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Pets and pleaded with her to save the little

Written by Matt Reeves


man found Laurie from the Funny Farm kitten’s life. Laurie spent night after night

One year ago, if feeding this little starving skeleton of a anyone told you that kitten, giving her drops of KMR kitten everyone in the world formula until her stomach developed. She named her “Hope.” would all be wearing One of the best places in the world to learn the meaning of Just a few months later, Hope is a masks and staying beautiful, thriving, healthy kitten with full “unconditional isit. the Funny Rescue & Sanctuary in home, you’d never love” believe 2020 is theFarm year that almost seems eyesight in one eye, far better than once Mays Landing, NJ. We all missed something important to us. like it never happened. thought. Due to infection, vets thought People who wanted to get married, didn’t. People who wanted to If you’ve ever had a pet, you have a pretty good idea how much they love you and gether eyesight would be completely lost travel cruises, couldn’t. Visiting relatives was outare ofthe the forever. excited and whengo youon come home and how sad they are when you leave. Those lucky ones. Not all animals are so lucky to have someone love them. It is miracles like Hope that make question. The entire world was in total chaos and surely will take animals at the Funny Farm Rescue are the exceptions. They have thousands us realize how precious life itself is. We time The to recover.

“Unconditional Love”

of people each year who come to visit and give them the love they need. Most animals are thankful for all that we have and for our families and friends. It’s so easy to take for the farm very difficult abused, come Youtowould thinkfrom in the middle of asituations. pandemic, Many missingwere out disabled, on so many familyinjured, and or granted all that we have. Life sometimes throws challenges at us and then we realize what unwanted. Some people simply didn’t make arrangements for their pets after they friends gatherings, that finding something to be thankful for would be more difficult. were we are truly capable of. Lifting weights tears down our muscles before your body builds gone and the animals had nowhere to go. How scary that must be for these sweet animals Instead, the exact opposite is true. them back up even stronger than before. that gave their owners so much love. When see others throughlittle difficult we appreciate all with that we have even Onewe example is ago nameless blacktimes, and white baby goat a broken leg. At less The Funny Farm Rescue makes us humans think about life differently. We think with more. times bring us together and bring incredible in was others. than aHard month old, he was injured and was inout a lot of pain.empathy His future dark. Through aour hearts. Every single animal here has a story just like Hope. Many were loved but their series Every one of us,Laurie including animals, through hard times.Farm Hardships all face of miracles, Zaleski, the goes Founder of the Funny Rescue,wefound out about owners passed away or became sick and they had nowhere else to go. thismade littleeasier goat’sjust situation and didn’t wastefrom any others. time rescuing him. a terrible day can be are by small kind gestures For example, The Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary is a place where people and animals are truly We made custom stabilize leg because he couldn’t stand on it at all. He completely eraseda by a licksplint in theto face from ahis dog. thankful for their second chance. People feel a new sense of purpose. Animals andFarm, waterevery brought to his mouth while hesolaymuch. in a new warm bed made just for needed At thefood Funny animal teaches us humans that once had nothing, are now international celebrities at the Funny Farm. him. Farley the Farm Manager, a 1-year-old Australian Shepard, took him under his wing Imagine you’re a blind baby kitten and your mom was hit by a car and Their stories and lives are real. Their hardships and especially their and gave him a lot of love and attention. killed. The Where dogoat you was go? What do?and Imagine your Tolike addatocow that he earned the little black do andyou white looked so fear. much recoveries and strength inspire us all. Miracles can and do happen! it,name you’re completelyOver blind. “Cowboy.” the next few days, and visits to many veterinarians, Zaleski took We are thankful for all of you who love and support us at the Funny him to heard the University of Pennsylvania, they had equipment. Several to A man the faint little innocent crieswhere and small gaspsthe forbest air on Farm! Caring and being kind to each other and to animals will bring back thousandsDay. of dollars spentfood trying save his leg possible Memorial Insteadwere of eating andtowatching TV,from he got in his nerve damage and more happiness and rewards than you ever imagined, and one of the biggest amputation. car and rushed this little blind kitten to every vet and SPCA he could benefits of all is being thankful. He lived in the house so he could be cared for properly and received much think of. Due to the holiday, all were closed. She had been starving to socialization with other animals and people. And because of this interaction, he has no idea he’s a goat, death, just ahe’s fewa days he thinks dog! old, waiting for her mom to wake up. Finally, the



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Seven months later, not only has Cowboy’s leg healed, he has captured the hearts of people all over the globe!! He makes everyone laugh and gets into everything! He is now known as the “Donations Inspector.” When visitors come and donate food for the animals, they barely have time to get out of their cars when they discover Cowboy is already inside their car! He has a wonderful, lovable, sweet personality and will stop at nothing to make you laugh and has dea he’s a goat, an unlimited supply of kisses! Everyone is his friend! Somehow he knows what was done for him and he f people all over appreciates his life now. “Donations to get out of The unconditional love that comes from an animal is astounding, but the unconditional love that comes from an animal that ou laugh and has was once in distress is nothing short of miraculous! Nearly 400 of these animals at the Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary are waiting e for him and he to meet you and your family!! Coming to the Farm is easy but leaving your new furry friends is very difficult. tional love that comes from an animal that life is precious. If there is something we can do as humans to preserve and protect it, in nearly all cases, unny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary All are waiting iends is very difficult. the unconditional love you receive in return is something you will simply never forget. ect it, in nearly all cases,


Photos by Matt Reeves and Laurie Zaleski Follow on Facebook: “Funny Rescue” The Funny Farm Rescue is openusSundays and Tuesdays fromFarm 8am-4pm at 6908 Railroad Blvd., Mays Landing, NJ 08330. Follow us on Facebook: The Funny Farm Rescue is open Sundays and Tuesdays from 8am-4pm at Railroad Blvd., Mays Landing, NJ 08330. “Funny Farm Rescue” There is no admission as we operate entirely by donations and we don’t have any paid positions. Come see 6908 us! www.funnyfarmrescue.org us on Facebook: to: Funny Farm There Rescue • 6908is RailRoad Mays Landing, NJ 08330. noBlvd., admission as we operate entirely by donations and we don’t have any paid positions. Come see us!Follow www.funnyfarmrescue.org For information on scheduling your next event, please contact Robin at: funnyfarmrobin@gmail.com “Funny ________________________________________ For information on scheduling your next event, please contact Robin at: funnyfarmrobin@gmail.comFarm Rescue” Gift Amount:

ailroad Blvd., Mays Landing, NJ 08330. itions. Come see us! www.funnyfarmrescue.org : funnyfarmrobin@gmail.com


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