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As we age, the epidermal layer of our skin begins to thin and increases our vulnerability to the environment. When our skin is not healthy, it is much more susceptible to dryness, itchiness and sensitivity. Page 16

Getting Divorced “Together” With Collaborative Divorce

Transform That Cold, Cavernous Basement

At the end of every year, I think it is natural for everyone to reflect on the past year. We look to the new one for guidance, self-renewal, self-improvement and Page 25 setting new goals.


Tilton Fitness & Wellness is committed to creating a healthy and fun atmosphere the entire family can enjoy. Read the members’ stories on pages 38 & 39.



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No matter what you need the extra space for, a finished basement can almost always benefit you in the future when you decide to sell your home.

Jan./Feb. 2014

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Cosmetic Dentistry


Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Fatigued? ... It Isn’t Just Men!

Milt Noveck,

John Nosti,




Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry

ow well do you sleep at night? Are you someone who

wakes up around 2am and cannot fall back to sleep? Do you awaken with a morning headache? Do you consider yourself a “morning person” because the rest of the day and evening you feel fatigued? Do you suffer from “TMJ” or chronic muscle pain?

The vast major of sleep related breathing cases go undiagnosed and untreated. An Institute of Medicine report found that an estimated 50-70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders, including sleep apnea. Nearly 1 in 5 car accidents causing serious injury are associated with excessive daytime sleepiness.

OYour Husband -

Sleep apnea is a potentially lifethreatening medical disorder that causes your body to stop breathing during sleep. The muscles in your throat relax and the tongue may fall back and block the airway as you sleep, reducing the amount of oxygen delivered to all of your organs, including your heart and brain. People with sleep apnea may snore loudly and stop breathing for short periods of time. The breathing pauses from sleep cause your body to briefly wake while you remain unaware. This can happen hundreds of times per night, and you may wake up feeling less than refreshed. In addition to snoring and excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep apnea can cause memory loss, morning headaches, irritability, depression, decreased sex drive and impaired concentration. When left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to hypertension, stroke, heart attack and sudden death while asleep. Sleep apnea patients are often older, obese and have thick necks, but men and women of any age or body type can have sleep apnea. The sleep disorder progres-

Do you think that you or someone you love has a sleep breathing disorder?

sively worsens with age and weight gain.

OYou -

Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS) is argued by many to be the same as mild sleep apnea, however the pathophysiologies are different. UARS is three times more likely to effect women than men. In contrast to sleep apnea, the women affected by UARS are typically 20-50 years old and are not over weight. UARS results from anatomic irregularities or minor breathing impairments. It causes fragmentation in sleep due to respiratory effort related arousals. The nervous system is then activated which in return releases catecholamine (epinephrine and norepinephrine/adrenaline), which results in an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and respirations. People who suffer from UARS typically report complaints of fatigue rather than “sleepiness” reported by those suffering from sleep apnea. Studies indicate UARS suffers may have a higher incidence of sleepwalking, sleep terrors, muscle pain (myalgia/TMJ), depression, and anxiety.

Have them answer these simple questions: • Do you Snore loudly? • Do you feel tired, fatigued, or sleepy during the day? • Has someone observed you stop breathing during sleep? • Have you been treated for high blood pressure? • Is your Body mass index above 28? Are you above the age 50? • Is your neck circumference above 17’’ (man) or 16’’ (female)? • Are you a female between 20-50 suffering from any of the followingfatigue, muscle pain, jaw pain, headaches, and/or anxiety?

If you have answered yes to three or more of these questions you should be screened for a sleep breathing disorder. A dentist familiar with sleep disorders, together with sleep physicians, can provide screening examinations and diagnostic tests to determine if you are suffering from any of these disorders and consult with you which treatment would serve you best! - Here is to a good night’s sleep! Call Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry And Let Us Help You Put A Smile Back On Your Face!



Free Whitening

for all New Patients who come in for Exam, Cleaning, and Xrays! Milton Noveck, DMD, FICOI Milton Noveck, DMD JohnNosti, Nosti, DMD, DMD,FAGD, FACE, FICOI John FAGD, FACE StevenKatz, Katz, DDS DDS Steven 609- 927-8448

551 New Road Somers Point, Magazine NJ The County Woman


Must come in to the office before February 28, 2014. ADVANCED COSMETIC AND GENERAL DENTISTRY 609- 927-8448 551 New Road Somers Point, NJ

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January/February 2014

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Treat Yourself To A Relaxing Massage And Escape The Winter Doldrums!

Enjoy the following Tranquil Touch Specials


he colorful fall foliage has now passed, leading us into the long, dark winter months. Unfortunately, fewer hours of daylight with the shorter winter days can cause a loss of energy and lower zest for life, also known as burnout.

To avoid anxiety and exhaustion, it is important to find ways of dealing with stress that are conducive to healthy living. There are a number of things one can do to help deal with being burnt out. Refusing to take on additional activities will reduce some possible causes of stress. Occasionally getting away

from our electronic devices, and the endless chatter they bring, can help us recharge. Spending time with friends and family, and finding someone to discuss your feelings with, can also help reduce stress and feelings of isolation-both common results of burnout. One of the best ways to slow down, relax and recharge is through the use of massage therapy. Massage has been known to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Develop a plan of regular massage, and learn for yourself the benefits that you will reap. Come in and enjoy a relaxing massaging for either 50 minutes or 80 minutes from only $50.00 to $99.00!! Call 609-927-8866 to schedule your appointment!

The County Woman Magazine


• 20% Off Boutique Items • $15 Off 50-Minute Massage or Facial • $15 Spray Tan Tranquil Touch • Good through 2-28-14

Tranquil Touch Day Spa PHONE: 609.927.8866 FAX: 609.927.8803 Ocean Heights Plaza, 37 Bethel Road, Somers Point, NJ 08244

Mon. - Fri.10AM - 7PM, Sat. & Sun. 10AM - 6PM

call to schedule: 609.927.8866

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spray tan looks amazing! It was so natural looking, with no ✼ Myorange coloring. I was given so many compliments by friends

Kacey Caruso, Tranquil Touch Day Spa

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and even by complete strangers! I would highly recommend coming here. -Sarah

a pleasant surprise! My husband gifted me with a massage and ✼ “What facial, I wasn’t sure what to expect but was instantly relaxed by the overall atmosphere. Also, the technicians and staff were all very accommodating and left me feeling rejuvenated.” ~ Susan.

January/February 2014

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Welcome to the Jan./Feb. 2014 Issue Of Atlantic County Woman

As the New Year begins, many of us will reflect on our past year’s accomplishments and will set goals to achieve during the New Year. Without goals and plans, it’s hard to make any significant changes in your life. And without change, your journey through life will just take you in circles! As author Maria Robinson so succinctly pointed out, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anybody can start today and make a new ending.” There are many areas of life where we might want to set goals - financial, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. In this issue, there are numerous introspective articles that will help us develop self-improvement plans in these critical areas. For instance, there are several articles on how to keep your mind and body healthy. If you have resolved to do some financial planning, make an appointment with Tracy Fiedler-Santoro (p. 27). If your self-esteem could use a boost, consider a treatment at a spa and a visit to Barbara’s Boutique and Leisure and Lace for a new spring outfit. Sometimes, after listing all our New Year’s goals, we may become a little overwhelmed by how much we have to accomplish. The best approach is to take it a step at a time. In the words of author Ida Scott Taylor, “One day at a time - this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone: and do not We are members of: be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it Ocean City Regional so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.” Chamber of Commerce Wishing all of you a good New Year and a happy, healthy 2014! Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce Featured On The Cover ~ Members of Tilton Fitness & Wellness From left to right: Shannel Gebon, Lauren Kwart, Kathy Ford and in the center is Jenise Kurtz. Read more on pages 38 & 39. Cover photo by Donna L. Andrews Photography. Donna can be contacted for appointments at 609-412-5123 or 609-646-5374. Schedule your family portrait appointment now. See page 79. Events in ATLANTIC County • Wedding Belles (p. 26) Designer Truck Shows: Jan 9-11; Feb. 13-15; March 6-8. • Yoga Nine (p. 40) Jan. 12-Feb 20 & March 22-24 Winter Workshops. • Total Hearing Care (p. 29) Jan 13-17, Feb. 17-21: FREE Special Hearing Workshops at the Cape May and Northfield locations. • Accent Aesthetics (p. 16) Feb. 6: Chocolate Decadence Happy Hour. • AtlantiCare Red Dress Reception (p. 62) Feb. 12: At the Smithville Inn. • South Jersey’s Men R’ Cookin’ (p. 78) Feb. 20: Benefiting our community’s children. • Jersey Shore Pharmacy (p. 46) March 1: FREE BHRT Seminar featuring Dr. Roberta Foss-Morgan. • Yoga Nine Trip (p. 73) March 8-13: Retreat to paradise in Tulum, Mexico. Exclusive Deals • Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry (p. 2) FREE Whitening for new patients who come in for an exam with cleaning and x-rays. Must claim offer before Feb. 28. • Tranquil Touch Day Spa (p. 3) New Year Savings Coupon: 20% off boutique items, $15 off 50-minute massage or facial, $15 spray tan.

• Bella Derma Medi Spa (p. 11) CoolSculpting treatments starting at $750. • Copier’s Plus (p. 12) Three FREE hours of consultation and I.T. services with mention of article. • Accent Aesthetics (p. 16) Save $20 on the “Soothing, Moisturizing Facial Mask”, save $15 on Hydrate Luxe, 30% off all Laser Hair Removal packages, all moisturizers 20% off in Jan/Feb and more. • South Jersey Center for Nutrition and Wellness (p. 24) $195 offer for the 10-Day Sugar Buster Program. (Offer expires Feb. 28). • Total Hearing Care (p. 29) $1,420 off a pair of Bliss by Sonic OR Alta Pro by Oticon hearing aids. • Escape Beauty Boutique (p. 32) 10% discount on all services all through January with mention of page. • Tilton Fitness (p. 39) Join today and save 75%. • ICON Hospitality (p. 53) “Crystal Wedding Package”, $79 per person at The Carriage House. • Absolutely Maid Clean (p. 54) 25% off first cleaning with coupon. Please Take Advantage Of Our Many “Enter To Win” Contests Throughout The Paper!

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January/February 2014

Medical edical P Professionals rofessionals M



Varicose Veins: Not Not Just Just AA Cosmetic CosmeticProblem Problem

Stephen Gosin, M.D. FACS

Jeffrey S. Gosin, M.D. FACS


ne of the most common circulatory system problems affecting individuals of all ages is venous insufficiency, also known as “Venous Reflux Disease”.

This occurs when one-way valves in the leg veins begin to fail and become leaky. This

causes blood to pool in the legs and can lead to the development of large protruding legs veins, known as varicose veins. It can also cause a variety of painful or uncomfortable symptoms in the affected legs. Some of the most common of these symptoms are leg pain, leg fatigue and heaviness, swelling and skin itching. In severe cases, this can lead to permanent defects in the appearance and integrity of the skin and even the development of wounds, called venous leg ulcers. It is estimated that 20 to 40 million Americans suffer from venous insufficiency. Both men and women are affected. The most common risk factors are occupations that require standing, a family history of varicose veins, pregnancy, being over weight and increasing age. However, some affected individuals do not have any of these risks. The diagnosis of venous reflux disease is made with phys-

Are you one of millions of people who suffer from spider veins or embarrassing facial veins?

ur Yo in! e v Lo s Aga g Le

ical examination and painless Doppler ultrasound testing. Advances in treatment now make relief of the symptoms and appearance of varicose veins possible without the need for hospitalization or painful vein stripping surgery. For some people, wearing special venous support stockings will help control symptoms. However, when stockings alone are not sufficient, or when individuals require a more permanent solution to varicose veins, new minimally invasive office procedures can often be used to cure venous reflux disease and its symptoms. One of the most effective treatments for venous reflux disease is the Closure® Procedure. This is a remarkable new procedure that treats the abnormal veins with radiofrequency (RF) energy. The RF energy is delivered through a device called a catheter that is inserted into the diseased vein. This causes the vein to close down, essentially removing it from the circulation. The body then redirects the blood into the normal leg veins. This eliminates the venous reflux, markedly relieving the symptoms and often improving the appearance of the varicose veins as well. The procedure is performed in a comfortable office setting and takes about 30 minutes. There are usually no incisions or

Shore Vascular & Vein Center, the Region’s Premiere Vascular and Vein Care Center, is pleased to offer Vein Gogh. VeinGogh is a new, safe and reliable office procedure for the treatment of unsightly spider veins anywhere on the body. A small burst of high frequency energy is applied to the vein through a hair-thin probe, selectively heating and collapsing the vein. Treatment is fast and permanent. Experience the ultimate in vein care right here at the Jersey Shore. Our Board Certified Vascular Specialists can eliminate the appearance of most spider veins and get your legs looking and feeling great.

Shore Vascular & Vein Center Jeffrey S. GoSin, M.D, fACS Stephen GoSin, M.D, fACS

442 Bethel Road, Somers Point, N.J. 08244

phone: 609 927-Vein(8346)


TheCounty CountyWoman WomanMagazine Magazine The

sutures. General anesthesia is not required. Patients typically experience minimal discomfort and are able to return to their usual activities in about a day or two. The Shore Vascular & Vein Center, in Somers Point, is the region’s premiere vascular and vein care enter. Their Board Certified surgeons have over 50 years of combined experience in successfully treating thousands of patients with varicose veins. They are one of New Jersey’s leading centers in performance of the Closure® Procedure as well as other vein procedures, including microphlebectomy and sclerotherapy for spider veins.

If you are experiencing the signs or symptoms of varicose veins and venous reflux disease, the physicians of Shore Vascular & Vein Center are available to help. Call (609) 927-3030 for a consultation, or visit them on the web at www.GetGreatLegs.com

Jeffrey S. Gosin, M.D. FACS Dr. Jeffrey Gosin is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania and Jefferson Medical College. He completed his General Surgery Residency and an accredited fellowship in Vascular Surgery at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. He is Board Certified in Surgery and Vascular Surgery. Dr. Gosin is a fellow of The American College of Surgeons and a member of The Society for Vascular Surgery, The Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery, and numerous other national surgical and vascular societies.

Frequently Asked Questions


What causes varicose veins?


Will varicose veins get worse over time?


Who is affected by varicose veins?


Does treatment require surgery?


Is vein care covered by health insurance?


Varicose veins are usually caused by diseased valves in legs veins, called venous reflux disease.


As venous reflux is present for a long time, the appearance of varicose veins may worsen, but this does not always happen. Varicose veins that develop during pregnancy will often improve after delivery of the baby.


Typically, men and women who have jobs that require standing, have a family history of varicose veins, or are overweight are at increased risk. Pregnancy is also a risk factor for women. However, it is not necessary to have any of these risks to be affected.


Major surgery should not be required to treat varicose veins. Usually, if procedures are required, minimally invasive office based or outpatient procedures are most effective.


That is determined on a case-by-case basis, however many times vein care is covered. In our center, our insurance specialists work directly with individual’s health insurance companies to deal with that issue.

Stephen Gosin, M.D. FACS Dr. Stephen Gosin is a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, where he also completed his General Surgery Residency and was Chief Surgical Resident. He is Board Certified in Surgery. Dr. Gosin is a fellow of The American College of Surgeons, a charter member of the International Society of Endovascular Surgery, and many other professional societies. www.TheCountyWoman.com www.TheCountyWoman.com

January/February2014 2013 January/February


omens journal cardio_Layout 1 12/10/13 10:47 AM Page 1

Medical Professionals

Early Heart Attack Care: Knowing the Signs May Save a Life It’s important to know the early warning signs of a heart attack. Sudden or recurring chest pain is one warning sign that should never be ignored. If you or a loved one ever experiences unusual pain or pressure in your chest, call 9-1-1. A Full-Service Heart Program - Become an Ambassador for Early Heart Attack Care (EHAC) AtlantiCare is a proud supporter of the EHAC Oath, a national educational and awareness campaign that encourages early recognition of heart attack symptoms, particularly symptoms that are mild or those that may come and go weeks or days before a heart attack actually happens.

The County Woman Magazine

The EHAC Oath is an initiative of the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (SCPC), which is committed to preventing untimely death and disability from heart disease.

The Beginnings • Nausea • Pain in one or both arms • Jaw pain • Fatigue • Anxiety • Chest pressure or squeezing • Chest discomfort • Back pain • Shortness of breath • Feeling full • Feeling of impending doom • Heartburn, indigestion • Breaking out in a cold sweat

The EHAC Oath • I understand that heart attacks have beginnings and on occasion, signs of an impending heart attack may include chest discomfort, shortness of breath, shoulder and/or arm pain and weakness. These may occur hours or weeks before the actual heart attack. • I solemnly swear that if it happens to me or anyone I know, I will call 9-1-1 or activate emergency services. Risk Factors • Smoking (including exposure to second-hand smoke) • High blood pressure • Diabetes • Prior stroke

• • • • •

Sedentary lifestyle Obesity High cholesterol Increased age Family history

Visit www.atlanticare.org/heartcheck to see if you are at risk for cardiac disease.


January/February 2014

Contemporary &Rattan Furniture


A Report On Up And Coming Upholstery Trends The past year has seen a huge shift toward embracing color. Following the lead of the exciting things happening with color on the fashion runways with apparel, home furnishings are also totally embracing the color trend in upholstery. Using everything from bold and bright to pastel and tonal, a shift is taking place to step outside the neutral box and make a statement.


Blue is one of the biggest and best selling trend colors in upholstery right now. The popularity of blue can be explained by the versatility this color provides. On a whole sofa or as a pop on a chair or pillow, any space created with blue feels airy and effortless. Perfect for every furniture style, especially at the Jersey shore. Crisp it up in combination with cool greens. Brighten darker blues with yellows, whites and oranges. You can’t get more sophisti-

cated than the combination of blues with grays, blacks and browns.


Orange is an unexpected color that has really become a trend in upholstery. It can be used as a bold pop or toned down into a rust shade to create the perfect look of sophistication and polish. Add a vibrant dramatic statement with orange sherbet florals or geometrics. Quiet a busy room with rust-toned textures and floral pillows. Red oranges set the tone for a classic room.


With emerald green having been all over upholstery in 2013, other tones of

green are becoming popular… from pastel mint to chartreuse to deep forest green. One of the reasons green is so strong in furniture is due to its ease of working with many different color schemes and palettes. It is the neutral for nature. It enhances every color scheme creating a cool, calming effect. The most calming tones are moss, loden and gray green. Add zing to a room with chartreuse and mint with whites and grays. Hold the fire with mustard and gold greens used with browns and beiges.


With the movement into color, we are seeing unconventional shades, such as pink, creating a quirky and urban feel that is right on trend. Pale to medium pinks warms up the cool blues and greens in casual rooms. Medium pinks spice up neutrals like beiges, browns and grays in traditional settings. Hot pinks add contemporary drama to whites, blacks and grays


Heritage House Exclusive Is Island Art La Lamps

We Repair Wicker & Recover Cushions

Graphic and Chevron Patterns

Designers are taking the look of graphic trellis patterns and chevrons right off the runway and translating them into the home. Mix with crisp white to create a modern look. Combine patterns in quirky ways with a touch of color. Emphasize the graphic pattern for the most drama.


Now that winter is here you may be thinking about warmer weather in a few months. It’s time to plan your outdoor seating; time to get that recliner or rocker you didn’t get for Christmas. Introduce new life to your great room, family den, or bedroom with lamps, art and pillows in 2014 color trends. Maybe it is time for one of our motion chairs that will coddle you on those cold winter evenings while you dream of the coming days of spring.

Heritage House is here to help you with all your needs. Just call 609 698 7621.

Customer Testimonial “Henry, thank you so much for your help and expertise regarding the table. I could not believe I got it the same day I visited you. Needless to say I love it and can’t wait to have company over to enjoy a meal. Thanks again for all your help and kindness.” ~ R. Bauer

Written By: Wendy Miller



w w w.rattaninteriors.com

The County Woman Magazine


With N Night Light

January/February 2014






f you buy clothes that accent your natural beauty and suit your personality, you’re going to like what you see when you look in the mirror, and that’s the first step towards self-confidence. The next step is to find clothes that not only bring out your best but are also in step with today’s fashions. And there’s no better time to begin building that kind of wardrobe than at the start of a new year, especially while you can still find 50% - 70% off selected winter fashions at Barbara’s Boutique. The professional staff at Barbara’s can help you with your selections, using the following tried-and-true guidelines:

1. Select the right kind of clothes for your body type.

Don’t buy clothes that are too tight, too short or too big. Stay away from prints that are too large or too small, and avoid fabrics with too much or too little stretch.

2. Arrange your wardrobe well.

Purchase clothes that are perfect for you in terms of style, color and looks. At Barbara’s, you can select several pieces that you can mix and match, thereby doubling your wardrobe!

3. Check the quality of your clothes.

You can be confident that all of the clothes at Barbara’s Boutique are made of the highest quality fabrics in a large selection of styles that are casually elegant and timeless.

4. Choose accessories that look good with your clothing selection and are proportionate to your size. Shoes, bags,

belts, scarves, jewelry and hats should complement the color of your outfit as well as your complexion.

2014 Spring TrendS

Spring 2014 appears to be the season of print, with bold, expressive patterns presented in a variety of ways, such as typography, die-cuts and woodblocks. You will also find oversized portraits on dresses, coats, and bags. Stripes are everywhere, from cotton patchwork knee-length dresses to a more masculine, graphic suit. Florals, another essential part of the spring fashion scene, range from soft, romantic, hand-painted patterns to bold abstracts. There is also a wide range of pantone colors being shown this spring, from cold blues to warm oranges. Prepare to be dazzled by colors such as Radiant Orchid, Freesia, Sand, Violet Tulip, Celosia Orange, Cayenne, Paloma, Hemlock, and Placid Blue. As with all the clothing at Barbara’s, any spring outfit you choose will offer a combination of high fashion and true comfort, whether you’re buying a tunic, pants, jacket, dress, blouse, skirt, cardigan or t-shirt. So stop by and allow the talented staff at Barbara’s Boutique help you achieve your 2014 fashion resolutions! n

Educational Websites

FUN Educational Websites For Kids!

This is a learning site like no other: your kids will be boosting their IQ without even knowing it through games and activities about animals and places around the world. Plus, kids can keep tabs on things going on around the world! www.kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/

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www.seussville.com Dr. Suess has been teaching young people morals in his books since the 1950s.The fun continues on this site filled with fun, entertaining activities and valuable life lessons geared towards children of all ages. January/February 2014





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“ You will see such a difference in your clothing with a good bra.” – A quote from one woman in the dressing room to another.

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Betty Vasser (Seated) Owner, Phyllis Doran, 24 Year Employee

199 New Road, Suite 9 • Central Square • Linwood, NJ 08221 • 609 927 5572

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January/February 2014

Home Health Care


Beyond Words: Caring For A Child With Complicated Medical Needs Submitted by: BAYADA Pediatrics Director Mary Kleva

“Melissa can’t see me, but as soon as she hears my voice, she’ll reach out and pull me down toward her for my morning hug,” says Nicole White, LPN. “It’s the best way to start the day.”


icole, a pediatric home health care nurse with BAYADA, cares for her client, Melissa Ross, 20, of Mays Landing, three to four days a week. She is a member of a round-the-clock team of nurses who provides skilled care for Melissa’s many medical needs caused by her illness, Batten disease. Batten disease is a rare, inherited disorder of the nervous system that usually begins in childhood, affecting a little more than one in 100,000 births. There is no cure or treatment and most Melissa Ross, 20, who suffers children do not live beyond their from Batten disease, receives teens or twenties. nursing care at home from Melissa has lost much of her BAYADA Pediatrics. cognitive and neurological func-

With BAYADA Pediatrics…

“I know that Kasey is safe and getting the care she needs.” – Mary D., Kasey’s mother

Kasey D., BAYADA client

With a broad range of services and a team of pediatric professionals who are committed to keeping special children safe at home, BAYADA provides: • Specialized care at home and at school • Thoroughly screened care professionals • Clinical support 24 hours, 7 days • A variety of payment options

tioning as well as her sight, and is no longer able to eat solid foods, walk, or even talk. But that hasn’t prevented her from communicating with Nicole. The morning hug – which tells Nicole that Melissa is happy she’s there – says it all. “Melissa feels my face and touches the rings on my fingers,” says Nicole. “She knows I’m there and she welcomes me with that hug.”

A Devastating Diagnosis

According to Melissa’s mom, Dana Ross, Melissa – or “Lissa” as she calls her – had a normal birth and reached all her developmental milestones right on target – even a little ahead. “Lissa walked early and was very smart,” says Dana. “But at age seven she started losing her sight and shortly afterward, was completely blind.” Initially she was misdiagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, an inherited, degenerative eye disease that can often cause blindness. Soon after, though, Melissa began experiencing seizures – several a day – and a noticeable loss of motor function. Realizing that Retinitis Pigmentosa couldn’t be responsible for these symptoms, Dana and her husband, Daniel, took Melissa from specialist to specialist until they had the devastating diagnosis of Batten disease. “No one in our families had Batten disease. We were in shock,” says Dana. Unknown to Dana and Daniel, they both carried the gene for Batten disease and tragically, passed the disease to Melissa. Their son, 18 year old Daniel, carries the gene as well but, fortunately, does not have the disease.

Mary Kleva-Chelednik Director of BAYADA Pediatrics serving Atlantic and Cape May counties

Call 609-601-2200 l www.bayada.com

Compassion. Excellence. Reliability. The County Woman Magazine

Although Melissa was diagnosed in 2001, it wasn’t until 2009 that she really began to decline. Dana, who had been Melissa’s primary caregiver, realized she could no longer care for her daughter’s increasingly complex medical needs without help. That’s when she called BAYADA. “I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Lissa’s wonderful team of nurses, I don’t think she would still be here with us,” says Dana. “BAYADA is the best thing to happen to my family.” One of Melissa’s other BAYADA nurses, Heather Jones, LPN, arranged for Dana and Melissa to meet Noah Coughlin, a 29 year old from California, who was running Coast to Coast – for the second time – to raise awareness for Batten disease. As he was running through New Jersey this past November, Dana and Melissa met him, thanks to Heather. Dana was overwhelmed by his passion and his commitment to the cause. “Can you imagine someone we didn’t even know running across the country for my daughter? He is amazing. We consider him part of the family!” And all of the BAYADA nurses feel like they’re family, as well. “I am so grateful to be part of this wonderful family and I’m happy I can help give Melissa a better quality of life,” says Nicole. “Melissa and I have a very special bond.” Mom agrees. “Nicole is wonderful, as are all of Lissa’s nurses,” says Dana. “We all know our time with Lissa is limited, so we cherish every moment.”

BAYADA Home Health Care provides a broad range of in-home health services for children from newborns to adolescents. Our teams of skilled pediatric professionals are committed to keeping children with complex medical needs safe at home. BAYADA offers: • Specialized care at home and at school. • Pediatric nurses experienced in complex, high-tech care including tracheostomy and ventilator care. • Clinical support 24 hours, 7 days. • A variety of payment options At BAYADA, we take a family-centered approach so our clients and families experience our team’s shared commitment to compassion, excellence, and reliability — the core values of The BAYADA Way. To learn more about home health care services for medically fragile children, call 609-601-2200. For information on Batten disease, visit www.bdsra.org. To learn more about Noah Coughlan’s efforts to raise awareness for Batten disease, visit www.runcoast2coast.com

BAYADA specialty practices include Home Health Care, Pediatrics, Hospice, and Habilitation.

BAYADA Answers the Call


For careers in pediatric home care nursing, call 609-601-2200. January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Stubborn Fat Has Met Its Match

Freeze Your Fat Away With CoolSculpting

About CoolSculpting . . . ®

CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive, clinically proven procedure to selectively reduce fat layers in problem areas using a patented cooling technology. It is a safe procedure cleared by the FDA and CE marked in Europe that gently cools unwanted fat cells in the body to induce a natural, controlled elimination of fat cells. This reduces bulges in treated areas of the body without harming surrounding tissue.


Key Benefits of CoolSculpting


It involves no needles, surgery or downtime.

• Since CoolSculpting® is non-invasive, patients can resume daily activities including work and exercise, immediately following treatment

It’s safe.

• Patients can generally sit or lie comfortably and read, work on their laptop or even nap during the procedure. The procedure is performed in a medical office, under the supervision of a physician specializing in cosmetic procedures.

It’s convenient.

• Procedures last about one to two hours, so treatment can easily be performed during a lunch hour or without major disruption to the day.

The results are dramatic.

• On average, each CoolSculpting® Procedure results in a 20% reduction of fat in the treated areas, and patients can start to see results as soon as three weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results occurring over a period of two to four months in most patients.

How CoolSculpting Works ®

During the CoolSculpting® Procedure, a non-invasive applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling to the treatment area to specifically target underlying fat, leaving surface skin tissue unaffected. When fat cells are exposed to extreme cold, a process of natural removal is triggered, which gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. The result is a visible reduction in fat bulges.

Target Patient

CoolSculpting® is not intended as a weight-reduction program for overweight individuals. The best candidates for the procedure are people near their ideal body weight who eat well and exercise regularly and have pockets of fat that have not responded to a healthy lifestyle. They are seeking spot reduction for specific areas of fat but are not considering a surgical procedure.

Treatments Starting At $750 & Up To schedule your personal consultation, contact:

Bella Derma Medi Spa

1430 Hooper Avenue, Suite 204 Toms River, NJ 08753

(732) 281-1988



On average, CoolSculpting® results in a 20% reduction of fat in the treated areas, and patients can start to see results as soon as three weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results occurring over a period of two to four months in most patients. Clinical studies1 involving hundreds of patients show that, for properly selected patients, CoolSculpting® is an effective way to reduce fat without the risk and recovery time of surgical procedures. The result is noticeable, natural-looking fat reduction in the treated areas.

1. Clinical data on file. ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. Pleasanton, CA. 2. Manstein D, Laubach H, Watanabe K, Farinelli W, Zurakowski D, Anderson R. Selective cryolysis: a novel method of non-invasive fat removal.a Laser Surg Med. 2008,40:595-604. Disclaimer: In the U.S., non-invasive fat reduction is cleared only for the flank (love handle). CoolSculpting® and the CoolSculpting® logo are registered trademarks of ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. The snowflake mark is a trademark of ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. Copyright (c) 2011, ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. The products described in this document may be covered by U.S. Patent 7,367,341. Other patents and patent applications pending worldwide. IC0185-A

To learn about all of our services, visit our website at:


The County Woman Magazine


Dr. Christopher P. Godek

M.D., F.A.C.S. - Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery Dr. Christopher P. Godek and the Staff at Bella Derma Medi Spa are committed to you.

January/February 2014



& Finance

Copiers Plus Makes House Calls Written By: Robert P. Matthews Sr., President Copiers Plus Inc.


am sure many of you have experienced frustrations with your SOHO (small office/home office) printers, copiers, and multi-function devices. Things like running out of ink at the worst possible moment … when the stores are all closed. Then only to find out after spending $$$$$ on cartridges, there is still something wrong with the printer. And other little annoyances like when the Automatic Document Feeder jams or pulls multiple sheets at one time, image quality takes a dive, or the device mysteriously drops off your Wi-Fi network or just plain loses connectivity. When you factor in how many of these products you’ve gone through, combined with the high cost of cartridges, it might make sense to source your next SOHO product from Copiers Plus. Let Copiers Plus and Samsung make life easier for you.

Our professional sales staff will recommend the right product to fit your needs yet remain within your budget. Our I.T. professionals will install and configure these products to work within your environment regardless if you’re using Mac, PC, or both. They will even program the device to work from your tablets or smartphones. Copiers Plus and Samsung are now offering a complete line of fully featured economical multifunction devices. Copy, print, scan, fax, and email in both black and white and full color. Founded in 1986 by Robert and Debra Matthews, Copiers Plus Inc. enjoys serving as a traditional office products company. At Copiers Plus, we sell and service the

award winning lines of Lanier, Ricoh, Samsung, and Kyocera office products. We offer traditional office copiers, large format copiers and printers; black & white and full color multi-function products, printers, scanners, fax machines, and all the software necessary to improve business workflows. Copiers Plus offers our products and services to all of Southern New Jersey, with offices located in Egg Harbor Township, Ocean City, and Palmyra.

Mention this article and Copiers Plus will provide up to three hours of consultation and I.T. services for free.

Copiers Plus and Samsung are now offering a complete line of fully featured economical multifunction devices.

Three Convenient Locations:

Copiers Plus Inc. 3112 Fire Road, Unit C, Egg Harbor Twp., NJ 08234 609-645-7587 21 East Broad Street Palmyra, N.J. 08065 1-800-834-3598 935 West Ave Ocean City, N.J. 08226 609-398-7676

Robert P. Matthews

Visit us at www.copiersplus.com

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January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Start 2014 By Taking Care Of Yourself “Out with the old and in with the new,” as the saying goes. The year of 2013 is now a memory, and 2014 has come. It is now time to look back at this past year and ponder our life’s events. What did we do, didn’t we do? It’s time for a “new years resolution”!


he new year should be about you and your health. The recommendations and guidelines are clear. All women over the age of twenty-one should have an annual gynecological exam. This is considered routine, and it is independent of sexual activity.

Self Breast Exams I continue to recommend that women perform monthly self-breast exams (SBE). A woman should start their SBE when mature enough to perform such an exam or by the age of twenty-one. There are several different ways to perform a SBE. Each differs in technique, but all are equally effective. If you are not aware of how to do a SBE, we can instruct you in the office. You can also visit sites like the American Cancer Society or Web MD, which are helpful. Doing the exam empowers women to take charge of their health care and allows them to become familiar with the breast tissue. Knowing the feel of the breast tissue will help one distinguish what has been there, what is new, what may be

abnormal, etc. Concerns regarding your SBE should be referred to your gynecologist for prompt evaluation.

Annual Gynecological Exams For All Women Annual gynecological exams should consist of a review of medical and surgical history, medication history, sexual history, menstrual, STD’s, and urologic history. It would also include the examination of the breasts, abdomen, genital, and vaginal areas. I also examine the patient’s social and marital history. An important part of this exam is the psycho-social aspect of women’s healthcare. I try to provide an open and free flowing environment that allows a patient to discuss other issues and aspects of their lives. The annual exam allows the time to listen and provide the care each woman deserves. Annual pap screening is recommended to begin at age twenty-one, independent of sexual activity. The pap is done with the annual gynecological exam.

Women 21 to 25 For women ages 21 to 25, testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia are part of the exam. In this age group education is a key component of the visit. I try to discuss with each young women the issues of pregnancy prevention, STD prevention, Human Papilloma (HPV) virus vaccinations, and an awareness of her body. There

may be many other psycho-social issues that surface during this time. Talking about sex in particular may be hard and uncomfortable for a mom or dad to do or for a girl to hear, but nonetheless it is very important. It may be easier to hear it from her doctor . These topics are very important for women in this stage of her life. I always welcome and encourage women younger than 21 to have a visit with me prior to that age. Ideally, somewhere between 13 and 15 years old is a good starting point. At this visit, a young women is introduced to the idea and concepts of a gynecologist and the care provided. I keep it upbeat and positive, and base the conversation and details on the level of maturity of each individual. I try not to scare or overwhelm them on their first visit.

Women 30 and Over Women 30 and above should have HPV testing done with their pap. I review routine health and screening recommendations. I also take a family cancer history to attempt to identify patients that are at increased risk of breast, ovarian, uterine or colorectal cancers. If patients are identified, I then review and offer available testing for genetically linked cancers, many of which can be performed in our office. For women 35 to 39, I recommend a baseline mammogram. This allows the radiologist a reference point to compare future mammograms, which should begin annually at age 40. I also screen women for HIV and vitamin D deficiency. It is recommended for all women ages 13 to 64 to have annual HIV testing independent of risk factors. This is to identify asymp-

tomatic HIV positive persons. Annual vitamin D testing is done since low levels have been associated with an increased risk of colon and breast cancers. Testing allows me to identify, educate and potentially prescribe certain supplements. As an aside, the recommended daily requirement for vitamin D is 800 IU. This is available over the counter as vitamin D or D3. I generally recommend the vitamin D3. For women ages 65 and older (or younger with certain risk factors), a bone or DEXA scan is recommended to diagnosis osteopenia and osteoporosis. Early detection leads to early intervention and the hope of avoiding fractures related to thin bones. As a woman, you’re probably the general, or commander-in-chief of your home. There is a tremendous amount of work you do to run a smooth operation. You take care of everyone else first. Realize that you need to take care of you! You need to stay healthy to do all that you do.

We at Advanced Care are here to guide you and help you on your life’s journey. Please contact my office to schedule your appointment.

We’re With You All The Way SALVATORE A. CARFAGNO, DO, FACOOG Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology Rachel Grencavich, CNM, MSN

Old-Fashioned Care With State-Of-The-Art Technology Quality, Compassionate Healthcare for All Stages of a Woman’s Life Absecon Professional Courtyard ProfessionalOffices Offices 707 White Horse Pike, Suite D4 • Absecon, NJ 08201

609.272.0506 • Fax: 609.272.0607

Salvatore A. Carfagno, DO, FACOOG Rachel Grencavich, CNM, MSN

Linwood Commons Commons Linwood 2106 New Road, Suite D10 • Linwood, NJ 08221

609.927.2244 • Fax: 609.927.2242


The County Woman Magazine


Salvatore A. Carfagno, Jr., DO, FACOOG, received his medical training, internship and residency at The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is currently Board Certified by the American College of Osteopathic in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is presently on staff at Atlanticare Regional Medical Center and Shore Medical Center and averages 300 deliveries per year, this in addition to an extensive gynecological surgical caseload.

January/February 2014


The County Woman Magazine

Medical Professionals


January/February 2014

Elder Law


• Estate/Trust Administration • Guardianships • Will Contest • Special Needs Trust

• Medicare, Medicaid, Long-Term Care & Disability Planning

Elder and Disability Law

Nancy M. Rice,

Esquire, CELA

Certified as an Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation

200 Asbury Avenue • Ocean City, NJ 08226 • 609.398.3447 1236 Brace Road, Suite F • Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 • 856.673.0048


Nancy Rice Answers Questions About Retirement Assets, Savings Bonds And More


hen we plan estates or advise executors and trustees who are handling estates and trusts, we need to consider both the income tax and the capital gain tax. Why? • Retirement assets (IRA’s, 401(k)’s, profit sharing plans, etc.), annuities and savings bonds all have one thing in common: as they grow in value over the years, you do not report the income earned and you do not pay income taxes on these earnings. All of these assets grow “tax deferred.” This is different, of course, than “tax free.” An example of a tax-free investment would be a Roth IRA, which is funded with after-tax dollars (i.e., you do not get a deduction for the amount you put in a Roth IRA) but it grows tax-free. By contrast, a traditional or rollover IRA is tax deferred: you get a deduction for the money you put into a regular IRA, and you do not pay taxes on the money as it grows, but you do have to pay taxes when you take the money out. • Similarly, annuities and savings bonds are tax deferred. You do not pay taxes on the money as it grows but you are required to pay tax on the increase in value (but not on the money you initially put in). There are several reasons why we pay attention to the income taxation of these investments when we write Wills. We

need to make our clients aware of the fact that there beneficiaries will have to pay income taxes on the money they receive from certain types of investments, such as traditional IRAs, annuities, and US savings bonds. • Sometimes, we recommend that if a client is interested in leaving money to charity, that they leave all or part of an IRA to charity, naming the charity as beneficiary of the IRA, because charities do not pay income taxes. It is important to keep in mind that only a spouse may “rollover” an IRA. If you leave an IRA to children, they can create “beneficiary IRA’s” which will defer the reporting of the income. In other words, they will not have to report all of the income in one year or over five years; they can “stretch it out” over their life expectancies. • US savings bonds (E, EE and I Bonds) are also tax-deferred investments. You pay one half of the value of the bond at the time of purchase, and it increases in value over the years, such that it can actually grow to three or four times the stated value by the time it is cashed in (depending upon the interest rate). You can’t tell by looking at a US savings bond what it is worth. You can, however, use a chart to value them, or enter the bonds into a website program located at www.treasurydirect.gov/indiv/tools/tools_ savingsbondcalc.htm

When a person dies owning a significant number of US savings bonds, we have the option of reporting the accrued interest on the decedent’s final income tax return (1040), which is something we discuss with the executor. • When we work with clients whose assets include IRAs annuities and savings bonds, with a lot of “trapped interest,” we encourage them to redeem these assets carefully, matching up deductions they might have (for example, if a spouse is in a nursing home and medical expenses are very high). On a non-tax note, we emphasize to clients that IRAs, annuities, and life insurance are not governed by their Wills! We spent a good amount of time with clients confirming that the beneficiaries of their IRAs, annuities, and life insurance are consistent with their overall estate plan. Capital gain tax is different from the income tax. It applies when you purchase a quote capital asset (such as a house, or stock in a corporation). When you sell a capital asset, the difference between the sales price and the purchase price is generally considered to be “capital gain.” The gain can be “adjusted” by the costs of sale (such as realtor or broker commissions) and improvements you made to the property (e.g. a new roof on the house). Many times our clients purchased their stock and their residence a long time ago and have quite a bit of capital gain, which

Nancy Rice has been practicing Estate Planning and Elder Law in New Jersey and Pennsylvania  since 1986. She was Certified as an Elder Law Attorney in 1997, and has maintained offices in Camden and Cape May counties, specifically in Cherry Hill and Ocean City. Call 609-398-3447.

The County Woman Magazine


has not been taxed. Capital gain is not taxed until you sell the property. The big difference between income tax and capital gain tax is that capital gain tax can disappear at death (whereas income tax does not). In other words, when a person dies owning a highly-appreciated house or stock, the estate/beneficiaries get a “stepped up” cost basis, meaning that if these assets are sold, the estate/beneficiaries report their “cost basis” as the value of the asset on the date of death! There are some limitations to this “step-up” in 2010 because of the one year repeal of the Federal Estate tax, but for most people, this tax rule results in them paying little or no capital gains tax when they inherit real estate or stock. • When we advise clients about estate planning, we point out this rule when they want to make gifts during their lifetimes. We counsel against giving highly appreciated capital assets, because gifts of these assets during lifetime do not benefit from the “step-up” in basis at death, and the recipient gets the donor’s basis (“carryover basis”) and will have to pay capital gains tax when the asset is sold. This tax stuff is tough to get through, but understanding it can really save a lot of money.

Nancy Rice can answer your questions and concerns, Call 609-398-3447.

Call to Schedule an Appointment

Ocean City: 609.398.3447 Cherry Hill: 856.673.0048

January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Accent Aesthetics To The Rescue


ummer heat and sun wreak havoc on your skin, then just when you think it’s safe to go outside, along comes “old man winter.”

✳Airline travel Diet ✳

Be wary of the drying effects of traveling at altitude in a pressurized airplane cabin.

Stay hydrated! Drink adequate amounts of water, and don’t forget your fruits and vegetables that help keep you hydrated.

When temperatures drop, we start taking long, hot showers and using the heaters in our homes, which can really dry out our skin. As we age, the epidermal layer of our skin begins to thin and increases our vulnerability to the environment. Our skin is our barrier and protection from the elements. When it is not healthy, it is much more susceptible to dryness, itchiness and sensitivity. Now is an important time of year to repair damage and boost the barrier function for the cold months ahead. Skin repair takes on many facets. Healthy skin attracts water, retains it and maintains oils while protecting the body from environmental assaults.

drating facials with products that support and build the barrier function of your skin. Seek the advice of our certified estheticians to customize your skin care routine to build the defenses of your skin. Products with humectant properties attract moisture to the skin. Gentle exfoliation coupled with intense hydration is the way to go if your skin is compromised.

Over-exfoliation - alpha-hydroxy acids and

Retin-A are great anti-aging agents, but overuse can cause exfoliation that goes too deep. This results in over sensitive and dried out skin. If your skin is dry and sensitive this is not the time of year to start these products! Contrary to popular opinion, summer is often a more forgiving time to incorporate oils in your skin. If you are already using AHA, Retin-A or both you may want to decrease the amounts and/ or add a moisturizer to your regimen.

Reinforce your skin - Opt for hy-

Avoid irritants - Avoid products containing

high levels of surfactants, acid, alcohol and fragrances.

How do I know if my skin needs reinforcement?

A careful assessment by the trained estheticians at Accent Aesthetics will assure that you are using the most appropriate products. A sense of “toughness” on the skin, or burning and stinging when bathing or swimming are all indicators that your skin needs help! Continued application of restorative agents is crucial to healing skin. Spa treatments must be followed with home care regimens to insure continued results.

Accent Aesthetics Specials for January & February 2014 Introducing Hydrate Luxe Only $50 (Save $15)

“Soothing, Moisturizing Facial Mask”

Laser Hair Removal 30% Off all packages

Bring back the healthy barrier to your skin

Did you know winter is the best time to

and defend against the elements.

begin laser hair removal?


If you start now, you will be

(Save $20)

hair free by summer!

All Moisturizers 20% Off January and February 2014

Chocolate Decadence Happy Hour Back by popular demand! Thursday February 6th • 5:30 to 8:30 Giveaways, Product discounts, pre-booking discounts, chocolate treats and cocktails!

The County Woman Magazine

Pick one of the following packages:

Eye mask, massage, Opal treatment and a brow tint or Foot scrub, Clarisonic pedi brush treatment, soothing chic scrub and a paraffin hand treatment or Cleanse and hydrate with a chocolate facial mask with a hand massage. 30 minutes of Bliss! www.TheCountyWoman.com

Dr. Nicola DeLorio, Owner

Please feel free to contact the professionals at Accent Aesthetics to discuss the most appropriate treatment plan for you! 609-652-6550.

We offer gift cards and spa packages January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Receiving Donated Eggs – A Highly Successful Method of Family Building Presented by: South Jersey Fertility Center

“It seems that more and more couples are having trouble getting pregnant.

Why is that?”


womb for the 9 month gestation and give birth to a baby who carries her male partner’s genes. This process is known as a “donor egg cycle.” Nationwide over 9,300 such cycles are performed annually. The birthrate per cycle is 55% according to the 2011 national registry published by the Society for Reproductive Technology (SART). Our center began performing donor egg cycles for patients in 1999. The most recent statistics for our center’s live birth rate as published by SART is 73% for all of our fresh donor egg cycles in 2011.

to be chosen by couples who need such a service. The egg donor undergoes ovarian stimulation with daily fertility shots and has an egg retrieval procedure in our office approx. 14 days later, just as in a standard in-vitro fertilization cycle. Egg donors often experience pelvic bloating from temporarily enlarged ovaries. Occasionally in the past, an egg donor would have a severe over-response to the medicines leading to a week or more of abdominal pain called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. We are happy to announce that we have successfully implemented an innovative medication protocol that virtually eliminates the chance for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome by substituting the HCG shot with a single injection of Lupron. For her effort, the anonymous egg donor receives monetary compensation (typically about $8,000). However, surveys have found that money is not the primary motivator for egg donation. Instead, these women

are truly driven by an altruistic desire to help infertile couples reach their dream.

Frozen Eggs

Starting this year we are offering the use of frozen eggs from anonymous donors as an alternative to fresh eggs. Pregnancy rates from frozen eggs have been shown to be equivalent to fresh eggs. The use of frozen eggs speeds up the process since the donors have already passed the screening process and have already undergone the egg retrieval procedure. Frozen eggs can lower the overall cost of the donor egg cycle if the patient does not have insurance coverage for in-vitro fertilization.

One reason is that women in today’s society frequently postpone child-bearing while they pursue a career. In general, fertility declines with each passing year after a woman’s 34th birthday. The chance for successful conception drops even more sharply after the age of 40. After age 46, The Donor live births are rare. This decline is due in The egg donor can be either a friend large part to the fact that a 40-year old We delight in seeing all these or a family member, or the donor can be woman’s eggs are, well, 40 years old. These an anonymous woman chosen from a list happy new mothers who previously older eggs tend to be less likely to develop of prospective donors who are age 20-32. thought they had no chance of into viable embryos after fertilization. In These donors must pass medical and psyaddition, women are born with a limited carrying a pregnancy. chological testing before being accepted. number of eggs and cannot make any more We have several dozen egg donors waiting www.sjfert.com after they are born. This seems unfair when compared to a man’s reproductive system which makes new sperm constantly throughout his adult life. It Division of Regional Women’s Health Group, LLC is not only the older woman who can experience a shortage of eggs. Some Full Service Infertility Center With: women will run out of good quality SOUTH JERSEY FERTILITY CENTER · All Of The Doctors Are Board Certified In Reproductive eggs even in their early 30’s and can Endocrinology And Infertility is now offering a discount for IVF to have a premature menopause without · Top Doctor Awards For 7 Years In A Row ACTIVE MILITARY AND VETERANS any obvious cause. Other times, the · Laparoscopic Tubal Reversals Call 856.596.2233 ext. 1227 for more information. reason for early menopause is identifi· Money Back Guarantee Available For Ivf And Donor Egg able. Some of these causes include · Full Service Fertility Center chemotherapy or radiation therapy to · Robotic Surgery Available battle a cancer. Surgical removal of both ovaries due to tumors will also Robert A. Skaf, MD FACOG Top Row (left to right): eliminate her egg supply. Peter G. Van Deerlin, MD FACOG Dr. Gary Packin, Woman’s Egg Reserve Dr. Stephen Sawin, Stephen W. Sawin, MD FACOG Fertility doctors are able to roughly Dr. Peter Van Deerlin, Gary S. Packin, DO FACOOG, Dist. Dr. Oumar Kuzbari gauge a woman’s egg reserve through Oumar Kuzbari, MD, FACOG Bottom Row (left to right): a simple blood test. Women who Barbara Alice, APN-C, MSN Barbara Alice, APN-C, MSN, have a severely limited egg reserve are Tracy Krause, APN-C,MSN Dr. Robert Skaf, unlikely to have a successful pregnancy Tracy Krause, APN-C, MSN even with the use of assisted reproductive techniques such as in-vitro fertilization. Far and away, the highest Visit us on our Website www.sjfert.com chance for a successful pregnancy for 400 Lippincott Drive Harbor Pavilions Burlington Prof Campus AtlantiCare Life Center these women is to use egg donation. Suite 130 570 Egg Harbor Rd • Suite B4 500 English Creek Ave. • #225 1900 Mt. Holly Rd #4A These eggs can then be fertilized with Marlton, NJ 08053 Sewell, NJ 08080 Burlington, NJ 08016 Egg Harbor Twp. , NJ 08234 609-386-4701 the sperm of her partner. She can 856.596.2233 856.218.8863 609.813.2192 then carry the resulting embryo in her

South Jersey Fertility Center


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January/February 2014





New Year’s Resolutions


. . . Thanksgiving

✓ . . . Holiday parties ✓ . . . Holiday shopping ✓

Keep it moving. When I was in college and med

. . . Family

get-togethers ✓ . . . Holiday Celebrations ✓ . . . New Year’s celebration ✓ . . . New Year’s resolutions…..


he 2013 holiday season was fun, memorable, festive, and…BUSY. As women, we shoulder so much of the responsibility of coordinating holiday cheer.

As a result, we are more likely than men to be stressed and exhausted. Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to pack up 2013 and seal the box by planning for a better us in 2014. One study showed that women were more successful at meeting our resolutions when we tell our friends and family about them or when we were encouraged to not give up.

As a result, here are some New Year’s Resolutions I want to share as you embrace yours:


Love of oneself (this comes from age old


school, I would go to the gym 5-6 times a week, and sometimes twice in the same day. Gone are the days of not having work and family and community obligations. I continue to workout (about 1-2 times a week), and have also decided to move my treadmill closer to the television. I hope you consider joining me. This way, during the cold months, we cannot use the excuse of frost, snow, or rain to keep us from moving even if it is just for 10-15 minutes. If we do not own a treadmill, we can always stand and walk in place. Let’s vow to keep it moving!

Preserve my bones. Have you had a bone density test? When I was 28 years old, I had a bone density test at my obstetrician’s office. I found that my bones were significantly lower in density than was acceptable for my age. I have successfully managed to ignore this for many years. However, I have come to the realization that doing so is like “sticks and stones” that can “break my bones.” I do not want to be faced with the inevitable consequence of osteoporosis down the road. To that extent, I have committed to having at least three servings of dairy a day. To do so, I will stock my refrigerator with milk, cheese, and low-fat yogurt. I have also discovered several non-dairy options for calcium—dark green veggies, dried beans, and calcium-fortified juices and cereals. To top these options off I have added a calcium supplement with vitamin D (without this “helper” vitamin, calcium absorption is decreased). I hope you join me in keeping your bones strong.

wisdoms). It is important to free ourselves of anything that is As women, we wear a myriad of hats—mother, wife, employer, businot good for our health, including food, people, things, situations, and ness owner, sister, daughter and friend. Juggling these responsibilities anything that draws us down and away from reaching our full potential. often leaves little time for ourselves. Even the thought of taking time Although this may be mistaken as self-absorbed egoism, it is healthy to for ourselves might leave us feeling guilty. However, I know that as love oneself. We must realize that when we are balanced, healthy and findwomen we find that unhealthy stresses can cause havoc on our health ing the joy of our moments, only then can we be the best possible us and from weight shifts, stomach aches, headaches, sleep disturbances, and share that with others. An example of this is when flight attendants instruct irrational mood swings. passengers, in the event of loss of cabin pressure, to put an oxygen mask That’s why our 2014 New Year’s Resolutions need to be about keepon yourself before you try to help your children or other passengers. I used ing our mind and body healthy so that we can be the best us possible. to think “They can’t tell me what to do. I’d put the mask on my daughter – Cheers to a great new year for YOU! first.” But how much help could I offer my daughter if I passed out while trying to put on her mask? Dr. Radcliff completed her medical school and residency training at UCLA and


Don’t give up candy, dessert, or carbohydrates. Yes, you read that correctly. After

delivering my daughter, I stopped eating bread, rice, and pasta, three of my greatest loves. Granted the weight came off quickly but at what cost? I couldn’t help dreaming and reminiscing about my past loves. As a result, I have decided that 2014 is my time to rekindle those old flames. Instead of depriving myself, I will savor them in moderation. Food is one of the great pleasures in life that should be enjoyed – along with exercise, but in smart moderation.

The County Woman Magazine

has served on the medical faculty at The University of Pennsylvania. She has authored over 100 textbook chapters, research articles, medical opinions and reviews. Dr. Radcliff is called upon by media to speak on medical, fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle topics impacting our lives, today. She is passionate about sharing truths for healthy, balanced living, as well as, wise preventive health measures.

Connect with Dr. Nina at: DrNinaRadcliff@aol.com; Follow her on Twitter.com/DrNinaRadcliff or Facebook.com/DrNinaRadcliff


January/February 2014

Assisted Living


“My Life…My Story” favorite pastime? What is their history? A person can be celebrated by learning their story, embracing their identity and engaging them in familiar activities that will stimulate their mind, body and spirit.

Alice was so photogenic. With her long brown hair, bright eyes and toothy grin, she was always front and center, arms tightly around her friends and family in every photo. Her smile connected you immediately. She had that way with people. Always the life of the party, Alice entertained everyone from her storytelling to singing horribly off key to Sinatra songs. She never cared. She made everyone laugh and people loved being around her. The adventurer of the family, her passport was filled with colorful stamps from her many journeys, a showpiece she proudly toted around. “Did I ever tell you the story about how I went with no shoes for two days in Prague” Alice would say. A crowd would quickly surround her. She had a way of captivating an attentive audience. She made you belly laugh from her wild and outlandish experiences across the globe. Her stories were always bigger than life. She had so much personality and energy, enough to fill a room.You simply wanted to say you knew her. Sadly, her stories are now told by others. Alice’s voice is lost. She has forgotten the details of her stories. Her memory has slipped away.

Individuals with memory loss may not recall the details of an experience, but they don’t forget the feeling they get from a familiar picture, favorite song, or memorable interaction. For Alice, pictures of Paris may stimulate a memory. The sound of laughter and Sinatra on the radio, may elicit a warm, positive feeling and response - feel good moment that makes Alice feel connected even if it is only for a short time. There is a way to engage an individual and make their story come alive by celebrating how they were and who they are today. No one should be forgotten. Alice’s life should continue with pleasant days and magical moments - moments others develop for her. At Brandywine Senior Living, we are committed to providing the highest level of quality memory care services in a homelike, safe, secure, and supportive environment called Reflections. Our philosophy, “INVEST,” is a creative and dignified approach that involves the family, team members and resident in a true partnership of care giving by nurturing the resident’s individuality and identity. Our approach educates everyone on the importance of investing in the person by creating opportunities to make a difference to ensure their story is heard every day.

For individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, questions about life experiences and cherished memories become too difficult to answer and express. Memories are lost. Communication is challenged. Family and friends become unfamiliar. A life story is forgotten. But Alzheimer’s disease should not strip away who the person is. The life story of an individual and their legacy can stay alive by focusing on the person, not the disease. What are their most treasured memories? Who are the important people in their life? What was their

Maria Nadelstumph Brandywine Senior Living Vice President of Organizational Development & Program Excellence

432 Central Avenue | Linwood, NJ 08221 | 609-926-4663


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January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Breast Cancer Reconstruction -- A Woman’s Choice Written by: Dr. Sean Bidic


ith increased public awareness and enhanced screening women are being diagnosed with breast cancer at an earlier age and with the ancer less advanced. Because of dramatic improvements in breast cancer reconstruction techniques, more women are opting for breast reconstruction following mastectomy or to improve contour irregularities caused by prior lumpectomies.

Immediate or Delayed Breast Reconstruction

If the road to breast reconstruction starts during the same operation when the cancerous breast is removed, this is called immediate reconstruction. Studies have shown that women with breast cancer who choose to have immediate breast cancer reconstruction undergo less psychological stress than those who do not. If breast reconstruction is performed after the cancerous breast is removed, which will follow any chemotherapy or radiation, this is called a delayed reconstruction. Both options are viable, but delaying reconstruction can limit some potential reconstructive options. For example, the majority of plastic surgeons performing breast reconstruction--and almost all published research on the topic--shows that using tissue expanders on irradiated breast skin produces significantly inferior results to using tissue expander on the breast skin prior to radiation. Immediate Reconstruction requires a coordinated breast team including a dedicated breast surgeon, a medial/radiation oncologist, and a plastic surgeon skilled in all forms of breast cancer reconstruction.

Dr. Sean Bidic and the team at American Surgical Arts prides itself on working with breast surgeons and medical/radiation oncologists so that the patient can achieve optimal coordinated care and superior results if immediate breast cancer reconstruction is desired.

Three Options for Breast Reconstruction: One Size Does Not Fit All 1.) Autologous Tissue Reconstructions (Using your own tissue). A woman can use her own fat and skin to create a new breast. The belly is the most common place to take this tissue. Other options include the back, thigh or buttock. With these operations, the fat and skin is transferred with its own blood supply to the chest to make the new breast. Three main variations of the operation using belly tissue exist: the TRAM, the DIEP, and the SIEA. Although they all transfer the same belly tissue to create a new breast, the method of how the blood supply is transferred varies. 2.) Implant-Based Reconstructions. A tissue expander is much like a deflated balloon. Using a tissue expander, new skin is created at the site of the prior cancerous breast. A deflated tissue expander is put into position at the time of the operation, and then the expander is filled with water once a week in the plastic surgeon’s office until the desired breast size is achieved. Once the expanded skin has been given enough time to regain its elasticity, a second operation is performed to exchange the tissue expander with permanent, softer implants. ALMOST ALL RESEARCH STUDIES SHOW THAT EXPANDING IRRADIATED SKIN PRODUCES DRAMATICALLY INFERIOR RESULTS IN BREAST SHAPE. If radiation is

thought to be necessary after the cancerous breast is removed, and the patient desires an implantbased reconstruction, the immediate placement of a Tissue expander at the time of mastectomy with rapid expansion prior to radiation produces superior results. 3.) A Combination of the Two. On some occasions, using a tissue expander under fat and skin brought from a different site like the back provides the best option for breast reconstruction. For example, if a woman who has had a prior mastectomy and radiation desires reconstruction, but using her belly tissue is not an option because she is too thin or has had multiple prior abdominal operations, then using a tissue expander under tissue from the back is an excellent option. This is called a Latissimus Reconstruction.

Matching Procedures

By federal law, insurance companies must not only pay for breast cancer reconstruction, but also for breast matching operations. If a woman has a single breast removed, the insurance will not only pay for all phases of the breast reconstruction, but must also pay for the breast reduction, lift or augmentation of the opposite breast in order to improve symmetry.

New Nipples and Areolas

If the woman desires, after breast reconstruction is complete a new nipple can be created using the patient’s own tissue. Also, a pigmented areola (pink or brown tissue around the nipple) can be tattooed onto the breast. At American Surgical Arts, Gretchen Bidic, Dr. Bidic’s wife and licensed medical aesthetician can tattoo a new areola on the reconstructed breast to achieve an optimum result. Gretchen has completed advanced courses in New York City on permanent make-up to provide these services.

Visit our website

www.AmericanSurgicalArts.com Experienced Surgeon. Renowned Educator. Acclaimed Artist.

The County Woman Magazine

to see more patient before and after photos and videos.


January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Exceptional Experience, Extraordinary Results

Breast Reconstruction: truction -- A Woman’s Choice 3.) A Combination of the Two. someIndividual occasions, using a tissue expander Each Woman isOnan

Gretchen and Dr. Sean Bidic, MD

work together as a team to provide comprehensive breast cancer reconstruction care at American Surgical Arts in Vineland. Dr. Bidic is a board-certified ederal law, insurance companies must not only pay for breast cancer reconstruction, but plastic surgeon that for breast matching operations. If a woman has a single breast removed, the insurance not only pay for all phases of the breast reconstruction, but must also pay for the breast also has a Masters in uction, lift or augmentation of the opposite breast in order to improve symmetry. 35-year-old female Fine Arts in sculpture. w Nipples and Areolas Dr. Bidic performs 1-year post e woman desires, after breast reconstruction is complete a new nipple can be created immediate breast cang the patient’s own tissue. Also, a pigmented areola (pink or brown tissue around the mastectomies ple) can be tattooed onto the breast. At American Surgical Arts, Gretchen Bidic—Dr. cer reconstructions for c’s wife and licensed medical aesthetician—can tattoo a new areola on the reconstructed with immediate ast to achieve an optimum result. Gretchen has completed advanced courses in New women who are underk City on permanent make-up to provide these services. reconstruction going breast removal (mastectomy) due to breast cancer. He utilizes all currently known breast reconstrucusing belly tissue. east Reconstruction—Each Woman is an Individual tion techniques for his patients and customizes a reconstruction plan to suit the specific Bidic is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a Masters in Fine Arts in Sculpture who needs and desires of each patient. Gretchen is certified plastic surgery aesthetician who advanced training and has performed all variations of breast cancer reconstruction. takes time with each prospective breast cancer reconstruction patient to educate the also has completed extensive training in art and permanent make-up. She tattoos the ent with all of the options and tailor a reconstructive plan that considers all of the ent’s issues and best suits the patient’s desires. nipple/areola complexes for breast cancer reconstruction patients. “For us, breast cancer reconstruction brings together all of the aspects of plastic surgery and patient care 42-year-old female about which we are most passionate. The patients are vibrant women who are battling an unexpected illness. The treatment goal is to return the patient to normal, active 1-year post life with a feminine form that allows the patient to be as comfortable and confident mastectomies with as ever when the cancer treatment journey is completed. “Dr. Bidic also performs all immediate reconother plastic surgery procedures including breast and body contouring and facial struction using plastic surgery. Gretchen provides comprehensive skin care and all aspects of permanent 35 year old female 1-year post 42 year old female 1 year post tissue expanders make-up including tattooing permanent eye and lip make-up. Dr. and Mrs. Bidic mastectomies with immediate mastectomies with immediate econstruction using belly tissue. reconstruction using tissue expanders have been providing care to the southern New Jersey community for over 3 years and and implants. and implants. currently live in Mullica Hill, NJ with their three children. 373830 4c ASA-Bidic Bio Card_Layout 1 2/19/13 11:53 AM Page 1

underBidic fat andisskin brought from a different like the back Dr. a board-certified plasticsite surgeon withprovides a Masters in Fine Arts the best option for breast reconstruction. For example, if a woman in Sculpture who has advanced training and has performed who has had a prior mastectomy and radiation desires reconstruction, all variations of but using herreconstruction. belly tissue is not an she is each too thin or breast cancer Heoption takesbecause time with prospective breast canhad multiple prior abdominal operations, then using a tissue cerhas reconstruction patient to educate the patient with all of the options and expander under tissue from the back is an excellent option. This is tailor a reconstructive plan that considers all of the patient’s issues called a Latissimus Reconstruction. and best suits the patient’s desires. tching Procedures

American Surgical Arts is pleased offer a fullto line of American Surgical Arts istopleased skin care services by our licensed medical aestheticians. Please callline and of mention this adservices to receive by offer a full skin care 20% off of our published rates.

our licensed medical aestheticians. Appointments: 856.362.8898 856.362.8903 Please call and- Fax: mention www.AmericanSurgicalArts.com 2950 College Drive - Vineland, NJ 08360 this- Suite ad to2Hreceive 20% off of our published rates. Appointments: 856.362.8898 Fax: 856.362.8903 www.AmericanSurgicalArts.com 2950 College Drive Suite 2H Vineland, NJ 08360

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American Surgical Arts, PC ASA

Skin Care


MD, MFA, FAAP, FACS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Board Certified Hand Surgeon

“Exceptional experience... Extraordinary results”


856-362-8898 FAX: 856-362-8903


January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


AtlantiCare Cancer Care Institute, A Fox Chase Cancer Center Partner

Meet Our Doctors

James C. Wurzer, MD, PhD | Medical Director of Radiation Oncology “A diagnosis of cancer touches on every aspect of a person’s life, and I believe outstanding cancer care should be equally encompassing. I strive to apply that philosophy in treating cancer patients and helping people who suffer from this frustrating and debilitating disease.” Areas of focus: all radiation treatment modalities, including intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), stereotactic radiation therapy, brachytherapy, and CyberKnife® robotic radiosurgery (a non-invasive alternative to cancer surgery) Jorge F. Cassir, MD | Radiation Oncologist “We provide our patients access to the latest advances in cancer treatment, offering high-tech, comprehensive care in a warm, healing environment.”

Michael J. Kane, MD, FACP | Assistant Professor Department of Medical Oncology, Fox Chase Cancer Center

Medical Director Department of Oncology & Infusion Services AtlantiCare “I strive to ensure that my patients receive the best medical care possible and treat all my patients with the same compassion, diligence, and attention to detail that I would desire for my own family.” Areas of focus: all adult malignancies, including the optimal selection of diagnostic modalities and the use of both approved and investigational systemic treatment to include chemotherapy, immunotherapy and other targeted approaches David E. Adelberg, MD | Assistant Professor Department of Medical Oncology, Fox Chase Cancer Center Medical Oncologist, AtlantiCare “Compassionate cancer care means listening to patients and incorporating their concerns into all aspects of the care I deliver.”

Areas of focus: CyberKnife® robotic radiosurgery (a highly accurate type of external radiation therapy) and the only Spanishspeaking oncologist in Atlantic and Cape May Counties

To schedule a consultation with one of our specialists, call 1-888-569-1000.

Areas of focus: solid-tumor cancers, with a special interest in genitourinary malignancies

Vijay Sandilya, MD | Assistant Professor Department of Medical Oncology, Fox Chase Cancer Center

Medical Oncologist, AtlantiCare “I consider it a privilege not only to be able to bring advanced medical care to my patients, but also stand by them during one of the most testing times in their lives.”

2500 English Creek Avenue Egg Harbor Township 106 Court House South Dennis Road Cape May Court House

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Areas of focus: Dr. Sandilya is triple board certified in internal medicine, hematology and medical oncology, with a special interest in lymphoma and colon cancer

January/February 2014


pecial meridians or channels small and most animals show little to body that correspond to difno response when they are inserted. parts of the body both external Depending on what is being treated ets ternal. most acupuncture needles are left in e benefit of living in the modfor anywhere from 15-45 minutes. The vast majority of animals will e is that we don’t have to pick just lie down and a lot of them will e or the other form of treatfall asleep. The needles are left in or pain and diseases. There place so that balance can be restored ny places where both Western ties and Eastern medicine can and any blockages in energy movement are removed. The needles mbined to get the maximum are removed at the end of the visit. for the patient. Western The average animal will show some ne is unparalleled when it response after 3 treatments usually to diagnosing a problem and spaced 1-2 weeks apart. After that much more effective in a more point, most animals will need “tuneetting (anThursdays infections response 9 - 10am ups” anywhere from once a month to biotics is a classic example). every 3-4 months. n medicine can help best in Acupuncture has stood the test c disease states where there of time and new research is proving ot of problems going on or just how effective it can be. It often s where there are significant can be used where other therapies ects to Western therapies. An le of this is with acute disc dis- have failed or in conjunction with animals. Often time the treat- Western therapies to provide optimal s surgery with a success rate of outcomes, which in veterinary medicine, is always improving the quality 90% if caught early enough. of life, so that our pets can continue eatment comes with not to be a happy part of our families. high financial price but also The VOICe Of experIenCe fOr SOuTh JerSey peTS

of the Washington, DC area and has been living in the Southern New Jersey region for the past ten years. He is a graduate with honors from Dartmouth College and received his veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He has been practicing in New as both a general practitioner and as an emergency veterinarian and is excited for a new challenge and new experiences. He has a special interest in breeding management, weight loss, and nutrition and is excited to learn more about alternative medicine. In his spare time, Michael enjoys yoga, reading, horror movies, and spending time with his two sons.


Family Veterinari k r i k w e N a ns Meet n i K M C a A r g B a t w e ! No

Pets Q&A

erinarians . . .ATTrusted South Jersey 30 Years! he OnlyName VeT Oin nA Ir In S OuTh Jfor erSey


Listen to Dr. Newkirk on the Radio!!! "All AboUT PETs"

Live radio, every Thursday from 9 - 10 AM

WoND 1400 AM Dial 609 927 1100 to "Ask Dr. Newkirk" "ThE hARRy hURlEy shoW"

The Doctors and Staff at Newkirk LIVE ON AIR Family Veterinarians Live radio, every 3rd pledge to provide the finest Dr. Newkirk, I know dogs get Tuesday from 9 - 9:30 AM DrtoNewkirk, my dog is so fat, is there a diet that services help their clients’ arthritis, but what about cats? really works? WIbG 1450 AM pets live healthier, longer lives. Yes, although owners usually attribute the Up until now I would have said, ‘not really’, but Hill’s now has Dial 609 407 1450 to lack of movement or jumping in the older Metabolic formula. This is based on the science of Nutrogenomics, "Ask Dr. Newkirk" cat as “well, he’s old”. A tell tale sign is www.newkirkfamilyveterinarians.com meaning foods that turn on genes. In this case the food “turns on” Dr. Newkirk will present pain, growling, or hissing when being the fat burning gene. Obviously exercise is an important component The CAT HOUSE topics in pet health, Animal Rehab & Pain Center petted or groomed over the low back in of weight loss as well. If your dog cannot walk well, or you cannot, take your calls and talk to (a cat ONLY clinic) Harbor the older cat. Lack ofEgg jumping onto Twp. your we offer the under water treadmill for controlled exercise. This comspecial guests. lap may often be a sign609-646-0700 too. Cats respond bination really works! Obesity in dogs is609-813-CATS rampant and all the issues very well to chiropractic care. we humans face are the same for our dogs; diabetes, heart disease, www.TheCountyWoman.com ne November/December 2012 joint problems, even high blood pressure!

Newkirk Family Veterinarians. . . A Trusted Name in South Jersey for 30 Years! HAppy NEw yEAR FROm NEwKIRK FAmILy VETS wINNERS BEST OF THE pRESS GOLd 2011 ANd 2012

3085 English Creek Ave. Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 609-645-2120

Now BACK in Margate! 9200 Ventnor Avenue Margate, NJ 609-823-3031

The CAT HOUSE (a cat ONLY clinic) 609-813-CATS


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January/February 2014




Will You Achieve New Year’s Resolution Success? Ah, a new year! It is that time of year when most people reflect on the past year and look at the New Year as a fresh start. The definition of a New Year’s resolution according to Wikipedia is, “a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year.” For many of us, this includes improving our health in one way or another. We vow to exercise more or eat less or make healthier choices. Many share the desire for self-improvement and have good intentAions. However, according to Forbes magazine, a dismal 8% of people actually achieve their new year’s resolution.

We know that making changes in your life is not easy- if it was, we would all be slim, fit, and free from stress. What are the secrets behind those that succeed? Here are a few tips to help you not only get started towards your goals, but to do so with a realistic and productive mindset. • Determine your readiness for change. • Keep it simple. Set one or two realistic goals. Many people use the New Year as an opportunity to make a large bucket list. A nice aspiration, but the average person has so many competing priorities that this type of approach usually results in failure. A large laundry list can be too daunting and easier to abandon. A less overwhelming approach is to set small, attainable goals throughout the year, rather than a singular, overwhelming goal. • Make it Tangible. Setting ambitious resolutions can be fun and inspiring, but the difficulty in achieving them means that your elation can quickly

give way to frustration. Goals set by a an achievable metric such as not eating fried food or ice cream for six weeks is easier to follow than I’m going to cut out junk food. • Be Specific. Create specific, doable action steps for your goals. Don’t say you are going to eat healthy in 2013set a clear ambition, like I’m not going to eat wheat and gluten for 30 days. It is said that if you can’t measure it, it’s not a very good resolution because vague goals get vague resolutions. • Make it Obvious: Write down your goal, share your goal with others, or make a vision board. If you are the only one that knows about your resolution/goal it will be easier to let go of, forget about, or abandon. • Be Realistic: Our lives are busy and full of obstacles. Identifying potential challenges you might face and creating a plan on how to address them will help you avoid pitfalls and eliminate an excuse to give up. • Have a Plan. Establish an action plan of why, how and when you will accomplish your goal. Include a timeline and develop a support system. • Believe You Can Do It. This may the single most important step.

The County Woman Magazine

Our target at South Jersey Center for Nutrition & Wellness is to empower you and your body with the necessary information guidance and nutrients for you to achieve your specific health goals. No matter what your health resolution or goal is for 2014, we can help you achieve it and get closer to the person you want to be.

Jump-Start Your New Year’s Resolution with our 10-Day Sugar Buster Program

So many of us overindulge during the holidays especially with sugar. Starting with a reduction in sugar is great place to start toward reaching any health goal. Do you experience? • Fatigue • Belly Fat • Irritability • Craving for Sweets and/or Coffee • Dizziness • Excessive Appetite • Poor Circulation • Forgetfulness • Lightheadedness or shaky if meals are delayed

If you answered yes to any of the above you may benefit from the 10-Day Sugar Buster Program. The 10 Day Sugar Buster Program is designed to jump-start and empower you on your path to reaching your goals and regaining optimal health and vitality with a compressive and easy to follow plan. How it Works Benefits • 10 Days • Weight Loss • Precise Food Plan • Reduced Cravings • Menus • More Energy • Grocery List • Improved Sleep • Wholefood & Herbal Supplements • A Healthy Jumpstart to your • 2 Personal Consultations 2014 Health Goals

10-Day Sugar Buster Program Offer


Offer expires February 28th, 2014

Call today for your program kit at 856-467-3535!

Services: Weight Loss Digestive Issues • Acid Reflux • Indigestion • Constipation • IBS • Leaky Gut


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• PMS/Menopause/Hot Flashes • Adrenal Fatigue • Thyroid Issues

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www.sjnutrition.com Call 856-467-3535 to schedule an appointment. www.TheCountyWoman.com

Dr. Tammy Lang has been in practice for 20 years and is the owner of South Jersey Center for Nutrition & Wellness in Swedesboro, NJ. She specializes in clinical nutrition and Nutrition Response Testing: a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health. Tammy graduated with a BS from Drexel University in Philadelphia and received her doctorate from Logan College in Chesterfield, MO. Dr. Lang has continued her education in the areas of Clinical Nutrition, Functional Endocrinology and Applied Kinesiology and is one of 250 masters in Nutrition Response Testing.

2 Convenient Locations:

3205 Fire Road Egg Harbor Twp., NJ

553 Beckett Road, Suite 406 Swedesboro, NJ

If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter to improve your health & lifestyle email us at sjcnw@comcast.net and put ADD ME in the subject line. Be sure to include your full name. You will only receive our newsletter and information on seminars and special events.

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Marla Marinucci Attorney At Law



200 South Shore Rd • Marmora, NJ 08223 • www.AprilLaw.net

• About Marla . . . Marla Marinucci is a partner at the law firm of April & Marinucci, P.A. located in Marmora, New Jersey, and has been certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Matrimonial Law Attorney. Her primary focus is Family law matters. She received a B.A. in French from Rutgers Camden, and received her law degree from Rutgers Camden School of Law. Marla serves on the Family Law Executive Committee of the New Jersey State Bar Association and is also a Barrister on the Thomas S. Forkin Family Law American Inn of Court. In 2010 Marla was the recipient of the area’s Top 40 under 40, awarded annually to local successful professionals under the age of 40. Marla is a member of the Atlantic and Cape May County Bar Associations and the Cape May County Family Law Committee. She also volunteers her time as a Matrimonial Early Settlement Panelist in Cape May and Atlantic Counties and serves as a Panelist on the Fee Arbitration Committee.

Marla Marinucci, Esq. Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney

Photo By: Roger Mason

• April & Marinucci, P.A. . . . If you are looking for a team of experienced attorneys who will take the time to get to know you, and help you with effective, passionate representation in court or at the negotiating table, we can help. Contact the New Jersey offices of April & Marinucci, P.A., to schedule a consultation about your legal needs.

Devoted to Helping You! • Divorce • Separation • Alimony • Custody • Child Support • Prenuptial Agreements • Civil Unions • Post Judgment Modifications • Father’s Rights • Domestic Violence

Getting Divorced “Together” With Collaborative Divorce


By Marla Marinucci, Esq.

t the end of every year, I think it is natural for everyone to reflect on the past year.

We look to the new one for guidance, self-renewal, self-improvement, setting new goals, and making new bucket lists. My New Year’s Resolution this year: Spend less time in court. That’s right-I practice in an area of law that requires a very substantial amount time in court. I am in court oftentimes four days per week, sometimes all five. Now why would I say such nonsense? There is a lot going on these days in the family law arena in this state, and it has compelled me to share some thoughts and to promote a better way to resolve your matrimonial conundrums which include divorce, custody, post judgment modifications of alimony and child support, emancipation of a child, etc. We can’t ignore the stereotype that has been around for years: lawyers are arrogant money-grubbing pond scum who are only looking out for themselves (cha-ching!). Admittedly, there are plenty of those types out there. However, there are also attorneys who do not fall into this category and who tirelessly advocate for you to get you a fair and equitable result. Welcome to my world. Here’s a secret that I am going to share with you about resolving your legal prob

lems that involve divorce, custody, support, etc: believe it or not, if you want to get divorced, you are not required to run to the courthouse and file a complaint for divorce immediately. There is something called Collaborative Divorce that has been around for years and is slowly inching its way down to South Jersey. It focuses on a team approach for getting through your divorce. In addition to your lawyers, there are professionals (mental health, financial, etc.) included on the “team” based upon your individual circumstances and needs. According to the website www. southjerseycollaborativelawgroup.com, “Collaborative divorce aims at improving communication between the parties, providing parties with control of the divorce process, keeping assets and personal problems private, and promoting respect and healthier long term communications.” The website goes on to describe the concept and purpose of collaborative divorce as follows:


Collaborative Divorce is a process designed to be civilized, sophisticated, creative and respectful for parties wishing to find a solution to their separation rather than to assign blame.


It is for parents who desire to find a way to co-parent their children despite their separation and minimize the negative impact of divorce on their children.


It is for those who value privacy, as financial and personal issues are not discussed in open court.

The County Woman Magazine

4) 5)

It is for people who prefer to be in control of their divorce outcome rather than letting a judge decide. It is for those who place a value on working together post-divorce.

Conventional Divorce

A conventional divorce that is filed in court is very adversarial. Not only are you and your spouse spitting venom at each other, your respective attorneys have their own war going on trying to win the never-ending game of Who-Can-SendThe-Nastiest-Letter? It’s ugly. It’s messy. It’s stressful. Under these circumstances, it is absolutely impossible that your children are not being affected by you and your spouse having your own War of the Roses. For some reason, people just love to utter the phrase, “I’ll see you in court!” What ultimately ends up happening when the parties and counsel have to make several trips to the courthouse and the dispute reaches new levels of nastiness? The litigants, who are already shooting eye-darts at each other, are even more disgusted because of how much it’s costing them to continue this adversarial hamster-wheel process that’s going to keep spinning and spinning. It’s no secret that it can be very expensive to get divorced. There are plenty of horror stories out there to support that notion. I am here to tell you that


there is a better way. It requires a different way of thinking but the actual process and outcome allow you to work through your respective issues without the stress and unpleasantness that the litigation track guarantees.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is not for everyone because there are those who simply will not be able to grasp the concept. Admittedly, it took me some time to appreciate and understand this approach. It is especially appropriate for those who do not want their private information, i.e. tax returns, out there for the world to see and also more importantly, when there are young children involved because it is a much less stressful process which can include a mental health professional to assist the parties with their communication difficulties. In order to engage in the Collaborative Divorce process, it is required that you use an attorney who, like myself, has received the requisite training in Collaborative Divorce. For additional information on Collaborative Divorce and a list of Collaborative Divorce Professionals, please visit www.southjerseycollaborativelawgroup.com. Happy New Year!

Call to schedule a consultation, 609-390-9078. January/February 2014





Upcoming Events & Trunk Shows


January 9-11

Aire By Rosa Clara Trunk Show

February 13, 14, & 15 March 6-8

Stella York Trunk Show

Montage Mothers of the Occasion Trunk Show Call us at (609) 241-0134 for an appointment to one of our fabulous trunk shows.

Special incentives during show only.



is in the


The Plaza • 1205 Tilton Road Northfield, NJ 08225 Phone: (609) 241-0134 www.weddingbellesboutique.com

Fence &Railing Contractor

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Bridal • Special Occasion • Mother of Bride/Groom Jewelry • Accessories


January/February 2014

Financial Management


Why Save For Retirement? 3½ YEARS


hen you envision retirement, you probably see yourself living comfortably, doing what makes you happy. Whatever your dream, your employer wants to help you make it reality -- by offering a retirement savings plan. Here’s why you should consider taking full advantage of your plan.

The average length an American owns a new car


The length of the average American retirement

Enhance your income strategy

A successful retirement depends on advance planning. No matter what your age, now is the time to start thinking about where your retirement income will come from. Several resources may be available. For instance, some people assume that Social Security will meet all of their retirement income needs. Others believe that Social Security will dry up before they retire. While no one can say exactly what the future holds, the truth probably falls somewhere in the middle. According to the Social Security Administration’s Fast Facts & Figures About Social Security, 2012, the government-run program provides less than 40% of the income received by today’s retirees. While some retirees get just a small percentage of their income from Social Security, others rely on the program as their only income source. As you think about how Social Security will fit into your plan, consider that it was never intended to be a retiree’s only source of income. Another possible income resource is a traditional pension plan. These employer-provided plans were common during the twentieth century. Over the past couple of decades, however, these plans have become increasingly scarce. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who will receive pension income in retirement, you may still need an extra cushion to retire comfortably.

The cost of waiting

The younger you are, the less likely it is that saving for retirement is a high priority. However, delaying your savings plan has the potential to be a costly mistake. For example, say you invest $3,000 every year beginning at age 20. If your investments earn 6% per year, your account would be worth $680,000 at age 65. If you wait until age 35 to begin saving, your account would be worth just $254,000 at age 65. And what happens if you put off saving until age 45? In that case, you would accumulate just $120,000 by age 65. In this example, a 25-year delay cost you more than half a million dollars. Bear in mind that this example is for illustrative purposes only. It assumes a fixed 6% rate of return; however, no investment return can be guaranteed. The rate of return on your account will change over time. This example also does not take into account taxes or investment fees. Withdrawals from your retirement savings plan are taxed at then-current rates, and distributions prior to age 59½ are subject to a 10% penalty tax.

Don’t jump into the first retirement vehicle you see. Get behind the wheel of your own retirement and get a real sense of what works for you today and down the road. TRACY FIEDLER–SANTORO, CFA, AWMA® 609.601.2509 • 800.346.1446 TSANTORO@JANNEY.COM WWW.MARCHELWEALTHMANAGEMENT.COM © 2013 JANNEY MONTGOMERY SCOTT LLC • 401 NEW ROAD, LINWOOD, NJ 08221 WWW. JANNEYLINWOOD.COM • MEMBER: NYSE, FINRA, SIPC

8/23/2013 4:04:17 PM

It’s up to you!


Your employer-sponsored plan offers an important opportunity. Take the first important step toward turning your retirement dreams into reality by taking full advantage of your retirement savings plan.

$400,000 $300,000 $200,000 $100,000 20



Prepared by Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc. Copyright 2013

The County Woman Magazine

To help people make smarter choices, Janney has developed the Retirement Test Drive—a way for you to sit in the driver’s seat of your own retirement and personally test the feel and fit of particular plans to find the best fit for you. You’ll drive away with a roadmap you can feel confident about.


When utilized wisely, an employer-sponsored retirement savings plan can become your most important tool in retirement planning. Your plan offers several benefits: • Convenience: When you participate, your savings are deducted automatically from your paycheck. This process makes saving easy and automatic--you pay yourself first before you even receive the money. Also, some plans offer an employer match, which is essentially free money. If your plan offers a match, be sure to contribute at least enough to get the full amount of your employer contribution. • Tax advantages: Depending on the type of plan, you may be able to cut your tax bill both now and in the future. With a traditional 401(k)-type savings plan, contributions are deducted from your pay before income taxes are assessed. This method of “pretax” saving reduces your taxable income, and therefore the amount of tax you pay each year that you participate. In addition, your investments benefit from tax deferral, which means you don’t have to pay taxes on any earnings until you withdraw the money. Some employers also offer Roth accounts as part of the plan—you don’t receive an immediate tax benefit, but qualified withdrawals are tax free.* • Investment choice: Your plan offers a variety of investment options to choose from, so that you can put together a strategy that pursues your goals within a comfortable level of risk. *Withdrawals from non-Roth plans and nonqualified withdrawals from Roth plans will be taxed at then-current rates. In addition, early withdrawals will be subject to a 10% penalty tax.

The average person buys a dozen cars in their lifetime. But unlike cars, you only get one retirement, one chance to get an income plan that you will drive the rest of your life.

Fiedler-Santoro_ACC Ad_2013-08_final.indd 1



Current and future benefits

You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, so why plan your retirement that way?

Call Tracy today at 609-601-2509 or visit our website for more information www.marchelwealthmanagement.com. Tracy Fiedler-Santoro, First Vice President/ Wealth Management of Marchel Wealth Management Group at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC.

Tracy offers personalized retirement and wealth management solutions to individuals, families and organizations. She takes a holistic approach, getting to know her clients and then helping them define and prioritize their goals. She has been with Janney Montgomery Scott LLC, a leading full-service wealth management, financial services and investment banking firm, since 2008. Her areas of expertise include financial, retirement, estate, insurance and education planning, as well as mutual funds, equities, annuities, and trust services. Tracy also specializes in investment strategies designed specifically for women.


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Medical Professionals


Shore Advanced Spine & Orthopedic Institute: Clear Choice For Spine & Joint Replacement Surgery!


obody ever wants to undergo spine or joint replacement surgery. However, when surgery proves to be the best medical option, you want to make certain you get the best outcome possible. So how do you do that?

have received the Gold Seal of Approval® for healthcare quality from The Joint Commission. As to patient-centered care, Shore is the first and only hospital in New Jersey – and one of fewer

than 50 healthcare organizations worldwide – to be recognized as a “Planetree Designated PatientCentered Hospital®.” Among other things, including facility design, patient directed visitation

and the integration of patient and family input into care planning and decisions, Planetree takes a holistic approach to treating the patient’s body, mind and spirit.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment at Shore’s Advanced Spine & Orthopedic Institute, please call 609-653-4600 or visit ShoreOrthoCare.com.

Well, here’s the checklist: You want surgeons who “routinely” and “successfully” perform your surgical procedure – day in and day out; You want a surgical facility that is the most modern and technologically advanced, giving your surgeons all the tools they need and want; You want a center for medicine that is nationally recognized for excellence by a leading, independent medical organization; You want a healthcare provider that is an international leader in patient-centered care.

1 2 3 4

When you add everything up, Shore Medical Center’s Advanced Spine & Orthopedic Institute should be your clear choice for spine and joint replacement surgery. Shore, through its relationships with practices like Shore Orthopaedic University Associates, Coastal Physicians and Surgeons, the Rothman Institute and expert surgeons like Dr. Ray Weiand, Dr. Victor Frankel, Dr. Ravi Ponnapann and Dr. Fernando J. Delasotta, has renowned surgeons who are experienced and experts in their fields. Working at Shore Medical Center’s state-of-the-art Surgical Pavilion provides everything in the way of advanced technology, surgical support personnel and environment that any top surgeon could want. As to recognition, Shore Medical Center’s spine surgery program and hip and knee joint replacement programs

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January/February 2014

Medical Professionals







Press The “Refresh” Button On Your Life!



Connecting with people and activities you love!



ms w.al exisabra

One of the very best things you can do to stay engaged in an active, healthy lifestyle is to make sure hearing loss isn’t holding you back. The ability to hear makes many facets of everyday life enjoyable. Even with a mild hearing loss, using hearing aids can help you… • • • •

Be more at ease interacting with friends, family and coworkers. Feel more relaxed and enjoy social gatherings. Increase your earning potential and enhance job performance. Stave off depression and dementia.

Make 2014 The Best Year Yet!

Total Hearing Care invites you and a guest to join us for our special events to learn more about hearing loss and the tremendous strides hearing technology has made in the past few years. We are caring, knowledgeable and focused on your individual needs. Total Hearing Care can help you determine the best options to improve and protect your hearing. Join our friendly and caring staff for a FREE Special Hearing Workshop.

Call to schedule your appointment today!

CAPE MAY: 3800 Bayshore Road, Suite B


January 13 & 14 • Monday & Tuesday February 17th & 18th • Monday & Tuesday Call 609-309-9618 to schedule your appointment. th


Hearing Care

NORTHFIELD: 450 Tilton Rd., Suite 212

January 15th, 16th & 17th • Wed., Thurs. & Fri. February 19th, 20th & 21st • Wed., Thurs. & Fri. Call 609-741-8945 to schedule your appointment.

Hear more. Anywhere. LIMITED TIME OFFER!!! Anytime. $1,420off *

We Listen, YouPlease Hear call early to make an appointment.

Appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are FREE OF CHARGE.


Hearing Care

We Listen, You Hear

TOTAL HEARING CARE’S SOUTH JERSEY LOCATIONS Experience the all new Alta. BAYVILLE • BRICK • CAPE MAY • HOLMDEL • MANALAPAN • MONROE The hearing device customized exclusively for you. NEPTUNE • NORTHFIELD • VINELAND • SEA GIRT • SHREWSBURY • WHITING Your life. Your world. 1-855-YOU-HEAR (968-4327)


a pair of Bliss by Sonic OR Alta Pro by Oticon • Invisible performance. • Low maintenance. • Durable & easy to use.

Your day takes you from one difficult hearing situation to Elizabeth W. Cook, M.A., FAAA, Chief Audiologist another. Alta is customized to give you optimal performance.NJ Hearing Aid Supervising Dispenser Lic. #697 It’s sound-processing architecture is our most advanced

*Offers may not be combined. Service fee may apply. No other offers or discounts apply. ever. ThinkDiscount of it as a micro-brain that works in harmony does not apply to prior sales or any 2fer Special. Offer expires 2/28/14. with your brain. Your personal hearing preferences are used by the Alta chip so you can differentiate sounds and

The County Woman Magazine

hear with more clarity. Yet for all its sophistication, each www.TheCountyWoman.com

January/February 2014

Blow Dry



Style Bar

CHIC. STYLISH. SOPHISTICATED. You’ve been loving our blow outs. Now step up to the Style Bar, where you can add that perfect cut to the perfect blow dry. Create the most amazing look with our palette of extraordinary hair colors. Indulge yourself in a professional make up application from our signature artists. And top it all off with flawless brow shaping. There are salons….and then there is AvantGirl. Come experience the difference.


1 0 A M – 6 P M | F R I D AY - S A T U R D AY 1 0 A M - 7 P M | S U N D AY O T H E R H O U R S B Y A P P O I N T M E N T.

11AM – 4PM

W W W. AVA N T G I R L S T Y L E B A R . C O M | 6 0 9 - 5 4 1 - 2 9 4 7 7 8 3 4 V E N T N O R AV E N U E | M A R G AT E , N J 0 8 4 0 2

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January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Why choose

Atlantic Medical Imaging? Because with experience comes the peace of mind you deserve.

Delivering state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging to southern New Jersey for over 50 years, Atlantic Medical Imaging is the name you can trust. When choosing a radiology group, it’s important to consider the team of imaging specialists that will be performing and reading your exam. Our 39 board-certified, sub-specialty trained radiologists, and highly skilled staff, remain committed to providing clinical excellence, unmatched technology and diagnostic imaging expertise.

To schedule your appointment please call (609) 677-XRAY (9729) or visit our website at: www.atlanticmedicalimaging.com

www.atlanticmedicalimaging.com amiradiology




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January/February 2014

Boutique Skin Spa


Cheers To Investing In You! What is your New Year’s resolution? At Escape Beauty Boutique, our resolution is to invest in you.

During the whole month of January, when you make an appointment and mention this page, you’ll enjoy Escape Beauty Boutique Will Get You Ready For Summer a 10% discount on all services at our clients may choose any the body’s road map of health, I often hear stories from my worked with over forty skin take care of your skin now and facial from our menu of care companies and Escape clients about how they’ve tried Escape Beauty Boutique! An investservices for a single fixed price Beauty Boutique’s Skin Care it will look smooth, soft and every skin care product on the ment in yourself is the best decision as well as enjoy discounted formula is proven to work and subtle for years to come. market. While we all know will work for you. When you Escape Beauty Boutique rates for all other services, and the truth – sometimes it does you could ever make and a healthy has heard the demands of our more. Please see our website come in for regular facials and seem as though we’ve given for more details. Escape skin treatments you’re investing clients and accordingly has every product a chance at one beautiful you starts at Escape Beauty Beauty Boutique – Perfect in both your physical beauty just launched a membership time or another. To judge the uty Boutique Will Get You Ready For Summer program! Of the many benefits, from head to toe. and mental health. The skin is value of your current skin care Boutique. YOU deserve this. the body’s road map of health, ourask clients maythe choose I often hear stories from my worked with over forty skin regimen, yourself sameany clients about how they’ve tried every skin care product on the market. While we all know the truth – sometimes it does seem as though we’ve given every product a chance at one time or another. To judge the value of your current skin care regimen, ask yourself the same two easy questions I ask my clients -

facial from our menu care companies and Escape take care of your skin now and two easy questions I ask my of Beauty Boutique’s Skin Care it will look smooth, soft and clients -services for a single fixed price subtle for years to come. as well as enjoy discounted formula is proven to work and Escape Beauty Boutique• Whatrates forwould all other services, will work for you. When you results you like and see our website come in for regular facialsWritten and has from Please this product? By:heard the demands of ourto seemore. forcurrent more details. and skin treatments you’re investing skin careEscape Rachael clients Pagano, LEaccordingly has • Is your Beauty Boutique – Perfect just launched membership routine in both your physical beauty producing those Owner, Escape Beauty aBoutique from head to toe. program! Of the many benefits, and mental health. The skin is results?

Best facials in South Jersey will reveal a more glowing you! Escape Beauty Boutique is dedicated Honest, Professional services by licensed Estheticians to providing the best salon and spa Open 7 days a week with extended hours treatments in the region and our Expanding to our new location June 2013 award winning services are a testaoffering Hair & Nail care, Massages, and Skin Care A Gift ment to our talent and resolute pasCertificate Onsite bridal services While taking extra care of Best facials in SouthowJersey will a skin more glowing your during the spring you! that spring is reveal sion. Escape Beauty Boutique N - The finally Visit our website to enter to win a free facial.Is The and summer months by coming our Perfect Honest, Professional services by licensed Estheticians A winner drawn every month! Valentine’s Day • What results would youSpa like Experience. way we have to take even more using sunscreen is one of the Salon and to see from this product? best thingshours you can do for precautions protecting Open 7 daystoward a week with extended your skin’s health; the worst our skin. I hear many people Expanding to our 2013 thingJune you can do during complain about hownew the location Escape Beauty Boutique is Galloway’s posh new salon and spa. Open by appointment only, Escape Beauty Boutique offers inthese months is putCare yourself sunscreen in their moisturizer offering Hair & Nail care, Massages, and Skin at greater skin damage risk best practice standards for excellence. To anyone who enjoys the feels. To them I can only say, dividualized attention to every client in a private upscale atmosphere while exceeding industry OnsiteFranklin bridalsaid, services While taking extra care of by over-exfoliating and over just as Benjamin finer luxuries in life but doesn’t enjoy the “…an half fast approach offered bytreating. other day spastoin the region, Escape Beauty Boutique provides a full menu of spa and salon your skin during the spring Be sure quench ounce of to precaution Visit our website enteris to win a free facial. and summer months skin’s thirst passion and protect services forbyyour worth and indulgence. Our fully licensed staffThehave anyour unmatched forit their masterful work. worth a pound of cure.” • Is your current skin care routine producing those results?

A winner drawn month! using sunscreen is one of the lotion and sunscreen and spring and summer monthseverywith best things you can do for only exfoliate when you come are upon us and now is the your skin’s health; the worst in for your monthly facial time to start a summer skin thing you can do during treatments. care regimen and routine. The these months is put yourself The thing is that if you spring and summer times of greater skin with damage risk really aren’t seeing dramatic yearmaycan beany very taxing for the body’s road map of health, our clients choose over forty skin esat from my worked facial from our menu of care companiesand and Escape take care of your skin now and ey’ve tried by over-exfoliating over results with your skin care the health of your skin. This it will look smooth, soft and services for a single fixed price uct on the Beauty Boutique’s Skin Care Be sure to quench routine, you probably aren’t on as wellis as enjoy l treating. know formula is proven to work and subtle for years to come. not discounted only the time of year willthirst work forand you. protect When you it Escape Beauty Boutique rates for all other services, and esyour it doesskin’s when the sun is at its strongest, the correct product line. come in for regular facials and has heard the demands of our more. Please see our website e given with sunscreen and clients and accordingly has If you are one of these skinand treatments you’re investing for more details. Escape nce at onelotion but we are also more prone Beauty Boutique – Perfect in bothwhen your physical udge onlytheexfoliate youbeauty come just launched a membership people I do recommend to enjoy to toe. the outdoors and be and mental health. The skin is program! Of the many benefits, from head t skin care fin the for sameyour monthly facial exposed more often to the sun’s that you schedule a free Rachael Pagano, ask my treatments. consultation with me. I have pains. Best facials in South Jersey will reveal a more glowing you! LE, Owner 29 S. New Yorkpleasures, Road,andRt. 9 Rachael Pagano The thing is that if you Honest, Professional services by licensed Estheticians d you like really aren’t seeing dramatic Quail Professional Park Esthetician, Owner oduct? Open 7 days a week withHill extended hours with yourTo skin care nresults care Enter Winto our new locationSuite Expanding June 2013 300 609.464.2313 those routine, you probably aren’t on offering Hair & Nail care, Massages, and Skin Care the correct product line. Care@EscapeBeautyBoutique.com Galloway, NJ Onsite bridal services are of If you are one of these spring Visit our website to enter to win a free facial. s people by I do recommend A winner drawn every month! ne of the that you schedule a free do for heconsultation worst with me. I have

utique Will Get You Ready For Summer




29 S. New York Road, Rt. 9 Quail Hill Professional Park Suite 300 5 Galloway, NJ

Rachael Pagano Esthetician, Owner 609.464.2313 Care@EscapeBeautyBoutique.com

www.EscapeBeautyBoutique.com www.EscapeBeautyBoutique.com

Enter to win a $100 gift certificate to Escape Beauty Boutique!

ring yourself ge risk nd over quench d protect it creen and you come facial

if you ramatic n care ly aren’t on ine. these end ree e. I have

www.EscapeBeautyBoutique.com Visit www.t hecountywoman.com to Enter or Clip and Return the Coupon Below!

Name: __________________________________________________________

BEAUTY BOUTIQUE 29 S. New York Road, Rt. 9 Quail Hill Professional Park Suite 300 Galloway, NJ 5

Rachael Pagano Esthetician, Owner 609.464.2313 Care@EscapeBeautyBoutique.com


The County Woman Magazine

Address: ________________________________________________________ City: _____________________________ State: _________ Zip: ___________ Phone: (______)_________________ Email: ___________________________ Mail To: The County Woman • P.O. Box 619 • Turnersville, NJ 08012.

❏ Check to receive specials from Escape Beauty Boutique

One entry per person. Includes facials and waxing services only. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Entries will be accepted through 01/31/2014.



January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


What Does Your Posture Say About Your Health? So how can we prevent or correct bad posture?

How often do you think about your posture?

Tips to sit properly • Keep feet flat on the floor. • Do not cross your legs. • Maintain a small gap between the back of your knees and the front of your seat. • Use a lumbar back support to maintain your normal low back curve. • Keep your forearms parallel to the ground and relax your shoulders.

It may take pain or an injury to truly be aware how posture affects your overall health. We can simply take the time to observe others around us to see many problems with the way we carry our bodies. Posture is the window to the spine and the nervous system. Poor posture results from many things in our day to day routine including sports injuries, muscle weakness, car accidents, computer work, poor sleeping habits, and the ever popular text messaging.

Tips to stand properly

• Keep your knees lightly bent. • Keep your feet shoulder width apart. • Weight should be on the ball of your feet. • Stand tall with shoulders back. • Tuck your stomach in. • Try to keep your earlobes in line with your shoulders.

Why is good posture important?

Good posture allows for even weight distribution throughout the body. It gives the least amount of stress on the ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Tips for proper sleeping posture

Correct posture

• Sleep with only one thinner pillow under your head. • Avoid sleeping on your stomach. • Sleep on your side using a pillow between your knees. • If you sleep on your back, use a pillow under your knees. Use these tips to help improve your posture and decrease your chances of the health problems that can result. In addition to these suggestions, a chiropractic physician that uses postural analysis and correction can assist in developing a treatment plan to help in the process. Adjustments to the spine and extremities delivered by a chiropractor can help maintain postural symmetry and alignment. Also, strengthening and stretching exercises can be prescribed to help stabilize the body’s core musculature. Through proper postural restoration a positive change in health and injury prevention can be achieved.

• Allows bones and joints to stay in alignment and this helps to prevent the wear and tear that can result in arthritis and degenerative disc disorders. • Can decrease the likelihood of injury by reducing stress on the ligaments. • Allow the body to use less energy because muscles are working more efficiently. • Help prevent back, neck, headache, and muscular pain by minimizing muscle strain. • Poor posture can dramatically increase your risk of injury and pain. For example, slouching that results in forward head carriage can add 30 pounds of pressure onto the neck region. This type of forward head posture can also result in a loss of up to 30% vital lung capacity. These breath related effects are due to loss of the normal neck curve which blocks the motion of muscles used for the breathing process. Enter To Win

A state of the art Chiropractic Center serving all of Atlantic County


Dr. Tisha Cozart Offering the latest in technology that has been shown to be effective in relieving: • Back Pain • Muscle Spasm/soreness • Shoulder, arm, and wrist pain • Auto accident related pain • Neck pain/Headaches

• Sport Injuries • Hip, Knee, or Foot Pain • Sciatica • Disc Problems

We offer a comprehensive and up to the minute array of services: • Safe and effective chiropractic care featuring the latest in chiropractic technology! The Neuromechanical Impulse IQ Adjusting instrument. • Non-surgical, FDA cleared Spinal Decompression shown effective for disc problems, spinal stenosis, sciatica, and facet syndrome • Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Therapeutic Ultrasound to relieve pain and aid in the healing process


Free Initial Chiropractic Consultation and Exam (Valued at $100.00)


314 Chris Gaupp Dr., Ste. 201 Galloway, N.J. 08205

www.EastCoast-Chiro.com Dr. Tisha Cozart is a chiropractic physician and owner of East Coast

Chiropractic and Rehab Center. She has over 12 years experience in private practice. Dr. Cozart completed her undergraduate degree in biology at Rutgers University. She went on to complete her doctor of chiropractic degree, graduating cum laude from Life University School of Chiropractic. Dr. Cozart specializes in postural analysis and correction and rehabilitative exercises. She is an active member in the ANJC (Association of NJ Chiropractors) and the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association). Dr. Cozart has also achieved advanced certification in the Neuromechanical Impulse adjusting technique (a lower force adjusting technique) and the Webster Technique ( a specific adjusting technique for the pregnant patient). She enjoys treating patients of all ages and assisting them in their pursuit of better health.

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City: _________________________________________ State: _________ Zip: _______________


Phone: (______)______________________ Email: ______________________________________ SmartTix.com (212) 868-4444

Barrow Street Theatre 27 Barrow Street at 7th Ave.

concept and lyrics by


JOHN THOMAS FISCHER An original musical inspired by the true story of a Broadway producer’s wife who is suddenly jilted by her husband after decades of marriage. Determined to celebrate a new chapter in her life, she turns to her wickedly witty friends, who together sing, dance and laugh their way through the ripple effects of divorce and self-discovery.

Telecharge.com or (212) 239-6200 Groups (10+): 800-432-7780

TilDivorceTheMusical.com Telecharge.com 212-239-6200 iLuminate.com New World Stages, 340 W 50th St.

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p Buyer & Cellar p Iluminate p Til Divorce Do Us Part p Stomp Mail To: The County Woman • P.O. Box 619 • Turnersville, NJ 08012

Or Visit www.Facebook.com/TheCountyWoman to Enter Online! One entry per person. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Entrants may enter for tickets to multiple shows. Entries will be accepted through January 31, 2014. Some shows will be drawn sooner based upon run date. Winners are responsible to redeem their tickets. No refunds or exchanges. Transportation or meals will not be provided. Company does not provide any personally identifiable information to these third party ad servers or ad networks without your consent.


January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Meet the New Doctors of Shore Physicians Group


y a tod ?


hore Physicians Group

is a multi-specialty medical group created with one

goal in mind – “Treating People Well.” Shore Physicians

Group is comprised of highly skilled, caring and passionate physicians, nurses and clinicians, who are all dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care, advanced

technology and superior medical outcomes.

At Shore Physicians Group, we don’t treat patients – we care for people. Our specialties have grown to include

rheumatology, pediatrics, neurology, internal medicine, family medicine, general, laparoscopic, plastic and reconstructive surgery and pulmonary medicine. Our exceptional physicians and staff will treat you well medically and personally, tak-

Same-Day Appointments Available At All Primary Care Locations!

ing a highly individualized approach to the well being of you

Shore Physicians Group is accepting same-day appointments at its primary care offices in Northfield, Somers Point, Egg Harbor Township and Ocean City, with expert practitioners in the fields of internal, family and pulmonary medicine, pediatrics, rheumatology and general, laparoscopic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Come experience the difference at Shore Physicians Group, where we don’t treat patients – WE CARE FOR PEOPLE. Se habla espanol.

and your family. While our Shore Physicians Group facilities feature the most advanced technology, the foundation of our care is humanistic and people-centered.

Shore Physicians Group has conveniently located offices in Egg Harbor Township, Somers Point, Northfield and Ocean

For a same-day appointment, call 609-365-6262 or get to know us at ShorePhysiciansGroup.com or ShorePlasticSurgery.org

City, as well as an Urgent Care facility located at 2605 Shore Road in Northfield, NJ. Shore Physicians Group will soon TREATING

be opening a new internal medicine and pediatric office in

people WELL

Marmora and a second Urgent Care facility in Mays Landing.

Valuable Cosmetic Dentistry Coupon


Free Whitening for all New Patients who come in for Exam, Cleaning, and Xrays!

Milton Noveck, DMD, FICOI Milton Noveck, DMD John Nosti, DMD, DMD,FAGD, FACE, FICOI John Nosti, FAGD, FACE StevenKatz, Katz, DDS DDS Steven 609- 927-8448

551 New Road Somers Point, Magazine NJ The County Woman


Must come in to the office before February 28, 2014. ADVANCED COSMETIC AND GENERAL DENTISTRY 609- 927-8448 551 New Road Somers Point, NJ

609-625-3499 4705 Harding Hwy. Mays Landing, NJ

(212) 619-4070 375 South End Avenue New York, NY 10280


4705 Harding Hwy. Mays Landing, NJ www.TheCountyWoman.com

January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Here are the new physicians we’ve recently welcomed to Shore Physicians Group. Internal Medicine



Family Medicine




Ulices A. Perez, MD, FACP, ABIM, is Board

Certified in Internal Medicine and a member of the American College of Physicians. Dr. Perez, who comes to Shore Physicians Group from Dodge City Medical Center in Dodge City, KS, completed his residency in internal medicine at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center in Bronx, NY.


Aixell J. Mercedes, MD, FAAP, ABP, is Board

Pulmonology Jon K. Pomeroy, DO, joins

Shore Physicians Group following the successful completion of his residency in internal medicine at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, HI. He received his medical degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia, PA, and is also a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. While completing his residency at the University of Hawaii, Dr. Pomeroy trained at Queen’s Medical Center, Straub Hospital, Leahi Hospital HIV Research Center, Kuakini Medical Center, Veteran Affairs Clinic at Tripler Army Medical Center and Waikiki Health Center.

Linda Brecher, DO, is a

renowned Rheumatologist who comes to Shore Physicians Group from Certified in pediatrics and comes to Penn Medicine. Dr. Brecher earned her Shore Physician Group from Dodge City Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Medical Center in Dodge City, KS, where she served as a pediatrician. Dr. Mercedes University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines, IA. completed her residency in pediatric She completed her residency in internal medicine at Mount Sinai School of medicine at Delaware Valley Medical Medicine – Saint Joseph’s Regional Center in Langhorne, PA, and Kennedy Medical Center in Paterson, NJ. Memorial Hospitals, University Medical Center in Stratford, NJ. She then went on to complete fellowship rheumatolSame-Day Appointments Available At All her Primary CareinLocations! at Hahnemann University Hospital Shore Physicians Group is acceptingogy same-day appointments at its primary care offices in Northfield, Somers Point, Eggin Harbor Township and with expert Philadelphia, PA.Ocean BoardCity, Certified in practitioners in the fields of internal, family and pulmonary medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine and rheumatology, rheumatology and general, laparoscopic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.she’s a member of the American College of Come experience the difference at Shore Physicians Group, Osteopathic Internists and the American where we don’t treat patients – WE CARE FOR PEOPLE. Se habla College of Rheumatology. espanol. For a same-day appointment, call 609-365-6262 or get to know us at ShorePhysiciansGroup.com or ShorePlasticSurgery.org




Allen Lewis Silvey, Jr., DO, comes to Shore Physicians

Group following a career as a medical officer with the New Jersey Army National Guard. A graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Silvey completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford, NJ. He also completed his fellowship in pulmonary and critical care medicine at UMDNJ. Dr. Silvey is a member of the American Osteopathic Association, New Jersey Association of Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons, as well as the Society of Critical Care Medicine.

The County Woman Magazine



Seblewongel Bulcha, MD,


Marlene Rodriguez, MD,

is Board Certified in family medicine and a diplomat of the American Academy of Family Physicians. She has also done extensive post-graduate work in obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Bulcha completed her residency in family medicine at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center in Bronx, NY.

people WELL

Shore Physicians Group is comprised of some of the area’s leading healthcare providers in the fields of neurology, internal medicine, family medicine, general, laparoscopic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and pulmonary medicine. Our exceptional providers and staff will treat you well medically and personally, taking a highly individualized approach to the well being of you and your family.

is a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice, and a member of the American Academy of Family Practitioners. Dr. Rodriguez completed her residency in family medicine at San Pablo Hospital in Bayamon, and her fellowship in faculty development at Recinto de Ciencias Medicas in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Shore Physician’s Group takes same-day primary care appointments. Call 609-365-6262 or visit online at www.ShorePhysiciansGroup.com.


January/February 2014



Christmas Cheer: Naughty or Nice Alcoholism Described:

Alcoholism is also known as alcohol dependence and is not considered the same as excessive alcohol use. Excessive alcohol use is described as drinking in such a manner as to bring harm to oneself, family or others. They may find it difficult to stop drinking once they start, which could be considered a moderate manifestation. Associated behaviors include problems at work or school, in the home, or in someone else’s home; drinking in situations that are dangerous to others in addition to oneself, including operating machinery while under the influence of alcohol, acting out, hurting others, and doing things that one would not ordinarily do when not consuming alcohol. Alcohol dependence is considered a “chronic disease.” It is described as the inability to stop drinking even though it is causing personal, interpersonal and psychological problems. It ranges from mild to severe because it can be a strong craving for alcohol to actual physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol Use in the United States of America

More than one-half of the people in the US over the age of 12 are drinkers according to recent government surveys. The National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health (NSDAH), sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), reported “very little change in drinking habits” in 2006. According to the survey, in regard to half of the population that reported drinking, one-fifth (1/5) said they are binge drinkers and seven percent (7%) said they are heavy drinkers. Binge drinking is defined as having

five or more drinks on one occasion in the past 30 days, which is represented by 57 million people, or 23 percent of people over 12 years old. Heavy drinking is defined as binge drinking five or more times per month and is representative of 17million people or 6.9% of people over 12 according to the NSDUH. According to the survey, the age group between 18 and 25 years old is twice that of the general population in binge drinking and heavy drinking. The racial breakdown shows an increase in the American Indians or Alaska Natives increased from 21.7% in 2005 to 31.2% in 2006. Whites report alcohol use at 32.3%, 25.3% among Hispanics, 19.7% among Asians and 18.6% among Blacks.

Who is At Risk for Alcoholism?

Psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, intrinsic and extrinsic personal factors can lead to excessive alcohol consumption and subsequent alcoholism over time. Individuals who have a family member that suffers from alcohol dependence, mental health conditions, and/or frequent exposure to alcohol at home, are factors that may predispose one to alcoholism. It is believed that continued consumption of large quantities of alcohol over time can lead to chronic alcoholism as opposed to those who don’t drink as much or as often. Therefore, prevention of alcoholism is inherent in choosing not to drink or to drink in moderation if you choose to drink at all.


According to the National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism, “more than 700,000 Americans receive alcoholism treatment on any given day….” The Institute states that over the past 20 years more modern methods are applied than the traditional reliance on “clinical experience and intuition.” Methods involve “control groups for comparison purposes, random assignment of study participants to different treatment groups,” and follow-up of all patients in the study to the extent possible. The first step for treating alcoholism is the alcoholic accepting the fact that there is a problem with their drinking and chooses to stop. Alcoholism requires one to be motivated to change behavior. Treatment is recommended in stages. First, is detoxification, which can be a medical emergency because it can result in withdrawal seizures, hallucinations, delirium tremens (DT) and even, death. Second, rehabilitation that

If Alcoholism plagues you, then you better think twice.

includes counseling and medications helps to assist the individual to stay sober. Rehabilitation can be done on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Third, maintain sobriety; that entails one’s ability to be self-preserving and committed to sobriety. Ridding oneself of alcoholism is not easy. Cravings are not stopped by detoxification; withdrawal can disrupt sleep, and perpetuate the myriad of other symptoms associated with cessation of alcohol. Medications, usually Benzodiazepines, are to treat anxiety, inability to sleep or stay asleep, as well as prevent the potential for withdrawal seizures and/or delirium during the detoxification phase. Antidepressants can also be used to treat anxiety after detox. Other drugs prevent drinking alcohol because they will cause untoward effects such as nausea and vomiting and even breathing problems. Nutrition and diet is important in recovering alcoholics. Since alcohol is high in calories, the body does not “think” it needs food. The problem is that alcohol does not have any nutritional value and as a result, the body is deplete of vitamins, magnesium, zinc, fatty acids and antioxidants. Treatment includes restoring the body of its essential nutrients.

Advances in Alcoholism Treatment

Twelve-step (12-step) programs and other treatment modalities are widely used to treat alcoholism. However, treatments formally used in other therapies have been effectively applied to treating alcoholism. They include motivational enhancement therapy and couples therapy; but the most promising advancements will stem from research that can demonstrate the cause and effect relationship between alcohol, the brain and behavior. This will lead to very targeted drugs used in conjunction with behavioral therapies for breakthrough treatment of alcohol abuse and alcoholism.


The mortality rate of those with DTs is more than 10% and the medications used in detoxification and rehabilitation can be addictive. The behavioral therapies are necessary to most effectively increase one’s chance of recovery in conjunction with the pharmacological treatment. As such, treatment MUST be under the care and supervision of an experienced doctor in order to provide the most optimal chance of recovery and quality of life.

Don’t suffer alone. We are here to help. Comprehensive, reliable treatment is available. Please call our office at 609-484-0770 for details.

For a thorough, confidential, psychiatric evaluation and an individualized treatment plan tailored to fit your specific needs with appropriate treatment(s), please call our office at 609-484-0770 to set up, by appointment, this comprehensive and compassionate confidential assessment.


The County Woman Magazine

Charles Meusburger, m.d.


Don’t suffer in silence any longer. We Can Help!

January/February 2014

Medical edical Professionals M rofessionals


Thomas Jefferson - Caring ForFor Your Voice Thomas Jefferson... Caring Your Voice Here are some basic tips: 1. Drink plenty of water 2. Limit throat clearing 3. Avoid speaking over noise 4. DON’T SMOKE 5. Periodically rest your voice 6. Seek medical care when hoarseness persists for more than 2 weeks

L toare R: Dr. Rosemary Ostrowski, MM, Front leftFront to right Rosemary Ostrowski andMS, Dr.CCC-SLP Adeline Schultz. and Adeline Schultz, Med, CCC-SLP. Back row Left to right, Dr. Maurits Boon and Dr. Joseph Spiegel. Back row L to R: Maurits Boon, MD and Joseph Spiegel, MD.

Presented by, The Jefferson Center for Voice and Swallowing

M a pediatric allergist,

y friend and colleague,

sat across from me frantically scribbling notes. She had lost her voice two days before from an unusual type of laryngitis. As a consequence, she was unable to work for an entire week. As arrangements were made to reschedule her work patients for the week, I was reminded that the professional voice user is not limited to the actor or singer but includes a myriad of professions all of which depend on the voice. Add ‘physician’ to the long list of voice-dependent professions. Care of the professional voice is a major component of Laryngology, a subspecialty of Otolaryngology, or “Ear, Nose & Throat.” Our voices are the basic component of human communication and an expression of our personality. In the modern world, relationships are forged based on person-to-person communication whether that be in person or on a telephone line.

Many relationships are based on the voice at the other end of the line, with minimal if any personto-person contact. Many if not most jobs are dependent on voice communication at some level. Some, such as classroom teachers and telephone operators depend heavily on being able to maintain a normal voice on a day-to-day basis with vocal strength and stamina. Similarly, entertainers, professional and amateur, have much more complex vocal demands that require good vocal health. Care of the voice includes diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic complaints, addressing long-term goals, as well as managing the possible affects of other illnesses. The Jefferson Center for Voice and Swallowing (JCVS) is a center of excellence at Thomas Jefferson University at the Center City Philadelphia Campus. It is dedicated not only to the professional voice but also to care of complex swallowing and airway problems. Basic voice care begins with vocal hygiene: stop abusing your voice and start taking care of it.

The County The County Woman Woman Magazine Magazine

Hoarseness is a common symptom of swelling of the tissues of the larynx associated with the common cold, influenza and seasonal allergies. It will early laryngeal cancer also note often radiologic tests. The JCVS usually go away with the other throat irritation, sore throat and employs many innovative treatsymptoms of nasal congestion ments for these conditions. Vocal pain in one ear. When laryngeal and cough. More long-standcancer is detected at an early weakness can be corrected with ing voice change can result from stage, it is successfully treated temporary or permanent vocal chronic irritation. Overuse and with preservation of voice. The cord augmentation. Spasmodic abuse of the voice, speaking too leading risk factor is cigarette conditions are often controlled loud and/or too much can lead smoking. The risk is reduced with oral medications or Botox to swelling and development of substantially five years after a injections. In all cases, treatment benign growths (vocal nodules, patient stops smoking and the is dependent on integrated voice singer’s nodules) that prevent risk continues to decrease for ten therapy. normal vocal cord function. years more. We are active in proAn additional major concern Mucosal irritation can be caused moting and encouraging smoking is laryngeal cancer with about by tobacco smoke, reflux stomach 30,000 new cases reported in the cessation for all of our patients acid and post-nasal drainage. All US each year. While this number and employ many resources to of these conditions are treatable help patients quit. The JCVS is has remained fairly stable, the with medications, therapy, and percentage of women has steadily a leader in clinical research to occasionally, minimally invasive develop a program of medical increased due to the increase of surgery. cigarette smoking among women treatment and support for smokLess commonly, hoarseness is ing cessation throughout large in the last century. Hoarseness is caused by problems with vocal medical practices. the earliest and most common cord motion. Paralysis can lead symptom. Some patients with to weak, breathy voice and sometimes difficulty with breathing. Other types of problems with vocal motion are caused by spasms of the muscles that move the vocal cords causing a wide variety of voice complaints. Accurate diagnosis involves comprehensive evaluation by a voice team, neuromuscular For more information about Jefferson Voice and Swallowing or to testing, and make an appointment with a Jefferson physician, call 1-800-JEFF-NOW.

8 www.TheCountyWoman.com

May/June 2008 January/February 2014



& Wellness

We Are Tilton Fitness & Wellness By Julianne Dods, Tilton Fitness


t Tilton Fitness & Wellness, it is our goal to provide our members with the proper environment, education, motivation, and professional instruction needed to assist them in achieving long-lasting fitness, weight loss and rehabilitative goals. After all, the business of fitness is simple: create an environment that fosters care and compassion while delivering the best health information and guidance to support our members as they pursue healthy, active lifestyles. Lauren Kwart, 24, member since 2012 Lauren Kwart, a 24 year-old Front Desk Manager at Tilton Fitness in Northfield, is a prime example of what Tilton Fitness is all about: changing people’s lives. When Lauren, an Egg Harbor Township native, first began her fitness journey, she was confused, overwhelmed and lacking a clearly defined goal. “I worked in the gym and had no idea where to begin. I just knew I needed a fresh start,” she says. And, after sitting down with some of her teammates, Lauren knew Tilton Fitness was the perfect place for her to reestablish herself. “The staff at Tilton Fitness genuinely cares about the success of their members and, through my fitness journey, has become my second family,” she says. While Lauren may have started her degree at Rowan University in Childhood Education, she quickly realized that the Health and Fitness industry was where she needed to be. “I was able to lose 35 pounds by changing my diet and focusing on fitness and, while I continue to work towards my

personal goals, I also wanted to apply my experience and skill set towards helping others reach their goals as well,” says Lauren. Not only did she acquire her AFAA Personal Training certification, but Lauren also changed her major in college! Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Health Promotion Fitness Management. In the past year and a half, with the help of Tilton Fitness, Lauren has grown both professionally and personally. “I know exactly what I want to do, but actually going out of my comfort zone to accomplish my goals is the true test.” Her next goal is to become a certified Pilates instructor. “Tilton Fitness has enabled me to be the very best version of myself while also helping me to realize how I can affect the lives of others,” says Lauren.

Jenise Kurtz, 39, member since 2012 Jenise Kurtz, a 39 year-old recreational runner, joined Tilton Fitness just over two years ago. As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, Jenise spent 4-5 nights a week working on her cardiovascular conditioning and muscle toning. “After about a year of training on my own, I became very frustrated with the lack of improvement in my running times,” she says. Eventually, Jenise decided to contact Personal Training Director, Ann Erik, at Tilton Fitness in Galloway to schedule a complimentary session with a Personal Trainer. “I told Ann I needed someone who wouldn’t hold back, someone who would push me to my limits because I knew that’s what it would take to reach my fitness goals.” Jenise began working out once a week with Mike Giannetta, a NASM certified Personal Trainer, shortly after, a pairing that Jenise describes as the perfect fit. While she continues to train on her own, working with Mike has dramatically improved both Jenise’s strength and endurance. “In

The County Woman Magazine

We Help You Achieve

one running season, I was able to take 5 minutes off my 5k time. I even completed my first half-marathon this September with a time of 1 hour and 53 minutes,” she says Whether you are new to fitness or are a seasoned athlete, Jenise recommends seeking out the professional guidance of a Certified Personal Trainer to build strength and confidence. “The motivation you gain from challenging your body and improving upon your fitness goals, not only affects your performance in the gym but in everyday life as well,” says Jenise.

Kathryn Ford, 63, member since 2006 Kathy Ford, a busy professional from Margate, joined Tilton Fitness in 2006 shortly after the birth of her first grandchild. “At the time, I was going through the beginning stages of menopause and having issues controlling my weight. The whole experience was very frustrating,” she says. Kathy’s daughter, who received a complimentary Personal Training session to Tilton Fitness inside her New Mother’s Packet at the hospital, encouraged Kathy to seek the guidance of an educated fitness professional as well. Kathy took her daughter’s advice. “I began one-on-one training right away and was surprised at how quickly I was able to lose 20 pounds and get back into shape,” she says. Once Kathy regained her confidence in the gym, her Personal Trainer suggested she begin taking Small Group Training classes to add variety into her workout regimen. “Small Group Training not only enhanced my gym experience but brought me together with a great group of women,” says Kathy. “We still train together to this day!” When asked what keeps her motivated, Kathy says it’s the camaraderie she gets through Small Group Training with her friends Eileen Wallace and Pam Jackson. Together, the trio isn’t afraid


to try new classes or exercises, as Kathy says, just for the fun of it. “I joke with my husband that I no longer need to read the paper because I can count on getting a recap of daily events right at the gym,” says Kathy. “Through Tilton Fitness, I can honestly say I have met some of my best friends.”

Shannel Gebon, 37, member since 2010 A 37 year-old from Absecon, Shannel Gebon joined Tilton Fitness with a clearly defined goal: to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle through fitness. “At the time, I was a size 22 and ready to start doing something about my weight,” she says. Through her employer, Tropicana Resort and Casino, Shannel was able to join as a Corporate Member which entitled her to discounted membership rates and access to all Tilton Fitness facilities and programs. “I had never belonged to a fitness center before, but you could say it was the right time and Tilton Fitness was the right place for me to begin my weight loss journey.” Looking back on her early days, Shannel confesses that she was a bit intimidated at first. “Going to the gym, I didn’t know what to do or where to start,” she says. That’s when Shannel met with her Fitness Coach. “Having those four coaching sessions helped to point me in the right direction. During my first session, my coach targeted Group Fitness classes that were appropriate for my fitness level and interests and also provided much needed nutritional support. I kept a food diary between sessions and, based off of that information, she was able to give me different suggestions on what to eat and what not to eat.” For the first two years of her journey, Shannel also enlisted the help of a Personal Trainer. “He was great. Not only did he challenge me, but he motiJanuary/February 2014

Health Your Goals! vated me to stick with my program,” she says. With his help, Shannel was able to lose over 100 pounds and keep it off. Today, she continues to use the knowledge she gained from Personal Training and incorporates those exercises into her own routine. “Knowing how far I have come since I started and knowing how hard I had to work to get to where I am today keeps me motivated. I’m not going back,” she says. “Tilton Fitness helped me change my life.”

To join our family and discover all of the benefits that a membership with Tilton Fitness has to offer, please visit us online at www.TiltonFitness.com or call 609-FITNESS. Change your life today!

Making Fitness Your Family’s Focus “When families workout, either together or separately, it’s an ideal situation,” said Paul Brones, Regional Training Director for Tilton Fitness. “They feed off each other’s excitement and enthusiasm, motivate each other, and encourage each other to succeed as a family. At Tilton, we are committed to creating a healthy and fun atmosphere the whole family can enjoy.”

Julianne Dods, Vice President, Tilton Fitness

Join Tilton Fitness’ social networking followers on

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& Wellness




- Erin, Member since 2012

JOIN TODAY & SAVE 75%! Life is busy, but Tilton Fitness helped me put myself first. Their friendly team designed a program just for me, so I can make the most out of my time. With 100+ classes each week, pools, yoga and 75+ Certified Trainers, Tilton Fitness helped change my life.

Find the club nearest you by visiting www.TiltonFitness.com! Applies to new annual memberships only. See club for details.


January/February 2014



& Wellness

Yoga: Self Discovery Through Movement ... Learn to Move/Move to Learn debts. The Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, for whom the month of January is named. In the Medieval era, the knights took the “peacock vow” at the end of the Christmas season each year to re-affirm their commitment to chivalry. The concept, regardless of creed, is to reflect upon self-improvement annually.

“Sankalpa shakti is determination. Willpower is a onepointed mind plus determination.” - Swami sarswati


t is that time of year again! Time for introspection, looking back at the accomplishments and failures of the previous year and making plans for the New Year, which approaches. Many of us will make New Years Resolutions, but studies show that 88% of us who set resolutions will fail. Resolutions are not new. The ancient Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their

Sankalpa grows in a Kula! So what makes one succeed? Our practice of sankalpa (persistent, patient determination) lies behind our success or failure. “Resolutions are more sustainable when shared, both in terms of with whom you share the benefits of your resolution, and with whom you share the path of maintaining your resolution. Peersupport makes a difference in success rate with new year’s resolutions”. (Frank Ra) We are stronger when we act as part of and with the support of a community (kula).

MIND/BODY STUDIO New to the studio? First month $50 UNLIMITED CLASSES

M rap Ser v e g Th listic nin • i o i a e H h r • ai C er T schedul h T • eac or class T f OM 9 • ebsite C . ew

NE 4.92 LBI I N 49 OM 9

s ge sa s a rM S o s se las C r fo

A 9. OT OG 60HIP B


.Y W 999

0 W W .404.VILLE 9 ITH 60

r Ce ft i G

ble ila a Av es t ca tifi

From a yoga (Tantrika) perspective, success is all about learning to cultivate sankalpa. It is about resolve, and resolve is powerful. In fact, sankalpa is “sankalpa shakti” (the power born out of determination). This is the source of our creative energy for transformation, and when one possesses it, they can accomplish anything (even enlightenment!). You can’t attain anything without sankalpa.

In practice (sadhana) patience plays an important role. Patience is a great virtue that needs to be cultivated. Anything worth doing takes time and is difficult. Our most important successes, our greatest challenges offer our greatest possibility for change. “If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” ~Buddhist Saying

Sankalpa is Determination! When one has sankalpa, one is determined to succeed. Determination is the power that sees us through all frustrations and obstacles. It helps in building the willpower that is the very basis of success within and without. With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, it is said that all things are attainable.

So, don’t make a resolution, take a challenge. Come join our community and practice patience, perseverance and resolve with others. It’s the key to success.

Article Written by: Laurie Greene, PhD,E-RYT, Director, Yoga Nine Studio

YOGA 101 5 Week Course • For Real First Time Beginners

S SE K S A EE CL W e A N ag s PE YS s n a O a D A Yog itatio ic M s t 7 ice • ed eu


Sankalpa is Patience!

Jan - Feb 2014 Upcoming Events WINTER WORKSHOPS

“ Re -you-venate”

Sankalpa is Power!

Sessions Start Week of January 12 Sunday & Thursday Then again the week of February 16 Sunday & Thursday Space Limited • CALL FOR DETAILS AND/OR PRE-REGISTRATION Includes 5 weeks of unlimited classes and a “green” top quality latex/jute mat Call NOW or sign up at www.yoganine.com

March 22 - 24 Edward Clark Tripsichore as Tantric Practice

Call for information or go to www.yoganine.com

Rope Wall Classes - Smithville 12:30p-1:30p Call for information or go to www.yoganine.com

Retreat to Paradise in Tulum, Mexico March 8 - 13, 2014 Call for information or go to www.yoganine.com

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Photo by Paul Dempsey

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January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


illness and injuries don’t make appointments. We’re here to treat patients of all ages.

pediatricians onsite at egg Harbor townsHip For a complete listing of our urgent care locations and hours, visit www.atlanticare.org/urgent or call 1-888-569-1000.

Our medical teams have been meeting the urgent care needs of people of all ages in southeastern New Jersey for more than 10 years—providing quality care, fast. You don’t need to make an appointment. And our board-certified providers treat a variety of non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries—from flu and asthma to broken bones and deep cuts. When you need care fast, we’re here to help you get back to enjoying your life sooner.


The County Woman Magazine


January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Migraine Headaches? Numbness? When Should You Visit A Neurologist?

Written by: Dr. David Zeidwerg, Premier Neurology


t is not always easy to decide when to see a neurologist! Many times, patients are assisted by their primary care physician when symptoms are not clear or when the diagnosis warrants neurologic care. Knowing when to see a neurologist can save you a lot of time and trouble, and possibly save a life! Neurologists treat a wide array of conditions and diseases that affect the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. Here, I’ll discuss a few common conditions that neurologists treat. For women, migraine is probably the most common disorder we treat. It sometimes presents with an aura, like wavy flickering colored lines in your vision. The head pain is typically located behind the eyes, and can be associated with nausea. In the last 15 years we have seen many new and effective medicines introduced. It is

important not to self-medicate on a daily basis, as this can cause “chronic daily headache” or “analgesic rebound headache.” Massage therapy, biofeedback, Botox and medication therapy can all help reduce the number of migraines you get. It is most important to know what triggers your migraine. The most common triggers are hunger, fatigue, and stress. So try to get a good night’s sleep on a daily basis. Eat regularly and choose nutritious foods. Many patients have food triggers that include red wine, chocolate, nuts, or aged cheeses. And lastly, try to minimize your daily stress. Set aside time each day to do whatever helps you minimize stress, whether it be meditation, yoga, etc.

Call Your Doctor If ... Anytime you start having numbness, tingling, weakness, or severe pain that lasts more than a few minutes, you need to call your doctor to determine if this may be something serious. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) commonly occurs in women between the ages of 20-40, and may present with double vision, pain behind the eye, numbness or weakness. If these symptoms persist, you need to be seen by a neurologist. New disease modifying agents are now available and can make a big difference in preserving quality of life. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is also very common. The symptoms include pain in the thumb and index finger, or sometimes the entire hand. This happens when the median nerve of the forearm and wrist swells slightly, or the bones of the wrist thicken, and the tunnel that the nerve is in squeezes it and causes pain upon movement or rest.

Good news…it is curable. I must mention stroke (now also called “Brain Attack”). This is one of the most serious conditions we treat because time is of the essence. If you or a loved one begins experiencing sudden numbness and/or weakness on one side, facial droop, the inability to speak or get the words out, or a sudden severe headache (“thunderclap headache”), you must get to the hospital right away. Controlling your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and not smoking all serve to lessen your risk of stroke. As people get older, the chances increase, so a healthy lifestyle is very important to minimize your risk factors. Seizure disorders are also under the umbrella of conditions we treat. Careful follow-up and medication adjustments can keep many patients seizure-free and allow them to resume normal lives. There are many different types of seizures, and some may be lifethreatening. If there is any question or concern, call your doctor. As the “baby-boomers” come of age, we should be aware of the increased incidence of memory disorders like vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. It is normal to experience occasional forgetfulness. But if a decrease in memory increases to the point of concern, there is much we can do to diagnose these disorders and preserve mental functioning. For the younger patient, concussion is now in the forefront. With so many children and adolescents playing contact sports, injury to the head is becoming more recognized. Many times, head injury is not visible. When the person is

Premier Neurology

Tel: 609-377-8516 Fax: 609-377-8520 Treating disorders of the nervous system, brain, spinal cord, joints, nerves, and muscles.

3069 English Creek Avenue, Suite 203 Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

www.premierneurology.com Find us on Facebook! struck, the brain may move violently within the cushion of cerebrospinal fluid inside the skull. However, the brain may strike up against the bone in the front or back of the skull. This is a concussion. Repeat concussion within a short time frame can be life threatening. Many concussions over a lifetime may cause a dementing illness characterized by memory loss, depression, and behavior changes called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). In our practice, we treat a number of serious conditions and diseases. During times when a loved one has a critical illness, it is paramount that your doctor exhibits

the care and compassion necessary to weather that storm. We treat our patients as if they are our own family. The patient’s family will be extremely stressed during these critical times, and we understand that extra time and care must be afforded these patients and families as we strive to get them better and preserve the highest quality of life possible. Now more than ever before, we have new medicines and treatments for a variety of neurologic disorders. Please call with any questions. At Premier Neurology, we wish you and yours many years of healthy living!

About the Practice…

Premier Neurology, located in Egg Harbor Township, is dedicated to serving the neurological, pain management, and sleep disorder needs of the Atlantic County area. Launched in 2008 by Syed Arif Jaffery M.D., Premier Neurology’s physicians and staff are able to provide education and compassionate care for individual patients in a timely manner. As director, Dr. Jaffery is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and is also on staff at Altlanticare Regional Medical Center. According to Healthgrades.com, he is the area’s only 5-star Neurologist. Dr. Jaffery and the physicians at Premier Neurology strive to provide state-of-the-art diagnoses and treatments using the latest neurological innovations.

The County Woman Magazine


January/February 2014

Business Spotlight ~ Interview with Dr. Syed A. Jaffery ~

Premier Neurology


When did you open your practice and what lead you to do so?

After my family and I had endured Hurricane Katrina when we lived in New Orleans, I wanted to move forward in my personal and professional life. We moved to New Jersey and I started my practice soon after in April 2008. I wanted to work with a more free hand and broaden my horizons. I wanted to provide cutting edge technology at my doorstep so that the local population would not have to travel far for the best neurological care.

How would you describe your practice philosophy?

Syed Arif Ali Jaffery, M.D. Neurology Medicine & Surgery Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology 3069 English Creek Avenue, Suite 203 Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

As a physician I follow American Academy of Neurology Guidelines; as a patient advocate our patient always come first; as a businessman I like to do my share to boost the economy. I have 10 employees. This is because Premier Neurology provides comprehensive evaluation and management under one roof.

What sets Premier Neurology apart from other practices in the area? We treat the patient - not medical insurances. We accept almost all kinds of medical insurance. Also, as I mentioned earlier our goal is to provide a very comprehensive practice under one roof so our patient does not have to travel far for their neurological issues. By providing Neurology care, along with Pain Management and Sleep Disorder needs, our patients receive all the care they need under one roof.

How has your practice evolved since it opened?

The practice was started in 2008 with one neurologist. Now we have three neurologists in our practice. Our neurologists are fellowship trained in Clinical Neurophysiology and Neuromuscular Disorders, Sleep Disorders Medicine, and Pain Management. Other than physicians, our work force has increased from one in 2008 to 10 in 2013. We are very excited to see the growth in our practice. We believe it is due to our friendly, caring staff and the expertise and compassion our doctors bring to each patient.

How has technology developed in your field and how has it helped you treat your patients?

This is a technology era and we are dependent on it for our diagnoses and management. Some of the procedures that we provided at our facility that benefit our patients are: EMG and NCS, Routine EEG, Extended Video EEG Monitoring, Sleep Apnea Monitoring, Carotid Ultrasound, Botox for Headaches, Spasticity, Nerve Biopsy, adjustment of VNS. Again, our goal is to make it convenient for our patients to receive any care they may need in our office.

What are the most commonly treated conditions at Premier Neurology?

We commonly see many patients for conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Neuropathies, ALS, Myasthenia Gravis, Headaches, Cervical Dystonia, Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Sleep Apnea, Sleep Disturbance, Imbalance, Migraines, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Fibromyalgia, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Syed Arif Ali Jaffery, M.D.

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January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Face It,

There’s A


Dr. Gary Feinberg, Dr. Leonard Galler and Dr. James Herrington Dr. Desiree D’Angelo-Donovan



You Have A Choice and It’s Clear! GFH Surgical Associates, which has been setting the South Jersey standard for surgical care since 1982, is proud to welcome Dr. Desiree D’Angelo-Donovan – a highly-skilled general surgeon. Working at Shore Medical Center’s state-of-the-art Surgical Pavilion, our expert surgeons offer the most advanced Surgical Procedures, using revolutionary technology like the EnCor Ultra Breast Biopsy System – the first in New Jersey.

For a consultation or appointment, call GFH Surgical Associates at 609-927-8550 or visit GFHsurgeons.com.


609.653.3500 | ShoreMedicalCenter.org 100 Medical Center Way, Somers Point, NJ

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Our Passion Makes Us The Best


January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Are You Suffering From Neck & Back Pain Get Back in the Get Back in the Get Back Get Back the inthe theInjury? As A Back Result Of Work in Related Get Get ininABack the

Swing of Things Swing of Things Swingof of Swing Things Things Swing ofofThings Swing Things

Get Relief Relief ASAP GetASAP ReliefGet ASAP Relief ASAP Get ReliefGet ASAP Relief ASAP Get ReliefGet ASAP



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Hammonton OfficeLocations Linwood Office Vineland Office FNP-BC Mt. Laurel Office Hammonton Office Linwood Office Vineland Office Mt. Laurel Office Office Locations Office Erin Intessimoni, 2 Hammonton Eighth Street Office 222Linwood NewAvenue Road 3071 E.Laurel Chestnut Avenue 3829Mt. Church Road 2 Hammonton Eighth Street Office 222Linwood New Road 3071 E. Vineland Chestnut 3829 Church Road Office Vineland Office Laurel Office Office Office Mt. Office Hammonton Office Linwood Office Vineland Office Mt. Laurel Office Hammonton Office Linwood Office Vineland Office Mt. Laurel Office (S.White Horse 102 Building D12 SuiteChurch B (S.White Horse Pike) Suite Building D12 Suite BE. Chestnut 2 Eighth Street 222 NewAvenue Road 3071 3829 Road 2 Office Eighth Street 222 102 New RoadPike) 3071 E.Suite Chestnut 3829 Church Road Avenue Main and All Correspondence: 2 NJ Eighth Street 222NJNew Road 3071 E. NJ Chestnut Avenue 3829 Church Road 2 Eighth Street 222 New Road 3071 E.Linwood, Chestnut Avenue 3829 Church Road Hammonton, NJ 08037 NJ 08221 Vineland, NJ 08361 Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 Hammonton, NJ 08037 Linwood, 08221 Vineland, 08361 Mt. Laurel, 08054 (S.White Suite 102 Building Suite B (S.White Horse Pike) Suite 102Horse Pike) Building D12 Suite B D12 Suite 102 Building Suite B (S.White (S.White Horse Pike) Suite 102Horse Pike) Building D12 Suite B D12 Hammonton, NJ 08037 Linwood, NJ 08221 Vineland, NJ 08361 Mt. Laurel, NJ 0805 Hammonton, NJ 08037 Linwood, NJ 08221 Vineland, NJ 08361 Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 Galloway Atco Office Burlington Office Woodbury Atco Office Burlington Office Woodbury Office Pennsauken Galloway Hammonton, NJ 08037 Vineland, Linwood, NJAtco 08221 Vineland, NJOffice 08361 Mt. Laurel, NJOffice 08054 Hammonton, NJHammonton 08037 Linwood, NJ 08221 NJOffice 08361 Mt.Galloway Laurel, NJOffice 08054 Vineland 506 S. Galloway New York Office Road New York Office Road WhiteAtco House Pike Sunset Road Mantua Pike 429 WhiteAtco House 911429 Sunset Road 750911 Mantua Pike Atlantic City Hamilton Galloway Office Burlington Office 506 S.750 Woodbury Office Office Burlington Office Woodbury Office 2 Pike Eighth Street Galloway Office Galloway Office Atco Office Burlington Office Woodbury Office Atco Office Burlington Office Woodbury Office Twp. Galloway, 08205 08205 Atco, NJ 08004 08016 Woodbury Heights, 08097 Atco, NJ (S. 08004 Burlington, NJWhite 08016 Heights, NJ 08097 506 S.NJ New York Ro 506 Linwood S.NJ New YorkNJ Road 429 HouseWoodbury Pike Burlington, 911 Sunset 750 Mantua Pike Washington 429 White House 911 Sunset Road 750 Mantua PikeRoad Galloway, Brigantine WhitePike Horse Pike) 506 S. New York Road 506 S.750 New Mantua York Road WhiteRoad House Pike Sunset Pike 429 White House Pike 911429 Sunset 750911 Mantua PikeRoad Woodbury Galloway, NJ 0820 Galloway, NJ 08205 Atco, NJ 08004 Burlington, 08016 Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097 Atco, NJ 08004 Burlington, NJ 08016 Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097 Lumberton Burlington 08037 Hamilton Galloway, Office NJ 08205 Washington Township Office HamiltonTownship Office Office Atlantic City Office Atlantic City NJ Office Galloway, NJ 08205 Atco, NJ 08004 Burlington, 08016 Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097 Atco, NJHammonton, 08004 Burlington, NJ 08016 Woodbury Heights, NJWashington 08097 Mt. Laurel Cherry100 Hill Heritage Valley DriveOffice 3535Hamilton Quakerbridge 100 Heritage Valley Drive 3535 Quakerbridge 1125 Atlantic Ave. 1125 Atlantic Ave. Washington Township Office Hamilton Office Washington Township Office Atlantic City Office Atlantic City Office Washington Township Office Hamilton Office Washington Township Office Hamilton Office Atlantic City Office Atlantic City Office Suite Quakerbridge 200 SuiteSuite 2002 Valley Drive Suite2 106 Suite 106 100 Heritage 3535 100 Suite Heritage Valley Drive 3535 Quakerbridge 1125 Atlantic Ave. 1125 Atlantic Ave. 100 Heritage Valley Drive 3535 Quakerbridge 100 Heritage Valley Drive 3535 Quakerbridge 1125 Atlantic Ave. 1125 Atlantic Ave. www.TheCountyWoman.com The County Woman Magazine Suite January/February 2014 Sewell, 08080 Hamilton, NJ 08619 Sewell, 08080 Hamilton, NJNJSuite 08619 AtlanticNJ City, NJ208401 Atlantic City, NJ 08401 2 Suite 200 Suite 200 Suite 106 Suite 106

Additional Locations:



& Wellness




Take contol and get all your questions answered about natural, lasting relief through Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

Age and stress are key reasons for the loss of many important hormones, vitamins, and minerals in both men and women. COME AND JOIN US! Learn what YOU can do! Get all your questions answered on Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (also known as BHRT) and more! Attend this FREE SEMINAR with Dr. Roberta Foss-Morgan and you can ask these questions and more!

WHERE: Seaview Hotel & Resort, 401 South New York Rd., Galloway, NJ DATE: Saturday, March 1st, 2014 | TIME: 10 am

Program includes breakfast! Roberta Foss-Morgan, DO completed post-baccalaureate training in Pre-Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. After which,

she received her medical degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Her internship and residency in Family Medicine was completed at the Virtua Health System. Dr. Morgan was Board Certified in 1995. She has appeared on CNN, Ch 3 KYW, Fox News and numerous other live TV and radio shows. She is a frequently requested lecturer to physicians and patients.

Sponsered by: Jersey Shore Pharmacy Compounding MUST REGISTER BY: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH 2014 LIMITED SEATING!! CALL OR EMAIL TODAY!! (609)-927-0390 | wcampion@jspharmacy.com


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January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


What Happened To My Wife After She Turned 40? Written By: Roberta Foss-Morgan D.O.

I was recently dining at Knife and Fork and editing my forthcoming book (co-written with Dr. Robert Fleisher) entitled Marriage the Sexless Alternative ~ and How to Fix It. Three forty something men were looking at my work and told me that the title of the book made them want to read it. Then one of the men asked me a wonderful question, “what happened to my wife after she turned 40?” I whimsically asked him “what did you do, or stop doing, to your wife after she turned 40?”

The answer to “what happened to my wife after she turned 40?” requires many levels of understanding... psychological, situational, nutritional, and/or hormonal.

The transition through perimenopause to menopause is too large an issue to submit to any single adequate cure. Before we talk about hormonal balancing, which is a woefully confusing topic with conflicting information via the media (information is not knowledge)... let me ask you about your wife. Is your wife working full time, caring for children, caring for aging parents, responsible for cleaning and meal preparation, trying

to be a good wife, AND experiencing insomnia, weight gain regardless of her weight loss efforts, fatigue, labile moods, memory loss, hair loss, skin changes, and TOTAL loss of libido accompanied by the inability to reach climax (usually because she is taking an antidepressant)? Does her period come 12 days after the last one, and then the next one comes 60 days later? Did she suddenly awaken with a muffin top and abdominal bloating, and none of her clothes fit? This last complaint is what finally makes most women lose the radiance they once possessed and go postal. Most women think about their weight every 15 minutes, and most men think about sex every 15 minutes.

UNLIKE WOMEN, NO MAN LOSES 90% OF HIS SEXUAL HORMONES IN A COUPLE OF YEARS. Men usually experience slow hormonal decline over a decade or more. Hormonal balancing is essential for mood, mind, sleep, blood pressure, motivation, metabolism, weight, and formation of new bone and skin. Conventional treatment for the myriad symptoms of 40-something women usually includes some or all of the following: a sleeping pill, an antidepressant, a tranquilizer, a mood stabilizer, blood pressure/cholesterol/ diabetes medications, a pill for bone loss, and perhaps one of the newly approved medications for obesity.

In 20 years, not one women has come to me with test results that included hormonal levels; namely, Estradiol, Estrone, Progesterone, Free Testosterone, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, Insulin, Free T3, Free T4, TG and TPO Antibodies (testing for HAIT Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis), Reverse T3, Prolactin, Free Cortisol, CBG, and DHEA-S. Women are transitioning to a state of hormonal imbalance, known as the 10 years preceding menopause, earlier and earlier! Yes, of course, blood pressure or diabetes medication is occasionally essential. With increased weight comes high blood pressure and high blood sugar. When I prescribe blood pressure medication, I have my patients take their blood pressure at home and record their results. When I prescribe diabetic medication, I have my patients take their blood sugar upon awakening (fasting blood sugar) and then take their blood sugar 1 to 2 hours after they eat (postprandial blood sugars). They quickly learn that refined carbohydrates make their blood sugar rise meteorically, and that quality protein, fat, fiber and complex carbohydrates lower their blood sugar. Unlike women, no man loses 90% of his sexual hormones in a couple of years. So, we have a real situation here thanks to the flawed studies with synthetic horse estrogen and synthetic progestins. There is an answer though, if one studies how bioidentical hormonal replacement has been done for the last 60 years in Europe. Theirs is a fourth generation Belgium endocrinologist who lectures all over the world. Dr. Thierry Hertoghe teaches physicians how to test and treat 12 bioidentical hormones. There are about

200 physicians at his European medical conferences. Usually there are 5 or less American physicians. Doctors in attendance are from Paris, Germany, Russia, Turkey, etc. ... and most of us wear earphones to hear the lectures in our native language. Dr. Hertoghe would not prescribe an antidepressant, a tranquilizer, a sleeping pill, etc. He teaches how most women need to replace at least three to four hormones as they age in bioidentical physiologically small doses. The lectures and the books we study are substantiated with thousands of studies published in respectable medical journals. We learn that with the acceleration of endocrine disruptors (gender benders) in our chemical soup of food, environment, and grooming products, women are entering perimenopause much earlier and require hormonal balancing much sooner than menopause. Recent studies tested umbilical cords of newborn boys and girls. The newborns were already high in xenoestrogenic compounds. Perhaps this is why peri and post menopausal complaints are so much more severe than our grandparents. Most women are no longer a depressed, overweight, or insomniac when hormonal and nutritional aberrations are remedied. Medications for high blood pressure and diabetes are utilized if necessary with the idea to discontinue them if possible. We are going to age, of course. But to see “natural aging,” visit your local nursing home to see the ravages of hormonal and nutritional decline.

Call Morgan Medical Center today and let us help you look and feel better!

MORGAN MEDICAL CENTER OF INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE, P.A. 124 Kings Highway West Haddonfield, NJ 08033

phone: 856.216.9001 fax: 856.616.9837

Roberta Foss-Morgan, D.O. completed post-baccalaureate training in Pre-Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. After which, she received her medical degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Her internship and residency in Family Medicine was completed at the Virtua Health System. Dr. Morgan was 100 South Cornwall Avenue Board Certified in 1995. In 2005, Dr. Morgan authored her Ventnor, New Jersey 08406 first book, What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Weight Loss. Further training in European Endocrinology, Mesophone: 609-823-1899 therapy, Medical Weight Loss, and Intravenous Therapies has fax: 609-823-1889 required extensive travel throughout the US and Europe. Dr. Morgan has appeared on CNN, Ch 3 KYW, Fox Fee For Service News and numerous other live TV and radio shows. She is a frequently requested lecturer to physicians and patients.


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January/February 2014

Title Company


We’ve spent the last 120 years helping to make wishes come true.

Our longevity is one more reason why Stewart Title is the right title company for you. We opened our doors in Galveston in 1893; and, ever since, we’ve been helping people secure their piece of the American dream. Over the years we’ve gone on to expand across Texas, throughout the United States and around the globe to become one of the largest title companies in the world. But no matter how big our company has become, we’ve never lost sight of what’s made us so successful – you. For 120 years Stewart Title has been dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, expertise and peace of mind to all our customers. And we plan on doing so for at least 120 more. Contact us for more information on the outstanding service you’ll receive at Stewart Title. 1201 New Rd., Suite 129 Linwood, NJ 08221 stewart.com/linwood (609) 601-7180

For 120 years we’ve known the key to our success is yours. Visit stewart.com/120-year-facts to find out more about our history.

© 2013 Stewart.



With physical, speech and occupational therapies available on-site, the Living Center, a Medicare and Medicaid participant, provides a comfortable and nurturing atmosphere for those in need.

• • • •

Boardwalk without snow or rain Homelike atmosphere Light and airy rooms Events and parties to enjoy

Just a part of what we do at Seashore Gardens Living Center…it’s a place you can call home. You have to take a tour and see for yourself!

Visit www.SeashoreGardens.org or call 609-404-4848 to schedule your today! Follow Us: Seashore Gardens Foundation is a non profit 501 (c)(3) Tax ID#56-2424727. All donations are tax deductible to full extent of the law.

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22 W. Jimmie Leeds Road Galloway Township, NJ 08205

January/February 2014

Home Improvement Contractor


Transform That Cold, Cavernous Basement Into A Cool, Functional Man Cave Or Extra Family Room! Y ou’ve fantasized about a man cave. Okay, maybe one of you has fantasized about a man cave and maybe one of you has some other ideas like having an in-home workout space, an office or a playroom for the kids.

No matter what you need the extra space for, a finished basement can almost always benefit you in the future when you decide to sell your home. Surprised? It’s commonly said that putting money into finishing a basement isn’t going to get you your best return on your investment. When you compare basement renovations to kitchen or bath renovations, your kitchen and bath will typically always increase your value by 1 or 1.5 times the amount you spend. It’s an investment that you can enjoy while you’re in the home for the same reasons your buyer may like it. But it’s also a big change by way of more space that doesn’t involve a large amount of construction like adding a bedroom would. Renovating the basement increases the value of the home, the aesthetic appeal and at times the functionality. 1

Tips on Creating the Perfect Man Cave • Use inorganic building materials designed to resist mold and moisture damage. If you go with cellulose-rich materials like paper-faced drywall and framing lumber in a moist basement, you will provide an ideal habitat for mold. This can cause an unpleasant, musty odor and serious respiratory ailments and allergic reactions. • Install Excellent Insulation. Insulating your basement walls will help keep your new living space comfortable and energy-efficient. The best kind of insulation to use is rigid foam, which won’t absorb moisture, settle, attract mold or lose its insulating value. • Choose durable, easy-care finish materials. You want floor and wall surfaces to be as indestructible and easy to clean as possible. Some popular flooring among savvy basementdwellers are low-profile, high-strength plastic floor tiles. This floor is not liable to warp, cup or crack, nor will it ever require refinishing. Plus, they’re super easy to clean. Wall panels covered with textured vinyl offer similar advantages. • Install a larger window. Is there any chance your man cave might need to serve as a bedroom? If the answer is yes, then it’d be wise to have a small basement window enlarged so that an “egress-compliant” window and exterior window well can be installed. These structures are a national building

Unique Business Opportunity

code requirement; and you can’t rent out a basement without meeting that standard. They also offer a vital means of escape in the event of an emergency like a fire; and could save lives.2 Plus, installing a larger basement window not only fulfills code requirements for a basement bedroom; it also brings much more natural light into a space.3 The process can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000 depending on what your plans are — shelving, home theater, etc. But also consider that the most important part of finishing a basement is simply making it functional. You don’t need to overextend your budget in order to increase your pool of buyers. Sticking to drywall, paint, carpet, molding and making sure it’s properly wired to accommodate electronics like computers and TVs should really be the main focus of the development in order to make your renovation most economical. Finishing your basement is an investment, any way you look at it. If it’s an investment in your home, you’ll come out ahead. If it’s an investment in life enjoyment, you may come out further ahead than mere financial profit. Enjoy your life even more when you have a finished basement in your home.4 SOURCES 1: http://www.quickenloans.com/blog/is-finishing-yourbasement-worth-it-how-this-change-could-help-sell-yourhome-5573#oqsR6juQVr1SDB5R.99 2: http://blog.egresswindows.com/finished-basementbenefits/ 3: http://www.totalbasementfinishing.com/basementfinishing-ideas/basement-space-planning-ideas/basementman-cave/man-cave-designs.html 4: http://www.customhomegroup.com/advantages-of-afinished-basement/ Photo(s) Source: http://www.houzz.com/man-cave

Ryan K. Apel is a licensed home improvement contractor who has been working with clients in southern New Jersey for over 10 years. You can reach Ryan at 609-287-5841.


Ryan K. Apel, Owner


609.287.5841 ryankapel@msn.com 230 S. New York Road Galloway, NJ 08205 RKAConstructionLLC.net

Construction, LLC Additions


License Number: 13VH06765100




Exciting New Incentive Announced To An Already Awesome Business! Would you like to learn how to earn ENERGY plus a residual income and bonuses?

FREE Electric, Gas or BOTH!

From stay-at-home moms to contractors, it’s a business that can change your financial future.

Call me for details, 1-856-887-1403

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I’m a REAL person!

January/February 2014



The Village Movement JFS’ Newest Initiative for Boomers & Older Adults


ewish Family Service (JFS) is excited to announce the launch of Village by

the Shore in our community. While the Village is not a physical place, it is a movement allowing individuals to get the most from their community at any stage of life. Village by the Shore is a membership based model of neighbors helping neighbors that provides a variety of concierge, volunteer and professional services at discounted rates.


Village by the Shore is an initiative providing services and socialization for adults (50 years +) through a unique, concierge style. One call offers an easy “one-stop shopping” experience with access and referrals to high-quality preferred service providers, specialists and social services. Village by the Shore, a non-denominational program, is open to residents of Atlantic County. From managing the household, to social and cultural learning and staying healthy, Village members have access to a number of activities and services. Benefits include friendly visits, phone check-in’s, care coordination and transportation as well as local lectures, concerts, workshops and classes.


Volunteers provide the structure to Village by the Shore. Be a volunteer by sharing your skills, expertise and talents with Village members. Many individuals volunteer in their profession, hobby or favorite past time such as gardening, technology assistance, or transportation. From leading discussion groups, to assisting with office duties and helping members in their own home, there is a volunteer opportunity for everyone. Often times, members become volunteers and volunteers become members.

For More Information, Contact Lisa Walker, 609-822-1108 x 211 www.jfsatlantic.org/services/older-adult/village-by-the-shore

Please contact Absolute Fitness, LLC regarding hiring a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals:

Service Partners

Service Partners are local businesses and community organizations who offer a variety of quality services to Village members. Service Partners are part of a woven network of providers referred directly to members by JFS care coordinators, dispatchers and volunteers. JFS looks to provide a wide range of services to its members and is expanding its Service Partner Network and adding businesses ranging from contractors to handymen to restaurants. By providing special discounts and offers, Service Partners are a top choice for Village members.


Health & Wellness


609.335.6082 or email absolutefitnessllc@gmail.com.

& Wellness

RESISTANCE BAND TRAINING: Try Something New This New Year!


esistance bands are great additions

to your current total body workout that can be implemented at home, in the gym or when you are traveling. These bands are portable, lightweight and relatively inexpensive, making them an excellent piece of equipment to own. Try one of these workouts to train your lower body and upper body.

Lower Body Workout

Perform squats by placing both feet on top the resistance band and grabbing the ends with both hands. Standing tall, pull the band to your shoulder level and transition into a squat. Return to the start position and repeat for 30 seconds. Lunges are executed by placing your feet in a staggered position with the band under your right foot and your left foot behind. Hold an end of the band in each hand and perform a lunge. Complete as many repetitions as possible in 30 seconds with your right leg and then repeat with your left leg.

Upper Body Workout

Perform 15 repetitions of these exercises. To perform the upright row, place both feet in the middle of your band and hold an end in each hand, relaxing

your palms in front of your thighs. Slowly pull the band in front of your body up to shoulder height and return to the start. Bicep curls can be performed by placing both feet on the band and holding an end in each hand. Relax your hands and the sides of your body and turn your palms outward. In a controlled motion, curl your arms towards your chest turning your palms to face your shoulders.

Total Body Workout

Performing both upper and lower body exercises simultaneously with your band will increase your strength gains and improve overall performance. The first exercise in the circuit is a squat with a bicep curl. Using your band, perform a squat. Add a bicep curl as you return to your start position and repeat your squat exercise. The second exercise would be performing a lunge with your exercise band. As you lunge into position add a lateral raise and return to the start. Complete 10 repetitions of each exercise.

To hire a sports psychology professional or personal trainer, please contact Absolute Fitness, LLC absolutefitnessllc@gmail.com 609.335.6082 www.absolutefitnesssj.com

JoAnne Barbieri is the owner of Absolute Fitness, LLC. She is a sports psychologist, a NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist, a NASM performance enhancement specialist and a personal trainer. She holds a Psy.D. in sports psychology and performance and a M.S.S. in Sports Science.

1 Client Testimonial

“I am not a gym going type of person and was afraid of doing strength training without professional instruction so when a friend of mine told me about her personal trainer, JoAnne, I decided to check it out. I’m really glad I did because after three months I was able to do a lot more than previously with no injuries.” ~ Kathy W.

The County Woman Magazine


January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Does Your Child See Things Clearly?

Presented By: Richard B. Wise, MD Wise Family Eye Center llc

The only way of knowing if your child is seeing clearly is through vision screening. Your child should have each eye’s vision checked on an eye chart starting at age 3 and then repeated yearly.

T formed at your pediatrihis typically will be per-

cian or family doctor’s office at

their regular well check up or at their school. The main goal of vision screening is to identify children who have or are at risk to develop amblyopia, which can lead to permanent visual impairment unless treated in early childhood. Other problems that can be detected by vision screening include refractive errors such as myopia (“nearsightedness”), hyperopia (“farsightedness”) and astigmatism. Less common problems that can identified include strabismus, cataracts, glaucoma, and other more serious conditions such as tumors or neurological diseases.

the two eyes). While strabismus is easy to detect as the eyes are misaligned, it is more difficult to detect anisometropia. With anisometropia, the eyes are straight but the vision is out of focus in one eye (see photo). These kids tend to appear normal as one eye sees clearly and are often unrecognized without proper screening. If your child fails their screening exam, they should see a pediatric ophthalmologist. The earlier the treatment of amblyopia, the easier it is to reverse. Source: American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS)

Amblyopia (“lazy eye”) is defined as poor vision in an eye due to a lack of use of an eye in early childhood. The

two most common causes of amblyopia are strabismus (misalignment of the eyes) and anisometropia (a difference in eyeglass prescription between

Our pediatric eye services include (but not limited to): • Strabismus (misalignment of eyes such as crossed eyes). • Amblyopia (poor vision in an eye due to lack of use of an eye). • Nasolacrimal Duct Obstructions (blocked tear ducts). • Chalazion/Styes • Failed Vision Screenings. • Refractive Errors (need for glasses) Our adult eye care services include (but not limited to): • Glaucoma • Diabetes Evaluations • Macular Degeneration • Cataracts • Lasik/Refractive Surgery Evaluations • Dry Eyes

• Dr. Wise is a fellowship-trained, board-certified pediatric ophthalmologist. He earned his medical degree at the University of Toronto where he graduated with honors standing. He then completed his ophthalmology training at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia and a fellowship in pediatric ophthalmology at Northwestern’s Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. At Wise Family Eye Center, we encourage a friendly environment where the entire family can get comprehensive eye care with the highest quality. Dr. Wise sees patients of all ages, which allows parents to be seen at the same time as their child for an eye exam. As a small practice with only one physician, you are guaranteed to be seen by the doctor you were scheduled to see.


45 SVisit pa us at . . . www.wisefamilyeye.com


richard b. wise, m.d.

Fellowship-Trained Pediatric Ophthalmologist Board-Certifried Adult Ophthalmologist 54 W. Jimmie Leeds Road, Unit 15 Galloway, NJ 08205

Phone (609) 652-1010 Fax (609) 652-7759

Enter To Win

Enter to Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Tranquil Touch

and me




__________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________ State: _________ Zip: ______________________

in the Ocean Heights Plaza Raves from our Faves: tant January than any other time of Donna K. H H H H H 37sayBethel Road ng the year. Divorce lawyers Day Best Spa in South Jersey …This ny from January to Valentine’s Somers Point, NJ Spa is a hidden Gem for sure. Well is their busy season. How sad worth a trip to Somers Point, it is when we allow life to overThe Spa itself is beautiful and so whelm us to the point where we peaceful, the products excellent, forget the important things. Just The County Woman Magazine the price, well let’s just say I’ve as we take care of our physical






❏ Check Here to Receive Specials from Tranquil Touch Day Spa Mail To: The County Woman • P.O. Box 619 • Turnersville, NJ 08012

Or Visit www.Facebook.com/TheCountyWoman to Enter Online!

One entry per person. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Entries will be accepted through January 31, 2014. Company does not provide any personally identifiable information to these third party ad servers or ad networks without your consent.



January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Chelation Therapy: Is It Right For You?

Written by: Dr. Sam Jonuzi Integrative Medical Center




ou’ve got enough blood vessels in your body to wrap around the world seven times or to reach one third of the way to the moon, if they were strung out! In naturopathic school, we learned that when a person is sick they are sick all over. It’s not unusual for a patient to come into our office and tell us that their medical doctor told

them, “Except for the cancer you have, you are perfectly healthy.” It’s hard for a naturopathic/ Integrative doctor to conceive of a person with cancer as being perfectly healthy everywhere else, but we live in a world of different ideas, concepts, philosophies, and worldviews. In naturopathic/ Integrative medicine we believe when a person has cancer in their stomach, liver, lungs, etc., they have it all over their entire body, in every organ, gland, and system. It may be manifesting itself more in one part of the body than others, but never the less; it’s throughout the whole body. The perfect example was the actor John Wayne. The doctors said that he had stomach cancer. Remember John Wayne could afford the very best medical doctors and treatment in the world. Money was no object. The doctors cut two thirds of his stomach out and said “We got it all!” There are no signs of cancer. John Wayne was pronounced perfectly healthy. The “Duke” as he was often called, died just six weeks later from lung cancer! When it comes to the cardiovascular system, conventional medicine sees only an inch or two of totally blocked arteries. Their solution is Cut it! Drug it! Blast it!

The way naturopathic /Integrative doctors view the cardiovascular system is the whole 75,000 miles of arteries. We believe that if an inch or two is totally blocked then there are thousands of miles of arteries that are partially blocked. Can you begin to see why we believe in Chelation therapy as part of a total health program? Is it making sense to you to think of Chelation therapy as a means of improving your total health and well-being? One of the most beautiful aspects of the Integrative Medical Center’s Chelation therapy prevention program is when you attack the plaque before it becomes a named disease, you prevent it all. All in one program, by eliminating the cause, which we believe is plaque. We help to prevent hundreds of named diseases and thousands of related symptoms. You can do it all yourself with the help of our total treatment, wellness, and life-style program.


In short: Brain clogging is another manifestations of arteriosclerosis. The same thing that clogs the body clogs the brain. The orthodox medical profession has hundreds of names for this process. We keep things simple at Integrative Medical Center, we call it plaque. We believe it is at the root cause and a major contributing factor to all degenerative disease.

Dr. Sam Jonuzi specializes in bio-ionic chemistry, detoxification and clinical nutrition. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry from Rowan University in 1986 and a Doctor of Naturopathy degree from Trinity College of Natural Medicine in 2001. Dr Jonuzi also earned an Integrative Health Practitioner degree at the Advanced Integrative Medical Institute in Washington, D.C. Dr. Jonuzi is Diplomat of the College of Natural Therapies and Member of the American Association of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Jonuzi is Founder and Managing Director at Integrative Medical Center in West Atlantic City. Physicians at IMC emphasize prevention and early diagnosis as well as cost-effective, non-invasive treatments that work toward the elimination of the root cause of chronic degenerative illnesses and medical conditions that have gone undetected by traditional medicine.

The County Woman Magazine


The Integrative Medical Center  program, which includes

Chelation therapy, is designed to clean plaque off the arterial walls of your brain and body. We think that orthodox medicine has its place. We also think that the best medicine is preventive medicine. Chelation therapy can help you to prevent degenerative disease, premature aging, cancer, stroke, sudden death, diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease, because it improves circulation to every inch of the 75,000 miles of blood vessels in your body. Chelation removes heavy metals, including the materials that bind plaque. It is the plaque, remember, that plays havoc with the body. Chelation therapy also improves the pliability and flexibility of your arteries. Old age has always been associated with hard, ridged, inflexible arteries. Youth has always been associated with arteries that have elasticity, pliability, and movement. The choice is now yours. Chelation has made a lot of sense to me. That’s why I do it and that’s why I’m telling you about it. It can’t do any harm as it’s a very safe medical treatment and that’s a fact. It’s been the official medically approved treatment for lead poisoning for over fifty years. No harm has ever been done in all these years to any one who has received Chelation therapy - and that’s a fact. There are no harmful side effects. Chelation therapy improves circulation and improves the body’s healing powers. Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, and senility also benefit.

We invite you to call Integrative Medical Center and schedule a FREE consultation.


WHO SHOULD NOT BE CHELATED? 1 - People with diagnosed kidney malfunction. 2 - Smokers. 3 - Those who have not been properly tested and evaluated. 4 - Those who have not been through some aspect of naturopathic detoxification. 5 - Those who are not nutritionally sound. 6 - Those not taking their nutritional supplements. 7 - Those not willing to change their unhealthy lifestyles. 8 - Those looking for magic, quick fixes, and not willing to obey nature’s laws of healing.

“Heart attack is not a mystery, neither is heart disease, it is caused by a slow process known as atherosclerosis.” Other documented benefits of Chelation therapy include: • Normalization of 50% of cardiac arrhythmia. • Improved cerebrovascular material occlusion. • Improved memory and concentration when diminished circulation is a cause. • Improved vision with vascular-related vision difficulties. • Significantly reduced cancer mortality rates as a preventative.

Get started today on a healthier tomorrow. www.IntegrativeMedical.us

January/February 2014

Medical Professionals


Integrative Medical Center Offers An Alternative Here are the steps:

Step One: A comprehensive naturopathic detoxification program based on your individual biochemistry. Your test results determine your exact program. Nutritional Testing and Personal Health Evaluation is where we start. Step Two: A comprehensive dietary and natural food supplement program based on your individual biochemistry, designed to achieve nutritional soundness. Step Three: A preventive Chelation therapy program consisting of eight weekly treatments. Then one treatment per month for twelve months. Step Four: A lifetime maintenance and review program consisting of one Chelation treatment every ninety days, exercise, stress management, and a healthful life-style.


helation therapy is among the very few medical treatments that doctors, nurses, and practitioners do themselves. Almost every one of them takes their own treatments. Think about this, what do you think your doctor would say if you asked him/her if they take any of the treatments that they recommend? Now you know why Chelation therapy is known as party time. It’s doing something great for your health and future. It’s positive. It’s social, and you

are with others. It’s a learning experience. It’s fun! I take treatments myself and


almost everyone on our staff. We believe in what we do. We’ve seen the results. We would like

to invite you to join our party and stay healthy.      - Dr. Sam Jonuzi

Why Chelation Therapy?

For over 50 years I.V. Chelation Therapy has been the official Medical Treatment for Lead Poisoning, Heavy Metal Toxicity and Other Environmental overexposures.


E.D.T.A Chelation Therapy improves the pliability and flexibility of over 75,000 miles of tiny capillaries.


By-Pass surgery cleans out only a few inches of blocked arteries. Chelation Therapy safely, comfortably and efficiently cleans out the entire cardio vascular system. Plaque begins to accumulate on the walls of our arteries in our early 20’s, so by the time


we’re 35, arteriosclerosisrocks have already advanced. Chelation Therapy cleans out a lifetime of accumulation of dangerous plaque.


Although not approved by Orthodox Drug Medicine for the treatment of Heart Disease and Stroke, tens of thousands of Medical Doctors believe in the treatment and perform millions of treatment each year.


In the 70 year history of Chelation Therapy...no one has ever been harmed. Millions of patients have reported improved circulation, lower cholesterol, reduced blood pressure, elimination of brain fog,

improved sexual function, increased in energy, and improved quality of life.


Chelation Therapy helps prevent the need for Angioplasty, By-Pass Surgery, Heart Transplant, Arteriosclerosis, Stroke, Heart Attack, decreased Mental Function, Diabetes, Arthritis and other Circulatory disorders.


Integrative Medical Center I.V. Therapy Department administers numerous different I.V. vitamins , Bio-Oxidative and immune enhancement treatments as an alternative to Orthodox Drug Medicine for the purpose of disease preventive.

Tired of being OVERWEIGHT... Need a CURE? We address and correct the physiological cause of Obesity, Weight Gain and the Inability to Lose Weight.

Tired of PAIN... Need a Relief?

Solutions for every type of pain, using Non-Invasive Holistic Drug Free Technique

Specializing In: All Insurance • Overweight & Obesity Control Accepted • Pain Management & Rehabilitation Only Out of Network • Detoxification & Clinical Nutrition Benefits • Bio-Oxidative & Hydro Therapies • EDTA Chelation & I.V. Super Nutrition Your First Consultation is FREE! Call to schedule your appointment


201 East Black Horse Pike • West Atlantic City, NJ 08232


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January/February 2014

Unique Hair Salon


Does Your Hair Have The Winter Doldrums?

Kathleen Fisher owner of the Shore Style Salon


ow is a great time start replenishing dry, lackluster hair with organic color. At Shore Style Salon we carry Organic Color Systems. Weight Loss Center


This product line is the proven ammonia free, high performance range of longlasting, permanent hair color. It contains certified organic extracts and natural ingredients that maintain your hair’s essential moisture and protein levels, so your hair is not damaged by the coloring process. In fact, with this color your hair will be healthier, shinier, and more natural looking than ever before.

Discover the exceptional performance, superior results, and healthier alternative of the product line with Certified Organic Ingredients. These products have also been certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as cruelty-free and 100% vegan. Be kind to your hair…it’s a long winter!

We also Specialize in Brazilian Blowouts

With Organic Color Systems you no longer have to suffer while getting your hair colored! Gone are the noxious fumes, stinging scalp, watery eyes and the damage ammonia causes to your hair.

Come Join A Great Team!

If you are an experienced stylist looking for a salon with a professional yet comfortable atmosphere please contact us-we’d love to meet you!

6525 Ventnor Avenue Suite 3 Ventnor, NJ 08406

(Corner of Ventnor & New Haven Ave)


Specializing in:

Brazilian Blow outs

And Kathleen Fisher, owner of the Shore Style Certified in Organic Salon loves to be a part of Salon Systems the positive changes in her clients’ lives. Shore Style is a full www.ShoreStyleSalon.com service salon providing services for all phases of hair care; from color, cuts, and keratin smoothing services. She adds, “Taking the time to get to know the needs of the client and translating that into the final design, and having them leave happy is an awesome feeling.”

Weight Loss Center

How To The Lose Weight – It’s A New Year! matter how many hours you spend at the gym, you can’t out Resolutions for the new year have started, and for many, work bad food. losing weight and getting in shape are at the top of the list. The answer to success at weight loss is proper nutrition, Lack of motivation and follow through of beginning a diet and fantastic support and a coach who truly is inspired to see you getting in to the gym makes these goals less than a reality. Going on a diet does two things: It sets your mind up with the idea that there is a completion of weight loss, and If you do lose weight, you are more prone to “yo-yo weight loss” for the rest of your life. Changing the way you think about food and getting the proper nutrition is the formula for success. That’s where we come in. We will have you losing weight while eating your favorite foods and learning tasty healthy alternatives so you don’t feel deprived. It has been shown that about 70% of weight loss is based on good nutrition. So, if you don’t make a change, no

1 2

succeed! Our programs provide all these aspects whether you get started with one of our upcoming Weight Loss Challenges or prefer the privacy and intimacy of one-on-one coaching. Our Wellness Coaches are invested in your success, so much so that there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Another bonus to our program is exercise is not required. We encourage it, but the programs are designed to work WITH or WITHOUT exercise. Stop in or give us a call to get more information on our Weight Loss Challenges or to get connected with your own personal coach.

All you’ve got to lose is the weight!

Galloway NutritioN

love your Body NutritioN

Sunrise Plaza, 68 W. Jimmie Leeds Rd, Suite 9 Galloway, NJ 08205

London Square Mall, 201 Tilton Road Northfield, NJ 08225

Store Hours Galloway: Monday – Friday 8 am to 6 pm, Sat. 8 am to 3 pm • Alternate Hours by Appt.

Store Hours Northfield: Monday – Friday 9 am to 6 pm, Sat. 10 am to 4 pm • Alternate Hours by Appt.


Francine De Dan Bator George Pappadopoulos

“I’ve lost over 45 lbs.! I’m healthier and happier. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Thank you!” ~ Ed V.

Health Wellness The County& Woman Magazine



David and Nancy Schultz

January/February 2014

Interior Design


The House Whisperer . . .

Susie DiGironimo Owner, Interior Designer


Client once asked me “how do you know how to decorate a house”? I told her, the house tells me what it wants, hence. . .

“The house whisperer” To clarify my conversation, there are many aspects to consider. A home’s architectural details and the shape of the space can say a word or two. The natural lighting through the day, as well as the outside

surroundings, through the windows, also influences a room. And so the story is told through the Designer. Many factors combined, give me the ideas and inspirations to furnish and accessorize a room. Of course, knowing the clients needs, wants, and wishes also are a very important influence. The Sitting Room was my client’s request. “I would like a room where I can relax by myself or with friends.” So I created a multi use room with sitting is comfortable for male or females. As an expert, the furniture selections are based on the people who live in the house. For example, a sofa should be comfortable for the six foot tall man as well as the five foot tall woman, and also be comfortable for children and pet friendly. Durable Fabrics are crucial for a well lived-in room. Even when performing a Renovation to a room, the existing space can be converted to an extraordinary new dimen-

sion. For example, a kitchen renovation can either be the same design as the existing, or we can think “outside the box” and create a whole new Kitchen Concept with “on the edge” appliances, countertops, backsplash designs and flooring that are new and available in today’s market. Maybe you enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner, so now is the time to add a wine refrigerator to your new kitchen design, so your wine is chilled at the perfect temperature. A Powder Room may be a small space. It’s one of my favorite rooms to go wild and create the extreme “wow” factor. Can you really paint the walls and chair rail black? Absolutely, and compliment it with a Sensational Designer wallpaper. When I am an invited Consultant into someone’s home, my vision of the possibilities are automatic. This gift I share with clients, so together we can create the ultimate Dream room.

An investment in your home is worth protecting with an investment in an Interior Designer. An hour of consulting can give you a guideline, budget and direction for your project. All Interior Design Services and Consultations are in accordance with the codes and ethics of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Call today! 609-601-2280.

By The Sea Home Decor Susie DiGironimo Interior Designer Specializing in All Styles of Interior Design

The County Woman Magazine


Start the New Year with a chance to win a Complimentary One- Hour Consultation with Susie. To win, call 609-601-2280 and leave your information (name, phone number and email address)

and you will be entered to win a consultation.

609-601-2280 Email: SusieDDesigns@gmail.com www.BytheSeaHomeDecor.com www.SusieDiGironimoInteriorDesigner.com

January/February 2014

Reliable Cleaning Service


A Passion for Cleaning: Absolutely Maid Will Get Your Home Sparkling Q

What kind of questions does a potential client ask you about your services?

Whether you’re a busy parent or a time-strapped professional, hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your home can be a luxury worth every penny! After all, for most people cleaning is looked upon as a dreaded chore. However for people like Dalva Karpinski, cleaning is a true passion. As the owner of Absolutely Maid Clean, she has built a respected reputation over the last 20 years for her work in residential and office cleaning by combining that passion with her dynamic spirit. She has recently expanded her business in the South Jersey Shore Area. Offering a wide variety of services from home to office cleanings-the incredible reputation of the company grows by word-of-mouth recommendations from their satisfied clients from Vineland to Mays Landing. Dalva is an expert in the field and takes great pride in the work she does. “As we work in the birthplace of our company, we are bubbling with excitement for our new clients in the Atlantic County area.” Absolutely Maid Clean is committed to providing you with excellent service because they know the importance of having a reliable, efficient cleaning service. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products, Dalva and her team makes their client’s homes not just cleaner, but healthier too! We spoke to Dalva about what makes her company so special. Money Saving Coupon

Most homeowners are typically concerned with their children and pets; wondering if we are able to clean with their pets in the house. One of the most important topics is setting a regular schedule. They like to be informed on how we will handle their emergency cancellations, rescheduling appointments, and holiday schedules. Some clients even express a preference for us to use their favorite cleaning products.


How do you train your technicians? How are your teams organized differently from other cleaning companies?

After a visit from my team, the client tells me their expectations were met and exceeded. We go above and beyond other housekeeping companies by providing customized, detail-oriented service. Our training program is a progressive implementation of hands-on training using the latest methods in the industry. By utilizing teams of three, instead of individual cleaners or teams of two, we are able to spread out and clean each location at a consistent pace. Because we serve each client individually, each home or office is managed differently. Although there are some similarities in cleaning patterns, each client does receive a personalized service.

a strategic, methodic approach to ensure the efficiency of the job.


What are some of your favorite cleaning techniques and tools?

Our approach is cyclic rotation. This means that our technicians follow a specific way to move around a room. In this manner, everything is cleaned from top to bottom and nothing is overlooked. Some of our techniques involve using special cleaning tools like cleaning scrapers and professional agronomical vacuum cleaners. After a visit from us, homeowners can expect their home to sparkle. We also use special color-coded cleaning towels; each one is designated for a specific task.


If you are planning a party or just looking for a fresh, clean start in the New Year, call their office and schedule your home or office cleaning.

Call Absolutely Maid Clean, 856-405-6179 or 609-553-0431. Be sure and check out their website or visit them on Facebook. www.facebook.com/AbsolutelyMaidClean www.absolutelymaidclean.com

Dalva Karpinski, Owner Absolutely Maid Clean


What products do you like to use when cleaning a home?

Office Located at: 616 E. Landis Avenue, Suite 301 Vineland, NJ 08360

We use EPA certified, professional grade, environmentally safe cleaning products. They are hypoallergenic and safe for humans and pets. Clorox® CleanUp for disinfecting and mildew treatment purposes is the only exception, which is typically part of the initial cleaning. We also use state of the art equipment and


Give the Gift of a Clean Home!


Purchase a gift certificate from Absolutely Maid Clean, and you will give the most valuable gift... time for yourself and family.

Coupon good for one (1) house cleaning by Absolutely Maid Clean.

New customers only. Not to be combined with any other offer. Book your cleaning by February 28, 2014:


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January/February 2014

ICON Hospitality


Happy New Year!

For all of Life’s Celebrations Choose Gourmet and The Carriage House Savor the warmth, quality and good taste of Galloway’s favorite restaurant. Enjoy casual weeknight dinners, elegant private functions, delicious to-go and outstanding catered cuisine.

Host your next event at Gourmet Whether personal or business, host your wedding, bridal/baby shower, rehearsal dinner, birthday, anniversary, retirement, corporate event, happy hour, church event and more at Gourmet Italian Cuisine!!

Customizable Packages

Lunch menus starting at $14.95 per person | Dinner menus starting at $20.00 per person (Tax and Gratuity Additional) To book your next event contact Jennifer Weisbecker at 609-748-2400 ext. 106, or email jweisbecker@icon-hospitality.com 324 South Pitney Road, Galloway, NJ | www.gourmetitaliancuisine.com

We’ve combined a fairytale setting with world-class cuisine and incomparable service to create unforgettable, enchanting events. Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events and State-of-the-Art Business Meetings and more!!!

Ask about our $79.00 per person “Crystal Wedding Package”

To book your next event contact Kristin Steelman at 609-748-2400 ext. 101 or Carly Wenz at ext. 111 25 South Pitney Road, Galloway | www.the-carriagehouse.com

Enjoy our other Icon Hospitality Properties:


The County Woman Magazine

Galloway’s finest gourmet bakery offering extraordinary confections sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. For Wedding and Specialty cakes call 609-748-2400 ext. 104 to schedule your free, private consultation. 319 South Pitney Road, Galloway NJ www.lusciousandsweet.com www.TheCountyWoman.com

The area’s largest and most reasonably priced selection of domestic and imported wines, spirits and beers combined with outstanding customer service. 609-748-4100 319 South Pitney Road, Galloway NJ www.gourmetliquors.com

January/February 2014



& Wellness

Ask The Pharmacist . . .

Taking The Mystery Out Of Compounding

Q Mark Taylor, RPh is the owner of Jersey Shore Pharmacy, where he is also a pharmacist. Here, he shares his experience and expertise to answer a few common questions.

My mother is 90 years old and takes 13 pills a day. They are split up in 4 times: morning, afternoon, dinner and evening. This includes pain relievers, neuropathy medication, stool softeners and nutritional supplements. Will a compounding pharmacy be able to get this down to 4 pills a day, taking 1 each time: morning, afternoon, dinner, and evening? There are times that we are able to combine medications into one dosage form so the patient may take less pills each day. There are many factors we must research before we can say yes or no to this. These factors include drug interactions, chemical stability, side effects, and more. Please contact us with any specific questions you may have about combining your medications.


My medication was discontinued by the pharmaceutical company, can I have my medication compounded to continue my treatment? Yes, we can compound your treatment, if we have access to the drug in its’ chemical form. Many drugs are discontinued permanently and some companies run into production problems that can create temporary interruptions. In most of these cases, we are able to provide the medications in the forms that the patient needs.

Disclaimer: The medical information on this page is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Please consult your health care provider before making any healthcare decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.

Mark Taylor is a 1991 graduate of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. Mark has pharmacy experience in hospital, retail, home IV and compounding. Mark is the current treasurer of the South Jersey Pharmacists Association and is also a member of the New Jersey Pharmacists Association, NCPA, APhA, PCCA and NJHSP.

Health &Wellness

Sanum Per Aqua: “Health Through Water” In the warmth of Watsu®, with gentle stretches and support, it helps to reduce spasticity, improve range of motion, and increase circulation which decreases pain and muscle contraction. Watsu® is being incorporated into aquatic ater has the therapy treatment programs in hospitals, power to improve health, increase fitness level and clinics and rehabilitation centers around the world. Some of the many populations who improve quality of life have benefited include those with: Written by: Audrey Filardi


because it eliminates many physical limitations we experience on land.

Our pool attracts people of all ages, abilities and interests. Watsu® aquatic bodywork is an amazing way to improve your health. The benefits of Watsu® don’t end with adults; it is great for children too! They love the water and view it as fun. A child with Cerebral Palsy (CP) can find the most simple and basic everyday tasks to be a challenge. CP is the loss of or impairment of motor function caused by brain damage through abnormal development. It is affected before birth or early after delivery. CP affects the body’s movement, muscle control and muscle coordination. Also affected are the reflexes, posture and balance, fine and gross motor skills.

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Traumatic Brain Injury Spinal Cord Injury Stroke Parkinson’s Disease Arthritis Cerebral Palsy Chronic Pain Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fibromyalgia Post Mastectomy Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Many of my clients tell me that Watsu® is the most effective technique in decreasing their pain and improving their ability to move while maintaining a quality of life.

Start a New Year with vibrant health and joy! Call 609-965-7229 today to find out how Watsu® can improve your life!!

Purchase a package of THREE 30-minute Watsu® sessions

Purchase a package of THREE 60-minute watsu sessions

and receive a 4th session FREE! ($200 value)

and receive a 4th session FREE! ($340 Value)


Healthy Body, Vibrant Life! Audrey S. Filardi Y WATSU

Y Massage Y Water Fitness Y Swim Lessons

(609) 965-7229 full.circle@comcast.net


Watsu® sessions are given at the AtlantiCare LifeCenter in Egg Harbor Twp. For more information call 609-965-7229.

The County Woman Magazine


January/February 2014


& Wellness


Choosing A Child Care Center Is An Important Decision Marg Mancuso, Chief Operating Officer of the Milton & Betty Katz Jewish Community Center, puts your worries at ease!


“Choosing a child care center is a very important decision. When you can’t be there for your child, you want to make certain that whoever’s care you are leaving them in is fully invested in their care and development,” according to Marg Mancuso, Chief Operating Officer of the Milton & Betty Katz Jewish Community Center which includes the Early Childhood Education Center. According to Linda Hassan Anderson, Senior Director at the National Association for the Education of Young Children Academy (NAEYC), the early years are a crucial time in a baby’s brain development. “You want somewhere that will help your baby as she grows into a toddler and then a preschooler and beyond. They need to develop social skills, build relationships with teachers and other kids,” Anderson said.

According to Mancuso, there are no federal standards for child care centers and licensing regulations are enforced by the state, so it is imperative that you do your own research. Some of the best research is done by talking with friends, neighbors and other mothers in the area. Jessica Goldstein of Linwood is an area mother and a JCC Early Childhood parent. “There is no greater feeling than the one you have when your children are happy and safe in the loving care of teachers who nurture them. For four years, we have had that priceless feeling. Long after our boys have graduated, the extraordinary JCC staff will always hold a special place in our hearts,” Goldstein said. At the Katz JCC, children learn, develop friendships and become engaged in a unique high-quality educational setting that not only delivers results but offers an enhanced education including swim classes in an indoor pool, planned activities in a full-size gym and expansive outdoor recreation facility, and hands-on science classes in an interactive nature room.


The National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) has compiled findings from over 40 years of research to identify the


most important attributes of a quality day care center and created guidelines when making the selection. They have created a checklist for researching day care centers.

A few things to consider when choosing a child care “We invite you to take this checklist, compare and find out for yourself what the Katz JCC Early Childhood Education Center has to offer,” Mancuso said. The Katz JCC offers competitively priced programs, including extended hours, for children six weeks old through kindergarten.

To learn more, call 822-1167 Ext. 131 or visit www.jccatlantic.org. Milton & Betty Katz JCC 501 North Jerome Avenue Margate, NJ 08402

The Katz JCC Early Childhood Education Center Enrolling Now Infant through Kindergarten


• Unique high-quality educational setting • Swim, computer, science and nature classes • Extended hours • Competitive prices • State-of-the-art security system

Call 822-1167 ext. 131 or visit www.jccatlantic.org for more information or to schedule a tour. United Way of Atlantic County

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January/February 2014


Women Of Atlantic County

Dr. Desiree D’Angelo-Donovan

Diana Cosby

When the opportunity arose to return home to Somers Point as the newest surgeon at GFH Surgical Associates, the decision to join the prestigious practice was an easy choice for Dr. Desiree D’Angelo-Donovan. Dr. D’Angelo-Donovan, who includes breast biopsy and surgery among her specialties, is the only female General Surgeon on staff at Shore Medical Center’s state-of-the-art Surgical Pavilion. Additionally, her practice is the first in New Jersey to use the revolutionary EnCor Ultra Breast Biopsy System. A 2008 graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. D’AngeloDonovan completed her General Surgery Residency and Chief Surgical year in 2013 at the Christiana Care Health System in Newark, DE. She has published a variety of articles dealing with breast cancer, winning the Leslie W. Whitney Resident Scientific Paper Competition Award. GFH Surgical Associates is located a block from Shore Medical Center at 718 Shore Road in Somers Point. For an appointment, call 609-927-8550 or visit www.gfhsurgeons.com.

A retired Navy Chief, AGC (AW), Diana Cosby is an international bestselling author of Scottish medieval romantic suspense. Her award-winning MacGruder Brother books are available in five languages, with the 6th book in the series released in December 2013. Diana has spoken at the Library of Congress, Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC, and appeared in Woman’s Day, on USA Today’s romance blog, “Happy Ever After,” MSN.com, and in Texoma Living Magazine. After her career in the Navy, Diana dove into her passion – writing romance novels. With 34 moves behind her, she was anxious to create characters who reflected the amazing cultures and people she’s met throughout the world. In August 2012, Diana released her story in the anthology, “Born To Bite,” with Hannah Howell and Erica Ridley. Diana looks forward to the years of writing ahead and meeting the amazing people who will share this journey. For more information on the author or to purchase a book, please visit her website www.dianacosby.com.

Audrey Filardi

Desiree Bruno

GFH Surgical Associates

Owner at Full Circle Wellness

Audrey Filardi enjoys meeting new people and helping others find their way back to living a healthy life. She is a nationally certified massage therapist, and Reiki master. Prior to becoming massage certified, Audrey received her Master’s degree in Art Therapy from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA and worked in the mental health field for 10 years before moving on to work in the fitness industry. She worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor on land and in the water. Her love of the water goes back to her childhood. After becoming certified in massage she learned about Watsu®, which is a form of bodywork given in warm water. She instantly knew that she was meant to bring this unique and highly therapeutic bodywork technique to South Jersey. Currently, Audrey is the sole Watsu® practitioner in southern New Jersey and offers this service at the AtlantiCare LifeCenter in Egg Harbor Township, as well as, her private pool in Sweetwater, NJ where she resides. Audrey draws from a well-rounded knowledge base that empowers each person toward their own healing. She enjoys a healthy, active lifestyle and loves the outdoors, swimming, bicycling, or kayaking in the Mullica River. You may call her at (609) 965-7229, email her at full.circle@comcast.net, or visit her website for more information at www.fullcirclewellness.abmp.com.

International Bestselling Author

Director of Aesthetics at AvantGirl

After graduating from the Rizzieri Aveda School in 1996, Desiree moved to Philadelphia. She began working at a local salon and attended the Redken Exchange in New York City twice a year. In 2002, Desiree trained at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, England. She has worked with a host of celebrities, including styling Paula Abdul’s hair and applying make up for her “Live 8” performances. Desiree also worked as a Regional Make Up Artist for both Laura Mercier and Chanel throughout Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey. She began working at AvantGirl as Director of Aesthetics and wanted to share her favorite products with us such as, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty brushes, Claudio Riaz concealers and complexion highlighters, as well as his “Instant Face Palette” compact, which strategically places powders on your face. A great styling product she suggests is the Oribe line, and for conditioning, Desiree loves The Leonor Greyl line, which are extremely exclusive hair and scalp treatments. She says, “It’s a facial for your hair!” Desiree enjoys spending time with her three-year-old daughter, Scarlett-Rose, taking her to children’s museums. She also loves to travel, having been to Europe five times and South America once. You may contact Desiree at AvantGirl to book an appointment by calling 609541-2947. www.avantgirlstylebar.com

Photo by Donna Andrews Photography

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January/February 2014

Women Of Atlantic County


Rebecca Lanham Weaver

Nicole Collier

Working from a very young age taught me that the three pillars for professional success are hard work, effort, and passion. Earning what I have has always been a point of pride for me, and since my first job and throughout my career, I not only developed the skills that serve me well today, but learned how independence and self-reliance build better people and working professionals. For my career I decided to undertake a journey by transforming what was already a long time hobby into a career. I wanted to build a future around my interests and passion and enrolled myself into a New Jersey State Board accredited cosmetology school and began my career after graduation. Always looking to grow, I sought an opportunity to continue my education and become a better-rounded professional by earning my Massage Therapists license last year. Having licensure in both cosmetology and massage therapy places me firmly on professional ground where I can stand with my peers as a well-educated and talented professional whose hard work and effort has built a career of success. The three pillars of my professional journey have enabled me to professionally perform any service offered at a salon and spa, and even now, years later, I go to work each day enthusiastically approaching everything as a professional challenge for achieving excellence.

Nicole was born in Mount Holly, NJ and was raised in Atlantic County where she resides today. She attended and received her diploma from Oakcrest High School. At first, she pursued her education to become a Professional Casino Games Dealer. Then Nicole moved to advance her career in the medical field. She attended Atlantic Cape Community College and became a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, Certified Phlebotomy Technician, and Certified EKG Technician. Nicole has strong work ethics and being a team player is very important to her. Her eight-year-old son Rashawn, Jr. and husband, Rashawn, keep her on the move and give Nicole motivation to be the best she can be. Nicole is a Medical Receptionist at Advanced Care OB/GYN and is beneficial to running the reception area effectively and efficiently. She is always willing to go above and beyond in her job, especially when it comes to helping patients. Nicole enjoys being a mother and a wife; and, in her spare time, she enjoys photography, outdoor activities, reading books, and watching movies. Family and friends are very important to her and she spends as much time with them as possible. If you would like to speak with Nicole call 609-272-0506 or for more information please visit www.advancedcareobgyn.com.

Photo by Donna Andrews Photography

Photo by Donna Andrews Photography


Medical Receptionist at Advanced Care OB/GYN

W NOYES MUSEUM of ART: Painting Workshop V Featuring Diane Tomash: Painter, Printmaker

The Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton College presents a Landscape Painting Workshop by accomplished painter and printmaker Diane Tomash on January 11, 2014 from 12:30 to 3:30 pm. Tomash’s work is included in the Associate Artist exhibition on view from December 6, 2013 – January 19, 2014 at the Noyes Museum in Galloway. The Noyes Museum’s Associate Artists are emerging artists working in a variety of media including sculpture, painting, and photography, who have been carefully selected and awarded this competitive designation from the Museum. Tomash is primarily a plein-air painter, Fee for workshop: creating landscapes that convey the emotion Members $40; that she feels at different times of the day and in Non-Members $50. different weather conditions. She states that she (Adults and mature teens.) creates art “to give visual evidence of feelings Registration deadline: not easily communicated in words.” Tomash 01/04/14. has exhibited across the country and won many Snow date: 1/18/14. awards, including the Prestigious Gold Medal of Honor from The Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art For more information call: Club. The artist is a graduate of the (609) 652-8848 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the or visit www.noyesmuseum.org. Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art.

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733 Lily Lake Road, Oceanville, New Jersey, 08231 (Galloway Twp.) Located one and a half miles south of Historic Smithville Village

Museum Hours:

Mon-Sat: 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sunday: Noon to 5:00 p.m. Closed on major holidays.

Admission fees:

$5 for adults, $4 for students & seniors. Upcoming & Current Exhibitions: January 24 – May 18, 2014: Curlee Raven Holton January 31 – May 4, 2014: Fabio Mazzieri View all upcoming exhibitions & events at www.noyesmuseum.org.

January/February 2014





5:39 PM

Medical Professionals

Ladies & GentlemenPlease join us!


February 12, 2014

5 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Smithville Inn • Galloway, NJ $40 per person

Heavy Hors d’oeuvres • Auction • Cash Bar Vendor Marketplace

Shop for your valentine!

Bring someone you love! RSVP by January 31, 2014

To register, call 1-888-569-1000 or visit www.atlanticare.org

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January/February 2014

Book Corner


New Books Help Parents of Children with Special Needs Experience Successful Family Vacations Jesemine Jones and Ida Keiper, co-founders of Starry Night Travel, LLC, announce the release of their Starbrite Traveler Book series. As experienced professionals in the field of special education, Jesemine and Ida realized that there were limited resources for parents wishing to travel with their children with special needs. They decided to use their expertise to create a series of guidebooks. The first book in the series, Starbrite Traveler: A Travel Resource for Parents of Children with Special Needs, is an illustrated guide that gives families a well organized, easy to read travel resource.

Learn How You Can:

special provisions and accessibility for your child with special needs ✰ Teach and reinforce vacation safety with our illustrated activities ✰ Address challenging behaviors by applying evidenced based strategies ✰ Use checklists, questionnaires, worksheets and timelines to plan your trip ✰ Identify

The second book Starbrite Traveler: Destinations for Kids with Special Needs, East Coast Edition includes destinations and attractions along the East Coast of the United States that are special needs friendly.

You Will Find:

Special needs friendly destinations, including zoos, museums, aquariums, discovery/science centers, beaches, planetariums, amusement/theme parks, and state and national parks ✭ Accessible accommodations, programs, and supports provided for children with special needs ✭ Interactive activities and games to enhance learning ✭


The books are fully illustrated, interactive and even offer a companion activity/coloring book, which introduces the idea of travel to children with special needs in a fun, interactive way.



What Is Project HOME?


The books are available on www.amazon.com or www.barnesandnoble.com. For additional information visit their website at http://starbritetravel.com. A portion of the proceeds of our books is donated to children’s charities.

Since 1989, Project HOME has helped more than 8,000 people break the cycle of homelessness and poverty by providing a continuum of care that includes street outreach, supportive housing and comprehensive services that focus on health care, education and employment.

Housing. Since its inception Project HOME has leveraged $106 million

for housing and economic development. Their Public Policy, Education & Advocacy team won a landmark case in the Third Circuit Federal Appeals Court, which established a legal precedent ensuring fair housing practices for homeless persons with special needs. For nearly 25 years, Project HOME has worked with a variety of coalitions on the city, state, and national levels to impact public policies, educate elected officials and maximize resources for housing and services.

Opportunities. The Employment Services program works with over 200 residents and alumni each year on educational assistance, job search, job coaching, resume writing and budgeting. They make employment referrals and maintain relationships with community partners included Fresh Direct, The Fresh Grocers Loews Hotel, PA CareerLink, Morgan Lewis & Bockius and Shoprite. Medical. The St. Elizabeth’s Wellness Center is committed to addressing the health and wellness needs of people living in our community, including residents

of Project HOME-sponsored housing, people living in North Philadelphia, and people who are currently homeless. These health services, located within the St. Elizabeth’s Community Center in North Philadelphia, include primary medical care, behavioral health care, and care coordination services. We also work with many partners to promote physical and mental health to our patients and the wider community, especially around better nutrition, increased physical activity, smoking cessation and healthy stress reduction.


Education. Project HOME recognizes that education and employment are

critical tools to help all people—young and old—improve the quality of their lives. This is particularly vital for formerly homeless people and people from economically distressed neighborhoods that may not have had access to meaningful educational and employment opportunities. They offer a wide range of services based on best practices that are tailored to specific needs and goals of the individual. Increased access to these services provides solid support for adults, children and youth to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty. Located at: 1515 Fairmount Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19130

If you want to volunteer OR make an in-kind donation: Volunteer & In-Kind Donation Coordinator 215-232-7272 x3023

If you want to make a monetary donation: Please contact the Development Department

If you see a person on the street in need of support, please call our Homeless Outreach Hotline at 215-232-1984. If resources are limited, you may call the Hotline for no charge at 1-877-222-1984.

Telephone: 215-232-7272 215-232-7272 x3057

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January/February 2014



For More Information on Classes, Workshops and Memberships or if You’re Interested in Sponsorship – Please See Our Website: www.hammontonartscenter.org

We Wish to Thank Our Corporate Sponsors: Kenneth M. Irvis, MD FACOG NJM Bank

Funding for the HAC is provided in part by the NJ State Council on the Arts, Department of State, a partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts through the Local Arts Grant administered by the Atlantic County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs. The HAC is a member of the South Jersey Cultural Alliance (SJCA). The media is invited to visit the SJCA press room at http://www.sjca.net/pressroom.html. Visit the HAC at www.hammontonartscenter.org. The HAC is ADA accessible.

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January/February 2014



Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter: The Place to Turn to After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis


s Alzheimer’s — the most common form of dementia — progresses, it increasingly interferes with a person’s memory and his or her thinking and speaking abilities. The disease can also affect one’s personality and behavior. Eventually, the person with dementia can no longer care for herself. By then, she’s probably already stopped being able to remember or recognize places, things or people, including her children, siblings, close friends, or even her own reflection in the

mirror. The neurodegenerative disease still does not have a cure, way to prevent it, or even slow its progression. Throughout the Alzheimer’s journey, from the early to midstages, to the late stage of the disease, different types and levels of care are needed. Usually a spouse, an adult child, or other family member provides care initially, and oftentimes in the late stage, the person with dementia needs professional care at home, or in a hospice. “Hearing for the first time that you have Alzheimer’s or a related disorder can simultaneously be a relief and scary,” said Linda Coppinger, the

Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter’s Executive Director South Jersey. “On the one hand, you’re glad to learn there’s an actual name for what you’ve been going through, yet, you are really worried and frightened due to the uncertainty of exactly what the diagnosis means and how it will affect you and your family.” That’s one of the reasons why the Chapter’s 24/7 Helpline is invaluable. Anyone, including the person who’s been diagnosed, a friend, or a family member, can pick up the phone any time of day, call 800.272.3900 and speak to someone who can answer their questions in his or her preferred language about Alzheimer’s or a related disorder, and the Chapter’s many programs, including those that offer people with early-stage dementia and their caregivers a helping hand.

Delaware Valley Chapter

Programs & Services 24/7 Helpline

Consumer Education

Early-Stage Initiatives


Care Consultation

Caregiver Support Groups


Safety Services:

Diversity Outreach:

Professional Education

Free, interactive online trialmatching & informational tool

Afri, Asian, Faith, Latino, LGBT

MedicAlert® + Safe Return® & First responder training

Caregiver training for the healthcare professional

For information about accessing our services, call our 24/7 Helpline 800.272.3900, or visit alz.org/desjsepa

Learning Together

The County Woman Magazine

Since 2001, individuals in the early stage of Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia and their care partners have been able to take advantage of Early-Stage programs like, “Learning Together.” This specialized dual support group meets for eight weeks straight – sometimes together, and other times, separately, followed by regu-

lar monthly meetings, enabling both the persons with dementia and their families to learn more about Alzheimer’s and the impact it will have on them as the disease progresses. These discussions with others who are in the same position provide muchneeded emotional support.

Rocket Education Community (REC) Center

In order to provide additional social engagement for people in the early stages of dementia through fun, stimulating arts and cultural activities, the Chapter expanded its Early Stage Initiatives in 2011 with its new REC Center. REC Center sessions, which take placein South Jersey at the Chapter’s Regional Office in Marlton, offer an opportunity for participants to take trips to take in live artistic performances, the theater, art museums, as well as participate in volunteer activities and arts and crafts projects.

Peer-to-Peer Outreach Program

Sometimes, it helps to talk to someone who has experienced what you are a going through. Receiving an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be devastating to the person with the disease, so the Chapter developed a way for a person who has just been diag-

nosed to discuss with someone who’s “been there,” how they feel about the diagnosis and ways their dementia might affect them as it progresses. The Peer-toPeer Outreach Program consists of several volunteers who are, themselves, in the early stage of Alzheimer’s or a related disorder, and have regular phone conversations with their peers, who are also in the early stage, but are newly-diagnosed. “Our Early-Stage Initiatives add an additional layer of comfort for individuals struggling with the many feelings and emotions that accompany the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or a related disorder,” said Coppinger. “They come to realize after participating in our REC Center, support groups or Peer-to-Peer, they are not alone and there is a home away from home for them.”

For more information about Alzheimer’s, related disorders, and the broad spectrum of Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter’s programs and services, call the 24/7 Helpline at 800.272.3900, or visit alz.org/desjsepa.

About the Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter: The Alzheimer’s Association is the world’s leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research. The Delaware Valley Chapter, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the local arm of the national nonprofit organization, and serves 18 counties in South Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware, providing programs and services to more than 294,000 individuals and families affected by Alzheimer’s disease or a related disorder, including 85,000 in South Jersey. The Atlantic County Branch Office is located at 25 Dolphin Avenue, Building D, Ground Floor, Northfield, NJ 08225. For more information about the Chapter and the disease, visit alz.org/desjsepa, or call 800.272.3900. www.TheCountyWoman.com

January/February 2014



Help Us Provide a

“Home Away From Home”

Children heal faster and better when they’re surrounded by their family. You can help us make sure that happens. The number of families in need of specialized healthcare for their children-- and a place to stay close to them during their treatment-- continues to increase. In 2012, our Houses had a record-high 92 percent occupancy rate. Providing the high-quality services we’re known for comes with significant costs. Every night, it costs us approximately $65 per family staying in our Houses. Your gift, no matter the amount, will help us serve families so they can focus on what really matters their seriously ill child.

“... A study published July 23, 2013 in Families, Systems and Health, a journal of the American Psychological Association, finds that families who stayed together at a Ronald McDonald House, for even a portion of their seriously-ill child’s hospital stay, believed their ability to stay nearby helped their child recover and spend less time in the hospital. This is the first published research to explore the role of family accommodation in enhancing the family experience, psychosocial well-being and perceptions of child recovery for hospitalized, seriously-ill children.” Below are heartwarming stories of the Horan & Procaccini-Brooks families and look at the pictures of their beautiful children. These are just two (2) of the families that have stayed at our Houses over the years. For each of the stories there are hundreds more. Please make a donation today to help our families into tomorrow. Visit our website: www.rmh-cnj.org

“In April 2013, our twins, Grace and Sean, decided to join us 6 weeks before their due date. When we came to the house we were trying to adjust to being parents, to 4 hour feedings, to the special needs of NICU twins, to say the least we were overwhelmed. In RMH we found love and support, we found friends whose daughter was in the crib next to Grace who taught us the best hours to get extra time with our kids. Even though we lived less than 1 hour away we would have missed so much if we’d had to commute to the hospital. The house gave us the opportunity to be parents, instead of visitors in our children’s lives. We will be forever grateful to the house and its benefactors for helping make us a family.” ~ Krista Horan

The County Woman Magazine

“Our King Julian arrived 8 weeks early on 11/13/12. At 2 days old, he was transferred over 46 miles away to RWJ New Brunswick. We were grateful and relieved to get a room at RMH, especially because Julian was diagnosed with RSV that same night. Despite Julian’s setback, being so close afforded us our best nights’ sleep since his birth. For 62 days, Jill’s morning hellos, the caring cook’s meals, among many other loving gestures, kept us strong. On 1/12/13, the night before Julian’s due date, we finally brought our tiny miracle home. Living at the RHM carried us through our daily struggles; our first Christmas as family, and most importantly, ensured our peace of mind and happiness. Thank You!” ~ Katrina, Jule and Julian Procaccini-Brooks


January/February 2014

Women’s History


Doris Lessing Winning The Royal Flush


s a mental health therapist I encourage all of the individuals I counsel to journal. Journaling can be therapeutic and can also be a reflection of a life lived. Every individual I have met in my life has a story to share and an interesting life lived and yet we all do not get the pleasure of learning about the trials and tribulations of so many on a daily basis. As we embark on a new year with renewed hope, consider documenting your life as a legacy to those who may one day find themselves reading about it to future generations. Doris Lessing


gave society the guts and glory of her life and became a recipient of many awards including the Nobel Prize for Literature. What made Doris Lessing so interesting and historical? Born to the name Doris May Taylor on October 22, Comicbooked.com 1919 in Kermanshah, (retrieved December 1, 2013) Persia which is now Iran, Doris’ parents were British and after World War I relocated to Zimbabwe. It is noted that Doris endured a difficult childhood and stopped attending school at the age of 14. Doris ventured out into the world of employment engaging in jobs that included nursemaid, telephone operator, office assistant and most of all a journalist. Doris married in 1939 and had two children from the marriage. Doris felt confined to suburban living and divorced her first husband in 1943. Doris soon became involved with the Rhodesia’s Communist

Party and not long after her divorce, Doris remarried Gottfried Lessing in 1945. At that time that Doris took the proper name of Lessing as her last name. Doris had another child with her second husband, however this marriage also ended in divorce after four short years. Soon after Doris’ divorce from her second husband Doris relocated to England where she had her first book published in 1950. The book was titled, The Grass Is Singing (1950). It is interesting to note that Doris boldly wrote about a controversial topic in which a white woman who is a farmer’s wife has an affair with an African American man who is the servant. Doris’ writing would receive much attention through the years that spanned through various genres. However Doris’s book titled, The Golden Notebook (1962) would be the literary artwork to which Doris would be recognized through winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. The subject matter of the book was crucial at a time where women were fighting for equality and the women’s movement. The book featured a female writer struggling in a man’s world. The main character was a single mother who attempted to create a new way to look at life such as living as freely as a man was able to live. The book encompasses a series of five total notebooks or journals each -coded that represent different periods of the main character or Lessing’s life. The last notebook or the “gold notebook” is the compilation and reflection of how each of the other colored notebooks tie together Lessing’s life journey from childhood into her adulthood. The journey taken is both spiritual and physical and endures the struggles of a woman during a tumultuous time in history. Doris received numerous awards throughout her lifetime that included the Somerset Maugham Award received in 1954, France’s Prix Medicis in 1976, being recognized by the British government as a Companion of Honour in 1999. This award is a prestigious award given that dates back to the early 1900s to men and women who are nationally recognized for their work in cultural awareness. During the course of her writing, Doris used surnames that included Jane Somers, Doris Tayler, Doris May Lessing and known to

NewYorker.com (retrieved December 1, 2013).

society as Doris Lessing. It is noted in Doris Lessing’s biography that when she won the 2007 Nobel Prize for Mythicjourneys.org Literature that (retrieved December 1, 2013). she responded to reports in an interview by stating, “I’ve won all of the prizes in Europe, every bloody one. I’m delighted to win them all, the whole lot. It’s a royal flush.” Doris was known to speak her mind about personal experiences as well as her passion about politics. She was a voice for those who had no ability to stand on their own. Doris Lessing died on November 17, 2013 in London at the age of 94. Her literary legacy lives on through her writings. As you embark on your own personal journey heading into 2014 take the time to write down your life’s reflections. Not only will they become part of your legacy left behind, they will become part of history. References: Lacayo, R. (2013). Doris Lessing Protean Nobel Prize winning novelist. Time Magazine, December 2, 2013 edition. Doris Lessing Biography. http://www.biography.com/print/profile/doris-lessing-9380070, Retrieved on December 1, 2013.

Rita King, MSW, LSW is a full-time mental health therapist and advocate of women’s history. During her undergraduate studies in psychology, Rita developed a strong passion for women’s history after completing classes in political science. As an activist, Rita has raised awareness of the importance of women’s history through lectures, history lessons in elementary and middle schools and creating women’s history displays at local libraries. Rita also utilizes her knowledge of women’s history to empower women and young girls in her current role as a mental health therapist.

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January/February 2014

Fabulous Food


2014: Is This YOUR Year For Healthy Eating?

Stephanie Hopkins Certified Personal Chef


he holidays are over for another year. While the resolutions associated with a new year may make it easy for you to step away from the cookies, stuffing and eggnog, anyone who has tried to improve their diet by eating more healthy foods or to lose weight by following a special diet knows that eating healthy takes effort and therefore precious time. Your convictions at the start of the year can quickly wane when the reality of post-holiday life comes knocking on the door. Commercial frozen entrees are not the answer, as they are typically packed full of preservatives, chemicals and sodium and not

very nutritious at all. As your Personal Chef, Stephanie Hopkins prepares healthy, nutritious meals that will leave you full and satisfied. Meals are prepared using only ingredients that can be easily pronounced and are ready to heat and serve within minutes of your arrival at home. Stephanie, the owner of Cutting Board Creations, LLC, takes care of all the menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, packaging and clean up for you – your biggest decision is what to have for dinner! All the cooking is done in your home – ingredients purchased that day, equipment and supplies for your customized menu all come with Stephanie when she arrives. Your kitchen is left clean and your refrigerator is stocked when she is done. Many have found that using a Personal Chef is cheaper than throwing out old groceries and far tastier and healthier than frozen entrees. Menus are customized for each individual, addressing needs such as portion control and special diets. Cutting Board Creations can help you take the steps toward reaching your personal health goals. Stephanie has experience


Celebrating 11 Years of Delighting our Clients!

preparing meals for low-fat, low-sodium, and low-sugar diets as well as South Beach, Weight Watchers, GenoType and other diet plans. Imagine coming home from work and having a meal waiting for you that has been made with delicious ingredients following your diet plan, perfectly portioned and ready to eat within minutes. Sounds much better than having to run to the grocery store, wait in line to pay, come home, start preparing the ingredients, cooking, and then finally

being able to eat. With Cutting Board Creations, you’ll have time after work to relax, enjoy your meal, and get to your workout as well! You’ll be able to brag to your friends the next day about the fantastic meal you enjoyed.

♥ A Gift Certificate Makes A Great Valentine’s Gift!

Stephanie was professionally trained at the Culinary Business Academy, is a Certified Personal Chef, a Certified Food Safety Manager, and Finalist for the USPCA Personal Chef of the Year in 2012 and 2013. Services are provided on a first come, first served basis and there are no contracts – ever! For more information on our services or Gift Certificates, references, and fees, contact Cutting Board Creations, LLC today.


Super Healthy Vegetable Barley Soup This is a heart healthy and tasty comfort food perfect for the cold weather and the start of the new year. The ingredient list is long, but simple. Feel free to substitute vegetables based on your personal tastes. 1 tsp. garlic, minced ½ cup onion, coarsely chopped 1 cup celery, coarsely chopped (can include leaves too) 1-10 oz. frozen spinach, drained and squeezed dry 1-14 ½ oz. diced tomatoes 1-15 oz. navy beans (or any white bean), drained and rinsed 2 cups mixed vegetables, frozen 2 cups cabbage, shredded

The County Woman Magazine

2 cups tomato juice ½ pound ground beef (or ground turkey, chicken), browned and drained 2 cups vegetable broth, low sodium ½ cup barley, quick cooking ½ tsp. basil, dried ½ tsp. parsley, dried ½ tsp. oregano, dried 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper

1. Combine all vegetables, meat, tomato juice and water in Dutch oven. Bring to boil. 2. Reduce heat, cover and simmer at least 45 minutes until vegetables are tender and flavors are blended. 3. Add barley and seasonings. Serves 8 4. Simmer an additional 15 minutes or until barley is cooked and tender.


January/February 2014

Cooking Boutique

55 69

Heirloom Kitchen Opens

At ‘The Village Of Town Center’ In Old Bridge, New Jersey Kitchenware Boutique Brings Brooklyn Aesthetic to the Heart of the Garden State Heirloom Kitchen, a culinary boutique offering kitchenware and tabletop accessories, had its grand opening on November 14, 2013. Located at 3853 Route 516 in Old Bridge, New Jersey, the boutique provides the community with a destination to explore and expand their culinary skills as well as inspire them to enjoy their time in the kitchen as never before. “Opening this store has always been a dream of mine. I wanted to highlight the amazing resources such as great chefs and bountiful agriculture that Central Jersey has to offer and make it accessible to the community,” said Neilly Robinson, Co-owner and Managing Director of Heirloom Kitchen. “There is nothing like bringing friends and family together through food, and we hope to make people’s time in their kitchen enjoyable and truly meaningful.” Run by the dynamic mother and daughter team, Judy Rosenblum and Neilly Robinson, Heirloom Kitchen seeks out the most unique, artisanal items from around the globe to carry in its boutique. An independent retailer, they aim to present their clients with alternatives to the typical stock carried in an average chain store. With a keen eye for both form and function, high-end products are stocked side-by-side with just-assavvy economical alternatives.

Getting an opportunity to learn from chefs you admire is a very unique experience,” said Judy Rosenblum, Co-owner of Heirloom Kitchen. “I have been fortunate enough to gather insights and inspirations from chefs all over the world and I strongly believe that these kinds of experiences can not only alter your approach to cooking but enhance your whole life. I wanted to create a venue accessible to anyone looking for the same opportunity—a little closer to home.” In addition to kitchenware and tabletop accessories, Heirloom Kitchen will soon be offering recreational cooking classes in its state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen. Sponsored by Arclina Design & Cooking School, Sub Zero & Wolf, Caesarstone, and Messermeister Knives, the kitchen is state-of-the-art, and the heart of the space—all accented with subway tile, stained concrete floors and vintage wallpaper from the 1920’s. Accommodating up to 24 people for a demonstration class and 12 for a hands on class, a variety of classes are offered, everything from canning & jamming, knife skills, and making the most of the season’s fresh produce, to digging into a fourcourse meal you’ve made yourself— all with a little help from local

About Heirloom Kitchen: Heirloom Kitchen is a carefully curated purveyor of kitchenware, both unusual and renowned, as well as a venue for recreational culinary classes that will inspire novice and professional chefs alike. For more information please visit: www.ourheirloomkitchen.com or check out our blog at www.heirloomkitchen.tumblr.com For Press Inquiries contact Neilly Robinson: e: neilly@ ourheirloomkitchen.com t: 732.727.9444 c: 646.596.2739

butcheries, fisheries & farms, and prestigious chefs local to Central New Jersey, as well as the Tri-State Area and beyond. Whether it be learning how to make the perfect pastry, picking up an unusual gift for a loved one, or enjoying a demonstration cooking class on Friday’s date night, Heirloom Kitchen offers a culinary center for all the foodies out there.

Neilly Robinson, Co-Owner and Managing Director.

Neilly has spent the past seven years at a global management agency in New York representing established artists in the fashion industry. While she excelled at her job and enjoyed her success, she came to realize that her work was not fulfilling, and after extensive soul searching, she decided to follow her foodie heart and open up Heirloom Kitchen. Neilly is an active member of the burgeoning “foodie culture” of Williamsburg Brooklyn, participating in local CSAs, volunteering with the Brooklyn Food Coalition, dining with various supper clubs, and supporting sustainable growth as a consumer, organizer, and advocate. Inspired by the foodie community in Brooklyn, she sees an opportunity to cherry-pick the best of what she’s discovered there, and craft something original in the neighborhood she grew up in.

Judy Rosenblum, Co-Owner

Working alongside Neilly will be one of her greatest influences, her mother, Judy Rosenblum. When Judy started a family 35 years ago, her interests in food, nutrition, and healthy living increased exponentially. She quickly became an avid culinary student and an accomplished home cook. From that point on, food has been a major focal point in Judy’s life. Whether it’s hosting a lavish dinner party or cooking simply for her family, the act of bringing loved ones together ignites her passion for food. Following the latest food trends, her menus focus on wellness, nutrition, taste and presentation. Incorporating Judy’s background in interior design with her passion for food education, her involvement will range from the design and layout of the space to merchandising to spearheading its philanthropic initiatives. Judy will also help facilitate day-to-day operations.

Heirloom Kitchen Culinary School & Retail Boutique Open Tues – Sat: 11am – 7pm

3853 Route 516, Old Bridge, NJ 08857 w: ourheirloomkitchen.com t: 732.727.9444 f: 732.709.1161

The County County Woman Woman Magazine Magazine The

www.TheCountyWoman.com www.TheCountyWoman.com

January/February 2014 2014 January/February



& Wellness

H ealth & W ellness H ealth & W ellness H ealth & W ellness H ealth & W ellness H ealth & W ellness

XCut PrescriptionCard CardOffers OffersSignific Signifi Cut Prescription

XCut Prescription RXCut PrescriptionCard CardOffers OffersSignifican Significan Standard Medicare Part d Benefit

What PrograM to USe

Standard Medicare PrograM Beneficiary pays first What Use primary Medicare Standard Medicare What PrograM Part d Benefit to USe Part(deductible) d Benefit to USe $275 provider program Beneficiary payspays first first Use Use primary Medicare Beneficiary primary Medicare Beneficiary pays 25% Use primary Medicare $275$275 (deductible) provider program (deductible) provider program

Cut helps by providing discounts drugs used for anorexia, of the next $2,235 (25% provider program from 15-75 percent on medicaweight gain, weight loss, Beneficiary payspays 25%25% Use Use primary Medicare Beneficiary primary Medicare of $2,235=$558.75) Cut helps by providing discounts tions at your local pharmacy. drugs used used for anorexia, Cut helps by providing discounts erectile dysfunction, cosmeticof the drugs for anorexia, next $2,235 (25% provider program of the next $2,235 (25% provider program from from 15-7515-75 percent on medicagain,gain, weight loss, loss,etc.), percent on medica-weight weight weight purposes (hair growth, of $2,235=$558.75) Medicare part D tions ofonce $2,235=$558.75) your plan has Use rxcut to save 15%Have you at your local reached pharmacy. erectile dysfunction, tions at your local pharmacy. erectile dysfunction, cosmetic barbiturates, andcosmetic benzodiazhe“doughnut Medicare hole?” Part hole?” D cov“doughnut purposes (hair growth, etc.), spent $2,510 ($275 + 75% on the cost of your purposes (hair growth, etc.), theHave “doughnut epines. With the RxCut Pre- onceonce erage gap, often referred Have youryour planplan has has Use Use rxcut to save 15%-15%youyou reached rxcut to save reached barbiturates, and benzodiazbarbiturates, and benzodiazhe Medicare Part D covhe “doughnut Medicare Part D cov-hole”? $2,235= $2,510), medications scription Savings Program, spent to as the $2,510 ($275 + 75% on the cost of your spent $2,510 ($275 + 75% on the cost of your the “doughnut epines. WithWith the RxCut Pre- Preepines. the RxCut erageerage gap, gap, oftenoften referred referred the “doughnut Beneficiary pays 100% there are no limited drug lists. ole,” istoaasperiod of time dur$2,235= $2,510), medications $2,235= $2,510), medications Savings Program, Usehole”? the RxCut Prescription scription scription Savings Program, theas“doughnut to the “doughnut hole”? You receive discounts on Beneficiary of thepays next $3,216.25 *Be sure to submit receipts to nghole,” thehole,” coverage year (Jan.100% Beneficiary pays 100% there arecan no limited drug lists.lists. there are no limited drug is a period of time dur- durSavings Program to maxiis a period of time Use the Prescription UseRxCut the RxCut Prescription your PdP the drug that works best for Dec.) when you will be rediscounts on on of the $3,216.25 submit receipts to to Youreceive can receive discounts of next the next $3,216.25 *Be sure *Beto sure to submit receipts ing the year year (Jan.-(Jan.- Savings ingcoverage the coverage mizeSavings your savings during thisYou can Program to maxiProgram to maxiyou! Ourworks Individual program your PdP your PdP ponsible forwhen paying drug the drug that best for the drug that works best for Dec.)Dec.) when you will be re-be re- mize “catastrophic coverage” Use primary Medicare youall will difficult when you yourperiod savings during thisare mize your savings during this has two features: you! you! Our Individual program osts out of for pocket. When Our Individual program sponsible paying all drug sponsible for paying all drugdifficult “catastrophic coverage” Use primary Medicare begins aftercoverage” the provider program “catastrophic Use primary Medicare left without Medicare period whenwhen youcovare difficult period you are has l two has two features: out pocket. When oucosts fallcosts intoofout this ofdoughnut pocket. When left Afeatures: National Retail begins afterafter the thehas spent provider program without Medicare covbegins provider program erage. use the card leftSimply without Medicare covbeneficiary youyou fall into this youare fallresponsible into doughnut this doughnut ole, for l Al National Retail A National Retail erage. Simply use the Discount Prescription beneficiary has spent erage. Simply usecard the beneficiary has spent when you’ve reached thecard $4,050 much does it cost you for forwhen How you are responsible hehole, fullhole, costare of responsible prescription Discount Prescription Discount Prescription you’ve reached the when you’ve reached the Savings Card: All FDA$4,050 $4,050 “doughnut hole” and continue How much does it cost How much does it cost the full of prescription thecost full cost of prescription Savings Card:Card: All FDAMedications not Use rxcut to save to participate? Savings All FDA-are rugs, plus you must continue “doughnut hole” and continue hole” and continue approved medications until“doughnut your “catastrophic covedrugs, understand that famiMedications not not Use Use rxcut to save to participate? plus you must continue Medications rxcut to save to participate? drugs, plus you must continue approved medications are approved medications are until your “catastrophic cove understand that famio pay your Part D premiuntilkicks your in. “catastrophic coveyour understand that famicovered under Medicare 15%-75% on your eligible to receive up to covered erage” The Prescription Savings to pay Part D premito pay your Part D premiunder Medicare 15%-75% on your covered under Medicare 15%-75% on your lieslies across the nation eligible to receive up toup to eligible to receive erage” kicks in. erage” kicks in.Prescription The Prescription Savings ms even though you arenation notcan The Savings across the nation can medications. a 75 percent discount at lies across the can ums ums eveneven though you are though younot are not medications. a 75 apercent discount at at medications. 75topercent discount program a free service all ng from uncontrollable eceiving benefits! AreAre your prescribed program isis a is free service to alltothan more 54,000 pharmaprogram a free service all 54,000 With rxcut there ring from uncontrollable receiving benefits! Are your prescribed uffering from uncontrollable receiving benefits! your prescribed more than 54,000 pharmaWithWith rxcut there are no more than pharmarxcut there are noare no families and individuals that wish cies, including all major conditions as well as the medications not families and individuals that wish excluded medications families and individuals that wish cies, cies, including all major mic conditions well as notnot including all major nomic conditions as well as medications the medications excluded medications RxCut isishere to excluded medications RxCut here to RxCut isashere tothe chains. to save on their prescription. chains. chains. to save on their prescription. covered by Medimaking ends meet and to save on their prescription. covered by Medimaking ends meet and sshelp of making ends and covered by Medihelp you fill in the youyou fill inmeet the help fill in the llOur Maill Our Maintenance Mail-MailOur Maintenance Maintenance care? care? care? ng a healthy lifestyle. ning a healthy lifestyle. ntaining a healthy lifestyle. hole! hole! hole! Order Program: Designed Order Program: Designed Order Program: Designed When does the When does the When does the While Medicare does not ncerns ofreaders readers are always While Medicare does not concerns of readers arehelping always While Medicare does not erns of are always RxCut dedicated to helping to maximize your your savings RxCut is dedicated to tomaximize maximize savings RxCut is isdedicated to helping to your savings card expire? card expire? have an established formuhave an expire? established formu- on all of your maintenance card have an established formuiority, and the The County people priority, and the The County people caught in the Medipeople caught in the Medion all of your maintenance rity, and the The County caught in the Medion all of your maintenance lary, Part D coverage Part D drug coverage Part Ddrug drug coverage care Part “doughnut hole” The card has nono expiration medications through homehome care Part D “doughnut hole”lary,lary, The card has noexpiration expiration medications through nman Magazine has partnered Magazine has partnered are Part DD “doughnut hole” The card has medications through home Magazine has partnered excludes certain categories excludes certain categories certain categories their pharmacy needs.needs. Rx- Rx-excludes with wi delivery. th their pharmacy delivery. date and can be used each time date and can be used each time th their pharmacy needs. Rxwi eeRx-Plus to offer this delivery. hRx-Plus FreeRx-Plus to offer this of medications, for example, ofdate medications, for example, andfor can be used each time to offer this of medications, example,

What is the Medicare part D What is Woman the What is the ounty “doughnut hole?” Medicare part D

County Woman County he County Womana a azine is Woman gazine isoffering offering gazine is offering a a Magazine is offering ost savings card cost savings card cost savings card o-cost savings card ding FREE access viding FREE access viding FREE access roviding FREE access nificant savings gnificant savings gnificant savings oescriptions. significant savings prescriptions. n prescriptions. prescriptions.


e understand that famiW W W lies across the nation can

How much does it cost to participate? The Prescription Savings program is a free service to all families and individuals that wish to save on their prescription.

ring from uncontrollable mic conditions as well as the f making ends meet and ning a healthy lifestyle. ncerns of readers are always When does the riority, and the The County card expire? you have a aprescription. cancan have a prescription. You can resource thathas provides The card has noYou expiration able resource that provides neesource Magazine partnered youyou have prescription. You that provides even share the same card with even share the same card with oeeRx-Plus upto to 75 percent sssavings toRequest savings up to 75 percent Fill out and return to time receive your FREE savings card! date and cansame be used each offer this even share the card with Cards Through Email: Rxplus@Thecountywoman.Com ~ Phone: 856-881-0302 ~ 336.587.3370. Or Fill OutOut AndAnd Return Request Cards Through Email: Rxplus@Thecountywoman.Com ~ Phone: 856-881-0302 ~ 336.587.3370. Or Fill Return avings up to 75 percent THIS IS THE SAVINGS CARD WE WILL SEND YOU BY CALLING THIS IS THE SAVINGS CARD WE WILL SEND YOU BY CALLING family and friends. All cards family and friends. All cards criptions, lab and Request Cards Through Email: Rxplus@Thecountywoman.Com ~ Phone: 856-881-0302 ~ Or Fill Out And Return prescriptions, lab and Or go to our website www.freerxplus.com/FRP00106 or email Rxplus@TheCountyWoman.com you have a prescription. You can THIS IS THE SAVINGS CARD WE WILL SEND YOU BY CALLING 336.587.3370. family and friends. All cards egging resource that provides Call between the hours of 9-5 Monday through Friday. Call between the hours of 9-5 Monday through Friday. ptions, lab and distributed are active andand ready distributed are active ready services. services. Call between the hours of 9-5 Monday through Friday. even share the same card with distributed are active and ready oervices. savings up to 75 percent for use. for use. Request Cards ThroughforEmail: Rxplus@Thecountywoman.ComNumber ~ Number Phone: ~ Or Fill Out And Return Name: of856-881-0302 Cards: Name: of Cards: use. and family friends. All cards satthis program andand howhow is this program criptions, lab and Name: Number of Cards: program elp me?me? and how What is Medicare D and itservices. help What is Medicare Part D ready distributed are Part active Return to: to: Return ghis Address: hole”? Address: pFreeRxPlus me? What is Medicare “doughnut hole”?Part D TheThe County Woman Prescription County Woman Return to: The FreeRxPlus Prescription “doughnut for use. Name: Number of Cards: The Medicare Part D coverPO Box 619 The Medicare Address: POCounty Box 619Woman hole”? Part D coverProgram will benefit the the “doughnut Program will benefit The reeRxPlus Prescription sngs this program and how Turnersville, NJ 08012-0619 age gap, often referred to as the Turnersville, 08012-0619 age gap, often referred to as the ed, the under insured, andand What nsured, under insured, The Medicare PartPart D coverPONJ Box 619 rogram will benefit the help me?the is Medicare D Return to: “doughnut hole”, is a period of “doughnut hole”, is a period of id Part D participants. dicaid Part D insured, participants. Turnersville, NJ 08012-0619 age“doughnut gap, often hole”? referred to as the d, the under and Acc Ac Address: The County Woman FreeRxPlus Prescription time during the coverage yearyearof time during the coverage take the card to a participly take the card to a partici“doughnut hole”, is a period Part D participants. Thewhen Medicare Part youyou will be DbecoverPO Box 619 P (Jan-Dec) when will Program will benefit the (Jan-Dec) pharmacy when you dropdrop ng pharmacy when you time during the coverage year ke the card to a participaying all drug responsible for paying alltodrug Turnersville, NJ 08012-0619 age gap,for often referred the red, prescription and receive a a responsible your prescription and receive the under insured, and (Jan-Dec) when you will be asyou armacy when you drop coasts out-of-pocket. When you coasts out-of-pocket. When on your medication. ngs on your medication. “doughnutforhole”, is aallperiod of id Part D participants. responsible paying drug rescription and receive a fall intointo thisthis doughnut hole,hole, youyou fall doughnut The The County Magazine 36 36 March/April 20102010 time duringforthe coverage year County Magazine March/April take the cardWoman to Woman a particicoasts out-of-pocket. When you nwuch your are responsible the full costcost are responsible for the full of amedication. Walmart Walgreens much of a Walmart Walgreens (Jan-Dec) when will pharmacy you drop offallprescription into this doughnut drugs you plus hole, you beyou nt will I get? ount will Iwhen get? The County Woman Magazine of prescription drugs plus you 36 March/April 2010 Costco Duane Reade Costco Duane Reade allcost drug continue tofor pay yourfull Part D D areresponsible responsible for the rounts and receive must continue topaying pay your Part depending on ona must hprescription of avary,vary, Walmart Walgreens Discounts depending Target CVS Target CVS premium even though you areyou not out-of-pocket. When premium even though you are you not of coasts prescription drugs plus dication and pharmacy. on your medication. medication and pharmacy. will I get? Costco Duane Rea receiving benefits! receiving benefits! nts typically range from must continue to pay your Part D fall into this doughnut hole, you counts typically range from unts vary, depending on www.TheCountyWoman.com The County Woman Magazine January/February 2014



January is National Mentoring Month

Big Brothers Big Sisters

of Atlantic & Cape May Counties

In honor of National Mentoring Month, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Atlantic & Cape May Counties salutes our 200 wonderful volunteers who dedicate time each month to their Littles. Too few young people have a caring adult figure in their life to provide encouragement and support. Jim Hinnegan and Adam Reed are the perfect example of a strong and enduring friendship developed through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. The pair met when Adam was just 11 and 18 years later their friendship is stronger than ever. Adam was raised by a single mom and Jim was the constant positive male role model for him. “Some of my favorite moments are the times that my dad was supposed to be there showing me how to do lay ups…. how to play pool in a pool hall….. when my dad was supposed to be cheering for me at every single soccer game, every basketball game and every crew race and instead there was my mom, and there was Jim,” said Adam. They have experienced very important milestones together, including Jim asking Adam to be the Best Man at his wedding and naming him Godfather to his son Ryan. “Jim never tried to be my father. But he was more of a parental figure in my life than I think either of us could have ever imagined. At the end of the day, being a parent or mentor is mostly just about being there. Watching someone grow up, through good times and bad, through achievements and mistakes. And Jim was always there.” Photo by Cass Imaging Big Brother Jim and Little Brother Adam have been friends for 18 years.

We all have the power to

Start Something


Take a Walk on the wild side with us! Join Big Brothers Big Sisters of Atlantic & Cape May Counties for the first annual Wild Walk for Kids event. It will be a fun-filled day for the whole family! All proceeds will directly support mentoring programs for local children.

Saturday, April 5, 2014 Cape May County Park & Zoo Benefiting:

Big Brothers Big Sisters

of Atlantic & Cape May Counties

The County Woman Magazine

For more information and walk registration visit:

www.wildwalk4kids.org www.TheCountyWoman.com

January/February 2014



Saving A Family Treasure The Future of the Jersey Shore Children’s Museum

In the day to day business of raising children, sometimes we lose sight of just how precious these years are. When the Board for the (new) Jersey Shore Children’s Museum was being formed last year, one common denominator was obvious: the majority of the members were parents of adult-or nearly adult aged children. When asked what their motivation was to save the museum from closing down permanently, board member Mari Dattolo replied: “We have an obligation to the community and to future generations to preserve this family treasure. My daughters were at the original location on opening day and someday I hope to introduce their children to the same experience.” Museum Manager, Dawn Cooper agrees. Having a four year old granddaughter herself, Dawn is already making museum memories with their next generation!

The museum fosters family and community connections and provides a place where every child can learn through play in an interactive environment.

With that vision in mind, a handful of older moms and dads set out to resurrect the Jersey Shore Children’s Museum in Hamilton Township. With the thoughtful support of the regional Hamilton Mall, the museum contents were safely tucked away for ten months until October, when the mall management generously offered up a temporary location. THE GOAL: a 9,500 sq ft facility awaits the museum as a permanent tenant, located on the mall’s property. THE PURPOSE: to expand with new updated interactive exhibits for a broader range of ages, offering both party rooms and a community based theatre. The future of the museum is in the funding needed to complete the build out. A generation of children are hoping for a New Year’s Miracle. A dedicated Board is counting on the community to make it happen! “It Takes A Village”...

Photos by Darci Doran Photography

For more information on how YOU can help, and follow daily updates, visit our Facebook page and our website at JerseyShoreChildrensMuseum.org

Hands-on exhibits celebrate and encourage children’s imaginations and the power of play as the cornerstone of learning.

The County Woman Magazine


January/February 2014


& Wellness


Yoga Retreat in Tulum,Mexico

March 8 – 13, 2014

Join Laurie Greene for a 5 night escape to Mexican paradise on the pristine shores of Tulum. Daily yoga practice in front of the Caribbean Sea, plenty of free time for rejuvenating and relaxing in nature, beach walks, optional nature excursions and spa services will fill your retreat experience. Escape with us this winter for some sunshine on your back, quality time on your mat, and a wonderful time with amazing folks to put a smile on your face.

O P E N C L A S S E S 7 D AY S A W E E K

• Yoga • Bellydance

Early Bird sign-ups through January 1, 2014 save $100

• Meditation • Tai Chi

• Therapeutic Massage • Holistic Services

Gift Certificates Available for Classes or Massages

WWW.YOGANINE.COM 609.404.0999 609.481.2455 609.494.9299 SMITHVILLE




TheCounty County Woman Woman Magazine Magazine The

www.TheCountyWoman.com www.TheCountyWoman.com

November/December January/February 2013 2014




performances begin


Ben Brantley, New York Times

SmartTix.com (212) 868-4444

Barrow Street Theatre 27 Barrow Street at 7th Ave.

concept and lyrics by


JOHN THOMAS FISCHER Photo: Joan Marcus Design: Fraver

An original musical inspired by the true story of a Broadway producer’s wife who is suddenly jilted by her husband after decades of marriage. Determined to celebrate a new chapter in her life, she turns to her wickedly witty friends, who together sing, dance and laugh their way through the ripple effects of divorce and self-discovery.

Telecharge.com or (212) 239-6200 Groups (10+): 800-432-7780


The County Woman Magazine


January/February 2014





The most fun you’ll ever have in the dark

NOW LIVE in the heart of


Telecharge.com 212-239-6200 iLuminate.com New World Stages, 340 W 50th St.

The County Woman Magazine


January/February 2014



An Educational Resource for Women & Their Families

Be a Social Butterfly! The County Woman is on Facebook! Like our page to be kept up-to-date on the latest offers from your favorite local businesses! Stay informed about upcoming events in your community!

Keep in touch with all the latest news from your favorite educational resource for women and their families!


Flutter over to our Facebook page today!

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January/February 2014



United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

WomeN’S LeaderShiP iNitiative IN ATLANTIC COUNTY

United Way Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) in Atlantic County is a leadership network committed to improving the lives of children through philanthropy, advocacy, and volunteerism.

WLi iN atLaNtiC CoUNtY SUPPortS United Way’s Success By 6® Initiative brings together a partnership of individuals and service organizations who are working to ensure all children in Atlantic County enter kindergarten ready to learn and prepared to achieve. In Atlantic County, early literacy and parent training programs include: Raising A Reader – a take-home book bag program promoting book cuddling with caregivers First Book – a program building at-home libraries for low-income children Ready, Set, READ! – a volunteer reading program for local pre-schools and daycare facilities Kindergarten Readiness Calendar – a free calendar focused on simple, daily activities geared towards preparing young children for kindergarten

United Way Women’s Leadership Initiative in Atlantic County would like to extend sincere thanks to the volunteers, sponsors, and humorist Gina Barreca who helped to make the 8th Annual Sweet Laughs event a success! Presenting Sponsor: Compassionate Care Hospice Philanthropic Sponsors: ACUA, AtlantiCare, Fish With Feet, LLC, PNC, Shore Medical Center, South Jersey Industries, Stockton Seaview Hotel & Golf Club Executive Sponsors: Atlantic City Electric, Fulton Bank of New Jersey, Kramer Beverage, McDonald’s Mentor Sponsors: Cooper Levenson Attorneys at Law, Yvonne Bonitto Doggett Business Consulting, Dorothy and Herman Saatkamp, Fuerman Optometry, REVEL, Royal Suites Healthcare & Rehabilitation

Get involved and make a difference! Visit www.UnitedForImpact.org/Atlantic Call Amanda McGowan at 609-568-1182.

The County Woman Magazine


January/February 2014


The County Woman Magazine



January/February 2014

Fine Art Photography

The County Woman Magazine



January/February 2014


G enerations

432 Central Avenue | Linwood, NJ 08221 | 609.926.4663

Brandywine Senior Living has Locations throughout NJ, PA, DE, CT, NY www.Brandycare.com • 1-877-4BRANDY • Relax...We’re here.

The County Woman Magazine


January/February 2014

Profile for The County Woman

Atlantic County Woman - 2014 January/February  

The Atlantic County Woman ™ is part of a nationally syndicated publication and has been around for over 31 years. There are over 371 other...

Atlantic County Woman - 2014 January/February  

The Atlantic County Woman ™ is part of a nationally syndicated publication and has been around for over 31 years. There are over 371 other...