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Are You Pregnant? We’re Here To Help!

“high riskâ€? pregnancy should anticipate more frequent visits as directed by their provider; these additional visits will help to better monitor both mom and baby. Keeping your prenatal appointments is the primary thing that you can do to help Fnsure an uneventful pregnancy and delivery. So, now you are pregnant and your mind is ÂżOOHGZLWKPLOOLRQVRITXHVWLRQV%XWWKDWÂśV RND\\RXUKHDOWKFDUHSURYLGHUZLOOEHPRUH WKDQKDSS\WRDQVZHUDQ\TXHVWLRQVWKDW \RXPD\KDYH7KH\UHDOO\KDYHKHDUGPRVW RIWKHPEHIRUH+HUHDUHWKHPRVWIUHTXHQWO\ DVNHGTXHVWLRQVE\WKHQHZPRPVWKDWFRPH LQWRRXURIÂżFH

:KDWLVWKHÂżUVWWKLQJWKDW,VKRXOGGR ZKHQ,VHHWKDWSRVLWLYHSUHJQDQF\WHVW" The best thing to do is to call and schedule your first appointment with your OB/Gyn. Setting up your first prenatal appointment quickly insures that you will be getting the care you need for you and your baby. On your first visit to our office, you will be given the time to ask all of the questions that you might have with patience and reassurance. We will reinforce the importance of keeping all of your appointments with us.

:KDWLVWKHDQWLFLSDWHGVFKHGXOHRI SUHQDWDOYLVLWV" For a low risk, normally-progressing pregnancy, you should anticipate the following typical schedule: *Weeks 4-28: One visit per month (every four weeks) *Weeks 28-36: Two visits per month (every two weeks) *Weeks 36-delivery: One visit per week Some women with a chronic medical condition or a

:KDWDUHVRPHRIWKHWKLQJVWKDWZLOO KDSSHQDWP\ÂżUVWSUHQDWDOFDUHYLVLW" Your first prenatal visit in our office will consist primarily of getting to know you and your partner. This will include getting as much of your family medical history as you can provide. The provider will perform a complete physical exam, including a pelvic exam. Vaginal cultures to insure no evidence of infection is present will always be done. Your questions will be answered and you will be given a prescription for prenatal vitamins as well as orders for a complete prenatal blood panel and an obstetrical ultrasound. We realize that the most important question you have is, “When will I have my baby?â€? An estimated date of delivery (EDD) will be given to you, and the excitement and the countdown to this wonderful time now begins!

:KDWDUHVRPHLPSRUWDQWWKLQJV,VKRXOG NQRZDERXWP\SUHJQDQF\" One of the most important things to remember is to keep all of your scheduled prenatal appointments. Monitoring your well-being and the growth of your baby on a regular, routine basis is the best way to establish that your pregnancy is progressing safely. Do not drink any alcohol! If you do smoke, now is the time to quit. Illegal drug use can have a catastrophic outcome for your baby. If these habits are a difficulty for you, please let the provider know so that information and help can be given to you.


It is best to assume that no medications should be taken during pregnancy; however, there are times when you may have no other option. In this case, make that call to our office and we will be sure to have a provider give you the best advice for you and your baby. There are certain medications that can definitely not be taken in the first three months (12 weeks) of pregnancy. It is best to let our providers make these decisions for you.

:KDWWRGRLI\RXDUHXQIRUWXQDWHLQ H[SHULHQFLQJQDXVHDYRPLWLQJRU K\SHUHPHVLV" This is probably one of the most prevalent symptoms of early pregnancy. Keep in mind that your body is changing in many ways and your hormones are raging with all of the demands of this new life forming. Although it is called “morning sickness,� it can last all throughout the day for some women. In most cases, it lasts just a few weeks and by your second trimester it subsides and is gone. These symptoms, however distressful to you, do not mean that anything is wrong with your baby. Some of the best remedies for the symptoms of morning sickness are to: 1. Eat more small meals. 2. Avoid greasy, fried or spicy foods. 3. Avoid lying down after a meal. 4. Keeping dry crackers or cereal nearby to snack on can also help with these symptoms. In severe cases, there are medications that can be taken to alleviate this distress, however, we suggest trying non-medicinal therapies first.


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