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The Hol Truth Holistic Health Coach Jon Levine is on a mission to help his clients claim the health and happiness that is their God-given right. After a job in pharmaceutical sales and seeing his father die from Parkinson’s and brain cancer, it was time for him to create change when it comes to true health. With all the conflicting health info in our busy world, this passionate health nut will help guide you through the storm and into clear waters.

CW: What got you into health coaching?

I have always been interested in health, whether it was playing sports or figuring out the right nutrition for my body. I sold high blood pressure medication to over 131 doctors in Florida after college, and although it was a nice job financially, it didn’t feel good seeing what I saw. What we have in this country is a disease management model that isn’t working very well. Ironically, my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and brain cancer at the same time. It’s very important to me to do something that I am very passionate about and enjoy, and make a difference in people’s lives.

CW: Tell me about your family.

I am a very lucky guy with a beautiful wife and three beautiful kids ages 10, 8 and 5. My wife, Anya, and I have been married for 13 years. We also have a guinea pig named Cherry and a white rabbit named Nibbles.

CW: What do you specialize in?

Nutrition drives a lot of what makes us healthy, but it’s really so much more than that. I believe strongly in looking at the whole person and that’s why my business name is the Hol Truth Health Coach. I deal with mind, body and soul.

CW: What is health to you?

Everyone is a unique individual with different needs and goals. I have to understand my client’s specific needs and address those needs appropriately. Some people need less stress while others need more sleep. Whatever it is, I am the guide on the side to help them reach their health goals.

CW: What is the best approach to health coaching?

You obviously have to have knowledge in a wide range of health topics. Mine being nutrition, but it’s asking high-mileage questions and active listening that comes before everything else. I don’t tell people what to do because that doesn’t work. Instead, I listen to what they are telling me they need.

CW: Tell me about your The Hol Truth Podcast with Jon Levine.

I have several friends who urged me to start a health podcast. I use a local studio called A Shared Universe in Eatontown and interview doctors, health experts and people who have reversed diseases through what I call lifestyle medicine. I carefully screen guests because I will only bring on people I believe in. I love it and it’s a lot of fun. The goal is to educate, empower and entertain.

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CW: How do you help clients?

A good health coach is someone who truly cares and listens to their patients. When a patient feels safe and comfortable, they will open up and the healing process will begin. There is a root cause for every health ailment, and it’s my job to show compassion and help my clients uncover what their health problem stems from. We work as a team and make it happen.

CW: Describe your coaching style.

Positive, Positive, Positive. Energy is contagious. If I’m in a bad mood, then my client will take on that negative energy. If I’m upbeat and passionate, they will know they are in good hands.

CW: Do you sell any products or supplements?

Yes, but I will not push them on people unless they are interested. Quality supplements have a place in our lives because of the mineral depletion in our soil. I have partnered with Shaklee because they are pure, safe, proven products that have been around for over 60 years. They have an in-house team of PhD’s and scientists who perform over 100,000 quality tests each year and have over 135 scientific papers published to date. I use the products myself and they make a big difference in how I feel, so I’m comfortable recommending them to others.

Jon Levine • 908-420-4297 Facebook-@HolTruthHealth Instagram-@HolTruthHealth ITunesThe Hol Truth Podcast with Jon Levine SoundCloudThe Hol Truth Podcast with Jon Levine

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