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he MRI shows that there are no tears or injuries to the ligaments surrounding your nkle. You go back to physical therapy and are then discharged to do home exercises. place to live, in the moment. Mythink denialthat house crumbling You would youcame should be able to recover money for your pain and down shortly Allnot of your the kids uffering, right? The thereafter. collision was fault. The Written Byother driver was drunk. Your were playing together and the extent of meet with our clients every 3 months or more often in person to discuss how ds were in the car. Thankfully, they were Alexa not injured, but youBarrera, were off your feet for D’Amato Esquire Massi’s delay truly hit me. My nephews, they are feeling and what treatment they are receiving. ne month and hobbling around for a few more. You still suffer occasionally with pain. III. Finances Jerard and Caprio, who are about nine nfortunately you have elected the Limited Right to Sue on your auto insurance policy. Unlike other areas of the law, personal injury attorneys are not paid a fee at months younger than Massi, were playing g P aul R. D’Amato, our fracture was not and it is not alid Permanent Injury because the fracture the outset. When you hire our office, we front the legal costs. Catastrophic injury with this red displaced box that had a yellow Member NJ Bar d cases can be a large lift financially. We have cases where we have over $500,000 ealed and theholes MRIofwas negative for any additional You cannot recover with various shapes. Inside the Alexainjuries. D’Amato Barrera , out in expenses at a time. Our clients trust that we spare no expense in litigating money for boxyour werepain toysand in suffering. the shape of the holes. Member NJ and PA Bar their cases. Catastrophic injuries turn someone’s life completely upside down and The idea was for the child to put the shape our firm will do what it takes to ensure that we do everything we possibly can to What through shouldthe I do? appropriate hole. make sure that justice is served. Here are some examples of what our firm does I’llInever that moment. Massi Unfortunately, Iwas haveforget seen scenarios like this many times. Don’t let this happen to born to be a trial lawyer! My father, Paul R. D’Amato, has when you hire us: Children’s Holiday had been in the therapy for Party two months • An inspection of the scene should be done as soon as possible. We hire qualified ou! IfThe you have selected Limited been representing injured victims as a plaintiffs’ personal injury attorney for 45 licensed investigators to photograph and videotape the scene. working on putting the shape into the usually magician, years andauto Iaam honored togames, be his law partner. For many of those years he was a ight to Sue,includes call your insurance • If the area can be viewed from the outside, we obtain aerial photographs. right hole and there Jerard, ninelawyer I worked in his office as much as possible sole practitioner. As an aspiring pizza, sweets, pictures with Santa ompany immediately and askwas them throughout high school he6-years-old, handled large catastrophic injury younger than Massi,ofand playing withI knew Paul, Massi, 5-years-old, and • We instruct our investigators to interview key liability and damage fact and months lots gifts. Members thecollege. ondchange yourof policy to the NO witnesses; the sooner they are interviewed, the better. cases, I had no idea how like just such how much work was involved until I became a this toy withbut ease. ItAssociation just seemed Rocco, 3-years-old sey Atlantic County Bar • We also direct them to interview all of the law enforcement personnel who imitation. Auto insurance policies myself silly practitioner and easy game for almost Jerard,20 butyears yet ago for now. t and athe were involved in the investigation of the incident. We send out a request to Atlantic County Superior I quickly learned what it is like to handle major construction and an be confusing if you’re not sure Massi he so had to actually work to be able to do that. t Court obtain photographs of the scene of the incident that were taken by the first catastrophic personal injury cases when in 2003 there was a collapse during the staff watch the chaos hat coverage youlove havetoand want to responders. construction of a their parkinggifts, garage at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City. We asabout the students unwrap lk it, please schedule an office It is better to know what the opposing counsel might find out about your Whatrepresented do you 14 dopeople if someone you love may Autism? or with catastrophic andhave the family of one of the excitement every time a new with injuries sitand andthe I will review your policy history that you might forget so we investigate you, our client, to be able to When a child loveaway. is diagnosed a developmental delay resolved, or neurological workers whoyou passed When the Tropicana Garage Collapse it was gift is revealed. The children are so ith youcondition at nothe charge. largest construction in New Jerseytime history. like Autism, it cansettlement be a very scary, lonely for the family. Alex and I hadprotect so you. Here is a short list of things we request: • Every relevant medical record and diagnostic testing film from before and after appreciative and their smiles and many I.questions Privacyabout our family’s future, and while we are blessed to have many friendsthe incident; laughter fill everyone’s heart with and family thatthe loveD’Amato dearly and were it was hardand to find anybody For over 40 Law Firmincredibly has beensupportive, representing people years, I consider itus an honor to represent catastrophically injured victims • Prescription records; happiness andfamilies. gratitude. To be able who could truly relate what we wereingoing through. and I intend to prove their Thetotrust they have us is unwavering, • We look at your public social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and who have every been single injured. Ifthat youtrust haveis been seriously injured in a motor timeFACES well placed. While the as Tropicana Collapse cannot thank 4 season Autism enough, as well all of theGarage therapists and teachers to makeIthe children’s holiday Twitter accounts and search you on Google; was nationally recognized, we do not seek to publish our in He•has vehicle collision orlife by a greatest defective product, if you have been inlittle a situainsettlement who have helped the fabulous guy verdicts he is today. so special isMassi’s truly the gift I himorbecome We have an insurance search performed to determine any potential claims the and we do not brag about them on our website. This is a small town,up bothmade in the past; grown in paper leaps and bounds and while II am heWe will always struggle to keep or of county my colleagues could ever tionany where your civil rights were violated, canafraid help. pride ourselves and State. Our clients were victims of a tragedy and do not need people • Your Motor Vehicle Abstract; academically and socially, Ithe canroom see the pieces of the puzzle fitting together easier and easier receive. The excitement crawling of area theinwoodwork looking for money that of is intended in assisting those inoutour or elsewhere who in need profes- to try to make • Prior Workers’ Compensation Claim files; as the years progress and am excited about hisare future. that day takes you back being a injuries they suffered. While we certainly want them whole for thetohorrendous • With the diagnostic testing films we obtain anatomical exhibits that show the her sional, caring and effective the public to knowlegal aboutrepresentation. cases we are working on so they too can avoid tragedy



kid, and reminds you of the magic of the holiday season.

extent of the injuries and surgeries performed;

If inyou think your childandmay be delayed developmentally their lives, the verdicts settlements we recover for our clients are or theirhave a • We obtain narrative and independent medical expert reports; nt Ifneurological youbusiness would like to learn more about thefamily Young Lawyers and we respect their condition like privacy. Autism, call your physician or see • We hire a vocational expert and an economist for your loss of income claim; t DivisionII. Our Reputation and Communication CALL NOW FOR A FREE or find out how you can contribute to the Children’s a developmental neurologist. Reach out to FACES 4 Autism online at• We will also hire a company to prepare a life care plan; Your reputation in anything you do follows you throughout life. An honest Holiday Party, please visit our website at atcobaryld.com or like • We will also discuss with you the production of a day-in-the-life video; FACES4Autism.org or callinsurance Isabelle Moscaand at defense (609) firms 412-3750. approach with our clients, companies is vital. We CONSULTATION: 609.926.3300 • Finally we will put all of this together to create a video settlement brochure. our Facebook page “ACBA Young Lawyers Division.” copy our clients on every single correspondence that goes in and out of the office



on your case so you know everything that is happening and the work that we are doing. We give you our cell phone numbers so you can reach us any time of day with an emergency. Our computer program allows you to text or email us directly to your file in our computer and we can text you back as well. We also

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The D’Amato Law Firm focuses their practice in representing those who have been seriously injured in construction, products liability and motor vehicle collisions. The firm handles cases throughout the country with a primary focus on representing victims injured in Southern New Jersey. The D’Amato Law Firm has a national reputation for excellence.

I am proud to be a personal injury trial attorney representing catastrophically injured victims. It is a team effort with my law partners, Paul and Stephen Van Natten, and all of our staff. All the hard work we put in now truly pays off when we are able to resolve your claim successfully.

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Member NJ & PA Bar

Member NJ Bar Counsellor at Law The D’Amato Law Firm focuses their practice inNJ representing those who have been seriously injured in construction, products liability and motor vehicle collisions. The firm and PA BAR The handles D’Amatocases Law throughout Firm focusesthe their practice inMember country with a primary focus on representing victims injured in Southern New Jersey. The D’Amato Law Firm has a national reputation for excellence. Paul R. D’Amato www.damatolawfirm.com representing those who have been seriously injured Paul R.Civil D’Amato Certified Trial Attorney in construction, liability Suite and motor vehicle Certified Civil Trial Attorney 2900products Fire Road, 200 • Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234 • 2900 Fire Road, Alexa D’Amato Barrera collisions. The firm handles cases throughout theSuite 200 Counsellor at Law countryEgg with aHarbor primary focusTownship, on representing victims New Jersey 08234 Alexa D’Amato Barrera injured in Southern New Jersey. The D’Amato Law Member NJ and PA BAR The County Woman Magazine www.TheCountyWoman.com January/February 2021 P: 609-926-3300 Counsellor at Law Firm has a national reputation for excellence.

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