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Coolsculpting: Choose Your Provider Carefully!! Coolsculpting has become a popular way to sculpt your body and remove areas of unwanted fat. Because of its popularity, more and more facilities have started to offer treatments. Deciding who does your treatment is an extremely important decision! We often receive phone calls from people wanting to know how much we charge for Coolsculpting. We insist on a free, personalized consultation to give you an honest and reliable answer. Three factors impact the price of your treatment plan. First, how many areas do you want to treat? Your abdomen only or abdomen and flanks? Maybe you want your thighs treated too? Second, how much fat do you have in that area? There are 9 different Coolsculpting applicators that, when used appropriately, will give you amazing results. The choice of applicator is determined by your body shape and size as well as how much fat you have. Choosing the proper applicators is one of the most important factors that determine if you get a great result, no result or a bad result. Lastly, what kind of results are you looking to obtain? Each treatment removes a layer of fat cells (about 20% from the area). If you are looking for a slight change, a single round of treatments may give you the results you are looking for. For others who have more fat or want more fat removed, two to three treatments may be appropriate. There is “no one size fits all.” See the pictures below: two very different bodies required very different treatments. Our clients find that they receive a great value for their money because their results are lasting and we guarantee a result. We often have people looking for pricing over the phone after receiving a consult elsewhere. They can’t understand why we would insist on doing another consult ourselves. We have found over the years that when someone has visited another provider and was quoted a treatment plan, it typically varies widely from the one we build. Our experience and training allow for the most reliable consult. Did you know 70% of your outcome is dependent on who does your treatment, which applicators are used and how they are placed? Though Coolsculpting has a wonderful reputation, not all technicians are created equal. At Accent Aesthetics our technicians have the highest level of certification offered through Coolsculpting University and Coolsculpting Masters training. In fact we are the only facility in South Jersey with Masters level training. This level of training, combined with thousands of hours of Coolsculpting experience, ensures you will get the best results. Sadly, many offices lack training and experience. Lack of training and experience puts your results at risk! You may get no result or, worse, a botched result, leaving you deformed and in need of other treatments. Providers offering cheap treatments do so for a reason.

The biggest concern we hear is investing time and money into a body transformation procedure that does not work. We are so confident in our consultations and results that we stand behind them, with the Accent Aesthetics commitment to quality! If after 4 months there are no visible results and you are within 3 lbs of your treatment weight, we will reassess you at 5 months. If there is still no visible change, we will re-treat the area at no additional charge. We take before and after pictures on every client so that we can honestly and accurately assess their results.

We invite you to schedule a free Coolsculpting consultation and experience the Accent Aesthetics commitment to quality yourself!

323 South Pitney Road, Suite 100 Galloway, NJ 08205

For more information, call 609-652-6550 or visit www.accentmedicalspa.com.

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November/December 2020

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Atlantic County Woman - November/December 2020  

The County Woman’s Newspaper is published bi-monthly in Atlantic, Monmouth and Ocean Counties in New Jersey and is available free of charge...

Atlantic County Woman - November/December 2020  

The County Woman’s Newspaper is published bi-monthly in Atlantic, Monmouth and Ocean Counties in New Jersey and is available free of charge...