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Staying Sober During The Holiday Season With the Holiday season quickly approaching, for many of us, our first thoughts are holiday dinners with family and friends: food, drinks, and sharing good times. However, this can also be the time of year that can trigger someone in recovery to relapse. It is easy to get caught up in the mix of all the holiday festivities, and for those in recovery, they may not have the right tools in place. This time can be very trying and detrimental to their sobriety. So, for those in recovery, whether a loved one, or yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind when celebrating the Thanksgiving or Christmas.

First, and foremost, have sober strategies in place If you are in recovery and planning on going to a holiday event or activity that could potentially trigger a relapse, please plan ahead. Possibly go to a Twelve Step meeting before or after the event, and if needed, go to both. It may also be helpful to bring your sponsor or a friend in recovery with you. Remember, an addict alone is in bad company. Have a support system, a friend in recovery that can be “on call” for you to check in with during the event. Finally, always have an exit strategy, which can mean bringing your own vehicle or figuring out the public transportation nearest to you. Whatever you choose, make sure it will enable you to leave if you are feeling tempted or uncomfortable.

Know what your triggers are

It does not matter how long you have been sober. Be aware of people, places, and things. Celebrating the New Year is full of possible triggers. If there is potential for stress or arguments that may threaten your sobriety at a dinner with family or friends, then

difficult decisions may have to be made. You could limit your time to a couple of hours at these events or refrain from attending altogether. Do not be too hard on yourself, or ever feel obligated to attend. You must do what is healthiest for you and your sobriety.

New Traditions

Many people may fall back into old habits when it comes to holiday traditions. One way to avoid this is to create new traditions. Try being of service, step out of your comfort zone into the community, and help those less fortunate. Maybe offer to help serve a meal at a homeless shelter, spend more time with others in recovery and come up with your own holiday traditions. Reach out to a neighbor who may not have family around and share a meal together. The holidays are filled with endless opportunities for spiritual growth by sharing your gratitude and joy with others.

Having loved ones in recovery

If you are lucky enough to have a loved one in recovery, please just be mindful during this time of year. This does not mean you can’t have your holiday dinner or family gatherings and it does not mean that your yearly traditions must stop. All this means is if your loved one chooses to respectfully decline an invite, leave early from a party, or offer a new tradition they would like to start, just be kind and understanding. For some, it is easier to adjust in recovery. Others know that in order to stay sober, they must change a lot of things. Not everyone’s journey in recovery is the same. Just love and support them, maybe even a little extra during the holidays. If you or a loved one is currently struggling with addiction, do not wait. Reach out now!

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Atlantic County Woman - November/December 2020  

The County Woman’s Newspaper is published bi-monthly in Atlantic, Monmouth and Ocean Counties in New Jersey and is available free of charge...

Atlantic County Woman - November/December 2020  

The County Woman’s Newspaper is published bi-monthly in Atlantic, Monmouth and Ocean Counties in New Jersey and is available free of charge...