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Start small, with one goal at a time, and make a solid plan. Jay Greco RPh shares the elements of smart goals for 2015. Page 54



At Meridian Fitness and Wellness, we are committed to creating a fun atmosphere the whole family can enjoy. Page 50

Jay Turnbach, Esq. is one of the few Certified Matrimonial Lawyers in New Jersey. Selecting the right divorce attorney is one of the more critical decisions a person must make. Read more on pages 31, 38 &39.

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Due to our growing elderly population, dementia has become a major public health issue. Page 36

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Medical Professionals

Progressing To The Gym After Physical Therapy By Judy Thomsen, PT, All-Care Physical Therapy, Barnegat Location


o you’ve just completed your physical therapy. Congratulations! Now your therapist is telling you that you need to continue exercise on your own to maximize your progress. Or maybe you are just feeling so good that you want to tackle those other issues (those extra pounds, jiggling arms or being out of breathe just walking around the block). Deciding to go to the gym is the easy part, but actually going and starting an exercise program can be a little intimidating.

As with all exercise, you should be cleared by your medical doctor before starting any gym routine. Your PT is an excellent source for exercises specifically for you, but here is a general overview to get you started with confidence.


It doesn’t matter what equipment you use (bike, treadmill, elliptical). The idea here is to elevate your heart rate in order to burn calories and challenge your cardiovascular system to build endurance. For a moderate workout, you should elevate your heart rate but you should not be out of breath. You should sweat lightly after 10 minutes but still be able to talk. There are formulas available online for figuring your target heart rate, just remember that some heart medications will keep your heart rate the same even with exertion, again check with your doctor. Start at a comfortable pace and work up to 30 to 40 minutes before increasing your speed too much. If you are starting out, it is better to be able to complete a workout easily and increase intensity next time than to overdo and be too sore or tired to work out for the rest of the week. Eventually, you can work up to the recommended 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise. This may seem like a lot but if you include a 5 minute warm up and cool down it can be achieved with 4 work outs a week. And, naturally, this is a goal. Any time you can fit in will help you achieve those goals.

you can safely increase your weights next work out. It is recommended that weight training be done 2 times per week. Many people prefer to break their weight training into two groups rather than work the entire body in one work out. This would allow all muscles to be worked twice a week over 4 weight training sessions.


According to recent research, it is best to do an active warm up prior to your work out and to stretch at the end. Remember to stretch the major muscle groups that you just worked and hold each stretch for at least 20 seconds. You should just feel a slight pull and no pain when you stretch.

Putting it all together

So you start your work out with an active warm up, swinging your arms, lifting your legs or a slow walk. It is recommended that you perform weight training before aerobic activity if you choose to do them both the same day. This is to prevent injury while lifting weights, as your muscles may be fatigued after aerobic exercise. It is helpful to keep a log of your work outs. This can help you track your progress, adjust your program if you are working too hard or not enough and motivate you toward your goals. Most of all, don’t be intimidated by the so called “gym rats”. Move your weights and intensity up at a comfortable pace and never feel pressured to work harder than you feel capable.

So lace up those sneakers and get moving. It’s not too late to get healthier!

Weight Training

As with other forms of exercise, it is important to start slow. Be sure that you can control the weights that you lift and be careful that you don’t hyperextend your joints, particularly knees and elbows. Most gyms have instructions on their machines and some posters on the wall to describe free weight exercises. Don’t just work the muscles that you can see in the mirror, like the pecs, biceps and quadriceps. A balanced program should include exercises to work the opposing muscles, the posterior shoulder muscles, triceps and hamstrings. Additionally, including exercises to work the rotator cuff muscles can prevent some common shoulder injuries. Start with a weight that allows you to complete at 10 to 15 repetitions of the exercise. You should experience some muscle soreness approximately 48 hours after your workout. If your soreness is excessive or is felt the day after exercise, you can lower your weights and/ or repetitions conversely if you experience no or very little soreness, you know that

To make an appointment at our Barnegat location, please call 609-660-1900. Please visit our new and improved website at

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Judy Thomsen, PT

Certified Hand Therapist

The County Woman Magazine

Judy earned her Bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Temple University in 1990. Her professional focus has been in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine. In 1998, she became a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the NSCA. Judy has attended numerous continuing education courses in her 24 year in practice. She has a particular interest in knee and shoulder pathologies and has extensive experience in the treatment of pre-and post-op joint replacements. Most recently she has become interested in the use of Pilates to treat back pain and hopes to become certified through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.   Judy believes in tailoring each treatment to the individual with a focus on posture and proper body mechanics. Her goal is healing through a fun and education experience with the idea that you are never too old to get moving!

January/February 2015


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The Art of Precious Metals… What Do You Need To Know Before You Sell? Written By: The County Woman Staff

As the owner of precious Metal Buyers, Dov Oppenheim buys, melts and trades gold and other precious metals. His business is about giving people what they deserve for their valuables Dov Oppenheim, Owner

through a completely transparent transaction. Precious Metal Buyers is fully licensed and bonded with the state of New Jersey and they are subject to monitoring by the Manchester Police Department. Dov is confident in his prices and even

encourages his customers to shop around before coming to see him. He has the following important tips to for you to know before selling your precious metals. Tip #1 Do Business Locally. Do your business locally and beware of “one day” and temporary hotel and mall buying events. Some sellers will leave the next day and you won’t have anyone to go back to when (if ) you find you were cheated out of your valuable metals. Also, avoid mail-in services because you have little control over the sale. Tip #2 Don’t trust a quote given over the phone. Never believe a price quote given over the phone. Many buyers will offer you a much higher TheCounty County Woman Woman Magazine The The County Woman Magazine

price just to get their customers in the door. Tip # 3 Best To Shop Around. It is best to shop around. Make sure you go to a few places before making your final decision. Legitimate buyers should never pressure their summers into selling anything they are not comfortable selling. Try and do so within 24-48 hours as gold prices change daily. Stay tuned for more important tips in the next issue. Call 732-597-2225 to schedule your appointment with Dov Oppenheim. Must Call To Schedule Your Personal Private Appointment visit

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January/February 2015

Medical Professionals


February is American Heart Month

Manage Your Heart Health with Free Apps from AtlantiCare Heart disease impacts more than 40 million U.S. women — and takes more women’s lives each year than breast cancer and other types of cancer combined. To help you be as heart healthy as possible, AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center (ARMC) has developed the following online risk-assessment tools and apps — all free for your use.

Vicky Miesemer and her daughter Taylor Egg Harbor Township, NJ

HeartCheck Risk Evaluation HeartCheck evaluates factors such as weight, blood pressure and cholesterol readings, smoking status, and family history to calculate your risk of developing cardiac disease. HeartCheck is confidential, quick and easy to use — and it provides you with a personal report that you can print and share with your doctor. You also can submit an online appointment request right from the report page if you need help connecting with a doctor near you. Take the risk assessment now:

Heart Failure WOW ME 2000mg App If you or a loved one is diagnosed with heart failure, the WOW ME 2000mg iPhone® app will help you self-manage your condition. The app is a great way to support the care you receive from your primary care provider or cardiologist. Use the app to keep track of your daily self-management routine, such as monitoring your weight, intake of liquids and sodium and physical activity; taking medications as prescribed; evaluating symptoms of heart failure; and more. Download this app today: Search for “AtlantiCare” in the iPhone® App Store.

The AtlantiCare App The AtlantiCare app brings reliable health content and tools right to your iPhone® and iPad®. With the AtlantiCare app, you can integrate with other health and fitness apps, read health news headlines and healthy-living tips, and stay up to date on the latest medical research for your own health interests. Users also have simple one-touch access to AtlantiCare’s physician directory and patient portal. Download the app from the “Healthy Resources” section of our Heart Institute home page: The Heart Institute at ARMC has the region’s only full-service cardiac program. Call 1-888-569-1000 or visit to learn more about our services.

I believe

you’re never too old for a new lifesaving procedure. At age 87, Vicky Miesemer was diagnosed with aortic stenosis. Open-heart surgery is usually recommended. But Dr. Dib, her cardiologist, suggested TAVR—a minimally invasive procedure. During a TAVR procedure, a surgeon inserts a new aortic valve within a diseased valve—while the heart is beating. Vicky’s daughter Taylor wanted a second opinion, believing the best of the best are in Philly or New York. However, Vicky trusted her cardiologist and decided on AtlantiCare for the surgery. Her two-hour procedure couldn’t have gone more smoothly. After three days in the care of Drs. Dib, Levite, Axelrod, Dralle and Van Hook, Vicky went home, without needing rehab or pain medication. Her Valve Program Coordinator, Dawn Christensen, MHA, BS RT (R) (CV), was especially appreciated during and after Vicky’s hospital stay, and is now like a member of the family. “The procedure was miraculous,” says Vicky. And it changed Taylor’s belief about where excellent doctors can be found: “The best of the best are right here. I thank them for giving my mom the heart of a 30-year-old!”

Healthcare you can believe in.

The County Woman Magazine


January/February 2015

Medical Professionals

00 6

Could Pelvic Endometriosis Be Interfering with Your Fertility? Presented by: South Jersey Fertility Center

Endometriosis is a female medical condition often associated with painful periods and pelvic discomfort. It consists of the uterine endometrial tissue from inside the womb- growing in areas outside of the uterus. During a pelvic exam endometriosis may be suspected by palpating tender nodules behind the uterus or by visualizing a persistent ovarian cyst on ultrasound that has certain echogenic characteristics (an “endometrioma”). Many times endometriosis can be found even in the absence of symptoms or signs. The diagnosis can only be confirmed or excluded by undergoing a laparoscopy. Endometriosis is staged based on the depth of the lesions and the extent of the involvement in the pelvis. Stages 1 and 2 are termed “minimal” and “mild” endometriosis, while stages 3 and 4 are “moderate” and “severe” disease. The presence of an endometrioma in an ovary usually translates to at least stage 3. The prevalence of endometriosis has been calculated to be 3-10% in the general population of reproductive age women; however, it is found in 40% of infertile patients. Endometriosis often runs in families. Most experts agree that endometriosis impairs fertility. One mechanism for infertility is the inflammatory response incited by the endometriosis lesions. White blood cells, the warriors in the body’s defense system, try to eradicate the abnormally located endometrial tissue and release substances into the pelvic cavity which have been shown to be toxic to sperm, eggs, and embryos. In addition, as the body tries to heal the inflamed areas it may inadvertently scar the fallopian tubes and/or ovaries

causing them to adhere to other pelvic structures, and thereby distort the normal anatomy. Having a normal anatomical relationship of the ovary and fallopian tube are crucial for natural conception since the egg must reach the fallopian tube where fertilization can take place. There are a number of treatment options to boost fertility for these women with endometriosis. Probably the easiest treatment from the patient’s perspective is to have the endometriosis lesions surgically eradicated during a laparoscopic procedure, which is done so that the doctor can make the definitive diagnosis. Laparoscopy is an outpatient procedure commonly referred to as “band-aid” surgery owing to the fact that the necessary incisions are so small as to be sufficiently covered by standard band-aids. In cases of moderate or severe endometriosis it has been SJFC Celebrating 25 Years of Creating Families in the South Jersey Area! well-established that surgical removal of both endometriosis lesions and adhesive scar tissue improves fertility by restoring Division of Regional Women’s Health Group, LLC the correct anatomical relationship of the Full Service Infertility Center With: fallopian tubes and the ovary. The addiSOUTH JERSEY FERTILITY CENTER · All Of The Doctors Are Board Certified In Reproductive tional use of medications such as Lupron, is now offering a discount for IVF to Endocrinology And Infertility a GnRH-agonist, to suppress any residual · Top Doctor Awards For 7 Years In A Row ACTIVE MILITARY AND VETERANS · Laparoscopic Tubal Reversals Call 856.596.2233 ext. 1227 for more information. endometriosis has been advocated by · Money Back Guarantee Available For Ivf And Donor Egg some. · Full Service Fertility Center However, numerous studies have · Robotic Surgery Available failed to show that these medications imRobert A. Skaf, MD FACOG prove fertility rates beyond that of surgery Top Row (left to right): Peter G. Van Deerlin, MD FACOG Dr. Gary Packin, alone. This may be, in part, due to the Dr. Stephen Sawin, Stephen W. Sawin, MD FACOG fact that patients must avoid becoming Dr. Peter Van Deerlin, Gary S. Packin, DO FACOOG, Dist. pregnant while on these medications for Dr. Oumar Kuzbari Oumar Kuzbari, MD, FACOG fear of possibly inducing birth defects. Yet Bottom Row (left to right): Barbara Alice, APN-C, MSN Barbara Alice, APN-C, MSN, the optimal time to achieve pregnancy Tracy Krause, APN-C,MSN Dr. Robert Skaf, may be immediately following the surgery Tracy Krause, APN-C, MSN (when the fallopian tubes have just been flushed and before any scar tissue has Visit us on our Website had a chance to re-form). Post-operative 400 Lippincott Drive Harbor Pavilions Burlington Prof Campus AtlantiCare Life Center medication IS recommended, however, Suite 130 570 Egg Harbor Rd • Suite B4 500 English Creek Ave. • #225 1900 Mt. Holly Rd #4A Marlton, NJ 08053 Sewell, NJ 08080 Burlington, NJ 08016 Egg Harbor Twp. , NJ 08234 when pelvic pain from endometriosis is 609-386-4701 856.596.2233 856.218.8863 609.813.2192 the patient’s biggest concern.

South Jersey Fertility Center


The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2015 January/February 2015

Balance And Physical Therapy Medical Professionals


By: Jennifer Vadas, DPT, All-Care Physical Therapy Center, Whiting Location

Physical Therapy Is An Effective Tool

The ablation of minimal or mild endometriosis for the treatBalance plays a key role in the vast majority of typical ment of infertility in the absence of pelvic pain or other symptoms has activities we perform throughout our day. Whether it been controversial. In 1997 the results of a large well-controlled clinical trial carried out by the Canadian Collaborative Group on Endometriois reaching for a dish, standing while talksis were reported in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study ing to a neighbor, or swinging a golf club; compared the fecundity rate (pregnancy rate per month) of patients unthe importance of maintaining the highest functional level dergoing laparoscopy who were randomly assigned to have their endoof balance cannot be understated. metriosis lesions (minimal or mild disease) either ablated or left untreated. The authors demonstrated a clear benefit in the group randomized Balance tends to decline as we age; which puts older adults at an to ablation of the lesions resulting in a doubling of the fecundity rate increased risk for falls, and subsequent injury. However, difficulties over the ensuing 8 months when compared to the group whose lesions with varying levels of balance can affect people at all ages. Impairments in balance can often be a secondary effect of many were not treated during their laparoscopy. other conditions, including stroke, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Another common method for treatment of infertility in paand neuropathy; just to name a few. tients with endometriosis who have at least one patent fallopian tube Multiple Systems Impact Balance is injectable gonadotropin superovulation with or without intrauterine There are multiple systems of the body that impact balance; they include the insemination. Up to 3 cycles is routinely offered to such patients. This visual, somatosensory, vestibular, and musculoskeletal systems. The visual system plays practice is supported by a randomized study of patients with mild to a role in balance by allowing you to see any obstacles in your path, and react accordmoderate disease, which revealed that superovulation yielded a 15% ingly. The brain also receives visual signals to help perceive how the body is oriented fecundity rate (4 times higher than those patients who simply tried on in regards to its surroundings. The somatosensory system includes tactile sensation their own for 6 months). (touch), and proprioception (positional awareness). Tactile sensation in our feet allows us them on the ground below us. This allows us to be aware of any changes to feel For patients who fail to conceive within one year after surgiin the surface we are walking on. Our proprioceptive system allows us to understand cal ablation of moderate to severe endometriosis, the most successful the position of our joints, this is particularly important in our ankles in order to be therapy is in vitro fertilization (IVF). A study that compared IVF to

Physical therapy can be utilized to rehabilitate areas that have been weakened or re-operation for endometriosis found that only 24% of the re-operated injured and to increase the functional level of the others. For example, in a patient patients achieved a pregnancy by 9 months post-operatively while 70% with visual impairments, physical therapy can be utilized to improve the funcof the IVF patients were pregnant by their second cycle. Some doction of the vestibular system; as well as increase muscular strength and flexibility. tors reported in the 1990’s that patients with endometriosis had lower Physical therapy allows you to challenge your balance and perform activities success with IVF than did patients with other diagnoses (such as tubal that are difficult, while in a safe setting with professionals who can properly cue you for methods to better perform these activities. Your therapist will blockage, male factor, or unexplained infertility). Various mechanisms perform a comprehensive examination to determine where your particular were cited including diminished fertilization, poor embryo quality, and deficits lie, and will then establish a program focusing on your individual impaired endometrial receptivity. However, the national IVF data bank needs. Programs tend to encompass all areas that impact balance; includfor the past decade has not shown any diminished success rates in the ing stretching muscles that are overly tight, strengthening those that are weak, patients with endometriosis compared to those without that diagnosis. using varied surfaces/directions of movement, performing tasks with eyes closed, base of support. There is also a focus on incorporating functional and decreasing In summary, the prognosis for achieving a successful pregnantasks into therapy treatments. A common complaint we hear from people who cy in patients with endometriosis-related infertility is reasonably high, are coming to therapy for balance is they find they have increased difficulty especially if the lesions are ablated and if empiric gonadotropin supermaintaining their balance while walking in crowds, or in grocery stores when ovulation is employed. Post-operative medication to inhibit hormones trying to look for objects. Therapy will mimic these scenarios by providing does not seem to enhance fertility. IVF should be encouraged in papatient with perturbations (similar to being jostled in a crowd), and teachtients who fail to conceive with these less aggressive measures. Repeated ing appropriate reaction strategies. Another common exercise is having a patient walk surgical corrections of endometriosis, though perhaps useful for treating while both nodding and turning their heads, similar to what we do in a grocery store to look for the box of cereal we want while still moving down the aisle. These are just pelvic pain, is less successful than is IVF in overcoming infertility.

aware of any postural sway and react accordingly to correct balance. The vestibular system is located in the inner ear; it functions in balance by detecting movements of the head. This allows for clear vision with motion, and maintaining upright positioning. The musculoskeletal system involves our muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments. It is important to maintain good flexibility and strength in our muscles; as they help to stabilize in balance tasks. If muscles are overly tight, they will be unable to allow for motion required to move correctly, or to compensate if you are losing your balance. Maintaining good muscular strength is important throughout the body. Our postural muscles (i.e. those in the shoulder, back, and abdominals) help to sustain optimal positioning for good balance. Lower extremity strength, from the hips down to the ankles, Knee To is important to preserve stability in both static (standing still) and dynamic (moving) tasks. Should one of these systems become compromised, it is important that the remaining function at the highest possible level to overcome that deficit. S occurs titive

a few examples of the many activities a patient may perform in therapy as part of a balance training program. Call to schedule an appointment at It is extremely important to feel safe and confident with functional mobility to uphold a high quality of life. Having feelings of limitations in balance will decrease the possibilityVisit of this. us Fortunately, therewebsite are treatment available to improve balance on our atoptions and mobility to uphold your personal lifestyle goals. Please ask your doctor if to find a location near you. balance training at All-Care Physical Therapy Center is right for you!

South Jersey Fertility Center.

Now offering In-Home Physical Therapy


Come Experience The All-Care Difference For Yourself! Whiting • Toms River • Brick Manchester • Barnegat

Hand Therapy Specialist

Free Transportation For Patients In Need

Please visit our new and improved website at Jennifer Vadas, DPT

Jennifer graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Rider University in 2006. She continued her education at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Stratford; where she received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2009. Since graduating in 2009, Jen’s primary professional focus has been in the outpatient setting; though she also has experience in acute care and sub acute rehabilitation. Jen’s areas of interest include geriatrics, nonoperative and post-surgical rehab, and balance impairments. She has taken continuing education courses in vestibular rehabilitation. Jen strives to provide each patient with individualized care, focusing on their primary concerns and goals.

Whiting Location

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To make an appointment at the Whiting location, please call 732-849-0700.

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Alzheimer’s Community


Alzheimer’s Community

“We understand memory impairments and we have worked to design a community that brings the warm familiar feel of an ordinary home, while providing the comfort, safety, and peace that are so vital to the memory impaired.” Denise Van Tassell, Owner

Alzheimer’s Support Group: 1st Saturday of Each Month at Noon. Call for details.

• Private bedrooms Four Locations: • Professional nurses available 24 hours Brick • 320 Herbertsville Road Ocean Township • 111 Bowne Road • 3 meals daily, snacks & beverages Matawan • 447 Matawan Avenue Toms River • 1126 Lakewood Road • Housekeeping and laundry service Call Alcoeur Gardens: 732.290.CARE (2273) • Special diets available to schedule a tour and visit our website at • Stimulating activities New Jersey’s Premiere Alzheimer’s Community • 24 hour supervision • Alzheimer’s specialists Fully licensed, R.N. directed community regulated by the New Jersey division of Community Affairs and County Board of Social Services. IT Services


IT IT SServices ervices

Your ITSecurity: Guy and You Internet Are Internet Security: AreYou YouAtAt–Risk? Risk?

Perfect Together

updates. UseUse wide-rangIt seems like these two words go together like like oil and systems updates. wide-rangIt seems like these two words go together oil and systems virus protection onon all all systems. water.water. E-mailE-mail scams,scams, viruses, malware, Trojan horses, key key ing ing virus protection systems. viruses, malware, Trojan horses, Be sure your Internet connection loggers; the list just goes on and on. What is a person to Be sure your Internet connection loggers; the list just goes on and on. What is a person to relationships develop orbetween how much you may a router and a firewall between do? this time of year I thought I would has has a router and a firewall do? At take a break in writing about technology and want to keep everything strictly business, we your network and your Service Every time you venture out into the Internet you are at Every time you venture out into the Internet you are at your network and your Service provider. These tools provide your firstline lineofhas ofdefense. defense. risk. The numbers are staggering. Hacking in its many provider. These and toolspersonal provide your first risk. The numbers are staggering. Hacking in its many contribute a more personal article. are still people interaction a • Treat all e-mail as suspicious. Never click on linkinin forms has touched almost every business, government • Treat all e-mail as suspicious. Never click on forms has touched almost every business, government major role in how successful or difficult the a alink Most small businesses have a “Love Hate” any e-mail. No one is going to give you $15,000,000.00. agency and person worldwide. Depending on the reportany e-mail. No onebe. is going to give $15,000,000.00. agency and person worldwide. Depending on the report- relationship may Thisgift incards turnyou has an effect Treat all offers (coupons, etc.) from anycomcoming source billions of attacks occurred in 2013. Attacks Treat with their IT organization. all offers (coupons, gift cards etc.) from any ingrelationship source billions of attacks occurred in 2013. Attacks RobertSchwartz, Schwartz, President President and on how services are delivered. Robert and CEO, CEO, pany as junk. Do not respond to them. No one from can come from anywhere. If you are connected to the have someone available who pany as junk. Do not respond to them. No one from canThey comelove fromtoanywhere. If you are connected to is the RS Technical Services, Inc. RS Technical Services, Inc. Microsoft or any other company is going to contact you Internet you are connected to every country in the world. RobertSchwartz Schwartz received received his anytoother is going to next contact you Internet you aretoconnected to every country the world. Microsoft competent solve problems howeverinthey I bring or this yourcompany attention so the Robert his educaeducaunsolicited to help you fix your computer. Never respond So what can you do? If you work in a business envition in Electrical Engineering unsolicited to angry help you fix your your computer. Never respond So what can you do? If you work in a business envition in Electrical Engineering Technology Technology hate paying the bill. time you get that computer doesn’t to any request personally identifiableinformation. information. ronment is managed an Enterprise from MSOE with additional training in to any request forfor personally identifiable ronment that isthat managed by anbyEnterprise staff,staff, theythey from MSOE with additional training in fast enough, print, takes you to a Electronics courtesy of the US Navy. Legitimate companiesdoesn’t will never ask you to respond usually take measures to prevent data breaches or the respond Electronics courtesy of the US Navy. Legitimate companies will never ask you to respond to a usually take measures to prevent data breaches or the Prior to creating RSTS in 1993 Robert security issue via e-mail. introduction of viruses or malware onto your computer In today’s environment tosecurity the wrong web site or your smart phone isn’t Prior toyears creating in American 1993 Robert issue via e-mail. introduction of viruses or malwareyour onto computing your computer spent 15 as theRSTS CEO of • Never lettake any person you do not IT know, remotely system. including your IT support people spent 15 years as the CEO of American resources so smart, don’t it out on your Guy. Instruments, Inc. A scientific instrument •access Neveryour let any person you do not know, remotely system. In a small business there are many things you can do computer. Do not share passwords. Business Instruments, Inc. Aequipment scientific instrument company providing and support are life bloodthere of your business. Without He/she is there to help you. Yourpasswords. patience Business and access your computer. Do not share In to athe small business are many things you can do computers and business networks are for business use. help prevent attacks or data breaches. company providing equipment and support to organizations like, AT&T, IBM, NASA, Intel, the DOD, computers and business networks are for business use. tothem helpHere prevent attacks or data breaches. your business could not operate. understanding will go a long way it getting toother organizations like, AT&T, IBM, NASA, Intel, thelarge DOD, Do not use them to access personal e-mail, web sites or are some highlights: government, research facilities, universities and Do any not use them to that access sites Here are •some other government, research facilities, universities and large problem solved, paying thee-mail, billrelated. is web icing onor other service arepersonal not business Havehighlights: a comprehensive computer usage policy in your enterprise companies. anycake. other serviceonly thatscratched are not business related.If you suspect a comprehensive computer in one the enterprise Robertcompanies. brings to our clients strong analytical and problem If over you do not have one,taken callusage RSTS to develop We have the surface. • Have Iplace. have, many years, thepolicy time Robert brings our clients strong analytical place.for If you. you do not have one, call RSTS to develop one We have only scratched the surface. If you suspect solving skills. Histotechnical experience spans moreand thanproblem thirty you have been the target of an attack, data breach or to try to understand the people I work with solving skills. His technical experience spans more than thirty five years in Electronics, Computer Science, Physics, for you. • Make sure all servers and PC’s are well maintained youother have similar been thesecurity target issue of anorattack, data breach or you want to 2015! secure your Have a Happy and Healthy and the clients I serve. Regardless of how five years in Electronics, Computer Science, Physics, and Chemistry. • Make sureupdated all servers andallPC’s are well maintained similarreach security you help. want Call to secure your and fully with security patches and operating other network, out issue to meorI can 732-792-0707. and Chemistry. and fully updated with all security patches and operating network, reach out to me I can help. Call 732-792-0707. Testimonial a long-time client: RS Technical Services for the past seven years. level Robert’s level of knowledge expertise the get Testimonial from from a long-time client: “We “We havehave used used RS Technical Services for the past seven years. Robert’s of knowledge and expertiseand impressed us impressed from the getus go.from He literally go. He literally changed the way our infrastructure was constructed within days of a major internal IT disaster. My company could not function without the prompt care changedfrom the way our infrastructure constructed days of a Services major internal IT past disaster. Myyears. company could not function without the careimpressed and dedication of Robert Testimonial a long-time client:was “We have usedwithin RS Technical for the seven Robert’s level of knowledge andprompt expertise us from the getand go.RS HeTechnical literally

dedication of Robert and RSupon Technical Services. HeI know is internal always there when called upon within I know that I can ondedication his advice all times. It isTechnical a rare Services. always there when called within that IIT can rely on My his advice at all times. Itfunction is a rareand occurrence these days to find someone asat competent changed the and wayHe ouris infrastructure was constructed within minutes, days of aand major disaster. company could notminutes, without the prompt carerely and of Robert and and RS occurrence these days to find someone as competent and trustworthy as Robert.” ~ Stewart Lenner, President, Arrow Environmental Services trustworthy as Robert.” ~ Stewart Lenner, President, Arrow Environmental Services Services. He is always there when called upon within minutes, and I know that I can rely on his advice at all times. It is a rare occurrence these days to find someone as competent and trustworthy as Robert.” ~ Stewart Lenner, President, Arrow Environmental Services

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January/February 2015

Medical Professionals

Acuity - A Facility That Specializes In Removing Patients From Ventilators Health

Written by Claire Brown, BSN RN Director of Provider Relations.

“I think that Acuity Specialty Hospital, the LTAC, will offer the best care for Larry at this time.” Dr. Adams, Chief Medical Officer for Acuity Specialty Hospital, said to Phyllis, Larry’s wife, who gazed intently at her husband who was struggling to breathe. Larry grimaced while a ventilator forced air into his lungs.


Mrs. Bean recoiled in horror “I think that if he has to go to a long term nursing facility, we may as Mr. and Mrs. Bean well pull the plug now.” Dr. Adams went on to explain that Acuity was not a long term nursing facility but a facility that specialized in removing patients from ventilators, and he believed that Mr. Bean had a good chance of coming off the machine and making a full recovery. “It is called long term because it gives patients an extended period of time, approximately twentyfive days to receive that specialized care.” Dr. Adams said.



complex and a patient’s loved one needs clear and expert opinions from their physicians to make careful decisions with regards to The new Nursing Station at Acuity their healthcare.” Acuity Specialty Hospital celebrated its Five Year Anniversary in November by having an Open House in early December 2014 for tours to showcase the renovations made in the summer of 2014.

Elder Law

Marge Hipple, the Director of Respiratory Therapy, has been an employee of Acuity Specialty Hospital since the hospital first opened in Atlantic City; however she has been a Respiratory Therapist for the past thirty five years. “What I find most rewarding is having the honor and the privilege to offer my knowledge, empathy and respect to our patients and families at some of the hardest times of their lives. It is a feeling of great accomplishment to see the patients’ transition to the next level of care especially if it is their home. It is wonderful knowing I may have touched someone’s life in a positive way and brought them some peace and comfort. In my profession, it just doesn’t get any better than that.”

Theater &Entertainment

Mr. Bean, who is now 72 years old, cannot recall the finer details about those early days back in March 2013 as a patient at Acuity. Prior to his hospitalization, he had experienced various problems including an irregular heartbeat and a chronic lung condition. To complicate matters, he had acquired a ventilator related pneumonia. Mrs. Bean, however, vividly remembers the care her spouse received at Acuity. “Everyone was so kind and patient with him. They were so professional at all times.” She said, “I felt comforted by the fact that he was protected from further infections as everyone wore gowns when visiting or caring for him, but I was always allowed to hold his hand during those frightening times for us.”



Under the Director of Respiratory Therapy, Marge Hipple’s, expert guidance, the respiratory therapists were able to remove Larry successfully from the Ventilator using Acuity’s tried and true weaning protocols. He spent close to a month on a ventilator and was unable to eat for many weeks. His airway was protected by a Tracheostomy and he received nutritional feeding through a gastric tube. Mrs. Bean remembered that when he first tried to eat, he was so excited; he attempted to place too large of a spoonful of applesauce into his mouth. “It felt wonderful to eat again!” he remembers. Three days before he left Acuity to go to HealthSouth, an acute Rehabilitation hospital, he was able to walk with a walker down the hallway. His tracheostomy tube and gastric tube had been removed. Today, you can barely see the remnants of a tracheostomy scar. He is now completely independent and is able to garden, drive and go shopping. As a retired carpenter, he is currently renovating the upstairs apartment in his home. Mr. Bean now makes routine visits to the Doctor every 4 to 6 months.

Marge Hipple Director of RT

Fine Art Photography

For Information or Referrals, Call 609-441-8123 Acuity Specialty Hospital of New Jersey is a long term acute care hospital located

For Information or Referrals, Call 609-441-8123

inside of AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City. Our hospital-

Business &Finance

within-a-hospital provides 30 private rooms to the medically complex and critically ill. Patients

meeting acute care criteria are seen by physician specialists daily and typically discharged to

Acuity Specialty Hospital celebrates its 5th year in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

acute and sub-acute rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities or their homes.

Our team specializes in the care of patients with needs that include:

Dr. Bill Adams is currently the Medical Director for Acuity Specialty Hospital. Prior to this, he had served Dr. Bill Adams Acuity as a pulmonary physician for 3 years. “The Acuity Specialty Hospital is unique in that we are ideally suited and specialized for ventilator weaning. This allows us the opportunity to restore mobility and independence to many patients who come through our facility. Being a Medical Director is a labor of love.” He stated. Dr. Adams also went on to say, “Sometimes, medical treatment can be very

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Ventilator weaning

Complex wounds

Infectious diseases

Medically or surgically complex care

Multi-system organ dysfunction

January/February 2015 January/Feb



Celebrating 30 Years in Practice! Written by Daniel Eric Mutter, DC


or the past 30 years, Dr. Donna M. Mutter, DC has been serving Ocean County in her Dr. Donna M. Mutter, DC and Dr. Daniel Mutter family-based wellness chiropractic practice. She started with a home office in Brick, where she raised her three children, Daniel, Sarah, and Melissa. As her children grew and her practice expanded, she relocated to larger spaces in Brick until in 2004 she moved to her current location in historic downtown Toms River.

For Dr. Mutter, the experience of life and the quality of that experience is based on connection. This connection is based on the communication between the brain and the body. When the nervous system is permitted to clearly and efficiently send signals to and from all areas of the body, we are able to express health and well-being. Her focus, therefore, is on advancing communication within the body by using the spine and the nervous system to promote function.

Positive Change

Uplifting, warm, and relaxing environment Her practice, Waves of Transformation Wellness Center, Inc., provides an uplifting, warm, and relaxing environment. As a family-based practice, Dr. Mutter sees babies, children, high school and college athletes, parents, and grandparents. Having been in practice for three decades, Dr. Mutter is now seeing the children of the children she started to see when they were young. Dr. Mutter practices a discipline of chiropractic called Network Spinal Analysis. This approach uses gentle contacts made with precision and sequence along the spine to help the patient “reorganize” the tension held in their body. In many ways, the tension held in the spine is a reflection of the tension people have in their life. This chiropractic discipline looks not only at the pain or dis-ease that is felt when the body and the mind are disconnected, but helps facilitate the body’s innate ability to move toward wellness and connection.

In the mid-1990s, Dr. Mutter contributed to one the largest research studies of a chiropractic discipline. This study looked at measuring patientreported quality of life before and after experiencing Network Spinal Analysis. What the study found was that the people who received this work reported improvement in physical and mental/emotional health, stress evaluation, life enjoyment, and overall quality of life.

In 2011, Dr. Mutter participated in a pilot program that offered Network Spinal Analysis care to women at Integrity House in Newark, NJ. Over several months, she and a team of professionals consisting of doctors of chiropractic, educators, and addiction therapists worked with the women in this therapeutic community to help them create and sustain strategies for healing and fundamental positive change in their lives. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Mutter has been on both the clinical and teaching staff with Wise World Seminars since 1986. Through this organization she has served and taught Network Spinal Analysis in the United States and Europe. She is also a member of the Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice and a member of the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors.   Recently, Waves of Transformation Wellness Center, Inc. expanded again, as Dr. Mutter was joined in practice by her son, Dr. Daniel Mutter, DC. After 30 years, Dr. Donna Mutter’s family practice has become a family business that has and will continue to serve Ocean County for years to come.

Waves of Transformation Wellness Center, Inc. Location: 309 Main St. Toms River, NJ 08753



Dr. Donna M. Mutter, DC Dr. Daniel Eric Mutter, DC Services: b Family Wellness Chiropractic b Network Spinal Analysis b Somato-Respiratory Integration b Reorganizational Healing Workshops

Dr. Donna M. Mutter, DC has been serving Ocean County for 30 years. She practices a reorganizational approach to health and wellness utilizing a form of chiropractic known as Network Spinal Analysis. She has been on the both the clinical and teaching staff for this work since 1986. Her practice, Waves of Transformation, is located in Toms River, NJ. Dr. Daniel Mutter, DC practices reorganizational chiropractic at Waves of Transformation. After studying Philosophy at The College of New Jersey and graduating salutatorian from Life Chiropractic College West, he joined his mother in practice in 2013.

b CORE Score Neural Efficiency Testing

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January/February 2015

Medical Professionals Medical Professionals



How Do I Know If My Wisdom Your Comfort Is Our Concern… Teeth Need Treatment? Health &Wellness



f you have been pleasant and comfortable, from your initial Nitrous oxide analgesia sedation: Often advised evaluation and aftercare: called “laughing gas” or “sweet air”, nitrous create gumby disease. thethroughout University of treatment North FUNCTIONAL, we mean Carolina. Importantly, yourBydentist or oxide inhalation sedation is very well accepted that the tooth contacts another part of the project condental specialist by most patients, especially the pediatric Local anesthesia: The administration of tooth during chewing. Usually, centrated on what hapthat you “need patients. The nitrous oxide gas is breathed using a medication by injection in order to make but not always, a non-functional pens when third molars totooth see the oral a special mask that fits over the nose, or the part of the mouth or face numb is called local will be in a location that are not removed. and maxillofacial nose and mouth. Our patients are monitored anesthesia, Third oftenmolars calledwith “dental injections”. is not normal and will become surgeon” forbecause it causes before, during, and after the administration bothersome For thoseperiodontal patients who have minimal anxiety, infection cheek biting,come ulcerations orthis other cause to make your treatment, of theWisdom nitroustooth oxide gas. While most maydon’t be allnecessarily that is needed Impacted wisdom tooth Wisdom toothpatients with and related problem. pain or show overt signs see us! will not be fully tooth asleep during the procedure, procedure comfortable. Kathy A. Banks, DMD with cyst causing bone periodontal pathology neighboring So, removal of wisdom teeth of infection like swellWhether you need report feeling of euphoria, decreased loss and damge to thethey willwith decay is always appropriate when there ing or pus. The studies simple or complex tooth extractions, grafting anxiety, and lessened awareness of pain. Intravenous second molar tooth. he initial decision to is pathology present such as gum mentionedanesthesia: above actuallyIntravenous or implant lump or spotdecay, in or infecanesthesia canthat be some administered dental show 60% of to patients removeprocedures, third molarshave a disease, tion. Another obvious reason to patients with asymptomyour (wisdom mouth, or traumatic Other Occasionally, patients are of all ages. Our surgical-anesthesia teamthat the third molars teeth) is most injury, we are here to seek the advice of your general changeservices: remove wisdom teeth is when atic third molars (wisdom teeth dentist, orthodontist or oral and position in the mouth over time, make your evaluation and treatment experience just so fearful that we have to help them feel often made by a general approach ensures that you or your loved one there is a cyst or a tumor present with no symptoms of pain) had maxillofacial surgeon. Every and the eruption of these teeth COMFORTABLE dentist or orthodontist.for you. less anxious BEFORE delivering intravenous will be fully monitored before, during, and at or around the wisdom tooth, signs of infection with increased is unpredictable. There are other patient considering wisdom Ourpatients receptionist to anesthesia or nitrous oxide gas. We also treat after the pocketing procedure Most who arewill welcome or if you the wisdom tooth is causing depths-- and that the tooth surgery is unique. Based publications that discuss the referred to the oral maxilour practice andand will help youdamage make an certain of patients areexamination unable to of cooperate by multiple team status is expected to movement, or eruption to a neighboring tooth. periodontal on an your third who lofacial surgeon (OMS) do notfashion.BUT… appointment in a timely Our if your dentist or worsen in the area of the second fully with the initiation of anesthesia. members. A range mouth, and a dental panoramic molars; generally speaking, the have healthy wisdom teethcoordination that orthodontist determines that and third molars in about 40% competent financial staff will x-ray or cone beam scan, your position and angulation of the with Premedication a sedative medication, of anesthetic have erupted, or grown into a your wisdom teeth are not of the patients within 2 years. OMS can tell you about the conwisdom tooth within the jaws, help you understand and utilize your insurance inhalation anesthesia, oral and intramuscular options exist, from cleansable and/or functional healthy, cleansable or functional, The good news is that the study dition of your wisdom teeth, and the presence or absence of benefits. anesthesia may be utilized for some of theseand ultra-light position in the mouth. or that retaining your wisdom alsoconscious showed that the periodonthe position of the wisdom teeth available space to accommodate office iswe“state the art” with ByOur HEALTHY meanoffree patients. sedation tal todisease is likely to improve teeth maymodern lead to these probin the jaws. The OMS can tell the teeth, seem to be the best oforal gumsurgery, disease and cariesimplant (dental and dental bone lems in thegrafting, future, you willmoderate need following removal of the third and deep you if there is pathology associpredictive factors. But again, decay). So theresterilization, are no pocketsanesthesia expert equipment, consultation to further instrument sedation,molars. to general there is no formula for predicting ated with the wisdom teeth that present in the gums between the review your options and seek The study also showed that you are your not aware of, or thehelp wiswhat a wisdom tooth going will discuss soft tissue LASER, hand held NOMAD Dr.isBanks options and anesthesia. Each wisdom tooth and the next tooth treatment. among the patients whose third dom teeth are likely to to do. x-ray technology, i-CAT FLX 3D cone beam you decide on the option that is best for you. patient ismolars treated forward, or around the wisdom were visible in the mouth, Pain free doesn’t necessarily cause future problems. When in doubt—get them computed tomography, and more; offering you individually, with tooth itself, and there will be no 28-77% of the patients will have checked out! Remember, your comfort and safety are our main mean disease free… Schedule your appointment redness or swelling the best there isortoother offersigns in in-office oral and concerns. Schedule your appointment with careful attention cavities in these teeth, depending KATHY A. BANKS, DMD If you have wisdom teeth, Results Of A Study... with Dr. Banks by calling i-CAT FLX 3D ofmaxillofacial infection. A healthy wisdom surgical care. on their Dr. Banks by calling 609-488-2325. to physical and age. the best course of action is to Practice Limited To Oral & toothDr. willBanks have noand cavities, or trained Dr.SurgicalBanks was a member of 609-488-2325. In patients who chose to her wellmedical conditions, age, body size, and pain Maxillofacial surgery there was a cavity that has been the American Association of retain their third molars, it was Anesthesia Teamwith members the and anxiety levels. treated successfully a dental provide Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons shown that mechanical cleaning 249 S. Main Street, Unit 4 following services to make your treatment filling. (AAOMS) Task Force on Third of the third molar teeth did not


Elder Law

Theater &Entertainment

Fine Art Photography


Business &Finance KATHY A. BANKS, DMD

Barnegat, NJ 08005 By CLEANSABLE, we mean Molar Clinical Trials in 2011 lower the levels of pathogenic that the wisdom tooth is in a and 2012. The Task Force was and inflammatory mediTel: 609-488-2325 is a graduate University College of Arts bacteria and Sciences, positionDr. in Banks the mouth where of Rutgers charged with reviewing some ators. There is new evidence that Camden a B.A. Temple University of Dentistry, all the surfaceswith of the toothin canbiology, Kathy A. Banks, DMD 80 and different scientific publica-Schoolthese bacteria can travel from the Practice Limited To Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Philadelphia. She completed a one year Advanced Education in General Practice Limited To Oral & be successfully maintained, at tions resulting from a long term, mouth to the bloodstream, and 249 S. Main Street, Unit 4 Dentistry Residency Programongoing at the University ofmolars Medicine and home, by brushing and flossing. Kathy A. Banks, DMDBarnegat, NJ 08005 Maxillofacial surgery study of third mayDentistry cause illnesses affecting the Fellow of The American Association Practice Limited To Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery If the difficult clean, and(wisdom of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons teeth) of area Newis Jersey intoCamden Stratford, NJ,conducted and then at completed a four yearand other organs. Tel: 609-488-2325 heart, kidneys 249 S. Main Street, Unit 4 Diplomate of The American Board Fax: 609-488-2342 thenPost-Graduate bacteria can colonize and Barnegat, NJ 08005 the University of Kentucky and Residency Program in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the the study showed And finally, of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark. She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and Banks is aBoard graduate of Rutgers University College of Arts and Sciences, Camden with a B.A. in theDr. American of Dental Anesthesiology.

249 Unit44 249S.S.Main MainStreet, Street, Unit Tel: 609-488-2325 Fax: 609-488-2342 Barnegat, NJ 08005 Barnegat, NJ 08005 A. BANKS, DMD Fellow of The American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Diplomate of The American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Specialty Permit # 4070 Specialty Permit #4070

Fellow of The American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Diplomate of The American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Specialty Permit # 4070


biology, and Temple University School of Dentistry, Philadelphia. She completed a one year Advanced Tel: 609-488-2325 Practice Limited To Oral & Education in General Dentistry Residency Program at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of Maxillofacial surgery She is a member of the dental staff at Jersey Shore University Medical Kathy A. Banks, DMD New Jerseyinin Neptune, Camden andNew Stratford, NJ, and and then completed awith four year Post- Graduate Residency Center Jersey is involved teaching the Practice Limited To Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 249 S. Main Unit 4 Program in OralGPR and residents Maxillofacial Surgery the in University of Medicine and Dentistry BoardStreet, of Oral and postgraduate in the clinicatand her private office setting. She of New Jersey in Newark. She is a Diplomate of the American 249 S. Main Street, Unit 4 Barnegat, NJ 08005 Maxillofacial Surgeons and the American Board of Dental Anesthesiology. Kathy A. Banks, DMDBarnegat, NJ 08005 has been instrumental in the development of several New Jersey State Board Fellow of The American Association Practice Limited Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery She is a member of the dental staff at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, New Jersey and is involved withToteaching the postgraduate GPR residents in the of Dentistry approved continuing education courses offered by J.S.U.M.C Tel: 609-488-2325 of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Tel: 609-488-2325 clinic and in her private office setting. She has been instrumental in the development of several New Jersey State Board of Dentistry approved 249 S. Main Street, Unit 4continuing education courses Diplomate of The American Board Department of Dentistry Continuing Education Department for dentists, Fax: 609-488-2342 Barnegat, NJ 08005 Kathy A. Banks, DMD offered by J.S.U.M.C Department of Dentistry Continuing Education Department for dentists, hygienists and dental assistants. Fellow of Practice The American Association Oral && Maxillofacial Surgeons ofof Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Limited To Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery hygienists and dental assistants.

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Tel: 609-488-2325

Diplomate of The American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Tel: 609-488-2325 Specialty Permit # 4070 Specialty Permit #4070 249 S. Main Street, Unit 4 Fax: 609-488-2342 Kathy A. Banks, DMDBarnegat, NJ 08005

Fellow of The American Association Practice Limited To Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Fellow of The American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Tel: 609-488-2325 Diplomate of The American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 249#S.4070 Main Street, Unit 4 Specialty Permit Diplomate of The American Board

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Fellow of The American Associationof of Oral Oral && Maxillofacial Surgeons Maxillofacial Surgery

Diplomate of The American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Tel: 609-488-2325 Specialty Permit # 4070 Specialty Permit #4070 Fax: 609-488-2342

Fellow of The American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

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My Husband is Snoring and He is Too Heavy.....What Can I do? An Interview with Mrs. Santa Claus

Mrs. Claus came to my office early in January 2014, inquiring about her husband, SANTA CLAUS. The following is a transcript of that conversation:

Mrs. Claus: You know, Dr. Newman, that Santa always

gains at least 60 pounds each fall to properly fit into his size 55 suit. His diabetes and high blood pressure that came with all of the weight worries me and I started to realize in the early weeks of December, before Christmas, he was snoring quite a bit and sometimes he would stop breathing. Dr. Newman: Did this happen last year? Did he follow the special diet I prescribed that worked so well? Was he using the CPAP machine I prescribed?

Dr. Newman: What would you like to address first: his weight, his snoring and apnea, or alternatives to CPAP?


Mrs. Claus: Dr. Newman, I am worried about everything! Please help! Dr. Newman: Let us work on his diet first. I am going to give you a sheet for a new way of life; the Greeks call this plan “Dieta.” This will be “Newman’s Hourly Diet” and it seems to work well for people larger and smaller than Santa when they commit to it.

Mrs. Claus: Will he get hungry?

Dr. Newman: Now that his nose will be clear, I will try a nasal pillows mask that stays in place by a bite plate at the upper teeth instead of a bulky headgear. The nasal pillows will not shift from his nose and will not leak. There will be no more loud sounds from his nose.

Mrs. Claus: That sounds good, but will it do anything to reduce his teeth grinding?

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Dr. Newman: Well, there are mouthpieces that can be fitted by one of several of the dentists either at the North Pole or in Ocean County. These devices work by making the lower teeth advance in front of the upper teeth. The airway is expanded and both snoring and apnea are resolved. Because it is fitted by a dentist and not bought at a pharmacy or off the Internet, it will not harm his teeth or his gums.

Mrs. Claus: Mrs. Claus: Theater &Entertainment

Mrs. Claus: No, he finds CPAP a nuisance, particularly late in the year, and I am embarrassed to say that he was so sleepy that he fell asleep on Christmas Eve and did not deliver toys to the children in California and Hawaii. What am I to do?

◌ ◌ ◌ ◌ ◌ ◌ ◌ ◌ ◌ ◌

Dr. Newman: Most of my patients have never experienced hunger because they tend to be full all of the time.

Will his apnea go away when he loses weight?

What if Santa can’t lose weight and will not wear CPAP? What next?

Dr. Newman: Usually apnea improves quite a bit and may actually be cured by weight loss; but any event, it may be so improved that he does not need to Dr. Newman: Well, we know that Santa has to achieve his Christmas size to appear as the Santa we all know and wear CPAP anymore. love, so weight loss surgery may not be the best option. Stephen L. Newman MD MBA But if he is willing to wear a pillow next Christmas to Diplomat American Board of Sleep Medicine Mrs. Claus: What do we do in the simulate a large belly, surgery may be his cup of tea. meantime? Can I get him to snore less? Can Let me have him come in so that I can review all of Fatigue evaluation I get a better CPAP mask? the options. Please let any of his elves who might have Sleep Apnea the same problems know that they should make an Dr. Newman: Let us first make sure that his Ambulatory, at home, sleep studies appointment with me at: nose is free of congestion, so have him use Overnight in laboratory diagnostics that salt water (saline) sinus rinse each and Driving evaluation every day. If you can get him to use it at least Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of Insomnia Dr. Stephen L. Newman once a day, his nose would be less congested. 35 Beaverson Blvd. CPAP/BIPAP therapy Provent therapy Mrs. Claus: How about the CPAP mask? 7C Brick, NJ 08723 It is always slipping off his face. You know he Phone: 732 920-8022 Snoring evaluation and treatment will never shave off his beard! Narcolepsy evaluation

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35 Beaverson Blvd, Suite 7C Brick, NJ 08723 Phone: 732.920.8022

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Dr. Stephen L. Newman, a graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is the first Board Certified Sleep Specialist in Ocean County. He also established the first Sleep Disorder Laboratory in Southern and Central New Jersey. A resident of Ocean County since 1986, he is married to Merrell Newman and has two children. The pride and joy of his life is his granddaughter, Madeleine.

Anxiety Support Group

Are You Suffering From Panic/Anxiety? Are You Afraid To Ask For Help? P.H.O.B.I.A. - Panic/Anxiety Support Group We are an OFF-LINE self-help support group that meets every wednesday evening from 7pm to 9pm at St. Stephen’s church in Waretown, NJ. Our group helps people who suffer from panic and anxiety to find support and compassion among fellow sufferers. We have been established in Ocean county NJ since 1993. For more information call Cathy at (609) 971-9110 or email at You can also visit us on the web at or on Facebook at

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The Most Answers 15 Concerning Varicose Veins The Most Common Questions & Answers Concerning Varicose Veins Health &W ellness




is atinrisk for varicose veins? aricosesimply veinsconsidered are one“cosmetic.” of the most This is known as venous the correct diagnosis isWho essential About ShoreinVascular common vascular conditions Prolonged or sitting one reflux disease or Chronic Venous properly treating this condition. standing Other people may experience leg affecting women ... and men of all place, family history of varicose veins, and pain and other symptoms but they Insufficiency (CVI). Venous reflux is & Vein Center being How are varicoseare veins ages. Treatment options have improved overweight all known risks. Vascular In addition, one of the most common causes of don’t realize what is causing their Shore & Vein Center and venous reflux greatly in recent years. increasing age and pregnancy are riskpremiere factors. vascular Some condition. This article will answer varicose veins. is the region’s treated? people may develop varicose veins without having any In spite of some these advancements, many common questions regarding and vein care center. Our Sometimes compression of these known conditions. people mistakenly still believe that treatmentWhat are the symptoms varicose veins, the associated vascular specialists are Board stockings will be sufficient to for this problem is difficult, painful, and simplyof varicose veins and Howand areprevent varicose veins and venous reflux symptoms, and treatment. Certified surgeons with extensive control symptoms considered “cosmetic.” Other people may venous reflux disease? diagnosed? training and decades of experience experience leg pain and other symptoms complications. When procedures What are varicose People with varicose veins An experienced vascular specialist can make of thethediagnosis in the treatment circulatory but they don’t realize what is causing their are needed, current technology veins? and venous reflux may feel leg Jeffrey S. with a combination of a medical history, physical condition. This Varicose articleveins willare answer some system. They have specialized and techniques, allow for swollen veins pain, leg heaviness, leg fatigue examination and a painless vascular called a doppler Gosin,M.D. Jeffrey common questions regarding varicose veins, trainingtest in the latest minimally Stephen S. treatment WITHOUT the need as a venous that can be seen through the skin. and/or leg swelling. Itching of ultrasound (also known duplex scan.) Making FACS the associated symptoms, and treatment. invasive procedures and Gosin, Gosin, for painful surgery.diagnosis One of the They often have a bulging, twisted the skin of the legs is also a very the correct is essential in properly treating this treatments. They are recognized M.D. FACS M.D. FACS best, most proven treatments appearance. Some varicose veins common complaint. Symptoms condition. leaders in their field. for venous reflux is the Closure® may be very large and discolored. may be worsened by standing. What are varicose veins? How are varicose veins and venous reflux treated? Procedure, now referred to as Others may be smaller. They aricose veins Many Varicose veinsare are swollen veins that can be seen through the skin.people Theywill notice the The centerwill offers: Sometimes compression stockings be sufficient Venefit™. This minimally invasive can occur Some anywhere on theveins legs, may be appearance of bulging legs veins. oftenone haveof a bulging, twisted appearance. varicose very large the most • A leading center in the to control symptoms and prevent complications. When procedure is performed right in including the can groinoccur area. anywhere onHowever, some people will only and discolored. Others may be smaller. They the legs, performance of The Closure® procedures are needed, current technology and techniques, common vascular in less than 30 minutes, feel discomfort but not notice any the office including the groin area. What causes varicose Procedure (Venefit™) for the allow for treatment WITHOUT the need for painful conditions affecting with no incisions, minimal cosmetic changes. veins? minimally invasive treatment of What causes varicose veins? surgery. One of the best, most proven treatments for venous discomfort, and excellent results. women ... and musttoflow Blood must men flow up, againstBlood gravity, exitup, theagainst legs and return toI the venous reflux. reflux is the Closure® Procedure, now referred to as Venefit™. thought varicose veins gravity, exit assist the legs Howminimally long is the heart. leg veins have one-way valvestothat inand thisreturn process. Those are valves This invasive procedure is performed right inofthe • Asclera® for the treatment of allOur ages. Treatment just a cosmetic can malfunction and leak, causing blood to flow in the wrong direction. The to the heart. Our leg veins have recovery from vein office in less than 30 minutes, with no incisions, minimal spider veins. problem. Is that true? options have blood then pools in the legs, increasing pressure in the discomfort, and excellent results. one-waythe valves that assist in veins. treatment? • Microphlebectomy - No sutures, It is important to understand improved This is known greatly as venousin reflux disease or Chronic Venous (CVI). Venous this process. Those valvesInsufficiency can In most cases individuals canis the recovery minimal from discomfort, that varicose veins and venous How long vein fast reflux is one of the most commonmalfunction causes of varicose recent years. and leak,veins. causing return to their usualtreatment? activities recovery. reflux are NOT necessarily simple to flow in the wrong within a day of the procedure. • Treatment of small veins usual of the In most cases individuals can return to their What are the symptoms ofblood varicose veins and venous refluxcosmetic disease?problems. They can be In spite of these advancements, direction. The blood then pools in face and nasal area. activities within a day of the procedure. People with varicose sign of an abnormal condition Is varicose vein many people mistakenly still veins and venous reflux may feel leg pain,a leg the legs, increasing pressure • Proven results in thousands of heaviness, leg fatigue leg swelling. Itching ofthethe skin ofinthe in legstheiscirculation. also In addition treatment covered Is byvaricose believe that treatment for and/or this vein treatment covered by the veins. a very iscommon will individuals may successful cases. pain, some health insurance? health insurance? problem difficult, complaint. painful, and Standing may worsen symptoms. Manytopeople notice the appearance of bulging legs veins. However, some people will feelchronic swelling, Accredited be atonly risk for reflux• disease is anoninvasive medical vascular Venous reflux disease Venous is a discomfort but not notice any cosmetic changes. condition. Therefore, in many cases, laboratory. permanent skin discoloration, medical condition. Therefore, varicose vein•treatment Recognizedisincovered NJ Topby Docs. wounds and even blood in many cases, varicose vein I thought varicose veins are just a cosmetic problem. Is thatopen true? health insurance. An experienced vein • Membership in the most clots. With early diagnosis treatment is covered by health It is important to understand that varicose veins and venous reflux are treatment center will have insurance and vascular andabnormal treatment, long term insurance. An experienced NOT necessarily simple cosmetic problems. They can be a sign of an specialists whoprestigious will worksurgical with your surgicaltosocieties complications company confirmincluding: coverage. vein treatment center willinsurance have condition in the circulation. In veins addition pain, someproblem. individuals may be at riskcan usually be Varicose are nottojust a cosmetic prevented. Treatment often has insurance specialists who will work The American College of Surgeons, They canskin be andiscoloration, indication of an underlying for chronic swelling, permanent open wounds and even blood abnormality in the veinlong-term valves, causing leg pain, the benefit of improving with your insurance company to is meant clots. With early diagnosis and treatment, complications canadded usually The Society *This article only to for giveVascular general Surgery, and other potentially serious problems. aesthetics, even in cases that are be prevented. Treatment swelling often has the added benefit of improving aesthetics, confirm coverage. information aboutThe varicose veins Venous and venous American Forum, not considered “cosmetic.” even in cases that are not considered “cosmetic.” insufficiency. is in no meant to substitute for medical care byVascular your The Society for Clinical *This article It is meant onlyway to give general information about varicose veins and doctor. If you think that you are experiencing the conditions described here, Surgery, The International Society Who is at risk for venous insufficiency. It is inyou no way or any medical condition, should seek the care of a physician. of Endovascular Specialists and varicose veins? meant to substitute medical care by Visit us on the Web many others. Prolonged standing or sitting your doctor. If you think that you are in one place, family history experiencing the conditions described here, Eliminate the discomfort and appearance medicalM.D. condition, you should seek of most varicose veins with the latest of varicose veins, and being JeffreyorS.anyGosin, FACS Please call for a state-of-the-art techniques. the care of a physician. overweight are all known risks. consultation or for Our Board Certified Vascular Specialists can In addition, increasing age and Dr. Jeffrey Gosin is a graduate of additional information. Jeffrey S. Gosin, M.D. FACS get your legs looking and feeling great. pregnancy are risk factors. SomeUniversity of Pennsylvania and Jefferson Dr. Jeffrey Gosin is a graduate (609) 927-VEIN (8346) Call us today for a consultation. people may develop Eliminate your veins,varicose Medicalof College. UniversityHe of completed Pennsylvania Most health insurance accepted. hisand or visit us on the web veins without having any of these Jefferson Medical College. He comdon’t hide them! General Surgery Residency and an known conditions. pleted his General Surgery Residency accredited fellowship in Vascular Surgery and an accredited fellowship in Stephen Gosin, M.D. FACS How are varicose veins at Robert WoodSurgery Johnson He is Board Certified in at University Robert WoodHospital. Dr. Stephen Gosin is a graduate of and venous reflux SurgeryVascular and Vascular Surgery. Dr. Gosin is a fellow of The American Johnson University Hospital. He Jefferson Medical College, where he diagnosed? CollegeisofBoard Surgeons andina Surgery memberand of The Society for Vascular Certified also completed his General Surgery An experienced vascular Surgery. GosinVascular is a Residencyand and was Chief Surgical Surgery,Vascular The Society for Dr. Clinical Surgery, Stephen Gosin, M.D. F.A.C.S. Jeffrey Gosin, M.D. F.A.C.S. specialist can make the diagnosis fellow of The American College Resident. He is Board Certified in numerous other national surgical and vascular societies. with a combination of a medical 442 Bethel Road, Somers Point, NJ 08244 of Surgeons and a member of The Surgery. Dr. Gosin is a fellow of history, physical examination and Society for Vascular Surgery, The The American College of Surgeons, a 609-927-VEIN (8346) Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery, charter member of the International a painless vascular test called a Visit us on the Web and numerous other national surgiSociety of Endovascular Surgery, and doppler ultrasound (also known The County Woman cal and vascular societies. January/February 2015 many other professional societies. The Magazine County Woman Magazine January/Feb as a venous duplex scan.) Making





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QGet Great Legs for Summer!

You can experience the ultimate in vein care right here at the Jersey Shore.

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Spring Is Around The Corner!

Jeffrey Gosin, M.D. F.A.C.S. 442 Bethel Road Somers Point, NJ 08244

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(609) 927-VEIN (8346)

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Legal Documents For All Ages 18-118 Part 2 - Durable Power of Attorney

Legal Documents For All Ages 18-118 - Part 1

By: Nancy M. Rice, Esq., CELA

Q: Q Q:

What are the “top 3” legal documents

By: Nancyeveryone M. Rice,should Esq., CELA have?

1. Advance Medical Directive/Living Will 2. Durable Power Attorney What are theGeneral “top 3” legalofdocuments 3. Last Will and Testament everyone should have?

1) Advanced Directive/Living Will Which 2Medical documents take effect immediately, 2) Durable not at General death? Power of Attorney 3) Last Will and Testament Last month, we discussed the Advance Medical

Directive/Living Will, which I believe may be the most important document for eachisofmost us. important? Which document


Both the AMD/LW the Durable Powerabove of Attorney Arguably, theand documents are listed are used during our lifetimes, not at death as with a Will. in order of importance, meaning that the Advanced Similar in concept to the AMD/LW, a Durable Power Medical Directive/Living Will is arguably the mostof Attorney is critically important in the event of incapacity. important. When you turn eighteen (18) years, you are considered When a child attains age of eighteen (18) years, “legally competent” and arethe presumed legally competent he or and she becomes “legally competent” and parents lose unless until a Court determines otherwise (in a legal their right toproceeding). make medical decisons for the child. In guardianship


fact, the HIPAA privacy law can make it impossible for What is a “DURABLE POWER OF parents to gain access to the child’s medical information, ATTORNEY”? let alone A make medical decisions in the event the child Durable Power of Attorney is a legal document becomes incapacitated. Of course, same HIPAA prepared by an attorney which namesthis individuals you privacy law applies to the elderly, and everyone in choose to act as your Agent or “attorney-in-fact” inbetween. the In order your loved ones to have access to your event you to areallow unavailable or incapacitated. medical information and make decisions for you when happens if I am in a serious car have accident you can’tWhat (without involving a court, you must and don’t have a Durable Power of Attorney? a properly signed and witnessed Advanced Medical Similar toWill.) the problem with medical decisionDirective/Living


making if you don’t have an Advance Medical Directive, your spouse or adult children will NOT be able to pay What is a “Living Will”? your bills or access your savings or other assets unless those Thejoint, termallowing “Livingjust Will” coined in the midaccounts are onewas signature.


1970’s following the Karen Ann Quinlan matter which reached Most married assume that the spouseThe hasCourt access the Newfolk Jersey Supreme Court. to all assets if held in joint name; this is NOT the case, strongly recommended that every person over the age of however, with IRA’s, real estate (including your primary eighteen (18) have a document in writing- with his or residence), most joint brokerage accounts, and, of course, her wishes concerning life support. accounts held in just your name.


If youWhat do notishave a Durable Power of Attorney place a “Health Care Proxy”? Is itinthe (which covers ALL of your assets, not just accounts in one same as a “Living Will”? bank or financial institution), your family will need to file a costly and time-consuming Guardianship proceeding The New Jersey Advance Directive law went intoin the Courts if you become incapacitated. effect in January, 1992. After that time, a Living Will


came to be known different such What are by themany various types ofterms Powers of as: • AdvanceAttorney? Directive • Advanced Directive A General Power of 1. Medical General/Limited.

Attorney attempts to cover all types of transactions which your Agent may have to handle during your incapacity. It may authorize your Agent to handle things which you think • Health Care Proxy are not relevant, for example, access to a safe-deposit box • Health Power Attorney which youCare do not haveofright now. The document needs • Medical Power of to be all-inclusive to Attorney take into account issues which might • Medical arise five orProxy more Directive years down the road when you become incapacitated. The detail, Medical the better,Directive/Living in a document I favor the termmore “Advanced such as this. Will” so that people can figure out from the title what it is. Occasionally, we prepare Limited Powers of Attorney which a client wants for a limited purpose (eg. to sell a house) or for ado limited period. TheLiving LimitedWill Power of Why they time ask me for my Attorney should really be in addition to, and not in lieu of, when I go to the Hospital? a General Power of Attorney.


1990, Congress passed a law,attorneys known asdraft the “patient 2. In Financial/Medical. Sometimes, Self-Determination Act which requires all Hospitals documents called a “Medical Power of Attorney.” I & Nursing ask you, uponbeadmission, whether don’t use Homes this termtobecause it can confused with a you have an Advance Directive/Living Will, to follow General Power of Attorney designed to address legal andthe Directive if you have one, and to offer dispute resolution financial decision-making. Also, some attorneys combine in the eventand there a question regarding your Directive. the medical theislegal/financial provisions into one document. I do not do this because I like to keep the MedicalWhat Directive 2-3Legal pages,Requirements whereas the financial Power aretothe to make of Attorney often requires 8-10 pages.


a valid Living Will in New Jersey?

3. Immediate/Springing. All of my Durable Powers of In order to sign an Advance Directive, New Jersey and Attorney take effect immediately. Technically, you have most other state’s laws require: the option to make a POA “springing,” which means that it 1) signer in be the overfuture. 18 andThe competent signthis a takes That effect the sometime problemstowith legal document; option are several-fold:

2) That the witnesses must attest to the fact that you

First, if a POA is of no effect until you are determined of sound mind and of duress or undue to be are “disabled,” someone has free to make this determination. influence when you sign the document; Certainly, you want to avoid going to Court, and a bank teller or financial advisor isbenot qualifiedand/or to make this 3) That the document witnessed notarized. determination. So you must define the term “disabled” in thea)document, which attorneys by(2) requiring New Jersey lawmost requires eitherdo two witnesses a letterorfrom your doctor so stating. Have any of youwe a Notary Public. Pennsylvania law (which ever tried get a letter from amany doctor? Withchoose no offense musttoconsider because patients or end intended to the medical professionals out there, it can be up in a Philadelphia hospital for certain procedures) very difficult Wedoes havenot hadrecognize cases requiresand twotime-consuming. (2) witnesses, and wherejust we were unable to get the proper letter, which made a notary. For this reason, I set up my Advance the POA useless. Directive document for both two (2) witnesses and

a Notary sign.importantly, I ask clients this Second, and Public perhapstomore question: If you are concerned about what your designated b) Your Witnesses cannot be one of the peoAgents would do now, when you can watch them, shouldn’t ple you have designated as your Health Care you REALLY worry about what they would do with the Representative!! This is especially important to POA later, when you are incapacitated? remember if you are signing your Living Will

Third, you the control the document, around kitchen table . . . . meaning you keep the original or direct us to keep it in our safe, and you can

amend or revoke it at any time. If the thought of someone having broad powers makes you nervous, think about the alternative: a judge will decide who will handle your affairs Yourtake Witnesses your attending physiif youc)don’t the timecannot to do itbeyourself.

cian or the Administrator or Employee of the health

4. Durable/Non-durable. New Jersey requires that, for a care institution you are residing in unless he or she POA to be effective, it must clearly state that it “remains in is also your relative. effect even in the event of my incapacity.” The purpose of this rule is to make sure that you intend for your Agent to are when someyou of the consider be able What to act even can’tissues watchto him or her!

Q Q:

when making a of Living Will? What are some the issues to consider when making a Power of Attorney?

A: PerhapsAsthe most thing toDirective/Living keep in mind is with the important Advance Medical that you need to choose a person or persons whom you Will, you need to carefully choose the person or persons know will carry out your wishes. You are not required you know will properly handle your finances. It is a goodto name and youtheir might not want tell idea tofamily name members, folks who manage finances wellto and, anyone who enough you have named youown feel that that they others may ideally, have money of iftheir would put pressure on you to change your mind. should never be tempted to make bad decisions withYou yours! always name a “backup” person in the event your first You are not required to name family members, and you Representative falls ill or dies. Remember, you can only might not want to tell anyone who you have named if you sign this document NOW when you are healthy! feel that others may put pressure on you to change your mind. You2, should always name a “backup” person in the In Part we will discuss another document which event named falls Durable ill or dies. Remember, all your of us first should haveAgent in place: youGeneral can onlyPower sign this document NOW when you are of Attorney. healthy!

In Part 3, we will discuss the third and final document which to Schedule Appointment all ofCall us should have in place: aan Last Will and Testament. Ocean City: 609.398.3447 Hill: 856.673.0048 Call toCherry Schedule an Appointment Ocean City: 609.398.3447 Nancy Rice has been Cherry Hill: 856.673.0048

practicing Estate

Nancy Rice has been Planning and Elder practicing Estate Law in New Jersey and Planning and Elder Law in New Jersey Pennsylvania since and 1986. She was Pennsylvania since Certified as an Elder 1986. She was Certified as an ElderLaw Attorney in 1997, and maintained Lawhas Attorney in 1997,offices in Camden andCape has maintained and May counties, specifically in offices in Camden Cherry Hill and Ocean City. and Cape May counties, specifically in Call 609-398-3447. Cherry Hill and Ocean City. Call 609-398-3447.

• Estate/Trust Administration • Guardianships • Will Contest • Special Needs Trust

• Medicare, Medicaid, Long-Term Care ELDEr AND DiSAbiLiTy Nancy M. rice, Esquire, CELA Certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation

& Disability Planning

200 Asbury Avenue • Ocean City, NJ 08226 • 609.398.3447 1236 Brace Road, Suite F • Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 • 856.673.0048 The The County County Woman Woman Magazine Magazine January/February2014 2015 November/December


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Avoiding a C-section: Expectant Mothers Have a Voice at Ocean Gynecological and Obstetrical Associates Four of every 10 births in New Jersey are delivered via cesarean section, according to a study released earlier this year by the National Center for Health Statistics. Not at Ocean Gynecological and Obstetrical Associates (OGOA), a unique practice with the lowest C-section rates in the region. For more than 50 years, women in Ocean County have trusted OGOA to provide comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic care. OGOA combines the expertise and compassion of highly trained board-certified physicians and certified nurse-midwives to provide expectant mothers with a birthing plan that fits their individual needs and preferences.

Lori Sherman, CNM, MPH, APN “Having a baby is one of the most joyous times in a woman’s life, but

it’s common for expectant mothers to have questions and even some anxieties. Our team of experienced midwives provides more than just a shoulder to lean on – we offer advice to help expectant mothers form their personal preferences and choose the approach to care that aligns with their needs, whether that includes an epidural or not,” says Lori Sherman, CNM, one of OGOA’s skilled midwives.

So, how is OGOA’s approach to care unique? Laboring mothers can choose from three options: physicianonly; midwife-only, with physician backup if necessary; or a collaborative model featuring care by both a midwife and physician. One of the few practices in the area offering 24/7 midwifery coverage, OGOA midwives have attended thousands of births – they know and respect normal pregnancy and the physiologic birth process, enabling them to recognize when the process is not normal and consult, when necessary, with OGOA’s expert physicians.

Does OGOA really have the lowest C-section rates in region? Yes. OGOA supports the national recommendations by the National

Ocean Gynecological and Obstetrical Associates has two convenient office locations: Toms River Office 368 Lakehurst Road, Suite 303 Toms River, NJ 08755 732.349.0485

Lakewood Office 475 Route 70, Suite 101 Lakewood, NJ 08701 732.364.8000

About Barnabas Health Medical Group Barnabas Health Medical Group is a multi-specialty group practice comprising highly trained and experienced world class primary and specialty care physicians. Barnabas Health Medical Group physicians provide compassionate and innovative cutting edge care for people at every stage of life at easily accessible facilities conveniently located throughout New Jersey. Backed by the vast continuum of resources of Barnabas Health, the largest not-for profit integrated health care delivery system in New Jersey and one of the largest in the nation, our dedicated physicians and expertly trained supporting staff continuously strive for clinical excellence. To learn more, visit Institutes of Health, American College of Nurse Midwives and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to reduce C-section rates and support the physiologic birth process by encouraging trial of labor after cesarean (TOLAC) or vaginal births after cesarean (VBAC). Several OGOA physicians offer external cephalic version (ECV) to rotate breech or malpositioned babies, giving women the chance to deliver vaginally rather than via a scheduled cesarean birth. In fact, OGOA has one of the highest VBAC rates in the area, enabling mothers who have had C-sections to deliver vaginally. “Many women prefer a vaginal delivery vs. C-section, as the healing is quicker and easier and they attribute vaginal childbirth with part of being a woman,” said Eric Lehnes, MD, a board-certified ob/gyn at Ocean Gynecological and Obstetrical Associates. “The key is for women to arm themselves with the options and work with an obstetrical team and hospital that are open to VBAC if that’s the route they choose to take.”

What other amenities does OGOA offer? Offering the best of both worlds, OGOA offers all the comforts of a birthing center with the safety of a hospital. OGOA offers one-stop

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convenience, including in-house lab services, ultrasound and electronic fetal monitors for testing. In addition, OGOA is affiliated with Community Medical Center, whose First Moments Maternity Unit offers 24-hour, in-house anesthesia and neonatology teams, intermittent monitoring, Jacuzzis, birth balls, ambulation during labor, alternative birthing positions, immediate skin-to-skin contact and more.

Eric G. Lehnes, MD “We take pride in putting our patients first and giving them the opportunity to choose the type of obstetrical care they want, tailoring their birthing experience to their own specifications while having a safety net of 24-hour in-house anesthesiologists and neonatologists at Community Medical Center,” said Dr. Lehnes. “At OGOA, expectant mothers have a voice.”

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Medical Professionals


Losing Weight and Feeling Great Marie Farnan has struggled with her weight since she was 11 years old. She has tried it all when it comes to weight loss: calorie counting, exercise, diet food plans, diet pills, and more. “As I got older, it became even harder to manage my weight. Whatever worked to lose weight before did not work when I got into my 50s,” says Marie. At the AtlantiCare Health Park in Egg Harbor Township, Marie saw an informational flier about AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center’s (ARMC) bariatric surgery program. Bariatric surgery helps people gradually lose weight by limiting the amount of food that can be eaten comfortably. “After attending the information session and meeting with the staff at ARMC’s Center for Surgical Weight Loss & Wellness, I decided on the gastric sleeve procedure,” explains Marie. “Also, during the consultation, my AtlantiCare surgeon, Dr. Alexander Onopchenko, made me feel very comfortable. I felt like I was in good hands.”

Since having bariatric surgery, Marie has lost 42 pounds and hopes to lose another 12. Her body mass index (BMI) has dropped from 37 to 29. “I did not have a huge amount of weight to lose, but the scale continues to move in the right direction. I feel like my old self. I am happier, and I feel so much better. I

have a spring in my step again, and I’m taking less medicine,” Marie says. If you’re considering weight-loss surgery, ARMC’s Center for Surgical Weight Loss & Wellness is here to help. At AtlantiCare, bariatric surgery is only the beginning of the care and support we provide to help you succeed in losing weight — and keeping it

off. In addition to variety of surgical options, our services include a surgical weight loss “boot camp,” a comprehensive pre-surgery education program, a patient support group, and other helpful resources. For more information, visit or call 1-888-569-1000.

WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY SEMINARS Minimally Invasive Bariatric Surgery Join us to learn about these minimally invasive surgical procedures for weight loss: • Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy • Laparoscopic Biliopancreatic Diversion (BPD) with Duodenal Switch (DS) • Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Roux-En-Y • Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (LAP-BAND®) Registration required, call 1-888-569-1000.

REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER The Center for Surgical Weight Loss & Wellness

View our weight loss webinars at

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Medical Professionals

The Apollo™ System Used for the First Time in NJ by Dr. Ronald Benitez

NEW �e�innin�s...

New Revolutionary Tool Offers Hope for Patients with Inoperable Deep Seated Blood Clots in the Brain The Apollo™ System, manufactured by California-based Penumbra, Inc., was used for the first time in New Jersey and the outcome was a success. Apollo is an innovative new surgical tool that enables minimally invasive removal of deeply seated blood clots in the brain during a single, efficient operation. With combined use of an endoscope and image guidance, the Apollo System allows decompression and removal of otherwise inoperable clots deep in the brain, among other uses. Dr. Ron Benitez, a nationally renowned neurosurgeon and president of Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists (ANS), successfully treated the first patient in New Jersey using the Apollo device. Dr. Benitez explains: “Our first patient was a 63 year-old male who suffered from hypertension. I knew this patient was at risk for time-sensitive, irreversible damage to the brain due to pressure and clot formation. For this patient, I was concerned his need was more urgent, and that the Apollo System would facilitate the same surgical result in minutes, rather than days utilizing medical managements that we did in the past that could result in brain damage or even death. “Following successful clot removal with the Apollo System, our patient improved and we were able to remove brain pressure monitors and breathing support over the next few days. As opposed to facing several weeks comatose in the intensive care unit, our patient was awake and moved from the unit within a few days.” “I am grateful that we are finally making progress in an all too frequent and extremely incapacitating and fatal condition. I think the arrival of the Apollo System is very timely. I’m confident that use of the Apollo System will result in faster patient recovery and a shortened stay in the intensive care unit,” Dr. Benitez concluded. The endovascular team at ANS looks forward to future success using the Apollo System, in conjunction with neuroendoscopy and image guidance, for the removal of hemorrhages in the brain. This technique has the potential to be a truly important advancement in the field, since no other treatment has convincingly been shown to help patients with this lethal condition. Usually patients with this type of hemorrhagic stroke have very poor outcomes and extremely long hospital stays. Just hours after the treatment, this patient began showing improvement. The ANS endovascular team points out that in earlier trials for minimally invasive surgery for intracerebral hemorrhage evacuation, they observed higher rates of good clinical outcomes when they achieved near complete removal of blood clots. The problem was this degree of clot removal was not achieved in most patients and required several days of drainage through a small catheter left in place after surgery. With the new Apollo System, it seems they may be able to achieve the sought-after level of clot reduction immediately and safely in most patients. Therefore, it is possible that the ANS endovascular team will continue to observe benefits that surpass former expectations. The Apollo System is the result of decades of research and development work in the field of advanced aspiration and vibrational energy technology by researchers at Penumbra. Advanced aspiration technology was first developed and perfected in the field of acute ischemic stroke where blood clots inside the arteries of the brain are starving brain tissue of vital oxygen and nutrients. The Apollo System adds internal energy generation to a specialized advanced aspiration tool to surgically address deep bleeding in the brain, a particularly devastating form of acute hemorrhagic stroke. Don’t let insurance come before your health. Call to speak with our insurance counselor. For more information visit or call 732.455.8225.

MCW/OCW Jan Keys/Apollo #1232_r2.indd 1

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With a comprehensive approach to specialized care, Atlantic Neurosurgical Specialists (ANS) holds the keys to your new life. This type of high level collaboration and multidisciplinary approach to surgery and care doesn’t happen everywhere, but it does happen here. New Jersey’s largest neurosurgical practice consists of board-certified neurosurgeons, each of whom are fellowship-trained in their specialties including spine, brain tumors and endovascular care. Our neurosurgeons are afforded an unparalleled ability to focus on their sub-specialties. Because of this, our specialists can offer the rarest of treatment options and are the most qualified to provide an accurate diagnosis. We are highly specialized, nationally renowned, and are among the very best practicing medicine. Don’t let insurance come before your health. Ask to speak with our insurance counselor. For more information, visit or call 732.455.8225.

3700 Route 33 Neptune, NJ 07753 732.455.8225 11 Overlook Road Suite 180 Summit, NJ 07901 908.516.2941

310 Madison Avenue Suite 300 Morristown, NJ 07960 973.285.7800

2345 Lamington Road Suite 107 Bedminster, NJ 07921 973.285.7800

89 Sparta Avenue Sparta, NJ 07871 973.729.0266

464 Hudson Terrace Suite 203 Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 973.285.7800

12/10/14 3:49 PM

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Revitalizing Your Look Can Be Simply Dramatic Have you ever looked into the mirror and seen fine lines, wrinkles, hair growth, blemishes and loose skin, which seemed to have happened overnight?

Esthetician treatments enhance the effect of laser skincare and maintain youthful skin..


hile these changes seemed to have happened overnight they’re mostly likely due to several reasons resulting in the changes to your skin. In our early thirties we first start to see the beginnings of fine lines and loose skin around our eyes. As we get older these age related changes continue along with other conditions such as medical problems (rosacea, acne, melisma, and hormone changes) fluctuations in weight and other environmental factors such as sun damage and smoking. Most of these changes can be reversed or improved with the power of light! The simple elegant nature of a single color light can have dramatic effects on improving your skin with essentially no side effects. The reason for this is that each color of light is unique and it is absorbed specifically to the problem area that the color treats when applied to your skin. The effects are amazing and treatments are what can be offered with state-of-art laser skincare. At our center we have years of laser experience and a center of excellence with nine different lasers to be able Revitalize Your Look With Laser Skincare to tailor a personalized treatment just and Esthetician treatments. Model for you. We provide everyone with a rendering of before and after results. complimentary cosmetics consultation to see your concerns and discuss your options and meet your unique needs and desires. A laser can provide a precise treatment to your condition with minimal to no downtime. These treatments often take 10-20 minutes and you usually have no activity restrictions. At our center, you can be assured you are getting expert care with Dr. Small performing all laser treatments with the assistance of his nurse. Simply Elegant and Proven Laser Often laser skincare treatments are Treatments Remove Blemishes combined with other office treatments to enhance your results. We recommend meeting our aesthetician to tailor a daily skincare program to maintain the youthful vitality of your treatment with the beneficial effects of facials and microdermabrasion. Non Invasive Botox Juvederm Radiesse Boletero Vanquish


Augmentation Lift Reduction Reconstruction Revision Augmentation Revision Reconstruction


Liposuction Tummy Tuck Body Lift

We provide comprehensive plastic surgery of the face, breast and body and we can combine any of our laser skincare treatments with other office enhancements such as Botox, Juvederm, Voluma. Belotero and Radiesse. One of our most common procedures is combining laser skincare which improves the skin quality with a face or mini lift. Dr. Small has performed hundreds of face and mini-lifts, which corrects the face cheek and neck skin laxity returning your skin to a youthful appearance, often making patients look 7- 10 years younger.

Artistry • Beauty • Rejuvenation

Laser Center

Matrix Fractional C02 Resurfacing Hair Removal Spider Vein Tattoo Removal All Colors Photofacials Erbium Laser Refresher Peels Pulsed Dye Laser Scar Treatment


Give us a call today and schedule a complimentary consultation. 732-255-7155

Vectra 3 D Imaging Breast Face Body



Get closer to your sweetheart with more youthful and smoother skin. This is a great combination of a Gentle Peel laser treatment combined with a relaxing facial and microdermabrasion.


Perfect for sun damage correction with fine line correction and personalized laser treatment of red or brown spots blemishes. Combines a relaxing facial and microdermabrasion with laser treatments of red or brown spots.


Simply the most comprehensive treatment to correct fine lines, wrinkles, roughened skin, scars and prominent pores.

10% DISCOUNT ON ALL LASER TREATMENTS JANUARY AND FEBRUARY Disclaimer: void where prohibited by law. Must be 18 years of age or older. Offer subject to change without notice. The patient and any other person responsible for payment has the right to refuse to pay,cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any other service,examination, or treatment that is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for free, discounted fee, or reduced fee service, examination or treatment.

OCEAN PLASTIC SURGERY P.A. AND LASER CENTER Toms River, NJ • Manahawkin, NJ • Office: 732-255-7155

Esthetician Services Microdermabrasion Classic Facial

Facelift Cheek Lift Neck Lift Eyelid Surgery Fat Transfer~ Lipoaugmentation Rhinoplasty Chin Augmentation Otoplasty

(other variations acne, back and mini)

Revitalize and Valentine (Erbium) \ Facial-Combines Laser and Esthetician Treatments Waxing Tweezing Make up application

1301 Route 72 West • Suite 260 • Manahawkin, NJ 780 Route 37 West • Suite 240 • Toms River, NJ • 732-255-7155

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Under the Direction of Dr. Stephen Small, we provide comprehensive Laser skincare and Plastic surgery of the Face, Breast and Body. We seek to enrich lives by enhancing or restoring your natural beauty. We listen to every patient’s unique needs and desires and look to see that they have an exceptional experience. Dr. Stephen Small is an experienced, board certified, plastic surgeon who is a naturally artistic innovator on the cutting edge of medicine to serve his patients in the most up-to-date and personalized manner.

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Is It More Than Just The “Winter Blues?” Health


& Wellness

There can be a variety of reasons why-many do not like the season; the temperature and weather combined with shortened daylight do not make it conducive to go outside or be as active. Numerous individuals complain of feeling “cooped up,” or “just bored”. and plain empty.


suffer from this disorder are frequently treated with Light Therapy, but research has shown many individuals show improvement with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Others may have a different depressive disorder and experience increased symptoms during this time of year. There are common symptoms that go along with these disorders which may include weight gain, lethargy, lack of motivation, insomnia/ sleeping too much and a depressed mood. If you think you are suffering from more than the “Winter Blues”, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional.

to cope-a good defense is to push one’s self to be more active, not only in a physical sense but social as well. Connecting with others is often very helpful. If you feel

Running On Empty?

ed, exhausted, anxious the mood le it “all”, now feeling irritable Sometimes or unable By Kevin Kane, change is more than just a more thing”, we feel like empty, MSW, LCSW result of boredom-it can be ue selves. a sign of depression, and

individuals suffer but we aren’t limited to our physicalsome being. We from a periodic type of Many people express ual components. depression called Seasonal

having hard time ut what fuels ayou mentally? getting through and nurtures you?

Affective Disorder (SAD), which is triggered by seasonal changes, most the Winter urely walk, reading months a book, or soaking in the tub, commonly observed in the the Holidays . simply following sitting appreciating the sounds of nature. Winter months. People who



732-244-2210 86 E. Water Street Toms River, NJ 08753

Professionals dedicated to total wellness. Let our exceptional staff offer you our many years of experience along with compassionate, individualized attention. We understand total wellness includes services for both your mind and body! Pick one service or choose them all...

We are here to meet your individual needs!


As with many types of depression, there are ways

you may need help, please give us a call today.

Individual, Couple, and Child Counseling Weight Loss/Nutrition Services Groups and Classes on a variety of subjects

(Please check our website for our latest schedule. Pre-registration is required.)


Hours of Operation: 8am-8pm Mon-Fri Weekends by appointment.

ught up. We feel guilty because there are so M.S.W., ltimate ay Beth pa Kane, at never-ending list. There’s a reason we refer to it LCSW, co-founder of Marin Ultimate Day Spa Integrative Therapy, LLC, g anywhere. This is the key. started her career working for themselves because they feel selfish. They with individuals with severe do the things that inspire and nurture them. medical and mental health The year is just beginning. Let us put a our skin is the largest organ of your body. From the top g, feeding, and fueling yourself mentally is about issues. Sought after for professpa plan together for you. Yourall spa who “plan” have loyally... of your headhave to the bottoms of yourus feet,to all skin. That is our them All of our customers who allowed introduce to spa services, sional andservices. articles you can be even better to those around could earn you interviews 10%OFF your specialty you. here at Simply Skin. Our amazing, topically altering her field, has developed Ask our in front forshe details. way spa you needs feel about yourpast face, your body gift really. cometreatments to Simply will Skinchange for all the of their for the We desk can all buy our own “stuff.” a specialty for depression, and your feet! All of this will happen as you relax and enjoy our soft Our specials change monthly. Make 20 years and for our coworkers and the bond we have mind and spirit. If someonemusic accuses of being selfish, you can lookstimulate and The best gift you can give is the and you professional manipulations to exfoliate, anxiety, coping with chronic sure we have you on our emailing list. created together. Simply Skin has been part of hydrate your skin. Actually, we will be addressing several needs of “This is my gift to you”. medical illness, and gift to take care ofgrief. someone. The beginning of each month you your skin in every service. Downtown Toms Riverspa for 20 years now. will receive our newsletter with u find the way to obtaining better balance in your life Marin Integrative Therapy, (732) 244-2210. Our body treatments will for the body skin of specials. We offer the finest in service forcare massage, care, skinAt Simply Skin, we understand this and make it very easy for you NJ 08753 Integrative Therapy, (732) 244-2210. nd stop “running on empty”! 86 E. Water Street, Toms River, theMarin entire body. The exfoliation process will vary


Taking CareSkin, of Yourself is LOVE! At Simply We Are Grateful For......


care and nail care for hands and feet. We also have an extento purchase gift cards for family and friends. Our gift cards can be depending on type of treatment but the goal will be to Please let us help you with sive spa boutique for skin your of homecare, giving and shopping rid your topical dead cellsgift while we stimulate, purchased in person at ourValentine spa, by telephone, or online Gift Needs by nourish hydrate the “new” skin. our spa in the past pleasure. Overand 45,000 people have graced visiting our website, www. from your phone/computer. Online gift cards are printable, Written By: By: Written 20 years. Our staff has been together for Finally, the feet, scrubbed, massaged and seriously or call us available to email, or can snail-mail it to them too! JoAnn Juralewicz, hydrated to leave those overworked appendages soft JoAnn Juralewicz,over 12 years and some as long as 19 years. for assistance, 732-505-9448. owner, Simply Skin. supple and feeling loved! The toenails will be groomed as well! Merry Christmas to All! owner, Simply Skin.Thank You! A Day Spa Experience Happy Hanukkah to You and Yours! Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! A Day Spa Expreience

Testimonial from a guest... While I have not been to the Spafrom in a bit, it was everything I remembered. The staff was very friendly & professional. I received a pedicure with courteous and friendly staff, as well as the most excellent service! I Testimonial a guest ... & I must say it was wonderfully refreshing. I definitely look forward to my next visit. Thanks for making my experience a good felt refreshed, renewed and relaxed. Ione. can’t wait to go back again soon!! • The service was awesome! I used to live in the area 20 years ago and

Friendly, & competent women- from thegoing front to desk & relaxing atmosphere. A brightevery spot time in my!!!! Personal and professional. a wonderful experience wouldhelpful go to Simply Skin regularly. I was betointhe thetechnicians. area and WarmHave day! Special thanks to Amy & Carol. - Anne Marie ~ Lisa B.

scheduled a facial. 20 years later it is still the most amazing place ever

We are located at:313 West Water Street, Toms River, NJ 08753 (Just a quarter mile east from Exit 81 of the Garden State Parkway.) A DAY SPA EXPERIENCE

Business & Finance

Please call Simply Skin at 732-505-9448 to make your appointment.

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Financial Management



Social Security: Is Your Age a Retirement Numbers Game?

hen preparing for your retirement, think about how much income you may need each year to fund the lifestyle you want. To help maintain your living standard, you may need to save enough money to supplement other sources of retirement income, such as a company pension and/or Social Security. It is also important to be aware of how your age factors into your retirement decisions. Here are some important age milestones to consider:

Age 55

If you take an early retirement, quit, or are otherwise terminated from employment, you can generally withdraw money from 401(k), 403(b), SEP (Simpli- fied Employee Pension), and profit-sharing plans without being subject to a 10% income tax penalty for early withdrawals. To qualify (as specified in IRS Publication 575), you must reach age 55 by December 31 of the year you leave the workforce; money must be distributed to you from your employer ’s plan and cannot be transferred to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA); early withdrawals are subject to the plan’s provisions; and only money from your last employer ’s plan qualifies (not funds from previous employers). You may take early distributions from a traditional IRA without penalty, provided you receive “substantially equal periodic payments.” Since certain rules govern this provision, be sure to consult a qualified tax professional.

Age 59½

Generally, you can withdraw money from traditional IRAs and qualified retirement plans after the age of 59½ without being subject to the 10% tax penalty, if plan specific qualifications are met. Ordinary income tax is due if your contributions were tax deductible. No income tax or penalty applies to distributions from a Roth IRA, provided you have reached age 59½ and have owned the account for at least five years.

Age 60

Widows and widowers may be eligible for Social Security benefits. For the most up-to-date information, visit the Social Security Administration’s website at

Age 62

Some companies may allow retirement at 62 with full pension plan benefits. This is also the earliest age for receiving regular Social Security benefits, but the benefit amount is permanently lower than its potential maximum.

Ages 62–64

For those who are working and collecting Social Security benefits while younger than full retirement age, the age at which an individual is eligible to receive full Social Security benefits. The earnings thresh hold is $15,480 for 2014. One dollar in benefits is withheld (a “give back”) for every $2 earned above that amount. A portion of benefits may also be taxed as income based on a complex formula that includes wages and tax exempt income.

Age 65

Many company pension plans provide full benefits at this age. However, the age may vary by the company plan. Medicare eligibility also generally begins at age 65.

Ages 65–67 (or the year in which full retirement age is attained).

Traditionally, full retirement age was 65. However, for those born between 1938 and 1959, full retirement age has been rising incrementally, and for those born in 1960 or later, the age for receiving full benefits is 67. The lower earnings threshold amount still applies for years prior to full retirement age, and a second earnings threshold rule applies for the year in which full retirement age is attained. For those who are working and receiving Social Security benefits, there is a benefit give- back in 2014 of $1 for every $3 over $41,400 earned in the months prior to attaining full retirement. Once full retirement age is attained, the earnings threshold no longer applies, and a portion of benefits may be taxed as income based on a complex formula that includes wages and tax-exempt income.

Age 70½

Required minimum distributions (RMDs) from qualified retirement plans, such as a 401(k) or an IRA, must generally begin by April 1 of the calendar year following the year in which you reach age 70½. Roth IRAs, however, are not subject to the age 70½ mandatory distribution rules. You have worked many decades to accumulate assets to prepare for enjoyable “golden years.” Be sure to consult with qualified tax and financial professionals to help you stay on the track to achieving your retirement goals!

Mark S. Rushwald

Certified Financial Planner™

(732) 505-4422

700 Hooper Avenue, Suite 201 • Toms River, NJ

SecuritieS Offered thrOugh cOmmOnwealth financial netwOrk, member finra/SiPc

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M edia Media

22 00


Emmy Award-Winning Journalist & Jersey Girl

Now Creator and Host of ShoreTV New Jersey


anine Strafaci is a two-time Emmy Award-winning television news anchor. For nearly 17 years, Janine served as one of News 12 New Jersey’s main news anchors. She is a Jersey Girl who has covered most of the major news events that have hit the Garden State. Janine is a recognized face as she has worked tirelessly over the course of her news career to help better the lives of the people of New Jersey by keeping them informed about daily events and helping them tell their important stories. Janine’s work has been recognized by the broadcasting industry and includes two Emmy Awards, nine Emmy-award nominations, an Edward R. Murrow Award, seven national Telly Awards, and a number of Associated Press, Society of Professional Journalists, and Garden State Journalist awards.

An Interview with Janine Strafaci by The Ocean County Woman


What do you like most about being a broadcast journalist in your home state?


Tell us more about your newest venture: ShoreTV New Jersey.


Being a journalist is a privilege. During my 20+ year broadcast career in radio and television, I have been able to share the important stories in the Garden State. Through television news, viewers welcomed me into their homes each day to bring them the stories that affected their lives. What made that experience even more meaningful was the fact that I was born and raised in New Jersey. Being a journalist from the state offers you a greater degree of credibility and understanding about the people and stories you are covering. And New Jerseyans are loyal! Each day, I am approached by people who have been following my broadcast journalism career for many years. It’s a unique bond with New Jerseyans that I never take for granted.


ShoreTV New Jersey is a video-based lifestyle website for those with an interest in the people and places in and around the Jersey Shore whether you live here or you are visiting. When you want to know what to experience in and around the Jersey Shore, ShoreTV New Jersey is the site to check out. Our news-style videos show you where to shop, dine, play and stay. We also feature interviews and stories that impact Jersey Shore area communities in a positive way. Those video news features can be found in our segments: ShoreTV Spotlight, Shore Favorites, For Goodness Sake and Healthy For Shore.


Why did you make ShoreTV New Jersey your new outlet for sharing NJ’s stories?


I’ve had a front row seat for many years to all the major news stories to hit New Jersey – from the heart-breaking and life-changing stories of 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy to the everyday hurdles that New Jerseyans face in their daily lives. I have always enjoyed sharing the stories that offered people positive information. So often, viewers would say to me, I want to hear more of the positive news. In TV news, those stories were often given less attention than the “hard” news. ShoreTV New Jersey is a way to give more coverage to the people and places that make this part of New Jersey “click” through the use of the professional story-telling tools of journalism. The foundation is based on my love for New Jersey and my journalism career; and offers a new platform for telling stories. The distribution and consumption of media content has changed dramatically. I came to realize that new media presented the best way for me to continue to share my passion. Viewers expect on-demand access to content on any device. They want to participate by sharing their experiences and forming communities around the stories. ShoreTV New Jersey addresses those expectations.


How can people follow ShoreTV New Jersey?


Go to The hyper-local video news stories that feature the positive people, places, businesses, organizations and events in and around the Jersey Shore area can be viewed on our website. We also spread the word about our stories and what’s happening through social media. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at shoretvnj. To be featured on ShoreTV New Jersey through a news-style video, email us at to learn more about those opportunities. As we say: ShoreTV New Jersey: Watch It. Live It. Love It. The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2015 January/February 2015



When you want to know what to experience in and around the Jersey Shore, ShoreTV New Jersey is the place to be! From the beaches to the farms and everything in between, we visit the places and talk with the people who make this part of New Jersey something special. Hosted by Emmy Award-Winning New Jersey Television News Anchor

Janine Strafaci

watch us online at * Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities available *

Photo by Carmela Caracappa Photography

f shoretvnj l shoretvnj i shoretvnj

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2015

Interior D ecorating Business &P ersonal Storage

24 50

It’s Time For a Fresh Look! Friendly • Clean • Affordable



fo r

yo u a

t t h e i n te r s e c t i o n o f

R t. 3

7W es t

t. 7





e hurs t D i ne


Lak r.

A clutter free life is as easy as 1-2-3



Firs t DEN www.airshipselfstorage.comDECORATING $ M onth “Your Garage Away From Home” I N T E RR I O R S ’s e n Owner Debbie Hrbek • Interior Decoratort- * Do You Have Too Much Stuff? 2420 Ridgeway Boulevard • Manchester




s es

732-202-8959 • Each franchise is independently owned and operated.

1 Pick a storage unit size.

We Offer:

• Drive-Up Units • Climate Controlled Units • RV/Trailer Storage • Competitive Pricing • Video Camera Monitoring • 24/7 Access to Units

Not sure what size you need? Call us, we will help you determine what you need.

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Care Close to Home As part of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Care Network, our practices, conveniently located in Cape May, Smithville and Somers Point, provide comprehensive primary care for children from birth through age 21. We accept most insurance plans, and our doctors have staff privileges at local hospitals, in addition to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We look forward to partnering with you to help your children stay their healthiest. We are accepting new patients, as well as children vacationing with their families. CHOP PRIMARY CARE LOCATIONS AND HOURS: Harborview/Cape May Harborview/Smithville 1315 Route 9 South 48 South New York Road Cape May Court House, NJ 08210 (Route 9) 609-465-6100 Smithville, NJ 08205 609-748-2900 Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. OUR CLINICIANS: George P. Bross Jr., D.O. • Yasmin D. Deliz, D.O. • Christopher W. Drexler, D.O. • Sharon L. Held, D.O. • Mark P. Jacobson, D.O. • Christopher J. Keenan, D.O. • Courtney G. Kivel, C.R.N.P. • Lisa J. Share, M.D. • Andrea R. Thorp, D.O. • Gerald E. Vekteris, D.O.

Harborview/Somers Point 505 Bay Ave. Bayside Commons Somers Point, NJ 08244 609-927-4235 Monday and Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. Saturday 8:30 a.m. – Noon ©2014 The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, All Rights Reserved. 9363/NP/06-14 TheCounty CountyWoman WomanMagazine Magazine The

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There may be a connection Consider Participating In A Clinical Study

To find out more about the Harmony AD clinical study, please contact us at:

732-244-2299 20 Hospital Drive, Suite 12 Toms River Art Gallery

You are cordially invited to view

the works of Nolan Willence

at a newly opened Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

THE OASIS GALLERY 495 Route 9, Bayville, N.J. by appointment: P: (732) 657-3930 • C: (732) 575-5851 • E:

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Health ealth & Wellness H &W ellness

The ScienceYour Behind Hypnosis To Change Weight - Change Your Mindset

Oily or dry scalp


Following are some interesting points concerning hypnosis or many years, people have used hypnotic techniques to bolster and thepatterns, science and behind it: factors that are involved with inappropriate habits, emotional Whentheir wasability the lasttotime you looked at yourreleasing reflectionnegative in the mirror or at a make changes – like habits, eating and lack of exercise. The combination of hypnosis and coaching does. photo of yourself, and thought, “lookin’ good”? It’s all too easy for excess pounds reducing fears, improving sleep quality, building confidence, • Hypnosis is a state characterized by heightened imagination and increased Through hypnosis we work with the subconscious mind – the part that plays and inches to creep up – a little here, a little there, and before you know it, receptivity to appropriate suggestions. Focus of attention becomes narrow, and enhancing etc.more There wereand a lotseveral of theories to why a key role in behavior patterns; through coaching we work with the conscious, you’ve gained relaxation, 20, 30, 40 or pounds sizes. Itasmay seemthis overthe ability to tune out distractions increases. It’s often combined with relaxation. whelming almostwhen impossible to get it under Sadly, people justto lder aw logical mind. The dual aspect of this process makes it extremely powerful. approachand worked other methods failed,control. yet there wasmany no real ability Oilygive orup dry andscalp deal with the health consequences and emotional fall-out. Others • EEGs show an increase in lower frequency brain waves under hypnosis, demonstrate the positive impact on the brain – until recently. end up on a never-ending on-again, off-again diet roller coaster. Actually, the



LP IS TALKING TO YOU The four-session weight management start-up


TH heater R &Entertainment

most way to gain weight keepthe it brain on is to dieting! Think Theeffective field of neuroscience – whichand studies andkeep nervous system – hasabout been what happens you diet. You constantly focus on . . . what you’rea going rapidly evolving.when And with that emerging information, we food continue to develop better Seasonal or to eat, when you’re it,medical whatonyou can’t eat, etc. The majority of people understanding of the going benefitstoofeathypnosis the mind and body. hairloss who dietpast, andair lose weight it back onwith within year. and was lumped together & eplacement In the hypnosis wasput synonymous stagea shows,


similar to when a person is daydreaming or in a light sleep state. There appears to be reduced activity of the conscious, analytical aspect of the mind and greater access to the part of the as mind deals with emotions, and behavior program serves a that springboard andmemories gets you headed patterns.

in the right direction. Reinforcement sessions 47 • Neural pathways in the brain are changeable. When in a hypnotic state, it

with corny magic and mysticism. Because of that, people were often hesitant about are available after that you are to Oily or dry scalp appears that nerve cells in the part point, of the brainand that controls habitable formation In all the years I’ve been involved with weight management, I’ve rarely met using this approach as a way to make desired changes. However, it’s become increasbrittle or what healthy eating and exercising meant. Lack of a woman who Dry, didn’t know lose some of their electrical charge, and the mind becomes more subject to customize your schedule. ingly difficult to dismiss it as hype or entertainment,Psoriasis when scientists at leading research dull hair knowledge usually isn’t the problem. The problem is that there’s a huge gap change. New connections among nerve cells can be formed. or eczema facilities to demonstrate capabilities. betweencontinue the “knowing” and theits“doing.” “I know what to do; I just can’t keep The focus is on getting on – and staying on – a healthy path, for the rest • The bottom line: In this state, it’s easier for people to alter unhealthy or Advancements in neuroimaging (like of hypnosis and coaching helps doing it!” is what I often hear.techniques The combination of your life. It’s not about dropping a bunch of weight and then going back to inappropriate patterns of behaving and thinking. functional andbyPET scans) reflect a variety to bridge MRIs that gap diminishing negative habits and instilling healthier ones. old patterns. This approach is safe, drug-free, calming, and empowering. It is Seasonal or ofItbrain wheninindividuals enter a hypnotic helpschanges you believe yourself and stay motivated. appropriate only foristhose people who and are serious about making changeitand who The human mind indeed complex, even with scientific advances, is still not medical hairloss The changes seem subtle and state. Also, it’s become clear that humans have the natural. It’s not magic,Dry butorfor those people who embrace the process, it often believe that, with the right tools, change is possible. Make the choice to improve oily fully understood. We do know, however, that for many people, hypnosis is a potent Itchiness capacity to alter patterns dandruff for most of their lives, if Androgenetic feels magical. your relationship food, take back sense of control, get healthier, method for makingwith positive change, and ityour is supported by advances in the fieldand of S hair lossyour mind Oily dry scalp theyTo choose to. Theoff term refers to to retrain get weight andneuroplasticity keep it off, you need to or develop live the life you are meant to live. And, get ready to start liking your reflection neuroscience. Simply put, hypnotic techniques help people neutralize ineffecDry, brittle or change new, healthier habits – and your relationship with food. Diets, supplefindings that show our brains change in response toPsoriasis and behavior photographs oncebeliefs, again! and emotions – and prepare them to move in Itchiness tive patterns, dull hair he ments, liquid meals, pre-packaged diet foods, surgery – don’t address the thoughts and actions. They can be “rewired,” so toeven or eczema the direction they want to move. air if speak, in beneficial ways. he When ADVANCED CARE FOR YOURMake SCALP Your Mind Work FOR You – Instead of Against You! in the You can’t have healthy hair without a healthy scalp! than Rhoda Kopy is a nationally certified consulting hypnotist and wellness coach, with special Dry or oily While conventional hair products cater to the pdfreedom of speech at certification in complementary medical hypnotism. She earned a B.S. degree in Biomedical Androgenetic dandruff hair shaft, the Capilia Scalp Health range, based WE HAVE REAL SOLUTIONS will S loss of Trichology, isCommunications ogy be is astonished to on thehair science itself specifically from Richard Stockton College of N.J., has an academic background in yand health. designed to address the common of years’ experience in community health education and coaching. Rhoda adheres nursing, and 20+ Hear what your scalp has to say byItchiness taking problems f your the scalp. Ask us about our hair care products! cycle he to strict ethical standards of the National Guild of Hypnotists. isn’t advantage of our free scalp analysis offer. airwhere if m soluhe our Appointments are required. Please call for your FREE consultation! 3.3333 gy, rather RhOda KOpY When Now thru March 31st 2012 – give your scalp freedom of speech ADVANCED CARE FOR YOUR SCALP he health with a complimentary scalp analysis. You will be astonished to n the is of Youiscan’t have healthy hair without a healthy scalp! he crossdiscover that your scalp key to capillary health. We are a Member of: han ecifiThis offer ends on June 1 , 2014. Limit of (1) coupon per client. Valid at Capilia London only. ng back While conventional hair products cater to the pdfreedom of speech at scalp, hair shaft, the Capilia Scalp Health range, based WE HAVE REAL SOLUTIONS will 732-255-1733 ogy be is astonished to oncity thetown science of Trichology, is itself specifically pth 123, street avenue boul., 333.333.3333 Heads First Capilia Center rehealth. trained and designed to address the common alp are Hear what your scalp has to say by taking problems of ter an the scalp. Ask us about our hair care products! 2494 Moore Rd.Ste #1 cycle ant for advantage of our free scalp analysis offer. ecifically Toms River, NJ 08753 g, danhome Enter To Win (In the Stone Hedge Professional Building) n cases, ts of the our Appointments are required. Please call for 3.3333 $ your FREE consultation!


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y by taking E ducation Glysis TO YOU. offer. YOUR SCALP IS TALKING TO YOU.

Business &Finance

y by taking lysis offer.

unpleasndruff, is of ning and



Enter to Win a 25 Gift Certificate to Abstrax Hair Designs

Now thru March 31st 2012 – give your scalp freedom of speech with a complimentary scalp analysis. You will be astonished to Your Visit to Enter discover that your scalp is key to capillaryWe health. are now seeking

NEW or Clip and Return the Coupon Below! “DURING MY We are a Member of: DESTINATION FOR LAUGHS & CONVERSATION This offer ends on June 1 , 2014. Limit of (1) coupon per client. Valid at Capilia London only. CHEMO new hair stylists: Name: __________________________________________________________________________ TREATMENTS, 732-255-1733 Your NEW full or part time. Afternoon Drive Show: street avenue boul., city town 333.333.3333 ALSO AVAILABLE ON Address: ________________________________________________________________________ Heads First Capilia 123, Center CAPILIA - Fri. PM 3:00 - 6:00 To apply, please City: ___________________________________ State: _________ Zip: _______________ 2494 Moore Rd.Ste #1 OFFERED News Headlines • Traffic • Weather Abstrax at 732-255-1733 Toms River, NJ 08753 ME MUCH Phone: (______)______________________ Email: ______________________________________ for more info. Bob Ingle (In the Stone Hedge Professional Building) Every Friday at 5:00 PM MORE THAN Mail To: nty Woman January/February 2015 A Magazine WIG.” New York TimesThe Best Selling Author, Gannett County Woman • P.O. Box 619 • Turnersville, NJ 08012 LISTENLIVE! Columnist, and Here Radio ❏ TV Check toPersonality Receive Specials from Abstrax Hair Designs AHD “DURING MY We are now seeking Bob Ingle WWW. T OMMY GS HOW.COM nCHEMO One entry per person. This gift certificate is for new clients only with a value of $25. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Entries will be accepted through December 31, 2014. new hair stylists: Company does not provide any personally identifiable information to these third party ad servers or ad networks without your consent. egin TREATMENTS, full or part time. ts. CAPILIA To apply, please call in vide The County Woman Magazine November/December 2014 OFFERED Abstrax at 732-255-1733 The County Woman Magazine January/February 2015 t our any ME MUCH r for more info.

ecifincalp, You can egin th crucial ts. Askare a alp ovide with the ant for t our rdann cases,


Gary Gellman/Gellman Images

Medical edical P Professionals rofessionals M



I’m Having Rectal Bleeding – Should I Be Concerned? tion. Rectal bleeding associated with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or ischemic colitis can also be accompanied by abdominal cramps and pain. Massive painless rectal bleeding can be seen with diverticular hemorrhage. A small amount of blood around the stool or on the toilet paper is typical for hemorrhoidal bleeding. This is quite common in women after childbirth. Painless rectal bleeding can also be caused by colon polyps, colon cancer, and cancers of the anus or angiodysplasias, which are abnormal collection of blood vessels that can bleed. One should not assume that their rectal bleeding is from internal hemorrhoids. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of performing colonoscopy on patients who assumed that their rectal bleeding was from internal hemorrhoids only to find a large rectal tumor during colonoscopy. Unfortunately, in many cases the tumor was advanced because it was not detected in a timely fashion.

Written by: Edgar Bigornia, MD, Gastroenterologists of Ocean County

There are many different causes of rectal bleeding including: internal hemorrhoids, colon polyps, cancer, colitis, diverticulosis, angiodysplasias or anal fissures and tumors. Due to the many possible causes of rectal bleeding one can see the importance of talking to your doctor to define the exact cause of bleeding.


Is the color of the blood bright red or is it maroon or black in color? In general, the brighter red the color of blood the closer to the rectum the source of bleeding is. As one travels higher up in the intestines bleeding from these areas tend to be darker in color. For example, a bleeding ulcer in the stomach may present as black tarry stool not even resembling blood. Diverticular bleeding is usually massive and typically results in hospitalization.




How can hemorrhoids be treated?

Conservative treatments include avoidance of constipation by drinking enough water and eating a high fiber diet. Sitz baths and topical medications including creams and suppositories can bring relief. If symptoms persist, internal hemorrhoids can be treated by rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy, or surgery. However, these methods tend to be associated with pain after the procedure. Newer methods for treating internal hemorrhoids include laser and heater probe ablation of internal hemorrhoids, which can be performed under sedation during colonoscopy. Patients generally do not have any pain, discomfort or bleeding after the procedure and can return to work the following day. If local treatments and medi-

What danger signs should I be looking for?

Painful rectal bleeding is typical of an anal fissure. Patients describe a tearing sensation during a bowel movement associated with passing bright red blood. An anal fissure is a small tear in the lining of the anal canal, which can result from passage of hard stools or straining during a bowel movement. This can readily be diagnosed on physical examina-



“Dr. Bigornia was caring and took time to chat with me and make me feel comfortable. Very nice and caring staff.” ~ Deborah, 51, Toms River

the best bedside manner of any doctors I’ve known. The encouragement and caring from the start to finish of my colonoscopy experience was great”. ~ Beverly, 69, Toms River

Any change in bowel habits including: decreased size or caliber of the stool or change in the frequency or consistency of bowel movements. The presence of abdominal pain or significant weight loss should also raise a


Is the bleeding associated with pain?

As you can see there are many causes for rectal bleeding with very distinct therapies. Most importantly, do not ignore your symptoms. Talk to your gastroenterologist to determine the proper testing and treatment for you. Call Gastroenterologists of Ocean County with your concerns.

Fine Art Photography “The staff and Dr. Bigornia had


cations are not effective in controlling hemorrhoidal symptoms then discuss possible treatment of your hemorrhoids with your gastroenterologist.

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What can cause rectal bleeding?

What color is the blood?

HQ ealth &Wellness

red flag. Patients who are found to be anemic on routine blood work warrant further evaluation. If you have alarm symptoms, a colonoscopy should be performed immediately. Colonoscopy is an easy, non-painful examination under anesthesia. The procedure can be performed in an outpatient setting and can readily determine the source of rectal bleeding. If polyps are detected during the colonoscopy they can be removed and sent for pathologic examination. If colitis or inflammation of the colon is detected, biopsies can also be obtained to determine the type of colitis so it can be treated appropriately. If a growth or tumor is detected during colonoscopy, this can be biopsied so that the diagnosis can be made and the patient can then be referred for definitive treatment.

“ Outstanding professional courtesy. Dr. Bigornia couldn’t be better.” ~ Rich, 80, Toms River

The doctor and staff are wonderBusiness &F ful. Theirinance personalities are very

Meet The Doctors Of Gastroenterologists Of Ocean County.

(Sitting l-r) Omar Tamimi, MD , Jill Collier, MD, and Allan Cohen, MD. (Back row l-r) Jai Mirchandani, MD, Edgar Bigornia, MD and Kenneth Glazier, MD. We perform endoscopic procedures in the convenience of our two office based endoscopy centers. We aim to provide the highest quality of compassionate medical care and perform endoscopies in a convenient, friendly, non-threatening office setting. We serve patients from many different backgrounds which is mirrored in the diversity of our physicians.


Gastroenterologists of Ocean County


uplifting and personal. I would recommend Dr. Bigornia and the Endoscopy Center to everyone who needs this service.” ~ Lena, 66, Toms River

Board Certified Gastroenterologists

Allan Cohen, MD • Omar Tamimi, MD • Jill Collier, MD • Edgar Bigornia, MD • Kenneth Glazier, MD • Jai Mirchandani, MD Hospital Privileges at Community and Ocean Medical Centers

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• Colonoscopy and colon polyp removal • Swallowing disorders • Endoscopic treatment of hemorrhoids • Colon cancer & screening disorders Colonoscopy anddetection colon polyp removal • Swallowing • Capsule Endoscopy • Rectal bleeding evaluation • Endoscopic treatment of hemorrhoids Colon cancer detection & screening • Bravo pH Monitoring • Ulcerbleeding pain evaluation and treatment • Capsule Endoscopy Rectal evaluation • Bravo pH Monitoring Ulcer pain evaluation and treatment Hospital Privileges at Community and Kimball Medical Centers Endoscopy Center of Toms River Endoscopy Center of Ocean County •

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7 Sherwood Drive 7 Sherwood Drive Lakewood, NJ 08701 Lakewood, NJ 08701 732-367-3338 732-367-3338

Medicare, HMO’s HMO’s and and most most insurance insurance accepted. accepted. Medicare,

Now you can have your Colonoscopy, Polypectomy and Upper Panendoscopy in our tranquil and private endoscopy centers. You will receive intravenous sedation, which will make you sleepy and comfortable. Our colonoscopy preparation does not require you to drink a gallon of solution of Golytely or Colyte. Now seeing patients in our NEW

in Cherry Tree Plaza! Lacey 355 Route 91617 Route office 355939 Route 9 Road 939 Lacey Road 88 West Now seeing 2360 9 South Forked River, NJ 08731 Bayville, NJ 08721* Bayville, NJ 08721* Forked River, NJ 08731 Brick, NJ 08724 Route patients in our new Howell, NJ 07731* 609-971-5949 732-349-4422 732-249-4422 Brick office location! 732-349-4422 609-971-5949 * Limited hours by appointment. * Limited hours by appointment. 732-349-4422 The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine

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Filing A Worker’s Compensation Claim: aw 28 What are the benefits? Don’t You Dare Pay for Medical Bills Associated for any of theCompensation bills associated with your injury. Not one and I am only paid if I with Your Workers’ Claim!

cent. No co-pays, no deductibles. Why should you pay get you RESULTS. anything if you don’t have to? Too often, I meet people who have been injured at work who tell me they’re thinking of putting theirTake medical bills care and work safely! • The second benefit is wage replacement, also through their private insurance carrier rather than their employer’s workers’ compensation policy. I ask, “Why would If you have more quesOk, let’s face it. When you hear known as temporary disability payments. This means you do that? The workers’ comp policy is supposed to address medical costs, including emergency room tions visits,and ambuwould like to that if your authorized doctor says you can’t work due to about someone collecting Workers’ lance, MRI studies, surgeries and even prescriptions.” schedule an appointment Compensation benefits, the first thing your injury, you will receive monetary weekly benefits with Kathleen M. Dotoli, fromof your employer’s workers’ofcompensation People have lots of reasons for doing this, but none In defense workers whoinsurdon’t pursue a claim, many say call 732-228-7534. thatthem crosses your mind me sometimes anceancarrier commensurate with your andworkers’ rate. compensation beneare very good. Whatisare“Give they? Well, they simply didn’t knowwage about Kathleen Dotoliand is a licensed a break, I go work with aches and payments continue as long as youidea are about receiv-disability fits.will They may have a vague benefits employer willto mistakenly tell their injured employeeThose to bypass attorney for over authorizedare care, awaiting surgery sorry to hear aboutoranrecovering. injury when it happens to a friend20 years the workers’ because they simply pains all the comp time!system People should be don’tingknow helping Written by: to wage is just another orright neighbor, butreplacement they honestly didn’t know what to residents do whenof Ocean how to file a claim. Sometimes they don’t think theProtecting injury your Written by: working, not complaining!” and Monmouth CounKathleen M. Dotoli, reasonAnd to file aitclaim. happened to them. is “serious enough” to notify the workers’ comp carrier. Kathleen M. Dotoli, Esq Esq. ties. Her practice focuses on • The third benefit compensates you for the long some employers are under the assumption that their premiWell, I want to dispel some of the Workers’ Compensation and Kathleen Dotoli is a licensed termcomeffects of your injury,toalso known permanency I want make sure as this doesn’t happen to YOU. I can ums will automatically rise if they notify their workers’ Social Security Disability attorney Claims. She the present Co-Chair mythspensation that are associated forisover 20 years helping benefits. say you a liftingbills injury thatreimburse youexperienced get your medical PAID, for Compensation Committee carrier of a potentialwith claim so they do what they Let’shelp of theyou Workers’ for the Ocean County residents of Ocean and Monmouth resulted in a herniated disc in yourexpenses back. Hopefully you Workers’ claims. your out-of-pocket and if necessary follow through can toCompensation circumvent the notification process. Bar Association and a Member of the Workers’ Compensation Counties. Her practice focuses make a full recovery, get action back totowork, andyou havegetlittle with legal ensure the medical treatment you for the Executive Committee NJ State Bar Association as well People who file Workers’ Compensation claims are on Workers’ and no residualsneed fromtothat Unfortunately, getinjury. better and get back tothere work. Theasonly thing ofyou a member the Vincent J. Apruzzese Compensation Mock Trial what happenshonest, when you or JUST LIKEBut’s They are hardworking, dediSocial Security Disability Claims. are many people who have go ontotoworry have physical Bar Foundation. should about islimitayour health. Committee for the NJ State cated employees who unfortunately an injudon’t correctly reportexperienced your work injurytions anddespite the She is the present Co-Chair of best care. That doesn’t mean you can’t If you suffer a work injury, don’t get stuck with bills, co-pays ry at their job. I’m not talking about sprains and strains. work or enjoy life! It just means that you have to be the Workers’ Compensation mistakenly put the claim through your and deductibles. Your employer’s workers’ comp policy is Instead, think broken bones, herniated discs, torn rotator more careful. supposed Committee for the Ocean County How much dependstreatment on your with toyou payare forpaid all medical private health plan: In other words, the cuffs, and traumatic brain injuries. Bar Association and a Member unique injury,NO occupation, job function and personal out of pocket expenses due from you. of the Workers’ Compensation types of serious injuries proven and supported by medical lifestyle. Receiving compensation for your permanent • You WILL be responsible for co-pays and Executive Committee for the NJ injury is something you are unlikely to get without filing evidence that have long term limitations. deductibles. State Bar Association as well as a a claim. But is• filing claim NOT reallyhave necessary? member of the Vincent J. Apruzzese YouaWILL the same type of jobI hope you see now why Workers’ Compensation ben225 Washington St. The Cottage Mock Trial Committee for the NJ By law inprotection New Jersey, injured entitled if yourworkers injury are keeps youtoout ofefits are so important! Without them, thousands of NJ Toms River, 08753 State BarNJ Foundation. three really important workers each year would find themselves lacking medical work. benefits - benefits they need in order to• get You better,WILL pay their bills,be andgranted provide temporary compentreatment, income and compensation for their injuries. NOT Phone: (732) 228-7534 sation for their permanent injury. If you’re ever hurt at There’s no two ways about it. Workers’ Compensation disability benefits (wage replacement) by work, you’ll need to know about these three benefits. benefits help thousands of New Jersey workers each year Have you or a loved one been the workers’ compensation while you • The first and most important benefit iscarrier payment 225 Washington St. The Cottage and are there for YOU if you need them. injured at work and don’t know are out of work.That And if you apply for state Have you or a loved one been injured at work and in full for medical treatment. means emergency where to turn to ensure ALL of Toms NJ 08753 room bills, MRIs and X-rays, diagnostic testing, surgery, disability, you will be LIMITED to only don’t 26 know where to turn to ensure ALLRiver, of your rights your rights are protected? Don’t physical therapy andofeven psychological testingWhat to helphappens are protected? Don’t navigate this maze alone! Call me weeks wage replacement. if navigate this maze alone! Call deal with catastrophic injuries. You are not responsible today to discuss your injury. The consultation is FREE you’re out longer than that? me today to discuss your injury. The consultation is FREE and • Your private health care plan might not have I am only paid if I get you to cover you medical costs and may even seek Children’s Boutique RESULTS.

Phone: (732) 228-7534

REIMBURSEMENT from you if they learn your health care costs arise from a work injury. Stop by to see all that they offer! Take care and work safely! • You WILL NOT be entitled to permanency Sea La Vie Children’s Boutique just made its debut in Ventnor City. It is not your average benefits at the end of your medical treatment. children’s boutique. They offer a mix of hand-made and store brands, embroidery services, fun sewing classes and more! Sea La Vie carries both boys and girls clothing from sizes Newborn to Girl’s size 16 and Boys size XL. The owner, Christina Rubenstein, has been in business for five years making children’s clothing out of her home, selling at craft shows and online under the business, Too Too Cute Tutus. She will be creating clothing and Enter to Win a Consultation & Treatment embroidering in the store and will feature other local crafters. Sea La Vie strives to be unique and affordable at and new merchandise comes in frequently! Koehler Acupuncture

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One entry per person. Valid for new patients/clients only. Value not to exceed $100. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Entries will be accepted through January 31, 2015. Company does not provide any personally identifiable information to these third party ad servers or ad networks without your consent.

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Law Health & Wellness eading OH rthodontics

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The Highs AAnd Lows Being An. . .Executor Different Way ToOf Get Your Life Back AAppliance Family Affair Palatal Expansion 2 A]b]a]nYDU]b 8]gWcaZcfh FY`UhYXGhfYggBY[Uh]j]hm

Article Written by: Christine L. Matus, Esq.

decedentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name that an executor would be provided. Are you organized?: it is a skill that is essential for D. Let the executor know: itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important that you notify many executors. Recording communications and letters Article Written by: of Christine L. Matus, large portion my practice is in Esq. estate the person thatability you aretoappointing as executor knowand that they administrative and technical skills in addition to regulations, serve, desire to serve, the from contacts such as lawyers and bankers is important. The have been appointed. Often times people provide us names tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hard to believe that the end of the year is communication skills. Identifying the appropriate trustee wherewithal to keep up with the legal and policy changes paperwork could pile up very quickly for someone who is not planning. And with that many times we have a psychiatrist Stanford University. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Changing your can know? change And whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for their executor. Next we mindset ask, do they if they hereprobably and that heard a newofone haswalkersâ&#x20AC;? begun. During is difficult general; a SNT presents challenges. with SNT administration. organized andin especially with withadditional anotheratpersonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve â&#x20AC;&#x153;fire â&#x20AC;&#x201C; individuals who prepare mentally to dealing clients whoIcome inthink whoabout wantthe usrelaxing to help warm them donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know we encourage them to talk to the executor make this time, like to It is common for families to name a relative, as my husband assets and belongings. going on in your body,â&#x20AC;? he noted. Hypnosis has been used successfully to diminishtothe walk over a bed of hot coals, and who do so â&#x20AC;&#x201C; without any physical discomfort with their last will andand testament, and they Then, have them aware that they have been appointed and to set up an be placed in. Turning the when the top jaw (maxilla) is too your upper jaw must not be rigidly days my family I had last summer. my and I did, to serve as the trustee of their familyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s SNT.  Planning for a special needs child takes unique skills An even temperament: the role of an executor is to discomfort of arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, spine problems, skin conditions, IBS,and or harm. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not hocus-pocus or make-believe, and the laws of physics can explain which isknowledge. done narrow for the bottom jaw. This is attached to the rest of the skull. If own appointment withimportant us to explain their would consist brother and his family visited several times from Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that the people you designate as settle affairs openly. Each beneficiary has their personalready their mindreally set who they will and other types of screw, pain. It is used pre-with and post-operatively towhat lessen theduties stress and dissomehad of it.inFire walkers do walk over designate intensely hot coals. They accomplish this a to key,bethen activates the called cross bite. It could beand thattherefore the itsutures that attachthat your upper oftrustee and answer any questions.and work with the professional Virginia.  Many articles have espoused there is specialized can communicate alities is very important for an executor as their executor.proper An Executor is the persondesire, who is inpositive expectation. This is an comfort of surgery,expander. and to promote a speedy recovery. People undergoing chemotherapy feat through preparation, a strong and the screw only one side, or bothcalm sides, and/ jaw tototo the rest of when your are I up and transparent thesucceed heirs wrapping estate. After knowledge needed as askull Trustee. cananconfirm services to the Above it isbeing essential to Many times we beneficiary. have clients who say toall, us that executor find it useful in countering unpleasant side effects. Women who use hypnotic techcharge of the Will and to carry out their wishes. interesting theand power of the â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and it can beitused tostill handle is doneinbeingishave turned, the ormind all Kate, around too narrow. open, beare certain Knowing the rules: asthis anappliance executor, there Myexample brother,ofVic, sister-in-law, areis how that makes sense topain have a family will member involved someone who will carry out the personal wishes of like a second job. Fortunately, however, all of the executors that niques during pregnancy and birthing find the entire process more joyful, comfortable, screw will then be turned able to widen the jaw itself. If the and discomfort. timetables imposed to perform duties and to file certain appointed as my younger daughterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Trustee some capacity in the care of the individual with special the family and the special needs individual with love and Part of what we do is to educate the executor as to what to I have dealt with throughout my career have always said that not starting the following havebut already fused, this and less centered on thewill â&#x20AC;&#x153;agonyâ&#x20AC;? ofwere childbirth. can get aimportant palatal documents. Furthermore each state different. Supplemental Needs Trust. choose needs. But I sutures canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t help think that myis daughter compassion. And I am glad to relieved have found thosewere people expect whenfor theyherhave this role. Often timeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lifeWe is Who complicatonly they honored butsothey were that they able morning, and once at appliance can openly widen the You need to be familiar with the state law in which you are them because they have the qualities and values be best served by a family member AND a professional for my daughter.  expander? ed but death can be of complicated executor should Millions people intoo. thisThe country suffer frombepain and discomfort, and along to accomplish this one last task for their night before removing upper jaw if you have had surgery settling the estate. we would wantlevels for financial both ouraffairs daughters, God part co-Trustee. crucial about the made aware thatthat concluding the of The a deceased loved one. the how you perceive pain: your emotions, There are many factors that influence with - high of stress, limited capacity to enjoy their lives, and feelings expander. your upper jaw from your skull in Oftentimes executors consult attorneys to manage the entire palatal expander is timing. forbid something happened to my husband loved one does require organizational skills, well as time. your perception of what that pain may signify, your personality and thought patof sadness. They are evaluated, haveasdiagnostic tests, are referred for physical therapy, Olcay, DMD key certain areas. Christine L Matus, Esq. or to handle portions of the estate. In our firm The estimate and myself. there was always a orthodontist question canprocess My kids have been always close to my brother and his And if theSezer deceased loved But one wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t organized themselves, What are terns, and previous experiences withthe pain. Using hypnosis and coaching, these issues are gobble up pain medication like candy, the list goes on and on. And, yet, for many â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the Holmdel Orthodontics the amount of skeletal growth we have a hybrid of services that we offer from taking care and in my mind, can they handle all the issues our family. But this past summer confirmed with me personally, it takes skills of Sherlock Holmes to uncover assets that were Washington St., benefits250 of the addressed, and . . . pain and emotional stress are still obvious there, are muted and slugyouorgrows have remaining by taking settling from soup to nuts only answering fewmy of daughter and may as she up? by medication, that the theyestate werethey thefeel absolute righttochoice. Not onlya are either forgotten or nothas mentioned in have any documents. expansion? Toms River, NJ 08753 t:PVSTUSFTTMFWFMJTSFEVDFE Dr. Sezer Olcay gish and â&#x20AC;&#x153;foggy.â&#x20AC;? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not unusual for these people to be told, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nothing more a Hand-Write radiograph. For the important questions that an executor may have since they More over, would anyone be able to handle brother and sister-in-law professionals, who are very well We recently helped an executor wrap up the estate of her The palatal expander Thanks to the amazing 732-281-0060 fax: 732-908-8026 notThe your typical females, your growth is andwith t:PVSQFSDFQUJPOPGQBJOJTBMUFSFE are capable haveextremely the time to do the tasks required as anthey them? organized strong interpersonal skills, thatiscan be done.â&#x20AC;? Itorthodontist. may seem true from aassets strictly physiological perspective. However, late husband. estate consisted of dealing with forskeletal creates space for crowded technology in the field of In fact, it is not uncommon for largely complete by age 14. For executor. quite plainly love my kids.  variouspain relatives and step-relatives. It took almost 2 years t:PVCFDPNFBCMFUPGPDVTNPSFFBTJMZPOPUIFSUIJOHT or discomfort can be lessened for many individuals who are willing to be partners front teeth, corrects a cross-bite of orthodontics, patients now her patients to keep in touch males, your mayyou be afford it?: if your loved one Can had died inthe back teeth, if one was present, These are usual questions, parents of orthodontist special to closeinout estate. had aby very organized t:PVHBJOBGFFMJOHPGFNQPXFSNFOUBOEPQUJNJTN thethe process ofThankfully pain relief.weposed have more options when it her andorganized actually form to But get anot sense of howanother much state owe or is far from youduty as thetoexecutor, there is needs children, after knowing that loved it is able so very important Trustees a fiduciary their beneficiaries, executor aswith well as an deceased one. improves the width of the smile t:PVSPWFSBMMTFOTFPGXFMMCFJOHJTFOIBODFE comes to braces. You can be caring relationships. She has more skeletal growthtravel youwhich have left required. Youthem will betorequired to to the decedentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s to have Supplement Trust.   where obligate act inthe thego best interests ofitsthe all is always ina place and notNeeds located in places you would and appearance, and improves What does palatal t:PVQSBDUJDFTFMGIZQOPTJTBOEVTFSFJOGPSDFNFOU$%T assured that Dr. Olcay and There is a vast amount of professional literature investigating the role of hypnoby comparing your stature to your home and deal with paperwork and other Filling beneficiaries. Thetherole of the trustee should discussed expect. been practicing Orthodontics the airway if construction of the expander procedure her caring staff will guide you inSupplemental Monmouth County theas inthings pain are and stressfor management, which has been overwhelmingly supportive. papers and nowadays canGenerally, be madeKnowing simpler three to through six are issuggested. Asis Needs Trust (SNT) isparents. a legal document before the forms SNTs are implemented. is sessions more Oftentimes missed such unclaimed property in out nasal passages blocking the involve? in making the right decision. pastbox. 11 and deals with â&#x20AC;&#x153;If this were a drug, everyone would be using it,â&#x20AC;? commented MD, the than use ofDavid technology. therefaced are often your benefit anyears individual who has a disability. The SNT allows half theSpiegel, battleBut when withtimes such where an important a safe to deposit airflow. The palatal expander consists discrepancies and misalignments presence  Trusts is important andbetter needed. Expenses incurred withyou a disability to honored have, held Trust undertaking. operate when a heartthough, to heart Asaanperson executor, should feel thatinyou werefor their physical important, that your painsomeone may be a signal some- life of aofscrew that isItâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s attached to part may beto recognize Dooyou you have inthat your of the teeth and jaws. The by an executor on behalf the estate for the most benefit, assets.   In a properly drafted Supplemental Needs is done with a family member before the worse happens. asked to serve in that position. That position, however, comes D have someone in your life wrong and needs to be addressed. Anyone considering the use of hypnosis teeth by means ofthing bandsisthat thenot specialty is forwhen ButIthe again each different, depends Trust,official thosename assetsofare included trying to feel qualify reimbursed. I know that plan to sit state with ismy brotherand Vic itand sister in with great responsibility. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important an executor with a Disability ? go around your teeth. order topain should first be evaluated bywith toInalleviate a licensed physician, as hypnosis a Disability ? is never â&#x20AC;&#x153;Orthodontics on what the specific service youofperformed as an executor. for certain benefits.their duties. law, Kate to discuss more my daughterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s issues. These that they are fullygovernmental capableand of Dento-facial handling be fitted for this appliance, three Orthopedics.â&#x20AC;? She adds, â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is not intended replace care. It is often used in conjunction with convenconversations will naturally happen as sheto grows and medical So to make yourvisits executorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easier, sure to: upsound Here are some things to ofthink about in regards to executors: ZZZ+\SQR)RU:RPHQFRP a rethey theyfinancially financiallyprotecteD protecteD? 3URIHVVLRQDO+\SQRVLV &RDFKLQJ need tolife occur. The make first visit just correction crooked teeth, a re tional medicine, or can be used when other methods are not effective or advisable. It? SNTs were originally created to allow parents of children develops ever-new traits and characteristics.  A. Make a list:is atryquick to create a list ofvisit all the important assets Time. but An also executor needsbone to set aside time to make phone five-minute to put facial/jaw problems, isname safe,that efficient, and naturally relaxing. withgodisabilities provide for:KDW¡V7KDW2QH7KLQJ them after they grow age up should and documents that youbetween have in your with SpecialNeeds NeedsTrusts Trusts calls, to the posttooffice to mail Atand what a spacers the teeth willtheir account â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘Special such as under and over bite registered letters, without making them ineligible for public benefits (like SSI Often, however, many family members may not have the numbers and contact persons. It is important to write down even go to the courthouse to record financial information. You <RX0RVW:DQW7R&+$1*($ERXW<RXUVHOI" â&#x20AC;˘ Wills & Estate Planning have bands on them. About one child get screened? issues.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;˘ Wills & Estate Your MindPlanning Work FOR You â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Instead of and to Medicaid).  Prior to from the creation of SNTs, for example, ability handle duties of a trustee. turn to Make your lifetoinsurance policies, to  Some online accounts, will need have information life insurance companies, The American all Association weekthe later, thepasswords orthodontist must then ,VLWD1HJDWLYH+DELW OLNHRYHUHDWLQJVPRNLQJHWF  â&#x20AC;˘ Guardianships â&#x20AC;˘ Guardianships Article Written By: Rhoda Kopy Â&#x152;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2C6;ÂŁĂ&#x201E;Ă&#x2021;Ă&#x2030;½Â&#x2014;ººĂ&#x2021;Ă&#x2C6;¨Ă&#x2030;Ă&#x2021;ººĂ&#x2030; an inheritance directly to a disabled child could potentially professional trustees, like financial institutions. But, many and deposit among other things. asset protectionWhat firms,ismortgage servicers and banks had D)HDU/LIHVW\OH6WUHVV/DFNRI&RQĂ&#x20AC;GHQFH Ocean Orthodontics fit the bracesboxes around the four teeth of that Orthodontics and locations of safe 723 Northâ&#x20AC;˘Beers Street, Health CareProxies Proxies a palatal â&#x20AC;˘ Health Care ¨Ă&#x160;žĂ&#x2030;ÂşÂ&#x2021;Â&#x2013;ĂšÂ?Ă&#x201E;Ă Ă&#x201A;šºà  ÂŁÂ&#x;Â&#x2026;Â&#x152;Â&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2C6; make them ineligible for public health insurance such as financial institutions may not have proper methods established Practicing in Ocean Township for 11 years This will greatly help your executor so that they will not be 'LVFRPIRUW6OHHS3UREOHP3HUIRUPDQFH,VVXHÂłRUVRPHWKLQJVLPLODU" a role in the deceased personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s home and other companies that Orthopedics Suite 2A and make an impression of your Dentofacial â&#x20AC;˘ Long Term Care expander? 804 West Park Avenue, Â&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2021;Â&#x201A;Â?Â&#x2030;Â&#x152;Â&#x201A;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2039;Â&#x160; â&#x20AC;˘ Long Term Care Rhoda Kopy is a nationally certified consulting Medicaid.   To avoid this, the Legislature allowed special for handling SNTs or unable to provide the care and contact scurrying the home turningareit on upside down to findHolmdel, NJ 07733 were involved in your deceased loved oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life.recommends that children are aroundteeth while and the braces them. Building A Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152;Â&#x192;½Ă&#x201E;Ă Ă&#x201A;šºà Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2021;Ă&#x2030;½Ă&#x201E;Â&#x192;¸Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x201A; A palatal expander, also <RX&DQ'R,W â&#x20AC;˘ Powers of Attorney â&#x20AC;˘ Powers of Attorney hypnotist and wellness coach, and is a 2004 needs trusts, which are structured in such a way that they families like myself would desire. In my office, we suggest a basic information. Also, one of the most difficult things is to go through The braces are then removed and screened bythe age 7. The earlier the Â&#x203A;ÂśĂ?Â?Â&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2021;Â&#x201A;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2020;Â&#x152;Â&#x201A;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2C6; Ocean Township, NJ 07712 known as rapid palatal expander â&#x20AC;˘ Inheritance Tax Planning Â&#x161;Ă&#x201A;œžà Â?½Ă&#x201E;Ă Ă&#x201A;šºà Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2021;Ă&#x2030;½Ă&#x201E;Â&#x2022;½Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2030;Ă&#x201A;œžà Â&#x192;¸Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x201A; do not impair a personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eligibility for public benefits.  They family member who possesses a strong relationship with the B. Be specific. If there is a specific item that you would XVLQJDYDULHW\RIWHFKQLTXHVWKDWSRVLWLYHO\LPSDFW\RXUVXEFRQVFLRXVPLQG â&#x20AC;˘ Inheritance Tax state-licensed Planning hypnosis graduate of N.J.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first 732-847-3065 actual personal items located in the deceased loved replaced with spacers. About one cross oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bite ishome. corrected, the more or a hyrax,the is an appliance against benefits, Trusts disabled beneficiaryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rather than beneficiary as week well aslater, asuch professional like a beneficiary to have asexpander your trustee. favorite watch or ring, school. She earned a B.S. degree732-493-4747 in Biomedical â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘Trusts Tryingsupplement to discern which heir would like a certain item from the the will then stable the results are. 0DNH<RXU0LQG:RUN)25<RXÂł,QVWHDGRI$JDLQVW<RX ¤¸ºœĂ&#x192;¤Ă&#x2021;Ă&#x2030;½Ă&#x201E;šĂ&#x201E;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2030;ž¸Ă&#x2C6; the roof the mouth widens replace hence thethat name Supplemental Trust. ÂĽĂ&#x2021;œ¸Ă&#x2030;ž¸žĂ&#x192;ÂźžĂ&#x192;¤¸ºœĂ&#x192;ŠĂ&#x201E;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2C6;½žĂ&#x2026;ÂťĂ&#x201E;Ă&#x2021;Â&#x2020;Â&#x2020;Ă&#x17D;ºœĂ&#x2021;Ă&#x2C6; Visit us at Fax: decedent canthem; be challenging because of emotionsNeeds and the rela-One list it. This separate list can be attached to your last will and Communications from Richard Stockton College of Visit us at (expands) theofRhoda top ofKopy the jaw. Â?Â&#x2026;Â&#x2030;ÂŹÂşĂ&#x2C6;Ă&#x2030;ÂĽÂśĂ&#x2021;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2013;Ă&#x2039;ÂşĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;º ince 2004, has conducted over 4,500 sessions, focused So, on helping reach their How does it work? of the elements a SNT requires that a Trustee beclient appointed whenpeople deciding to choose a trustees for your SNT, N.J., testament. 732-217-3623 tionships throughout the years. Fax: has an academic background in nursing, and 20+ (732) 281-0060 Â&#x2014;Ă&#x160;žà šžĂ&#x192;ÂźÂ&#x2013;Ăš¤¸ºœĂ&#x192;ŠĂ&#x201E;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2C6;½žĂ&#x2026; ÂŁÂ&#x;Â&#x2026;Â&#x152;Â&#x152;Â&#x2020;Â&#x2021; goals. She is a nationally certified consulting hypnotist with certification in advanced clinical hypnosis, is (732) 281-0060 The function of thisC. Email: 732-493-4742 to carry out the terms of the Trust and protect the beneficiary, takeBe stock offees. whether your administrative clear on In your will choice you canhas indicate that Often we arecommend clients when drafting their Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x201A;Ă&#x2026;à žĂ&#x201A;ÂşĂ&#x192;Ă&#x2030;ÂśĂ&#x2021;Ă&#x17D;¤Ă&#x2021;Ă&#x2030;½Ă&#x201E;šĂ&#x201E;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2030;ž¸Â&#x161;Ă?ÂśĂ&#x201A;žĂ&#x192;ÂśĂ&#x2030;žĂ&#x201E;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2C6;Â&#x153;à œšà Ă&#x17D;ÂĽĂ&#x2021;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2039;žšºš When isofitour needed? years experience in community health education Â&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2021;Â&#x201A;Â&#x2030;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x201A;Â&#x2030;Â&#x152;Â&#x2030;Â&#x152; co-founder the Jersey Shore Hypnosis Cooperative and has been featured in the Asbury Park Press. 250Washington Washington SuiteC-1 C-1and Email: appliance is to widen the jaw 250 St.St.Suite the skills, executor shall be compensated for their time. There is this case, my daughter.  communication skills, investment skills, knowledge Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152;Â&#x192;Ă&#x201E;¸ºœĂ&#x192;¡Ă&#x2021;œ¸ºĂ&#x2C6;Â&#x192;¸Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x201A; A palatal expander estateindocuments to have a Letter isofneeded Instruction, which details $GYDQFHG2UWKRGRQWLF&DUH coaching. Rhoda adheres to strict NJ ethical standards of In order for thisa to ZLWKD)ULHQGO\6PLOH TomsRiver, River, 08753 Toms NJÂ&#x203A;ÂśĂ?Â?Â&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2021;Â&#x201A;Â&#x2030;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x201A;Â&#x2030;Â&#x152;Â&#x2030;Â&#x2021; 08753 formula used in New Jerseyabout based public upon the assets inrules the and In5KRGD.RS\%6&+$&+Â&#x2021;Â&#x2021;5RXWH(DVW7RPV5LYHU estate planning, thego role of when. theitself. trustee involves orhappen, capability to learn benefits certain items and who it, should to and the National Guild of Hypnotists. Â&#x161;Ă&#x201A;œžà Â?Ă&#x201E;¸ºœĂ&#x192;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2021;Ă&#x2030;½Ă&#x201E;šĂ&#x201E;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2030;ž¸Ă&#x2C6;Â&#x2022;½Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2030;Ă&#x201A;œžà Â&#x192;¸Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x201A;

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Community Hair Replacement Systems



Â&#x161;Ă?Ă&#x2026;º¸Ă&#x2030;ŠĂ&#x2021;Ă&#x160;Ă Ă&#x17D;ÂĽÂşĂ&#x2021;Ă&#x2C6;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x192;œà žĂ?ºš Â&#x2DC;ÂśĂ&#x2021;ÂşĂ&#x152;žĂ&#x2030;½Â&#x161;Ă&#x2039;ÂşĂ&#x2021;Ă&#x17D; ¤IJ¸ºžĂ&#x2C6;žĂ&#x2030;

Best5hhYbh]cb.<U]fFYd`UWYaYbhGdYW]U`]ghg Holiday Shopping Apps 'LDJQRVWLF5HFRUGV ;5D\V0ROGV 3LFWXUHV


With long lines and an inbox overloaded with discounts, it can be difficult to determine where to shop. Now the digitally Hello, my name is Lisa Ruane and I am the sole proprietor product, quick production, and personalized attention. Our qualsavvy are in luck. There are countless smartphone apps that can help navigate the best deals in-store and online. These DW Wholesale Hair Systems, located in Jackson, NJ. of andcan prices canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t and be beat! apps are also time-savers, so once youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve wrapped your presents,ityyou sit back enjoy some latkes and eggnog. DW Wholesale has been in business for over 8 years, striving Please contact us for a brochure or allow us to answer any SaleSorter for perfection,SnipSnap as well as always satisfying the consumer. We questions you may have inShopKick regards to hair systems, extensions ShopAdvisor SnipSnap lets users snap The SaleSorter app uses Even if you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t purchase Scan the barcode of your can handle all of your hair replacement unit needs. and wigs. photos their favorite your smartphoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s location anything, ShopKick will favorite product and We take pride offering custom coupons andinstore them you the finest quality, to show which discounts are you for stopping by. ShopAdvisor will put it on Lisa A.reward Ruane within app, making units. It isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t any currently available at your Get points, or â&#x20AC;&#x153;kicks,â&#x20AC;? whenand stock hairthereplacement problem DW Wholesale Hair Replacement, Presidentyour â&#x20AC;&#x153;watch list,â&#x20AC;? alerting them readily searchable. local stores. SaleSorter uses ever you walk into a store. you when the app goes repairing your existing hair replacement units, extensions, Email: SnipSnap also allows you a map to show you where The app uses your location on sale. It charts price and wigs. Our factories can duplicate any item you want. 232 New Central Jackson, NJ 08527 history and finds the best to browse the coupons of the deals are. to show whichAvenue stores are DW Wholesale Phone: (732)-492-5344 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax: (732)-961-3440deal at a nearby location. other users. is dedicated to providing you with a superior participating. TheCounty CountyWoman WomanMagazine Magazine The The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine


Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2039;ÂşĂ&#x192;žºĂ&#x192;Ă&#x2030;¤IJ¸ºÂ?Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2021;Ă&#x2C6;Â&#x192;Â&#x203A;Ă ÂşĂ?ž¡à ºÂĽÂśĂ&#x17D;Ă&#x201A;ÂşĂ&#x192;Ă&#x2030;¤Ă&#x2026;Ă&#x2030;žĂ&#x201E;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2C6;Â&#x192;

These apps are available on iOS and Android.


Until December 24th, eBay Now is offering free same-day delivery from nearby stores. Just sit back, relax, and the app will notify you when the â&#x20AC;&#x153;valetâ&#x20AC;? is on their way.

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Live Life Dry: Treating Urinary Incontinence


t would be difficult to watch an hour of primetime television today without seeing an advertisement for overactive bladder medication or adult diapers.

The fact is more than 37 million adults in the United States – one in six – suffers from overactive bladder, urinary frequency, or urgency. Unfortunately, many people dismiss such urinary symptoms to be a part of “getting older” and do not seek medical intervention. The fact is, overactive bladder and urinary retention (the inability to completely empty the bladder) are not a normal part of the aging process, can cause embarrassment, and can diminish the quality of daily living dramatically. Facts: Women are twice as likely as men to experience urinary incontinence. This is due to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and the structure of the female urinary tract. Older women experience urinary incontinence more often than younger women. Bladder control problems may also affect younger people, especially women who have just given birth. In fact, a recent study found 25% of women over 18 years old has experienced episodes of leaking urine involuntarily, and one-third of men have experienced loss of bladder control during their adult lives. Only one in eight Americans who have experienced loss of bladder control have been diagnosed. Recent data has shown that women wait and average of 6.5 years from the first time they experience symptoms until they obtain a diagnosis for their bladder control problems. People experiencing bladder control issues often suffer diminished social lives. Even mild symptoms affect social,

sexual, interpersonal and professional function. People with bladder control problems often struggle with simple everyday activities, such as working, shopping, or seeing a movie, for fear of embarrassing wetting episodes or not being near a restroom. Also, overactive bladder sufferers are two to three times more likely to regularly experience disturbed sleep, overeating, and poor self-esteem.

the cause of symptoms such as blood in the urine (hematuria), painful urination (dysuria), urinary incontinence, urinary frequency or hesitancy, an inability to pass urine (retention), or a sudden and overwhelming need to urinate (urgency) and much more.

Diagnosis: Bladder control issues can be caused by a multitude of factors. In certain cases, pregnancy and childbirth, obesity, weak pelvic muscles or diabetes can contribute to overactive bladder. Additionally, certain medications or inactivity also can contribute to such issues. In some people, bladder control problems are caused by miscommunication between nerves. Specifically, the brain and sacral nerves, which control the bladder, do not communicate properly, causing the nerves to tell the bladder to release urine at the wrong time. The first step towards treatment is diagnosing the type of incontinence and then pinpointing the underlying cause or causes. We ask our patients to complete a “voiding diary” which provides great insight and aids in diagnosis. The gold standard for diagnosing urinary issues, including incontinence, is called Urodynamic testing or Urodynamic study. This series of tests, all done in one visit, along with the data from your voiding diary will give the physician objective data related to bladder functions. Additionally, physicians often perform a cystoscopy to further assess the urinary tract. A cystoscopy is a test that allows the doctor to look at the inside of the bladder and the urethra using a thin, lighted instrument called a cystoscope. This study helps find

Treatment: In some instances, behavior modification may be sufficient to deal with urinary incontinence. You may be asked to limit fluid intake, avoid bladder irritants such as caffeine and alcohol, and do pelvic floor exercises – “kegels”. There are also medication commonly used to treat overactive bladder (OAB) and are sometimes prescribed to treat stress urinary incontinence. In certain cases of incontinence involving the miscommunication of nerves to the bladder, a neurostimulator (commonly called a Bladder Pacemaker) may be the best treatment option. Incontinence is a not a hopeless problem. There are many treatment options available, however, only proper diagnosis will lead to proper treatment. Although behavior modification and pharmaceutical therapy work for some, they may be ineffective or poorly tolerated by other patients. It is definitely possible to live life dry.

• Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) – Leakage on effort, exertion, sneezing, or coughing. • Urge Incontinence – Leakage accompanied by or preceded by urgency (an overwhelming need to For more information, urinate…”Gotta go, gotta go!”) call 609-581-5900, Or visit • Mixed Incontinence – Leakage associated with (732)928-5300 or visit urgency AND effort, exertion, sneezing, or coughing.

For more information call (609) 581-5900 or (732) 928-5300 Mukaram Gazi, MD, FICS, FACS

Director, Robotics & Laparoscopic Surgery Board Certified Urologist Assistant Clinical Professor, Rutgers RWJ Medical School -New Brunswick NJ Monthly Top Docs Consumer Research Council, America’s Top Urologist: 2008-2013 Consumer Research Council, Compassionate Physician Award: 2010-2013

Alexander Gotesman, MD Adult & Pediatric Urology Specializing in Ambulatory Urology 5 Years of Post Graduate Clinical Research Experience Membner - Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society Vitals - 2014 Compassionate Physician Award

Types of Incontinence

University Urology Associates of New Jersey was established in 2003 and is proud to be serving Mercer, Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Our mission is to be a solutions based practice, maximizing the value of the service we deliver our patients with commitment to excellence, integrity, innovation and treatment. We continually strive to provide comprehensive state of the art urological services with emphasis on patient education and shared decision making. Treating patients with compassion, dignity, mutual respect, and trust remains out steadfast goal.

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Robert Peterson, DC, PA-C

Board Certified Physician Assistant Professor - Physician Assistant Program, Philadelphia University


Dominique Etienne, PA-C Board Certified Physician Assistant Howard University Physician Assistant Program, Cum Laude Honors College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health: Dean’s List, 2008-2013 Trustee Scholar, 2009-2011

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Two Big New ChangesDIVORCE In Divorce Law: Here’s What They Mean POSITIVE ALIMONY REFORM:

Written by: Jay Turnbach, Esq.


In September, Governor Christie o much about divorce conjures negative thoughts and signed twofeelings. new pieces Latentofsocial stigmatism, ideas of divorce as a personal failure, and, for some, the dread accompanying legislationthe impacting the family law. major lifestyle change that divorce represents can and undermine efforts to achieve happiness for Theoverwhelm first is the New Jerseyyour Family yourself and peace for your children. None of it is helpful. None Collaborative LawYour Actmindset whichmakes represents the cutting edge of it is necessary. all the difference. If you need a way to think about thatsecond removes is theataint of outdated of dispute resolution, anditthe purported thinking, my thoughts on the subjects, colored by twenty years of “alimony reform” law.and its ramifications while working in the contemplating divorce family courts, are explained below.

THE NEW JERSEY FAMILY COLLABORATIVE LAW ACT: Having been a founding member of the Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group Modern beliefs about marriage are inescapably linked to traditions and custom born of myself – the first collaborative divorce group in New Jersey – it is with great pride an earlier age. Today, longer lives, better health as we age, the increasing mobility of our that we notable can announce that New Jerseyfor has,women with the of this statue, given all society, strides towards equality (thepassing stubborn pay gap notwithstanding) divorcing parties an alternative to contentious, costly litigations. The collaborative and easy access to knowledge and education (including the world’s accumulated knowledge process isfor thoughtfully designed to putmake family interests ahead of all to else. In athat collabavailable the taking on the internet) it less and less plausible expect our orative divorce, professionals relationships willtrained endure divorce “’til death do us part.”work together with the divorcing couple to reach optimal divorce solutions in a private, offive, court setting. The life well-lived today often comes in many confidential acts. The ideaout that ten, twentyThis or thirty years later ensures you and the yourprocess spouse remains will remain united by and the same interests, desires, and new legislation confidential secure. goals that have brought you together in the first place is almost naïve. luckyorfew marriages If you children, complex business interests, a desire forThe privacy, simply a that endure today do so against the odds. desire to move forward in divorce by building a healthy new post-divorce relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse as co-parents, then you should absolutely investigate The archetypical path from education to career to retirement, or from childhood to and consider a collaborative divorce. It is truly “the thinking person’s” way to divorce. adulthood to senior citizenship, each with its own separate, compartmentalized mores Callexpectations my office fornomore information and visit the the reality Jersey of Shore Collaborative Law and longer accurately describes life in our time. The 1950’s Group Website at Be sure to seek out a trained collaborative law pro-of conception of breadwinners and homemakers finds little purchase in the real world fessional. Lawyers trainedstrides in themade collaborative process cannot give eroding you the the full today. In the face ofnot the yet economic by countries across the globe benefit of theadvantages process. Again, my office for a listofand locationsboth to find otherneed col-to comparative enjoyedcall by earlier generations Americans, spouses laboratively trained attorneys, mental health professions and financial make economic and non-economic contributions to the marriage. Not alladvisors. relationships are

Jay Turnbach, Esq., LLc

After years of percolating around Trenton, an agreement was finally reached among the politicians to change the alimony laws. Those changes do little to alter the ultifitmate to accommodate this new postoutcome of alimony decisions, but do contain some revisions of the process by recession reality. which alimony modifications and terminations are adjudicated. The highlightsreadership, include: the most interesting facet of the “great recession” was Formajor the magazine’s (1) Dispensing with men. the phrase “permanent in favor “open duraits disparate impact upon The job market foralimony” traditionally maleof dominated jobs tional alimony.” is little more a change in jargon to better, soften in construction and the This, trades in fellreality, precipitously, while than women faired considerably and inthe many cases, upended psychological blowtraditional to payors.notions by proving to have the better paying, less volatile and carrying families through difficult the recession. (2)careers A limitation on alimony terms to nothemore thandays the of length of the marriage except in cases where marriages are more than twenty years in length; Today, leaving a marriage that is stifling, stagnant, dysfunctional or, simply, “over” (3) A moreberegularized process alimony modification in cases a payor can and should a springboard to a for better life. Divorce may allow you where the opportunity loses a job (where relief should be faster under the new statute in the event of a to reorder things, reprioritize, reinvent, or remake yourself, your relationships, and your job loss); experiences. To anyone who would say it represents a failure or a “giving-up” on your marriage, know the truthprocess of it. It’s decision, not theirs.inYou believe (4) Ayou more regularized foryour alimony modification cases whereinayour payor personal ability to rise above the consequences, even if they do not. And, ultimately, wishes to retire, whereby there is now a presumption of reasonableness of a when you weather transition, takeorjoy triumph. If yourfull thirty, forty or fiftypayor’sthe retirement atyou the will age he sheinisthe entitled to receive social security year-old self is not the same as you were in your twenties, congratulations! Personal growth benefits; and is one goal of a well-lived life. If that growth sent you in a different direction than your (5) A slightly more liberal definition of cohabitation, making it more likely that spouse, or if your spouse refuses accompany you on your journey any more, than that may boyfriend or girlfriend willspouse result in a downward modification or terwell behaving reasonaenough to move on. If your is not contributing to your sense of mination of alimony. (This change allows a finding of cohabitation even whento security, companionship, and happiness then you are likely not providing those benefits parties maintain separate if other indicia “couple-hood” are met. him. And, that, at the end of theresidences day, is as valid a reason to of divorce as any. All in all, dependent spouses made out fairly well in the reform process. Of course, Remember, divorce may be a meaningful step on the path toward it remains to be seen how the courts are going to interpret this legislation. If you are happiness for yourself and peace for your children. Without doubt, the an alimony recipient, you would be wise to consider the impact of any romantic reladecision to divorce is a serious decision, with serious consequences; but tionship upon thinking your alimony the rules seem to have outmoded aboutbenefits, marriagebecause and relationships should not bechanges your materially. guide Likewise, if you are an alimony recipient expecting to remain single through in making it. retirement age and beyond, this legislation makes it clear that you need to plan carefully for the day the alimony whichLive is likely to you be the dateto.upon You’ve only got onemay lifeend, to live. it like want which your payor becomes forthink full social benefits. It’s all a matter of eligible how you aboutsecurity it.

732.286.4860 732.286.4860 ree T Telephone elephone FFree onsulTaTion ConsulTaTion C

Divorce Divorce Mediation, Litigation, Collaborative Collaborative Divorce Divorce Post-Judgment Divorce Divorce Post-Judgment Enforcement of Divorce Judgments, Judgments, Child Child Support Support and and AliAlimony Modifications, Out of State State Relocations Relocations with with Children Children Family Law Law General Family Child Custody/Parenting Time Time Issues, Issues, DYFS DYFS Matters Matters Violence Domestic Violence Restraining Order Hearings, Motions Motions to to Vacate Vacate Old Old Orders Orders

Certified by the Supreme Court of the State State of of New New Jersey as a Certified Matrimonial Attorney Attorney

Schedule an appointment with Jay Turnbach, Esq., to further discuss your concerns.


Washington Street 2229 Hooper Ave, Suite 6A Toms TomsRiver, River,NJ NJ 08753 08753

The The County County Woman Woman Magazine Magazine

Jay Turnbach has 19 years’ experience handling family law matters in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. He is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney. He is qualified as a divorce mediator pursuant to Rule 1:40 of the New Jersey rules of Court. He is the immediate past president of the Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group, and a former chairman of the Family Law Committee of the Ocean County Bar Association.

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Thinking of Bankruptcy? It’s critical that your case be handled correctly.


f you are considering filing for bankruptcy or have specific questions about it, Daniel Straffi is the person you want to see. His law firm, Straffi & Straffi is a debt relief agency that helps people file for relief under the bankruptcy code. He offers payment plans and can certainly put your mind at ease about what can be a very stressful time in people’s lives. Bankruptcy rules can be very technical and it is critical that your case be handled correctly. Any misstep may affect a debtor’s rights. Additionally, bankruptcy has long-term financial and legal consequences and hiring a competent attorney is strongly recommended.


What is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is an opportunity for people who are experiencing financial difficulties to obtain a fresh start. Bankruptcy is afforded to the honest and unfortunate as a means, via federal law, to start over or otherwise reorganize their debts.


What can bankruptcy do for me? Bankruptcy can do a number of things for those in financial duress, including but not limited to: getting rid of credit card debt and medical bills, stopping foreclosure actions, wage garnishments, and other forms of creditor harassment. More than anything, bankruptcy affords people the opportunity to rest peacefully and begin anew.


How can I get a copy of a bankruptcy filing? Bankruptcy filings are done electronically through the federal court system. Although a matter of public record, they are not “advertised,” so to speak. Any bankruptcy attorney or other person familiar with the electronic system can easily obtain bankruptcy filings.


What doesn’t bankruptcy do? Bankruptcy does not afford relief to those trying to take advantage of the system. Fraudulent behaviors and actions are vigorously prosecuted both criminally and civilly. Again, bankruptcy relief is only afforded to those who are honest and unfortunate, not those looking to pull a fast one on the system.


How often can I file bankruptcy? It depends. Generally speaking, a person may receive a discharge in bankruptcy every eight years. However, in some cases a person may be looking to reorganize their debts as opposed to getting rid of them. Therefore, there is no blanket rule that applies to all bankruptcy filings. Every case is very fact specific as far as goals and eligibility.

Protect Yourself Against Foreclosure, Judgments & Harassing Creditors We are a debt relief agency that helps people file for relief under the bankruptcy code Chapter 7 & 13 Individual, Business and Creditor Representation Payment Plans Available

Bankruptcy • Criminal Defense


What different types of bankruptcy should I consider? The two most common types of bankruptcy that people consider are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7, which is known as a liquidation, is an opportunity to discharge (or get rid of ) creditors without having to pay any money back. Chapter 13, which is known as a reorganization, is a three to five year plan of repaying creditors, most commonly invoked to try and save a home or vehicle from foreclosure or repossession.

Contact Straffi & Straffi today for a free consultation. 732-341-3800.

Daniel Straffi Jr., Esq. 670 Commons Way Toms River, NJ

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The Sentry


Retractable Captured Edge Screen

Guarding You Against The Elements & Insects The Sentry gives you the ability to control your living space. No matter if you are covering your windows, doors, patio or lanai, The Sentry is your solution.

Visit Our Showroom 7802 Long Beach Blvd. Harvey Cedars Mon-Sat 9am-4pm Sun 10am-2pm STEM













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Testimonial I never thought that a screen could improve my outdoor-living so greatly. I used to get blasted by winds on my southern exposed second floor deck. Between that and glare of the sun it made the space unpleasant a lot of the time. Having Giglio come out to my home and explain to me the benefits of a Sunesta Sentry in a no-pressure way, I was hooked. Talking with the salesman was like having a causal conversation with an old friend. I didn’t just feel good about the product I was purchasing, I felt great about the company I was purchasing it from. Meeting with the sales guy to getting updates and scheduling from the office to the confidence and professionalism of the installers, it was all a stellar experience. Not only did I make a purchase that vastly improved the comfort of my home ,I got it from a company who stands behind their product and who stood by me every step of the way. - John M.





Q&A Will the Sentry really cut my heating and cooling costs? It absolutely will! Not only can it lower your cooling costs by 20% it can also keep heat in during cooler months. One of our customers enjoys temperatures of 15 degrees warmer while enjoying his hot tub in their new ‘room’. Are Sentrys really bug proof? Is anything truly bug proof? No. But the Sentry will keep 98% of common insects away. Will the Sentry ruin my view? Not a chance. One of our trained sales persons will guide you through your choices. Whether it be a see-through window or a solid acrylic fabric. Who is Giglio Awning? Giglio Awning is a family owned and operated business. They have been in business since 1976. They carry a quality product, delivered in a timely fashion and installed by employers who care.

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Diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease


ue to our growing elderly population, dementia has become a major public health issue. Dementia affects 5% of people over the age of 65 and is estimated to affect 4 million Americans. There are many different types of dementia including vascular dementia, Brain MRI of a patient Lewy body demen- initially thought to tia, drug toxicity, have dementia shows thyroid disease, a slow growing tumor causing her gradual excessive alcohol mental decline. use, vitamin deficiencies, and frontotemporal dementia. However, far and away the most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, which accounts for 50-75% of all cases. Those suffering Alzheimer’s disease show a progressive loss of mental ability including memory loss, difficulty completing familiar tasks, difficultly solving problems, personality and mood changes, mental instability, and displaying poor judgment. There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease but early detection and treatment can slow the progression of disease and improve the quality of life.


What causes Alzheimer’s disease? Patients with Alzheimer’s disease create a protein that deposits in the brain called Beta Amyloid. This protein


disrupts the connection between normal brain cells and is believed to be the cause of the mental decline. It is believed that this protein begins accumulating in the brain a decade or more before the onset of symptoms. The proteins disrupt functions in specific parts of the brain. It is not understood what forms these proteins. A lot of research is currently underway to create a drug to remove these proteins and restore normal brain function.


How do you diagnose Alzheimer’s disease? It is important to distinguish Alzheimer’s disease from other forms of treatable dementia. Testing includes performing a physical and neurologic exam, taking a thorough medical history, mental status testing and radiological tests such as an MRI of the brain. The MRI is used to determine whether the cause of mental decline is related to a cancer, strokes, or tiny bleeds in the brain all of which can mimic the symptoms of dementia. However, for a majority of patient’s with Alzheimer’s disease, the MRI of the brain is normal. The MRI is fantastic at showing detailed pictures of the brain but it does not show the decreased activity of the brain, which is the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.



Are there tests that can show the activity of the brain? PET/CT is the test of choice to detect cancer in the body. However PET/CT is also the best test available to show brain activity. PET/CT stands for Positron Emission Tomography/


Computerized Tomography and uses radiolabeled sugar to measure brain metabolism. This is how it works: (1) Active brain cells normally burn the sugar glucose; (2) Patients to be scanned are given an injection of radio- Normal brain without decreased metabolism. labeled glucose that the PET scanner which parts of can detect; (3) The patient waits one the brain show hour for the sugar to be taken up by the decreased function, brain; and (4) areas of the brain which Flobetapir binds are not functioning properly will eat less directly to beta of the sugar than the rest of normally amyloid plaques functioning brain. (the proteins that What do the different types cause Alzheimer’s Decreased metabolism of dementia look like on in specific areas of the disease). Using PET/CT? brain shown in green a PET/CT Each type of dementia has a (arrows) consistent with machine, one can Alzheimer’s disease. unique appearance on PET/CT. In detect whether Alzheimer’s disease, the temporal lobes beta amyloid is present in the brain. This and parietal lobes are the most affected can improve the specificity of detecting and therefore show little uptake. In conAlzheimer’s disease by 90%. These amytrast, Pick’s disease dementia features decreased metabolism in the frontal lobes loid scans are still under investigation and are not reimbursed by insurance compaand temporal lobes. nies. Currently many medical research Are there new test on the centers are conducting studies investigathorizon? ing the uses of this cutting edge technolThere has been a recently approved ogy including several neurologists test called Florbetapir. Instead of in Toms River. using radiolabeled sugar and seeing



About The Author ... Dr. Cyrus Khorrami is an Ocean County native who attended kindergarten through twelfth grade here in Toms River. He is a graduate of Temple University Medical School and completed his radiology residency at Cooper University Hospital. Dr. Khorrami completed a Cross Sectional Imaging Fellowship at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. He has returned to Toms River to work with his family as Medical Director of Toms River X-ray, CT, and MRI Center.

The professional, friendly staff at Toms River X-Ray makes your visit a pleasant experience. The County County Woman Woman Magazine Magazine The

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Are You Suffering From Chronic Knee Pain?

Meet The Doctors Of Premier Pain Centers

Michael O’Hara, DO, Board Certified Kulbir Singh Walia, M.D., Dr. O’Hara has devoted his career to the specialized field of Interventional is a double certified Pain Management. As an board expert and consultant physician in his field, O’Hara conAnesthesiology and Pain Management. tinues his training in order to stay in the forefront of new technology. He has lectured extensively various with pain management topics to physician groups Dr. Waliaonalong his colleagues at and hospitals, as well as community outreach programs. Dr. O’Hara has a Premier Pain Centers treats all types of compassionate philosophy, and treats each patient as an individual. acute and chronic pain problems. Dr. O’Hara received his medical degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and is board certified in both Pain Management and Anesthesiology. He completed an Anesthesiology residency from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in 1994. Dr. O’Hara has been awarded the ABA Special Certification in Pain Management.


nee pain is a very frustrating and common problem. Peterare S. Staats, MD, causes MBA, Board While there various of Certified knee pain, the most Dr. Staats’ philosophy in treating patients is in an atmosphere of warmth, commonprofessionalism is simplyanddegeneration wespecialize grow inolder, integrity. He and his as practice obtaining draresults in pain management the The need for major surgery. which is calledmatic osteoarthritis of thewithout knee. knee joint Dr. Staats also serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins is innervated by the articular branches of various nerves University School of Medicine as well as the founder of the Division of Pain including femoral, common peroneal, saphenous, tibial and Medicine at JHU. has been articular consistently recognized as one around of the country’s obturator nerves.HeThese branches theforemost knee pain management doctors. This includes being named one of America’s Top joint are knownDoctors as genicular nerves. The nerves by U.S. News and World Report andgenicular one of New Jersey’s Top Doctors from Monthly. percutaneously Dr. Staats was also the recipient of the Outstanding Pain Physician award, a canNewbeJersey treated under fluoroscopic guidance. national recognition as selected by his peers in the interventional pain medicine community.

Indications for Genicular Nerve Blocks Include: Kulbir S. Walia, MD, Board Certified

• Patients with chronic knee painboard secondary to osteoarthritis Dr. Walia is double certified in Anesthesiology and Pain who Management by the American Board of Anesthesiology. have failed conservative measures of pain control. After medical school, Dr. Walia completed his residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry • Patients with failed knee replacement. of New Jersey where he served as an Administrative Chief Resident. He • Patients unfit forthen knee replacement. trained in a Pain Medicine fellowship at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in • Patients who want to avoid surgery Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Walia specializes in the diagnosis and care of patients who suffer Dr.Walia performs genicular nerve block, followed by minimally invasive from chronic neck and back pain. He joined Premier Pain in 2007, and has outpatient procedure called Cooled Radiofrequency Ablation of knee genicular expertise in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) as well as cancer pain nerves to treat chronic knee pain. The genicular nerve block is performed under management. Dr. Walia is well known for his warm and friendly approach with patients, along with his fluoroscopic guidance. A small of local injected the vast knowledge of conditions that canamount lead to chronic pain.anesthetic He treats hisispatients usingaround a combination superior lateral, superior medial, inferior medial genicular branches. A response of conservative therapies and minimally-invasive interventional measures. is considered positive there isSociety at least 50% reduction the 24ashours He is a member of theifAmerican of Regional Anesthesia in andpain Pain in Medicine, well as the following injection. American Academy of Pain Management. Patients who experience good pain relief following diagnostic injection are Sean Li, MD, Board treatment. Certified This procedure is based on a offered Cooled Radiofrequency Ablation

Sean Li, MD joined Premier Pain in 2011. He is a board certified Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Management Physician. LDr. aurie Greisch Ndiagnosis urse Practitioner Li specializes in ,the and treatment of patients who suffer We would like to welcome our new nurse practitioner, from chronic neck and back pain, neuropathic pain (such as complex regional Laurie Greisch. Laurie has joined our team in evaluating and pain syndrome), and cancer pain utilizing both medical and interventional treating patients with Acute and Chronic pain syndromes. modalities. He is a strong proponent of the multidisciplinary pain treatment Her past experience allowedin her to gain the and tools to model and has particular interests neuromodulation minimally invasive diagnose and develop treatment plans for our patients. pain interventions. Laurie patientswith in our Brick and Toms River He haswill beensee recognized the Patients’ Choice Award by offices., and was one of the first physicians in the United States to utilize an MRI-safe spinal stimulator in 2013.

theory that interrupting the nerve supply to a painful structure may alleviate pain and restore function. TheCarmen cooled radiofrequency ablation procedure is done on an Quiñones, MD, Board Certified outpatient basis. It involves Carmen creating lesion around the genicular nerves under M. aQuiñones, MD is a Board Certified Interventional Pain Management whoSuccessful has been practicing in Newcan Jersey sincein local anesthesia and sometimes lightPhysician sedation. treatment result She isRecovery also a Fellow the American of Physical Medicine pain relief lasting several2006. months. is ofminimal withAcademy patients walking right and Rehabilitation. She completed her medical training with a residency after the procedure. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Montefiore Medical Center In conclusion, CooledinRadiofrequency Ablation of genicular nerves seems toin New York City and an Interventional Spine and Pain Fellowship at Emory be a safe, effective, and minimally invasive therapeutic procedure for chronic knee Atlanta. pain Osteoarthritis (OA)University patientsinwith a positive response to diagnostic block. Dr. Quiñones is focused on studying the science of spine and musculoskeletal She specializes in interventional pain For more information about thisdisorders. procedure, management modalities, including lumbar epidural steroid injections, facet joint nerve blocks, and contact Premier Centers today! radiofrequency ablation.Pain She is dedicated to enhancing patients’ quality of life by improving physical function and relieving painful conditions. She is also bilingual in Spanish and English.

Cutting Edge, Compassionate Care

John Mak, MD, Board Certified Dr. John Mak obtained his medical degree from SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine and completed his Internal Medicine Internship at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center-Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. His areas of clinical expertise include treatment of neck and back pain of musculoskeletal and spinal in origin, neuropathic pain and cancer pain. In order to keep abreast of the latest treatment modalities in pain management, Dr. Mak maintains active memberships in the American Society of Anesthesiologists, the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, and the Medical Society of New Jersey. Dr. Mak comes highly recommended by his peers and associates for his technical skills in interventional procedures, as well as his outstanding work ethic, clinical judgment and gentle nature with patients. Scott Metzger, M.D., Board Certified Scott Metzger, M.D., is a Board Certified Pain Management Specialist. A lifelong resident of central New Jersey, Dr. Metzger established his Monmouth County-based pain management practice in 2000. Today, the practice has locations in Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean Counties. Dr. Metzger believes in giving his patients the most compassionate care possible. His practice concentrates on pioneering innovation in the science of pain medicine. New Jersey Monthly Magazine has recognized him as one of New Jersey’s Top Doctors for the last seven years. He currently resides in Marlboro with his wife and family, where he is an active leader in the community.

Our Mission is to provide quality medical care to our patients in an atmosphere of warmth, professionalism and integrity.

Cutting Edge, Compassionate Care

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A Legal Eagle With A Lot Of Heart


tocritical n od suillness. fo tsom ,yletanuatrpatient’s ofnU .stifailing feneb dhealth na sksand ir ehmental, t gnidulcni ,snoc dand na sophysical rp lla including lacall isypros hp dand na lacons, noitom e ,latnemthe dnrisks a htlaand eh gbenefits. niliaf s’tnUnfortunately, eitap a etipI’ve seDmost .ssenofllaius ldivorce acdo itirnot c and family been lawyer forDespite 20 years. I handle all aspects of familyemotional law including / s i h w o l l o f d l u o h s u o y d n a ” t s e b s w o n k r o t c o d “ e h t t a h t e v e i l e b d n a t h g i r s i h t e s i creitxeis siexercise ti nehwthis si seright ipareand ht Mbelieve AC ”wthat olla“the lliw“doctor redivorknows p lanoibest” tidardivorces, tand a emyou it yshould lncustody o eht follow ,gnand ilia his/ ailing, only timechild a traditional will “allow” CAM therapies is when parenting timethedisputes, supportprovider and alimony disputes, adoptions, .snoitadnbetween emmocer reh her recommendations. .meht morf domestic tifeneb ot eviolence tal oot netcases, fo often too late to benefit them. of miscellaneous disputes prenuptial agreements, andfrom all manner

and non-marriedDon’t cohabitants . eracexperiencing rofiehmisinformation t rof snobreak-ups. itpo swhen sucsiitd comes dna dntoatyour sredhealth. nu tsumSpeak stneiup taPand care .a .eb t’noD dnaPatients pu kaepSmust .htlaunderstand eh ruoy ot seand moc discuss ti nehw noptions oitamroffor nisitheir mmarried fo m itciv. couples be. a. victim tnequestions. itap a sa uoDemand y taht laitanswers nesse si and ti ,tnalternatives. emnorivne ciRun xot gaway nignafrom hc yldthe ipaclosed-minded r siht nI In-dthis you.snasoaitspatient dednim esolrapidly c eht mchanging orf yawa ntoxic uR .environment, sevitanretla dnita is sreessential wsna dnthat ameD euq ksaplay yalpask How did you become involved in matrimonial law? What is it about the emopractitioners selbuort ,gniand sufnplay oc sian tI active .maet and erachintegral tlaeh nw o ruinoyyour fo trown ap lahealthcare. rgetni dna evitca na an active .and eracintegral htlaeh npart wo ruofoyyour ni eown lor lahealthcare rgetni dna team. evitca nItaisyaconfusing, lp dna srentroublesome oititcarp role specialty that appeals to you? -taert Invest suoiravingnlife’s amost oinipo dncommodity-your roper gnitcilfnhealth. h ot yracs thgirnwod dna and downright scary to hear tlconflicting aeh ruoy-ythe treports idome mnoand uopinions orico erh p tsgoregarding misd ’that efrilangivarious evd nIntreatprecious oc sm n etsrcomes im otmind sem ocregarding tathe hidtrlaw tgherthat gsnuhormone odoes ht tnot sarfistrequire eht ,large elpoofirm ec praeresources. tsom ro It’s or most .hpeople, first thought to Family law is one of the last areas of . ” s e i p a r e h t e v i t a n r e t l a “ n o i t n e m o t t o n , e n i c i d e m m a e r t s n i a m lanoitnevnoc ni stnem ments in conventional mainstream medicine, not to mention “alternative therapies”. a good choice for those lawyers with the entrepreneurial drive to work for themselves. time sdldoctor, envamenopause. eMlAespecialist s’nndecline aram nmiolClearn c(eMdAmore A ns ,erlevels wb eladdsimi eehcoffering secAivrpatient es eseimbalance t gnireinffothesrmiddle eisdivaowomen rbetween p lacidetheir min Cntouombaro eh roA m eloow T ainnia-elepwoman’s To C hormone d.neasabout tu sia lap iceopCAM om tcand odnriimedical ehnt enm eewoteproviders tnnai dlaeAs cbalm pthese sii tneiservices tap A ishplaced and CAM (Complepassed and my skill set developed, I’ve come to appreciate the satisfaction of extricating people wrat tthe reehn woat wrlife ntkso tknown ’ntosdedt nd aor aiceisn yhopr)eetnsiceidgeo Mrp evi,tanne regtlo Ardtnsaey(ratnem mentary and Alternative Medicine) physicians to .M4Aand rn oand gtestosterone) ro odon’t .nMkACeknow A bieewgeis hacrtor aaewho sneesseen w filtanwhere ahttturn sunwanted ylolhasearch eronnaHelping erugstage soit e)web nsnaaA4M. (estrogen, progesterone generally in from bad or situations. my clients achieve modicum of happiness, and woh thguat ton saw I ,naicisyhp ylimaf deniart yllanoitidart a sA .tsurt ro eveileb ot to believe or trust. As a traditionally trained family physician, I was not taught how that their ynitsabousually ndlauknowing poreliability. ddramatic, nachildren ,citamcan aand rdhave disnesome aaccompanied dipeace parlerywith llaeuthe suvending si enofilceadevolatile dddirect eThtors .laeloveless suapomarriage, nem sa as mmenopause. rapid and by evlovniatcmedical eridni dstudy nThe a tceand riddecline ydetermine m ecnuonis tdee kiiland wm Io ,ec dicsaa nasisA As an aside, indirect W .ytilibIaiwould dnalike ulato sannounce ti enimretmy na yduand cidem ainvolvement terpretni ot to tneinterpret value We were taught thguat erew gives me hope that what I do can make a real difference in people’s lives. evithe tadipharmaceutical xO-oiBsuch fo esu as erepresentatives ht hot hguorhflashes, t ciminterpretation edsipsEomood alloabEden hofta tthe ssnriastudy fiedhwas tpne ibiased the Ebola egda rthogthat siweight elgain, s ,niadgesleep iedisorders sfthe fltatnteosehrpthe samsrm swings, atam satibhin sgaw tw afight ht ,ysdgagainst un ts iew htand odno oio teloss rEpidemic p,restenh i ssea vithrough esraluse ah citcuofu ecBio-Oxidative aho p tehptm tsuyrtsot tosymptoms trust n o i t i d d a e h t e c n u o n n a o t d u o r p d n a d e s a e l p m a I , n o i t i d d a n I . s e i p a r e h T Therapies. In addition, I am pleased and proud to announce the addition lacidem eht hsab ot ton si elcitra siht fo.w tneetfniaeheTm.tacn udoorpt r,oegvuirrddriexhet sdrfao wot toward theirdrive, drug or product. Theaintent of this article is not to bash the medical ofdnsex to name few. What iswthe most rewarding part about your profession? a r o t a n i d r o o c k s e d t n o r f r u o , a i c u L . M A C I t a s r e b m e m f f a t s e n o w t f o of two new staff members at ICAM. Lucia, our front desk coordinator and ot deen dna thgir rieht ot sa redaer eht nethgilne rehtar tub sredivorp sti ro metsys system or its providers but rather enlighten the reader as to their right and need to For every client, the matters IMelanie, handle are mostnurse likely the most important thing happening in . r e n o i t i t c a r p e s r u n w e n r u o , e i n a l e M r ioehtt n dneam tsraed,our neuvnew tseuw m otnh eit,apractitioner. puA redtisvoorm p lacoidtem ht o htn reeb tten bU etacinummoc communicate better with their medical providers. their eof sahAus, ppatient rhowever, otheir dmust oirlives. eunderstand p amen h g u o r h t o g o r s tsrniew Unbeknownst to most too go through period or phase Family law, by its very nature, touches upon every aspect of life. For aiwk client to place .aeramore c riehtsecure ot snoiand tpo srewarding sucsid ylluf dfuture, na noitiisdnvery oc gniylrednu underlying condition and fully discuss options to their care. their trust in me to help put them on the road to .sselBindoG dna llseW wknown laossa d,neasu lleas hrsd iW emeBit,seyam awpsuoandropause. nAan.esuanpaAndropause, otsrnWish diangaaustsoswell a nand woassometimes nalways, k esuBeaWell ponand emGodnBless. i namow a ot ralimis similar to a woman menopause m eht era ohw elpoep eht taht em thguat evah secneirepxe s’efil yM My life’s experiences have taught me that the people who are the mosttoagainst meaningful me. Jay Turnbach, Esq., LLC lam“midlife tllraa eH srb uoYdecneirepxeYours insiHealth, yrevit”e ,are yhcrisis,” enni ythe silarcerae”every ftiilhdtuim “darbo“ d”neastuneampta-eort-lnacaidm referred to asor “man-o-pause” isones experienced eiht”,snearly yaw ommale em“ rosayrooethtd,tehrguroehfte,rtca act, thought, theory medical treatment andeor “bad mouth always that taht senosby D M , s s i t r a B s e m a J k r a M Mark James Bartiss, MD tlnethe uvoeclsonset iednno a ,m ecnis ohrrasa nae htm sseilte gnfiihltorniesh i stihn T i.ttin tuioobp a tseam el eo htswtoank know the leastpoint abouthas This isyears’ nothing less than Jay Turnbach 19 hcasuarrogance, m si What teand snoisislevels ecounterproductive hthe t hmost gdecline, uohchallenging tla ,although eevniticlucdeodrprsepart? raogmuch at some their lifetime hormone .gnidaelsim dna and misleading. .2009-handling 879-906 tafamily MACI law llac ,tnemtnioppaOften, na elubydethe hcstime oT people make To schedule appointment, ICAM at 609-978-9002. it to myan office, they are at call a very low point in their emotional experience



mystherefore esoht eranot sa dasetoreadily n ylidanoted er sa tas onare erothose ferehtsympdna nemow ni naht laudarg erom more gradual than in women-pand

lives. At this very difficult time the court is often putting enormous pressure on people to meet matters in Ocean and Monmouth .esofuatheir ponlives. em nProviding i nemohope, w gnand itcefostering ffa smot toms affecting womenbyinthe menopause.deadlines and make decisions that will affect the rest Counties. He is certified clients Educating ,rohturesiliency a MD dna ,is rewhile raumedical tcehelping l ,retirwriter, w lacimeet dlecturer, emthe a spaperwork iD M author, ,ssburdens itraB siseall mpart aJ kofrthe aMprocess. and nehW .of …Mark REBMJersey EJames MER as Bartiss, REMEMBER…. When Supreme Court New a them about what to expect and how to evaluate their options is also a monumental task. ct top iatnsaeten Iz-ionspecialist igBocfeorand hothntand iatsdiisnlaaof i,creeBio-Identical ptioratwtop alascaten ziansitgi oD ceM r s,the ito ofiy eohLaw tis erecognized m osiclatisiiceapmedical comes health, lacitneJames dMatrimonial I,-hotilBaefhoBartiss, druleand tsnMD i tAttorney. s neas t plaowriter, ddelecturer, sdi ldeauthor, nfiin a e,rthe ufield rpustcnele,treas iddeem sdsinyour taraBof sBio-Identical emaJ kraM Mark recognized specialist in field Certified

.htlaeshnroiReplacement aoykcab s(BHRT). evil sru ieoWhat hTherapy kautsets dyour inumerous rH emhas nindividuals epB lefrom hatake .their )TtnRlike plapreeyou Th tnnreclaim m loptions ptheir eR enhealth. omroH Hormone has and iethptHormone omeviaalhceor ddnTherapy uReplacement rteeHe m nsladuehelped pilveidhnslaw ashuoHe efirm .u)apart T Rdhelped H (h ysapnumerous reeHhT eHlives mBe(it? cyaback R edo oehave mercoaH (BHRT). others

He is qualified as a .divorce Myback focus the both among eciohc a dmediator natake their lives .htand lover aehreclaim riehyears t mtheir iofalpractice cerhealth. dnahas kcbeen ab setovidevelop l rieht aekprofessional atand slaaudchoice. ivreputation idni individuals my peers, and among the members of the local judiciary for solving problems in a practical pursuant to Rule 1:40 of the New fashion without needless posturing, excessive litigation, or unreasonable positions. I strive to be Jersey rules of Court. He is the adversary that other lawyers hope to get when they file a new case because they know that not immediate past president of theDrive,| Suite 0the 5 0805 J•NManahawkin, ,nikwahanaMNJ • 508050 etiuS |,evirD sulituaN 42 24 Nautilus only will I be a zealous advocate for my client, but a true professional in dealing with them. I Jersey Shore Collaborative Law I’m not JJSuite N W 5on ,08050 ke|the g|srthe ulibtsizzle. aH4I leave 20024 9Hamburg -8Nautilus 79-906 | Drive, 0like 508to|0say Nthat ,nein w aManahawkin, ha•n•aWayne, M0the •25esteak, etitu iNJ uSSand vpiT rD u609-978-9002 um aN 2405the grandstanding to other 504 Tpk, Suite 205 NJ 5ky •afocused Group, and a former chairman of attorneys because the economics of divorce do not justify wasting time or money on any action 36the 3504 6-09Hamburg 7-3that 79 |isJnot NTpk, ,focused enySuite aWupon • 5205 0bringing 2 e• tWayne, iuSthe,kmatter pTNJ grto u| 973-790-6363 bamfair aHand 40expeditious 5 the Family Law Committee of conclusion. Ocean County0Bar Association. 095By -4Appointment 56-906 | 5508Only: 0 JN 639 ,drofStokes deM • 2Road, 02 etiSuite uS ,da202 oR s•eMedford, kotS 936 NJ :ylnO tnem|tn609-654-5900 ioppA yB 08055

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Tell us about your educational background. I’m a graduate of Fairfield University with a degree in finance and I earned my law degree from Rutgers School of Law in Newark. I’ve been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney, a designation that less than one-percent of the attorney’s in New Jersey hold. What advice would you give to a couple that is considering a separation? The decision to divorce is a serious one. These days, the economics of living in New Jersey do not make for an easy go of it living apart. As an economic unit, married couples enjoy the advantages of two incomes, and shared expenses. Giving that up, for most couples, generally will mean some reduction in lifestyle. On top of that, for couples with children, divorce necessarily means losing some control over your access to your own children. There will be times when your ex-spouse has the children and you want them. How you choose to cope with that can make all the difference in how successful you are in your post-divorce life. On the other hand, I get so much out of my own marriage that it saddens me to think that some people are missing out on the joy that a healthy marriage can bring to one’s life. If your marriage is an impediment to living a fulfilling life, then you should choose happiness. What are the most common issues that couples argue over? Everyone argues, even the happily married among us. The difference is in seeing value in compromise. Marriages require regular efforts at renewal. When your partner stops caring about your happiness, arguments are more likely to end in disaster. That said, the warning signs of divorce, and the time-honored killers of relationships include persistent disagreements about money or economic contributions to the marriage, control issues, drug or alcohol abuse, and infidelity. “Divorce is the end result when life’s vagaries overcome the commitment of a party to remain married. Sometimes you have control over that decision, sometimes you don’t. I’ve seen clients move on, remarry and find happiness. So, in the end, I wish happiness for all of my clients and peace to their children,” he says. When Jay is not in the courtroom he enjoys surfing and spending time with his wife Aimee and their two daughters, Cassidy, 15 and Molly, 10. For more information, schedule an appointment with Jay Turnbach, Esq., LLC to further discuss your concerns. 732-286-4680.

Sitting on the couch ( L-R) Cassidy, age 15, Jay Turnbach, Molly, age 10. Wife, Aimee, sitting in the center. Photo By Tracy Harman Photography

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Suffering From Pelvic Pressure And Difficulty Eliminating? Dr. Paonessa helps to make sense of your symptoms.

Women who experience rectal symptoms may be having a difficult time evacuating during bowel movements. Some women actually need to press against the back wall of the vagina or the perineal body (the area between the vagina and the rectum) to have a bowel movement. There are women that even have to manually remove the stool from the rectum. Those who experience vaginal symptoms may have a bulge or a fullness in the vagina, protruding of the vagina, and/or discomfort during sexual intercourse. Many women often have a combination of both rectal and vaginal symptoms.


Are you a women that has had a vaginal delivery that resulted in birthing trauma such as forceps delivery, vacuum delivery, tearing with vaginal delivery, or episiotomy? Perhaps you have a history of constipation, straining with bowel movements, or have had prior gynecologic (hysterectomy) or rectal surgeries. If so, there is a possibility that you can be suffering from weakening of the pelvic floor muscles because all of the above are common causes of pelvic floor disorder (PFD). A common form of PFD is a rectocele.

A symptomatic rectocele may lead to excessive straining, an urge or need to have multiple bowel movements, rectal pain, fecal incontinence, and/or stool trapping in the rectocele that will seep out of the anus later on during the day. Significant stool trapping in the rectum leads to an increased urge to defecate, especially when standing.

to avoid constipation and straining during bowel movements. By doing this it will allow for softer stools which eliminates straining during bowel movements and avoids stool trapping in the rectocele. Another treatment is strengthening the pelvic floor muscles with exercises called Kegels. Biofeedback is a specialized form of pelvic floor training that can be done as an outpatient.

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Surgical treatment will only be considered after the medical alternatives have not been successful. There are three different surgical approaches used to surgically repair a rectocele: abdominal, rectal, and vaginal. Your surgeon will determine which approach is best for you. Surgery for rectocele is to remove the excess tissue that comprises the rectocele and to strengthen the wall of the vagina and rectum.

Theater &Entertainment Colorectal surgeons are trained to diagnose and Fine Art Photography

A rectocele can usually be diagnosed by taking a complete history and a physical examination by your doctor. In many cases further testing will need to be done. There are special x-rays including defecography, barium enema and pelvic MRI/defecography that may be performed to help assess the degree, severity and size of the rectocele.

What is a rectocele?

A rectocele is a bulging of the front wall of the rectum into the back of the vagina. A rectocele is caused by the thinning of the rectovaginal septum. The rectovaginal septum is the tissue between the rectum and the vagina. This occurs secondary to weakening of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Other pelvic organs that may bulge into the vagina are the bladder, (this is called a cystocele), and the small intestine (called an enterocele). All of these disorders are classified as forms of pelvic floor disorder (PFD).


How is a rectocele treated?

A rectocele should only be treated when symptoms are significant and interfering with a woman’s quality of life. There are medical and surgical treatment options available. As with any treatment, your physician will review all of the options and let you know the best option for your condition.

What are the symptoms of a rectocele?

A majority of patients that suffer from a rectocele have no noticeable symptoms. When symptoms are present, they are classified as either rectal or vaginal. Board-certified in general surgery and proctology and a fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons, Dr. Paonessa specializes in colon and rectal surgery. She has been in practice for 10 years. She completed her colon and rectal surgery fellowship at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, PA. She is co-editor of the textbook Surgical Treatment of Hemorrhoids, 2nd edition. Dr. Paonessa believes in patient-centered care and preserving each patient’s independence, well being and dignity. She provides the latest, up-to-date treatments and tailors each plan of care to the individual patient’s needs. Call 732-282-1500

treat rectoceles and other forms of PFD. Dr. Paonessa is a fellowship trained colorectal surgeon who has been treating women with rectoceles and PFD for over 10 years. Her approach is conservative management of a woman’s symptoms. Surgical intervention is reserved only for those women whose symptoms cannot be controlled with medical/non-surgical management. Most women exclaim that they cannot believe they waited so long to seek treatment and relief of their symptoms, especially since treatments are quite simple. Women who have received treatment for their symptoms of rectocele/PFD have improved quality of life. The anxiety and social stress and/or isolation associated with the symptoms caused by a rectocele/ PFD can be eliminated.

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Most patients can be treated with medical management. Like with other rectal conditions, it is very important to have a good bowel regimen

If you feel that you may be experiencing any of the symptoms discussed about rectocele/PFD, call Dr. Paonessa’s office today to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Paonessa Colon and Rectal Surgery, P.C. Nina J. Paonessa, DO, FACOS

Colon and Rectal Surgery Board Certified in General Surgery and Proctology

2101 Route 34 South, Suite H • Wall, NJ 07719

732-282-1500 • Office Hours: M-F 9AM to 5PM ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢

laparoscopic surgery abdominal/pelvic surgery fecal incontinence endoanal/rectal ultrasound anorectal manometry/physiology

¢ ¢ ¢ ¢

colonoscopy anorectal surgery pelvic floor disorders office proctology

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Stem Cell Therapy and PRP for Treatment of Arthritis and Tendon Injuries: The Aging Spine: AThe Common Cause Of Back And Leg Pain Future is Now


Written by:ost Vinay Chopra CAQSM people willM.D., experience

back pain at some point in their life. As people age, their joints (such as hips and knees) experience wear andhas tear. The spine consists of a complex set ofOne joints thatways is he body an amazing ability also of healing itself through various means. of these through its own growththis factors and stem cells which regenerate and can degenerate. When degeneration leadscan toactually a narrowing ofnew thetissue spinal bone. With recent medical studies, we are starting to understand that some of the painful canal in the lower back, it is referred to as lumbar spinal stenosis. effects and damage caused by osteoarthritis and tendon injuries can be treated and reversed by stem Anatomy cell therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). It is important to understand some of the basics of the anatomy of the spine to understand

What is osteoarthritis? lumbar spinal stenosis. The spinal column consists of a series of bones connected to one

Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, is a group of abnormalities which involve another by intervening discs, joints and ligaments. The bones are referred to as vertebrae. degradation of joints including loss of cartilage and damage to the underlying bone. Symptoms The vertebrae have a space within them called the spinal canal where the spinal cord and include joint pain, tenderness, stiffness, swelling, and crepitus or crunching/clicking noises. It affects nerve roots travel. Generally in the low back region the spinal cord has ended and there are up to 80% of the population by the age of 65 and can be a very debilitating disease. Physicians nerve roots that supply the legs. The sections of the spinal column have different names, have limited treatment options with anti-inflammatory mediation medication, physical therapy, where the low back section is referred to as the lumbar spine. viscosupplementation, and surgery. For patients who do not respond to conservative treatment and What happens as thestem spine ages?is an excellent option available today. are not candidates for surgery, cell therapy With aging, the normal discs and joints that connect the vertebrae degenerate. This leads What are tendon injuries? to narrowing of the discs and arthritic changes the joints, which can subsequently to Tendons are a tough band of fibrous tissue thatofconnects bone to muscle. Tendons canlead be found pain in the low back. In addition, the ligaments overgrow and bone spurs form. All of these all over the body and control muscle and bone movement. The most commonly injured tendons in factors cause cuff the spinal canal to get narrower overtendon, time. Once thetendon, spinal quadriceps canal narthe bodytogether are the rotator in the shoulder, biceps and triceps patella rows to a certain point, the nerves that travel to the legs get pinched causing lumbar tendon, and Achilles tendon. Complete tendon ruptures are usually treated by surgery, butspinal partial stenosis. tendon tears and chronic tendon injuries can be treated with non-surgical intervention such as

What therapy are the physical and symptoms? oral medications. However, some of these injuries can be very painful and Therespond symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis include pain, PRP whichand canstem varycell depending on do not to conservative options. For these type back of injuries, therapy are the severity of the arthritis. There can also be pain in the buttocks that can travel down the excellent options. back ofisthe legs,and oftentimes referred to as “sciatica.” There can also be numbness or tingling What PRP how does it work? in the buttocks or legs. As the pressure the nerves weakness can occur, and PRP, also known as platelet rich plasma,on is blood plasmaroots that worsens, has been enriched with platelets especially in the foot. Patients will often times report that the pain is worse by standing up the body’s own growth factors. It is a popular treatment option that has been available for decades, straight and walking, but gets better with sitting and leaning forward. As time progresses, but just recently has received wide spread media attention due to the increasing use by professional patientsfor willtreatment not be able to walkand astendon far theyinjuries. once didAthletes withoutsuch feeling painWoods, in theirKobe legs. Bryant, Some athletes of muscle as Tiger patients, however, note that leaning forward on a shopping cart will allow them to walk Peyton Manning, and Dwight Howard have used this procedure to help them recover quicklyfarther from without pain. these type of injuries. PRP is made by extracting a small sample of blood from the patient and How is treated? placing it inita high powered centrifuge. The blood is spun for several minutes and careful steps are The withand seeing a physician dealing with the spinefactors and are taken to treatment extract thebegins growthfirst factors platelets from thetrained sample.inThese powerful growth obtaining an carefully accurateinto diagnosis. Theinjury diagnosis made based on theassuring history proper and physical then injected the tendon underisultrasound guidance placement. exam, also withinjection X-rays and is started In mostand cases, a PRP can MRI. speedGenerally, up healingtreatment time by several weeks.with non-surgical options. This includes therapy,and medications, What is stemphysical cell therapy how doesacupuncture it work? and steroid injections. Oftentimes will feel good pain relief from thesestem treatments. a patient has a poor quality life patients Stem cells, more specifically mesenchymal cells, areIfcells that can differentiate into of different due tooflumbar spinal stenosis,and andbone. non-surgical treatments have not worked and or only worked types tissue such as cartilage These cells have the ability to multiply regenerate temporarily, then tissue surgery considered. The main stayExcellent for treating lumbar spinal stenosis is damaged cartilage andisbone due to osteoarthritis. sources for these mesenchymal to remove thebeligaments, bone spurs and bone othermarrow. compressive from placing stem cells can found in adipose (fat) and Recentfactors medical studies havepressure shown on the nerveoutcomes roots. This processwith is referred to as decompression, or a laminectomy. The surgeon favorable in patients osteoarthritis of the knee and shoulder treated by stem cell does not remove all of the vertebrae, only the elements in the back that placing injections. These patients have seen improved range of motion, strength, andare pain relief. pressure The on the roots. Sometimes spinal fusionofisfatalso for various procedure involves taking aasmall sample andneeded bone marrow from reasons. the patientThe andlaminectomy spinning it can be done usingcentrifuge. a traditional incision, a small “mini-open” incision a minimally invasive in a high powered These stem cells are extracted carefully andorinjected into the arthritic approach. choiceguidance of approach will be determined based on the stenosis, joint under The ultrasound assuring proper placement. Patients canseverity start to of seethe benefits in as the individual patient surgeon factors. people experience good pain relief in their little as a few weeks andand peak results in severalMost months. legs after and are able to resume their normal lifestyle after recovering from surgery. Can I getsurgery PRP and stem cells? However, improvement in the back is variable. The simple answer is, yes! These futuristic treatment options are available now and are very safe. In Conclusion . . . Please have a discussion with a trained physician to determine if you are

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Spinal Surgery Total Joint Re STEVEN BERKOWITZ, M.D., P.A. Bone Density T ROY D. MITTMAN, M.D., P.A. Workers’ Compe ARTHUR P. VASEN, M.D., PH.D., P.A. Foot & A ■ OCEAN OFFICE KENNETH Y. CHERN, M.D., P.A.■ BRICK OFFICE 1200 Eagle Avenue 1640 Route 88 West HARALAMBOS DEMETRIADES, M.D., P.A. Ocean, NJ 07712 Brick, NJ 08724 222 ARTHUR K. MARK, M.D., P.A. Ph: (732) 458-7866 Ph: (732) 660-6200 CHRISTOPHER J. SPAGNUOLA, M.D., P.A. HOAN-VU T. NGUYEN, M.D., P.A. 120 ARON M. GREEN, M.D., P.A. B SUNIL R. THACKER, M.D., P.A. 16 KEVIN C. MCDAID, M.D. Clea PAUL T. HAYNES II, M.D. 294 Appl JOEL P. FECHISIN, M.D. Sa ROBERT P. PANNULLO, M.D. ■ MONROE OFFICE ■ FREEHOLD OFFICE 294 Applegarth Road, Suite C 222 Schanck Road D.O. ADAM M. MEYERS, Freehold,W.NJGREAVES, 07728 KEIRON M.D. Monroe Twp., NJ 08831 Ph: (609) 495-1888 Ph: (732) 462-1700 ww SUDHA GARLA, M.D.


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Lumbar spinal stenosis onecandidate. cause of back andOrthopaedic leg pain that&affects people as they anisideal Seaview Medical Associates is a age. leader It is important to see a physician trainedmedicine in treating disease to obtain an cell accurate diagin regenerative andthis does offer PRP and stem procedures. nosis. Once that is achieved, there are multiple treatment options that can help improve a patient’s quality of life.



Seaview & Medical Medical SeaviewOrthopaedic Orthopaedic & Associates has provided the highest Associates has provided the highest quality care in Monmouth and quality of of care in Monmouth, Middlesex Ocean Counties forfor over and Ocean Counties over3030years. years.

Vinay Chopra, M.D., CAQSM, is a graduate of Ross University School of Medicine. He completed his residency at University of Maryland Medical Center. He completed his fellowship Praveen Yalamanchili, Dr.Center Yalamanchili is a fellowship-trained Surgeon, who completed training at Emory Universitycertification in Atlanta, Georgia. at Atlantic Health, MorristownMD. Medical in Sports Medicine. He is dual boardSpine certified by the American Board ofhis Family Medicine with sub-specialty in Sports Medicine. Dr. Chopra worked with the New York Jets football team during his fellowship. Currently, he is the head team physician for Felician College, Manalapan High School, and A native of New Jersey, Dr. Yalamanchili has returned home after completion of his Fellowship training. He attended medical school at UMDNJ – Robert Wood Freehold Boro High School, and a ringside physician for Mixed Martial Arts. He specializes in sports related injuries, treatment of osteoarthritis with stem cell therapy and PRP, certified Johnson Medical School and completed his orthopaedic residency at UMDNJ- New Jersey Medical School. He specializes in the treatment of spinal disorders ImPACT consultant in concussion management, and sports performance.

including degenerative, deformity and trauma and has particular interest in cervical (neck) surgery as well as minimally invasive and motion sparing procedures.

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Why Sugar Makes You Gain Weight

THow bad can sugar be?

here is a lot of information out there ^ Does the HCG program entail ^ Does HCG work for men as The more insulin your body releases to process sugar, about this weight loss program and injections today? well as women? the more we store sugar as fat. these HCG FAQs are here to help you learn Absolutely. At Ocean Health & Weight Loss, Although HCG is naturally produced only The insulin is meant to regulate blood sugar. Well consider this: in pregnant women, as a diet aid it works the same more. In addition, at the bottom of the page we only work with Pharmaceutical strength HCG and Abusing your body’s insulin response can actually ✓ One measly teaspoon of white sugar has 15 calories. it is by prescription only. cause your body to become resistant to insulin, thereby for men and women. So far I haven’t found the HCG you can call us or check us out on the web. information as to how it works in men since they ✓ A teaspoon of corn syrup has 20 calories. ✓ TheFrequently average can of soda has 11 TEASPOONS of HCG Asked Questions

unable to regulate blood sugar. This isn’t just a way to

^ does Diet work? storeHow excess body fat, the but it’sHCG dangerous for your overall

You would be eating approximately 800-1200 sugar… translating to between 165 and health and wellness. There is a lot of HCG information out in calories a day of healthy food while taking HCG. 220 calories just from sugar. the media, which can be confusing. Below are some ✓ A couple hundred years ago when sugar started frequently asked questions that will help you learn more. to creep into the American diet, people only ^ How does HCG work in my system? If we haven’t answered your question, please email us at ate about 2 lbs per year. Since the HCG impacts the body ✓ Today the average American eats over ally, you will be able to eat a low calorie diet and still 150 pounds of sugar per year. Eating sugar is unique in your brain. You see, when maintain the diet without suffering from severe hunger ^✓What is theofHCG That’s 3 POUNDS sugar per Diet? WEEK! you eat broccoli, you don’t get the same reaction in pangs or a loss of lean muscle mass. The supplement Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a specialist on obesity and ✓ The average American even consumes more than 40 dulls hunger pangs and burns fat for energy, which alyour brain as you do when you consume sugar. What weight regulation, introduced the HCG Diet Program. teaspoons DAILY of sugar. makes sugar ‘feel’ so good? The answer is dopamine. lows you to go a long time without dealing with excess This HCG information has helped many people overDopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel hunger. Imagine setting 40 teaspoons of anything in come their resistance to weight loss. A natural hormone good. Dopamine is released when we consume alcohol, Also, there is a metabolic impact as well. Your front of you. It’s overwhelming… that our bodies produce during pregnancy called nicotine, heroine, and sugar. muscle mass will be maintained during the diet and and indeed it’s a scary thought! Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is utilized. not be consumed for calories. This allows your body to That’s one of the reasons people become addicted to Under Dr. Simeons’ theory, HCG triggers the hypoburn up stored fat to acquire what it needs. one or all of the above. thalamus area of the brain to release your abnormal fat stores. When you consume sugar; taste receptors signal dif- ^ Is it safe? The HCG protocol has helped thousands of ferent areas of the brain, one being the cerebral cortex. The diet is perfectly safe and has been empeople lose those stubborn pounds and inches. In addi- ployed by scores of people for several decades. There Your brain rewards you for it and tells you to have tion to weight loss, many people who have completed may be minor side effects associated with the use of more sugar. Just because dopamine is associated with all of the the HCG program also experienced other health benefits, HCG. Some might experience mild headaches or The same thing happens when people take certain above-mentioned ‘risky’ business doesn’t mean that such as a drop in blood pressure, cholesterol and blood even dizziness during the early days of the diet. due drugs. That’s why people want more and more of these dopamine is inherently bad. In fact, dopamine can sugar and many women find it subsides many of the to detoxing. However, this is only reported in a slight things and become addicted. help you be MORE nutritious. That’s because when symptoms of menopause. And yes, your brain’s reaction to sugar does lead to number of people that take part in the diet. Most acyou eat the same thing over and over, you don’t react counts of HCG information show that such side effects sugar addiction. with as much dopamine. This causes our bodies to ^ How do you know That’s the reason dieting can beifso HCG hard! Either you are rare and do not last beyond the first days of comconstantly seek new foods and different tastes. Food avoiding sugars that sneak into restaurants and mencement. Quality research shows that this is a safe is aren’t reliable? and drink variety begets more dopamine; which causes product with no known side effects. processed foods…or you’re having legitimate sugar HCG information derives from years and us to try new foods and have more balanced nutrition. withdrawal! years of scientific study. The process of using HCG for Ocean Health & Weight Loss has cracked the weight loss started in 1950. It was originally performed code and is helping thousands overcome their in the form of injections and was known to deliver addiction to sugar. quick and effective results. When you eat sugary foods, dopamine doesn’t level out like it does with normal foods. When you eat Your gut has sugar receptors, just like your brain. sugar, the reward in your brain persists. That’s how When you eat sugar – your gut will actually send a people get addicted to sugar – you keep eating it and warning up to your brain. it keeps feeling good! One of the biggest offenders of Your brain responds in one of two ways: sugar overload is SODA POP. But you’ll be shocked to 1) You feel full know how much is in tomato sauce, ketchup, even in 2) Your insulin spikes in response to excess sugar. healthy protein and cereal bars! Before After

The Not-So-Sweet Side of Sugar…

Your Brain on Sugar…

How Your Brain Regulates Nutrition…

Ocean Health & Weight Loss: HowAll Can We Become Where Health Breaks Loose!

Your Gut On Sugar…

How To Lose Weight Safe, Fast, and Medically supervised…

don’t produce the hormone but the truth is that men lose just as effectively as women. Most people on There are a lot of benefits to most diets out there, this program report losing about a half of pound to but none compare to our 40-day weight loss proa pound per day or more, and claim it is the only protocol. Give us a call and we will gladly give you a gram where they have been able to keep the weight complimentary consultation so you may see how off afterward. I lost about 3/4 pound per day, and easy and fast it is to lose a half a pound a day and that was with some variations in the eating program. take off inches at the same time. You can check us However, as with any eating program, or even with out on our web and join the food (e.g., allergies), there is individual variation in its many already living a more healthy lifestyle. results. You may have sugar cravings or habit cravings at the very start but they should subside once your FOR YOUR CONSULT CALL 732-608-9681. body adjusts. OUR MEDICALLY TRAINED STAFF WILL BE HCG is effective for weight loss if it is taken while strictly following the HCG information that HAPPY TO HELP YOU GET STARTED. Ocean Health will be providing to you. HCG works when you reduce the intake of your food. It mobilizes THIS IS NOT A fat to be used for your body’s energy needs. If you don’t follow the eating protocol, 500 CALORIE DIET! chances are you will not lose weight. If you only fol• Amazing results in the low the diet protocol and don’t take the HCG, you will starve yourself, mess with your metabolism and first week lose muscle and fat, but not near as effectively. Simply • Lose .5-1 pounds per day put, both the HCG and diet are required.

• No hunger on the HcG diet

More Questions HCG? • Easy to makeabout recipes

If you have another question about HCG, chances are someone else has that same question so ask it. E-Mail us at and we Call 732-608-9681 for your will return with an answer promptly.

complimentary consultation!

Addicted to Sugar?

Ocean OCEANHealth HEALTH& & Weight WEIGHTLoss LOSS

Article Written by: Jill Houston, Clinical Director Ocean Health & Weight Loss

Whether you have 10 pounds or 100 pounds or even more. Female or Male. THIS IS IT!!

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Suspicious Breast Screening? Dr. Sumy H. Chang Provides Options Fellowship-trained Sumy H. Chang, MD, FACS, a board-certified general surgeon dedicated to breast health, recently joined Barnabas Health Medical Group (BHMG), in partnership with Community Medical Center, to provide Ocean County women with access to the latest prevention, detection and treatment options for breast-related issues. Dr. Chang is fully committed to helping women with breast health issues. Here, Dr. Chang provides options on what to do if you have a suspicious screening. So, it’s that time of the year again and you get your annual mammogram. But this time, the results are marked “indeterminate.” What does that mean? What’s next? Dr. Chang says it all depends on the finding. “If it’s a mass or calcifications, tiny deposits of calcium in breast tissue, we take additional views with a mammogram to clarify whether what we’re seeing is real or not. We may also do an additional ultrasound, if it is a mass. After additional images, if there is

something real, then we have to determine if it looks suspicious. If it is ‘suspicious’, we recommend a biopsy.”

Biopsy Treatment Options Biopsy simply is to get the tissue for diagnosis. There are different methods to biopsy a breast lesion, but the primary methods include using a needle or surgically removing the whole area. “Not everyone we see needs a biopsy – it has to be suspicious,” says Dr. Chang. “Previously, biopsies were performed by surgeons where larger areas were removed to be sure the diseased area was removed. Now, there are less invasive options and surgery is a last resort.”

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Stereotactic breast biopsy is used when a small growth or calcifications are seen on mammograms, but can’t be seen using breast ultrasound. During the procedure, a woman lies facedown on a padded biopsy table for 30 minutes to one hour with one of her breasts positioned in a hole in the table.

Sumy H. Chang, MD, FACS Breast Surgeon Board Certified in General Surgery Dr. Chang is affiliated with Community Medical Center in Toms River and the Jacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Chang, contact: Community Medical Center 67 Highway 37 West Riverwood 1 Building, First Floor Toms River, NJ 08755 732.557.2153 Jacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center at Monmouth Medical Center 300 Second Avenue Long Branch, NJ 07740 732.923.7702

About Barnabas Health Medical Group Barnabas Health Medical Group is a multispecialty group practice comprising highly trained and experienced world class primary and specialty care physicians. Barnabas Health Medical Group physicians provide compassionate and innovative cutting-edge care for people at every stage of life at easily accessible facilities conveniently located throughout New Jersey. Backed by the vast continuum of resources of Barnabas Health, the largest not-for-profit integrated health care delivery system in New Jersey and one of the largest in the nation, our dedicated physicians and expertly trained supporting staff continuously strive for clinical excellence. To learn more, visit

The table is raised several feet, and the equipment used by the radiologist is positioned beneath the table. The breast is firmly compressed between two plates while mammograms are taken to pinpoint the exact location of the area that needs to be removed. The radiologist injects numbing medicine into the breast and makes a small incision, then inserts either a needle or a vacuum-powered probe and removes samples of tissue. The tissue samples are then sent to a pathologist to be examined.

Ultrasound-Guided Needle Biopsy Ultrasound-guided needle biopsy is recommended if there’s a mass seen on the breast ultrasound. This method uses a gel and probe to locate the lesion. It is easier for patients to tolerate because they’re lying on their back, making it more comfortable. During the biopsy, the doctor numbs the breast and makes a very small incision over the area that needs to be biopsied. An ultrasound probe guides the needle to the abnormal area on the breast. The needle is inserted into the mass and a sample is taken. This less invasive procedure only takes 30-45 minutes and doesn’t require anesthesia, just local numbing medicine. MRI-Guided Core Needle Biopsy If a breast abnormality is seen only on a breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), we recommend a MRI-

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guided biopsy. During this kind of biopsy, the physician uses an MRI machine to get a precise reading on the location of the abnormality. This way, the physician is able to pinpoint the mass and remove enough tissue to get an accurate reading of the biopsy under the microscope. During this procedure, a woman lies facedown on a padded scanning table and her breasts fit into a hollow depression in the table. A small insertion is made to allow the core needle to be inserted. Samples of tissue are sent to a lab for analysis.

Surgical Biopsy A surgical biopsy is a more invasive procedure, requiring a longer recovery time. “Some scenarios warrant this type of biopsy – especially if the mass is close to the nipple or the chest wall. Also, some women are candidates for a surgical biopsy if they can’t tolerate procedures that require lying on their stomach for a decent amount of time,” says. Dr. Chang. During a surgical biopsy, a portion of the breast mass is removed for examination. It’s usually done in an operating room using sedation and a local anesthetic.

After a Breast Biopsy With a needle biopsy, women can expect to have bandages and an ice pack over the biopsy site. Normal activities can typically be resumed after a day’s rest.

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Does this Sound Familiar?


rofessionals A Gift of Life

Your Health – Your Choice

Would you like more insight into this new alternative “revolution”? For this holiday They say I’m high maintenance!!! I take issue, ICAM would like to offer all new and established patients a $100 gift-of-life aspirin for my headache caused by the Zyrtec certificate to be used to offset the cost of any testing done between December 25, 2014 Demand careI got . . .from Relenza, for thebetter hay fever oncept that I take and February 28, .2015. which I take for the uneasy stomach from the Okay then whatarticle is the answer? Demand better care . . The testing available at ICAM includes the procedures listed n thissomonth’s I would like to present to you the concept ability below. They are all non-invasive Ritalin I take for the short attention span Okay so then what is the answer? ways to help diagnose underlying “silent invaders” that Demand better care! of choice. In nearly every day experience we have the ability want to caused by Simple! may be leading to ill health, decreased longevity and premature death. We also offer the Transderm Scopolamine Patch, Simple! Demand better care! Would you beaaccepting ofWe a restautherapeutic interventions that will combat illness and even reverse disease. to make choice. choose what we want and don’t want to symptoms! which I take for the motion sickness I got from e do for Would you be accepting of a restaurant that serves cold coffee, warm the Lomotil, I drink, takesymptoms forwhat the diarrhea Coping with your isn’t controlling your eatwhich and we watch on TV, our friends, what wesymptoms! do for imited rant that serves cold coffee, warm beer and uncooked caused by the Xenical, whichfood? I takeHow for the Don’t alet... living,weight etc. As far asthe ourPaxil healthcare isforconcerned, we the have limited ordable uncontrolled gain from that I take the anxiety from Zocor that I take about a carpenter that is building your home and chooses all the fixtures, colors and beer and uncooked food? How HOT •ofNIGHT SWEATS • purchase INSOMNIA • what ANXIETY XUAL DESIRE choices in terms theexercise, coverage is affordable for my highFLASHES cholesterol because a goodwe diet, and healthy changes appliances for your “custom” home? Of course not, and so lifestyle why accept this in your health-about a carpenter that is building your home and chooses all the fixtures, colors and DEPRESSION • JOINT PAIN • HEADACHES • LOSS OF SEXUAL DESIRE are just too much trouble!!! and afforded to us. appliances for your “custom” home? Of course not, so why accept this in your healthcare? Is your health not life’s most precious commodity? VAGINAL DRYNESS • BRAIN FOG • WEIGHT GAIN... care? Is your health not life’s most precious commodity? But, in regards to treatment we receive from ourmy patients’ For nearly two decades, Iwhat was proud of myself for successfully addressing become the ‘new norm’! Complementary and Alternative Medicine ... progressive symptoms, completely unaware that my interventions were what actuallywe the source physicians and healthcare providers, we serve are told Complementary and Alternative Medicine . . . Despite popular (mis)belief, CAM physicians to complement not Ireplace of and not the solution to their underlying discomfort and symptoms. Unfortunately, am their must do and rarely given explanation why. medical practices. It isan the conventionally close-minded practitioners that feel Despite popular (mis)belief, CAM physicians serve to complement not replace certaincurrent thatTake I was not the only provider of bad healthcare, but I do feel I have contol and solve your symptoms atredeemed theirmyself Initial Office Visit: $100 gh intimidated CAM physicians andmyprinciples that make the decision of “should I orcurrent medical practices. It is the conventionally close-minded practitioners that feel by discontinuing thebypractices that escalated patients’ problems. source for natural, lasting relief through You must legally be informed . . . would like offer a $100 coupon that may be used CAM physicians andtoprinciples that make the decision of “should I or yafter (BHRT). shouldn’t I” consider alternative therapies. The biggest problem arises for those with intimidated byICAM The reality is that your healthcare provider legally must offer you choices after Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). towards the initial office visit or for established patients to be shouldn’t I” consider alternative therapies. The biggest problem arises for those with do not Whocritical is to Blame? illness. Despite a patient’s failing health and mental, emotional and physical all pros and cons, including the risks and benefits. Unfortunately, most of us do not Theailing, doctors nottime (entirely) to blame. Together, medical education and towards cost any testing done. patient’s failingthe health andofmental, emotional and physical ollow his/ theare only a traditional provider will the “allow” CAM therapiessystem is when it is critical illness. Despite aused exercise thishave rightcreated and believe the “doctor knows best”that and anyone you should followthem his/ is ailing, the only time a traditionalBio-Energy Big Pharma such that a powerful political empire opposing provider will “allow” CAM therapies is when it is Testing: $250 oftenTrue, too late to benefit them. slandered. medicine is a from business, and like any other business it needs to make a her recommendations. often too lateThe to benefit from them. Ultimate test to determine what fine tuning can be done once profit to survive. how of much do the pharmaceutical companies Don’t be But a victim misinformation when it comes to yourneed? health. Speak up and initial andwhen balancing Patients must understand and discuss options for their care . . . Don’t be a victim ofoptimization misinformation it comesoftoyour yourbody health.chemistry Speak uphas and ient play ask questions. Demand answers and alternatives. Run away from the closed-minded In this rapidly changing toxic environment, it is essential that you as a patient play been completed. ask questions. Demand answers and alternatives. Run away from the closed-minded Americanand Way to Good blesome Is thepractitioners playthe an Best active Approach and integral role in yourHealthcare? own healthcare. an From active pacemakers and integralto part of your ownpills, healthcare team. It is confusing, practitioners and play an activeCardio-Vision and integral role inTesting: your own$125 healthcare. birth control kidney transplants to artificialtroublesome hearts, us treatInvest life’stomost precious commodity-your health. omes toAmerica regarding andmind downright scary hear hormone conflicting reports and opinions regarding various has an in international reputation for making medical breakthroughs. Yet,treatdespite A much accurate test defining the underlying functional (vs. Invest in life’s mostmore precious commodity-your health. or advancements, most people, the first thought that comes to mind regarding hormone rapies”. these remarkable themedicine, U.S. ranksnot only 38th in a“alternative worldwide therapies”. ranking of the ments in conventional mainstream to mention anatomical) state of the entire 60,000 miles of your blood vessels. cline a woman’s hormone levels Toof learn more about Even and medicalis providers offering these services Comple-inquality healthcare more startling thespecialist fact thatand we A ranked 13th just imbalance is aCAM women indoctor, menopause. decline in a woman’s hormone levels To learn more about CAM and medical providers A patient is placed insystems. the middle between their CAM (CompleMCI-CANS Testing:offering $125 these services or who over a search decade ago. the web at or A4M. nerally seen at a stage in life known mentary and Alternative Medicine) physicians don’t know where is to turn or who seensearch the Probably web or A4M.clinical examination to determine ones (estrogen, progesterone andandtestosterone) generally at a stage inatlife theknown most accurate ht how to believe or trust. As a traditionally trained family physician, I was not taught how dramatic, and accompanied Asisan aside, would like toby announce my direct rapid and indirect involvement baseline as well effect treatment in those with have we goneI The wrong? ere taught Where as interpret menopause. decline isits usually and dramatic, andAsisanaccompanied by aside, I would likeastodetermining announce mythe direct andofindirect involvement to Part a medical study and determine value and reliability. We were taught in the fight against the Ebola Epidemic through the use of Bio-Oxidative of the problem is that we have been led by the medical establishment to believe that cognitive or memory decline. ght gain, sleep disorders and a flashes, loss interpretation as biased in the fight againstand the Ebola Epidemic through the use of Bio-Oxidative such as hot mood swings, gain, sleep disorders a Biological loss tosymptoms trust the representatives ofto the biased the absence ofpharmaceutical symptoms means theI absence of disease. The fact is, study many that ofweight uswas are ill and Therapies. In addition, am pleased and proud announce the addition $125 dical Therapies. In addition, I am pleased andAge proudTesting: to announce the addition toward their drug or product. The intent of this article is not bashcoordinator the after medical don’t even know it. Think about it. How many cases of cancer aretodiagnosed the and disease of two new staff members at ICAM. Lucia, our front desk of sex drive, to name a few. An extensive test utilized in ant-aging clinics throughout the world eed to of two new staff members at ICAM. Lucia, our front desk coordinator and has already spread and consumed our most precious commodities: oxygen system orMelanie, its providers but rather enlighten the reader as to their energy, right and need and to life! our new nurse practitioner. determine Melanie, our new to practitioner. nd their too gocommunicate through a period phase better with theiror medical providers. patient must understand Unbeknownst to most of Aus, however, men their too go through a periodnurse or phaseyour biological vs. chronological age. So, while the revolution in medical technology continues to advance, it may be time underlying condition and as fully discuss options theirBless. care. Wish us wellhealth and always, Beone Wellthat andto God dropause. Andropause, sometimes another, quieter revolution, takes place in homes as across the country. ***All of theseBetests at the Manahawkin office only. Wish us well and as always, Wellare andprovided God Bless. to a woman in menopause known andropause. Andropause, sometimes inst an forsimilar My life’s experiences have taught the people who are and the most an Patients, confused and frightened byme thethat increasing complexity cost ofagainst conventional Yours in Health, Details of the testing are available on our website at Yours in Health, every male sones experienced bytheory nearly every maleThey that act, referred to as “man-o-pause” “midlife experienced by nearly thought, orfor medical treatment and or “bad mouth it”more arecrisis,” always theis ones that medicine, are looking “a better way.” are becoming actively involved in ICAMBARTISSMD.COM or HORMONEMD.ORG Mark James Bartiss, MD Mark James Bartiss, MD roductive their own care,onset andThis seeking alternative choices. This movement is growing so know the health leastpoint about it. isisnothing less than arrogance, and islevels counterproductive decline, although the much at some in their lifetime as hormone decline, although the onset is much Tothat schedule an appointment, callMedicine ICAM may at 609-978-9002. quickly Complementary and Alternative soon overtake traditional and misleading. To schedule an appointment, call ICAM at 609-978-9002. All coupons expire 02/28/2015 as readily notedgradual as are than those mainstream approaches to healthcare. more insympwomen and therefore not as readily noted as are those symp-



Elder Law


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toms affecting women in menopause.

edical writer, lecturer, and Mark author,James REMEMBER…. Bartiss, MDWhen is a medical writer, lecturer, and author, REMEMBER…. When alist in theMark fieldis of Bio-Identical comes to your health, nd author, and recognized asand a top ten specialist in fieldten of Bio-Identical isMD recognized asthe awriter, top specialist in the and fieldis of Bio-Identical it comes to your health, James Bartiss, is it a medical lecturer, and author, recognized as a top ten specialist in the field of Bio-Identical ed numerous take their lives back and reclaim their health. you do have options Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). He has helped numerous individuals take their lives back and reclaim their health. HRT). He hasindividuals helped numerous you do have options Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). He has helped numerous and their a choice. and a choice. reclaim their health. individuals take lives back and reclaim their health.

taryInstitute and Alternative Medicine and Alternative Medicine for Complementary

Manahawkin, NJ and 08050 | 609-978-9002 24 Nautilus Drive, 5 • Manahawkin, NJ and 08050 Alternative | 609-978-9002 ementary Alternative Medicine Institute for Suite Complementary • Wayne, NJ NJ08050 | 973-790-6363 Hamburg Tpk, Suite Suite5205 • Wayne, NJ NJ08050 | 973-790-6363 5205 • Manahawkin, | 504 609-978-9002 24 Nautilus Drive, • Manahawkin, | 609-978-9002


Suite 205 • Wayne, NJ | 973-790-6363504 Hamburg Tpk, Suite 205 • Wayne, NJ | 973-790-6363 Only: 639 Stokes Road, Suite 202 • Medford, NJ 08055 | 609-654-5900 Road, Suite 202 • Medford,ByNJAppointment 08055 | 609-654-5900 TheCounty CountyWoman Woman Magazine November/December 2014January/Feb The January/February 2015 November/December 2014 The Magazine County Woman Magazine


Adult Community

For People Over 55: Fountainhead, a community for people 55 and over, in Jackson offers manufactured homes from about 1,000 square feet and larger. Fountainhead is a land-lease community, a home ownership opportunity that allows the home buyer to buy the home and lease the lot. This allows the home owner to spend less at the time of the buy than if a comparable home were purchased on his own private property. Nice people who have led responsible lives live at Fountainhead. Over time, as people occasionally want to move, the Fountainhead home owner will sell their home to another prospective home owner who will enter into a lease with Fountainhead.

Land leasing in NJ is a secure relationship, based on credit history and income of the prospective home owner. It is usually

at the home owner’s election to terminate the lease arrangement. In this residential lease where the homeowner is invested in the home, there are several strong consumer protections supporting the longevity of the relationship. Fountainhead is one of the best ways to live comfortably in style as retirement approaches and leisure time becomes more precious. Our excellent location, in the middle of NJ, offers easy and rapid access to all the majors: I-195, Garden State Parkway, Route 9, 295, NJ Turnpike. Fifty miles to NYC, 40 miles to Philadelphia, 50 minutes to Staten Island, 1hr 15 minutes to Atlantic City and 20 minutes to the Jersey shore.

But what’s in a name? Terminology is so important- it can be so exact

there is no mistake what it describes or it can be a phrase that just doesn’t do it. In the world of manufactured housing there continues to be some confusion on the part of the home shopper. What is the difference between a manufactured home, a mobile home, and a modular home? In NJ, all homes must be built to NJ’s specific body of codes and standards; some are equal to the federal standards, some are more strenuous than the federal housing standards. This is good to know, but since all homes will be 100% inspected in NJ, the buyer can really take the durability of construction as “a given”, meaning that once it has a certificate of occupancy it meets or exceeds the requirements.


The Source of a New Worry-Free Lifestyle in Jackson!

• Quality Constructed Manufactured Homes • Central Air & Gas Heat • Deluxe Appliances • Energy Efficient Insulation • 2 and 3 Bedrooms • Beautiful Kitchens • Land Leasing Saves You Money • Spacious Lots, Mature Trees, Wide Streets, Off-Street Parking • 25 min. to Trenton, 20 min. to the Shore • New and Pre-owned Homes Available

1 Rose Drive, Jackson, NJ 08527 For directions call or visit our website 732-928-3100 •

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January/February 2015

Adult Community


The Way Of Future Home Ownership Manufactured homes differ from site-

built homes in that they are constructed somewhere other than the site and are transported to the site where they will be finished as necessary to be issued a certificate of occupancy. Manufactured homes are modular homes and mobile homes. To clarify commonly-heard terms: a manufactured home is built on a permanent chassis, and rarely moved from the initial site where it may be “sited” as a permanent residence. It will display a Certification Label and Data Plate attesting to its compliance with the construction code- US HUD Title 6. It does not look any different than a site-built home, it does not perform any differently than a site-built home, except if compared to an older site-built home it will be more energy efficient, more true to level 00 and offer more options at a better price.

costly than owning a site-built home, the access to the utilities of each home is well-planned and accessible.

The long-term benefits of leasing versus owning can be felt in the pocketbook.

People 55 and over are accustomed to leases in other aspects of their lives. In these days of a see-saw economy it makes sense to be financially alert and watchful. Less out-of-pocket, longer time between routine maintenance with new versus older, lower annual expenses in lease versus land ownership. At Adult Community Fountainhead, the average home ownership costs including Manufactured homes are built in utilities and leasing costs offer a home American work places and inspected, and comparable in size and style to any any budget. The common denominator is the lease fee- nearly all the same monthly t is a great and sometimes undervalued privilege to have a choice. cost. The lease is easy to read and simple to follow. tested before leaving the construction It is oneother of the great thingscommunity about our country-home we have many adult but at any budget. The common denominator theHomes leaseAre fee-Great nearly all the same monthly and sometimes undervalued privilege to have achoices, choice. New or is Newer Choices an endless supply of them. facility. Construction facilities keep all their The newest homes, some in the established neighborhood, are built to last as long a substantially conservative price. We As we grow into the latter stages of life The and choose to move where simplification of cost. lease is easy to read and simple to follow. the great things about our country- we haveresponsibility many or longer than any other new home. You could choose a high quality home with give us the opportunity to spend more of our free time participating materials under cover, out of the weatherin the things wewill suggest the prospective home owner plywood sub-floor, high peaked roof, composite flooring, or you could choose a more or Newer Homes Are Great Choices enjoy most, it is New time to consider all the choices. endlesswhich supply of them. budget friendly version that is also energy efficient- bearing the US EPA Energy Star maximizes the utility of the material. Finding The bring Right Match For You And Your Budget with them their true home symbol of commitment, with carpet and linoleum selectto some otheras architectural Theoffering newest homes, some in the established neighborhood, are and built last long o the latter stages of life and choose to move where simplification of can be over-the-top Adult communities amenities we hope to enjoy or element to please you. Our experienced home consultants are always available to Technology has advanced allowing for plan to enjoy- even currentlycosts enjoy. The key isthe tothan findpresent theany one that matches your home. owner for dwelling so or longer other new You could choose a high quality home with show and demonstrate the benefits of buying a factory-built home. give us the opportunity to spend more of our free timewishes participating and does not break the bank. Breaking out of the same old and exploring all Some of the more popular interior options would include upgraded kitchen applidurable plastics, the options plywood sub-floor, high peaked show thealongfinancial benefits are we two ofcan the skills we’ve honed life’s trail. Look into land leasedof roof, composite flooring, or you could choose a more joy most,composites it is time tomore consider all the than choices. ances, composite countertops or circle windows. But beyond these upgrades, there is communities; you will find as wide of a selection of amenities as any other 55+ choice also the option to go with ceramic tile floors, and a front door budget friendly version that is also energy efficientbearing thearched USdoorways EPA Energy Starthat piping and connections are fingertips away. owning locations without the land costat and Fountainhead. with much less ongoing ownership expense. ght Match For You And Your Budget says “you”. The possibilities are endless when envisioning your new manufactured Homes may vary in age from symbol proposed-to-be-built, to new and there is always of commitment, with carpethome, andso linoleum select architectural mandated disclosures why not see whatand is offered? Also some in additionother to any interior option a perare a conservative buyer and/or not a big risk taker, land leasing ties can Federally be over-the-top offeringinsulation amenities we hope to “vintage” enjoytoo. or If youThe Fountainhead location is right spective buyer can imagine, each manufactured home is standard from the factory to element to please you. Our experienced home consultants are always available to may be the right choice for you. A hybrid home ownership option that allows you assure home bestmatches survive hurricane style winds and the nature of their factory built construction ensures n currently enjoy.the The key isowner to findthe the very one that your freedom to be the homeowner you have always been with lessJackson, costly responsibilities. where it all happens in a all materials to stay at their strongest, for the longest. show and demonstrate the benefits of buying a factory-built home. Fountainhead, a 55+ community in Jackson, New Jersey is one that offers a selection environmental protection ot break the bank. Breaking out of the money same oldcan andbuy. exploring all you choose to stay in the middle of NJ, approximately the of homeowner township services that you choose as you need to. homeowners choose interiorOnce ofSome over 100 square miles. of theMost more popular options would include upgraded kitchen applimiddle of I-195 between the Shore and Trenton, you must decide to a homeleased from a model or a blueprint and customize the interior/exterior colors and o of the skills we’ve honed along life’s trail. Look into land visit windows. FountainheadBut 55+. beyond these upgrades, there is ances, composite countertops or circle Terminology: a mobile home is a design features.All Then they onto designing and maintaining their lot. Maximum themove shopping, services, worship will find as wide of a selection of amenities as any otherprivacy 55+duechoice to large lots, mature trees and wide streets evoke a neighborhood that feels Jackson is home to about 60,000 people with all the services also the option to go with ceramic tile floors, arched and Jackson a front residential structure that was built to a set of places, conveniences and much of the we all need just down the blockdoorways familiar and where nice people reside. from Fountainhead. has door that he land cost and with much less ongoing ownership expense. award-winning recreation facilities foryour all ages,new preserved land, Land Leases Are Another Option says “you”. The possibilities are endless when envisioning manufactured requirements before federal recreation is within a 2 land mile square and a great location. If you must continue to travel outside of Land leases are very secure, and designated by municipal use zoning. Leasesof y in age construction from proposed-to-be-built, to new andthe there is always home, so not see what is offered? Also inyouaddition to any interior option a perOcean County won’t find a better township with any easier are auto renewable, and the homeowner’s lease is why protected by law. Security, mutual governmentbuyer codified the Fountainhead. ou are a conservative and/orand notregionalized a big risk taker, land leasing access to the main commuter routes. We have it all. understanding and cooperation, communication; these are some of the elements that spective buyer can imagine, each manufactured home is standard from the factory to make good long-lasting lease relationship. At Fountainhead, while there are For directions to the sales center at 1 Rose Drive, inoption 1976.that Justallows likea veryyou hoice forconstruction you. A hybridrequirements home ownership Nancy Viviano nearly one hundred more new homes to build,hurricane 75% of the households have residedand in the nature of their factory built construction ensures survive style winds Jackson, NJ 08527 call 732-928-3100 or visit Fountainhead their homes for 10 years or more. This has allowed for a very good market to satisfy homeowner you have been in with less costly a home thatalways was built 1975 is notresponsibilities. what Properties all materials to stay at their strongest, for the longest. 5+ community in built Jackson, is one a selectionOur caring professional home a home in New 2014Jersey would be,that for offers energy, The Best Home Choice For 55+ Population Once you choose to stay in the middle of NJ, approximately the ices thatstyle, you choose you need to. Most homeowners Location ~ Great Homes ~ Long Term Affordability ease ofas remodeling. Today, a truly choose ownership advisors are available middle of I-195 between theby Shore and Trenton, you must decide to del or a blueprint and customize theainterior/exterior colors and mobile home would be recreational vehicle appointment to offer the facts without visit Fountainhead 55+. en they move onto designing and maintaining their lot. Maximum that is towed behind a pickup truck.

Adult Community

Houses For Sale, SoCommunity Many Adult Community Choices ny Houses For Sale,SoSoManyMany Adult Choices


e lots, mature trees and wide streets evoke a neighborhood that obligation. feels Jackson is home to about 60,000 people with all the services nice people reside. we all need just down the block from Fountainhead. Jackson has Sometimes reporters fail to popularize award-winning recreation facilities for all ages, preserved land, re Another Option theand benefits of manufactured home Like us on Facebook and a great location. If youatmust continue to travel outside of very secure, designated by municipal land useliving zoning. Leases in land lease communities. The 60,000 or Ocean County you won’t find a better township with any easier , and the homeowner’s lease is protected by law. Security, mutual so home owners living in NJ manufactured access to the main all. cooperation, communication; these are some of the elements that Pets: Youcommuter Luv ‘Em, routes. We have itFountainhead Properties home know very well while that there are ong-lasting leasecommunities relationship. At Fountainhead, We Luvdirections ‘Em Too! to the sales center at 1 Rose Drive, For 1 Rose Drive (Just Off County Line Rd.) Viviano Nancy d more new to build, 75%very of the households theyhomes are some of the best, caring have resided in Jackson, NJ 08527 call 732-928-3100 Jackson, or visitNJ 08527 Fountainhead years orcommunities. more. This has Home allowed maintenance for a very goodismarket less to satisfy Call 732-928-3100 and schedule a free consultation. Properties Please visit our website for directions and to • New Homes

• Pre-Owned Homes Best Home Choice For 55+ Population ~ Great Homes ~ Long Term Affordability• Rental Homes

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Hair Replacement

Healthy Hair = Healthy Scalp Experiencing Hair Loss? We Have Real Solutions! Are you suffering from:

• Itching • Eczema • Flakiness • Psoriasis • Oily Hair • Flat Hair • Shedding Hair We have real solutions! Seize this unique opportunity to discuss your hair loss solution with a hair loss specialist.

FREE Confidential Consultation



Laura Cole Trichology Specialist Master Certified AHLC Board Director

We are a Member

2494 Moore Rd.Ste #1 Toms River, NJ 08753

(In the Stone Hedge Professional Building)

My hair analysis system has helped many of my clients with their hair loss problems. If you are suffering from any of the symptons described, call me for a Free Confidential Consultation. Email: Appointments are required. Please call for your FREE consultation!

Trichology Specialist on Premises

The health of your hair is linked to the health of

your scalp: you can’t have healthy hair if your scalp isn’t healthy. The scalp is actually the skin part from where your hair follicles grow. When an ailment is present, the solution should be in the realm of dermatology and trichology, rather than hair styling products, which in turn, are aimed at the health of the hair shaft. Therefore, trichology is the science at the crossroads of dermatology and cosmetology that aims to bring back the hair cycle to its normal state. This is why, at Abstrax Hair Designs, our specialists are trained in trichology. We start from the root of the problem. After an analysis of your scalp, we will recommend a program specifically designed to restore the balance of your scalp, combining home care treatments with in-depth salon treatments. Ailments of the hair and scalp are common and their symptoms can be unpleasant for those who suffer from them: itching, redness, dandruff, bad odor from oily scalp, and in certain cases, hair thinning and hair loss. It is possible to stabilize and/or delay hair thinning. You can also determine or manage scalp ailments. To do so, it is crucial to begin targeted care as soon as the problem manifests. Ask a Capilia expert for advice on how to provide your scalp with the care it really needs or visit our website at or

We are now seeking new hair stylists: full or part time. To apply, please call Abstrax at 732-255-1733 for more info.


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Elder Life Management



Preparedness Planning ForFinancial Adult Children With Disabilities By Judith S. Parnes, L.C.S.W., C.M.C., Gerontologist Elder Care Consultant is By JudithAnd S. Parnes, L.C.S.W., C.M.C. Executive Director Of Elder Life Management, Inc.,isOcean, NJ. Gerontologist And Elder Care Consultant


Executive Director Of Elder Life Management, Inc., n entire Ocean, NJ generation of parents are now growing

older and facing the reality that their children with disabilities will outlive them. Presently, here isdisabled often a adults tendency to with close to a million developmentally are living planning caregivers over the age of 60put in off the financial United States. especially when it While parents are growing older, many are not only caring for their own parents but involves events thatwith we special wouldneeds. rather notmay feel financially stretched. also caring life for an adult child They address. However, if youpeople are the child disabilities to live longer. Medical advances have enabled withadult developmental of planning may not At elderly the same parents, time, thesethe advances have enabled theirbe parents to live longer as well. However as populations have changes increased care needs. difficult if itboth is done priorage, to they serious Consider the circumstances of Helen P. Helen first called Elder Life Management in your parents’ abilities and behavior.


to discuss her concerns. As the sole provider and caregiver for her 49 year old son, Helen knew Ted wasK“different” but he was never diagnosed. Had Ted been Ted, I recently metthat with Bill for a Comprehensive born today, he would havereferred surely been diagnosed Consultation. He was to Elder Lifeas being on the autism spectrum. However, in the 1950’s very few sought help from Management by his mother’s doctor after sheschools or outside agencies. Her reason fora seeking from this office and herwas biggest fear was what would happen to suffered Bill’s mother, Barbara, Ted as she aged already a minor stroke) hospitalized for(she tenhad days and suffered then transferred to a and both of their care needs increased . rehabilitation center. Barbara’s doctor determined withneed Helenhelp to develop a planterm including short term solutions and long thatI worked she would with long care and term planning. We were to obtain Socialfacility. Security benefits for Ted as a disabled possible placement in able a long term care adult. Our agency found a local program to assist with developing socialization skills increase hisBarbara ability towas ultimately independently. a care manger toAlthough 87, shelive had always beenSimultaneously, strong began to meet with Ted and as a result, developed a rapport and trusting relationship. and self- sufficient even after her husband passed away. Helen’s health decline, sheofknew the time SheAshandled all of continued the day totoday duties running andhad come that she could no longer live her at home andand carestill for Ted. soughtfor alternative maintaining home droveTogether to meetwefriends lunch living arrangements for both Helen and Ted. Helen went into an assisted living program and Ted and her weekly bridge club. was able to obtain housing in an apartment that offered limited help and supervision. We continue to assist Ted even now, 15 years later.had A commitment was madecare that This all changed dramatically when Barbara a stroke. Barbara’s Ted would a client of Elder Management. nowdetermined continues to that live needs wereremain reviewed during theLife consultation andTed it was in supervised housing. Lifewith Management oversees medical needs her needs would bestElder be met placement in a his long term and carecare facility.

and also pays his monthly bills. A care

Bill now had to take over management of his mother’s affairs and he now manager continues to “check –in” with realized he was not prepared or informed enough to do so. Bill sought our Ted and of course, is available in an help as he wasn’t sure what was necessary to continue to pay his mom’s bills, emergency. Elder Life Management is keep the house running, and eventually apply for government programs to now Ted’s finance herfamily. long term care. In Summary, below is a list of things you should consider developing Should thiswhen happen to you, are you prepared? a plan for your special needs loved one.

What you need: 1. Tell your child’s story. Take the time 1. Monthly to put together some guidelines on expenses. Income caring for your loved one 2. with specialsources. 3. Banks needs. This will be a non-legal docu-including account numbers and investment ment, but it will be a useful resource. accounts if applicable.

4. Location financialGuardians records. and trustees will be 2. Identify who will be guardians and/oroftrustees. 5. Automatic deductions checking. responsible for the welfare of your loved one, so thinkfrom carefully before naming Online payments paperrelative checks? any individual to this role.6.Don’t assume that theorclosest is always the best 7. Insurance including life, health and term choice. Instead, choose a person who you feel will be able to handlelong the responcare. sibility and look out for the best interest of your loved one. A professional Care Manager can be consulted.8. Do they have a financial planner? 9. Is there a general durable power of attorney?

3. Work together with your relatives to coordinate planning. Involve the rest of 10. Is there a will? your family in your planning efforts. This will ensure that everyone is aware of 11. Is there a living will/Medical power of attorney? what is going on, which will minimize the risk of disruption and conflict after your death. 4. Find a supportive community. Planning for a special needs family member can be a challenge, but you are not alone. Seek out other families who are dealing with the You can contact Elder Life Management same issues as you. They will be able to provide valuable support and guidance to at (732) 493-8080 to obtain a free Elder help you in your planning efforts.

LifeinPlanning Fact Only by being an 5. Seek Professional help Financial planning for nowSheet. and beyond. consumer can youand live yourwho best institutions are noweducated including professional care managers advisors can address, monitor and develop optimal care plans for enhanced quality of life and elder life. increase assurance that health and safety needs are met. Elder Life Management provides quality elder careequitable planning, GREAT NEWS! NJ is finally assuring management Medicaid to olderadults adults Medicaidand funding forapplication all older services or disabled andwhose their families. Please visit monthly income previously exceeded the $2163 or threshold. call (732) 493-8080 more Life information. ContactforElder Management for details. 931 West Park Avenue, Ocean, New Jersey, 07712.

Testimonials Say It All . . .

I was so pleasantly surprised at how quickly I received my father’s Medicaid approval. I know this is your job but I am so grateful for your help. I don’t believe 3 this would have happened without you and Elder Life Management. James B., Toms River, NJ


Once Again, It is amazing to me that anyone can expect an elderly person to actually make sense of this all. I am a lawyer and my wife is an accountant and if we didn’t have Elder Life Management helping, there is no way we could have navigated this maze. Robert D, Aberdeen, NJ Just wanted to say thank you again for all your help, guidance, expertise, patience and understanding. Elder Life Management saved my life and sanity. I could never 3 have done it without you. Barbara G., Red Bank, NJ The County Woman Magazine Magazine

November/December 2014 January/February 2015

e {Personalized} Future Of Fitness Health o & Wellness

fitPLAN is a customizable approach to setting and achieving health and fitness goals. By setting realistic goals based on an individual’s lifestyle we can monitor and provide tangible, long term results. Available to each member free Tilton Fitness Management partnered with Meridian Health to bring the of charge, fitPLAN presents a visual representation of body composition as well as a rehensive medically-based health and wellness facilities to Ocean County. scientific calculation of their current and goal health age. “We believe that fitPLAN welcomed two brand new facilities in Jackson (which opened in March) is the most important first step in any health and wellness journey as it provides a currently under construction) and one established facility in Manahawkin structured strategy for better health.” The Ocean Club -under the Meridian Fitness & Wellness banner. This But, according to Busacca, optimal wellness is more than physical capability. s was placed on developing a more personalized and preventative approach “Our unique partnership with Meridian Health provides our members with a more re through fitness. Our mission, to Change People’s Lives, is not limited to Written by Julianne Dods, VP “Anna is excellent. Shecomprehensive has helped me accomplish I approachthings to fitness; with access to medical step down programs and rs. We impact our local &communities Meridian Fitness Wellness by providing access to educational never thought possible,” says Pam. “But, most importantly, a Medical Advisory Board of Physicians, Meridian Fitness & Wellness is continually ng needed to promote healthier lifestyles. she keeps me accountable. There are days when I would working to better serve the health and wellness needs within our communities.”

Julianne Dods, VP , Meridian Fitness & Wellness


Weight-Loss Story: She Lost Over 40 Pounds!


rather skip the gym, but I know Anna is there waiting for ecently retired after a 40-year imal Wellness not only be letting myselfInvolvement down, but Community career with the Marlboro Board of me. If I don’t go, I willFor Anna as well.” In 2014, Meridian Fitness & Wellness actively worked to build a positive presence Pam Galgani, 66 of Jackson, Meridian Education, Fitness & Wellness, we understand that there is no For the past 7 months, Pam and Anna have met within our local communities found herself at a new place in life. twice weekly for one-on-one training in which Annahosting Open House Events, Health Fairs, Fundraisers, e-fits-all approach to attaining physical or mental well-being,” offering fitness andand educational programming for Youths, Seniors, and Special focuses on increasingand Pam’s strength, stamina “I have always had good intentions to join a health

t Busacca, in aJackson. “Each individual’s personal mobility. club,”Training says Pam.Director “But with full-time job, long-hours

Populations. newparticipating things, encourages me from home and mounting responsibilities, it was easy “Anna pushes me to try“By in outreach programs and fundraising events to benefit various als areaway as distinct as the individual themselves, which is whytowe believe in my ability to perform new movements and to justify living a sedentary lifestyle.” grass-roots initiatives, we can provide a forum or a presence to help educate the d and launched fitPLAN our locations in 2014.” motivates me to stay on the right track,” says Pam. But, a routine visit at to all herofPrimary Care Physician community about the importance of health and wellness therefore becoming an What once began as a preventative healthcare changed her perspective on health and wellness. for healthier living,” says Chris Wild, General Manager in Manahawkin. measure to combat advocate high cholesterol and excessive “The doctor was concerned about my weight gain as Meridian & long-lasting Wellness also took a proactive step in the fight against breast cancer weight gain has now turned into aFitness positive, well as my cholesterol levels,” says Pam. “He recommended lifestyle change for Pam. starting a regimen of cholesterol lowering medications, by becoming a Pink Partner in Meridian Health’s Paint the Town Pink Campaign. Besides “I have learned so raising much from this experience,” but I was hesitant. I needed a lifestyle change not a awareness for breastsays cancer prevention, detection and treatment, Meridian Fitness & Pam. “Aside from adopting regular physical activity into prescription.” Wellness members, staff and guests helped raise funds to provide screening mammography to my daily routine; I have learned how to fuel my body with In April 2014, Pam found Meridian Fitness & underserved women proper serving sizes and high nutrient foods.”within the community. Wellness in Jackson. At first, she was adamant on


Pam now views food differently. “When I invest COMPLIMENTARY For the Future those 3 to 4 days at the gym each week, I am more

going it alone, but then she met Certified Personal Trainer, Anna Smith.


hard work in the gym and pool, proper nutrition and the

“We have long embraced of exercise Anna.” as medicine,” says President and right motivation: cognizant of what I eat. I put in a lot ofthe concept the Today, Pamhealth is on the path reimbursement towards achieving CEO Young. realize future, system will be effort with mySam workouts and“We I don’t wantthat, in optimal wellness both inside and out. to sabotage that efforttied withtopoor increasingly the food health status of the communities they serve making hospitalActivate this pass at any of “The staff at Meridian Fitness & Wellness has pushed choices.”affiliated fitness facilities like ours an important component of the continuum of care.” our six locations. me to try new things. To find an activity and a process that Pam has found that using a calorie As such, Meridian Fitness & Wellness participation in “To works recently for me, myannounced schedule andtheir my skill set,” says Pam. tracker like MyFitnessPal helps her to the Horizonbfit program. Offered to select BCBSNJ ages 18 yearsI those whoHorizon are looking to make amembers similar lifestyle change, better understand proper nutrition. say ‘givemaintain it a try’ and stick with lifestyle it.” and older, Horizonbfit can a healthier by granting Together, with her new found love forhelp members Along the way, Pam has endured setbacks and integrated fitness facilities like Meridian Fitness & Wellness fitness, them taking access controltoofmedically her appetite challenges, but through it all she has remained positive. helped Pam lower her cholesterol and providing incentiveslevels that and make it easier, and more affordable, for them to exercise lose overregularly. 43 pounds. “It’s all about knowing when to ask for help. “When I began this journey, I was ask is easy,to not only making each At Meridian Fitness & Wellness, Who we aretocommitted wearing a size 20. Today, my size 16 pants it’s Meridian Fitness & Wellness.” member’s health That’s a top the priority, Must be 23 years of age. ID Required. See club for details. are baggy but comfortable. result ofbut providing a thoroughly rewarding and successful fitness experience to members of all ages and fitness levels. After all, total body wellness Activate this pass at any of our six locations. starts from the inside out.





Meridian & Wellness hastoprogramming for every woman, ForFitness more information on how Change Your Lifeoptions through fitness contact forFitness more&information, call 609.FITNESS visiton or visit us or online Meridian Wellness at 609-FITNESS, TODAY! , today!

Must be 23 years of age. ID Required. See club for details.




unty Woman Magazine

Making Fitness Your FaMilY’s Focus At Meridian Fitness & Wellness, we are committed to creating a healthy and fun atmosphere the whole family can enjoy.

Julianne Dods, Vice President, Meridian Fitness & Wellness The County Woman Magazine

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e-Learning – Distance Learning O N L I N E

associate degree your online



OCC’S EASY-TO-USE ONLINE SOFTWARE OFFERS: Tutorials • Tutoring Assistance • Learning Resources 24/7 Help Line for Technical Support Associate degree majors include:  Associate in applied science degree in business  Associate in arts degree in liberal arts  Associate in science degree in business

administration  Computer science with options in game development and design, information systems  Information technology

 Criminal justice  Engineering  Environmental science  General studies  Homeland security  Public service

Certificate Programs available in many additional fields – or choose from dozens of individual courses, too!

Get started on your OCC Online experience today. Visit or call 877.464.2154. Health & Wellness

OCWoman_OnlineLearning_Dec_2014_4x5 ad.indd 1

Earn your associate degree online through e-Learning at Ocean County College!

Looking for a flexible way to complete your education? Online learning is a simple, exciting route to earning college credits at Ocean County College. Without having to make any trips to campus, you can actively participate in online classes that can be taken as part of a complete degree program or on an individual course-by-course basis. Through OCC’s e-Learning online courses, you can complete one of 13 majors including an associate in applied science degree in business; an associate in arts degree in liberal arts; or an associate in science degree in business administration, computer science with options in game development and design, information systems, and information technology, criminal justice, engineering, environmental science, general studies, homeland security, and public service. In addition, you can complete a certificate in accounting, business studies, criminal

justice, information technology, legal secretary, paralegal studies, small business management, and teacher aide. You can also sign up for individual online classes in business, computers, education, humanities, literature, mathematics, science, social science, and more. OCC’s e-Learning programs are designed for students of all ages. Our easy-to-use online software includes tutorials, tutoring assistance, learning resources, and a 24/7 Help Line for technical support to assist you to succeed in your online studies. Chat, active discussions, and email support are also available.

Take charge of your education … getting started is easy! Speak with one of our Enrollment Specialists today – call 1-877-464-2154. For more information on completing your associate degree online at Ocean County College, visit

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60 days for $125 (50% off)

January 9-16: History of Yoga in the West (60 hour immersion) 500TT Segment

Kick start your practice for the new year OPEN CLASSES 7 D AY S A W E E K

• Yoga • Meditation • Therapeutic Massage • Holistic Services • Tai Chi • Teacher Training

February 14: Personalizing Assists and Adjusting for Teachers 1-4pm


March 10-15: Retreat in Tulum

609.494.9299 SHIP BOTTOM LBI


April 10-12: Jim Bennitt Tantric Vinyasa Weekend

Gift Certificates Available for Classes or Massages

June 24-July 3: Andrey Lappa 100 hour Universal Yoga Sequencing Training

See website for class schedule

Call for information or go to Thai Massage Winter Special: Try Thai Massage $75 3 for $200

Buy Classes at Yoga Nine and get 10% off classes at PYOUR. Offer good for 30 days after class card purchase.

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Yoga 101: Welcome Beginners 5 Week Sessions Begin January 22 or 25 through February 22 March 1 or 5 through April 2 April 12 or 16 through may 14

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“You” Year!

Reclaim your life with some New Year’s resolutions designed to boost your health, fitness and overall well being. The staff at Whiting Health Care Center has some great advice to help you start your New Year with renewed zest and energy.

1) Don’t try to be perfect. “It’s okay to take off your superwoman cape,” says Jennifer Causer, Executive Director at Whiting Health Care. “You don’t have to be the world’s best caregiver. Doing the best you can, with love, is more than enough.”

2) Take time for yourself, too. “Many women are so busy taking care of a loved one that they don’t make caring for themselves a priority,” says Causer. “Remember, you still need healthy food, exercise, sleep and recreation. Make a resolution to set time aside for yourself – to watch a movie, go out with your spouse or friends, take a hike, go shopping, read a book – whatever refreshes your spirits.”

3) Guard your health. Most caregivers spend their lives worrying about someone else’s health, not their own. Don’t neglect yourself this way. Resolve to get a full check-up this year --- and a mammogram if you’re due for one.

4) Take a deep breath (or four or five.) Stress is a fact of life for caregivers. Amy DelValle, Recreation Director at Whiting, recommends taking breaks whenever possible. “Just 15 minutes

Congratulations—you survived the holiday season. All the travel, shopping, baking, cleaning and decorating is behind you now. And you’re probably exhausted! Especially if you’re also caring for a loved one who’s elderly or infirm.

can break the stress cycle,” she says. “Take a walk, enjoy a cup of tea, or even just watch some mindless TV – whatever takes you to a calmer place.” Sue Jacobson, Rehab Director at Whiting, agrees, adding that “the easiest thing you can do to lower stress is simply to breathe deeply. When you take four or five deep, full breaths it actually changes your physiology and can decrease your blood pressure. It also brings you back to the present moment. Try it! You’ll find that when you’re attending to what’s happening right now and not dwelling in the past or worrying about the future, you are far more relaxed.”

quizzes and trivia challenges. “Learning something new is also a great way to keep your mind sharp,” she notes. “Take a class in photography, cake decorating, yoga—anything you always wanted to learn more about. Challenging yourself will help you stay alert and sharp.”

5) Move it or lose it. Joint pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, falls – as we age we become more prone to injuries and diseases of the bones and joints. What can women do about it? “Stay physically fit!” says Causer. “Exercise improves coordination and bone density, which can protect you from fractures. It can also help prevent heart disease, diabetes, pulmonary disease and obesity.” Jacobson recommends that women do weight-bearing exercise on a regular basis. “Walking, yoga, weightlifting, dancing—all these activities put beneficial stress on your bones, which keeps them strong.” She also recommends core-strengthening exercises, which can help prevent back pain and improve overall balance.

Skilled care you can count on 24/7 STAR short-stay rehab | Pulmonary rehab Adult day care | Extended residential care Respite care | Hospice care

Call: 732-849-4400

6) Challenge your mind “Staying mentally sharp is a vital concern for many women. In her work with seniors, DelValle achieves good results with word games, puzzles,

Whiting, NJ

These tips are brought to you by the health care professionals at Whiting Health Care in Whiting, NJ, a rehabilitative and skilled care center specializing in holistic, patient-centered care. For more information about Whiting, including our award-winning STAR rehab program, please call (732) 849-4400 or visit Whiting Healthcare is part of Revera Nursing and Rehab’s outstanding network of skilled nursing facilities across New Jersey and the United States.

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H ealth&W &W Wellness ellness H ealth H ealth & ellness Health ealth & &W Wellness ellness H Approach to the New Year

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A Healthier It’s that time time of the year again... It’s that of the year again... Law

A Healthier Approach To The New Year A Healthier Approach To The New Year Should You You Get aa Flu Flu Shot? Shot? Should Get Here we Here we å







ere we go again. It’s another new Time-bound. It’s human nature to put things off. So remember to year, and you know what that means. Attainable. Maybe you want yourself up. JustThis getmay back on the out clothes within easy reach. By the same set specific deadlines. setting shorter time-bound Attainable. Maybe you want yourself up.goals. Just get back on the p out clothes within easyTry reach. Bylots theofsame “New Year’s” and “resolution” are 3 2 to lose 50 pounds by your class horse and keep going. token, remove things that will undercut make it easier to stay on track and reach your final destination. 3 to lose 50 pounds by your class horse and keep going. token, remove things that will undercut he flu is a respiratory infection that’s caused by many goagain. again. inseparable as Jack and Jillcaused orthis summer. will.2 2 For example, if ice cream is reunion But seriously, now, is your he fluabout is a as respiratory infection that’s by many go Needmore moreideas ideasabout aboutlife li Foralso example, if icetocream is you are clear reunion this summer. But seriously, now, is your will. are Need lder aw different viruses. Up toone onebe inthis five people getthe theflu fluininthe the You about why you want salt and pepper.viruses. So what’s it another gonna year? your weakness, itmore won’tlikely help tosucceed know ifthat this really get realistic? Instead, have a converIt’s different Up to in five people changes you can make? your weakness, it won’t help and to know this really realistic? Instead, have a converanother 1 to make a particular change know that how it willchanges benefit you. Also, identify you can make? there’s a half-gallon of mint chocolate chip sation with yourworse doctorealth about safe methods U.S. eachmore, year.1It’s Itcomes comes onsuddenly, suddenly, causes symptoms Eat less, exercise quit smoking, or spend 40 & ellness there’s a half-gallon of mint chocolate chip sation with your doctor about safe methods new year, U.S. each year. It on causes worse symptoms system and name ask foron help it. Andby come up Stop thepharmacy pharmacyand an 40 ealth & ellness new year,for some thesupport freezer with your it.when But, you needStop and rates ofAs weight loss. Losing one or two inyour byhelp the more time with your family? ealth & ellness than the cold, and can be serious people. you know, last year, in the freezer with your name on it. But, and rates of weight loss. Losing one or two with rewards for reaching specific goals. All these things can you stay ealth & ellness than the cold, and can be serious for some people.a As you know, last reasonable. year, and you candiscuss discussyour yourgoals. goals. remember: slip-ups happen. So don’t beat can pounds week might be more and you Easy does of it.flu Before you take the plunge, try Called motivated.slip-ups happen. So don’t beat remember: pounds a week swine might be more reasonable. a new strain was thrown into the mix. flu at first, Or, Called maybe you’d likeflu to quit smoking cold a new strain ofyour fluapproach. was thrown into the mix. swine at first, know Or, maybe you’d like to quit smoking cold rethinking Instead of making know then H1N1, it caused symptoms similar to regular flu, such as fever, cough, turkey, but you know that tapering off It will also help to create visible cues that remind you that you want to then H1N1, it caused symptoms similar to regular flu,know suchthat as fever, cough, turkey, but you tapering off heater ntertainment what that vague, sudden, and difficult-to-keep 2 will make it easier for you. Set yourself up what that change.easy Maybe that means aches, chills, and fatigue. 2 Restoring Hormone Balance Attainable. Maybe you wantup yourself up. Just get backBalance on the proverbial outmake clothesa within reach. By the same make it easier for you. Set yourself Jchills, ay Greco , rP h aches,Jay and fatigue. Here wewill Restoring Hormone Call Jersey Pharmacy Maybe you yourself up. Just getShore back out clothes within easy reach. Bywithin the same resolutions, think of healthy lifestyle Greco , rPin h termsmeans. for success byAttainable. setting goals that arewant truly 3 on the proverbial keeping workout clothes Here we to lose 50 pounds by your class Call Jersey Shore Pharmacy horse and keep going. token, remove things that will undercut for success by setting goals that are truly 3 means. 2 to lose 50 pounds by your class horse and going. token, remove things thatsame will undercut 2 goyear? again. easy Bygrandparents, the Attainable. Maybe you yourself up. on keep the proverbial out clothes within easy By the same For example, if icetoken, cream isJust get back reunion thiswho’s summer. But seriously, now, is reach. your will.reach. changes –Here more ofaaand aflu work in progress. Didyou you getwe flu Shot last Ifattainable. you’re someone always thought flu shots are just for your think 2want Need more ideas about lifestyle with your questions 2 goyear? again. Attainable. Maybe you want yourself up. Just get back on the proverbial out clothes within easy By the same attainable. “New Year’s” “resolution” are about For example, if ice cream is reunion thiswho’s summer. But seriously, now, is reach. yourjust will. Did get Shot last If you’re someone always thought flu shots are for your grandparents, think 3 Need more ideas about lifestyle with your questions atat Here we remove things thathorse will to undercut weakness, it won’t help know thatgoing. really realistic? Instead, haveanow agoal convertotime, lose 50 pounds by this your classPrevention and keep token, remove things thatyour will undercut “New Year’s” and “resolution” are about It’s another 3changes you can make? again. For the 2014-15 flu season, the Centers for Disease Control and (CDC) recommends that almost everyone get a flu Relevant. Is this really Start small, with one goal at a and make weakness, it won’t help toget know thatgoing. really realistic? Instead, have agoal converlose 50 poundsControl by this your class horse and keep token, remove things thatyour willyour undercut another as inseparable as Jack andreunion Jill Centers ortosalt and 2anow go again. again.asFor the 2014-15 season, the for Disease and Prevention (CDC) recommends almost everyone flu Relevant. this really will. example, if aice a half-gallon of mintNeed chocolate chipideas sation with your doctor about safe methods changes you can make? 609-660-1111. For example, ifthere’s icethat cream is2 For thisIt’s summer. But seriously, now, is Isdoctor your will. inseparable as flu Jack andreunion Jill or salt and 2 safe go again. more about lifestyle new year, there’s ato half-gallon of mintYou chocolate chipideas sation with your about methods you’re interested in? Or is it someFor example, if ice cream is this summer. But seriously, now, is your will. Stop609-660-1111. by the pharmacy and we shot. That is, everyone sixit months and older. These changes will simplify guidelines that have been confusing many people. should a solid plan. Remember: small changes really do add pepper. So what’s going to be this year? Need more about lifestyle in the freezer with your name on it. But, and rates of weight loss. Losing one or two cream is your weakness, it won’t new year, you’re interested in? Or is it someyour weakness, it won’t help to know that this really realistic? Instead, have a converStop by the pharmacy and we shot. That is, everyone six months and older. These changes will simplify guidelines that have been confusing to many people. You should It’s another pepper. So another what’s it goingthis to really be this year? in the freezer with your name on it. you But, can make? rates ofmember weightyour loss. Losing oneit orwon’t two help 3and changes thing apounds has foisted upon weakness, tothat know that realistic? Instead, have afamily converand you It’s can discuss your goals. remember: slip-ups happen. So don’t beat amember week might be more reasonable. knowOne thatless, the new flu more vaccine will include the H1N1 strain. Eat exercise more,effective quit smoking, or help to know there’s a half-gallon of mint up. way to be is to create SMART goals. These are the 3 changes you can make? thing a family has foisted upon there’s a half-gallon of mint chocolate chip sation with your doctor about safe methods and youstrain. can discuss your goals. remember: slip-ups So don’t beat pounds a week might be more reasonable. knowEat thatless, thenew new flu vaccine will include H1N1 exercise more, quit smoking, or year, there’s a half-gallon of mint chocolate chip happen. sation withthe your doctor about safe you? Make sure the steps taking will Or,amethods maybe you’d like toyou’re quit smoking cold Stop by theellness pharmacy and we 40 chocolate chip inonthe freezer withthe your name H ealth & W know spend more time with your family? Any shortage in vaccine supplies this season may slightly alter plan to vaccinate everyone at once, however. In that case, CDC may new year, in the freezer with your name it. But, and rates of weight loss. Losing one or two ine rt hotography you? Make sure the steps you’re taking will Or, maybe you’d like to quit smoking cold elements of SMART goals: Stop by the pharmacy and we 40 H ealth & W ellness know spend more with your Any shortage in time vaccine supplies this season may loss. slightly alter a plan toyour vaccinate everyone atonoff once, however. case, the CDCSomay turkey, you know tapering in thethat freezer with your name on In it. that But, andfamily? rates of weight Losing one or but two help you meet specific goal. But, remember: slip-ups happen. don’tyour goals. and you Easy does it. Before you take the plunge, can discuss turkey, butyour youat know thatgoal. tapering off it. happen. remember: slip-ups So don’t beat pounds a week might be more reasonable. what that help you meet specific vaccines as it has in the past. It would first target people who are higher risk of developing complications from the flu. This prioritize willwho make it at easier for you. Set yourself up and you Easy doesas Before you takeIthathe plunge, can your goals. remember: slip-ups happen. So beat pounds week might be more reasonable. what that Restoring Hormone Balance prioritize hasJayinapproach. past. would first target people higher riskSet ofyourself developing complications from flu. This beat yourself up.don’t Just get backthe on thediscuss proverbial Gthe reco , rP will makeare it easier for you. up Time-bound. It’s human nature tryvaccines rethinking your Instead of like Or, maybe you’d to quit smoking cold Restoring Hormone Balance know for success bywith setting goals that arenature truly means. Jay65 Greco ,older rP hInstead includes people who are and and pregnant women. Also, people certain chronic medical conditions, such as asthma or heart Time-bound. It’s human try rethinking your approach. of Or, maybe you’d like to quit smoking cold horse andconditions, keep goingsuch as asthma or heart know for success setting goals chronic that are truly means. includes people who are 65 and older and pregnant women. Also, peopleby certain medical 2with


H H A&E Healthier Approach Approach To To The The New New Year Year A Healthier T Healthier Approach Approach To The The New New Year Year Healthier To å å

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Healthier Approach Approach To To The The New New Year Year AA Healthier å å å å

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turkey, but you know that tapering off2 things off. So remember to put making vague, sudden, turkey, and difficult-toattainable. 3 know tapering off coming to put things off. remember disease, would take priority. addition, ityou iseasier also important for those intoSo close contact with theseAttainable. people toMaybe getyou vaccinated early. making vague, sudden, and difficult-to“NewIn Year’s” andbut “resolution” arethat about what that attainable. want yourself up. Just get back on the proverbial out clothes 3 within easy reach. By the same Here we will make it for you. Set yourself upyourinto disease, would take priority. In addition, it is also important for those coming close contact withRestoring theseAttainable. people to getHormone vaccinated early. “New Year’s” and “resolution” are about to set specific deadlines. Try setting lots of what that keep resolutions, think in terms of healthy Maybe you wantclass yourself up. Just back on the proverbial out clothes within easy reach. Byundercut the same Specific. State exactly what you want to accomplish. Make sure goal is Relevant. Is this really a goal Balance to lose 50 pounds by your horse and keepget going. token, remove things that will Here we as inseparable as Jack and Jill or salt and will make it easier for you. Set yourself up ay Greco, rP h yes. Restoring to set specific deadlines. Try setting lots of keep resolutions, think in terms of healthy Now, if you’re pregnant, you may wonder if it is safe to get a flu shot. The short answer is, However, this is not true if you have a Relevant. Is this really a goal Hormone Balance go again. losesummer. 50 pounds byseriously, your class horse and keep going. token, things that will example, if iceundercut cream is reuniontothis Buttrue now, ishave youraremove will. For as inseparable as is Jack and Jill or salt and for success by setting goals that are truly Greco, not rP h means. Need more ideas about lifestyle you’re interested in? Or is it someshorter time-bound goals. This may make hard understand. Getting fit not a specific goal. Being able to run a 5K under 30 lifestyle changes – more of a work in progNow, iftoyou’re pregnant, you may wonder if it is safe to get a flu shot. The short answer is, yes. However, this is not if you go again. pepper. So what’s it going to be this year? For example, ice cream is that this realistic? summer.Instead, But seriously, is your will. forasuccess by setting goals that are truly means. your weakness, it won’tifhelp to know this really have anow, Need more about lifestyle you’re interested in? Or isanother ityou some- reunion shorter time-bound goals.eggs. This may make It’s 2toproglifestyle changes –exactly more of work in pepper. Sobecause what’s ityou going be do thisasyear? changes you ideas can make? severe allergy to eggs. That’s the ingredients for fluas shots are inside Also, getdoctor a vaccine ifconveryou have had 1Write attainable. thing agrown family member hasIt’s foisted uponshould your weakness, it won’tofhelp know thatchip this reallynot realistic? Instead, have safe a converminutes is. down what plan well when and how often. Post itreach another 2quitto easier to stay oninside trackeggs. and your Eat less,because exercise more, smoking, orit there’s a half-gallon minttochocolate sation with your about methods ress. changes you can make? severe allergy to eggs. That’s the ingredients for flu shots are grown Also, you should not get a vaccine if you have had New Year’s” and “resolution” are about Need more ideas about lifestyle changes 1 attainable. thing a family member has foisted upon new year, Stop by the pharmacy and we toa stay track and reach your Eat less,it.exercise quit smoking, orit easieryou? there’s mintname chocolate with of your doctor about safeone methods ress. 1 Make sure the steps you’re taking willsation in thea half-gallon freezer withofyour on it. chip But, and rates weight loss. Losing oran twoinactivated w Year’s” aand “resolution” areto about 2 shot, new year, be small, sure see severe reaction to a spend flu shot in goal themore, past. If you’re pregnant, request theon flu notyou’re the nasal spray vaccine. ItStop isloss. made from more time with your family? Relevant. Is this really goal Stopdiscuss by theyour pharmacy and we final destination. Start with one at Relevant. ayour time, you? Make sure the steps taking will in remember: the freezer slip-ups with your name on it. But,beat and rates of weight Losing one oran twoinactivated you can make? by the pharmacy eparableawhere as Jackyou’ll and Jill or salt and and you 2 can goals. happen. So don’t pounds a week might be more reasonable. severe reaction to a flu shot in the past. If you’re pregnant, request the flu shot, not the nasal spray vaccine. It is made from spend more time with family? Is this really a goal help meet your specificand final Start small, with one goal at a time, parable asvirus. Jack and or salt andEasy does it. Before you take the plunge, remember: pounds a week might reasonable. you’re interested in?destination. Or ityou someOr, maybe you’d likebe toamore quit smoking cold with helpisyou meettrying your specific goal. ThisJill makes itsolid safe fordoes you your baby during pregnancy. to getto pregnant forifwe four weeks after vaccination a slip-ups happen. So don’t beat can discuss your goals. and can discuss your goals. know and make athis plan. Remember: small er. So what’s itThis going to beit year? Easy it.and Before you take the plunge, you’re interested in?You Or isare itAvoid somealso more likely succeed Or,turkey, maybe you’d like toa quit smoking cold with a virus. makes safe for you and your baby during pregnancy. Avoid trying to get pregnant for four weeks after vaccination but you know that tapering off know Time-bound. It’s human nature and make a solid plan. Remember: small try rethinking your approach. Instead of . So what’s it going to be this year? thing a family member has foisted upon You are also more likely to succeed if Measurable. If a goal is measurable, can evaluate your progress and know 4 what that but you knowfor that tapering offWomen Time-bound. It’s human nature turkey, trydo rethinking Instead ofhas ss, exercise more, quit smoking, oraddvague, answers havequestions! questions! Wehave have answers! changes really up.your One wayandtomember be will make it easier you. Set yourself up nasal spray vaccine. aapproach. family foisted upon Restoring Hormone Balance 4 do what that you are taking clear about why want to make to put off. So remember making sudden, difficult-toJay Gthings reco , rPyou h s, exercise more, quit smoking, orFor answers have We answers! changes really addvague, up.thing One way togoal be will it easier for you. Setthat yourself up nasal spray vaccine. formake success by setting goals areWomen truly means. you? sure thetosteps you’re will when you’ve succeeded. example, ifMake your is lose weight, youabout your Restoring Hormone Balance you are clear why you want to make tocan put off. So remember sudden, and difficult-toJaycheck Gthings reco , rP h d more time with your family?making more effective is to create SMART goals. success by setting goals that are truly in Customized Hormone Replacement Therapy surged a you? Make sure theofsteps taking will deadlines. to set specific Trymeans. setting lots offorattainable. resolutions, think in terms healthy Interest ayou’re particular change andtime know howarethinking itabout will more time with your family? more effective iskeep toorresolutions, create SMART goals. Year’s” and “resolution” So, when should get aterms Now is a“New good tosetting start about it. Flu season runsinfrom body mass index (BMI) see ifyou you can theflu zipper up on atosmaller pair of pants. help youget your specific goal. set specific deadlines. Try lots of attainable. keep think inmeet of vaccine? healthy Interest Customized Hormone Replacement Therapy surged aft a particular change and know how itabout will sy does it. Before you takethe the plunge, shorter time-bound goals. This may make lifestyle changes – more of a work in progRelevant. Is this really a goalfrom “New Year’s” and “resolution” are So, when should you get a flu vaccine? Now is a good time to start thinking about it. Flu season runs help you meet your specific goal. Oprah’s recent guests, including doctors Christiane Northrup an as inseparable as Jack and Jill or salt and These are elements of SMART goals: benefit you. Also, identify your support y does it. November Before you take the plunge, shorter time-bound goals. This may make lifestyle changes – more of a work in progRelevant. Is this really a goal Oprah’s recent guests, including doctors Christiane Northrup and 1 cases å you’re interested in? Or is it someas inseparable as Jack and Jill or salt and are the elements of SMART goals: to April. Most hit between the end of December and early March. You can probably get the vaccine starting in September. Time-bound. It’s human nature pepper. So what’s it going to be this year? benefit you. Also, identify your support thinkingNovember yourThese approach. Instead of it easier to stay on track and reach your ress. Prudence Hall, discussed the science behind customized HRT 1 å you’re interested in? Or is it someto April. Most cases hit between the end of December and early March. You can probably vaccine in September. thingthe a family memberstarting has foisted upon Time-bound. It’s human nature pepper. So what’s itmore, going to be this year? hinking your approach. Instead it easier to stay onexercise andquit reach your ress.of system and ask for help when you need Specific. State exactly what Eat less, smoking, or it.get 2track Prudence Hall, discussed the science behind customized HRT. Attainable. Maybe you want to lose 50 pounds by your class reunion this final destination. Start small, with one goal at a time, to put things off. So remember thing a family member has foisted upon ng vague, It’s sudden, and difficult-tosystem anddestination. askEat for help when you need Specific. State exactly what Dr. Phil’s wife Robin McGraw described how through extensiv best and to dodifficult-toit as earlyStart as possible so one you canatthings head off any infections “at the Getting theor fluit.shot gives your body time build you?early Make sure the steps you’re taking will to less, exercise more, quit smoking, 2 pass.” spend more time with your family? final with goal aInstead, time, to put off. So remember g vague,It’s sudden, Dr. Phil’s wife Robin McGraw described how through extensive best toBut doterms itseriously, as early as make possible so you can head offsmall any infections “at the pass.” Getting the flu shot early gives your body time build you? Make sure the you’re taking will to And come up with rewards for reaching you want tosmall, Make help you meet yoursteps specific goal. summer. now, isaccomplish. this really realistic? have a conversation with your spend more time your family? and a solid plan. Remember: Easy does it.with Before you take the plunge, to set specific deadlines. Try setting of resolutions, think in of healthy 5 lots research and with the help of a compounding pharmacist and h You are also more likely to succeed if And come up with rewards for reaching you want to accomplish. Make help you meet your specific goal. Sources upthink immunity. This means it hard will protect youOne better against the flu. and make a solid plan. Remember: small Easy does Before you the plunge, toprotect set specific deadlines. Try setting of solutions, in terms of healthy 5 lots with the help ofWe a compounding pharmacist and he Time-bound. It’sresearch human nature and try rethinking your approach. Instead of you You are also more likely totake succeed if specific goals. All these things can help answers Women have questions! have answers! really doofunderstand. add up. better to be doctor about methods rates weight loss.way Losing one or two pounds ait.your week sure goal isprognot to up immunity. This means itand will you against the flu. she found natural ways to battle menopausal symptoms shorter time-bound goals. This may you aremake clear about why you want toof make yle changes – more ofyour asafe work inchanges 1. American Psychological Association: “Making lifestyle Time-bound. It’sphysician, human nature try rethinking approach. Instead specific goals. All these things can help you å to put things off. So remember answers Women have questions! We have answers! making vague, sudden, and difficult-tochanges really do add up. One way to be sure your goal is not hard to understand. physician, she found natural ways to battle menopausal symptoms a shorter time-bound goals. This may make you are clear about why you want to make e changesmight – more of a work in progIf you haven’t gotten the vaccine by December or so, or if it hasn’t been available for some reason, still go ahead and get it when you can. more effective iseasier toyou’d create SMART goals. behaven’t more reasonable. Or, maybe like to smoking turkey, but sudden, you å toAvailable put things off. So remember changes that at: making vague, and difficult-toInterest Customized Hormone Replacement Therapy surged experience. after Getting fitgotten ismore not aeffective specific goal. Being able turned the "change of life" into a positive tolast.” setgo specific deadlines. Try setting lots of you can. acold particular and know how it will keepchange resolutions, think in terms of healthy itisgoal. to stay on track and reach your If you the vaccine by December orquit so, orstay if motivated. itmotivated. hasn’t been available for some reason, still ahead and get itinlots when to create SMART goals. stay Interest in Customized Hormone Replacement Therapy surged after Getting fit is not a specific Being able turned the "change of life" into a positive experience. toshorter set specific deadlines. Try setting of a particular change and know how it will keep resolutions, think in terms of healthy helpcenter/lifestyle-changes.aspx. Accessed April 18, 2012. it easier to stay on track and reach your time-bound goals. This may make lifestyle changes – more of a work in progOprah’s recent guests, including doctors Christiane Northrup and These are the SMART goals: know tapering off willmist make itelements easier for you. yourself foralso success bytosetting 2healthy, Remember that the nasal vaccine isis.of only forSet non-pregnant people who are between 2 and 49time-bound years old.5 benefit you. Also, identify your support Itup will help create cues to run a at 5K under 30 minutes Write final destination. art small,Remember withtothat one goal aunder time, shorter This mayrecent make lifestyle changes – more ofvisible a work in progOprah’s guests, including doctors Christiane NorthrupHRT. and Thesemist are the elements ofonly SMART goals: non-pregnant it49 easier to stay old.5 on goals. track and reach your ress. that the nasal is for 2healthy, people who arevisible between 2 and years benefit Also, identify your support Prudence Hall, discussed the science behind customized 2 vaccine It will alsoyou. help tofor create cues For more information on customized run a truly 5K 30 minutes is. Write final destination. t small, with one goal at a time, goals that are attainable. system and ask help when you need it. it easier to stay on track and reach your ress. Specific. State exactly what final destination. Start small,you with one goal at a time, Prudence Hall, discussed the science behind customized HRT. For more information on customized 2. American Council for Exercise: “Reaching Your that remind you that want to make a down exactly what you plan to do as well make a solid If plan. Remember: small Dr. Phil’s wife Robin McGraw described how through extensive and ask for help when you need it. For morecall information on customized hormones, Specific. State exactly what likely you dodevelop develop cough and cold symptoms, stop into toifsee see us. We can help you select the best over themore You are also more tosystem succeed ifand destination. Start small, with one goal at a reaching time, hormones, our professional thatstop you that want tohelp make a final down exactly what you plan to do as well ake a solid plan. Remember: smallcough make ayou solid plan. Remember: small And come up with rewards for you want to accomplish. Make Goals the SMART Available at: http://www. Dr. Phil’s wife Robin McGraw described through extensive You are Way.” also more likely to succeed if with For information onhow customized hormones, you do and cold symptoms, inMaybe us. We can you select the best over the You are also more likely toremind succeed research and thecall help ofWomen aanswers! compounding pharmacist and her hormones, our professional answers Women have questions! We have ges really doIfadd up. Oneand wayhow to beoften. and make areally solid plan. small change. that means keeping as when Post it where you’ll And come up with rewards forOne reaching you want to accomplish. Make answers have questions! We and have answers! changes do addRemember: up. way toworkbe Youare areclear also more likely to succeed ifmake call our professional compounding pharmacy. you are clear about why you want to make you about why you want to research and with the help of a compounding pharmacist her compounding pharmacy. specific goals. All these things can help you answers Women have questions! We have answers! your goal is not hard to understand. s really do addasup. One wayhow tosure be change. Maybe that means keeping workcounter medications to help put you on the road to recovery. when and often. Post it where you’ll answers Women have questions! We have answers! changes really do add up. One way to be physician, she found natural ways to battle menopausal symptoms and call our professional compounding pharmacy. Relevant. Is this really a goal you’re interested in? Or is it something a family you are clear about why you want to make moreAll effective is tothings create SMART goals.youApril 1your you are18, clear2012. about why you want to make Interest in Customized Hormone Replacement Therapy surged after compounding pharmacy. specific goals. these can help a particular change and know how it will effectivecounter is to create SMART goals. sure goal is not hard to understand. medications to help put you on the road to recovery. Accessed be sure to see it. physician, she found natural ways to battle menopausal symptoms and Interest in Customized Hormone Replacement Therapy surged after a particular change and know how it will more effective is to create SMART goals. 1 stay motivated. Getting fit is not a specific goal. Being able of life" into a positive experience. Interest in Customized Hormone Replacement TherapyNorthrup surged after aCustomized particular change and knowyour howturned it Replacement will the "change Oprah’s recent guests, including doctors Christiane and ffective ismember to create goals. These are the elements of SMART goals: be sure to see upon it. benefit you. Also, identify support Interest in Hormone Therapy surged after hasSMART foisted you? Make sure the steps you’re taking will help you meet your a particular change and know how it will stay motivated. Getting fit is not a specific goal. Being able turned the "change of life" into a positive experience. Oprah’s recent guests, including doctors Christiane Northrup and Prudence Hall, discussed the science behindprescription customized HRT. Oprah’s recent guests, including doctors Christiane Northrup and These are the elements of SMART Jersey Shore Pharmacy ships benefit Also, identify your support are the elements of SMART goals: 4 help MayoClinic. “Seasonal flugoals: shot in pregnancy: Is you. it and safe?” 1 MedlinePlus. “Flu.” It will also to create visible cues benefit Also,is.identify to run a 5KIfunder 30you. minutes Write your support system ask for help when you need it. Specific. State exactly what Measurable. a goal is 3. Hungtington Medical Foundation: “Making Prudence Hall, discussed the science behind customized HRT. Oprah’s recent guests, including doctors Christiane Northrup and Jersey Shore Pharmacy ships prescription Dr. Phil’s wife Robin McGraw described how through extensive re the elements of SMART goals: specific goal. For more information on customized 4 help MayoClinic. “Seasonal flu shotMake in pregnancy: Is itHall, safe?” 1 MedlinePlus. “Flu.” It will also towant create visible cues benefit Also, support to run a 5KIfunder 30you. minutes is.identify Write your that and ask for help when for you need it. Specific. State exactly Measurable. asystem goal is Prudence the science behind customized HRT. And come updiscussed with rewards reaching å youthat to accomplish. Dr. Phil’s wife Robin McGraw described how through extensive remind you you wantwhat to makechanges asystem research and with the help ofhormones, a compounding pharmacist and Shore her down exactly what you plan tofor dohelp as well Forfor more information on customized 2 MedlinePlus. “H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu).” lifestyle that stick.” Available at: http://www. and ask whenthat youremind need it. Specific. State“H1N1 exactly what orders, within 300 miles of the Jersey For more information on customized Prudence Hall, the science behind customized HRT. come updiscussed with reaching measurable, you canyou evaluå you wantisyou to Make hormones, call our professional specific goals. All rewards these things can help youinformation sure your goal notaccomplish. hard to understand. you that want a And research and with thenatural help ofways a compounding pharmacist and Shore her and down exactly what plan tofor dohelp as well 2 MedlinePlus. Flu (Swine Flu).” physician, she found tothe battle menopausal symptoms Dr. Phil’s wife Robin McGraw described how through extensive system and ask when you need it. Specific. State exactly what orders, within 300 miles of Jersey For more on customized hormones, measurable, you can evaluSubmitted by: hormones, call our professional change. Maybe that means keeping workas when and how often. Post it where you’ll specific goals. All these things can help you sure your goal is not hard to understand. 5 Nemours Foundation. “Is the Flu Vaccine a Good Idea for Your Family?” 3 Health Day. “Virtually Everyone Should Get a Flu Shot: CDC” call our professional compounding pharmacy. physician, she found natural ways to battle menopausal symptoms and stay motivated. Getting fit is not a specific goal. Being able Dr. Phil’s wife Robin McGraw described how through extensive And come up with rewards for reaching turned the "change of life" into a positive experience. you want toDay. accomplish. Make compounding pharmacy. Submitted by: ate yourEveryone progress and know whenPost Pharmacy, byUPS. UPS. Maybe that means keeping workasShould when howCDC” it where you’ll forchange. research and with the of a18, compounding pharmacist andofher Nemours Foundation. “Is the Flu Vaccine Good Idea for Your Family?” 3 Health “Virtually Getand a Flu Shot: lifestyle-changes-that-stick/. Accessed April 2012. call our professional compounding pharmacy. 1often. motivated. Getting fit is not a specific goal. Being able astay And come up with rewards reaching turned the "change life" into a positive experience. body/flu_vaccine.html you want toate accomplish. Make It with will also help tohelp create visible cues compounding pharmacy. to5run a 5K under 30 minutes is. Write be sure to see it. your progress and know when Pharmacy, by research and the help of a compounding pharmacist and her Jay Greco, RPh For more information on customized 1 specific ifgoals. All these things can help you your goal is notyou’ve hard tosucceeded. understand. body/flu_vaccine.html It will also help to visible todown run a exactly 5K under 30you minutes is. do Write be sureFor to see it. she found ways to aShore battle menopausal symptoms and that remind younatural thatcreate you Jersey want tocues make what planphysician, to as well example, Jay Greco, RPh hormones, Forinformation more information on customized For more onprofessional customized Pharmacy ships prescription specific you ur goal is not hard tosucceeded. understand. hormones, call our Arrival Next Day! Call 609-660-1111 physician, she found ways to battle menopausal symptoms and Measurable. If aAll goalthese is things can helpdown that remind younatural that want to make aShore exactly plan to do as wellyou’llturned For example, ifgoals. Forcall more information oncompounding customized hormones, change. Maybe thatyou means keeping workas when andwhat howyou often. Post it where Jersey Pharmacy ships prescription stay motivated. our professional pharmacy. ng fit is not a you’ve specific goal. Being able hormones, call our professional the "change of life" into a positive experience. Arrival Next Day! Call 609-660-1111 compounding pharmacy. Measurable. If a goal is your goal isBeing to lose weight, you can change. Maybe that means keeping workas when and how often. Post it where you’ll stay motivated. orders, within 300 miles of the Jersey Shore call our professional compounding pharmacy. g fit is not a specific goal. able turned the "change of life" into a positive experience. be sure to see it. measurable, you can evalucompounding pharmacy. your goal is to lose weight, you can It will also help to create visible cues orders, within 300 miles of the Jersey Shore n a 5K under 30 minutes is. Write measurable, be sure to see it. you can evaluJersey Shore Pharmacy ships prescription Measurable. If a goal For is more information on customized your body massprogress index (BMI) It will also ate your and knowhelp whento create visible cues a 5K under 30check minutes is. Write Pharmacy, byaPharmacy UPS. We also offer Jersey Shore If a goal is orders, within 300 miles ships of theprescription Jersey Shore For more information on customized your masssucceeded. index (BMI) measurable, you can evaluthatand remind you that you want to make a Measurable. your progress know when exactly whatcheck you plan to body doate asyou’ve well Pharmacy, by UPS. We also offer a For more information on customized hormones, For example, if orders, within 300 miles ofby the Jersey Shore hormones, call our professional measurable, you can evaluthat remind you that you want to make a exactly what you do ascan well orplan see iftoyou get the zipper up ate your progress and know when Pharmacy, UPS. Arrival Next Day! Call 609-660-1111 For more information on customized hormones, medication disposal program. you’ve succeeded. Forup example, ifthat means keeping workhormones, call our professional change. Maybe en and how often. it where you’ll or seePost if you can get the zipper ate your progress and know when call our professional compounding pharmacy. Pharmacy, by UPS. Arrival Next Day! Callprogram. 609-660-1111 medication you’ve succeeded. For example, if your ischange. to lose weight, you canmeans keeping workcompounding pharmacy. Arrival Next Day! Call 609-660-1111 Maybe n and how 1often. it where you’ll on Post a smaller pair ofgoal pants. call our professional compoundingdisposal pharmacy. you’ve Forweight, example, if can your goal is to lose weight, youthat can compounding pharmacy. your succeeded. goal is to lose you Arrival Next Day! Call 609-660-1111 re to see it. on a smaller pair of pants. check your body mass index (BMI) 1 We also offer a 609.927.8900 your goalyour is tobody lose weight, you(BMI) can 609.660.1111 to see it. check mass index We also offer a 609.927.8900 check your body mass index (BMI) WeGreco, also offer a We 609.927.8900 609.660.1111 Jersey Shore Pharmacy ships prescription Sources 609.660.1111 Jay RPh Jersey Shore Pharmacy check your body index (BMI) also offer aprogram. 609.927.8900 Measurable. If a goal is or see if you can get the zipper up or see if you canmass get the zipper upJersey Shore Pharmacy medication disposal program. 609.660.1111 medication disposal ships prescription Sources Jay Greco, RPh Jersey Shore Pharmacy or see if you can get the zipper up 1. American Psychological Association: "Making lifestyle changes that last." Available at: If a goal is oron seeaifsmaller you can getofthe zipper up medication disposal program. JSRX Holdings LLC medication disposal program. pair pants. on a smaller pair of pants. orders, within 300 miles of the Jersey Shore 1. American measurable, you canPsychological evalu- Association: "Making lifestyle changes that last." Available at:






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changes.aspx. Accessed April 18,pair 2012. JSRX Holdings LLC on a smaller pair of pants. on aApril smaller oformone pants. Replacement Rx Development LLC orders, 300 Rx miles of the Jersey Shore JSRX Holdings LLC, RxRPh Development LLC, , Hormone measurable,Rx you can evaluSources Veterniary Jay Greco, Jersey Shore Pharmacy Topical PainwithinFree Free Pick-Up changes.aspx. Accessed 18, 2012. LLC JSRX Holdings LLC, Rx Development LLC Sources 1. American Psychological Association: "Making lifestylePain changes that last." Available at: eplacement our progress and know when Jay Greco, RPh Jersey Shore Pharmacy Pharmacy, by UPS. 2.Development American Council for Exercise: H "Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way."Veterniary Available at: Sources Jay Greco, RPh Jersey Shore Pharmacy Topical Rx Pick-Up changes.aspx. Accessed April 18, 2012. T herapy (HRT)* Sources 1. American Psychological Association: "Making lifestyle changes that last." Available at: Creams 1. American Psychological Association: "Making lifestyle changes that last." Available at: ur progress 580 and2.display.aspx?itemid=2637. know when JayDelivery Greco, RPh Jersey Shore JSRX Holdings LLC, Rx Development LLC , Pharmacy, by UPS. American Council for Exercise: "Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way." Available at: Accessed 18, 2012. changes.aspx. Accessed April 18, 2012. TApril herapy (HRT)* Prescriptions delivered 2. American Council for Exercise: "Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way." Available at: North Main St, 580 North Main St.,Pharmacy Barnegat, 08005 Creams American Psychological Association: "Making lifestyle changes thatMedicine last." Available at: succeeded. For example, if 1. changes.aspx. andDay! Delivery JSRX Holdings LLC, Rx Development LLC , to Accessed 2012. display.aspx?itemid=2637. Accessed AprilApril 18, 18, 2012. JSRX Holdings LLC, Rx Development LLC ,08005 display.aspx?itemid=2637. Accessed April Your 18, 2012. Arrival Next Call 609-660-1111 Prescriptions delivered 2. American Council for Exercise: "Reaching Goals the SMART Way." Available at: 580 North Main St, 580 North Main St., Barnegat, 580 North Main St., Barnegat, 08005 to succeeded. For example, if changes.aspx. Accessed"Making April 18, 2012. 3. Hungtington Medical Foundation: lifestyle changes that stick." Available at: Holdings LLC, Rx Development LLC , Barnegat, 08005 Accessed April 18, 2012. 2. American Council for Exercise: "Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way."display.aspx?itemid=2637. Available at:Medical Arrival Next Day! Call 609-660-1111 3. Hungtington Foundation: "Making lifestyle changes that stick." Available at: North Main St., Barnegat, 08005 goal is to lose weight, you can your home or office! 3.hmf/hmf-newsletter/making-lifestyle-changes-that-stick/. Hungtington Medical Foundation: lifestyle changes that the stick." Available at: Accessed AprilAvailable 18, 2. display.aspx?itemid=2637. American Council "Making for Exercise: "Reaching Your Goals SMART at:Medical Phone: 609-660-1111 Accessed April 18, 2012. Accessed April 18,Way." 2012.Available 3. Hungtington Foundation: "Making lifestyle changes that stick." Phone: 609-660oal is to loseBarnegat, weight, you can 580 North Main St., Barnegat, 08005or office! your home 18, 2012. Phone: 609-660-1111 display.aspx?itemid=2637. Accessed April 18,Accessed 2012. hmf/hmf-newsletter/making-lifestyle-changes-that-stick/. April 18, 2012. hmf/hmf-newsletter/making-lifestyle-changes-that-stick/. Accessed April Phone: 609-660-1 your body mass index (BMI) 580 North Main St., Barnegat, 08005 We also offer a 3. Hungtington Medical Foundation: "Making lifestyle changes that stick." Available at: body mass index (BMI)3. hmf/hmf-newsletter/making-lifestyle-changes-that-stick/. We also offer a Hungtington Medical Foundation: "Making lifestyle changes that stick." Accessed April Available 18, 2012. at: Phone: 609-660-1111 if you can Competitive get the zipper up Jersey Shore Pharmacy ships Pricing! medication disposal program. hmf/hmf-newsletter/making-lifestyle-changes-that-stick/. Accessed April 18, 2012. Phone: 609-660-1111 f you can Competitive getMagazine the zipper up Jersey Shore Pharmacy ships Pricing! medication disposal program. Woman January/February 2015 prescription orders by UPS smaller pair of Call pants.For Quote! prescription maller pair of Call pants.For Quote! or orders Fed UPS

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ican Psychological Association: "Making lifestyle changes that last." Available at: Psychological Association: .aspx. Accessed April 18, 2012."Making lifestyle changes that last." Available at: Accessed April 18, 2012. ican Council for Exercise: "Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way." Available at: an Council for Exercise: "Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way." Available at: aspx?itemid=2637. Accessed April 18, 2012. * For more information on customized hormones, call our professional compounding agency. px?itemid=2637. Accessed April 18, 2012. tington Medical Foundation: "Making lifestyle changes that stick." at:* Available For more information on customized hormones, call our professional compounding agency. ngton Medical Foundation: "Making lifestyle changes that stick." Available at: f-newsletter/making-lifestyle-changes-that-stick/. Accessed April 18, 2012. The County Woman Magazine newsletter/making-lifestyle-changes-that-stick/. Accessed April 18, 2012. The County Woman Magazine

TheCounty County Woman Woman Magazine Magazine The The County Woman Magazine

January/February2014 2015 November/December

Whiting Business Association


Whiting Business Association is committed to serving the Fighting Osteoporosis Through Physical Therapy needs of the community. re you one of


Replacement Therapy was the calcium consumed in foods such These exercises, in conjunction by preventing bone destroying most common intervention. as dairy products, oatmeal, tofu, with manual therapy techniques osteoclasts from digesting bone. the 44 million soy seaweed, dark green vegetables, Currently, Selective Estrogen to elongate muscle tissue and The final class of Receptor Modulators (such as fish and some types of nuts. For reduce compression forces on the Americans suffering pharmacological treatment is a Nolvadex, Evista, Fareston) are those who are lactose intolerant bone, can drastically reduce the bone forming medication known from Osteoporosis or more commonly recommended (meaning they are unable to incidence of fractures. A physical as Forteo. This is generally Osteopenia? for the prevention and treatment therapist can determine if a simple breakdown calcium into a bone prescribed for those osteoporotic of osteoporosis in postexercise program can alleviate your building product) lactase drops patients at high risk for fracture. Through research, the medical menopausal women. may be utilized. symptoms. Currently the FDA only community has discovered Antiresorptive medications or 3. Pharmacology: 2. Nutrition: recommends No one wants to give the up utilization their of this methods not only to combat Biophosphates (such as Fosamax, One of the biggest developments Nutrition and lifestyle play a key class of drug for 2 years due to independence while living at home, Osteoporosis, but also prevent it. Boniva, Actonel, Reclast, Fortical over the past 20 years in the role in bone loss. Individuals potential side effects. but sometimes the day-to-day tasks In order toWhiting treat this condition, who are not receiving adequate and Miacalcin) are now commonly Branch • Donna Gould, Branch Manager,treatment and prevention become more difficult to accomplish, let’s discuss the facts. nutrition (low calcium or Vitamin of Osteoporosis has been in Treatment utilized in the treatment of requiring someSpecialized home care assistance. Founding Member of the Whiting Business Association • Osteoporosis is a condition pharmacology. Initially, Hormone osteoporosis. Biophosphates D) or an excessive intake of At All-Care Physical Therapy, we work Our non-medical home care services that causes bones to become thin • Visit specializeassistance in the treatment 732.350.9500 range from minimal to 24 and and porous, decreasing bone prevention of Osteoporosis hour/7 day a week care. Our services and strength and leading to increased Osteopenia. We are one of the are provided on an as needed basis risk of breaking a bone. only facilities in Ocean County and do not require a written contract. Ocean County Location: • During their lifetime 50% of that have been certified in the all women and 25% of all men treatment of Osteoporosis. It is over the age of 50 will have an essential that a physical therapist osteoporosis related fracture. is aware of the risks of treating Phoebe • Fractures from osteoporosis Shagan, Osteoporosis and understand are more common than heart the most optimal therapeutic RN, CCM attack, stroke and breast cancer interventions to not only prevent • Insurance to Protect You (Health, Medication combined.(732) 784-7017 & Travel Insurances and Identity Theft Protection) the progression, but combat the Phone: • Women and men alike begin disease itself. to lose bone in their mid-30s. As they approach menopause, women • Knowledgeable, experienced, fully Our family-owned outpatient facilitiesWin Brick,BToms River,yWhiting, informed , friendly and compassionate ritten y: Michael orke, MPt lose bone at a greater rate, from Barnegat, and Manchester, NJ are directed by a practicing physical 2-3% per year due to hormonal Michael Yorke graduated with honors from • Independent Broker who works with therapist, Michael Yorke. Our primaryGettysburg goal is to provide optimal pain-free changes. College in 1997, majoring in Exercise "A" rated plans to meet your needs physical therapy for all patients. Pain Science is a physiological response to damage with a focus in Athletic Training. Risk Factors: Age, sex, tobacco/ or injury. The old adage “No Pain- NoHeGain” could not be more incorrect continued his education at Hahnemann alcohol use, vertebral compression in the field of rehabilitative medicine.University We stressearning handsa Master’s on manual degreetherapy in Physical fracture, fragility fracture, family Therapy in 1999. as well as consistent therapist/patient interaction. history of hip fracture, medical Michael has continued to expand his conditions or use of medications Here’s how we differ from other physical therapy facilities: knowledge through continuing education hours with focus in that inhibit absorption of nutrients ( Now Offering In-Home & Occupational Therapy or contribute to bone loss. Orthopedics asPhysical well as Geriatric Medicine. He has completed courses in the treatment of osteoporosis and postural changes. In 2005, Michael ( Free Transportation Help Is Out There: opened All-Care Physical Center with a focus on personal, one( Innovative, pain-free approach to Therapy physical therapy Over the past 20 years, treatment on-one, hands-on care. Michael has been For all of your Estate Planning, ( Our large, cozy facilities offer the utmost in a member of the American and prevention of osteoporosis Physical Therapy Association since 1997. Michael’s experience has led have come a long way. Solutions patient comforthim and satisfaction Estate Administration to develop an innovative, pain-free approach to physical therapy. can be broken down into 3

We are proud to support the Women of Ocean County


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Lynnette E. Brennan Attorney at Law

( Certified in LSVT, an innovative treatment and Elder Law needs. categories. for Parkinson's Disease 1. Physical Therapy: protein, sodium and caffeine By far the most conservative 108 Lacey Road, are considered at increased risk. Ste. 2 ( Our energetic, family-like staff, and upbeat treatment for Osteoporosis is Interventions such as calcium Whiting, NJ atmosphere supports rapid rehabilitation exercise through Physical Therapy. or vitamin supplements have Beaver Dam Road With the correct exercise program, been1622-A recommended for many ʓʐʚʗʗʐʕʣʮʮʥʣʴʧ the human body has the ability individuals,Point as research has Pleasant, NJ Jim Yorke not only to prevent the loss of indicated that 1200-1500mgs of Executive Director, All Care Physical Therapy Center Come Experience The All-Care bone density, but also increase calcium a day along with 7-80 President, Whiting Business Association bone strength via the S.A.I.D. IU of Vitamin D reduced the Difference For Yourself! Principle (Specific Adaptation fracture rate in post-menopausal ʹˊˋ˖ˋːˉ͙ʶˑˏ˕ʴˋ˘ˇ˔͙ʤ˔ˋ˅ˍ to Imposed Demands). By women by 50%. This is generally The County Woman Magazine January/February 2015 ʯ˃ː˅ˊˇ˕˖ˇ˔͙ʤ˃˔ːˇˉ˃˖ effectively increasing the strain or a conservative approach and load on specific bone groups, we may help in the prevention


Assisted Living


Did You Notice Changes In Your Loved One This Holiday Season???


e at Spring Oak are here for tours 7 days a week to help family and friends of aging loved ones.

We offer a full service Assisted Living and Memory Care neighborhood for those in need of dementia and Alzheimer’s

Holiday Family Meeting



10 Holiday Warning Signs Senior Loved Ones Need Help

• • • • • • • • • •

Poor eating habits resulting in weight loss, no appetite, or missed meals. Neglected hygiene - wearing dirty clothes, body odor, neglected nails and teeth. Neglected home - it’s not as clean or sanitary as you remember growing up. Inappropriate behavior - acting loud, quiet, paranoid, or making phone calls at all hours. Changed relationship patterns that friends or neighbors have noticed. Burns or injuries resulting from weakness, forgetfulness, or misuse of alcohol or medications. Decreased participation in activities such as attending the senior center, book club, or church. Scorched pots and pans showing forgetfulness for dinner cooking on the stove. Unopened mail, newspaper piles, missed appointments. Mishandled finances such as losing money, paying bills twice, or hiding money.


When family members get together, it’s great to finally recognize and see firsthand that their elderly loved ones may have a problem. But conflict often surfaces when family members have to agree on a solution, especially when the senior has dementia or Alzheimer’s and family members don’t know how to handle it. We at Spring Oak Assisted Living strongly recommend getting your loved one professional care, where they can be surrounded amongst everything they need to live a “quality life”. We have gathered a Family Meeting Guideline to help making decisions for your loved one easier and stress free.

Call Cathy today for your tour 609-607-6002

Guide  The person leading the meeting can be the elderly

relative who anticipates needing care in the future. If that person already needs care, an adult child, friend, or relative can lead.

 Encourage discussion and get input from everyone.

Make sure everyone makes their feelings known.

 Discuss money. Who will pay? How? If the money is

coming from the elderly relative’s estate, who will be the executor? Is Assisted Living affordable?

 Does the Assisted Living accept Medicaid if our loved

one should need to apply for this?

 At the end of the meeting, everyone present must

commit to support the plan.

 Write it down. Good intentions are often forgotten

over time and family members must have their responsibilities right in front of them.

Call for an Appointment Today

609.242.2661 601 N. Main St. (Route 9)

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Most Parents Would Do Anything To Help Their Children Written by Lorraine Catalano, CNMT and Imaging Director If you are experiencing memory loss, and/or have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease, the Amyvid PET Scan could help you do just that… help your children. Alzheimer’s disease affects the entire family. Early detection and treatment can help slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Having the Amyvid PET Scan can give you and your family correct information about the cause of your cognitive impairment. Until this scan was available, the only definitive way of knowing if a person had Alzheimer’s disease was by an autopsy. Many doctors have been treating patients with medications used to treat Alzheimer’s, without the benefit of knowing definitively if that patient really has Alzheimer’s. Using these medications may not be beneficial to patients, and, in some cases, could be detrimental to their health. This scan will give the information needed for doctors to make appropriate treatment decisions. 2414 Highway 35, Amyvid, a radioactive diagnostic agent for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging of the brain is used to estimate betaamyloid neuritic plaque density in adult patients with cognitive impairment who are being evaluated for Alzheimer’s disease and Manasquan, NJ 08736 other causes of cognitive decline. Phone: 732.292.1008 • A negative Amyvid scan result reduces the likelihood that a patient’s cognitive impairment is due to Alzheimer’s disease at the time of image acquisition. • A positive Amyvid scan result indicates moderate to frequent amyloid neuritic plaques; neuropathological examination has shown this amount of amyloid neuritic plaque is present in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Amyvid is an adjunct to other diagnostic evaluations. Caring Heart & Brain Imaging is the first imaging center in New Jersey to perform the Amyvid PET Scan. This fantastic imaging tool can diagnose and differentiate the forms of dementia at even earlier ages. Diagnosing and staging is vital for doctors to prescribe the appropriate pharmaceutical treatments and therapies to slow the progression of these diseases. If we can slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, we can give patients and families the time to plan ahead and spend quality time with their loved ones.

Caring Heart & Brain Imaging

At Caring Heart & Brain Imaging, you are in our caring hands.

Ask For The Newest Version of a Cardiac Stress Test, Now!

Caring Heart & Brain Imaging has made the latest cardiac technology available to residents of the Jersey Shore, who could only benefit from this same testing if they traveled to New York City, Philadelphia or Northern Jersey. Unfortunately, patients are not aware that they can ask their family practice doctor or cardiologist to write a script for the test that will accurately and specifically determine if your heart muscle is receiving adequate blood flow and if that blood flow is evenly distributed. The test to ask for is called a Cardiac PET Perfusion study with Rubidium. The Cardiac PET Perfusion study is the newest version of a cardiac stress test. For those people who have had the old test, the most compelling reasons for having the Cardiac PET Perfusion study performed at Caring Heart & Brain Imaging are: • Speedier Scan Times – approximately 45 minutes as opposed to 2-1/2 to 4 hours for the old SPECT scan, • Patient Exposure to Radiation is cut in half - the Attrius scanner reduces patient exposure to radiation, and Rubidium, the agent used in the scan, has a short half-life, so the amount of radiation exposure is substantially less than a chest x-ray. • Improved Images – PET provides clearer, more precise 2D images better suited for detection of disease. • Avoidance of Unnecessary Procedures – Test images are so accurate, procedures such as stent implantation and even coronary bypass surgery might be avoided.

• We will provide transportation, if necessary. If you have some, or all of the risk factors mentioned below, you should see your family practice doctor and ask if you would benefit from the Cardiac PET Perfusion study performed at Caring Heart & Brain Imaging. • Smoking. • High LDL, or “bad” cholesterol and low HDL, or “good” cholesterol. • Uncontrolled hypertension (high blood pressure). • Physical inactivity. • Obesity (more than 20% over one’s ideal body weight). • Uncontrolled diabetes. • Uncontrolled stress and anger. • Family history of heart disease • Post-menopausal • Race (African Americans, American Indians, and Mexican Americans are more likely to have heart disease than Caucasians) Don’t let this opportunity to receive the best and most accurate technology for cardiac care slip away from you. Tell your doctor you want only the best. We are happy to answer any questions you or your doctor may have.


Lorraine Catalano, CNMT and Imaging Director The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine

We can be reached at 732-292-1008, or visit our website at


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M Medical edical P Professionals rofessionals

Extended Wear Devices And Are These Good Options Made-For-iPhone Hearing Aids: For Better Hearing? Presented By: Jefferson Audiologists, Thomas Jefferson University


e all make choices about how we present ourselves to the world. From our hairstyles and clothing choices, we like to feel good about our outward appearance. The Lyric, an extended wear hearing aid, presents a choice for those patients who want a discreet hearing aid.

Extended wear hearing aids are placed within the ear canal, invisible to the casual observer, that can stay in place without any adjustments for up to 3 months at a time. It is a soft and comfortable device that fits deep into the ear canal near the eardrum. Though the Lyric can only be placed in the ear by an audiologist, the patient can remove it at home. There is a small tool that allows for removal of the device as well as for volume adjustments that is given to the patient. The process of inserting the Lyric is quick and painless, taking 10 minutes from start to finish. Once inside the ear, the Lyric needs no battery changes or recharging. When the battery runs out and the Lyric needs to be replaced, all that is needed is a quick visit to your audiologist. The old device will be taken out and a new device placed in the ear. Patients who have concerns about missing important sounds when they are not wearing their hearing aid experience peace of mind when wearing the Lyric. While patients can remove the Lyric at home using a small loop tool, it does not need to come out every night. Having amplified hearing 24 hours a day allows hearing-impaired patients to feel more connected to their environment. The Lyric can even be worn while in the shower, but should not be used while swimming or diving. The Lyric device has undergone several size and programming upgrades since its release. The new Lyric model fits a wider variety of patients, such as those whose ears were shaped differently for the older, larger lyric device. Programming and software improvements also provide better fine-tuning ability for the audiologist and improved sound quality for patients. Patients who have a mild to moderate hearing loss may be good candidate for the Lyric device. The Lyric however may not be a viable option for patients who have had ear surgeries affecting the ear canal. In these patients, the Lyric may not fit tightly into the surgically altered space. Also patients who have a history of chronic ear infections or Eustachian tube dysfunction

The County Woman Magazine

Difficulty Hearing? • Do you hear, but not understand, what is being said? • Does it sound like people are mumbling? • Do you have trouble hearing the television or radio, or do family members complain that the TV or radio is too loud? • Do you often ask people to repeat what they’ve said? • Do you have difficulty understanding what is being said on television? • Do you find it difficult to hear people speak or follow conversation in a noisy environment, such as a restaurant or party? • Do you have difficulty understanding women or children?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you should have a full hearing evaluation. may not be good candidates due to the risk of more infections. Eardrops and ear rinses cannot be used when the Lyric is in place, as the device blocks the ear canal. A consultation with an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat physician) can help in evaluating if an extended wear hearing aid would be appropriate. Another product that was released to the market earlier this year is the made-for-iPhone hearing aids. With the increased use of smart phones and smart devices, hearing aid manufacturers are now incorporating features into hearing aid design that allow patients to use their phones to adjust and optimize their hearing aids in an array of listening environments. For example, having a conversation with a friend at a noisy coffee shop may be difficult due to the noise level. With a made-for-iPhone hearing aid, a patient can use their iPhone app to make real-time adjustments in the coffee shop until they can hear the person they are speaking with and save those adjustments as “Coffee Shop” on their hearing aids. The made-for-iPhone hearing aids will work with the iPhone 5, 5s, and 6 as well as many iPad and iPod devices. Patients with a mild to severe hearing loss can be good candidates for the made-foriPhone hearing aids. In addition to hearing aids, manufacturers also offer a range of accessories that may help a patient hear speech better in background noise. These include remote controls, Bluetooth streamers for wireless audio streaming directly to hearing aids, and remote microphones. After a patient or their audiologist pairs hearing aids with accessories, they can have a drastic improvement on speech clarity in noise, on the phone and in situations where the hearing aid users may need to listen to several speakers at once (family gathering, meetings, etc). With poor speech clarity in background noise as one of the leading complaint of hearing aid

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users, these accessories can be a solution to address these difficult listening situations. With all this in mind, the best way to find out if an extended wear hearing aid or a made-for-iPhone hearing aid is appropriate for you or a family member is to be seen by an audiologist. Seeking out a welltrained audiologist and scheduling a consultation are the first steps to better hearing. All of the products mentioned above can be customized for a wide variety of patients and can be a wonderful solution for you or a family member.

Audiologists Thomas Jefferson University’s Department of OtolaryngologyHead and Neck Surgery. The Jefferson Balance and Hearing Center works with patients who have problems with their auditory and vestibular systems. The highly trained physicians and audiologists at Jefferson’s Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, 925 Chestnut Street, 6th floor, Philadelphia, PA and Jefferson at the Navy Yard, 3 Crescent Drive, Suite 100, Philadelphia, PA provide state of the art diagnostic care and follow best medical evidence practices in providing treatment.

To schedule an appointment, please call 1-800-JEFF-NOW. For more information, visit our website – November/December 2014

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MAcupuncture P HORMONE IMBALANCES: SUFFER ALONE. ~ Interview Keith Koehler ~ YourWOMEN Health –DON’T YourWith Choice edical






Koehler Acupuncture Will Take Care of Your Aches and Pains You

Demand better care . . . n this month’s article I would like to present to you the concept Okay so then what is the answer? of choice. Acupuncture In nearly every day experience we have the ability Koehler Simple! Demand better care! to make a choice. WeRoad choose what we want and don’t want to 128 Drum Point Would you be accepting of a restauCoping with your symptoms isn’t controlling your eat and drink, what we watch on TV, our friends, what wesymptoms! do for Brick, NJ 08723 rant thatinterested serves cold in coffee, warm eith Koehler first became acupuncture when he was about ten years Don’t alet... nt living, etc. As far as our healthcare is concerned, we have limited andsuffering uncookedfrom food?varying How degrees of back and neck pain for old. His father had beer been HOT FLASHES SWEATSwe• purchase INSOMNIA ANXIETY of choices in terms•ofNIGHT the coverage and• what is affordable years and when heabout triedaacupuncture experienced quickly.all He able carpenter that ishe building your homerelief and chooses the was fixtures, colors and DEPRESSION • JOINT PAIN • HEADACHES • LOSS OF SEXUAL DESIRE to return to athletic activity and the following baseball season, he became his little league 732.262.0637 to and afforded to us. appliances for your “custom” home? Of course not, so why accept this in your healthcoach. As Keith went through school, he developed an intense interest in anatomy and VAGINAL DRYNESS • BRAIN FOG • WEIGHT GAIN... Coping with ea care? how Is yourthe health notworked, life’s mostand precious commodity? physiology. “I wanted to know body what could help it enhance and But, in regards to what treatment we receive from our become the ‘new norm’! Don’t let... a living, physicians and healthcare providers, we areimprove,” told whathe weadds. Complementary and Alternative Medicine . . . HOT FL Despite popular (mis)belief, CAM serve complementthe not replace choices must do and rarely given an explanation why. Traditional Chinese medicine explains acupuncture as aphysicians technique fortobalancing DEPRES Take contol and solve your symptoms at their and affo flow of energy or life force –(known as Chi) which It is is believed to flow through pathways current medical practices. the conventionally close-minded practitioners that feel VAGINA source for natural, lasting relief through in your body. By inserting needles intoby specific points along these meridians, practitioners You must legally be informed ... intimidated CAM physicians and principles that make the decision of “should I orBut, in r believe that your energy flow will re-balance. become the The reality is that yourHormone healthcare provider legally must offer Therapy you choices after Bio-Identical Replacement (BHRT). shouldn’t I” consider alternative therapies. The biggest problem arises for those withphysici all pros and cons, including the risks and benefits. Unfortunately, most of us do not critical illness. Despite a patient’s failing health and mental, emotional and physical must do exercise this right and believe that the “doctor knows best” and you should follow his/ Ta ailing, the only time a traditional “allow” therapies is when it is How would you describe your practice philosophy? What isprovider the bestwill part aboutCAM working in this



her recommendations.

often too late to benefit from them. industry?

You must le

My goal is to help my patients with whatever it is that Patients must understand and discuss options for their care . . . realit Bio-Id Don’t be a victim of misinformation when it comes to your health. Speak up andThe brings them to me. This may require pain relief, stress The best part for me is working with people. I enjoy In this rapidly changing toxic environment, it is essential that you as a patient play all pros and ask questions. Demand answers and alternatives. Run away from the closed-minded reduction, emotional comfort, behavior modification or any listening to people’s problems and then finding ways to help of these. an active and integral part of your own healthcare team. combination It is confusing, troublesome practitioners and play an active integral role in your healthcare. resolveand them. My patients are soown appreciative when they exercise this start to get relief and feel like themselves again. and downright scary to hear conflicting reports and opinions regarding various treather recomme


Invest in life’s most hormone precious commodity-your health. or most people, the first thought comesevolved to mind How“alternative hasthat your practice since itregarding opened? ments in conventional mainstream medicine, not to mention therapies”. Patients mu What is the greatest challengeoffering you facethese in your field is a women indoctor, menopause. Amydecline in a woman’s hormone levels To learn more about CAM and medical providers services A patient imbalance is placed in the middle between their specialist (CompleOneand wayCAM practice and acupuncture practices in In this rap today? mentary and Alternative Medicine) physicians don’t know to turn or who generalwhere have is evolved over the past tensearch years with insurance the web (estrogen, progesterone andandtestosterone) generally seen at aisstage inatlife knownor A4M. an active and coverage. insurance companies now have plans that to believe or trust. As a traditionally trained family physician, I wasMost not taught how That would be getting people to think of acupuncture and downrig as menopause. The decline is usuallyreliability. rapid and dramatic, andstate accompanied by acupuncture and many New Jersey employees Asisan aside, I wouldaslike announce my direct and indirect involvement an to option. So many folks don’t realize that acupuncture to interpret a medical study and determine its value andcover We were taught ments in con acupuncture coverage. This gives people courage helpEpidemic them. Others are the too use afraid try it. More people in the the fight against the can Ebola through of to Bio-Oxidative such asrepresentatives hot flashes, moodhave weight gain, a loss tosymptoms trust the pharmaceutical interpretation ofswings, theacupuncture study that was to try andbiased allows themsleep to comedisorders in with the and is p coming in and doctors are referring now moreA patient im Therapies. In addition,areI am pleased andmedical proud to announce the addition toward their drug or product. The intent of this article is not to bash the medical consistency needed to experience significant relief quickly. than ever before, but it is still a fraction of those who are mentary and of sex drive, to name a few. (estr of two new staff members at ICAM. Lucia, our front desk coordinator and their right and need to system or its providers but rather enlighten the reader as to suffering. to believe or Melanie, our new nurse practitioner. What the most their commonly treated conditions as men communicate better with their medical providers. Aus, patient mustare understand Unbeknownst to most of however, men too go through a period or phase to interpre Keith Koehler that you treat? What is the most popular treatment among women? underlying condition and fully discuss options to their care. tosympto trust the p Wish us well and as always, Be Well and God Bless. similar to a woman in menopause known as andropause. Andropause, sometimes My life’s experiences his haveBachelor taught me that aremy thepractice most against an be general pain, but back Keith received ofthe people who In it would Aside from general pain, the most common ailment toward theird Yours in Health, every male of sex referred toHealth asor “man-o-pause” experienced bycommon. nearly act, thought, theory medical treatment and or “bad“midlife mouthand it” neck arecrisis,” always theisones that pain specifically, remain the most Science in and Physical among women is dealing with menstrual issues. system or its Mark James Bartiss, MD Recently I counterproductive have seen an influx of digestive issues as well as Acupuncture is useful for every aspect of a woman’s cycle, know the least about it. This is nothing less than arrogance, and is Education at Lock Haven at some point in their lifetime as hormone much migraines.levels decline, although the onset iswith significant results usually seen within three cycles. It communicatU and misleading. and his Masters in University, To schedule an appointment, call ICAM at 609-978-9002. is useful for treating painful underlying c more gradual than in women and therefore not as readily noted as are those sympsimilar Acupuncture and Oriental or irregular periods, pms, My life’s e Conditions Commonly Treated We Feature Medicine from the New in England toms affecting women menopause. heavy periods, and menstrualact, referred thought, Complementary Techniques By Acupuncture migraines. Many women School of Acupuncture. His Mark James Bartiss, MD is a medical writer, lecturer, and author, REMEMBER…. When Moxa know the lea Allergies & Asthma Insomnia are getting results with at some philosophy from the very Tui Na Massage Anxiety & Depression Menopause and misleadi and isMD recognized as awriter, top ten specialist in the and fieldis of Bio-Identical it comes to your health, acupuncture for fertility Mark James Bartiss, is a medical lecturer, and author, recognized as a top ten specialist in the field of Bio-Identical


Cupping Arthritis Nausea & Digestive Disorders beginning has always been to more g issues, or without Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). He hasDisorders helped numerous individuals take their lives backyou and reclaim theirwith health. do have options Gua Sha Autoimmune Neuropathy Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). He has helped numerous treat his patients in the way that medical procedures like IUI toms aff Skin Disorders Back Pain & Sciatica Electro–Acupuncture and IVF. Acupuncture is also and a choice. he would want toindividuals be treated. take their lives their health. Chronicback Fatigueand reclaim Smoking Cessation very useful during pregnancy, Genitourinary Disorders Strains & Sprains Since opening his practice in 2004, for symptoms like morning Gynecological Disorders Stress Mark J his core beliefs remain the same. sickness, high blood pressure, Headache & Migraine Tendonitis H His favorite Chinese principle isDrive, to 24 Nautilus Suite 5 • Manahawkin, NJ 08050 | back pain, swelling, and even Hypertension Weight Management breech presentation and to Infertility Whiplash treat everyone of his patients as 50424Hamburg Tpk, Suite Suite5205 • Wayne, NJ NJ08050 | Nautilus Drive, • Manahawkin, | 609-978-9002 induce labor. For women an individual. When he is not in going through menopause, 504 Hamburg Tpk, Suite 205 • Wayne, NJ | 973-790-6363 the office you can find him surfing, acupuncture can help with hot practicing tai chi By and spending flashes, night sweats, fatigue, Drum Point Road • Brick, 08723 Appointment Only: 639 Stokes Road,128 Suite 202 • Medford, NJ NJ 08055 | 609-654-5900 and hormone balance. 732.262.0637 time with his family.

Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

609-978-9002 Medicine Institute for Complementary and Alternative 973-790-6363 Koehler Acupuncture

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Medical Professionals

It is very rewarding when patients and the attitude and smiles on their faces. It is also gratifying when patients return an celebration, years after the treatment is comp

Where do you see oncology in 10

Sarah J. Easaw, MD, FACP

Diplomate of the American Board of Hematology, Oncology & Internal Medicine

Oncology research has made tremendous a treatment options are available for cancer pa part, cancer should now be considered a chro rather than a terminal disease. Research is now focusing on identifying th Treatment is directed from the cellular level different; even within the same cancer, there The future of oncology is in targeted thera target the genetic changes; chemotherapy wi care tailored towards each patient’s cancer ch approach. Hundreds of newly targeted agents are now alone or in combination with chemotherapy. are being studied extensively. Now cancer ce the factors that predict the risk of relapse and cells are unique, as are the individual patient accordingly. The advent of Targeted therapy holds a bri and their families.

Sarah J. Easaw, MD, FACP Diplomate of the American Board of Hematology, Health &Wellness 1255 Route 70, 31S Lakewood, NJ


Oncology & Internal Medicine


1255 Route 70, 31S Lakewood, NJ

Elder Law

Ocean Hematology & Oncology

How do you spend your free time

Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders


Theater &Entertainment The County Woman Magazine

I enjoy reading and creative writing. I am where I write a column every month. I also e family.

What is your educational background?

I completed my medical school in India and did a residency in Internal Medicine at Harlem Hospital Center, which is affiliated with Columbia University in New York City. I then did a 3-year fellowship in Hematology and Oncology at New York Medical College in Valhalla, NY. Following my fellowship, I worked in an Oncology group in Bergen County, NJ for 10 years. I moved to Ocean County in 2006 and founded “Ocean Hematology & Oncology,” a center for cancer and blood disorders. I am a Fellow of the American College of Physicians (ACP) and a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the American Society of Hematology (ASH).


When did you first decide to be a physician and why? I always dreamed of being a physician, even during my childhood. I wanted to help people in need and to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Why did you decide to focus on Hematology and Oncology?

This is a very challenging specialty, very different from all the other fields of medicine. Cancer patients need special personal care and not just the “treatment” for their disease. I felt that this would be a field of medicine that would best utilize my communication skills and compassion, in addition to my medical knowledge.

What do you like best about being an oncologist?

Being an oncologist is not an easy job. It is very stressful to deal with patients with terminal illnesses and their families, on a day-to-day basis. Many patients come to you in a state of panic, with fear, anxiety and a lot of questions. At our office, we treat each patient and their family in a very personal and unique way. Our highly qualified and compassionate staff patiently takes the time to answer their questions and to try to make them feel at ease. We take pride in providing state-of-the-art cancer care in a warm and personalized atmosphere.

It is very rewarding when patients and their families leave the office with a positive attitude and smiles on their faces. It is also gratifying when patients return annually for the cancer survivor’s day celebration, years after the treatment is completed.




inesee oncology rt in hotography Where do you 10 years?

Oncology research has made tremendous advances in the last three decades. More treatment options are available for cancer patients now than ever before. For the most part, cancer should now be considered a chronic disease like diabetes or hypertension, rather than a terminal disease. Research is now focusing on identifying the genetic changes that lead to cancer. Treatment is directed from the cellular level to the molecular level. Each cancer is different; even within the same cancer, there are disparities.

Business &Finance

The future of oncology is in targeted therapy, with the use of biologic agents that target the genetic changes; chemotherapy with minimal side-effects; and personalized care tailored towards each patient’s cancer characteristics, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Hundreds of newly targeted agents are now being used in various cancers, either alone or in combination with chemotherapy. Many more drugs are in the pipeline and are being studied extensively. Now cancer cells are also analyzed in detail, to identify the factors that predict the risk of relapse and response to a specific treatment. Cancer cells are unique, as are the individual patients, so cancer treatment can now be tailored accordingly. The advent of Targeted therapy holds a bright future for millions of cancer patients and their families.

How do you spend your free time? Any hobbies? I enjoy reading and creative writing. I am in charge of an Indian cultural magazine where I write a column every month. I also enjoy travelling and spending time with family.

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GettingTo ToKnow KnowYour YourBlood BloodCells Cells Getting

Patient Health &W ellness Testimonials: Part II Part II

Submitted by: Dr. Sarah J. Easaw, MD, FACP Ocean Hematology & Oncology Continuation from Nov/Dec 2014issue) issue (Continuation from May/June

There are three types of cells in our blood: Red Blood Cells (RBCs), White Blood Cells (WBCs) and Platelets.



When the number of white blood cells (WBCs) in the blood is lower than normal (LEUCOPENIA), it affects the immune function and makes a person more susceptible to infections. There are different types of WBCs in the blood --Neutrophils, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils, etc. Neutrophils are important in fighting against bacterial infections. So the number of neutrophils in the blood (Absolute Neutrophil Count: ANC) is more valuable than total white count when assessing the risk of infection.

and counts should return to normal within two to three weeks. • Infections: Viral infections and some bacterial infections can cause leucopenia. Once the infection is resolved, blood counts will return to normal. • Autoimmune Diseases: Diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis can cause a suppression of the bone marrow and result in a low white count. • Bone Marrow Diseases: Since the blood cells are produced inside the bone marrow, anything that affects the normal function of the marrow can result in a low blood count. This includes leukemia and other cancers, aplastic anemia, and myelodysplasia(MDS). • Myelodysplastic Syndrome(MDS): MDS is a group of diseases where the bone marrow’s function is altered and this results in suppression of one or more cell lines. It is usually a disease of the elderly, but can affect young people as well. Depending on the cell line that is affected, MDS can present with anemia (low RBCs), leucopenia, thrombocytopenia (low platelets) or a combination of all three. Most cases of MDS progress slowly. In some instances, this can develop into leukemia. Treatment of MDS is based on the degree and severity of the disease. Mild anemia and leucopenia may not require treatment. Injections such as Procrit or Aranesp are used to treat anemia from MDS. Neupogen is a drug that is given as an injection to help stimulate the white cells. If the anemia is severe, blood transfusions might be necessary. More advanced cases of MDS require chemotherapy to lower the number of blood transfusions required and to slow down the progression into leukemia. Younger patients can be considered for a bone marrow transplant if they have an available donor.

• Medications: Certain prescription drugs, including some antibiotics and drugs used for the treatment of seizures, can lower the white cells. If the count is only slightly low, there is no need to change the drug and close monitoring of the blood count is all that is necessary. • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy drugs, given for the treatment of cancer, almost always lower the white count, along with red cells and platelets. This is reversible,



Platelets can be transiently increased in infections, inflammations, stress, from smoking and conditions such as iron deficiency anemia. • Essential Thrombocytosis: Bone marrow makes abnormal amounts of platelets in this condition and results in extremely high platelet count in the blood.

Dear Dr Easaw: I can’t begin to ever thank you for your kindness and generosity towards me. Your sympathy has been unmatched and you truly care about your patients. Sincerely,

Elder Law


Treatment of thrombocytosis is • Medications: Certain drugs usually directed towards the cause can lower the platelet count. This is and towards reducing the risk of getusually mild and reversible when the ting blood clots. Taking a baby aspiMark, Jackson, NJ drug is discontinued. rin or regular aspirin a day would Dear Dr Easaw: • Immune thrombocytolower the risk of blood clots. Thank you for all your penia(ITP): ITP is a condition To learn more about blood disorders where the bone marrow makes norpatience and guidance during or cancer treatment, contact: mal platelets but they are destroyed the past 21 months. We, esSarah J. Easaw, MD, FACP in the blood by an auto-antibody in pecially our Mom, were very 732.961.0010 the blood. The actual cause of this fortunate that we found you! is not well-known. Auto-antibodies John and Michelle, are antibodies directed against one’s Note: (Part befound foundatat NOTE: (Part II can can be Toms River, NJ own cells. When the platelets are, May/June 2012 issue,, Nov/Dec destroyed, the bone marrow makes page 201417.) issue on page 43. more platelets to compensate. ITP is most often mild and does not require Compassionate Cancer Care, Close to Home any treatment unless the platelet count is significantly low(<50,000). This disease can cause fluctuations in the platelet count on a day-to-day basis. • Bone Marrow Diseases: Leukemia, other cancers involving the bone marrow, aplastic anemia and similar bone marrow disorders can also result in a low platelet count.

Theater &Entertainment


Causes of Leucopenia:

can result in bruises, nose bleeding, gum bleeding and even bleeding into the internal organs. If the platelet count is really high (thrombocytosis), it can result in blood clots. Thrombocytopenia(low platelets): There are a number of reasons why the blood platelets can be low. Most often, this is very mild and does not cause any bleeding.



Platelets are the blood cells that help to prevent bleeding. Normal blood platelet count ranges from 140,000 to 450,000. When the platelet count is low, the risk of bleeding increases. In severe cases, it

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If the platelet count is lower than 10,000-15,000, the risk of bleeding is very high and one would need transfusion of platelets. In general, treatment is based on the underlying cause. ITP is treated with drugs such as steroids, gamma globulin and Rituxan. In some cases of ITP, removing the spleen (splenectomy) is one way of improving the platelet count. • Thrombocytosis: When the platelet count is higher than normal, it can result in blood clots that clog the blood flow. This can occur in the legs or in any internal organs.


Business &Finance

W We offer a full range of Hematology & Oncology services. W We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art cancer care in a warm and personalized manner. W Our newly renovated, spacious infusion room provides a peaceful and friendly atmosphere to patients while they receive chemotherapy and other infusions. W Our staff is highly qualified, experienced and compassionate.

Sarah J. Easaw MD, FACP Diplomate of the American Board of Hematology, Oncology & Internal Medicine

Ocean Hematology & Oncology 1255 Route 70, 31S Easily Accessible Location, Near Exit 88 on GSP

Lakewood, NJ 08701

732.961.0010 Accepts Most Insurances Affiliated with Kimball Medical Center, Ocean Medical Center and Community Hospital Access to Clinical Trials The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine

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Copiers Plus, Inc.


icoh Americas Corporation today announced that Copiers Plus, Inc. has been officially confirmed as a Ricoh Certified Managed Document and Business Process Services and Production Printing Professional Services Provider through Ricoh’s CHAMPS program for dealer transformation. Individual workstyles continue to quickly evolve in today’s dynamic work environment, and as a result Ricoh is focused on information mobility: helping workers at organizations of all sizes access relevant information from anywhere and at any time to make critical business decisions. Ricoh’s CHAMPS program is an innovative approach that enables dealers to successfully redesign their business models and gain the proper knowhow and Ricoh expertise to offer advanced services that deliver information mobility and ultimately help customers capture, transform and manage information more effectively in today’s new world of work. The program qualifies dealers to analyze customer business challenges and prescribe custom services drawing from Ricoh’s Business Information Solutions



Now Helps Customers Unleash The Power Of Information With Ricoh Services

expertise. The CHAMPS certification program confirms that a dealer has successfully completed all Ricoh Services certification requirements for a particular specialized service or solution offering. The professionals at Copiers Plus have successfully completed expert training on delivering Ricoh’s Managed Document and Business Process Services and Production Printing Professional Services. Several of the dealer’s employees passed rigorous certification examinations that followed intensive training through the Ricoh Learning Institute, the company’s comprehensive training organization. “Congratulations to Copiers Plus and its newly certified staff,” said Jim Coriddi, Vice President, Dealer Division, Ricoh U.S.A. “This certification arises from a unique and transformative program in our industry. The overall goal is to give our dealers the tools to address their clients’ most pressing business problems. We remain committed to supporting our dealers with differentiating programs that allow them to be the best resource for information management in their region.” |About CHAMPS Program Ricoh’s CHAMPS program combines a proven methodology, best-in-class

resources and Ricoh’s industryleading services to create custom solutions that improve customer business performance. The program makes it easier for the Ricoh family group of dealers to leverage what they need, when they need it, while lowering their document-related capital investment and helping accelerate profit generation opportunities. About Copiers Plus, Inc. Founded in 1986 by Robert and Debra Matthews, Copiers Plus enjoys serving as a traditional and specialty digital office equipment company. Copiers Plus represents over 28 years in the field selling and servicing office equipment. We continue to grow as a result of loyal customers who refer our company to others. This is a result of Copier Plus’ total commitment to customer satisfaction. We are grateful for their business and look forward to serving new customers as well. Copiers Plus, Inc. seeks to achieve steady controlled sales growth as a result of improvements in the value and service we provide to our customers. These improvements

become possible as employees develop superior techniques and abilities through training, experience and personal commitment. When our quality and customer service is better than our competitors, we ensure their satisfaction and ongoing patronage and thus secure our own operation and security. About Ricoh Ricoh is a global technology company specializing in office imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT services. Headquartered in Tokyo, Ricoh Group operates in about 200 countries and regions. In the financial year ending March 2014, Ricoh Group had worldwide sales of 2,195 billion yen based on the IFRS accounting standard (approx. 21.3 billion USD). The majority of the company’s revenue comes from products, solutions and

services that improve the interaction between people and information. Ricoh also produces award-winning digital cameras and specialized industrial products. It is known for the quality of its technology, the exceptional standard of its customer service and sustainability initiatives. Under its corporate tagline, imagine. change. Ricoh helps companies transform the way they work and harness the collective imagination of their employees. For further information, please visit © 2014 Ricoh Americas Corporation.

For more information about Copiers Plus, visit

Three Convenient Locations! 935 West Ave. Ocean City, N.J. 08226

609-398-7676 3112 Fire Road, Unit C, Egg Harbor, Twp., NJ 08234

609-645-7587 21 East Broad Street Palmyra, N.J. 08065

1-800-834-3598 •

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2015


Oily or dry scalp





he best time of the year to buy winter clothing begins the first week of January, and the best place to buy premium quality clothing at fantastic winter savings is at Barbara’s Boutique. Now is the time to fill in the missing pieces of your winter wardrobe with beautiful fashion items at 50%-75% savings. The designer fashions you invest in this month will not only take you through the rest of the winter but are classic enough to look perfect next fall and winter as well. And if you’re not in the market for winter fashions, new spring lines will also be available – the perfect “pick-me-up” to get you though the upcoming colder months.

LP IS TALKING TO YOU Oily or dry scalp

s& Hair Itchiness


If those aren’tSeasonal enoughorreasons to shop at Barbara’s Boutique, here are five more:

hairloss 1. It’s Fun! Nomedical crazy crowds or unpleasant employees, and you have a large and varied selection of beautiful and unique clothing to choose from, with styles ranging from casual to elegant. 2. Excellent Personal Service! You will be pampered by a knowledgeable staff with whom you can create a personal-shopper relationship. Thanks to Karen and Stephanie’s expertise, you will leave Barbara’s with an or ensemble that not only flatters your body but also lifts your spirits. When they have the chance to get to know you, Oily dry scalp they will be able you give you advance notice when your favorite style or line of clothing first appears in the store. Typically, there is only Dry, brittle orone size in each style of clothing, so being early is important, which leads me to the third reason to shop at Barbara’s. Psoriasis Barbara’s specializes in unique one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories. When you find dull hair3. Unique Styles and Accessories! or something you love, you needeczema to buy it right then and there, because there is a good chance that it will not be available later. You will frequently be asked “Where did you buy that?” when you wear any fashion or accessory purchased at Barbara’s. 4. Premium Quality Clothing - Barbara’s specializes in quality clothing that will hold up to repeated use, as well as repeated washings! They purchase superior quality from boutique designers that results in a perfect fit; which leads to the fifth reason to shop at Barbara’s. Seasonal or 5. Perfect Fit Clothing! When you buy at Barbara’s, you not only get top quality clothing, you get a medical hairloss superior fit. Because many of these clothing lines are purchased from boutique designers in New York, the clothing is frequently manufactured in the United States, so there are more opportunities to “ fine Dry or oily tune” Androgenetic the fit. In addition, specialized manufacturers can choose to use a larger size model to create a dandruff better fithair thanloss mass marketedOily clothing. or dry scalp If these aren’t enough reasons to hurry to Barbara’s, here’s one more: Valentine’s Day is coming Dry, brittle or soon, and a gift card or beautifully wrapped item from Barbara’s is a perfect gift. So come on in to Itchiness Psoriasis Barbara’s Boutique to enjoy the winter fashion savings and catch a glimpse of the upcoming spring dull hair orIt’s eczema collection. one-stop-shopping for all your clothing and accessory needs! n






by taking Gysis TO YOU. offer. YOUR SCALP IS TALKING TO YOU.

he r if e When ADVANCED CARE FOR YOUR SCALP n the You can’t have healthy hair without a healthy scalp! han Dry or oily While conventional hair products cater to the of speech dfreedom at Androgenetic dandruff hair the Capilia Scalp Health range, based WE HAVE REALshaft, SOLUTIONS ill be loss of Trichology, is itself specifically gy is astonished to on thehair science health. nd designed theItchiness common Hear what your scalp hastotoaddress say by taking problems of your the scalp. Ask us about our hair care products! ycle e n’t advantage of our free scalp analysis offer. rwhere if eoluur Appointments are required. Please call for your FREE consultation! 3333 y, rather When Now thru March 31st 2012 – give your scalp freedom of speech ADVANCED CARE FOR YOUR SCALP e health with a complimentary scalp analysis. You will be astonished to ns the of Youiscan’t have healthy hair without a healthy scalp! e crossdiscover that your scalp key to capillary health. We are a Member of: han cifiThis offer ends on June 1 , 2014. Limit of (1) coupon per client. Valid at Capilia London only. back While conventional hair products cater to the freedom of speech at alp, hair shaft, the Capilia Scalp Health range, based WE HAVE REAL SOLUTIONS ill be astonished to 732-255-1733 gy is on the science of Trichology, is itself specifically h 123, street avenue boul., city town 333.333.3333 health. Heads First Capilia Center elptrained nd designed to address the common are Hear what your scalp has to say by taking problems of rycle an the scalp. Ask us about our hair care products! 2494 Moore Rd.Ste #1 nt for free scalp analysis offer. advantage of our cifically Toms River, NJ 08753 danhome Enter To Win (In the Stone Hedge Professional Building) of the urcases, Appointments are required. Please call for your FREE consultation! 3333

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npleasdruff, of ng and

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gin . nide our ny


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$ scalp freedom of speech Now thru March 31st 2012 – give your with a complimentary scalp analysis. You will be astonished to discover that your scalp is key to capillaryWe health. to Enter or Clip and Return the Coupon Below! areVisit now seeking

“DURING MY We are a Member of: This offer ends on June 1 , 2014. Limit of (1) coupon per client. Valid at Capilia London only. CHEMO new hair stylists: Name: __________________________________________________________________________ TREATMENTS, 732-255-1733 full or part time. 123, street avenue boul., city town 333.333.3333 Address: ________________________________________________________________________ Heads First Capilia Center CAPILIA To apply, please call 2494 Moore Rd.Ste #1 OFFERED City: State: _________ Zip: _______________ Abstrax at___________________________________ 732-255-1733 Toms River, NJ 08753 ME MUCH Phone: (______)______________________ Email: ______________________________________ for more info. (In the Stone Hedge Professional Building) MORE THAN Mail To: A WIG.” The County Woman • P.O. Box 619 • Turnersville, NJ 08012 st

AHD “DURING MY We are now seeking❏ Check Here to Receive Specials from Abstrax Hair Designs CHEMO new hair stylists: One entry per person. This gift certificate is for new clients only with a value of $25. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Entries will be accepted through January 31, 2015. Company does not provide any personally identifiable information to these third party ad servers or ad networks without your consent. TREATMENTS, full or part time. CAPILIA To apply, please call The County Woman Magazine January/February 2015 OFFERED Abstrax at 732-255-1733 ME MUCH

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Beauty eauty B

New Year, New Beginnings, New Underpinnings...

Visit Leisure and Lace For Your Busting out? • NeedDreamy a lift? • CupsHoliday that runneth over? Gifts from OhContain So Soft Winter Sleepwear Yourself at Leisure and Lace

Leisure and Lace

It is time to gear up your winter sleepwear for the fierce winter reports. Cozy, warm flannel and thermal sleepwear in fun prints or contemporary styling are here waiting to make you comfy and happy. Another big hit, do notsure go near measuring The objective ishappier to have a and Lace is always Not what to get? Atape! gift certificate from Leisure our warm soft lounge jackets and robesFirst, will not only keep youa comfortable, but make you even with good fit and all bras are not sized the same This Hand will takewritten time andand we have the time wrapped, and patience. a way. winner. beautifully our gift certificates are our 20 percent discount. Does your new outfit have no back, a low back, or a plunging neckline? Do you need a push up or a more personal than your average plastic card. Sleepwear a great holidaymaximize, gift. Our cute printsormay push in? Does that clingy dress need to lay just right?isWe can minimize, smooth slim. remind you of a certain person on your list. We try to make gift No, it’s not magic; it’s simply years and years of experience. giving easy and fun, and we wrap your gifts compliments of Leisure and We pay special attention to exceptional support and comfort. A well-fitted bra will ease neck, shoulder Lace. oday’s sleepwear has a and back pain. We look for superb fit in the front while eliminating ride up in the back and solving the t in garfor the Bride to Be... if G We are receiving reports that our customers are sleeping better ready to wear look. RelaxNow on infamous “double bubble.” Always remember that finding the correct fit can be challenging, but with the te a c rtififrom your front porch in your We carry everything a bride could Cechip, ments made Modal. Modal is made from wood the help from the women of Leisure and Lace, the from properly fitting brafabric and undergarment is no longer a myth. need for her special day. Your dress PJs and no one will ever have beech tree. It absorbs moisture, is light in weight and oh so soft. We offer Is the “famous brand” control garment just not doing to know! is in, your fitting is near and we everything from pajamas and nightgowns to panties and camisoles made the trick? At Leisure and Lace you will find many different have the undergarments to make out of this luxurious fabric. We assure you will sleep better. styles of control garments for many different body shapes. it all work. While you’re here, you Holiday Parties... holiday party wear, looking gooda We offer pieces that are seamless, cutremember with a laser and have will notice we offer bridal chemises, onsider giving a starts from underneath. Small ride changes can add up to great results. silicone edge to eliminate up. 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PJ Salvage robes are creative with a young girl’s first bra to women’s comfortable 30% oFF rainbow of colors, a treat for the Hanky Panky gift is always cute, fun prints. Now for the grandmother sports brasNow groom and much more exciting than for the Bride or easy everyday bras. But, let’sto not be... EvErything appreciated. on your list, we offer zip front robes too! nov.for 28her - All Day a toaster! the We carry everything bride forget about serious supporting brasathat willcould need Starting 9 am special day. Your dress is in, your fitting is near and we lift, separate and give you the middle that your undergarments to make it all work. While you’re old brashave havethe been hiding. addi Murphy softies combines here you will notice we offer bridal chemises, peignoir We pay special attention to fashion with function, they sets, and bridal sleepwear. Hanky make you look and feel beautisupport and comfort. We We also carry playfulexceptional Panky thongs in a rainbow of colors, a treat for the ful. They We groom look for superb fit in the frontare designed especially carry the and much more exciting than a toaster! for women experiencing hot while eliminating ride-up in the oday’s busy woman has moved brands flashes, menopause, chemoback and solving the infamous away from the long gown to Betty, Phylis and Leah will assist you with your therapy, pregnancy or diabetes. “double bubble.” Finding the the pretty above the knee chemise. you and love! entire undergarment lingerie needs. From the very The chemise is cute, more correct fit can be challenging, but important wedding dress, to the mother of bridewith or groom contemporary and much easier the is help the women of of your Don’t forget, Leisure and Lace thefrom place to get all gown, or any of your special occasion needs. Experience to move about in. Leisure and Lace, the properly holiday outfit from bras and shape wear to hosiery and the pleasure of shopping locally withneeds, knowledgeable fitting bra and undergarment is look your very best. sales staff that will help youaccessories to look yourthat verywill best. nomake longeryou a myth.

So where do you start?









“ You will see such a difference in your clothing with a good bra.” – A quote from one woman in the dressing room to another.

Before: A Bra that does not fit properly is unflattering and uncomfortable.

“The perfect fitting bra might as well be a myth, unless you shop at Leisure & Lace!”

After: A visit to Leisure & Lace Assures a proper fit every time. See for yourself!

Betty Vasser (Seated) Owner, Phyllis Doran, 24 Year Employee

199 New Road, Suite 9 • Central Square • Linwood, NJ 08221 • 609 927 5572 The The County County Woman Woman Magazine Magazine

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From The Ocean County Library Ever wanted to check out a new magazine but were unable to make it to the library? Ocean County Library solves that problem by offering a new online service called Zinio to its customers. Zinio allows Ocean County Library customers to access full color magazines from their computer, tablet or smartphone. Magazines can be accessed from a web browser, or you can download apps for your Apple iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and PC/Mac devices for additional features. Through or via the downloadable app, customers have unlimited multi-user access to complete digital magazines, which can easily be viewed on most Internet-enabled devices inside or outside of the library. Zinio’s unique technology digitally recreates a magazine page for page including full color pictures, intuitive navigation, key word article search and interactive elements such as audio and video. Zinio offers several popular magazines, including O: The Oprah Magazine, The Food Network, Martha Stewart Living, Forbes and Popular Mechanics. The service also offers National Geographic with enhanced digital content not available in the print version. For more information about Zinio, check with your local Ocean County Library branch or go online to to start using the new magazine service.


Mobile apps available for iPad ® , iPhone ® , Kindle Fire , Android and Windows ® 8


The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2015

66 “






The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2015



The County Woman Magazine


January/February 2015

Business usiness &Personal Storage B & Personal Storage

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Firs t Mon Ren th’s t* &R

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1 Pick a storage unit size.

7W es t

e hurs t D i ne

A clutter free life is as easy as 1-2-3

R t. 3


Do You Have Too Much Stuff?



t t h e i n te r s e c t i o n o f


“Your Garage Away From Home”


yo u a


e cc

r s fo


2420 Ridgeway Boulevard • Manchester




Friendly • Clean • Affordable

We Offer:

• Drive-Up Units • Climate Controlled Units • RV/Trailer Storage • Competitive Pricing • Video Camera Monitoring • 24/7 Access to Units

Not sure what size you need? Call us, we will help you determine what you need.

2 Reserve your storage space.

By phone or stop by and take a tour!

3 Move your stuff.

You can access your unit anytime you like.

*Offered only on selected units and subject to availability. Applies to first month’s rent only. Promotions good for new customers only. Not available on transfers or additional spaces. Pricing subject to change. Reservation required to guarantee price. Restrictions, taxes and fees may apply. Actual unit sizes may vary from approximate size estimate. Please inspect any unit before renting.

Medical Professionals Community

Care Close to Home

Letter From NJAWBO Shore Region President Liz Milio In the past few issues I pointed out a number of benefits Enjoying gains in your business as a benefit of a board • February 10, 2015-Networking Breakfast, Microsoft store, NJAWBO members have available to them. However, there is appointment is not something you should feel guilty about. In Freehold Raceway Mall, First floor, 8:30 – 10 a.m. As part of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Care Network, our practices, conveniently located in Cape May, Smithville and one I haven’t written about and some members haven’t fact, most professionals will tell you they are serving on a • February 26, 2015-Dinner Meeting, Meet the Women's Somers provide primaryboard careasfor from birth ageefforts. 21. We accept plans, and thought of asPoint, a benefit: servingcomprehensive on a Board of Trustees. partchildren of their company’s businessthrough development Businessmost Editor insurance from the Asbury Park Press, Chelsea at NJAWBO Members can serve on their Region and the State That doesn’t mean they won’t meet their fiduciary duties as a Forsgate, 319 Forsgate Drive, Monroe our doctors have staff privileges at local hospitals, in addition to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We look forward to partnering Boards. However, they and you can volunteer to serve on board member. You have to put in the work to reap the • Early March 2015-Open House, free to all event, date and withcommunity you to help yourboards. children stay their healthiest. are accepting new welloras children various and charity benefits,We so joining the Board of yourpatients, NJAWBO as Region location vacationing to be announcedwith their families. charity, and remaining on it as an active steward justifies any • March 26, 2015-Dinner Meeting, Guest speaker Rosemarie Service on a Board of Trustees can provide and fine-tune and all results. That being said, business development Poverman, ABL, Englishtown 6 – 9 p.m. CHOP professional PRIMARY development CARE LOCATIONS HOURS: shouldn’t be your only reason for joining a board. invaluable skills that AND can advance • Early April 2015-Open House, free to all, date and location yourHarborview/Cape professional career May and business, such as public Harborview/Smithville to be announced Harborview/Somers Point speaking, networking and Joining NJAWBO gives you access to a wide range of • April 23, 2015-Dinner Meeting, Bella Vista Country Club, 1315 Route 9 South leadership experience. It also 48 benefits. South As New York Road Ave. Marlboro 6 – 9 p.m I have noted in previous columns,505 theseBay include Cape May Court House, NJ 08210 9)limited to) networking, education, access Bayside Commons provides exposure to other (Route (but not to affiliate • May 21, 2015-Installation Dinner Meeting Shore Region disciplines that you may groups, and support. However, becoming active in your 609-465-6100 Smithville, NJ 08205 Somers Point, NJInstallation 08244 of Executive Board, Bella Vista Country Club, encounter in your business, Region and/or on the State Board, will help you reap the Marlboro 6 – 9 p.m. 609-748-2900 609-927-4235 but Monday in which you do not have much experience, such as benefits available to all active volunteers. Your involvement – Friday financial reporting, strategic planning, or market analyses, to need not be very time consuming; little portions of larger Register for all Shore Region Events at 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday Monday and Friday name a few. projects strengthens those projects and brings them to a quick www.NJAWBOShore.Org. 8:30 5 p.m. 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. anda.m. strong–conclusion. Many professionals view board service as a rewarding way to Don’t forget to visit www.NJAWBO.Org to find out about OUR CLINICIANS: Tuesday, and Thursday share their skill sets and talents with NJAWBO and other Interested in NJAWBO? Then please contact me Wednesday at other Regions and State-wide events. All NJAWBO George P.Your Bross • Yasmin Deliz, • Christopher W. Drexler, D.O. organizations. helpJr., andD.O. guidance will helpD.raise or call me at 732-683-0092. members 8:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. may attend all Region and State events at toward events, projects, scholarship, etc. member prices. • Sharon L. Held, D.O. • Mark P. Jacobson, D.O. • Christopher J. Keenan, D.O. • Liz Milio, President, NJAWBO Shore Region Saturday Courtney G. Kivel, C.R.N.P. • Lisa J. Share, M.D. • Andrea R. Thorp, D.O. • (Monmouth/Ocean/Middlesex) Non-members are invited to attend a Shore Working on a Board can give you unique access to business

Gerald Vekteris, D.O. leaders acrossE.New Jersey and provides the opportunity to demonstrate your professional value through meaningful participation in board meetings. As a result, you might secure several new business leads and/or networking opportunities that will help further your business.

8:30 a.m. – Noon

Upcoming NJAWBO Events • January 22, 2015-Awards Dinner, The Court Jester, Route 34 Aberdeen, 6 – 9 p.m. • February 3, 2015-Open House, free to all, Affinity Federal ©2014 The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, All Rights Reserved. 9363/NP/06-14 Credit Union, Middletown Branch, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. TheCounty CountyWoman WomanMagazine Magazine The

Region event at member price – mention this article! To register, visit

Limit one per person. Valid for NJAWBO Shore Region (Monmouth/Ocean/Middlesex) events only.

January/February 2015 November/December 2014



“Unselfie”, I Am For The Child! Written By: Vicki Weiss, Executive Director

What is CASA of Ocean County?

CASA of Ocean County is a non profit organization that exists to recruit, train and supervise every day concerned citizens to serve as a child’s voice in court. A CASA Volunteer is a compassionate caring adult that remains in the child’s life until the child has a safe and permanent home. What do you need to do to become a CASA Volunteer? Besides patience and a giving heart for children, the CASA Volunteer needs time to donate to be the one person that the children can count and rely on. CASA provides a 30 hour training class for the volunteers to teach them how to become child’s rights advocates in a very complicated court system. A CASA will undergo a background check, visit the child once a month, prepare court reports and attend hearings, and participate in on going training activities. As Judicial Volunteers they assist the court by visiting foster homes, day care providers, schools, medical providers, and will inform the Judge in a court report. The volunteer will make recommendations to the court so the Children in Court Judge can make the best decisions in the best interest of the children.

How many children are in foster care in Ocean County? There are nearly 500 victims of abuse and neglect living in out of home placement in Ocean County. By no fault of their own, innocent children from our community have experienced physical/and or sexual abuse, neglect, witnessed domestic violence, live in extreme poverty and have parents that are struggling with addiction or mental health issues. Children, from ages ranging from birth to 21, are appointed to the CASA office so we may provide them with a CASA Volunteer of their own. The CASA Volunteer ensures the child’s emotional and physical needs are being met while they live in foster care.

What does advocacy include? • Every child’s situation is different but here are examples of how a CASA can change a life of a child: • Serve as a voice in the court room to keep children from being moved from foster home to foster home. • Request the child’s right to have parent, sibling, and family visitations. • Assist with clothing and basic need issues. • Recommend annual health visits and therapy. • Monitor a parent’s court order for rehabilitation and help the child from lingering in foster care. • Advocate for the adoption, reunification and Kinship Guardianship so a child will have the safe and forever home that they deserve.

How can you receive more information? The CASA office hosts monthly Informational Sessions and in person interviews to provide volunteers with answers to all their questions. More information can be found on CASA website and volunteer applications are available to download. The next training class is in the Spring of 2015, and CASA is actively seeking volunteers to become advocates and serve on the Board of Directors/Committees.

History and Mission of CASA: Since 2006, the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Ocean County, Inc., which is an independent, non-profit organization located in downtown Toms River, has been committed to advocating for the best interest of at risk children in foster care who are victims of abuse and neglect. The CASA volunteer serves as the child’s voice in court and is committed to moving the child towards a safe and permanent home.

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2015


Women Of Ocean County

Christine L Matus, Esq.

Matus and Connell L.L.C

Christine is an attorney that resides in Toms River, New Jersey. She was born in New York City but raised in Toms River, New Jersey. Her parents had moved here in 1975. With a degree in Economics from Rutgers and then a Juris Doctorate from Touro Law School, she started her legal career in Toms River, New Jersey. She worked for an insurance defense firm early on and then worked for a law firm primarily located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey but at their satellite office in Northfield, New Jersey. During her legal career, she has had vast experience in real estate and estate planning. Her and her husband Steven, who is a civil engineer, have two children. Being a mother of a special needs child, Christine has seen the incredible relationship created between her older child and the lessons learned by being a parent of a child with special needs. As a result, a large portion of her practice is devoted to protecting the assets of special needs children and adults so that they can have the lifestyle they deserve. She is a board member with many nonprofit organizations such as 21 Plus, Incorporated, MOCEANS, Inc., Ocean YMCA, The Jersey Shore Down syndrome Association, a member of the Central Ocean Rotary, former board member of the American Cancer Society. She is also dedicated to helping her fellow Filipinos by being a Board Member with the Filipino American Cultural Development Center of Toms River, New Jersey, legal advisor for the Filipino American Medical Society, as well as the Philippine Nurses Association of Ocean County. Christine greatly enjoys spending time with her family. You can reach her at 732‑281‑0060. Visit her website at

Rhoda Kopy

“Be the mentor you wish you’d had,” is a quote that Rhoda Kopy feels encompasses her motivation for embarking on her career paths. She recently celebrated her tenth anniversary as a nationally certified consulting hypnotist, and has a private practice in Toms River. She views herself as a coach, facilitator, and cheerleader for clients who are motivated to make changes in their lives. Having studied nursing and later obtaining her degree in biomedical communications from Richard Stockton State College, she provided community health education and coaching services for years. She segued into career services and founded and managed A Hire Image for a decade, which involved motivational coaching, training, and confidence building. As a result of the success she achieved using hypnosis for a night-eating habit, she completed an advanced training program in hypnosis and opened Hypnosis for Women, a private practice that serves primarily women, teens, and children, throughout the tri-state area. She recently earned specialty certification in Complementary Medical Hypnotism. She co-founded the Jersey Shore Hypnosis Cooperative, a peer support and networking group, and is a member of several international hypnosis organizations. Born in Bayonne and raised in North Plainfield, Rhoda has lived in Toms River for most of her life. She enjoys coordinating Bookie Babes, watching meteor showers, playing with her adopted shih-tzu, traveling with her husband, and getting together with friends and family. She can help you determine if hypnosis and coaching are appropriate for you; call her at 732-270-0080 and visit her website at

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

Sumy H. Chang, MD, FACS

Barnabas Health Medical Group

Fellowship-trained breast surgeon Dr. Sumy H. Chang, a board-certified general surgeon dedicated to breast health, provides women in Monmouth and Ocean counties with access to the latest prevention, detection and treatment options for breast-related issues. Dr. Chang’s decision to focus on breast health came early in her career, when she treated a young woman with metastatic breast cancer that could have been treated earlier had she felt comfortable with her providers. She vowed then to become an advocate for women’s health. Today, Dr. Chang encourages all women to see a doctor at the very first sign of any change or abnormality. As a member of Barnabas Health Medical Group, part of Barnabas Health, Dr. Chang is supported by leading technology and resources that enable women to seek the best in breast health – including a high risk breast cancer program and genetic testing; dedicated breast imagers; highly skilled medical and radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and plastic surgeons; and a host of psychosocial support services available to address the emotional impact of breast diseases. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Change, contact Community Medical Center, 732.557.2153 or Jacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center at Monmouth Medical Center, 732.923.7702

Hypnosis for Women

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

Lynn Perrotta

Dental Assistant, Aesthetic Dental Creations

Lynn Perrotta has been a dental assistant for over 20 years. Raised in Staten Island, New York, she currently resides in Howell, New Jersey. Lynn’s friendly personality and warm temperament allows her clients to feel right at home. Her primary focus besides assisting dental procedures is allowing her patients to feel comfortable by alleviating any stress or anxiety they may have before or during any dental appointment. Lynn also contributes her knowledge of dentistry by educating and answering any questions her clients may have about their dental procedures. She joined Dr. Balaji Srinivasan’s team at Aesthetic Dental Creations in 2014, and has made a wonderful asset to their caring and technologically advanced office. As Dr. Balaji Srinivasan’s assistant, Lynn enjoys being “part of a team,” as well as all of the great aspects Aesthetic Dental Creations offers. “It is time to get back to your quality of life,” is one of the quotes Dr. Balaji Srinivasan and his team promise to all their clientele. Lynn’s most cherished times are those spent with her family, her husband Matt and her two daughters Jennifer and Meagan, as well as cooking and decorating her home. Call Aesthetic Dental Creations to schedule an appointment for all your family dental needs at 732-363-5370 and visit

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

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January/February 2015

Women Of Ocean County Catherine Facciolli

Patient Coordinator, Bella Derma Medi Spa

Catherine was born and raised in Lacey Township, NJ and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at Florida Atlantic University. Since 2010, Catherine has worked at Bella Derma Medi Spa as an integral part of Dr. Godek’s team. From scheduling the initial consultation to discussing financial information and reserving your surgery date, Catherine guides our patients every step of the way. Her goal is to ensure patients feel comfortable with their decision to have plastic surgery by educating them on the process, discussing their goals and expectations, and help alleviate any concerns that might arise during the process. She takes great pleasure in building relationships with patients and ensuring their visit is a pleasant one. In her spare time, Catherine enjoys spending time at the beach, reading, exercising, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. For more information or to contact Catherine, call 732-281-1988, email, or visit

Jessica Hough

Billing Manager, All -Care Physical Therapy Center

Jessica Hough grew up in Toms River and graduated from T.R. High School North in 1993. She went on to get her B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Montclair State University. After college Jessica worked for various Fortune 500 companies before moving back down to Toms River to start a family. After her son Luke was born she went back to work as a receptionist for a small Physical Therapy practice and through her position learned billing, credentialing, and overall operations of a small practice. Seeking a better opportunity she took an entry level billing position with All-Care Physical Therapy Center in 2011. Jessica excelled with All-Care PT Center and in less than a year was promoted to billing specialist. The following year Jessica became the billing manager and is now responsible for the billing for all five locations. Jessica enjoys being part of tremendous team at All-Care and strives to keep the back end of operations running at optimal production. She is responsible for insuring all payments received by insurance are entered in properly as well as maintaining the accounts receivables ensuring insurance companies are paying in a timely fashion. Answering patient’s inquiries with regards to insurance, billing, and just general information is the most rewarding part of her job. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys time with husband Dave, their two children Luke and Abigail and cat, Charlotte. To contact Jessica, please call 732-849-0080 or visit

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

Jill Zedalis

Program Design Specialist, Meridian Fitness & Wellness

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Jill Zedalis fell in love with fitness at a young age. “I was a competitive dancer for twelve years; ballet made me strong and taught me discipline.” It was that discipline that pushed Jill into a career in fitness after a knee injury at sixteen, forced her to stop dancing. “I ended up gaining weight and I knew I needed to make a change. Fitness and Nutrition became a passion, and now I get to share that passion with others.” Today, Jill’s personal workouts focus on High Intensity and Circuit Training, “I like to include exercises that work multiple muscle groups and get my heart pumping.” Her go-to move? Push-ups! “They work my whole body and I am definitely out of breath after each set.” “The best part of my job is seeing my clients’ faces when they begin to see results. The happiness and excitement they feel is like nothing else – I’m so lucky to be a part of that. Even on hard days I know my efforts make a difference in their lives,” says Jill. The Tuckerton native spends her free time trying new fitness classes, staying active with her dog, reading and enjoying time with friends and family. To schedule an appointment with Jill, call her at 609.978.2244 for visit


JoAnn Juralewicz

Owner, Simply Skin Day Spa

JoAnn is a licensed esthetician for over 25 years. She had a vision for a place of serenity and professional skincare, a place where men and women could escape the outside world and take care of themselves, stress free. Simply Skin Day Spa has just celebrated 20 years as Ocean County’s original day spa. They have a staff of 23 women who all love the work that they do. Which makes it so much easier to take care of you. As the oldest of 5 children, JoAnn has always enjoyed taking care of others. She has been married 40 years with three grown children and 4 grandchildren. They all have a passion for travel, adventures together and reading. After attending Ocean County Vocational School in Toms River, JoAnn continued her education in New York City, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Paris, France. She also holds a diploma for ITEC (International Technical Examination Council) and has lectured at Atelier Esthetics School in New York City. JoAnn’s newest endeavor is connecting with a biotech lab for breakthrough antiaging products. She is sharing a vision with her Brand Partners, of where we will go with anti-aging and she is excited to share this information with you. You can connect with her at her website www.joannjuralewicz., phone, 732-505-9448, or you can find her at the spa. Photo by Tracy Harman Photography

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January/February 2015


W Woman Of Ocean County omen

Vicki Weiss

Mayuri Patel, MD Cardiologist at AtlantiCare It’s no coincidence that AtlantiCare Physician Group cardiologist Mayuri Patel, MD, is known for her “heartwarming” approach to patient care. “The heart is a vital organ and a symbol of love. I am a caring person, and taking care of my patients with love is vital to me, as I believe that love is universal,” says Dr. Patel, who specializes in general cardiology and a subspecialty of cardiology known as interventional cardiology. Dr. Patel focuses on the treatment of heart diseases, coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, valvular heart disease, heart failure and other cardiac conditions. As an interventional cardiologist, Dr. Patel performs specialized procedures such as cardiac catheterizations to detect blockages in the arteries that carry blood to the heart and treats blockages with balloon angioplasty, stents and atherectomy. Dr. Patel earned a medical degree from Gujarat University in Ahmedabad, India. After completing a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at B.J. Medical College, India, she completed a residency in internal medicine at Trinitas Hospital, Elizabeth, New Jersey. She also did a fellowship in cardiology and interventional cardiology, and earned board certification in interventional cardiology, adult echocardiography, cardiovascular disease, internal medicine, and nuclear cardiology. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Patel, call 1-888-569-1000.

Executive Director for CASA of Ocean County

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Vicki Weiss has lived and working Ocean County since 1993. She is happily married to her husband, Ed Weiss, and enjoys spending time with her three beautiful children. Vicki is the Executive Director for CASA for Ocean County and works to lead the volunteer driven, non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of abused and neglected children placed in foster care. Vicki has over seven years experience in non-profit management and fundraising. Vicki successfully raised over $8 million for vital health and community improvement projects that assist the most vulnerable and needy people living in our community. Vicki spends her free time volunteering for faith based organizations such as the America’s Keswick Celebration Choir and she is an active member of the Tom’s River Baptist Church. Vicki enjoys gardening, reading, and has been singing gospel music since she was seven years old. Vicki, also a child of adoption and fostering, is proud to use her skills and talents as a fundraising professional to help those children of our community that need a voice in a very complicated child welfare system. To contact Vicki, or for more information on CASA for children, please visit or call 732-797-0590 today!

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Activate this pass at any of our six locations. COMING SOON TO 609.FITNESS


Must be 23 years of age. ID Required. See club for details. The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2015 January/February 2015



Ronald McDonald House of Central & Northern New Jersey

Long Branch House 131 Bath Ave. Long Branch, NJ 07740 732-222-8755

We Are Changing!


Just as we watch the children grow, we find ourselves in need of transformation as well. Our mission is still the same but our name has changed. Welcome to...

New Brunswick House 145 Somerset St. New Brunswick, NJ 08901 732-249-1222

Changing, Transforming...

Ronald McDonald House of Central & Northern New Jersey We are still the same houses, but we are finding a need to grow and expand. Our House stands on the foundation of your support! Stay tuned for an exciting year ahead in 2015!!


Ways You Can Support Ronald McDonald House of Central & Northern New Jersey








GALA 2015





The Ronald McDonald House of Long Branch & New Brunswick, now known as Ronald McDonald House of Central & Northern New Jersey provides a “home away from home” for families of seriously ill children who receive care at medical facilities near our locations in Long Branch and New Brunswick, NJ.

Your donation will help us further our mission.

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January/February 2015




The Luxury of Today, the Coziness of Yesterday


rom the moment you step onto the mahogany-wood porch and through our stately front door, you will be transported to a simpler and more elegant time. Our home is a Victorian masterpiece, filled with history and character. But don’t let the roaring fireplaces; four-poster beds and delicate table settings fool you. Married to the old-time charm at 600 Main is all the comforts and amenities of today: plush linens, comfy robes, and breakfast and tea menus that would earn stars for South Beach boutique hotels and Manhattan bistros.

of your choice, soup of the day, homemade scone with mock clotted cream and lemon curd, salad of the day, and an assortment of tea sandwiches and savories. Finish your amazing repast with our tempting assortment of desserts and pastries. We welcome you to sample exquisite food in our unique and tranquil setting, whether you are planning a tea for two, a birthday celebration, a bridal shower, or business meeting. You may call 732-818-7580 to make your reservations (with a minimum of two days’ notice) for the Full Afternoon Tea, served Wednesday through Saturday, from 12:00PM to 4:00PM. We will also open upon request on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday for larger parties of eight (8) or more. Reservations for these larger parties must be made one week in advance.

600 Main is a bed and breakfast and Victorian Tea Room. Stay overnight or visit for a personalized dining experience. At 600 Main you can celebrate a special event with friends in our garden, or curl up with a good book on a couch in the parlor. Enjoy a wine tasting with other aficionados in the dining room, or sip an iced tea over a game of Scrabble in the library. Relax to the gentle melodies from our baby grand in the foyer, or play croquet on the rear lawn. Host a club or business meeting, and reward yourself by staying around for the ambiance and memorable gourmet treats. We are just blocks from downtown Toms River, home to numerous events and activities, as well as minutes from the pristine Jersey Shore. Come to our cozy oasis for pampering, plentiful breakfasts, unique Victorian teas, custom dining events, and a stay you will always remember. Come back to find out what new events and dining experiences we have planned for your relaxation and entertainment.

600 Main. The luxury of today, the coziness of yesterday. Welcome to our home.”

Please call us now to make your reservation for an Afternoon of Tea in this beautiful, tranquil setting. You may read about 600 Main’s previous guests’ experiences at our Victorian Tea Room in our fabulous reviews on www.teamap. com and We look forward to serving you at one of New Jersey’s top Tea Rooms.

Tea Room

Queen Alexa

Call us at 732-818-7580 to check availability and make reservations.

Best, Sue and John, Owners of 600 Main.

Exquisite Tea Room

Step back in time to the late 1800’s and treat yourself and your loved ones to the pleasure of a Full Victorian Afternoon Tea at 600 Main in Toms River. Leave your cares behind as you enter this beautiful mansion, lovingly restored to its original splendor and creatively decorated by owners Susan and John Notte. Having purchased the Bed and Breakfast and Tea Room in December 2011, Susan and John took a year to renovate the mansion and in November 2012, they opened for business. Susan and John invite you to experience the stunning antiques that grace every room of their home, creating a vintage atmosphere that is both elegant and relaxing. Enjoy the ambiance of the tearoom with its crisp linens, fine china, teapots with cozies, and tiered luncheon servers. Savor the Victorian Tea Presentation, graciously served by attentive staff, which includes a freshly brewed pot of tea

600 Main Street

Toms River, NJ 08753 • 732.818.7580

Contact 600 Main for Special Events

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WIN A $250,000

HOME IMPROVEMENT Register today for our home improvement wish list challenge. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll select 10 lucky finalist to rank 7 features home improvement projects. If any finalist submits a winning list - THEY WIN THE GRAND PRIZE!

Pine Belt Arena - Toms River HS North - Toms River, NJ


Kitchens Bathrooms Windows Landscaping Tile & Marble Waterproofing General Contractors Pools Decks Solar Systems HVAC Garage Storage Flooring Interior Design Siding Waterproofing Kitchen Cabinets Security Systems Roofing Countertops Fences For more info or to exhibit contact us at: 732.449.4004 Basement Systems Custom Woodworking Gutters & So Much More...

The County Woman Magazine

SAVE TIME, MONEY & FRUSTRATION! Meet Face-to-Face with Quality Home Improvement Contractors


$2.00 Each Adult


Admission WITH THIS AD AT THE DOOR OR ONLINE | use code: Home Hours: Fri: 1pm - 8pm | Sat: 11am - 8pm | Sun: 11am - 5pm

January/February 2015


76 


     

  


  


  

 

  



 

 

  



  


    

     

     

 

   

    

 

  


  



   


  


  

    


    

     

 

 

  

 

  


  




     

  

  

  

  




               

 

  


  

    

 

  


   

 

   



  

   

      


      

   

 

 



  

  

 

  

 

  

   

 

   

        


                   

      

 

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2015

B usiness B usiness&F & Finance inance

79 77

Toms River - Ocean County Chamber of Commerce News A LETTER FROM THE CHAMBER: A Letter from the President: It is with great excitement that the Chamber

Registration is required to attend: http://oc-chamber. com/news-events.html .

It is hard to believe the holiday season is already upon us. The Chamber announces our 22nd Annual Golf Outing! This year’s has had a busy fall season. In September we honored, The Jay & Linda Grunin golf outing will take place on Thursday, June 11, 2015 In addition to a brief presentation on networking Foundation, as Distinguished Organization of the Year at our 50th Annual Awards at Eagle Ridge Golf Club, 2 Augusta Blvd, Lakewood. skills this event includes: open networking, small Reception at Eagle Ridge Golf Club. We alsosponsorship gave special recognition “Wave two follow-up appointment For additional information regarding group networking, Awards” out to Ocean County Vocational Technical School, Ocean County opportunities, golfer information & gift donations go opportunities to College cultivate and further develop & CASA of Ocean County at that event. In October, we business had another successfuland the opportunity to thank to: relationships, Maureen Stankowitz, Business After Hours at Tuscan Bistro Bar & our Technology Committee hosted Dina M. Vicari, Esq. or 732-349-0220. Chamber members for referrals or business. Our President another informative Seminar on Security. The Chamber continues offer a vari- orientationChairwoman quarterlytonew member meeting will now ety ofWe networking for our members to take Pleasethese join meetings, allowing our new are also opportunities pleased to announce the success of advantage take placeof.during us for our General Membership Holiday Tuesday, December 2014 at Ramada Toms Riverabout where will present our newMeeting monthlyonnetworking meetings,9, Member members to learn thewe benefits of theirOcean Chamber nd County YMCA & Your Grandmother’s Cupboard with the take “A Season of Giving – A Season of Livingwhile Award”. To register for this business event Connect. These meetings place the 2 Friday membership, networking & making Dina M. Vicari, Esq. News & Events of everyPage. month, 7:15 a.m. start, at Tuscan Bistro Bar. connections.



Woman Magazine

SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 YourWEDNESDAY, Grandmother’s Cupboard


~ Business Beautification of the Year ~ Non-Profit Partner of the Year ~ Business Partner of the Year at Sponsorships-Submit by AUGUST 28, 2014

Ramada Toms River, 2373 Route 9, Toms River ( ) COCKTAIL RECEPTION SPONSOR - $2,500.00 Registration 11:30 a.m. ~ Buffet Lunch 12:00 p.m. *10 Reception Tickets *your name on signage as Cocktail Reception host at Event

*special recognition at dinner Sponsored *premium location full page color ad in virtual ad journal by: TD Bank *listed on ad journal recognition page *recognition in all media and newsletters

Cost: $35.00 Members / $40.00(Non Members • Limited- $2,000.00 number of Exhibit Tables Available $25.00 ) FLASH DRIVE SPONSOR ( )your HORSbusiness D’OEUVRE SPONSOR - $1,500.00 with card attached are welcome!

Door Prizes

*6 Reception Tickets *your name on signage as Dinner Sponsor at Event ****VIRTUAL AD JOURNAL TO *Full BE DISPLAYED EVENT**** *listed as Dinner sponsor in virtual ad journal page color ad inAT virtual ad journal

Email your ad as an attachment( in) the following formats: JPEG/GIF/PNG to DESSERT SPONSOR - $1,500.00


*your name on signage as Dinner Sponsor at Event ___Full Page (color) 10” x *6 7”Reception - $100.00Tickets ___Half Page (color) 5” x 7” - $50.00 ___¼ Page (color) 5 ½ x 3 ½ - $25.00 *listed as Dinner sponsor in virtual ad journal *Full page color ad in virtual ad journal

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(Portrait Orientation Only) (Portrait Orientation Only) ( ) MAJOR SPONSOR - $1,000 *4 Reception TicketsTO *your name on signage as Major Sponsor at2, Event DEADLINE ADVERTISE DECEMBER 2014 *listed on ad journal recognition page *Full page black & white in virtual ad journal

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Fine Art Photography

The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2015

Fine Art Photography

The County Woman Magazine


January/February 2015



Smile rs ove e k a M

DENTISTRY ine a r g i TMJ/Mtment Trea


life of headaches/TMJ pain can cause people to lose hope. Eliminating that helplessness will bring back their quality of life. Take back your life, schedule your visit with Dr. Balaji and become pain free.


A poor smile can be caused by missing teeth, unhealthy gums,

chipped, damaged or discolored teeth. Smile makeovers are advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures that may consist of porcelain veneers, adult cosmetic braces, teeth whitening and other treatments.

ce a F d n la M Strick enturesT Lift D



beautiful smile is everything! Strickland Face Lift Dentures™ are a new and sophisticated way to drastically improve your appearance and bring back your youth that your current dentures just can’t provide.


The Srickland Face Lift DenturesTM Services are in no way related to Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Life Dentistry® Treatment 21 S. Hope Chapel Road , Suite 124 Jackson, NJ 08527 732-363-5370 •


The County Woman Magazine

January/February 2015

Ocean County Woman - 2015 January/February  
Ocean County Woman - 2015 January/February  

2015 January/February Edition of the Ocean County Woman