and interests as well as identifying services and resources for women in Ocean County. As Vice President of Central Ocean Rotary of Toms River. She enjoys giving back to the community including the charity work she has been providing to many local charities in Ocean County. Jill supports Dotties House, Providence House, Veterans, Mental Health, & Juvenile Diabetes, as these are just some of her passions including being on the board of ocspca as animal safety is very important to Jill . She began her career in wellness as a Certified Massage Therapist and Lymphatic Technician. Jill became Clinical Director of Ocean Health & Weight Loss located in Toms River. Jill has spent many years studying the process of human chorionic gonadtropin (HCG). Secure in her learning of HCG, she has now been working with many medical doctors to help others with weight loss, cholesterol control, diabetes and just overall health for all who need or desire to remain in good health. Her position as Director of health and weight loss and Licensed Nutritionist has been a passion of Jill’s for many years. . To contact Jill about your journey to health www.oceanhealth4you.com.

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

Rhoda Kopy, BS, CH Nationally Certified Consulting Hypnotist & Wellness Coach, Hypnosis for Women

As a hypnosis practitioner and wellness coach with specialty certification in Complementary Medical Hypnotism, Rhoda Kopy helps people break free of limiting habits, fears, and beliefs. She is celebrating her 15th anniversary as a Nationally Certified Consulting Hypnotist. Her private practice, Hypnosis for Women, in Toms River, serves primarily women, teens, and children, throughout the tri-state area. After earning a B.S. in Biomedical Communications, she worked for various organizations providing community health education and counseling services. She later segued into career services and founded A Hire Image, which offered motivational coaching, marketing, and training. As a result of success she achieved using hypnosis to improve her life, she completed an advanced training program and later opened her private practice. Rhoda co-founded Jersey Shore Hypnosis Practitioners, a peer support and networking group, and is a member of professional hypnosis organizations. Born in Bayonne and raised in North Plainfield, she has lived in Toms River for most of her life. She enjoys coordinating Bookie Babes, attempting to draw, watching meteor showers, traveling with her husband, and playing with friends and family. She has a daughter, two grandsons, and an adopted goofy shih-tzu. Rhoda can help you determine if hypnosis and coaching are appropriate for you. Call her at 732-270-0080 and visit www.HypnoForWomen.com.


Samantha Kelly, RPH Integrative Community Pharmacist, Local Business Owner, Hot or Not Yoga

Samantha (“Sam”) Kelly is an integrative community pharmacist, local business owner, and Mom of four amazing young adults. Shortly after earning her pharmacy degree from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy-University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA, Sam purchased Kapler’s Pharmacy in Beach Haven on LBI (her hometown), which she still owns and manages today. In addition, Sam increased her pharmaceutical services in her local community with the opening and recent expansion of Medicine Solutions in Manahawkin. Notwithstanding her expertise and presence as an independent pharmacist, Sam further promotes and supports overall well-being with her ownership and management of Hot or Not Yoga studio, also located in Manahawkin. As a small business owner in Ocean County, Sam is most proud and honored to work with the committed and compassionate co-workers at her three locations, where she strives to provide a comfortable blend of professionalism, individual attention, and a relaxed, enjoyable environment. In addition to her pharmacy degree, Sam received her Diabetes Educator Certification from Rutgers University, a Clinical Homeopathic Certificate from Ronald Boyer and Boiron’s Education Department, and she has her certificate for pharmacy genetics education with RxRight. Further, she is completing her Master’s in Health Sciences and Integrative Medicine through the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Sam is a member of American Academy of AntiAging Medicine and National Community Pharmacy Association, and a luminary for Clinical Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network, NJ Division. She is also an avid participant in United States Tennis Association events. Sam can be found at any of the aforementioned locations, on the tennis court, or with her toes in the sand in Beach Haven, NJ. For more information, email samkelly123@hotmail.com.

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

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Theatre & Entertainment


Telecharge.com or 212.239.6200

For groups or birthdays call 866.642.9849

New World Stages 340 W. 50th St.


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July/August 2019

Theatre & Entertainment “



& DEBAUCHERY.” - The New York Times

59 – Time Out

“New York Times Critics’ Pick”




777 8th Ave., Level 2. Near 47th St . TICKETS : DRUNKSHAKESPEARE.COM DS.Elucid.8.75x11.75.4C.indd 1

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July/August 2019



OCEAN COUNTY LIBRARY Visit www.theoceancountylibrary.org for information about other great programs and library resources.


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10 Ways To Love Start now. It’s never too late or too early to incorporate healthy habits.

BREAK A SWEAT. Engage in regular cardiovascular exercise that elevates heart rate and increases blood flow. Studies have found that physical activity reduces risk of cognitive decline.

Your Brain

Growing evidence indicates that people can reduce their risk of cognitive decline by adopting key lifestyle habits. When possible, combine these habits to achieve maximum benefit for the brain and body.

HIT THE BOOKS. Formal education will help reduce risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Take a class at a local college, community center or online

BUTT OUT. Smoking increases risk of cognitive decline.

Quitting smoking can reduce risk to levels comparable to those who have not smoked.

FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Risk factors for cardiovascular disease and stroke — obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes — negatively impact your cognitive health.

Visit alz.org/nj or call (973) 437-3931 to learn more. 24/7 Helpline, (800) 272-3900. Alzheimer’s Association Greater New Jersey Chapter 23 Vreeland Road, Suite 105, Florham Park, NJ 07932

HEADS UP! Brain injury can raise risk of

cognitive decline and dementia. Wear a seat belt and use a helmet when playing contact sports or riding a bike.

FUEL UP RIGHT. Eat a balanced diet that is higher in vegetables and fruit to help reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

CATCH SOME ZZZ’s. Not getting enough

sleep may result in problems with memory and thinking.


studies link depression with cognitive decline, so seek treatment if you have depression, anxiety or stress.

BUDDY UP. Staying socially engaged may support brain health. Find ways to be part of your local community or share activities with friends and family.

STUMP YOURSELF. Challenge your mind. Build a piece of furniture. Play games of strategy, like bridge.

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Business & Finance


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Fabulous Food

About Grandma Tillie’s Coleslaw Grandma Tillie was born in Warsaw, Poland on a potato farm. She was one of four siblings. After the family traveled to America, to Ellis Island, Tillie began her educational studies, and by the time she was ten years of age, she had mastered the English language. Her entire life she helped out her parents in terms of financial support as when she sought full time employment to help her bed-ridden mother. Tillie’s rule in life gave her an understanding of the value of family ties and to cherish life instead of focusing on problems. She enjoyed dances in her town of Elizabeth, New Jersey, and spending time at Coney Island and the Jersey shore. Tillie met my Sicilian Grandfather while working in a cigar factory in Newark, New Jersey, who she later married.

Visit Us!

At The Brick Farmers Market July 13th & 27th & August 3rd & 17th Saturday 9-2 PM

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August 15, 2019 6pm - 10pm 21 and over please

2019 Beacon of Light Award Recipient Wingman Planning

3900 River Road Point Pleasant, NJ

Enter To Win

Enter to Win a Pair of Tickets to See a great Show! “


– Time Out

Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Phone: __________________________ Email: _________________________________________ “


& DEBAUCHERY.” - The New York Times

“New York Times Critics’ Pick”

“ at THE LOUNGE 777 8 Ave., Level 2. Near 47 St . th



Telecharge.com or 212.239.6200

For groups or birthdays call 866.642.9849

New World Stages 340 W. 50th St.


p Drunk Shakespeare

p Gazillion Bubble Show

Mail To: The County Woman • P.O. Box 619 • Turnersville, NJ 08012


Or Visit www.Facebook.com/TheCountyWoman to Enter Online!


777 8th Ave., Level 2. Near 47th St .

DS.Elucid.8.75x11.75.4C.indd 1


GazillionBubbleShow.com 2018-08-16 2:27 PM

One entry per person. All winners will be emailed tickets. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Entrants may enter for tickets to multiple shows. Entries will be accepted through August 31, 2019. Some shows will be drawn sooner based upon run date. Winners are responsible to redeem their tickets. No refunds or exchanges. Transportation or meals will not be provided. Company does not provide any personally identifiable information to these third party ad servers or ad networks without your consent.

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July/August 2019

Medical Professionals Dharam Mann, MD

Manjula Singh, MD

Samir Jani, MD,MPH


Sarah Choxi, MD

Postherpetic Neuralgia Postherpetic Neuralgia is the most common complication from shingles. Shingles is caused by the Herpes Zoster Virus. When an individual is infected and develops Herpes, the virus never leaves that body. Instead it lays quiet in the nerve endings. During periods of stress or when your immune system is lower, the virus reactivates causing a rash that consists of blisters. These typically scab over in 7 to 10 days and clear up within 2 to 4 weeks. Often this is associated with pain, often described as an intense burning sensation. For some people, the pain can last for months or even years after the rash goes away. This long-lasting pain is called Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN). How Can Postherpetic Neuralgia Be Prevented? Your best option to prevent shingles and PHN is to get vaccinated. It is recommended that individuals over the age of 50 get vaccinated. Your primary care doctor can provide you more information regarding getting the vaccine and which one is right for you. If you already are suffering from shingles/PHN, there are other options to treat your pain. How Is Postherpetic Neuralgia Treated? Medications: The most common medications given for PHN are nerve pain medications like Lyrica and Neurontin. Occasionally, individuals may also need opioid pain medication to deal with some of the discomfort however this is based on the individual. Interventions: There are simple injections that can be done targeting the nerves where the virus lives. The medicine being injected is numbing medicine and steroids which help calm the nerve down. Often, patients feel better after just a single injection but it can take up to 2-3 injections to make the pain significantly better. For patients who fail to get significant relief from the combination of medications and simple injections, Neuromodulation is utilized. Neuromodulation is the use of electricity to prevent the nerves from sending pain signals, essentially hiding your pain. This can be done in a variety of way including targeting the spinal cord or the individual nerves directly. If you are suffering from PHN, please do not hesitate to contact the board certified pain physicians at Garden State Medical Center to help quickly and accurately diagnose your condition and get you back on track to living a better pain free life!


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July/August 2019

This is why… We give you the best in brain, spine and neurovascular care. Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists now accepts Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. Neptune

Pompton Plains




(732) 455-8225


Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists (ANS) is a proud partner of Altair Health.

MCW/OCW This is Why…Dad&Son Back Cover #633.indd 1

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July/August 2019

Profile for The County Woman

Ocean County Woman - May/June 2019  

The County Woman ™ is part of a nationally syndicated publication and has been around for over 31 years. There are over 371 other counties t...

Ocean County Woman - May/June 2019  

The County Woman ™ is part of a nationally syndicated publication and has been around for over 31 years. There are over 371 other counties t...