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Allergies And Allergic Reactions

Can Compouding Help You?

Allergies are usually defined as an overreaction of the immune system to a foreign protein substance, also known as an allergen, that is eaten, breathed into the lungs, injected or touched. This overreaction causes coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes and a runny nose. Severe allergic reactions can result in rashes, hives, difficulty breathing and even death. Unfortunately, there are no cures for allergies. However, allergies can

be managed with proper prevention or treatment. For instance, if you have seasonal allergies, you may want to start taking your allergy medications leading up to that particular season. If you are already having an allergic reaction, get to your physician or local emergency room immediately so that the allergy can be treated right away with the proper medications. Here are some allergy facts from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America: • More Americans than ever before say they are suffering from allergies. It is among the country’s most common, yet often overlooked, diseases. • An estimated 50 million Americans, one in five, suffer from all types of allergies including indoor/outdoor, food and drug, latex, insect, skin and eye allergies. Allergy prevalence overall has been increasing since the early 1980s across all age, sex and racial groups. • Allergy is the fifth leading chronic disease in the U.S. among all ages, and the third most common chronic disease among children under 18 years old. • Nearly 400 Americans die each year due to drug allergies from penicillin, 200 deaths occur each year from food allergies and 100 die due to insect allergies.

Make your current medication in an allergy free form. For example, if you are allergic to a dye or filler in your manufactured medication, we possibly could make that medication without fillers or dye free. Make your discontinued allergy medication. Some manufacturers stop making certain medications from time to time. If you had an allergy medication you had been taking for years with success that suddenly became unavailable, we may be able to make that same medication for you in our compounding lab. Flavor your medication while still keeping it allergen free. Many flavorings contain sweeteners or dyes. If you are allergic to these products, it is very difficult to find a medication that smells and tastes good. In many cases, we can still flavor your medication with dye free flavorings and make your medication taste great!

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At Jersey Shore Pharmacy, we deal with allergy treatments virtually every day. As a compounding pharmacy, we help physicians treat allergic reactions,

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formulate medications that don’t contain allergens and work with patients/parents to treat their particular allergic reaction. At Curexa Pharmacy, we can: Mix different medications together to treat allergic reactions. An example would be mixing several topical creams together such as antihistamines, steroids and moisturizers to be used to treat a rash or itchy skin.

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