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“Cry Me A River” People Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted


meditation if done very carefully, group therapy, family, and if needed, marital therapies, spiritual care for those to whom this is important, and self forgiveness and self compassion to help establish self empowerment and true inner peace. These are all part of a treatment menu organized to assist an individual with their specific needs. The duration for these treatments can be anywhere from brief, especially if introduced acutely at the time of the assault/s or even lifelong, depending I thought it relevant to reproduce a paragraph from the Economist, Nov. on the type and time frame that the abuse had. These treatments are effective 24th 2017 by JMF that I believe does a reasonably good job of framing some and necessary. The degree of robustness of healing and the velocity of same, of the characteristics of sexual harassment as follows: are largely in the hands and minds of those who have been harmed. “In an attempt to measure such harassment, one sociologist, Louise Fitzgerald Prevention is the treatment of choice of course so that these assaults never of the University of Illinois, has divided it into three broad categories. First is occur. The methods and means to do that are starting to have a groundswell gender harassment, which encompasses general sexist behaviour and remarks. of organized, focused attention and support globally. The political, cultural This can include sexist hostility (misogynistic jokes), sexual hostility (degrading and ingrained prejudices are getting overdue exposure with a goal of “zero women with language and behaviour) or gender policing (punishing women tolerance.” The goals are achievable incrementally if there is sufficient political for not conforming to stereotypical femininity). Gender harassment is by far will and parental accountability so that no inertia or complacency on the part the most prevalent form of sexual harassment: perhaps 15-20% of women in of leadership remains. The world’s people must continue to be the driving America experience it in any given year. Unwanted sexual attention, the second force to help achieve the greater, lasting good for all. most prevalent form of harassment, includes the making of sexual advances These treatments need to be rendered ONLY by those with specific and that are unwelcome and unreciprocated. About 10% of women are believed to current professional training and experience. A pitfall for those who have experience such conduct each year. Finally, sexual coercion combines unwanted sexual attention with job-related pressures, such as bribes or threats, in an attempt been assaulted is for the treater to insist that they “go through” their trauma again in treatment in order to ‘fix it.’ Nothing could be further from true or to force acquiescence. In America, perhaps 2-4% of women encounter such therapeutic. It’s just another way for those who have been assaulted to lose behaviour in any given year.” their trust again to someone in ‘authority.’

Sexual Assault is an unfathomable offense. It is a nightmare one just wants to wake up from so it will all be gone, as if it never happened. But it feels as if it will never be gone. It’s seems like a forever curse from which emerges an endless ‘river of tears.’

The literature also shows a pretty well accepted view by sociologists “that about half of American women are sexually harassed at least once during their working lives. While the ages of those who harass are not well documented, there is a school of thought that because of how important being powerful is, those who do it are generally older than those they abuse.”

Don’t suffer alone…the people harmed, their close friends and family members who are always negatively affected, and even those who do the attacking, there is help and being alone no more is achievable.

In attempting to ascertain the “make-up” of the “Harasser,” I have listened to my patients over the years, discussed the subject with colleagues and read many articles about such personalities. There are a few character traits that Call 609.484.0770 or visit seem pervasive among these “vampires” of morality. Among the characteristics most consistently identified is ‘narcissism.’ That should be of no surprise because powerful people who are narcissists are egocentric and self pleasing. For such a person, the victim should feel honored to be worthy of their power and attention. Other character traits are aggression, impulsiveness, compulsion, addictive personalities and, in fact, psychopaths. This is clearly not an exhaustive list of characteristics, but add this and other negative traits to a male dominated workforce, and we potentially have a tsunami of moral decay. The assailants’ pathologies however, should never lead to their pathologies now becoming an integral part of the minds and “Here to Listen & Here to Help” Charles Meusburger, MD bodies of those they attack with cowardice, intimidation and For a thorough, confidential, psychiatric evaluation and • Specializing in Adult & Adolescent Psychiatry selfish aggression. They constitute the equivalent of a mental an individualized treatment plan tailored to fit your specific • 60 Minute Sessions needs with appropriate treatment(s), please call our office at sexually transmitted disease state. • Variety of Effective Talking Therapies 609.484.0770 to set up, by appointment, this comprehensive • MedicationEvaluation & Management and compassionate confidential assessment. The treatment for those who have been harmed, usually • All Services Rendered by Same Provider Don’t suffer in silence any longer. We can help! traumatized by these acts, include many modalities—for • Independent Medical Evaluations • Addiction Psychiatry example, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Providence Professional Park • Board Certified 3069 English Creek Ave, Ste. 225 therapy, PTSD focused therapies, medical/OB/GYN EHT, NJ 08234 Call for an Appointment interventions as needed, psychopharmacology when needed,


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The County Woman ™ is part of a nationally syndicated publication and has been around for over 31 years. There are over 371 other counties t...

Atlantic County Woman - May/June 2018  

The County Woman ™ is part of a nationally syndicated publication and has been around for over 31 years. There are over 371 other counties t...