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Have I Voluntarily Limited Civil What Do You Do If Someone YouMy Love MayRights?! Have Autism? Are You Buying The Right Protection?

And Continues The Tradition Of Giving Back To Our Community

The MRI shows that there are no tears or injuries to the ligaments surrounding your ankle. You go back to physical therapy and are then discharged to do home exercises. place to live, in the moment. “Massimo has Autism. Are Mythink denial house crumbling have been practicing as an You would that youcame should be able to recoverand money for your and liability Take all of that into consideration that’s howpain much you surprised?” the doctor from down shortly thereafter. All of your the kids suffering, right? The collision was not fault. The other driver was drunk. Your of insurance attorneysaid forwhen 13 years insurance you should have! Many people find $100,000.00 Philadelphia Massiand was were playing together and the extent of kids were in the car.isThankfully, they were not themselves injured, but youfrom were off your feet liability. for coverage enough to protect personal sixteen months old. Myhonor husband Alex have the distinct Massi’s delay truly hit me. My nephews, one month and hobbling around for a few more. You still suffer occasionally with pain. said he surprised and set out to However, if you who lookareatabout the nine 5 questions above and the total answer is Jerard and Caprio, of was being my father’s law Unfortunately you have elected the Limited Right to Sue on your auto insurance policy. months younger than Massi, were prove the doctors wrong. If I am being more than $100,000.00, youplaying should contact your insurance company or Your fracture was not displaced and it is not alid Permanent Injury because the fracture partner. I started working with with this redand box that had a yellow honest with myself, I was not surprised agent Written By now increase your coverage. theholes MRIofwas negative for any additional with various shapes. Inside the injuries. You cannot recover my Paul R. D’Amato, when healed and atdad, all. D’Amato Alexa Barrera, money for your pain and suffering. box were toys in the shape of the holes. At 1214 months age,All Massi speak, I Esquire was yearsofold. we didn’t do and The idea was for the child to put the shape make eye contact or respond to his name. What shouldthe I do? through appropriate hole. have our when firm you for many He onlydone wouldatlaugh threw him I’ll never that moment. seen scenarios like thisMassi many times. Don’t let this happen to up in theis airrepresent or look atpeople you when you made a Unfortunately, I haveforget years that I have, at any given time, two to three active cases in my office where The Children’s Holiday Party had been in therapy for two months really loud noise. Our Pediatrician, Dr. Danayou! If you have selected the Limited seriously injured. Submitted by Sless Kare asi M.Brighton Gifford , EWhile squirE working putting the into thewith no liability insurance coverage. God usually includes ahit magician, games, my client was byshape someone with Pediatrics in Eggwe HarborRight to Sue, call on your auto insurance right hole and there was Jerard, nine pizza, sweets, with Santa Township had me fill out at company handle most types of apersonal willing, youpictures or your family members are never injured in a motor vehicle immediately and ask them I Paul wrote an Certified article the County Woman aquestionnaire few Paul R. D’Amato, D’Amato, Certified Civil Civilfor Trial Attorney am proud to have recently joined R. Trial Attorney months younger than Massi,ofplaying with Paul, 6-years-old, Massi, 5-years-old, and Massi’s well visit. The results concerned her and and lots of gifts. Members the to change your However, policy to the NO crash. ifjust you were,likeyou would want to make sure that there Alexa D’Amato Barrera, Counsellorthe at Law injury cases, we get many calls months ago revealing the biggest secret in the this toy with ease. It seemed such D’Amato Law Firm in Egg Harbor Rocco, 3-years-old Alexa D’Amato Barrera, Counsellor at Law she recommended that I contact The New Jersey Atlantic County Bar Association Limitation. Auto insurance policies isa enough insurance reimburse silly and easy game for to Jerard, but yet foryou or your family member for the Township. I formerly clerked the Civil Courtroom – there is always insurance!!! TheShe didn’t about car accidents. Early Intervention Systemfor (NJEIS). the Atlantic County Superior canand be injuries confusing so if you’re not sure Massi hesustained. had to actually work to be able to do that. James P.mention Savio,itJ.S.C. ofthe thethings that Court come out and say that Massi Honorable had Autism, but she did as one of Court rules prohibit the orNew jury staff love to watch the chaos It has been reported that over 90%judge of drivers in Jerseyfrom elect thetelling Limitation on what coverage you have and want to As I explain to my clients, there is a liability insurance bucket of could be causing his delays. Certainly Alex and Iof were worried, our oldest son Paul Superior Court New Jersey, Civil Division, asabout the students unwrap their gifts, you that. What you also will know isbut the amount talk it, please schedule office Lawsuit or Limited to Sue forwith their autonot insurance coverage. If in youthe aren’t sure What do you doanifbill someone you love of may have Autism? was two years old, IRight was pregnant Rocco and we were leaving next few days for money, a medical payment money, a collision bucket of in Atlantic County. I was born and raised excitement every time a new bucket visitand andthe I will review your you policy of Disney insurance available and who the real whetherWorld, or not the youthat electedis the Limited Right to Sue then you probably have. When a child love is diagnosed with a developmental or neurological happiest place on Earth! in Galloway Township; thus when it came money for ifThe your car is are damaged or if you damagedelay someone else’s car, a gift children sovery scary, with youis atrevealed. no charge. condition like Autism, it can be a lonely time for the family. Alex and I had so Hoping foris. the best, I pulled myself into defendant time to look for a post-clerkship job, my comprehensive bucket ofand money for damage to other property, and an Have I Limited mywasn’t Righttalking to Sue? appreciative and their many questions aboutsmiles our family’s future, and while we are blessed to have many friends believing that Massi because I have had many clientstop injured in motor collisions where the laughter priority was to vehicle find a local firm that UNINSURED/UNDERINSURED motorist bucket ofhard money. fillyears, everyone’s and family thatthe loveD’Amato usheart dearlywith and were supportive, it was to find anybody his brother was talking forselect him the andLimited that heRight wasn’tto Sue option and save money on For over 40 Law Firmincredibly has been representing people New Jersey can caused the crash NO LIABILITY or wouldperson allowInwho me to beyou involved in had the local community,INSURANCE and to continue happiness and gratitude. To be able The uninsured/underinsured motorist bucket of money is for when who could truly relate to what we were going through. responding to his name because we called him your car insurance. That sounds great, but in reality, you are hampering your right who have been injured. If you have been seriously injured in a motor to give back to and causes which have grown near and dear to myinheart. had a minimal policy, meaning there was only $15,000.00 coverage. to I cannot thank FACES 4 Autism enough, as well as all of the therapists andhow teachers make the children’s holiday season Massimo Massi interchangeably. And really someone hits you who has little or no insurance. So ask yourself to recover money for your injuries. God forbid, but let’s imagine for a minute that a The D’Amato Lawhappen Firm was just the place. From theissecond I stepped foot so vehicle collision or by a defective product, or if you have been in a situaShould that to you, the real defendant your own insurance in Massi’s life who have helped him become the fabulous little guy he is today. how important is eye contact anyway!? We went off special is truly the greatest gift I much money is sufficient to reimburse you or your family memberHeforhas drunk driver comes barreling down the road and crashes into your minivan with you into the D’Amato Law met Paul grown in leaps bounds and while II am willpride always struggle to keep up both to Disney with pitsFirm in ourand stomachs, “It’s a and Small Alexa, I could tell it was a company. or ofinjuries. my colleagues could ever tionany where your civiland rights were violated, canafraid help. he ourselves and your 3 kids in tow (that’s how I roll). You would thatonno what or your Of course we do not have aWe crystal balltogether to know how severe Massi hismatter first for birthday! family atmosphere everlasting and think appreciation allyou things academically and socially, I can see the pieces of the puzzle fitting easier and easier World” jingle with in ouran heads and a suitcaselove of denial. receive. The excitement in the room your children’s injuries are, you should be able to recover money. That’s not the case if your injuries could be, but insurance is meant to protect you when the in assisting those in our area or elsewhere who are in need of profesthe years progress and am excited about his future. single time we stood a familyAtlantic to take a picture the a photographers would charitable, Every especially efforts thatas make County better place tosay, that asday takes you back to being a you elected the Limited Right to Sue option. worst happens. You legal mayrepresentation. be asking if you can afford the extra coverage. “Look at the Law cameraFirm and attorneys smile.” Massiand would not are look.encouraged Every singlt timeto theattend photographer live. The D’Amato staff sional, caring and effective kid, and reminds you of the magic of the holiday season. would ask us what Massi’s name was. He would then say “Massi, look over here buddy.” Ask yourself: “If the worst werebe todelayed happen,developmentally how much insurance If you think your child may or haveis a charity events and get involved with charities and the local community. Massi still would not look at the camera. It was not until the photographer or his assistant If you would like to learn more about the Young Lawyers Howlawyer will the Limited Right to Sueactively affect me and my family? As a young in Atlantic County, I am involved with the Young enough?!” Because the answer is not call whether you canphysician afford good neurological condition like Autism, your family or see Liability insurance isthat there towould protect you from personal litigation made a really loudAtlantic noise Massi turnthey andhave look at the camera. I realized or find out how you can contribute to the Children’s The small of drivers who know elected the Limited Right toon that Division Lawyers Division ofpercentage the County Bar that Association. Originally established coverage, but whether you canReach affordout nottotoFACES have good coverage. a developmental neurologist. 4 Autism online at if you a crash.was Asreally you wrong can imagine, there are people who are trip,cause that something with our baby. Holiday Party, please visit our website at or like SueAtlantic believe this simply means they can’t recover if they haveto whiplash. In reality, in 1877, the County Bar Association is dedicated promoting the you legal or call Isabelle Mosca at (609) 412-3750. barely making it and need to trust getwhiplash their car on theinroad so they can get have much worse injuries than and still not recover. profession could and advancing the public’s and confidence our civil and criminal our Facebook page “ACBA Young Lawyers Division.” Written Writtenby: by:Alexa AlexaD’Amato D’AmatoBarrera, Barrera,Counsellor Counselor at at Law Law


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and from work. If youon your home, do not own your car, and What isrent Autism? justicetosystem. year I occurs served the Executive of the WhenLast a collision and you have selectedCommittee the Limited Right toYoung Sue, you can areDivision receiving Aid, yousearch havethe noInternet assetsfor toaprotect. In thiscame type offind If you definition of Autism you’ll Lawyers as State the Charitable Outreach Chair. With my position the only recover money for different your injuries if you: many results. That’s because Autism comes in many forms and situation, the laws in our State permit you to purchase insurance to privilege of coordinating the Young Lawyers Division Children’s Holiday Party, Visit • Die if you know one child with Autism, you truly only know one child with the lienholder on your car, but you do not have to have whichprotect started when Alexa Chaired the Young Lawyers Division in 2004 andliability has At its core, Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder Lose aAutism. body part continued to•this day. insurance. that appears in early childhood and is characterized by difficulty in social and The D’Amato Law Firm focuses their practice in Every year, the Young Lawyers Division ofor the Atlantic Bar Association • Have significant disfigurement scarring If, though, you areincluding an individual who owns allCounty or aabstract good part of your representing those who have been seriously injured Paul R. D’Amato communication skills using language, understanding concepts, hosts ahome, holiday party the Bar communicating members andbones their friends and family, where Certified Civil Trial Attorney good credit, make a(the decent living and maybe have forming relationships and with others the way that many ofother us easily in construction, products liability and motor vehicle •have Suffer afor displaced fracture have completely separated) collisions. The firm handles cases throughout the 1 moneyassets, is do raised for the purpose of holding our annual Children’s Holiday Party. every day. In New Jersey 1injury; inyou 45 children hashave autism. a vacation home, need to liability insurance to country with a primary focus on representing victims •like Sustain a permanent or Alexa D’Amato Barrera Our Children’s Holiday Party is the highlight of the year for the Youngplay Lawyers Many Doctors will tell you that early diagnosis and intervention a insurance crucial injured in Southern New Jersey. The D’Amato Law protect• Your your unborn assets. child How(fetus) do you figure out if you have enough Counsellor at Law dies Firm has a national reputation for excellence. Division, role because is truly success a life-changing in theitultimate of a child’sevent. outcome. When we came back from Disney and PA BAR coverage? The D’Amato Law Firm focuses their practice inMember NJPaul R. D’Amato I made anHoliday appointment with NJEIS and CHOP for your an Autism evaluation. My next Paul R. D’Amato, Esquire The Children’s is that made through the donations WOW! Did youParty realize youpossible were limiting rights in such a of way? representing those who have been seriously injured Paul R.Civil D’Amato Member NJ Bar Take following into Certified Trial Attorney callbusinesses, wasthe to FACES 4 Autism. Kenconsideration: and Isabelle created FACES in 2002 Bar after community and the money raised at theMosca Young Lawyers Division in construction, products liability and motor vehicle Certified Civil Trial Attorney Let’s backwas toto thatliquidate collision with theof drunk driver that wasn’t your fault.that You Ihave 1)their If Holiday you were all your how much 2900cases Fire Road,theSuiteAlexa 200 D’Amato Barrera, Esquire songo Kyle diagnosed with Autism. When Iassets, called Isabelle I knew had Alexa D’Amato Barrera collisions. The firm handles throughout Association Party. With those proceeds, members of the Young Lawyers Member NJ & atPALaw Bar amoney broken ankle. It’s not displaced, but in itput isyour fractured, so youwith haveatonumber stay off of of different it for Counsellor to do something for our baby. Isabelle me in contact would you have pocket? country with a primary focus on representing victims Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234 Division and their families go shopping for children’s holiday gifts. The gifts are Alexa D’Amato Barrera aIffew weeks. (Tryresources. that with 3Ihome kids!) When return to theIsabelle doctor,recommended the x-rays showfor injured in Southern New Jersey. The D’Amato Law Stephen Van Esquire MemberM. NJ and Natten, PA BAR andcould local contacted Sueyou Elmer whom 2)people you get equity line, would the individually hand-wrapped at aawrapping party, and thenhow they much are brought to the P: 609-926-3300 Counsellor at Law Member NJ & PA Bar Firm has a national reputation for excellence. the fracture has healed, but you’re still in pain and have difficulty walking. The doctor speech therapy. Within only a few sessions with Ms. Sue, Massi said his first word!!!! Stephen M. Van Natten, Esq. bank Court loan House you? in Atlantic City for the Children’s Holiday Party. Member NJ and PA BAR Atlantic County F: 609-926-3883 Kasi M. Gifford, Esquire sends you to physical therapy for 1 month. Still it’s not better so you have an MRI. Member NJ and PA BAR 3) Iftwo you could get a credit linewith from a bank credit card, Member NJ & PA Bar Each year, schools from Atlantic County a high ratio or of economically Living in Denial how much would they lend you? disadvantaged families are chosen to participate in the Children’s Holiday Party. The County Woman Magazine 2900 FireNovember/December Road, Suite 200 2014 We had not yetmoney seen the doctor in Philadelphia and Massi was really 4) How much do you havetoinattend savings orstarting couldtoHoliday borrow Each school sends second-graders come alongthirty thanksfirstto hisand speech therapy sessions with Sue the and Children’s the beginning of Early Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234 from pension? Party. TheIntervention Youngyour Lawyers Division above all else,Ithe children services. I startedrequests to doubt that, my earlier concerns. started to takewho my 5) How much of your salary could you save if you lived less are chosenhusband’s to participate areand good students, example of kindness respect P: 609-926-3300 approach set out to proveset thean doctor’s wrong. Denial is aand much happier extravagantly? for their peers and are financially in need. F: 609-926-3883

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