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he MRI shows that there are no tears or injuries to the ligaments surrounding your nkle. You go back to physical therapy and are then discharged to do home exercises. place to live, in the moment. Mythink denialthat house crumbling You would youcame should be able to recover Written By money for your pain and contemplating putting a window in our shared wall so that I down shortly Allnot of your theAlexa kids Barrera Esq. Your uffering, right? The thereafter. collision was fault.D’A Themato other driver was ,drunk. can see her beautiful face at all times. playing together and extent of ds werewere in the car. Thankfully, theythe were not injured, but you were off your feet for Massi’s delay truly hit me. My nephews, Paul’s paralegal, Rose Scogno, started working with Paul ne month and hobbling around for a few more. You still suffer occasionally with pain. Jerard and Caprio, who are about nine when she was 19 years old. As the oldest of three daughters, nfortunately you have elected the LimitedWe Rightare to Suethrilled on your auto policy. to insurance be able to months younger than Massi, were playing g I challenged my parents’ rules and authority as a teenager our fracture was not and it is not alid Permanent Injury because the fracture with this red displaced box that had a yellow d introduce you to the attorneys ealed and theholes MRIofwas negative for any additional and Rose was there to assure my parents that if they let me with various shapes. Inside the injuries. You cannot recover at the D’Amato Law Firm on the money for boxyour werepain toysand in suffering. the shape of the holes. live, I’d make a great adult. It is so amazing that I have had The idea was for the child to put opposite the shape page. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from her when I was working at What through shouldthe I do? appropriate hole. the Law Firm as a teenager doing the filing, a college student indulging me with a many more personal perspective I’ll never that moment. Unfortunately, I haveforget seen scenarios like thisMassi times. Don’t let this happen to answering the phones and doing dictation, a law student ofbeen how our days spent: Children’s Holiday had in the therapy for Party twoare months ou! IfThe you have selected Limited writing briefs and then as a “baby attorney”, as she used to the shape into the usually a magician, games, ight toworking Sue,includes call on yourputting auto insurance right hole and there Jerard, nine Lawyers pizza, sweets, pictures with Santa call me, when I left Atlantic County Counsel and joined the ompany immediately and askwas them months younger than Massi, playing with Paul, 6-years-old, Massi, 5-years-old, and policy As you and lots gifts. thefather, Paul R. D’Amato, and I Law firm more than 15 years ago. ondchange yourof to Members thecan NO see,ofmy this toy with ease. It just seemed like such Rocco, 3-years-old sey AtlanticAuto County Bar policies Association are insurance partners at the Firm. When he called and asked that imitation. In life there are certain people you share everything with silly and easy game for Jerard, but yet for t and athe Atlantic County Superior an be confusing so if you’re not sure the firm Iwork wastonervous we would argue or he and say “you can’t live without” them. At the office, Susan MassiIhejoin had to actually be able tothat do that. t Court staff love to watch the chaos hat coverage would you havebe anddisappointed want to in me. Thankfully I can say that we Eisenlohr, is that person. Susan is so incredibly smart and as the students unwrap their gifts, lk about it, please schedule an office other you in ways onlyhave dreamed. He is an Whatcomplement do you do ifeach someone loveI may Autism? or excitement every time a new with a developmental delay or neurological remembers everything about our clients and their cases. We sitand andthe I will review your you policy When a child love is diagnosed amazing mentor and so it is truly a blessing that I get to learn both have a child on the Autism Spectrum so we share many gift children ith youis atrevealed. no charge. condition likeThe Autism, it canare be a very scary, lonely time for the family. Alex and I had so from AND give a hug every day. personal heart aches, accomplishments and aspirations. God appreciative andhim their andhim many questions aboutsmiles our family’s future, and while we are blessed to have many friends years, The of Stephen M.incredibly Van Natten’s life,itDr. Shellymarie laughter fill everyone’s heart with truly blessed me and our clients when he brought Susan to and family thatlove loveD’Amato us dearly and were supportive, was hard to find anybody For over 40 the Law Firm has been representing people Magan, lured the Shore and I have since happiness andtruly gratitude. To betowe able who could relate tohim what wereJersey going through. the Firm. who have been injured. If you have been seriously injured in a motor cannot thank FACES 4 season Autism as well as all the therapists and teachers to makeIthe children’s holiday gained a brother. He has aenough, masterful way ofofsharing his ideas Laura Pastore and Danielle Montonaro are our legal vehicle collision or by a defective product, or if you have been in a situain Massi’s life who have helped him become the fabulous little guy he is today. He has so specialand is truly the greatest gift I insight with our team and clients. I am so thankful that secretaries. Sandi and I had the pleasure of knowing them grown in leaps and bounds and while II am afraid heWe willpride always struggle to keep up both or of he my colleagues could ever tionany where your civil rights were violated, can help. ourselves leftand Pennsylvania andthethe security of being of the topand easier before they came to the Law Firm in their prior careers as academically socially, canroom see pieces of the puzzle fittingone together easier receive. The excitement in Ithe in assisting thoseprogress in our area or excited elsewhere whoand arefound in needaofhome profes-here at the in Leigh County the Prosecutors years and nail technicians. When we had two openings in our office it that asday takes you back toam being a about his future. her D’Amato Lawlegal Firmrepresentation. and a passion for helping those that are was a no brainer to bring these incredibly talented, beautiful sional, caring and effective



kid, and reminds you of the magic of the holiday season.

If victims you think yourhand childofmay be delayed developmentally at the negligence instead of violence. or have a and passionate women to the Firm. It has been tremendous

nt Ifneurological you wouldcondition like to learn more about thefamily Young Lawyers like Autism, call your physician or see t DivisionOther or findMembers out how you can contribute to the Children’s Of The Team

watching them grow and learn to love the law like we do. CALL NOW FOR a developmental neurologist. ReachA outFREE to FACES 4 Autism online atThey love the work we do here, working with the clients and Holiday Party, please website My mom and Paul’s wife, Sandi D’Amato, is our officeor like FACES4Autism.org orvisit call our Isabelle Moscaat atatcobaryld.com (609) 412-3750. battling with adjusters. We are truly blessed to have them as CONSULTATION: 609.926.3300 our Facebook “ACBA Young Lawyers Division.” manager.page She has been working at the Firm since me and part of our team. my sisters, Ava Cocchi and Ashley Staller, were in school full Many people can say they like going to work. I LOVE time, over 35 years now. Her office is right next to mine so I d MY TEAM and it is an honor to serve our clients with each Visit www.damatolawfirm.com get to hug her and hear her voice every day. I am seriously and every one of them!


The D’Amato Law Firm focuses their practice in representing those who have been seriously injured in construction, products liability and motor vehicle collisions. The firm handles cases throughout the country with a primary focus on representing victims injured in Southern New Jersey. The D’Amato Law Firm has a national reputation for excellence.

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Member NJ & PA Bar Counsellor at Law The D’Amato Law Firm focuses their practice inNJ representing those who have been seriously injured in construction, products liability and motor vehicle collisions. The firm and PA BAR The handles D’Amatocases Law throughout Firm focusesthe their practice inMember country with a primary focus on representing victims injured in Southern New Jersey. The D’Amato Law Firm has a national reputation for excellence. Paul R. D’Amato www.damatolawfirm.com representing those who have been seriously injured Paul R.Civil D’Amato Certified Trial Attorney in construction, liability Suite and motor vehicle Certified Civil Trial Attorney 2900products Fire Road, 200 • Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234 • 2900 Fire Road, Alexa D’Amato Barrera collisions. The firm handles cases throughout theSuite 200 Counsellor at Law countryEgg with aHarbor primary focusTownship, on representing victims New Jersey 08234 Alexa D’Amato Barrera injured in Southern New Jersey. The D’Amato Law Member NJ and PA BAR The County Woman Magazine www.TheCountyWoman.com July/August 2021 P: 609-926-3300 Counsellor at Law Firm has a national reputation for excellence.

P: 609-926-3300 • F: 609-926-3883

StephenNJM. Van Esq. Member and PA Natten, BAR

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