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If You Have Been Told You Are Not A Candidate For Dental Implants:

Put Your Best Face Forward SEE DR. BANKS! Dr. Kathy A. Banks is Ocean County’s most experienced Oral and

Often, patients are told that they are not candidates for dental implants because they Maxillofacial Surgeon injectable facial “don’t have enough bone” or their “sinus in is toodelivering low.”

fillers and rejuvenation products.

Both conditions are correctable problems in almost all patients, according to Dr. Banks. When the gum ridge where teeth are missing is too thin to place a dental implant, bone grafting can be performed to correct the problem. What that means is that a bone replacement product, or even the patient’s own bone, can be placed into the deficient area, stabilized, and allowed to heal. Following healing, dental implants can be placed into that area and then restored with porcelain teeth. This procedure is called “ridge augmentation” and can be accomplished in both the top and bottom jaws. When teeth are missing, the sinus that lies above the top jaw will expand downward into the ridge and cause bone loss in the gum ridge. This is a correctable problem as well, according to Dr. Banks. “A Sub-Antral Sinus Augmentation – commonly called a ‘Sinus Lift Procedure’ – can be performed, sometimes even at the time of implant placement. This procedure increases the amount of bone in the area where we would like to place a dental implant. Again, a bone replacement product or even the patient’s own bone can be used.” A common misconception is that the bone is placed into the sinus. In reality, the sinus membrane is actually lifted up (hence to name “sinus lift”) back to where it should be, and the bone graft material is placed under the sinus membrane, restoring the gum ridge and the sinus contour together in one procedure. Dr. Banks incorporates state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures, such as 3D cone beam CT scanning of the face and jaws, to evaluate her patients for bone grafting procedures. “That way, I can accurately diagnose the magnitude of the bone loss in the area where we would like to place implants and the quality of the patient’s bone ridge in that area, and pre-plan the surgery to ensure the best possible outcome.” She also prepares and uses advanced biologic into grafting procedures such as L-PRF Ultra XC plus® to reduce the appearance of the nasolabial Dr. Banks’ experience with Botox® began in thematerials mid 1990’s while working injections of Juvederm with patients with various temporomandibular joint problems. “In those days, folds (marionette (Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin) which are made right in the office at the time of surgery. lines) around the mouth and nose are the most common services

Botox® was not really given for cosmetic purposes, but to relax the tight chewing sought by patients. The newest Allergan® product, Vollure XC®, is a versatile And finally, there is a preconceived notion that these procedures are painful procedures. “There muscles to provide relief for patients with certain TMJ problems”, she says. formulation that adds subtle volume for the correction of moderate to severe facial are surgicaladvances part of inthe bone grafting process,” sheand says. “We offer to Dr. Banks, this second generation dermal filler has Fastmultiple forward toanesthesia the presentoptions day, withfor thethe significant nonsurgical wrinkles folds. According intravenous andsurgical sedation, nitrousareoxide and local anesthesia” that all her patients treatments forgeneral esthetic anesthesia facial concerns, modalities now considered for trulyso unique qualities, making can it a very effective product with results lasting about some practitioners to be the “last resort” for treating the ageing face. eighteen months in many patients. be treated comfortably. Dr. Banks is part of a team of oral and maxillofacial surgery specialists who In addition to Botox® and the entire line up of Allergan® dermal fillers, Dr. “Of course, I’m making it sound easy but these procedures are technicallyBanks demanding and take years conceived and delivered a series of State Board of Dentistry approved educational offers treatments with Kybella®, a revolutionary product for treatment of of practice to gain the proper expertise. onlydelivery want your bone grafting procedures performed a courses for other practitioners on the safe andYou effective of injectable submental fullness. “Thisbyproduct is really amazing. It contains a powerful plant well-trained, oral and maxillofacial surgeon.” pharmacologic ABOMS-certified agents. derived substance that breaks down fat cells, and they are gone for good!, she states. Dr. Banks provides Botox® treatments, as well as a whole array of Allergan® The treatments are given in a series of three to five sessions and the results are brand injectable fillers. A combination of these products can produce a lifting permanent. “This product has completely replaced surgical liposuction in the area and smoothing appearance of the face. According to Dr. Banks, The upper under the chin”, says Dr. Banks. facial rejuvenation procedure using Boxox® alone or in combination with Voluma If you look in the mirror, and see that you appear tired, or wrinkled, make XC® to correct lost volume in the maxillofacial region of the cheeks, Volbella an appointment with Dr. Banks to see what these products can do for you. Its XC® to plump the lips and reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth, summer! Time to put your best face forward!

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