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Have I Voluntarily Limited MyWaiting Civil Rights?! We All Have A Wonder Woman To Escape!

The MRI shows that there are no tears or injuries to the ligaments surrounding your ankle. You go back to physical therapy and are then discharged to do home exercises. homeowner. As such, the public entity can fix the dangerous condition on their own t is really amazing the way a good have been practicing as an You would think that you should able tonot recover money foralerted your pain andthat the sidewalk and bill the homeowner for it.beMaybe enough people the City movie can stir up feelings of sadness, suffering,was right? Thedisarray collision your Thetoother driver was drunk. Your in such so was therenot was nofault. urgency make the homeowner repair the area. attorney for 13 guilt, excitement, love,years etc. and I just saw kids were in the car. Thankfully, they were not injured, but you were off your feet for thehave newestthe installment of the Hunger distinct honor one month and hobbling around for a few more. You still suffer occasionally with pain. Games movies – Mocking Jay What Happens When there Notice butpolicy. No Action of being my father’sPart law1. Unfortunately you have elected the Limited Right to Sue onisyour auto insurance While I always have felt encouraged to fight Taken? was not displaced and it is not a Permanent Injury because the fracture partner. I started working with Your fracture for what is right and protect people’s rights, When in situations that should have been prevented, healed and the MRI our was neighbors negative forare anyinjured additional injuries. You cannot recover Paulthat R. D’Amato, Imy left dad, the movie night feelingwhen even moremoney forI step represent a woman who sustained horrific injuries in a fall off a bicycle. your in. painI and suffering. empowered. I was 14 years old. All we do and There were huge potholes that existed in a street that she had never been on. She was riding her bike and due to a recent rain this enormous hole was covered by What should I do? have done at our firm for many You are all my neighbors and as such we are Unfortunately, water. It Iwasn’t untilscenarios after I filed a lawsuit on herDon’t behalf we discovered that have seen like this many times. letthat this happen to years is represent people that there had been the fiveLimited or six complaints from residents about this specific area. That connected. We shop at the same stores, eat you! at If you have selected aresame seriously injured. While dangerous condition was repaired, but unfortunately, it took my client being severely the restaurants, and pass eachwe other on Right to Sue, call your auto insurance injured before action was taken. I can tell you now my client would rather have her handle typestoofpass personal the road. most The need on informationcompany immediately and ask them Paul R. D’Amato, Certified Civil Trial Attorney life back than bring a that couldcases, potentially of my to change your policy to the NO lawsuit. This injury should have been prevented. It is an honor injury we getprevent manyone calls Alexa D’Amato Barrera, Counsellor at Law to represent this woman Auto insurance policies and her family to take that message to the public entity in neighbors from being injured was coursingLimitation. about car accidents. an effort to make something like this does not happen to another one of my can be confusing so if you’re sure not sure through me. I felt like that neighbors. It has been reported that over 90% of drivers in New Jersey elect the Limitation on what coverage you have and want to

Written Writtenby: by:Alexa AlexaD’Amato D’AmatoBarrera, Barrera,Counsellor Counselor at at Law Law


image of Wonder Woman that we’re all so familiar with.

talk about it, please schedule an office is visit and Knowledge I will review your policy with youPower! at no charge. that though…. I was ready to empower you with information - the Have I Limited my Right to Sue? My parent’s always more Wonder Women or Mocking Jays the better!!! For over 40 years, the D’Amato taught me growing up that Law Firm has been representing people In New Jersey you can select the Limited Right to Sue option and save money on “information is powerful” your car insurance. That sounds great, but in reality, you are hampering your right who have been injured. If you have been seriously injured in a motor Speak Up About Dangers that Could Hurt our and “knowledge is the one to recover money for your injuries. God forbid, but let’s imagine for a minute that a vehicle collision or can by atake defective Neighbors thing no one away product, or if you have been in a situadrunk driver comes barreling down the road and crashes into your minivan with you Paul D’Amato, is myYou lawwould partner. Hethat grew in Atlantic your civil were violated, I can help. We pride ourselves from you”. Justrights at Katniss and My yourfather, 3 kids in towR.(that’s how I roll). think noup matter what youCity or and tion where Margate. We had a woman call our office recently who was severely injured when she Everdeen fights against Capital forwho the sake the citizens of Panem, it is your your children’s injuries are, you should be able to recover money. That’s not the case if in assisting those in our areathe or elsewhere are inofneed of profesfell on a sidewalk that she had never been on before. As she described the sidewalk civic responsibility to protect the other people that live in your community. If you you elected the Limited Right to Sue option. and effective legalinrepresentation. Paul vividly remembered it from his childhood. He had remembered that it had been sional,seecaring a dangerous condition the road or on a sidewalk, report it! That small simple in a dangerous condition for years. If you see a dangerous crack on a sidewalk tell act of making a phone call or sending a letter to your Public Works Department How will theparty! Limited Rightontonotice Sue of affect me and my family? the responsible Put them that danger. could prevent other people from becoming injured. Then you’ve unknowingly saved The small percentage of drivers who know that they have elected the Limited Right to the day, like Wonder Woman. GO ON GIRL!!!! Sue believe this simply means they can’t recover if they have whiplash. In reality, you Who do I Call? could have much worse injuries than whiplash and still not recover. If the sidewalk abuts a commercial establishment, like a store, send a letter to the When a collision and you have the Limited Rightmust to Sue, you property owner. occurs If the sidewalk abutsselected a residence, your letter go to thecan public only money yourthat injuries you:sidewalk. What was that now?! The law entityrecover that owns thefor street abutsifthe • Diethat if you or a loved one were to fall and become injured on a residential is such sidewalk, claimpart is not against the owner of the house that has the property in • Lose the a body front of the sidewalk. The claim is against the public entity that owns the road that The D’Amato Law Firm focuses their practice in • Have significant disfigurement or scarring Paul R. D’Amato abuts the sidewalk. Don’t stop reading – this really is the law! So what can you do representing those who have been seriously injured in construction, products liability and motor vehicle Certified Civil Trial Attorney • Suffer a displaced fracture (the bones have completely separated) to make our neighborhood safer? Alert the public entity that there is a dangerous collisions. The firm handles cases throughout the • Sustain permanent or entity is the town, state or city that owns country with a primary focus on representing victims condition onathe sidewalk. injury; The public Alexa D’Amato Barrera injured in Southern New Jersey. The D’Amato Law the•street. So for example, if there is a dangerous condition on a sidewalk that Counsellor at Law Your unborn child (fetus) dies Firm has a national reputation for excellence. The D’Amato Law Firm focuses their practice in Member NJ and PA BAR abuts a State road, your letter should go to the Attorney General of the State of representing those who have been seriously injured Paul R. D’Amato WOW! yousidewalk realize that you weretolimiting your in suchroad, a way? New Jersey.Did If the is adjacent a County or rights City owned call or in construction, products liability and motor vehicle Certified Civil Trial Attorney send a letter to to thethat Engineer thethe Public andfault. let them know Let’s go back collisionorwith drunkWorks driver Department that wasn’t your You have collisions. The firm handles cases throughout the Suite 200 2900 Fire Road, country with a primary focus on representing victims theankle. condition. aabout broken It’s not displaced, but it is fractured, so you have to stay off of it for Alexa08234 D’Amato Barrera Harbor Township, New Jersey injured inEgg Southern New Jersey. The D’Amato Law a few weeks. (Try that with 3 kids!) When you return to the doctor, the x-rays show Counsellor at Law Firm has a national reputation for excellence. P: 609-926-3300 the fracture has healed, but you’re still in pain and have difficulty walking. The doctor Member NJ and PA BAR How Could Making a Phone Call or Sending a F: 609-926-3883 sends you to physical therapy for 1 month. Still it’s not better so you have an MRI. Lawsuit or Limited Right to Sue for their auto insurance coverage. If you aren’t sure whether not you elected thetoLimited Right Sueon then probably I’m not or saying I was ready go home andtoput anyou outfit like have.



Letter Save the Day?

2900 FireNovember/December Road, Suite 200 2014 As County in many situations, urgency required to make a difference does not arise The Womanthe Magazine until a fire is lit in the right spot. In the first example I gave you, the homeowner Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234 may not have fixed the sidewalk because no one complained about it. The liability P: 609-926-3300 rests with the public entity, but the duty to repair the sidewalk rests with the F: 609-926-3883

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