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Our skilled professionals will create the most beautiful and natural permanent makeup.

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If you own a business in New Jersey, you are required to carry numerous types of insurance.

Your OMS should be Board Certified. Why does Board Certification matter?

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Today’s families face many challenges. Marla Marinucci, Esq., certified by the Supreme Court of NJ as a Matrimonial Law Attorney, is devoted to helping your family through them. Read more about her professionalism and dedication to guiding you and your family in the right path on pages 22, 23 & 24.

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Medical Professionals


Help Protect Your Children’s Feet While Playing Sports Children and Sports

Growing Bones and Ligaments

The immature bones of children are different from those of adults. The All parents know that “growth plates” in children’s bones do not finish closing until age 15-17 in boys children take to sports and 13-15 in girls. When stressed, these plates are more susceptible to injury than the tendons and ligaments that support the joints. Podiatric physicians like ducks to water. warn repetitive overuse can cause inflammation of the growth plates. They Participation in sports advise parents to promote diverse physical activities for their children rather develops a sense of self than one sport. discipline, teamwork, Injuries and Treatments and recognition of the importance of a healthy Many children suffer from mild “torsional” imbalances, commonly known as in-toeing and out-toeing. Most children outgrow these imbalances without body -- good habits that last a lifetime.

Training Emphasis

Every child physically matures at his or her own rate, and has a different degree of athletic ability. Early training should emphasize proper technique and basic movement skills in all sports. Podiatric physicians, specialists in treating the lower extremities, say children who concentrate on a single sport at too young an age are more likely to develop injuries of the foot and ankle. Save specialization in sports for the late teens.


Whether parents like it or not, part of a child’s image revolves around footwear. For good foot health, the condition of the shoes are more important than the price tag or brand name. Podiatric physicians agree it’s often better to buy a child two $50 pairs of shoes than a single $100 pair, so the shoes can be rotated, to avoid rapid wear deterioration. Because a child’s feet are constantly growing, it is important to allow at least one finger’s width from the end of the longest toe when buying shoes. Stuart W. Honick, D.P.M., P.T. Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Diplomate American Board of Podiatric Surgery Board Certified In Foot Surgery

4 Arthritis 4 Athlete’s Foot 4 Bunions 4 Diabetic Foot Care 4 Foot & Ankle Injuries 4 Foot Surgeries 4 Fungal Nails

4 Hammertoes 4 Heel Pain 4 MLS Robotic

392 N. White Horse Pike Suite # 2 Hammonton, NJ

4 Nail Problems 4 Neuromas 4 Orthotics 4 Warts

5401 Harding Highway Suite # 5 Mays Landing, NJ

Laser Therapy



medical treatment. However, if a child has obvious torsional imbalances, he or she may be more susceptible to injury. If that is the case, keep a close eye out for foot and ankle injuries associated with sports activity. Foot injuries commonly seen in very active children include: Ankle Sprains. In older children, stretched or torn ligaments in the ankle, known as sprains, are more common than fractures. A sprain may cause extensive swelling around the ankle just like a fracture. Immediate treatment is crucial to quick healing. A podiatric physician can provide treatment as well as recommend balancing and strengthening exercises to restore coordination quickly. Fractures. Fractures from overuse in child-athletes are commonly seen in podiatric medical offices. Growth plates are particularly susceptible to injuries, but mid-shaft fractures of the bone also occur. If a fracture is not severe, rest and immobilization may be the best treatment. More complicated injuries may require casting or surgical correction. If swelling and pain persist, see a podiatric physician. Sever’s Disease. An inflammation of a growth plate, Sever’s Disease is often felt as pain behind the heel caused by inflammation of the apophysis, a growth center where a tendon is attached to the bone. Rest, ice, and heel lifts are usually prescribed. Shin splints and stress fractures. Shin splints are microtears or inflammation of the anterior leg muscles, as our Achilles tendon pulls in the posterior region of the leg. Again, rest is most important in healing these injuries. If pain is persistent, see a podiatrist. Dr. Honick’s warm and capable manner and skilled staff makes a visit with your child a very positive and healing experience. Your family is in very competent care when the need for a podiatrist arises!


For Your Convenience, We’ve Added A 3rd Location! Central Square - 199 New Road, #47 • Linwood, NJ


Dr. Stuart W. Honick

Diplomate American Board of Podiatric Surgery, Board Certified in Foot Surgery

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Dr. James R. Williamson Board Certified American Board Podiatric Medicine

Ammar F. Saymeh Board Certified American Board Podiatric Medicine

November/December 2019

Medical Professionals

Dr. Stuart W. Honick

Diplomate American Board of Podiatric Surgery, Board Certified in Foot Surgery

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Dr. James R. Williamson Ammar F. Saymeh Board Certified American Board Podiatric Medicine

Board Certified American Board Podiatric Medicine

November/December 2019

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Higher Education

BEHIND EVERY HERO IS A CAPE. ATLANTIC CAPE. Choose from nursing, culinary arts, criminal justice, drone technology or over 40 other degree programs. Take classes online or at one of three campuses. With transfer agreements with dozens of colleges including Rutgers, Stockton and Fairleigh Dickinson, you can start here and finish there, while spending way less.

For more information visit atlantic.edu or call 609-625-1111

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November/December 2019

Table of Contents

Medical Professionals

Go Feet: Dr. Stuart W. Honick.................................................. 2, 3 Accent Aesthetics Medical & Laser Day Spa......................... 6, 72 Advanced Care Ob/Gyn Infertility................................................. 7 Shore Vascular & Vein Center................................................... 8, 9 Shore Clinical TMS..................................................................... 10 Atlantic Medical Imaging............................................................ 11 Certified Dermatology................................................................ 17 Bella Derma Medi Spa................................................................ 20 Personal Enhancement Center................................................... 28 Relievus................................................................................ 33, 34 Barbara Greenling DNP.............................................................. 39 Kathy A. Banks, DMD........................................................... 42, 43

Higher Education

Atlantic Cape Community College............................................... 4

Fashion & Beauty

The Bra Boudoir........................................................................... 5 Seagrass Boutique..................................................................... 31

Home Health Care

BAYADA Home Health Care....................................................... 10

Grocery Market

Bonterra Market......................................................................... 12

Financial Management

Garden State Trust Company..................................................... 13

Permanent Makeup

Beau Institute............................................................................. 14

Hospice Care

Journey Hospice........................................................................ 15


Health & Wellness

Men’s Clothing

Lou Marchiano for Men.............................................................. 47

Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment

Enlightened Solutions................................................................. 48

Pet Services

Copiers Plus............................................................................... 25

Networking for Moms

Atlantic County Animal Shelter............................................. 50, 51 Funny Farm Rescue................................................................... 52

Legal Professionals

Mary Whotin Calkins.................................................................. 53

Moms of Business...................................................................... 27

Women’s History

D’Amato Law Firm...................................................................... 29

Fabulous Food

Permanent Makeup & Cosmetic Tattooing

Cutting Board Creations LLC..................................................... 54

Permanent Makeup by Amy....................................................... 30

Shoe Repair

Nutrition & Wellness

The Friendly Cobbler.................................................................. 58

Vitality FYI................................................................................... 31


Theatre & Entertainment

Vagabond Travel Agency............................................................ 59

Atlantic City Ballet...................................................................... 35 Two River Theater....................................................................... 46 Axelrod Performing Arts Center................................................. 56 Gazillion Bubble Show............................................................... 64 Drunk Shakespeare.................................................................... 65 Hammonton Arts Center............................................................ 69 Cape May Stage......................................................................... 70

Women of Atlantic County

Women of Atlantic County.............................................. 61, 62, 63

Family Portraits & Headshots

Donna Andrews Photography.................................................... 71 Community............................. 30, 32, 55, 57, 58, 60, 66, 67

The County Woman

Abstrax Hair Designs.................................................................. 37

Rice Elder Law..................................................................... 18, 19

Koehler Acupuncture.................................................................. 45

Business & Finance

Bellysimmo Imaging................................................................... 17

Elder Law


Russell & Marinucci, PA.................................................. 22, 23, 24

A Sweet Memory Cake Shoppe & Tea Room............................. 16

Pregnancy Services

Charles Meusburger, MD............................................................ 44

Featured on the Cover

Testimonials................................................................................ 36 Subscription Form...................................................................... 47 Instagram................................................................................... 68

Cake Shoppe & Tea Room


Hypnosis for Women.................................................................. 21 Hummingbird Yoga..................................................................... 26 Nina Radcliff MD........................................................................ 38 Living Healthy Naturally.............................................................. 48 Jersey Shore Pharmacy............................................................. 49

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Wigs & Hair Replacement Pediatric Services

Reliance Medical Group....................................................... 40, 41

Fashion & Beauty

More than Just Your Measurement When it comes to undergarments, the right fit is key; but comfort is important too, and the ladies at Bra Boudoir believe that wholeheartedly. Owner Julia Mastalski has the expertise and knowledge to help you shop for those crucial foundation pieces, as well as those for special occasions. In fact, many of her clients set up a private appointment, which will ensure they get the precise fit that is right for their body type. During a private appointment customers can try on lingerie, shapewear, and loungewear. When getting your fitting at the Bra Boudoir, you will notice there is no use of measuring tape, since it has been proven to be inaccurate. Julia adds, “We use a trial-anderror method, trying on different bras until we find out the size and style that works best for you.” Finding bras or shapewear that not only provide support, but also complement your body, is a real game-changer. If you have ever gone to a department store to shop for a bra, then you

know how frustrating it can be. The problem is that most of these large chain stores do not train their employees in proper sizing techniques, and they don’t carry the sizes many women need to feel comfortable. Julia’s team at the Bra Boudoir has been trained in New York City by an amazing group of bra fitting experts. After fitting hundreds of women with a vast array of body and breast types, it is safe to say they know what they are talking about. Julia has witnessed the transformation that occurs when a customer leaves her boutique feeling happy and confident, all because of an amazing bra fitting. Her knowledge of garment construction and passion for helping people is evident the moment you meet her. New arrivals come in on a monthly basis, so be sure and pay her a visit and stock up on all your basic needs. The Bra Boudoir also has gift certificates for sale, for that girl or woman in your life you know deserves to look and feel her best.

Testimonial “I went in to get fitted for a bra as I knew I wasn’t wearing the right size. I am not a small woman and Julie was so very helpful finding me the proper fit. I will not buy my lingerie from anyone else. Superior service and very friendly. Thank you for a wonderful buying experience.”-SLB

The County Woman Magazine www.TheCountyWoman.com

More Than A Measurement

A charming and relaxed boutique for all of your undergarment needs. Specializing in bra, lingerie and shape wear fittings. • Over 100 different bra styles in sizes 28A-46O • Sticky bras and lingerie solution products • Lingerie and shape wear XS-3X • Hosiery by thigh measurement and Swimwear by bra sizes

6024 Main Street • Mays Landing, NJ 08330 *Parking in the back*

www.Brafittingsnewjersey.com • 609-829-2867


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Mail to: The County Woman • P.O. Box 619 • Turnersville, NJ 08012 Or Visit www.Facebook.com/TheCountyWoman to Enter Online!

One entry per person for the Bra Boudoir. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Entries will be accepted through 12/31/2019. Company does not provide any personally identifiable information to the third party ad servers or ad networks without your consent.

November/December 2019

Medical Professionals


Target Stubborn Fat In The Areas That Bother You The Most! CoolSculpting ... Love What You See ®

When it comes to your reflection, you can be your own toughest critic. Even that favorite outfit can feel off limits because of stubborn fat that resists diet and exercise. The CoolSculpting procedure shapes what you see without surgery and little to no downtime so you look great from every angle! Trouble areas that come to mind are the abdomen and love handles, but there is so much more to CoolSculpting. With the latest CoolSculpting technology, you can treat any size or location of trouble spots! Thighs, upper arms, double chin, bra fat and back and distal thigh, the area under your buttocks and more! As a leading procedure for removal of unwanted fat that has been proven safe and effective, you have nothing to lose with CoolSculpting except fat! With the next generation to CoolSculpting, custom treatments can take only 30 minutes!

Upper Arms double chin!

1. CoolSculpting is the treatment doctors use most for non-invasive fat removal. RESULTS AND PATIENT EXPERIENCE MAY VARY. Placements shown are approximate. Before and After photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): A. Jay Burns, MD; Jason Rivers, MD; Christine Dierickx, MD; Brian Hass, • Financing through care credit MD; Grant Stevens, MD; Scott Gerrish, MD; Amy Brenner, MD; Mark Beaty, MD; Premier Plastic Surgery In the U.S., the CoolSculpting procedure is FDA-cleared for the treatment of visible fat bulges in the submental area, thigh, abdomen and fl ank, along with bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks (also known as banana roll), and upper arm. In Taiwan, the CoolSculpting procedure is cleared for the breakdown of fat in the flank (love handle), abdomen, and thigh. Outside the U.S. and Taiwan, the CoolSculpting procedure for non-invasive fat reduction is available worldwide. ZELTIQ, CoolSculpting, the CoolSculpting logo, and the Snowfl ake design are registered trademarks of ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. © 2017. All rights reserved. IC03011-A

CHOOSE ACCENT AESTHETICS FOR THE BEST COOLSCULPTING RESULTS! • Only Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon providing Bellafill 5-year Filler in Atlantic and Cape May counties 323 South Pitney Road, Suite 100 • Galloway, NJ 08205 • All staff are CoolSculpting certified • Most up to date equipment and latest technology For more information, call 609-652-6550 or visit www.accentmedicalspa.com. to CoolSculpting available • Most experienced CoolSculpting facility in the area • Best value and quality service in the area It’s Holiday Season! • Comfortable CoolSculpting suites to make your treatment as relaxing as possible Visit • Flexible evening and weekend hours available AccentMedicalSpa.com 
 to view our November & • Financing options through GreenSky & CareCredit December Specials and learn more about our Spa’liday Open House

Be Transformed

The County Woman Magazine www.TheCountyWoman.com

November/December 2019


Medical Professionals Professionals Medical Urinary Concerns? Help Is Here!

Women and urination is a complex and broad issue. Women in their lifetime face a host of problems and issues surrounding urination and overactive bladder. To continue this discussion, we must define several terms.

What is the bladder? What is the urethra?

The bladder is a pouch-like structure that stores urine produced as a by-product of metabolism. The urethra is a tube-like structure which allows the bladder to empty. The bladder and urethra are found in the pelvis. These organs are in front of the uterus, by the pubic bone. The urethra holds the bladder closed. When the bladder contracts, the urethra relaxes and magically the bladder empties of urine. When any of these do not work correctly, this leads to incontinence (leaking of urine) and/or voiding dysfunction (too much or too little urination, too frequent urination, urgency of urination).

Can you briefly describe overactive bladder condition?

Overactive bladder is a condition in which the bladder incompletely fills and empties frequently. Specifically, women wind up going to the bathroom and urinating time and time again. I’m pretty sure most of us have seen the “I gotta go” commercials. It can get to a point that when a person goes into a new place, the first thing located is the bathroom. It becomes a routine obsession. Their world begins to revolve around the bathroom and urination. This process progresses and begins to affect everyday life, limiting what and how people do things on a daily basis.

What is urinary incontinence? What causes it?

Urinary incontinence is an underreported and underdiagnosed problem that increases with age. It is estimated that over 50% of menopausal women and about 25% of women in their reproductive years are affected. Urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine. It may come with activities such as running or jumping, laughing and coughing. Also, it may occur with urge to urinate (called urge incontinence). If the bladder is not immediately emptied, the flow will start no matter where a person is or what a person is doing. Out comes the urine. The urge-type incontinence is usually more concerning to people. The inability to predict or to stop this causes a great deal of distress and embarrassment. This may cause a person to start to use adult diapers to avoid wetting clothes in public settings. This is not a new problem. But it is a growing problem as our population ages. There are many causes for incontinence. They can range from neurologic, structural (enlarged uterus, prolapsed uterus), lack of hormones, or poor tissue quality to damage after childbirth. Most commonly, the frequency of episodes increases with each passing year. The volume of urine passed also tends to increase.


What are the risk factors associated with bladder problems?

With advancing age, estrogen levels begin to drop. Estrogen helps maintain the tissue around the urethra and bladder. This keeps the vagina moist, the tissue thick and the muscles working. Lack of estrogen, as in menopause, can lead to loss of muscle strength and increased vaginal dryness; the end effect is increased potential to have a leaky bladder. Just being pregnant can also be one of the causes of bladder issues. Pregnancy and related hormones increases the swelling of blood, stretches the tissue and skin, and causes possible nerve injury. Obesity is also a risk factor for bladder problems. Increased weight causes increasing pressure on the surrounding tissue of the bladder. Additionally, as body weight increases, so does the production of certain male and female hormones. This also can have a negative impact on the bladder, leading to increased bladder problems.

How is urinary incontinence treated?

Urinary frequency, urgency, and incontinence are complex issues. The evaluation is dependent on the patient’s complaint and exam findings. We have patients complete a bladder health questionnaire. To fully evaluate the bladder, urodynamic bladder testing is often used. This provides detailed information on bladder function, filling and emptying. This information assists in making an accurate and correct diagnosis. We can then implement a treatment plan to correct your urinary problem. Bottom line—this can change and improve your quality of life. For those affected, it is life-changing. If you or someone you know has urinary concerns, we at Advanced Care can help in diagnosis and treatment. I strongly encourage a call to our office to arrange an evaluation of your urinary concerns. The addition of urodynamic bladder testing in the comfort and familiarity of the Advanced Care office is a great benefit to all of our current and new patients. We look forward to helping you. I know it will be a potentially life-changing call.

To schedule an appointment at Advanced Care Ob/Gyn, call 609-272-0506 or visit www.advancedcareobgyn.com.

We’re With You All The Way

Old-Fashioned Care With State-Of-The-Art Technology Quality, Compassionate Healthcare for All Stages of a Woman’s Life Courtyard Professional Offices 707 White Horse Pike, Suite D4 • Absecon, NJ 08201 609.272.0506 • Fax: 609.272.0607 Linwood Commons 2106 New Road, Suite D10 • Linwood, NJ 08221 609.927.2244 • Fax: 609.927.2242

PICTURED: Salvatore A. Carfagno, DO, FACOOG, Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, with his beautiful family

Affliated with: AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center and Shore Medical Center

www.TheCountyWoman.com The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine www.TheCountyWoman.com

July/August 2018 November/December 2019

Medical Medical Professionals Professionals


Medical Profe

Groundbreaking New Technolog Groundbreaking New Technology for Laser Tattoo Removal Shore Vascular & Vein Center / Aesthetic Laser Center announces enlighten™, the newest, most complete solution available anywhere for laser tattoo removal. enlighten™ is the most advanced

laser system available for safe and effective tattoo removal. It is the world’s first laser system to combine both picosecond and nanosecond technology with dual wavelength lasers. This allows individualized treatment of all colors of ink and skin types for the fastest, most complete laser tattoo removal ever available.

The “Pico” Difference

Lasers remove tattoos by delivering high energy over a very short period of time to break up ink. Inks of different types, colors and depth can provide significant challenges to remove. It has been shown that shorter duration pulses are more effective in completely removing tattoos than longer duration pulses. Our new enlighten™ laser can deliver energy at picosecond intervals. A picosecond is one trillionth of a second. This is one thousand times shorter than prior lasers for tattoo removal. Picosecond, sometimes referred to as “pico,” lasers have been shown to remove tattoos more completely and with fewer treatments, than with lasers used in the past.


Picosecond lasers are the newest, most advanced tattoo removal technology available. Our enlighten™ laser combines this “pico” technology with the flexibility of both 1064nm and 532nm dual wavelength lasers. Never before has this combination of power and versatility been available. This now allows for the treatment of all color tattoos and skin types, even the traditionally very difficult ones, with a single device. This provides effective results in approximately half the number of treatments of prior lasers.

Number of Treatments Required and Results

People often ask how long it will take to remove their tattoo, and will it be able to be removed completely. Laser tattoo removal typically takes multiple treatments. That is because tattoo ink is deposited deep into the skin and multiple treatments are needed to reach all of the ink and break it up completely. In addition, tattoos of various sizes, colors and ages may respond differently to treatment. Some colors are more difficult to clear completely than others. Therefore, it is impossible to know in the very beginning how many treatments will ultimately be needed or how completely it will be removed. However, our new enlighten™ picosecond laser has been shown to be faster and more effective than the prior lasers used for tattoo removal. In fact, many people can expect to obtain excellent results in half the number of treatments, or less, than with prior lasers. Our doctor can give you a good idea of the number of treatments that will be needed after your tattoo is examined.

Partial Tattoo Removal

Due to change in circumstances, relationships and other factors, some people desire to have their tattoos changed. We can remove parts of tattoos, while leaving other parts intact, to allow for tattoo changes.


Cost will vary depending on a number of factors including the size of the tattoo and the number of treatments needed. Keep in mind that with enlighten™, you should

treatmen ones, wit number


People be remov That is b are need of variou are more know in how com laser has tattoo re the num a good id examine

anticipate requiring far fewer treatments than required with other lasers. You can also anticipate more complete results. However, since the exact number of treatments will Shore Vascular & Vein Center / Aesthetic Laser Center not initially be known, we offer complete tattoo removal packages. That gives you a set announces en light en™the , the newest, most complete price in the beginning and eliminates uncertainty of not knowing the exact number solutionthat available anywhere of treatments will ultimately be needed. for Ourlaser staff cantattoo give youremoval. more information about pricing after we™examine your tattoo. enlighten is the most advanced laser system available About Us and effective tattoo removal. It is the world’s first for safe Our medical director, Dr. laser system to combine both picosecond and nanosecond Partia Jeffrey Gosin, is a Board Certified technology with dual wavelength lasers. This allows Due to Vascular Surgeon. He has years of individualized treatment of all colors of ink and skin types for other fac experience in performing cosmetic changed the fastest, most complete laser tattoo removal ever available. vascular laser procedures using the leaving o highly V™ laser. Theacclaimed “Pico”Excel Difference Cost OverLasers those remove years, hetattoos has been asked by delivering high energy over a very short period of time Cost w by to many patients if he could also break up ink. Inks of different types, colors and depth can provide significant includin remove their tattoos with his laser. challenges to remove. It has been shown that shorter duration pulses are more treatmen While the Excel V™ laser is besteffective in completely removing tattoos than longer duration pulses. Our new requiring enlighten™ laser can deliver energy at picosecond intervals. A picosecond is in-class for vascular applications, anticipat second. This is one thousand times shorter than prior lasers it isone nottrillionth designedof fora removing will not for tattoo removal. Picosecond, tattoos. Other prior lasers also had sometimes referred to as “pico,” lasers have been you a set shown to remove tattoos more completely and with fewer treatments, than with significant limitations. Therefore, exact nu lasers used would in the past. he previously not provide this more inf service. Flexibility About ™ Picosecond lasers are the most advanced tattoo removal technology When the new enlight ennewest, Our m available. Our enlighten™ laser combines this “pico” technology with the laser finally became available, that He has y flexibilitychanged of boththings. 1064nmDr. and 532nm dual wavelength lasers. Never before has completely the high thisresearched combination power and versatility been available. This now allows for the Gosin theof technology, attended conferences, and personally consulted with laser experts from “University Quality Care at the Jersey Shore” around the country who were involved in the very early use of this remarkable new device. It became clear that this technology “University Quality Care would set the new standard in laser at the Jersey Shore” tattoo removal. We are very pleased to be the first center in the entire Delaware Valley to be able to offer this cutting-edge technology.

If you are experiencing “tattoo regret” and would like to have your tattoo removed or changed, call us for a consultation.

JEFFREY442 S.Bethel GOSIN, MD FACS Road Somers Point, NJ 08244

(609) 927-VEIN (8346) 442 Bethel Road Somers Point, NJ 08244 www.EndTattooRegret.com

For more information, call 609-927-8346 The County Woman Magazine(609) 927 VEIN www.TheCountyWoma (8346) or visit www.EndTattooRegret.com. www.EndTattooRegret.com

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Spotlight B usiness BBusiness usiness S Spotlight potlight


very interested in science so it was a natural progression for him to pursue a career in medicine. His specialty is the treatment of disorders of the circulatory system – also known as vascular surgery. He grew up in a “surgical” family and his dad was his partner for 17 years until he retired. He adds, “When I was a child my Dad would bring me to the hospital to make rounds with him on weekends. I really looked up to him and what he did for a living.” It was his father’s dedication and satisfaction with his own career that had a lasting impression on the younger Gosin. Dr. Gosin: My specialty involves treating vein problems, such as varicose veins and spider veins. I also treat diseases of the arteries such as aneurysms, blockage in the arteries to the brain, called carotid artery stenosis and peripheral artery disease (PAD). As a surgeon, I am able to perform surgery when necessary. However, in many cases I am able to treat these vascular problems using modern, minimally invasive nonsurgical methods.

CW: What is the most rewarding part about your profession? Dr. Gosin:

better and healthier. In some cases, people experience dramatic improvements in their quality of life. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I was able to provide that.

CW: What is the most challenging?

Dr. Gosin: Every case can provide its own unique challenge. It is important to remember that each patient I treat is an individual. Certain elements of his or her care may be more challenging than a similar condition in another person. It is that variation that makes my job so interesting.

CW: Are varicose veins a genetic problem? Can they be prevented?

Dr. Gosin: Genetics are one of the most important risk factors in the development of varicose veins. Individuals with a family history are more likely to develop the condition themselves, than individuals who do not have that family history. However, genetics are just one of a number of recognized risk factors. Other risk factors include prolonged standing, pregnancy, increasing age and being overweight. It is also interesting to note that some people will develop varicose veins without any of those risk factors. Although there is no way to absolutely prevent the development of varicose veins, certain precautions, like wearing compression stockings, may help to keep the symptoms at bay.



Dr. Gosin: Treatment varies based on an individual’s particular obtain their care from a specialist. While varicose veins may cause cosmetic concerns for some people, others with this condition will actually have an underlying abnormality with the valves in the leg

diagnosing and treating the underlying condition, then treatment will likely be incomplete and provide only temporary improvement.

recovery with minimal pain and “down time.”

CW: How do you stay current with trends happening in your profession? Dr. Gosin: Vascular surgery is a specialty that has seen fantastic in a program of “lifelong learning” and current with the major specialty journals and regularly attend conferences. Dr. Gosin grew up on the Jersey Shore, and after graduation from the Medical College, he completed his training and was delighted to come back and begin his practice. He completed his residency in general surgery and a fellowship in vascular surgery at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. He has three children and enjoys spending time at the beach and boating. Dr. College of Surgeons and a member of Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery, and numerous other national surgical and vascular societies.

VISIT www.GetGreatLegs.com

442 Bethel Road • Somers Point, NJ 08244

(609) 927-VEIN (8346) • www.GetGreatLegs.com

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Home Health Care



milestone made possible over time with one-on-one attention and encouragement from his BAYADA care team. Using functional stimulation and aggressive outpatient therapy, Joe’s BAYADA Occupational Therapist is helping him regain functional arm movement. His home care team has synched his power chair with his smartphone, giving Joe control of his mobility and phone functions. They helped him learn stand pivot transfers, replacing the need for a mechanical lift. His BAYADA Physical Therapist also helped Joe get a special harness to start therapy on a treadmill.

BAYADAbility founder Ann Baiada and Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse Cay Ambrose talk about how the nation’s first and only inhome nursing rehabilitation program brings specialized home health care services to people with SCIs and other serious injuries, illnesses, and disabilities.

and supported—at home with his loved ones.

No one ever expects to be catastrophically injured on the job. But when the unthinkable does happen, it takes a dedicated team of professionals and time to help you and your family to get your lives back.

Now back at home with his family, Joe has made the transition from ventilator to diaphragmatic pacer, giving him 24/7 freedom to move around. That was a challenging

This has been the journey of Joe V., who sustained a high-level spinal cord injury (SCI) when a heavy bag fell onto his neck at work. When Joe was discharged from inpatient rehab, he was ventilator-dependent and unable to make any purposeful arm or leg movements. There was a lot to be done to help him and his family put the pieces of their life back together. How is Joe today? Working together to provide care for Joe, all professional care teams took the time to really get to know him and his family before he ever left the facility and helped transition Joe home in stages—first, in a temporary apartment, then, in his newly modified family home. Now, they are well on their way to helping Joe achieve his best possible outcomes in the optimal setting where he can feel motivated

Joe V. receives expert care in his home with his family nearby.

BAYADAbility has strategic partners working together to provide integrated care management for injured workers. The focus of BAYADAbility care partnerships is on achieving the best possible outcomes for clients, and getting there through superior case management, clinical excellence, and expert collaboration.

THE B EST CAR E COMES IN THE COMFOR T OF HOME With a broad range of services and a team of professionals who are committed to keeping adults and seniors safe at home, BAYADA provides: • • • • •

Thoroughly screened health care professionals Clinical support 24 hours, 7 days a week Reminders about medications and appointments RN supervision on all levels of care A variety of payment options available BAYADA Caregiver Michelle E. and BAYADA client Dr. Frances S. at home.

Contact us Assistive Care: Jennifer Little, Director, 609-365-4111 Adult Nursing: Maryann Prudhomme, Director, 609-926-4600 Home Health: Rich Troendle, Director, 609-272-1200 Hospice: Michelle Amendolia, Director, 609-813-2149 bayada.com

Medical Professionals Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation




• • • • •

FDA cleared & effective Safe, very well tolerated No side effects! Done in office, NO anesthesia Covered by most insurances


have experienced relief and remission from life-robbing symptoms of ADDICTION, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, OCD, PTSD and more.


2106 New Road, #D-8, Linwood Commons, Linwood, NJ 08221

Dr. Srisai Gowda, MD Call 609-927-1030

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Medical Professionals


National studies have shown low dose CT lung screenings can diagnose early stage lung cancer. Early diagnosis equals improved patient outcomes. The low dose CT lung screening exam is for patients 55-77* who have smoked at least one pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years or at least two packs of cigarettes a day for 15 years.

Talk to your healthcare provider today. For more information on low dose CT lung screening, please call (609) 677-XRAY (9729).

*Age may vary based on your insurance carrier.

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Grocery MarketMarket A Delicious Healthy Holiday Is Available At Bonterra Market




bundance of food that should be So many people associate the holidays with an overa ays as a celebration of spectacular avoided. We at Bonterra Market approach the holid ng and eating can be done in a fun and food that we eagerly anticipate. Holiday entertaini new and exciting culinary delights. healthy way and at the same time open a world of fits of winter squash and root First, it is important to understand the healthy bene xidants that are very important for vegetables. They are high in many nutrients and antio ful on the table. Bonterra even has your body, and are easy to cook, delicious and color great when served with a dip. colorful chips made from these squash. They taste do it with something fabulous. Next, if you are going to indulge in cheeses, at least se selection. The special cheeses that Bonterra Market has just expanded our artisan chee es by artisans who have spent years we carry are most often produced in very small batch on small family farms. Unlike “mass refining their craft. Many are produced organically bit goes a long way. So in essence you market,” these cheeses are to be savored and a little r calories. If you are serving a cheese plate, can get more gastronomical satisfaction with fewe . Accompany with organic fruit and a choose at least two hard cheeses and one semi-soft its. An often overlooked but delicious special selection of crackers like vintage wine biscu when serving a soft cheese like goat addition is a fruit chutney or confiture. They are used Consider serving individual cheese plates cheese and really make the cheese plate complete. as an appetizer or even a dessert. nic farmers by using their products It is also very important to support local and orga ng. Bonterra carries everything you when preparing your holiday feast or when entertaini y alternatives, wheat-free substitutes, will need including delicious organic turkeys, turke selection of organic produce at the organic baking supplies, and the largest and freshest to bring you even more choices than SJ shore. We have expanded our perishable selection before. yourself, If time doesn’t allow for you to prepare everything ly we can help. We are offering a wide selection of fresh organic prepared side dishes and pies. We can even prep your in the turkey dressed with fresh herbs, ready for you to pop s. Breakfast oven. Call Sherri to discuss your entertaining need t to stay mini scone trays are also available. And don’t forge a quick healthy this season by eating right. Visit our deli for as well. meal on the run and try some of our delicious soup re you go Lastly, try the Scandinavian bran crisp breads befo to control out to the holiday office party. They are a great way a low your appetite with only 12 calories, 50% fiber and to help y happ be glycemic index. Stop in today and we will also visit our website and Facebook for you have a more enjoyable holiday season. You may and organic foods. more ideas and valuable offers on the best natural Bon Appétit,

Susan Miller

About Bonterra Market . . . We provide you with the finest quality fresh, natural, organic and whole foods, nutritional products, body care products and health information. We carry these products because we feel that food in a pure state is the best tasting and the healthiest for you and your family. We stock our market with the highest quality foods and offer them to our customers at the best possible value. • We search for and promote organically produced foods and products whenever possible. • We promote locally grown organic foods. • We are comitted to great tasting and safe foods for your family and the environment. • We have stringent standards for the products that we sell. Bonterra Market turns away many products due to unacceptable ingredients. Our buyers are passionate about offering you delicious, quality, fresh foods that are minimally processed.

Go Natural This Thanksgiving!

Save $10.00 on your Thanksgiving meal when you spend $150.00 on your single purchase.

3112 Fire Road Egg Harbor Twp., NJ

609-484-1550 www.Bonterramarket.com

STORE HOURS: Mon-Fri: 9am to 7:30pm • Sat: 9am to 6pm • Sun: 11am to 5pm

www.TheCountyWoman.com The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine www.TheCountyWoman.com

9. Valid 11/21/20159 thru 11/25/2015. Turkeys can’t be applied to purchase total. Not valid on turkeys or special orders. Must be presented at the time of purchase.

Money Savings Coupon

$5.00 OFF your order of $75.00 or more 9. Valid 11/28/20159 thru 12/24/2015. Cannot be used for sale items, toward turkeys, special orders, prior purchases, or combined. Must be presented at the time of purchase.

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Financial Management



All trust companies, including Garden State, are held to the “fiduciary standard,” but we don’t hold the monopoly on fiduciary services.

In May, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) removed the word “fiduciary” from the mandated language registered investment advisors (RIAs) use in their customer relationship summary, concluding the word is “legal jargon.” Based on survey feedback, they decided the required RIA disclosure language to be: “When we act as your investment advisor, we have to act in your best interest and not put our interest ahead of yours. At the same time, the way we make money creates some conflicts with your interests. You should understand and ask us about these conflicts because they can affect the investment advice we provide you.” The first sentence of the new disclaimer refers to the first and foremost requirement if your advisor is a fiduciary, the duty of loyalty, or putting the client’s interests above their own. Trust Companies act not only as a fiduciary, but also as a trustee, which means that in order to fulfill our duty of loyalty to our clients, we have many other specific duties we are legally obligated to perform on behalf of our clients. Here are some of the more common duties a trustee owes its beneficiaries: • Duty to administer a trust by its terms. Every trust agreement should make plain the purposes of the trust, as they provide the critical benchmarks for evaluating the trustee’s actions. • Duty of skill and care. A high standard of performance is required, even if an amateur is named who has no prior experience as a trustee.

• Duty to give notices. Notices may concern legal rights of the trust beneficiaries, such as a power to make withdrawals, or they may cover such ministerial matters as designating a successor trustee or an agent to assist in trust administration. • Duty to account. A written accounting of the assets, liabilities, receipts and disbursements of the trust must be provided to the beneficiaries regularly. • Duty of impartiality. The trustee must not favor one beneficiary over another, unless the trust document directs that providing for a particular beneficiary is a principal purpose of the trust. • Duty to invest. Trust assets must not be left idle. In addition to making the trust investments, the trustee has a duty to diversify the investments and develop an asset allocation plan. This is a job for professional investors or corporate fiduciaries. • Duty of confidentiality. Normally, the terms of a trust, the identity of its beneficiaries and their respective interests, and the nature of the trust assets cannot be disclosed to anyone except the beneficiaries and those who need such information in order to be able to administer the trust. The word “fiduciary” may be legal jargon; however, we take pride as a trustee in our duty of loyalty to our clients and being legally bound by it. The new disclosure language switch doesn’t preclude RIAs from using the term “fiduciary,” which we believe many will continue using to differentiate themselves, as it is the highest legal standard that a financial service provider can be held to. Ira J. Brower, Founder Garden State Trust Company

Lifestyle & Money Management Trust & Estate Planning Investment Services True independence and understanding are at the core of our unique value proposition. Caring for and thoughtfully guiding our clients has created the strong trusting relationships we have nurtured over many decades. That’s why so many people rely upon our independent company for wealth management and trust & estate services:

Our focus is where it should be… On You. On Your Family. On Your Future. TOMS RIVER, NJ | CHERRY HILL, NJ | LEBANON, NJ | LINWOOD, NJ

The County Woman Magazine www.TheCountyWoman.com

Garden State Trust Company. To learn how we can focus on you and your family, contact Sean Rice today.

2021 New Road • Suite 9 • Linwood, NJ 08221

888.323.5535 | gstrustco.com

November/December 2019

Permanent Makeup


Beau Institute Is The Leader In Natural And Beautifully Applied Permanent Cosmetics. Call Today To Schedule Your Appointment With Our Master Artists.


Our Skilled Practitioners will create the most beautiful and natural permanent makeup: Eyebrows ~ Choose Microblading or

traditional method for natural-looking hair strokes or a soft powder effect. After

Eyeliner ~ Smudge-free liner that stays

Wake up every day with the ease and confidence of knowing your makeup is perfect and designed for your face!

Reshaping, Full Lip Color ~ Give your

See what our happy clients are saying:

put. Choose from a Lash Enhancement to a wider liner for a look tailored to you. Before

lips the extra definition and touch of color they need for a fuller, more defined shape. After

Before After

As seen on Fox 29 News and 6 ABC Action News!

3-D Areola Tattooing ~ The finishing

touch for breast cancer survivors. Restore the natural-looking appearance of your nipple and/or areola through this noninvasive procedure.

Scalp ~ Create the look of close, cropped hair, thicken remaining hair, or camouflage transplant scarring. This procedure is popular with both men and women.

We are moving to the Tuscany Marketplace in Cherry Hill!


“This place is amazing! Rosemarie and her staff are wonderful. I had the eyeliner procedure done in November and I am so happy with the results. I would highly recommend this Institute to anyone interested in this type of service.” - Dawn B. “I had such an amazing experience at the Beau Institute. Everyone was warm and caring. I am extremely happy with my brow procedure!!!” - Michele B.


Gift Certificates Available! Bring this ad and save $50 off a new procedure!

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, visit beauinstitute.com or call 888.763.2328.

1990 Marlton Pike East, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

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Hospice Care



Making the Most of Fall Harvest, Compliments of Chef Steph Autumn Vegetable Medley with Rosemary and Nutmeg

Serves 6

9 ounce(s) fennel bulb with stalks 2 cup(s) butternut squash cut into 1/2 cubes 1 1/2 cup(s) parsnip cut into 1 inch thick slices 1 1/2 cup(s) carrot cut into 1 inch thick slices 1 tablespoon(s) olive oil 1 1/2 teaspoon(s) rosemary, fresh chopped 1/2 teaspoon(s) salt 1/4 teaspoon(s) pepper 1 dash(es) nutmeg freshly grated 1/3 cup(s) Parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 425°. Trim tough outer leaves from fennel. Cut fennel bulb in half lengt wise; discard core. Cut each half into three wedges. Combine fennel, squash, and next 7 ingredients (through nutmeg) in a large shallow roasting pan coated with cooking spray. Bake at 425° for 35 minutes or until vegetables are tender, stirring occasionally. Sprinkle vegetable mixture with cheese, if desired, just before serving.

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Recipe by: Cutting Board Creations

November/December 2019


Cake Shoppe & Tea Room

Committing to ‘Memory’ –

Designer Turns Her Baking Hobby Into a Full-Blown Career AnnMarie Cooney did not grow up dreaming of becoming a baker. Visions of sugar plums and intricately decorated cakes were not dancing through her head as a young girl. By trade, Cooney was a kitchen designer, but retired early to raise her daughters. “With three girls, my job was to raise good women,” Cooney says. It was a special request from her daughter that would eventually turn her into a AnnMarie Cooney highly sought-after cake designer and baker. “It all started because my daughter wanted a cake,” Cooney says with a smile. Cooney’s middle girl, was born with health issues that resulted in special needs. So when she wanted a circus cake for her fifth birthday, Cooney made her the best circus cake around. That was 14 years ago, and her girls quickly caught on to their mom’s special talent. At every birthday, they requested a special cake. “It became, ‘what can we do next’ and ‘how can we top that,’ Cooney says. Then she began making cakes for friends. Cooney’s husband had to build an additional kitchen at her house just to accommodate all of the special cake requests. When Cooney’s youngest daughter entered kindergarten six years ago, Cooney decided she wanted to go back to work. “But, I needed to figure out what I was going to do,” Cooney says. Sadly, Cooney’s grandmother, with whom she was very close, passed away during this time. “I was sitting at home, just very sad, and my cousin called me to meet her at the park with her kids,” Cooney says. However, in the midst of grief, she didn’t feel up to it. “My cousin sad, ‘come on grandma would want us to.’ So I went, Cooney says. On the way to the park, she saw the real estate sign. She checked it out and immediately knew that it would be the perfect location for her bakery, A Sweet Memory Cake Shoppe & Tea Room. “My grandmother left each of her grandchildren a small inheritance and it was just enough for me to open my business,” Cooney explains. Cooney spent about five years at that location before moving to another larger space six months ago just two miles down the road in Waretown. A beautiful picture of her grandmother has watched over her since the day she opened. It’s difficult to simply call Cooney’s creations “cakes.” Some designs are so intricate that they look like art. Cooney and her team created a three-dimensional depiction of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” that captured the essence of this masterpiece with sweet, swirly curves and lines of vividly hued icing. Then there’s the adorable panda birthday cake that could easily be mistaken for a cuddly toy. The list of unique, edible masterpieces goes on and on, That’s because they average a minimum of 30 specialty cake orders per week, mostly by working with different catering and special event venues in and around Long Beach Island. However, they also have a long list of loyal customers. “Some of our customers started with a gender reveal and now we’re doing their fifth birthday cake,” Cooney says. Customer Kathy Helm of Waretown got her grandson’s birthday cake from Cooney close to five years ago. “It was perfect, I brought a couple pictures of what I wanted and they just did their thing,” Helm says. And she has been coming here ever since. “I’m in sales, so I bring my clients treats from here all the time,” Helm says. She’s also brought her granddaughter to Sweet Memory’s princess tea parties. “Our clients really do become our friends,” adds Cooney. In addition to the special-order cakes, A Sweet Memory, has a selection of seasonal cakes, mini desserts, cookie sandwiches and 521 Route 9 • other baked goods readily

available daily. Other creative creations include their cake pies; cakes topped with pie filling and decorated to look exactly like a pie. “Our baking is very seasonal,” Cooney explains. Winter flavors includes a tasted snowball cupcake, which is a chocolate cake filled with marshmallow and chocolate fudge, frosted with coconut buttercream, rolled in toasted coconut, drizzled with chocolate and topped with marshmallows. Or their gingerbread scone with maple cream. Or the orange, cranberry Christmas scone with orange cream. “My grandmother used to always have her ‘lady friends’, as she called them, over for tea,” Cooney explains, adding that she wanted to honor her grandmother by adding a high tea to her bakery. “We squeezed one table in our previous location and began hosting afternoon teas.” They were all so well-received Cooney has expanded her operation to include a full-time tea room. Decorated with a lovely mix of china and flowers, the tea room serves tea, lunch and snacks from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays. They also offer a high tea, but reservations are required. “Our clients have really created the charm of this place,” says Cooney, who adds almost of her china, platters and place setting have been donated by her customers. High tea ($27.95) is served on tiered platters and begins with an individual pot of tea, chosen from their selection of more than 50 teas. Followed by seasonally inspired salad and homemade soup, four varieties or tea sandwiches, freshly baked scones served with their specialty creams, and completed with a selection of their miniature desserts. “Everything from our meats to spreads, our dressings and chutneys, our soups are all made fresh in-house,” Cooney says. Cooney also places an emphasis on healthy fare. “We source organic whenever possible and offer a large selection or vegetarian friendly dishes,” she says. With the extra space the tea room has added to A Sweet Memory Cake Shoppe and Tea Room, Cooney is able to host special events. “We’ve done cake-decorating classes and other ladies events,” Cooney says. They’ve also hosted princess teas, American Girl teas, unicorn teas and more. They even carry a line of tea geared towards little ones. “We even have a dress up section that ladies and little ladies love,” Cooney says. A little help from above has turned Cooney’s one-time hobby into a business that brings customers joys bite by bite. The business that Cooney started out of her home has grown into a full-time operation with a staff of eight. “We work hard and we work a lot, but we really do love each other,” Cooney says. She says they have become a great team and she couldn’t do all of this without them. Cooney’s brother-in-law, Paul Cooney, recently joined the team as chef and baker. There’s also Sarah Rod, the head decorator, and Cindi Reider, head fondant who works in fine detail. “Sarah and Cindi are so talented, they really are the best around, they’re artists,” Cooney says. Together, what they create can easily be considered art, but at the end of the day-or party or wedding or afternoon tea- and after the last bite, their masterpiece has been turned into a sweet memory.

Our tea room serves lunch Wednesday to Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Specialty Cakes • Wedding Cakes Cupcakes • Cookie Favors Loose Leaf Tea • Vintage & New Tea Pots Tea Related Gifts & Baskets 609-242-0153 • www.asweetmemory.net Waretown, NJ • asweetmemorycakeshop@gmail.com

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Medical Professionals


Meet Lisa Ledden At Certified Dermatology 5. Besides staying out of the sun, what are some preventative measures to take to ensure healthy skin?

1. What are the primary conditions that you treat?

We definitely recommend sunscreen and sun-protective clothing, including wide-brimmed hats and UV protective sunglasses. To keep skin well cared for, use only gentle, unscented skin care products. Always apply moisturizer immediately after washing. Moisturizers work by trapping existing moisture in your skin. Other healthy skin habits include eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and not smoking.

I treat conditions related to the skin, hair and nails. We treat people of all ages and skin types. Because skin cancer is so prevalent, we treat a lot of patients with precancerous lesions and skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Commonly seen skin conditions such as acne, warts, eczema and psoriasis are prevalent in our population as well.

2. What do you enjoy most about working in the field of dermatology?

6. Please tell us about your family and what you enjoy doing when not at work.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love my job. Every day, I have the opportunity to interact with patients and their families and help them with their skin care needs. Over time, these relationships and the continuity of care have been very important to the love of my practice. Also, the field of dermatology is very diverse, and every day I see people of different ages and different ailments. I love dealing with an adolescent acne patient one room, and next an elderly patient with skin cancer. Mostly, I love that I make a difference to someone every day.

3. What is a typical day like for you?

We are early birds. The patients begin arriving at 7 a.m. and we have the coffee on at 6:45. We do a lot of skin cancer screenings, consultations, and procedures. Many of our patients have been with us for years. We enjoy sharing stories of our lives and our families with our patients.

My husband and I enjoy food, traveling, music, and hosting events at the house. I also love spending time with our two sons, their beautiful girlfriends and the grand-dogs. In my spare time, I also enjoy volunteering at the foodbank, providing samples and supplies to the homeless shelter, and performing free skin cancer screenings.

Certified Dermatology Specializing in General and Cosmetic Dermatology 732-456-7777 (Main) 609-940-3100 (Office) 609-437-6921 (Cell)

4. How do you stay current with changes made in your field?

599 Shore Road, Suite 202, Somers Point, NJ

There are lots of high-quality materials that are computer based. The Internet provides access to electronic publications and continuing education programs. I schedule time to read and I also try to attend seminars when possible to maintain expertise and stay current.

Lisa M Ledden, MSN, APN-C Nurse Practitioner 

Pregnancy Services South Jersey’s Premier Prenatal 3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging Studio Bellyssimo Imaging, a 3D/4D elective prenatal ultrasound studio in Mays Landing, New Jersey. We offer an incredible ultrasound experience in our spacious, comfortable studio, which will accommodate 15 or so of your family and friends to see your baby projected on a giant screen. We start gender ultrasounds at 14 weeks and recommend around 30 weeks for “chubby cheek” pictures. Follow us on Instragram and Facebook @Bellyssimo or check out our website at www.bellyssimo.net. Festival at Hamilton Shopping Center • 4450 E Black Horse Pike, Mays Landing, NJ 08330

609-910-2105 • www.Bellyssimo.net

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10% OFF

Use this coupon and receive 10% off any ultrasound package of your choice.

Cannot be combined with any other offers/specials. Limit one coupon per customer per pregnancy.

November/December 2019

EElder lderLaw Law Elder Law lder aw

22 18

17 17

Ask Nancy M. Rice, Esq. YAsk Rice ElderM. Law Nancy Rice, Esq. Y Certified Elder LawElder Attorney Certified Law Attorneys

Nancy M. Rice, Esquire, CELA

Pamela A. Quattrone Esquire, CELA

Certified Elder Law Attorney Nancy Rice beenLaw practicing Planning New Jersey Pennsylvania Ricehas Elder has beenEstate assisting clients and withElder their Law EstateinPlanning andand Elder Law needs since 1992.

Nancy has been Estate Planning and Law ininNew and Nancy Rice has been practicing Planning andElder Elder Law NewJersey Jersey andPennsylvania Pennsylvania since Rice 1986. She waspracticing Certified asEstate an Elder Attorney in 1997, and has maintained in Both Nancy and Pamela have beenLaw Certified as Elder Law Attorneys (CELA) byoffices the National Elder Law since 1986. She was Certified as an Elder Law Attorney in 1997, and has maintained offices inin (Cherry Hill). Foundation. The firm maintains offices in Atlantic County (Linwood) and Camden County since 1986. She was Certified as an Elder Law Attorney in 1997, and has maintained offices Camden and Cape May counties, specifically in Cherry Hill and Ocean City. She can answer Atlantic County and Law Camden County,your specifically inand Linwood and Cherry Hill. She can answer Rice Elder can answer questions concerns just call 609-398-3447. Camden andand Cape May counties, specifically in Cherry Hill and–Ocean City. She can answer your questions and concernsjustcall call 609-398-3447. your questions concerns - just 609-398-3447. your questions and concerns- just call 609-398-3447.

“ WILL CONTESTS: How Do They Work? ” “ WILL CONTESTS: How Do They Work? ” Should I Give My Home To My Children?

We discussed A.) Fraud and B.) Due Execution in the Atlantic County Woman issue,in Part of 2. We discussed A.) September/October Fraud and B.) Due 2015 Execution the1Atlantic Today, we will continue in our discussion with C.) Testamentary County September/October Part 1 ofparents 2. I am oftenWoman asked whether it is a good2015 ideaissue, for elderly Capacity and D.) Undue Influence. Today, we will continue in our discussion with C.) Testamentary to transfer their home to their children. I always ask: “Why Capacity and D.) Undue Influence.

do you want to do this?” The most common reason is to protect C.) Testmentary Capacity theThe house indetermining the eventCapacity one or both of theis rather parents need nursing C.) Testmentary test for testamentary capacity permissive. Indeed, home care. the level offor capacity neededtestamentary to execute a Will is lessis than required to enter The test determining capacity ratherthat permissive. Indeed, intolevel a contract. Theneeded key questions are whether the person whorequired made the Will the to execute a Willisisno lesseasy thananswer that enter First,ofI capacity want to emphasize that there to this to question (called the “Testator”) understood: into a contract. The key questions are whether the person who made the Will without knowing the full asset and income picture, as well as the health (called the The“Testator”) nature andunderstood: extent of the property subject of the Will; in other words,

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status of the parents. If I get all that information, the answer can be easy whatnature assetsand the extent Testatorofhad planned to leave under her Will. (for me!). The the and property subject of the Will;hisinorother words, what assetsbelow the Testator andfactors plannedthat to leave under hisdecision or her Will. I summarize somehad of the go into the Theit“natural objects or her bounty,” that is, who the Testator’s whether is a good idea oftohis transfer the home and, if so,arewhat is the best next of kin (whether or not he or she wants to leave them anything under The “natural objects of his or her bounty,” that is, who are the Testator’s way to go about it. the Will, the Testator needs to know who they are).

next of kin (whether or not he or she wants to leave them anything under the Will, theLook Testator needsfor to know who they are). New Jersey Medicaid Five-Year Back Medicaid. Under The effect of the Will; that the Will would dispose of property following rules, if a parent transfers assets to a child/ren or even to a trust within death. The effect of the Will; that the Will would dispose of property following

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five (5) years of applying for Medicaid, the transfer will cause a penalty, whichdeath. doesrelation not begin until the Medicaid The of each of these factors to application the other. is made!! The length of the penalty period depends upon the value of the house. Thus, any The relation of each of these factors to the other. transfer of the residence must be made well in advance of the parents’ Notably, the lawhome presumes all Testators are ofcannot sound and competent need for nursing carethat (which, of course, be accurately mind when a Will is executed (assuming he/she was at least 18 years of age and Notably, the law presumes that all Testators are of sound and competent predicted). has not been declared by a court to be legally incapacitated). To overcome mind when a Will is executed (assuming he/she was attoleast 18 years of agethe and My main concern about transferring a house children to accomplish presumption of capacity, the contestant mustincapacitated). prove lack of testamentary capachas not been declared by a court to be legally To overcome the Medicaid eligibility that there are many exceptions in the Medicaid ity at the time Williswas clearprove and convincing evidence. Itcapacis presumption ofthe capacity, theexecuted, contestantbymust lack of testamentary rules relating to the residence. First, iftoboth parents are living, the house important to know that it is not enough show that the Testator was addicted ity at the time the Will was executed, by clear and convincing evidence. It is is drugs exempt long as of them that is living in thewas residence.theSecond, to ortoas alcohol; youone theshow person influence of important know that itmust is notprove enough to that theunder Testator was addicted a substance at the time of the execution of the Will. Nor is it sufficient to show transfers without penalty may be made to a “caregiver child” or a disabled to drugs or alcohol; you must prove that the person was under the influence of theThus, Testator was forgetful at therecommend time, so long asNor he or she some child. I do not transfer ahad house from a athat substance at the time ofreflexively the execution of the Will. is of it sufficient tocapacshow ity to manage his or her business affairs. married couplewas to forgetful children,atespecially if one parents likelycapacto that the Testator the time, so longof as the he or she hadissome need a nursing home level of affairs. care within the next few years. ity to manage his or her business

D.) Undue Influence Capital Gains Tax. A second issue with transferring the house is the Undue influence has been defined as any type of exertion that can prevent D.) Undue Influence loss of a potentially significant capital gains tax advantage. The capital

Part 2 of 2 of 2 enjoyed a special or “confidential relationship” with the Testator, andPart there2are

“suspicious circumstances” surrounding the execution ofTestator, the Will,and the there burden enjoyed a special or “confidential relationship” with the areof proof shift to the defender the parents Will. “suspicious circumstances” surrounding the execution of the Will, thetheir burden of can be will substantial. However, ifofthe sell the house during proof will shift to the defender of the Will. lifetime(s), they have an exemption from this tax in the amount of A “confidential relationship” can be found where there is some special trust $250,000 forTestator each parent, assuming under they owned in thenature houseof between the and a beneficiary Willand andlived where A “confidential relationship” can be foundthe where there is somethe special trust asbetween their principal residence forsome at least two outWill of the five years the that special type of reliance orand dependency. At times, therelationship Testator andcreates a beneficiary under the where thebefore nature of sale and that certain other requirements are met. This exemption can be a special or confidential been found toorexist between aAt Testator that special relationship relationship creates somehas type of reliance dependency. times, lost ifan theadult housea to a child/ren, house isan not the child;give otherthe relative; healthcare aexist neighbor; aand: special orparents confidential relationship has been provider; foundastothe between aattorney; Testator or an accountant. Notably, while a confidential relationship naturally exists beprincipal residence of therelative; child/ren. and: an adult child; other a healthcare provider; a neighbor; an attorney; tween a house husband wife, the presumption of undue influence not generIfanthe is and not sold during but following thewill death of the or accountant. Notably, while a lifetime, confidential relationship naturally exists beally arise even when the Testator’s children are disinherited. tween a husband the presumption of undue influence will notthe genersurviving parent, and the wife, child/ren will pay a capital gains tax because ally arise even when the Testator’s children are disinherited. house was gifted to them, and not inherited. If a residence (capital asset) As to the “suspicious circumstances” component of an undue influence Will iscontest, inherited, the “costonbasis” for the thecircumstances value of thehave this issue canchild/ren becomponent “slight.”becomes Suspicious As to the the evidence “suspicious circumstances” of an undue influence Will house at thewhere date of death (instead ofWill what the parents actually paid for been found a beneficiary of the engaged his attorney to prepare the contest, the evidence on this issue can be “slight.” Suspicious circumstances have the house). This is called “step-up in basis.” Usually, this means a zero Testator’s Will and where a nursing home patient was removed from the facility been found where a beneficiary of the Will engaged his attorney to prepare tax the by thehouse beneficiary a Willa nursing that wasorhome signed a few later. death. ifTestator’s the is sold within a year so after thedays parent’s Will andofwhere patient was removed from the facility by the beneficiary of a Will that was signed a few days later. LossIf Of Children’s Creditors. A third issue you Control believe thatAnd a Will should be challenged because it was notwith executed properly (i.e., it was forged, didn’t have the correct number of witnesses, etc.) or transferring the house to children is the loss of ownership of the house If you believe that a Will should be challenged because it was not executed because the deceased was not competent when he/she signed it or because the or and the risk children’s creditors. If the parents transfer the house properly (i.e.,from it was forged, didn’t have the correct number of witnesses, etc.) Will wasthe thethe product of undue influence, you own should a seasoned attorney, outright to children, thencompetent the children thehire house. children because deceased was not when he/she signed it The or because the who has significant experience in this area of law. Do not delay with your deciWill theto product influence, should hireand a seasoned attorney, do notwas have allow of theundue parents to live you in the house can actually sell sion to engage an experienced attorney because the law allows only a narrow whohouse has significant in this area of of the law. children Do not delay withfinancial your decithe and take experience the proceeds. If any get into window of time during which a caveat and/or a Will contest may be filed. sion to engage an experienced attorney because the law allows only a narrow difficulty, their creditors may be able to force the sale of the house. If any

of timeget during a caveat and/or a Will may be filed. ofwindow the children divorced, their spouse may havecontest a claim toconcerns! part of Nancy Rice canwhich answer your questions and the house. Finally, and of great importance to most of my clients, if the Nancy Rice can answer your questions parents are receiving property tax deductions for being and seniorconcerns! citizens or veterans, then these benefits will be lost. Now that I have scared you half to death, I want you to know that there are ways to avoid most of these problems. I use Life Estate Deeds, Trusts, Powers of Appointment and all kinds of other mysterious gadgets, depending upon the situation. Sometimes, my best advice is to not transfer the house but to do other things. It all depends on the total picture.

Call 609-398-3447 today! Call 609-398-3447 today!

the Testator from following his/her free will. This can include physical, menUndue has been defined as any for typeNew of exertion that can prevent gains taxinfluence rate is 15% federal and 5-8% Jersey (capital is tal, or moral exertion. Mere suggestions, persuasions or the exertion ofgain some the Testator from following his/her free will. This can include physical, mentreated as ordinary income). This tax is paid on the difference between influence is not enough to invalidate a Will. Ordinarily, the challenger has the tal, or moral exertion. Mere suggestions, persuasions or the exertion of some what you paid forundue something andIf,what you the receive you it. burden of proving influence. however, Willwhen benefits onesell who influence is not enough to invalidate a Will. Ordinarily, the challenger has the If the parents have owned the house for a long period of time, this tax burden of proving undue influence. If, however, the Will benefits one who

Nancy M. Rice, Esq., CELA Nancy Rice, Esq., CELA can answer Pamela A. Quattrone, Esq., your CELAquestions concerns. Call 609-398-3447. canand answer your questions and concerns. Call 609-398-3447. Estate/Trust Administration • Guardianships • Will Contests • Special Needs Trust • Medicare, Medicaid, Long-Term Care & Disability Planning

200 AsburyAdministration Avenue • Ocean City, NJ 08226 •Contests 609.398.3447 |Needs 1236 Brace Rd., Suite F • Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 •Disability 856.673.0048 Estate/Trust • Guardianships • Will Contests• Special • SpecialNeeds Trust • Medicare, Medicare, Medicaid, Long-Term Care & Disability Planning Estate/Trust Trusts Medicaid, Care, and Planning Estate/TrustAdministration Administration •• Guardianships Guardianships •• Will Will Contests • Special Needs Trusts ••Medicare, Medicaid, Long-Term Care, and Disability Planning

www.RiceElderLaw.com www.RiceElderLaw.com www.RiceElderLaw.com www.RiceElderLaw.com

200New Asbury Avenue Ocean City, NJ 1236 Brace Rd., Suite FF•F•Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 ••856.673.0048 2021 NewRoad, Road, Unit•#9 #9 Linwood, • 609.398.3447 Suite Hill, NJ 08034 856.673.0048 2021 Unit •• Linwood, NJ08226 08021• 609.398.3447 609.398.3447|II 1236 1236Brace BraceRoad, Road, Suite •Cherry Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 • 856.673.0048

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RiceElderLaw A Caring Approach to Planning for Life’s Most Complex Challenges

Nancy M. Rice, Esq. CELA

Pamela A. Quattrone, Esq., MBA, CELA

• Estate/Tax Planning

• Medicaid Applications • Will Contests

• Special Needs Trusts

• Medicare, Medicaid, Long-Term Care & Disability Planning

Rice & Quattrone, PC 609-398-3447 • 2021 New Road, Unit #9 • Linwood, NJ 08021 —————— 856-673-0048 • 1236 Brace Road • Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 www.RiceElderLaw.com

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Holiday Special

10% Off

Coolsculpting Package (Minimum Four Treatments) Expires 4/30/18 Expires 10/31/18 Expires 12/31/19

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Hypnosis for Women Professional Hypnosis & Coaching Rhoda Kopy, Director 1541 Rt. 37 East, Suite E Toms River, NJ 08753 732-270-0080 www.HypnoForWomen.com

Make Your Mind Work FOR You – Instead of Against You! Rhoda Kopy is a nationally certified consulting hypnotist and wellness coach, with specialty certification in complementary medical hypnotism. She earned a B.S. degree in Biomedical Communications from Richard Stockton College of N.J., has an academic background in nursing, and 20+ years’ experience in community health education and coaching. Rhoda adheres to strict ethical standards of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

21 Health & Wellness Free Yourself From Negative Patterns Now, And Improve Your Health And Well-Being Just because you’ve been stuck in an unwanted pattern for a long time – doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be stuck forever. Negative patterns of acting or thinking can hurt you physically and emotionally, and can affect your overall sense of wellbeing. They can limit your life and keep you imprisoned in a variety of ways. But you are certainly capable of changing. People who seek help from hypnosis practitioners/ coaches often come in to release habits like: • Inappropriate eating • Smoking • Frequent worrying • Poor sleep quality • Being a couch potato • Always expecting negative outcomes • Being fearful or overreacting to certain situations… and on and on. You have probably been programming yourself – without realizing it – to continue with those negative behavior/thought patterns. Take a moment and consider one or two habits/patterns you want to change. What kind of messages do you give yourself related to these? Maybe you make statements like: • “I always regain whatever weight I lose.” • “I’ve smoked for so long, it’s probably impossible to stop now, so why bother?!” • “I’m a worrier – I’ve always been a worrier, and that won’t change.” • “I come from a family of insomniacs.” • “I panic when I get on a plane, so I’ll just have to drive everywhere.” • “I’d rather stay home than feel uncomfortable with people I don’t know.” • “I just don’t have the time to exercise.”

Hypnosis For Women ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

Weight Control Smoking Cessation Relaxation/Comfort Fear Release

You often pay a hefty price for staying stuck. Think about one of your negative habits, and consider some of the consequences you’ve already experienced. Now think about the consequences if you continue to stay stuck. How will your life be impacted one year from now, five years, ten years or more? Notice the details. Now imagine that you were guided to set yourself free from that unwanted pattern. How would your life be better? What would you be doing that you aren’t doing now? Imagine your life one year from now, five years, ten years or more. Notice the benefits in detail – and sense how good it feels to be free. With the right guidance, tools, and techniques, you are absolutely capable of changing. By accessing your subconscious mind, through the use of hypnosis, negative patterns are much easier to neutralize and positive patterns can be embedded. The approach is based on neuroscience – the study of how the mind works. It’s an efficient, holistic, and empowering modality that works wonderfully for people who are motivated to change, believe that with the right tools and techniques they are capable of changing, and understand they need to be a partner in the process.

For a Free Phone Consultation, call me at 732-270-0080. Integrating hypnotic techniques and coaching paves the way for successful outcomes and boosts your sense of well-being.

Make Your Mind Work FOR You – Instead of Against You!


Focus/Concentration Sleep Improvement Studying/Testing Lifestyle Changes Interviewing/Auditions

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Athletics Public Speaking Flying/Driving Socializing Confidence

Make Your Mind Work For You – Instead of Against You

732-270-0080 • www.HypnoForWomen.com 1541 Rt 37 East, Suite E, Toms River, NJ 08753

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A Labor of Love –

Marla Marinucci Helps Couples Navigate Through The Tangled Web Of Divorce Although divorce is considered one of the most emotionally taxing events in a person’s life, finding the right attorney can make the process seem a bit less painful. Marla Marinucci is that attorney. We’ve all heard stories of too much time and money being wasted on expensive drawn out divorce cases. Marla avoids that nightmare and is highly adept at compromise and comfortable with all areas of divorce proceedings.

on September 10, 2014, when former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a bill that completely overhauled the alimony statute. The amendments to the statute had been a long time in the making and this was a landmark day for those of us who practice family law. Another major change in the area of Family Law (and an incredibly historic day for this country) occurred on June 26, 2015, when the United States Supreme Court decided that all states had to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, thereby legalizing same sex marriages throughout the country. ACW: What have been the most pivotal changes in Another big change in the past five years came about last August when the New Jersey Supreme Court the last five years in the area of Family Law? decided what has become a very famous case name in Marla: Probably one of the biggest changes occurred

CALL: (609) 398-1900

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Featured On The Cover my profession: Bisbing v. Bisbing. The highest court in this State modified the prior standard, set by the same court nearly 20 years ago, for a parent seeking to relocate outside of New Jersey with the children. Previously, the standard was low and it was too easy for a custodial parent to move clear across the country with the parties’ children. The standard is now what’s called a “best interests” standard and requires a complete custody trial.

ACW: Please walk us through a typical day for you.

Marla: There is no such thing as a typical day because each day is different. Other than getting my children to school every day (which is predictable and constant), as far as work is concerned, it varies. There may be weeks that go by when I don’t go near a courthouse and there are those weeks where I am in court several days each week. Otherwise, it’s office work, consultations, and the administrative work that goes hand in hand with having my own law practice. I also make sure to exercise between four and five times per week. Exercising for me is the key to survival and maintaining my sanity, not just in this profession, but also in life in general. And I am not talking about running on a treadmill. For me, staying healthy and strong requires lifting weights, or doing bodyweight movements; maintaining a strong core; and sweating.

ACW: How do you balance your busy career with your family life? What is the hardest part? Marla: I am still looking for the answer on how to balance everything. I have two teenagers who attend


Ocean City High School: my daughter is a freshman and my son is a sophomore and they keep me pretty busy between school and their activities. The hardest part is eating dinner before 9 pm most nights.

ACW: Have you noticed a change in the average age of your clientele?

Marla: There is no doubt that “gray” divorces are on the rise. While I have no official statistics to offer, there is a consensus amongst my colleagues and I that there is a definite uptick in elderly divorcing couples who have been married over 30, 40, and even 50 years. From a divorce lawyer’s perspective these cases are very sad. ACW: In what ways has social media impacted your industry? Marla: People nowadays have this uncontrollable urge, which often turns into an addiction, to post every mundane detail about their daily lives on social media. I used to tell my clients that Facebook makes and breaks cases all the time. These days, there are so many different outlets to post things, but the concept holds true. Don’t tell the Court that you were home all evening with your child when your Facebook page tells a completely different story. No doubt social media has been a complete game changer in the practice of law. In its purest form, divorce is a legal process with the sole purpose of dividing assets and resolving custody issues. But when you add emotions into the mix, it becomes so much more. Choosing the right lawyer for your situation will be one of the most critical decisions you make.

Email: marinucci@OCNJfamilylaw.com

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Wisdom And Insight On Divorce – Through My Point Of View By Marla Marinucci, Esq.

and they should never, ever be put in such a position. You should also never let your child read any court papers. Ever!

have written previously about my own experience as a divorcée; being part of a blended family when I was married to my exhusband, who was previously married and had a daughter with his first wife, and how that played into my own divorce. What I really didn’t touch on was how much wisdom and insight my own experience, both personally and professionally, has imparted upon me in representing clients, especially when there are children involved. I would like to offer some non-legal advice in the form of words of wisdom should you find yourself in a situation of divorce, or one where you are not married, but your family unit is breaking up.

Take Responsibility. Regardless of how your marriage or relationship ended, and whether you wanted it to end or not, take some responsibility. Whether you feel like it’s all the other party’s fault, own up to the fact that it takes two to tango. Try and learn from the experience and take a deep look at yourself, instead of focusing on the other party and his/her faults. Granted, some people are simply incapable of self-awareness, but if you are able to make progress on yourself, you can avoid the same mistakes in your next relationship, and you will be happier.


Don’t Be a Victim. Divorce is emotional, traumatizing, stressful, frustrating, etc. You will not feel “normal” for quite some time, if ever. At some point, instead of an ending, hopefully you will figure out how to view this experience as a new beginning. Also, ladies—who says you don’t have to work full-time? It’s one thing if you have very young children, and I am not here to tell you to throw your babies in daycare and work 60 hours a week. But when your children are in school, and especially when they are fairly self-sufficient and don’t require adult supervision, unless you are satisfied by your financial situation, and if you already have a career, focus on yourself and advancing your financial health, instead of relying on someone else to (i.e., your ex-husband). There is something extremely empowering about having a career and being self-sufficient. In the fall of 2017, I started taking classes at Atlantic Cape Community College in accounting and business to improve myself and my business. I also took a Microsoft Excel class, which literally rocked my world. I am now getting my MBA at Rutgers University. My point here is: don’t let life pass you by because you got divorced. Learn to take the bull by the horns and turn all those negative emotions into something positive. You won’t regret it. Your Child is Not Your Best Friend. It is never okay to confide in your child about the other spouse, especially when they are older and even in college. Never. In my experience, the children who suffer the most and have the deepest emotional scars from their parents’ divorce are those who are 16 and older. No matter how badly you feel you have been “wronged” by your ex-spouse, or soonto-be ex, this is never okay. Go talk to a mental health professional rather than traumatize your child with your emotional baggage. You may think they’re adults, and they “get” it. Trust me, no matter how old, they don’t get it; they never will;

Learn How to Co-Parent!!! The social science is clear: children need frequent and meaningful contact with both parents. A parenting plan is supposed to be in the best interests of the children, not the parents. Time and time again, I see parents focused on what they refer to as “my” time with the children, failing to realize that it’s the children’s time too. Don’t be that parent who refuses to take their child to soccer practice, an activity the child absolutely loves, because the other party signed the child up for the activity, and it interferes with “your” time. Don’t be that parent who won’t swap a weekend with your ex so your child can go to that super-cool birthday party that everyone in their class is going to, but Dad won’t let the child go to the party because it interferes with “his” weekend. Be flexible! Don’t be difficult when your ex wants to take the kids on vacation, yet only gave you 29 days’ notice instead of the required 30 days set forth in the court order. Newsflash to all the moms: Dads aren’t babysitters. They are parents, the same as you are. They love their children the same as you do and want to spend time with them. Newsflash to all the dads: how much child support you may end up paying should not be a factor in determining how much time you want to spend with your children—either you want to spend time with them or you don’t. It’s that simple. Don’t let the dollar signs guide your decision-making. This works both ways. I could go on and on here. The above rant are the issues that I see time and time again in my practice, and it is disheartening to see how much children suffer. Children want and need to see their parents happy and able to get along, yet parents who divorce have a tendency to focus so much time and energy on hurting the other party, and the children become pawns and end up with the deepest emotional scars that affect them for the rest of their lives.

If you or someone you know is contemplating divorce, please call my office to arrange for a consultation. 609-398-1900.

Today’s Families Face Many Challenges...

We’re Here to Help Your Family Through Them. Divorce • Alimony • Custody • Child Support • Marital Settlement Agreements • Emancipation Post-Judgment Modifications • Prenuptial Agreements • Appeals • Mediation & Arbitration



117 Atlantic Avenue, Ocean City, NJ 08226 • CALL: (609) 398-1900 Fax: (609) 398-7292 • Email: marinucci@OCNJfamilylaw.com Marla Marinucci, Esq.

Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney

Marla Marinucci, Esq., is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. She has been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney. Her primary focus is Family law matters. She received a B.A. in French from Rutgers Camden, and received her law degree from Rutgers School of Law- Camden.

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Service Is Our Specialty Founded in 1986, Copies Plus takes pride in serving as South Jersey’s premier office equipment company with over 30 years of experience servicing clients just like you. Our continued success is the result of a total commitment to a customer satisfaction and loyal customers who refer Copiers Plus to others. We are grateful for their continued support and look forward to building new relationships well into the future.

Exceptional Equipment And Support Multi-Function Print Technology

A black and white or full color multi-function printer provides an excellent option for a company with limited space and a need to improve productivity. • Print, copy, scan and fax from one device • Small footprint, physically and environmentally • Reduce overhead by investing in one MFP to do the job of multiple devices • Ideal for small and mid-sized businesses

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Managed IT and Network Support With managed IT and network support from Copiers Plus, business owners can focus on the important core functions of their company. • Simplicity • Accessibility • Flexibility • Reliability

Group Purchasing Organizations and Purchasing Alliances Copiers Plus proudly partners with some of the country’s premier GPOs and Purchasing Alliances to bring cost savings and efficiencies to government agencies, educational institutions, non-profits, healthcare providers and faith-based organizations.

Service, Support & Supplies Here at Copiers Plus “Service is our Specialty”. It’s what separates us from the competition. • Professional installation and network connectivity • Rapid remote and on-site support • Comprehensive, all-inclusive maintenance agreements • Efficient and cost effective solutions for your office technology needs • Genuine OEM supplies and consumables

Document Management Solutions A customized document management solution from Copiers Plus will allow your organization to transition into a 21st century digital workflow. • Store • Manage • Search • Collaborate • Secure

TWO GREAT LOCATIONS SERVING ALL OF SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY INCLUDING OCEAN AND MONMOUTH COUNTIES Equipment Showroom & Commercial Printing 3112 Fire Road/Unit C Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234 Office: 609-645-7587 info@copiersplus.com

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For more info contact: Robert Matthews 609-645-7587 • info@copiersplus.com

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Gifts of Yoga The gifts of yoga are all around. Life gives us gifts every moment, continuously overflowing. If we are mindful, they present themselves to us. When we are awake to the beauty and goodness in the world, life is perfect. We can live in gratitude for all that we have been given, even the ordinary experiences, and especially the challenges. Taking time to revel in our surroundings and enjoy being alive, gives us an appreciation for where we are in this moment as it is. We can experience the process of yoga as we relax into the pose or life right now and realizing that it is perfect. Remember that the “enchanted place” is where you are, not outside yourself. Practicing contentment (Santosha) is being grateful for what we have and who we are. This is not the same as what we feel when we have everything that we wanted. All those things change. True Santosha comes from understanding what is at the core of our being, the light of awareness, a natural joy, which we all share. The first step on this path of abundance is to embrace simplicity. If we want to simplify and deepen our lives, we must simplify and deepen our minds. When we become more centered, clear, spacious and open, there is suddenly much more room in our frenetic lives for both others and ourselves. Find the sacred in the commonplace, and the mystical in the mundane. We can feel that sense of wonder and amazement. Living a grateful life creates more abundance, acceptance and appreciation. Sometimes we act out of fear and anxiety. In order to transform fear back to love, we must embrace a way of living that puts gratitude first. Another gift is simple joy coming from our service to others. No matter what the size of our efforts, the activity of giving and receiving in relationships generates a field of joy. By improving our ability to fully receive, we begin to notice how many gifts are being offered every moment. Being receptive is a spiritual practice kind of yoga. This understanding is especially important when the gift you want to receive is wisdom or love. Then whatever you give back becomes part of the same dance, the dance of giving and receiving, in which we are all partners. This is a dynamic interaction, essential to the balance of the life. Blessings are always pouring forth. We are by nature endowed with the qualities of absolute goodness-purest love, compassion, wisdom, and tranquility. These radiant qualities are intrinsic to our being. Whenever we are ready to notice, we can sense their healing, liberating energy pouring forth right here, right now. Pay attention to the countless moments of love, kindness and care that surround us each day. Radiant blessings come from us all along. So many have offered themselves to us quietly, unnoticed and unremarked. Yet we may never have notice the extent of such care and consideration. So we may never become conscious of how much loving care pervades our world. What happens is remarkable

Heidi Farber

when we are willing to notice it. It is even more remarkable when we are willing to receive it. The simple act of accepting a stranger’s wish for our happiness empowers us to experience the world in a completely different way. To experience the gifts of yoga, we live in possibility of endless wonder and amazement. We live in hope and surrender to the grace of reality. As we continue to discover who we really are, we relax into this moment of perfection. When you trust in yourself, anything is possible. Believe in miracles and that everything in life, not matter how challenging, is there to point us toward healing and growth. Then life becomes a continuous source of reflection, revelation and reconnection. It is a kind of intimacy that is available to us all the time. Once we are able to be directly intimate with our life as it arises, joy emerges out of the simplest of life experiences. We are so close to the moment that we are filled with awe. It is a buoyant, upward moving feeling of delight, pleasure and appreciation. In this season of gratitude and giving, let us rejoice in the simplest aspects of life. Give and receive the moment just as it is. Begin to see the world from a new perspective. Practice Santosha and the gifts of yoga unfold before us. Send a wish for others good fortune:

May your happiness and joy increase May the joy in your life continue and grow. May you be successful and met with appreciation.


• Teacher Training

Central Square #19 • 199 New Road • Linwood, NJ 08221

ph. (609) 927.8010 • cell (609) 442.3487 www.hummingbirdyoganj.com

Charm Yoga - A Joyful Kripalu Approach to Teacher Training. Join other Hummingbirds at the Studio for this comprehensive instruction. Explore the many aspects of yoga including philosophy, history, alignment and anatomy. In the process you will discover your own path to peace.

Cost: $3000.00 (includes most reading materials)



Heidi Farber • Certified Kripalu Teacher

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification begins in March

Take this journey with us and transform your life. Enhance your yoga practice. Transform your life.


Learn About The 12 Systems Of And Language Of Anatomy. Take Your Yoga Practice To Another Level With This Program.

This is a set of 15 mini lecture/workshops on Sundays 10:45-11:45. Laura Goellner OTR/L, E-RYT, LMT, C-IAYT Single workshop $40. Multiple sessions: $35 each. Yoga teachers and students all welcome! Yoga Alliance continuing education credits available. Sign up in the studio or on line. 11/10 Nervous System Regulation & Polyvagal Theory 11/10 Respiratory System: Foundations of Pranayama 11/17 The Sensory Organs: The Path of Mindfulness 11/24 The Endocrine system & The Subtle Body 12/1 Integumentary & Lymphatic System 12/1 Digestive & Urinary System 12/8 Common Conditions, Yoga Injuries and Safety

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November/December 2019

Networking For Moms


Moms Of Business is a community of mom entrepreneurs that uplift, motivate and help one another online and in person on their journey to abundance. Not only do we strive to educate and empower each other through our Facebook groups & resourceful website, but we're all about having fun, making new friends and growing our businesses too. Join for FREE or really promote your business when you take advantage of upgrading to one of our VIP packages! Learn more about us on & upcoming events at momsofbusiness.com today!

After 17 years of working in corporate america, I just realized I wanted more out of my life. I wanted to put my true passion and skills to use, which would help to create a better work-life balance for myself and my family. Additionally, I really wanted to have the opportunity to support other small business owners to succeed in the same way I yearned for!

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It is hard to take that leap of faith, and just do it. But set up a plan, surround yourself with support, put the plan into motion, and be patient on it's success. "Don't give up, great things take time" When all else fails, there is a MOB tribe member right here to guide you!

November/December 2019


Medical Professionals

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November/December 2019

w w

LheawD’Amato Law Firm

#17 Legal Professionals


ited Civil ne YouMy Love MayRights?! Have Autism?

What the Biggest Secret in the Courtroom? Giving Backis To Our Community

he MRI shows that there are no tears or injuries to the ligaments surrounding your nkle. You go back to physical therapy and are then discharged to do home exercises. place to live, in the moment. Mythink denialthat house crumbling You would youcame should be able to recover money for your pain and Written By down shortly Allnot of your the kids uffering, right? The thereafter. collision was fault.D’Amato The otherBarrera, driver was Esquire drunk. Your rolling on top of his leg, pulling at his flesh, and the intense pain Alexa were playing together and the extent of ds were in the car. Thankfully, they were not injured, but you were off your feet for that followed. The numerous surgeries that failed to keep his leg. Massi’s delay truly hit me. My nephews, The loss of his job that he thoroughly enjoyed and friends who had ne month and hobbling around for a few more. You stillR. suffer with pain. Paul D’Aoccasionally mato, Jerard and Caprio, who are about nine Member NJ Bar become brothers that he no longer had that connection with. nfortunately you have elected the Limited Right to Sue on your auto insurance policy. months younger than Massi, were playing g Alexa D’A mato Barrera , The young man had gotten to a very low point in his life and our fracture was not and it is not alid Permanent Injury because the fracture with this red displaced box that had a yellow d Member NJ and PA Bar my dad was there with him the whole way. He was more than ealed and theholes MRIofwas negative for any additional with various shapes. Inside the injuries. You cannot recover an attorney to the young man – he was a friend, a mentor and a money for boxyour werepain toysand in suffering. the shape of the holes. support system. I got to know the young man through the next year The idea was for the child to put the shape that his case continued and when the lawsuit was filed, the named What through shouldthe I do? appropriate hole. tell the insurance companies hhhh…don’t Defendants (the people who were sued) were the manufacturer of I’ll never that moment. Unfortunately, I haveforget seen scenarios like thisMassi many times. Don’t let this happen to that I told you this, but I am going to let you the tractor, the repair company and the person who was driving the Children’s Holiday had been in the therapy for Party two months ou! IfThe you have selected Limited working on putting the shape into the company tractor at the time it crushed the young man’s leg. usually a on magician, games, secret in the Courtroom… ight to Sue,includes call your in auto insurance the biggest right hole and there was Jerard, nine Our office had been sending records to three different insurance pizza,immediately sweets, pictures with Santa ompany and ask them There isthan ALWAYS INSURANCE! months younger Massi, playing with Paul, 6-years-old, Massi, 5-years-old, and companies that would not come together to make an offer that and lots gifts. ondchange yourofpolicy to Members the NO of the this toy with ease. It just seemed like such Rocco, 3-years-old sey would reasonably compensate this young man for what he had been AtlanticAuto County Bar policies Association imitation. insurance If you own a business in New Jersey, you are required to carry a silly and easy game for Jerard, but yet for t and would continue to go through. Why did we the Atlantic County Superior anand be confusing so if you’re not sure numerous types of insurance. To operate a Massi he had to actually work to be able to do that. t Court staff love to watch the chaos have to sue the two companies and the person hat coverage vehicle you haveinand wantJersey, to New you are required to have driving the tractor? Why were we not directly the students unwrap theirIfgifts, lkasabout it, please liability you have mortgage on Autism? What do schedule youinsurance. doanifoffice someone youalove may have or suing the insurance companies? They were the excitement every timediagnosed a new sitand andthe I will review your you policy your in New youwith are required to When a home child love isJersey, a developmental delay or neurological ones who were being unreasonable. gift The children are ith youis atrevealed. nohave charge. home owner’s condition like Autism, it caninsurance. be asovery scary, lonely time for the family. Alex and I had so It was then that I learned that the Rules of appreciative andfather their andpartners many questions aboutsmiles ourIfamily’s future, at and while we are blessed to have many friends My and are the D’Amato Court and Ethics prevent an attorney in a personal laughter fill everyone’s and family thatthe love usheart dearly and were incredibly supportive, it was hard to find anybody For over 40 years, D’Amato Law Firm has been representing people Law Firm, where wewith handle personal injury injury action from telling the jurors the amount of happiness andtruly gratitude. bethe able who could relateyears toTo what we were goingof through. In the existence this firm,in a motor who have cases. been injured. If you of have been seriously injured available insurance or that there even is insurance cannot thank 4 season Autism well as all of the therapists and teachers to makeIthe children’s holiday we have neverFACES brought to trialenough, a claimasagainst available to pay the judgment. As such, any vehicle collision orlife by a greatest defective product, if you the havefabulous been inlittle a situainanyone have himor become guy he is today. He has so special isMassi’s truly thewho gift Iinsurance. who did nothelped have lawsuit filed on behalf of an injured person must grown in At leaps bounds whileworking II am willpride always struggle to keep up both or of my colleagues could ever tionany where your civil rights were violated, canafraid help. We ourselves 14and years old Iand started at he my be directly against the person or corporation that academically and socially, Ithe canroom see the pieces of the puzzle fitting together easier and easier receive. The excitement in One father’s law firm. of the first clients that I in assisting thoseprogress in our area or excited elsewhere who in need of profescaused the harm. The insurance company will the years and am hisare future. that asday takes youaback toman being a about met was young who had been run over provide for an attorney and pay for all expenses, her sional, caring and effective legal representation.




kid, and reminds youatofa the magic of work the holiday season. by a tractor construction site. He If had younumerous think your child may be delayed developmentally or have a and in the end the insurance company pays for every cent of the surgeries but the doctors were unable to save his leg. nt Ifneurological you wouldcondition like to learnAutism, more about thefamily Young Lawyers call physician or see verdict. That is why corporations and individuals pay for insurance, he met me he like said something to your the effect of, “It is an honor t DivisionWhen or find outneurologist. how you can contribute to the Children’s so that we are protected if we cause harm. a developmental Reach outsaved to FACES to meet you, young lady. Your father my life.”4 Autism online at The Courtroom is where the full truth should emerge; yet Holiday Party, please visit our website at atcobaryld.com or like FACES4Autism.org or call Isabelle Mosca (609) I remember thinking that he must haveathad the 412-3750. wrong guy. My there is always the big secret that will never be revealed. Now our Facebook page “ACBA Young Lawyers Division.” dad was a lawyer – not a doctor. He did not save people’s lives, he you are armed with the information that for years insurance got them money when they were hurt. I later asked my dad what he companies have been lobbying to make sure you do not hear – meant and with tears in his eyes, my dad told me what this young there is ALWAYS INSURANCE! Shhhh…… d man had been through. The horrible way he recalled the tractor Visit www.damatolawfirm.com



The D’Amato Law Firm focuses their practice in representing those who have been seriously injured in construction, products liability and motor vehicle collisions. The firm handles cases throughout the country with a primary focus on representing victims injured in Southern New Jersey. The D’Amato Law Firm has a national reputation for excellence.

Paul R. D’Amato Certified Civil Trial Attorney

Alexa D’Amato Barrera

Paul R. D’Amato, Esquire

Alexa D’Amato Barrera, Esquire

Stephen M. Van Natten, Esquire

Erika Lezama, Esquire

Member NJ Bar

Member NJ & PA Bar

Member NJ & PA Bar

Member NJ Bar Counsellor at Law The D’Amato Law Firm focuses their practice inNJ representing those who have been seriously injured in construction, products liability and motor vehicle collisions. The firm and PA BAR The handles D’Amatocases Law throughout Firm focusesthe their practice inMember country with a primary focus on representing victims injured in Southern New Jersey. The D’Amato Law Firm has a national reputation for excellence. Paul R. D’Amato www.damatolawfirm.com representing those who have been seriously injured Paul R.Civil D’Amato Certified Trial Attorney in construction, liability Suite and motor vehicle Certified Civil Trial Attorney 2900products Fire Road, 200 • Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234 • 2900 Fire Road, Alexa D’Amato Barrera collisions. The firm handles cases throughout theSuite 200 Counsellor at Law countryEgg with aHarbor primary focusTownship, on representing victims New Jersey 08234 Alexa D’Amato Barrera injured in Southern New Jersey. The D’Amato Law Member NJ and PA BAR The County Woman Magazine www.TheCountyWoman.com November/December 2019 P: 609-926-3300 Counsellor at Law Firm has a national reputation for excellence.

P: 609-926-3300 • F: 609-926-3883

StephenNJM. Van Esq. Member and PA Natten, BAR

Permanent Makeup & Cosmetic Tattooing


Get Ready For The Holidays With Skin Care Specials Back-toSchool Facial $60 Coupon expires 12/2/19

Cosmetic & Medical Tattooing 30 Micro • Cosmetic Medical Tattooing Lash Micro Time Blading Invest In Your Skin, It’s Going to Represent You For A Very •Long Needling • Eyebrows Amy Lift • Eyeliner $25.00 off Druding • Lip Enhancements $70 • Scar Camouflage Amy Druding C.P.C.T. As the weather changes so does your skin, that’s why I am offering a free skin analysis during January and February. As an aesthetician of 29 years, it is my promise to offer you my expert advice so that you can adequately satisfy your skin care needs while achieving your goals for the New year,12/2/19 the New You and Your New Skin! Coupon expires I invite you to bring in your current skin care products so I may provide guidance as to what products are best suited for you , your skin and the current season. I pride myself in offering the newest most enhances skincare techniques. I will assist you in choosing the one or more methods that can most help you achieve your skincare goals:

Skin Classic $25 per spot


Pumpkin Enzyme Facial $120


Skin treatments can include • Customized facial treatments • Waxing • Stem cell infusion • Micro needling • Brightening treatments • Skin classic treatments

Before spot treatment

C.P.C.T. • Vitiligo Board Certified • Port Wine Stains Remember, your eyebrows • Scalp Micropigmentation introduce you before you speak. • Tattoo Removal FREE The microblading technique is a & Waxing Analysis • Skin Care soft enhancement to accent the and 1 • Stem Cell Skin Therapy frame to your face and soul, “your Free Spot Treatments eyebrows.” Treatment • Microneedling $25 value • Custom Facial Treatments • Waxing

Board Certified

4-6 weeks after

552 Shore Road Somers Point, NJ 08244 552 Shore Road • Somers Point, NJ • 08244 Apprenticeship Availability

www.facetats.com • www.facetats.net 609-383-BROW (2769) For Students • 609-383-BROW (2769) Acupuncture

Community What Is Acupuncture?

A in Medicine of South Jersey Volunteers

depression. Acupuncture also treats pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, inflammatory cupuncture is a holistic medicine - it sees symptoms in relationship bowel syndrome, menstruation, fertility, menopause, and so much more... Over to the entire body, rather than focus solely on the symptoms, and 2500 years old, it is a time-tested method of preventative care that speaks for itself. it empowers the body to heal itself. It is a natural healing method Acupuncture has been used to prevent, diagnose and treat disease, as well as to that supports the body and addresses the root of the problem, not just the improve general health. symptoms. It is very gentle and relaxing to receive, and has an extremely low Acupuncture treatments are done individually or community-style. Community probability the of sidehighest effects. The purpose behind all acupuncture standard of patient care, therapy yearlyis clinic acupuncture is practiced in a group, rather than a one-on-one setting. The treatments Volunteers in Medicine of South Jersey (VIM) achievement of balance - specifically the balance of the flow of Qi. Qi are primarily on the front of the body and mainly on distal points (legs, arms, operation expenses run about $250,000 per operates free clinics in Atlantic and Cape May the (pronounced “chee”), or vital energy, flows throughout the body. hands, feet, ears, head). Community-style clinics are more affordable so you can get

You can inhelp provide high-quality health the amount of treatment you need in a shorter period of time. The idea is to make Counties to provide free medical care to low- Symptomsclinic. are seen as imbalance this flow, and the correction of the imbalance is reflected in good health. The Qi flows in pathways throughout the body. Each care to our neighbors in need by safely making acupuncture accessible and affordable! income, working residents of South Jersey who do pathway runs on the skin surface and is accessible via acupuncture points, and also a tax-deductible atpathway www.vimsj. not have health insurance or the means to pay for runs deeply into the body and connectsdonation to the internalonline organs. The brings It’s time to feel better, feel good, feel GREAT! the treatment from the superficial level into the deeper levels. health care. VIM’s team of more than 100 volunteer org./donate, or by mailing a check payable to Acupuncture has been used for centuries as preventative medicine and to relieve Volunteers in Medicine, 423 chronic N Route 9, Cape physicians, nurses, social workers, dieticians, acute conditions and chronic conditions, such as asthma, pain, anxiety and May Court House, NJ 08210. administrators, and students focuses on primary Maria DeAngelis Lascheid, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. health care, disease prevention, health promotion, Atlantic Holistic Health Center Maria is a Licensed Acupuncturist who holds a Shop Thrift stores! and patient education. MastersVIM Degree in Acupuncture from VIM the WonThrift Institute store proceeds 6717 Atlantic Avenue of Graduate Studies in Glenside, Pa. She developed help with almost one-third of clinic operating Ventnor, NJ 08406 an interest in Acupuncture during her career in the casino industry. She isand drawnrecycle to naturalgently methods of expenses! Shop used clothing and Who is eligible for VIM’s services? Anyone who 3073 English Creek Ave, EHT, NJ 08234 healing and, in particular Eastern Medicine, which has 609.551.5778 housewares at our VIM Thrift stores does not have usable health insurance (private a holistic perspective of health and healing. She believes in the body’slocated at 20 SunCommAcu@gmail.com heal itselfStreet and utilizes in additionHouse to in various Capetherapies May Court and 6825 insurance with a deductible >$2,500, Medicaidamazing or abilityS.toMain Acupuncture including Auricular Acupuncture, Cupping, and Gua Sha. Tilton Road in Egg Harbor Twp (Produce Junction Medicare) and earns no more than 300 percent of Plaza). the Federal Poverty Guidelines (approx. $37,500 www.TheCountyWoman.com The County Woman Magazine January/February 2018 423 N. Route 9, CMCH, NJ 08210 per year for single; $50,700 per year for couple). Volunteer! Volunteering is a great way to help the underserved in South Jersey. If you are interested How can you support VIM? Providing the gift in volunteering at our EHT Clinic or Thrift of good health is one of the most profound ways http://www.vimsj.org store, please contact Ashley at 609-867-6384 or you can help those in need in our South Jersey volunteerac@vimsj.org. communities. Although our clinics are run as leanly and efficiently as possible while maintaining

T: 609-867-6384

T: 609-463-2846

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Fashion & Beauty


Nutrition & Wellness Let’s Do It With Food

Sharon Garland’s

Sharon Garland FDN-P Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Want to get rid of belly bloat & fat? Stop hair loss? Increase energy? Detoxify your body and balance your hormones with expert guidance. Eat clean & feel the difference

Seasonal 5 Day Detoxes A delicious educational experience

5 Day Meal Plan Includes: • Recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner • Recipes for snacks & sweet treats • Complete Shopping List • Detailed Daily Prep Guide • Daily emails plus unlimited email support • Private 5 Day Detox Facebook group because support ensures success

Participants typically experience increased energy, improved sleep, 3-7 lb weight loss and a greater understanding of which foods serve their body and which foods cause inflammation.

Register for next 5 Day Detox at www.vitalityfyi.com

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(hurry spaces limited)

November/December 2019



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November/December 2019


Medical Professionals Professionals Medical


Are You 65 And Older Suffering With Back And/Or Leg Pain? You may have a condition called lumbar spinal stenosis with neurogenic claudication. As we age, the spinal canal narrows; this is a degenerative process that worsens over time. As the spinal canal narrows, the nerve roots coming out of the spine get pinched, causing pain in the back and legs. Typically, patients with lumbar spinal stenosis report pain in their backs that travels down one or both of their legs. Patients with lumbar spinal stenosis typically cannot stand and/or walk for any appreciable amount of time before they feel back and leg pain. Most patients cannot even walk to their mailbox or prepare a meal due to the pain they experience. Most spinal stenosis symptoms are better with lumbar flexion, such as when using a shopping cart in a grocery store, and will go away when the patient sits down or lies supine. Did you know that new minimally invasive treatment options are available to treat signs and symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis? Typically, symptoms of lumbar stenosis are treated with physical therapy, medications, epidural shots and/or back surgery. Dr. Pryzbylkowski is the only interventional pain physician in

Atlantic and Cape May Counties trained on two new minimally invasive FDA-approved procedures to reduce patients’ back and leg pain from lumbar spinal stenosis. These procedures include the MILD (Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression) procedure and the Superion interspinous spacer placement. Both procedures are performed in a same-day surgical center and require no general anesthesia along with a quick and easy recovery. If your physician has diagnosed you with lumbar spinal stenosis or you experience back and leg pain that is worse with walking and/or standing for even minimal amounts of time, please call Relievus and ask for an appointment with Dr. Pryzbylkowski.

For more information, call 888-985-2727 (ASAP) or visit www.relievus.com.

Peter G. Pryzbylkowski, MD

Central Park East, • 222 New Road, Suite 102 • Linwood, NJ 08221

www.TheCountyWoman.com The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine www.TheCountyWoman.com

Anesthesiologist Interventional Pain Specialist • Board Certified Interventional Pain Specialist • Interventional Pain Management Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania • National Board Certification, American Board of Anesthesiology • Anesthesia Residency: University of Pennsylvania • Medical Internship: Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia • Former Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at the University of Pennsylvania • Medical Degree, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

July/August 2019 November/December 2019


Medical Professionals

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November/December 2019

Theatre & Entertainment


Celebrate The Holidays With AtlanticCity Ballet Sunday November 24, 2019 4pm

It’s A Shore Holiday


Sunday December 15, 2019 - 4pm Presented by

December 22, 2019 - 4pm Presented by

The Nutcracker

Saturday, Mar. 28, 2020- 7pm

Papa & Sinatra: Their Way

Sunday, Apr. 19, 2020 - 4pm

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Sunday, May 17, 2020- 4pm

Romeo and Juliet

Season 37 Circus Maximus Theater • Caesars Atlantic City Tickets On Sale Now

www.acballet.org • 609-348-7201

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The Testimonials County Woman


Interested In Advertising In The County Woman Publications?

This Is What Our Happy Advertisers Have To Say “The staff at the County Woman is wonderful to work with, and we love being a part of such an informative and interesting publication in our community.”

– Annie Jones, All-Care Physical Therapy Center, LLC

“I have been featured and done advertising in the Atlantic County Woman publication and have always been impressed with how professional my advertisement looks. The publication allows me to hit my target market of women business owners and be seen as the expert in my niche as a Metaphysician and Metiphisical Counselor and Business Coach helping women business owners clear emotional blocks to success. I highly recommend Atlantic County Woman for your publication needs.”

- Lisa Scott, Owner, Lisa R. Scott Consulting, LLC

“We have been writing articles and adverting our business with Monmouth County Woman for the past few years. Their staff is wonderful and eager to help you collaborate your business needs as well as graphic design. We have found many of our clients continue to read our content and we have increased our clientele as a result.”

- Laurie Lombardi, CDN, The Natural Pharmacy

“We have been working with Lauren and the team at Ocean County Woman for more than a year and we could not be more pleased. After a few issues into OCW, we decided to also advertise in the Atlantic County Woman. As an advertiser, the caring and professionalism shown us is exhibited in the quality of their publications.”

- Ira J. Brower, President, Garden State Trust Company

“Advertising in the Ocean County Woman Publication has proven to Koehler Acupuncture be one of my smartest advertising 128 Drum Point Road • Brick, NJ 08723 decisions. Within the first two weeks 732.262.0637 www.koehleracupuncture.com I had received at least six calls of interest. By the end of the first month I had several more calls and seven new patients in my office. The article also worked great for my existing patients who showed it to their friends to encourage them to come in.”

– Keith Koehler, Owner, Koehler Acupuncture

“Your paper has given us a great venue for advertising our practice. My husband and I love the opportunity to customize our ads with subjects that are relevant to our practice and our patients. Atlantic County Woman has given us great exposure within the community. We have gotten many new patients thanks to your publication. We look forward to advertising with you for many more years to come.”

- Dana Carfagno, Practice Administrator, Advanced Care Ob/Gyn Infertility

Reaching 120,000+ readers throughout Atlantic, Ocean and Monmouth Counties

Don’t you think it’s time for your business to test out the County Woman Publications?

1.866.398.0898 • www.thecountywoman.com

www.TheCountyWoman.com The County Woman Magazine The County Woman Magazine www.TheCountyWoman.com

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Wigs & Hair Restoration


Answers for Hair Loss.

2494 Moore Rd., Ste. #1 • Toms River, NJ 08753 (In the Stone Hedge Prof. Bldg.) 732-255-1733 • www.abstraxhair.com

Laser Hair Therapy can Restore and Grow your own hair. Call today for your FREE consultation to see if Laser Therapy is the answer for your hair loss situation.

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November/December 2019


Health & Wellness

Myths, Darn Myths, and Mixed Messages


he great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.” Truth be known, when it comes to our health, it is important to study the facts to understand how behaviors or change of behaviors may benefit us and those we love. The healthcare industry is constantly making new breakthroughs and reporting important facts on studies. However, the Internet, testimonials by friends and neighbors, and marketing gimmicks have put out a ton of misinformation about exercise. And it may be difficult to discern. We all want to be in our best possible health and shape, and when we read something that “makes sense” or seems possible, we are likely to believe it even if there is no science to back up the claims. Let’s take a few moments to debunk some commonly held exercise myths.

Dr. Nina’s What You Need to Know: To Debunk Exercise Myths Myth: I can exercise my way out of a bad diet From a practical perspective, exercise, while critical to a healthy lifestyle, is never going to be an effective way of losing weight, unless you have the training schedule—and the willpower—of an Olympic athlete (note: the vast majority of Olympic athletes do not follow a bad diet). In order to burn 500 calories, a 160-pound adult would need to walk at 3.5 miles/hour for 80 minutes; jog at 6.5 miles/hour for 40 minutes; cycle in spin class 39 minutes; mow the lawn 60 minutes; swim laps 53 minutes; or Zumba 50 minutes. It is an awful lot more than most people realize! And brings some credence to my saying that a moment on your lips can mean an eternity on the treadmill or bike.

Myth: Spot training will give me that six-pack Doing a thousand crunches a day is likely to burn calories and make your abdominal muscles sore and toned, but it does not necessarily translate to seeing those “rock-hard abs” we so desire. Although it seems logical, spot training, or exercising one part of our body, with the hopes it will look amazing may leave us disappointed. Unless the fat that lies above those muscles disappears, we will not be able to see those toned muscles. In order to get that “six-pack,” we need to burn fat throughout the body via cardiovascular exercise and a balanced diet.

It should be noted that heavy sweating can cause you to become dehydrated and, as a result, force your kidneys to conserve water and hang onto toxins. So the next time you know you will be breaking out a sweat, take a bottle of water with you.

Myth and Truth: You must stretch before you exercise

There is no scientific evidence that static stretching—defined as stretching while you stay in place such as bending over to touch your toes or pulling your ankles towards your hips—before a workout can prevent injury or decrease delayed-onset muscle soreness. In fact, some studies have shown that static stretches lasting longer than one minute can strain your muscles and slow you down. On the other hand, dynamic stretching, such as swinging your arms or walking lunges, increase your range of movement and blood and oxygen flow to your muscles prior to exertion. This may help not only improve performance, but decrease your risk for injury. And the truth be told, it can be challenging to navigate through all the information, tidbits, and advice that is thrown our way. Separating fact from fiction is key to finding the best workout regimen for our lifestyle and body type.

Myth: You sweat toxins out of your body Our body has effective, built-in toxin elimination mechanisms via our liver, kidneys, and gut—not by sweating. The primary function of perspiration is to regulate body temperature. When our body is hot, we sweat and the moisture makes our skin feel cooler; when it evaporates into the environment, it takes with it the heat. Sweat is mostly comprised of water (99%) and a small amount of salt, proteins, carbohydrates, and urea. “Trace,” or minuscule, amounts of toxins may be detected in sweat, but they get rid of less than 1% of the body’s total toxin content.

Nina Radcliff, M.D., is a practicing physician; a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists where she serves on committees for young physicians and communications. Often called upon by media to speak to medical health topics impacting our lives today, Dr. Nina is passionate about sharing truths for healthy, balanced living as well as wide preventative measures.

This article is for general information only and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions and cannot substitute for the advice from your medical professional. Dr. Nina has used all reasonable care in compiling the current information but it may not apply to you and your symptoms.  Always consult a doctor or other health care professional for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

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Medical Medical Professionals Professionals Yikes, I Have Diabetes! Now What?


How will diabetes affect my life and my family? What will I have to do? Will I have to take insulin? There are so many questions. Where should I begin? Written By Barbara Greenling, DNP, MSN, APN-C

First things first. Take a deep breath. Your healthcare team is ready for you. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that affects individuals across the life span. It involves the hormone insulin. Insulin is the key that converts the food you eat to the body’s energy. Diabetes is classified three ways: Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes, your body does not make insulin due to beta cell destruction. In Type 2 diabetes, there is a progressive insulin defect. Your pancreas makes insulin, but your body is resistant to it. When your body does not recognize insulin, your blood sugar rises. Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy. Elevated blood sugar during pregnancy can harm your unborn child. Symptoms associated with diabetes include excessive thirst, excessive urination, and excessive eating. When your body lacks insulin, as in Type 1 diabetes, or is resistant to insulin, as in Type 2 diabetes, your body sends out signals. Excess thirst, known as polydipsia, is feeling thirsty even after drinking. Excess urination, known as polyuria, is passing more than five liters of urine a day. Excess eating, known as polyphagia, is in response to your cells craving energy. Other symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision, and frequent yeast infections. Individuals may also complain of weight loss, nausea, and slow-healing wounds. Insulin is the key that allows food you eat to be converted to fuel needed for bodily functions. As you can see, insulin is vital for many of your body’s functions. How do you know that the diagnosis of diabetes is real? Diabetes is diagnosed by measuring serum blood sugars. Blood sugars are flexible numbers with normal values of 69 to 99 mg/dL. Any elevation in this number is a signal that your body does not have enough insulin or does not utilize the insulin available. When your fasting blood sugar is greater than 126 mg/dL on two separate occasions, a diagnosis of diabetes is made. A 2-hour-after-eating (post-prandial) plasma glucose level greater than 200 mg/dL also confirms the diagnosis of diabetes. Finally, a random plasma glucose greater than or equal to 200 mg/dL also confirms the diagnosis of diabetes. All of these tests are simple blood tests that your healthcare clinician can order. The measurement of average blood glucose is the A1C. It measures the daily average blood sugar two hours after a meal based on a statistical formula. Normal ranges are 4.5 to 5.6%. An A1C greater than 6.5% also confirms diabetes. This measurement will guide your treatment of diabetes. As an individual with diabetes, you can and should expect that an A1C will be obtained every three to four months. The goal for A1C is 6.5% or less. This goal will be determined based on your unique needs and health. The next step in your care will be an individualized treatment plan. Your treatment plan includes multiple steps. These steps include medications, physical activity, sensible eating, and self-monitoring. The key to success in your treatment is diabetes self-management education. With knowledge, you have the power to take control. There are many ways to treat diabetes. Medications, both oral and injectable, are available. Insulin is not a punishment; it is what your body needs. The type of medications depends on your A1C. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE, 2015) has created a clinical practice guideline outlining an algorithm for medication selections. Lifestyle modification is the number one treatment option for

prevention and control of diabetes. Based on the value of the A1C, the guidelines provide a clinical medication treatment plan. If your A1C is less than 7.5%, clinical practice guidelines recommend one drug therapy. If A1C is greater than 7.5%, recommendations are for two medications. If A1C is greater than 9.0%, recommendations are for adding insulin. Individuals with diabetes also need to control their cholesterol levels and blood pressure. LDL-C, also known as bad cholesterol, needs to be less 70 mg/ dL. Medications to control cholesterol are statins. The goal for blood pressure is systolic pressure, the top number, less than 130 and diastolic, the bottom number, less than 80. Therapeutic lifestyle changes including weight loss, physical activity, and sensible eating remain the hallmarks for treatment of elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, and elevated blood sugar. Strategies for improving diabetes care are multifaceted. They include optimizing clinician and team behaviors, supporting individual behavior change, and changing the system of care. Diabetes care is patient-centered. A comprehensive diabetes treatment plan includes diabetes self-management education, nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation, barriers to care, immunization, and management of comorbidities. Having diabetes is not the problem; having uncontrolled blood sugars is the problem.

Call 609.625.9146 for information or an appointment. Source: https://www.diabeteshealth.com/ten-reasons-to-test-your-blood-sugar/

Barbara Greenling, DNP



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Pediatric Services


Well-Baby Exam:

What To Expect During Routine Checkups A well-baby exam involves measurements, vaccines and an evaluation of your baby’s development. Know the basics of a well-baby exam and how to prepare. Well-baby exams, or regular checkups, are an important way to monitor your baby’s growth and development. These exams also provide an opportunity to develop a relationship with your baby’s doctor. Your baby’s doctor will likely recommend the first well-baby exam within three to five days after birth, or shortly after you’re discharged from the hospital. Additional well-baby exams will be needed every few weeks and, later, months for the first year. In some cases, the baby’s doctor might want more frequent checkups. Here’s what’s on the agenda during these exams.

Your baby’s measurements

A well-baby exam usually begins with measurements. You’ll need to undress your baby so he or she can be accurately weighed on an infant scale. Placing your baby on a flat surface and stretching his or her legs out will measure length. A special tape will be used to measure his or her head circumference. The measurements will be plotted on a growth chart to determine your baby’s growth curve. This will help determine if your baby is growing normally and show how his or her growth compares to other children of the same age.

Head-to-toe physical exam

Expect a thorough physical exam during the checkup. Mention any concerns you have or areas you want the doctor to check out. Here are the basics: • Head • Ears • Eyes • Mouth • Skin • Heart and lungs • Abdomen • Hips and legs Unless your baby has special needs or concerns, lab tests aren’t needed at most well-baby exams.

Your baby’s development

Your baby’s motor skills and development are important, too. Depending on your baby’s age, be Northfield


prepared to answer questions like these: • How well does your baby control his or her head? • Does your baby imitate your facial expressions and sounds? • Does your baby reach for objects or put them into his or her mouth? • Does your baby attempt to roll over?

“Quality Healthcare Is A Right, Not A Privilege”


Your baby’s vaccines

Your baby will need various vaccines at well-baby visits. During each injection, the doctor will instruct you on how to hold your baby and help keep him or her still. Afterward, hold your baby, talk, sing, breast-feed or offer your baby a bottle to help soothe him or her.

521-523 Tilton Road, Northfield, NJ 609-272-9040 Did You Know Reliance Has Pediatric Offices Throughout Atlantic County?

Your Family Is Our Family GallowayPEDIATRICS Township GALLOWAY Mays Landing

Time to talk During the appointment, your baby’s doctor will likely ask how things are going. Be ready to describe a typical day with your baby. For example: • How many hours does your baby sleep during t he day? At night? • How often do you feed your baby? If you’re breast-feeding, are you having any trouble? • How many diapers does your baby wet and soil in a day? • How is your baby’s temperament? In addition, your baby’s doctor might ask questions about your family’s home life and medical history. The doctor might also discuss safety issues, such as placing your baby to sleep on his or her back and using a rear-facing infant car seat. Although breast milk or formula will be the main part of your baby’s diet throughout the first year, you’ll also talk about when to introduce solid foods. Undoubtedly, you’ll have questions, too. Ask away! Consider writing down your questions beforehand so you don’t forget them in the moment. If you and your partner can’t both attend the visit, ask a relative or friend to come with you to help care for your baby while you talk to the doctor.

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Heading home Make sure you know when to schedule your baby’s next appointment — and how to reach the doctor in the meantime. Ask if the doctor’s office or clinic offers a 24-hour nurse information service. Knowing help is available when you need it can offer peace of mind.





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Meet The Inspiring Women Of Reliance Medical Group Part of what makes Reliance Medical Group so successful is because of the women they employ. As a multi-provider, pediatric practice with four locations throughout Atlantic County, Reliance Medical Group provides quality, medical care to an array of patients throughout the area. From the moment a patient enters the practice, to the eventual transition into adult medicine, the doctors and nurses are there every step along the way. Their belief is that every child who walks through the doors deserves undivided and thorough care. Reliance will see children through age 18 and patients can stay through their first year of college, which makes a natural transition point into adulthood. The multiple locations and providers allow them to offer walk-in sick appointments, as well as same-day immunization appointments. For Dr. Maria Molina, the most challenging part about working with children is vaccine education and compliance. She adds, “As many of you are aware, immunizations have helped children stay healthy for more than 50 years. They are safe and they work. In fact, serious side effects are no more common than those from other types of medication.” Vaccinations have actually reduced the number of infections from vaccinepreventable diseases by more than 90%. Dr. Molina has seen many parents still question their safety because of misinformation they’ve received. That is why it’s critical to turn to a reliable and trusted source, including your child’s doctor for additional information. Niki McCauley is a critical part of the Reliance Medical Group. She is responsible for ensuring that providers and staff are prepared for the day ahead. She arrives at the office by 7:00 am and gets a head start on her duties. She says, “I meet with our staff every morning to discuss any imperative information. I believe that by doing this I am able to help them begin the day with a determined and patient oriented state of mind. As the day proceeds, I seek to assist in any way I can.” With regards to immunizations, she believes that most parents

within the practice are open to immunizations for their children. However, on occasion they do meet individuals that come in with concerns regarding vaccines and the stigma that sometimes surrounds them. She adds, “We are here to educate our families in all aspects of their child’s health care. This includes providing patients with answers to inquiries regarding various types of immunizations. Our staff is ready to provide valuable insight to our patients about what these vaccines help prevent and why they are a significant part of their child’s overall health and wellness.” Whether she is assisting patients in the office, or lending a helping hand to the staff, she constantly strives to ensure that no patient or staff member feels alone. “As a parent, we know that time is of the essence which is why we prioritize our staff training to ensure that appointments go quickly and wait time is minimal.” For Nurse Practitioner Peggy Langel, becoming a pediatric nurse seemed to be a natural progression. Growing up she knew she wanted to work with children in some way. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in developmental psychology she got married and started a family. She adds, “After being a stay at home Mom for almost 10 years, I decided it was time to go to work. By that time I knew I wanted to be a pediatric nurse.” Peggy received her AS in Nursing and went to work. While working and raising her two daughters, she returned to work and obtained her BSN. “As a pediatric nurse in the hospital I realized I could do more to promote the health of the children in our community, so I went back to school again and received my MSN.” She is now responsible for providing pediatric primary care to many children and adolescents in her community. Her favorite part about the job is helping new parents learn how to care for their baby and to guide them through the everyday challenges and discoveries that comes with caring for a newborn. She also enjoys teaching parents of toddlers how to enjoy finding ways to “play” so that development is enhanced. She says, “Teenage years can be challenging even in the best environments, helping teens and parents navigate successfully through this time can be highly rewarding though.” Peggy occasionally speaks to local school parent associations about concerns regarding health and well-being. She stays up to date on new information, and has learned how to dispute the “not so true” information that is available on the Internet and on social media these days.

(609) 272 - 9040 • reliancemedicalgroup.net “Quality Healthcare Is A Right, Not A Privilege”


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Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals


If You Have Been Told You Are Not A Candidate For Dental Implants:

Choosing the RightSEE Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon: DR.and BANKS!

Often, OMS patients areshould told that theybe are not candidatesCertified. for dental implantsWhy because they Your Board does Board Certification matter? “don’t have enough bone” or their “sinus is too low.” Both conditions are correctable problems in almost all patients, according to Dr. Banks. and elderly patients? How often does the The American Board of Oral and When the gum ridge whereMaxillofacial teeth are missing is too thin to only place a dentalanesthesia implant, team practice medical emergency Surgery is the bone grafting can be performed to correctBoard the problem. What that that a These bone are questions that the OMS specialty recognized by means is drills? replacement product, or even the own Association bone, can be placed into theshould deficient area,to answer for you in an be able thepatient’s American of Oral stabilized, and allowed to heal.and Following healing, dental implants can be placed into that honest conversation without assuming Maxillofacial Surgeons for the area and then restored with porcelain teeth. This procedure is called “ridge augmentation” a defensive posture. In my office, I have training and certification of oral and can be accomplished in both themaxillofacial top and bottom jaws. (OMS). made great efforts to provide a safe and and surgeons When teeth are missing, the sinus ABOMS means the expand comfortable thatcertification lies above the top that jaw will downward environment for my patients, and have the flexibility and willingness to OMS has gone above and beyond the into the ridge and cause bone loss in the gum ridge. This is a correctable problem as well, according treat some patients in the hospital setting minimal standard of the specialty by way of to Dr. Banks. “A Sub-Antral Sinus Augmentation – commonly called a ‘Sinus Lift Procedure’ – can be when indicated. extra education and study, and has passed a performed, sometimes even at the time of implant placement. This procedure increases the amount of Your OMS should have the ability test to prove it. The ABOMS recertification bone in the area where we would like to place a dental implant. Again, a bone replacement product or patients on an and willingness to see and maintenance process provides tools for even the patient’s own bone quality can be used.” emergency basis: improvement and channels through Kathy A. Banks, DMD It is important that the OMS be able to handle emergency situations well-motivated OMS into can fulfill a A common misconceptionwhich is that the bone is placed the sinus. In reality, the sinus membrane like the traumatic injuries to the face and jaws, infections, and major and desire lifted for professional development training. It is be, and is actually up (henceimprovement, to name “sinus lift”) back and to where it should bone graft material minor complications from also a way for me to demonstrate to patients and the public that I have is placed under the sinus membrane, restoring the gum ridge and the sinus contour together in one surgery or medical conditions. Your OMS should have staff and operating room privileges in a local hospital so they maintained and demonstrated competence throughout my career by procedure. can help you when you need help. Taking emergency call at a local or evidence of lifelong learning and ongoing practice improvement. Dr. Banks incorporates state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures, such as 3D cone beam CT also scanning regional hospital helps one stay currently competent in more invasive The National Dental Board of Anesthesiology provides of the face and jaws, to evaluate her patients for bone grafting procedures. “That way, I can accurately recognition of achievement in order to promote safe and effective patient procedures, like jaw and facial bone fractures, since an OMS tends to diagnose of thewho bonehave lossanininterest the areainwhere we would like to perform place implants theprocedures quality when participating in the on-call more ofand these care forthe all magnitude qualified dentists anesthesiology, of the patient’s ridge of in anxiety that area, pre-plan the surgery to ensure the best possible outcome.” rotation. sedation and bone the control andand pain. Again this certification Sherequires also prepares andeducation, uses advanced materials into as grafting such as your L-PRF Finally; OMS should also be able to provide a full additional study,biologic and successful testing, well asprocedures (Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin) Although which arenot made right in the office of surgery. scope of surgical procedures: ongoing continuing education. required, I would lookat the time Your OMS should be able to manage a wide variety of conditions for OMS who anesthesia in their have NDBA Andanfinally, thereisisproviding a preconceived notion thatoffice thesetoprocedures are painful procedures. “There involving the soft tissues certification. are multiple anesthesia options for the surgical part of the bone grafting process,” she says. “We offerand bones of the face and jaws, the temporomandibular joints, dental Your OMS should maintain a safe,nitrous comfortable intravenous general anesthesia and sedation, oxide andoffice local anesthesia” so that all her patients can procedures, bone grafting, implant procedures, pathology and traumatic injuries, and anesthesia services. environment: be treated comfortably. When choosing an OMS, in addition to being currently competent in all I would also recommend that your OMS be able to appropriately and “Of course, I’m making it sound offered, easy butyou these procedures technically demanding and take treat patients of allyears ages, including children and the elderly. As a surgical and anesthesia procedures should look forare signs that safely of practice to gain the proper You old onlyis want yourequipment? bone grafting procedures performed by aMaxillofacial Surgeon and Board Certified by Board-Certified Oral and the environment is safe. For expertise. example, how the x-ray well-trained, maxillofacial surgeon.” the National Dental Board of Anesthesiology, Dr. Banks is your surgical Old, dated ABOMS-certified x-ray equipment is oral likelyand to use more radiation. Does the expert in conditions of the face, mouth and jaws. office have state-of-the-art equipment? Is the anesthesia delivery and monitoring equipment new and modern? Is the State office anesthesia evaluation current? How well trained are the surgical-anesthesia team members? Does the OMS have the ability to treat medically compromised patients in the hospital setting? How often does the OMS treat children

For more information, call 609-488-2325 Call Dr. Banks Today! or visit www.drbanksoms.com 609-488-2325 • www.drbanksoms.com

Kathy A. Banks, DMD Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Your Expert in the Face, Mouth and Jaws 249 S. Main Street Barnegat , NJ Specialty Lic #4070

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8 AM - 5 PM (Mon. - Fri.) Bone Grafting • Dental Implants General and Intravenous Anesthesia Jaw Pathology and Reconstuctive Jaw Surgery

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Business Spotlight Dr. Kathy Banks received her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University and received her DMD from Temple University School of Dentistry. After dental school, she completed an Advanced Education General Dentistry program and then completed her 4-year specialty training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. She was later awarded her Board Certification by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and the American Board of Anesthesiology. She is currently the first female Chair of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Foundation, and organization dedicated to improving the quality and safety of patient care by advancing innovation in oral and maxillofacial surgery research and education.

In addition to caring for her patients, Dr. Kathy Banks is highly focused on perfecting her team in the office. Although it did take some time, she has now found the ideal fit. Team members Monica, Danielle, Diana, Amanda, Jessica and Sonya work exceptionally well together and enable her to provide the excellent patient care that she is known for. She adds, “The most important aspect of our team is that we mutually respect and care about one another. Silly interpersonal conflicts and office politics are distractions, and stand in the way of delivering excellent patient care. It takes extra work to achieve and maintain this level of professionalism, but it allows us to keep our focus centered on our patients.”

As an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, she has had numerous papers published and is a frequent presenter for continuing education classes. With more than 15 years of experience treating patients of all ages, she is able to treat most of them comfortably in her office. However, when circumstances dictate, Dr. Banks holds hospital privileges in three hospitals: Jersey Shore University Hospital, Southern Ocean Medical Center, and Community Medical Center. She treats patients on an outpatient basis when necessary. Another enhancement to her practice has been starting ongoing education in various areas of expertise. “Before opening this office, I witnessed staff members elsewhere going through the motions of their jobs. I did not want this to be my team. As a life- long learner, I insist on investing in the professional development of all of my team members, including myself. The more knowledge and new skills we are able to master, the more we have to offer our patients. Adding new skills and reinforcing techniques we already practice will enhance our patients’ experience from start to finish,” she says.


Patients Are Treated Like Family At The Office of Dr. Kathy Banks

Dr. Banks’ philosophy is that every patient deserves to be treated like a family member. This often means that team members must stay late, come in early, or adjust their lunch hours to accommodate a patient with a truly serious condition. This is their commitment: to provide excellent, quality care to their patients. When you are a patient of Dr. Banks, quality care begins the moment you call the office, and continues until discharged. She explains, “Staff members Danielle and Diana guide patients through the registration and scheduling process, and answer the myriad of insurance related questions and concerns. Then, Amanda and Arly take over with the “hands on “ part of patient care, assisting me with evaluation, taking x-rays and the surgicalanesthetic aspects of care. These three ladies are so compassionate with our patients that they are able to make a surgical appointment pleasant. Their clinical abilities allow me to perform my work at a much higher level,” she adds. New technology plays a big part in the office of Dr. Banks. “Hands down, the number one development in oral and maxillofacial surgery has been integrating 3D imaging into patient care. Cone Beam CT scanning is indispensable in diagnosing common oral conditions such a cysts, tumors, and impacted teeth ” she says. She also uses 3D images for dental implant surgery and can perform virtual surgical implant surgery using either of the two software programs. She explains, “From this work up, a surgical guide can be fabricated and used in the surgery procedure so that the implants are placed in the exact angulation and depth as planned. This is called “guided surgery” and I use this routinely.” Another use for the CBCT scan is jaw reconstruction. “I have used CBCT scans to plan orthognathic surgery procedures where the jaws are cut and repositioned so the teeth match up. The virtual surgery plan done on the computer is used to generate surgical guides that help me perform the jaw surgery with enhanced precision,” she says.

609-488-2325 • www.drbanksoms.com

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Houston—It’s T–2 And We Have A Failure To Launch By Charles E. Meusburger, M.D.

The phrase “Failure to Launch” does not herald from some psychiatric text book as a bonified diagnostic disorder; however the syndrome is all too common amongst many young adults and teens.

forfeited, control is the fill in and a lost soul tangled up in fear is the outcome. Failure in every way is now what envelops the hope and viability of the person immersed in a vicious vacuum. Depression is a word with far reaching interpretations. It is clearly at play in these cases, but it may or may not be fulminant. More often than not, it’s a lower level of longer lasting misery with some similarities to a Major Depression, but less intense or acute. Social phobias, Attention Deficit, other anxiety disorders, PTSD and histories of abandonment, neglect and even abuse can be either contributory or resultant of the failure to launch umbrella. The prevalence of this unofficial disorder is hard to measure. The statistics on the common counterparts aforementioned are both well known and staggering. The treatments for “Failure to Launch” are similar and related to any comorbid psychiatric/substance diagnosis that’s present. However, the therapy needed to turn this quiet killer of human spirit around has several types. Cognitive Behavioral, DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), Drug and Alcohol therapy, Family Therapy, and Ego strengthening therapies are the mainstays of how to address this disorder. Trauma therapies, even grief therapies may also be indicated. Medications can certainly play a role at the very least to address symptomatic intrusions or biological negative influences. Holistic therapies, i.e. acupuncture, meditation, yoga, exercise and selective herbal supplements all may be useful to ameliorate, or even alleviate this seductive, but sinister disorder.

It’s meaning is to mainly depict the lack-lustre existence of many youth who are personally mired in indecision, self-doubt, amotivation, lack of direction or vision, no consistent ambition, low energy, dysthymic moods, persistent anxieties, familial discord or indifference, low ego function and self-esteem and professional underachievement. Ensuing boredom and often embarrassment leads to a state of ‘nowhere deluxe’—in a word, STUCK! This may continue for decades if not addressed. There is almost an aura of discontentment subordinated by a lack of drive and comfortable complacency. Some are very unsettled by their persistent passivity while others seem to be divesting of their potentials and allowing this insidious mental malignancy to be an acceptable new world order. This learned helplessness oft times coupled with genetic/biological negative influences, together creates this pernicious state of inertia without a clue. Even when the next move(s) are right in front of the individuals under siege, they struggle to notice and consistently stay in “neutral.” For the friends and family of those struggling with this unproclaimed disorder, it is an exercise of great love, patience and eventually, all consuming frustration and secondary helplessness. It’s almost as if what these flat patients exude is basically contagious to those who try to help without the clinical expertise to do so. Ironically it’s also Don’t Suffer Alone… not uncommon for this disorder to create a sense of entitlement Call 609.484.0770 or that compounds and confounds the symptoms and behaviors This disorder is often accompanied by addiction disorders visit www.SouthJerseyPsychiatry.com. and somatic overlays, including hypochondriasis. When addictions to almost anything accompany this, it becomes especially difficult to separate people from their insistence of being “not loveable” and their need to control. As a result, loss and traumatic events are almost predictable. Once traumatized, the fear of the next inevitable trauma adds to the fear and obsession with the need to control---everything. Avoidance is the first line of defense for controlling anything and everything and thereby perpetuating the consummate “Here to Listen & Here to Help” Charles Meusburger, MD isolation and excuses of the resultant “failure to launch.” For a thorough, confidential, psychiatric evaluation and • Specializing in Adult & Adolescent Psychiatry an individualized treatment plan tailored to fit your specific • 60 Minute Sessions Becoming invisible and remaining silent are the desired needs with appropriate treatment(s), please call our office at • Variety of Effective Talking Therapies 609.484.0770 to set up, by appointment, this comprehensive preferences to just ‘get by.’ The principal loss in this • Medication- Evaluation & Management and compassionate confidential assessment. • All Services Rendered by Same Provider ongoing lifestyle is the absence of trust. Trust in one’s Don’t suffer in silence any longer. We can help! • Independent Medical Evaluations • Addiction Psychiatry self, one’s judgment, one’s adequacy, one’s sexuality, www.SouthJerseyPsychiatry.com Providence Professional Park • Board Certified 3069 English Creek Ave, Ste. 225 even one’s identity. As a result, when trust is stolen or EHT, NJ 08234 Call for an Appointment

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Theatre & Entertainment LU T I O N O V E R W E N A POSER M O C E H T M FRO T OF A N D LY R I CCI SH I L L ! BE MORE







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October Is Breast


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Cancer Aware

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Call The County Woman Today: 1-856-885-8066 email: staff@thecountywoman.com Visit Us Online...www.thecountywoman.com At Ocean Hemat to treating each ology & Oncology, Dr. Easaw, a multi special and every patient and his/her board-certified hematology ty Read more on physician network affiliated family with respect and care.and oncology specialist, and pages 48 & 49. her highly qualifie with RWJBH, the Most recently, she joined most comprehensive d staff are dedica ted health care deliverBarnabas Health Medical Group, Smartphones y system in New Jersey.

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Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment


Health & Wellness

Now Is The Time To Take Your First Step To A Healthier You! Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you having trouble losing weight? The holidays are fast approaching. The average weight gain during the holidays is 10-12 pounds! E

Dawn Ferrentino specializes in helping thousands of people achieve their desired physical goals and feel their absolute best they possibly can! If you are ready to make a healthy lifetsyle change that will help you shed weight and be healthy at the same time, this is exactly what you are looking for. Here are some main points to know about this program:

Dawn Ferrentino Health & Prosperity Specialist

• Easy, convenient and sustainable life style • Guaranteed results - get your body back or get your money back • Weight loss/energy/improved performance • One on one coaching • Customized packages to fit your needs.

Call: 908.208.0002 Email: dawnferrentino07@gmail.com Web: dawnferrentino.com

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Health & Wellness





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Your Home Town Family Pharmacy Sources 4LKSPUL7S\Z¸-S\¹O[[W!^^^USTUPONV]TLKSPULWS\ZÅ\O[TS 4LKSPUL7S\Z¸/5-S\:^PUL-S\¹O[[W!^^^USTUPONV]TLKSPULWS\ZOUÅ\Z^PULÅ\O[TS 3. Health Day. “Virtually Everyone Should Get a Flu Shot: CDC”http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/news/ fullstory_95735.html 4H`V*SPUPJ¸:LHZVUHSÅ\ZOV[PUWYLNUHUJ`!0ZP[ZHML&¹O[[W!^^^TH`VJSPUPJJVTWYPU[PUÅ\LUaH(5 METHOD=print 5LTV\YZ-V\UKH[PVU¸0Z[OL-S\=HJJPULH.VVK0KLHMVY@V\Y-HTPS`&¹O[[W!RPKZOLHS[OVYNWHYLU[NLULYHS IVK`Å\F]HJJPULO[TS


November/December 2019

Pet Services


Adopt Your New Best Friend Today The incredible bond between people and their pets and the many benefits that pets bring to our lives is a celebration of how positively animals can influence our lives. Pets not only provide their owners with companionship, but also with several health benefits. They may help lower blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol levels and ease tension, anxiety and depression. When people come in contact with animals they tend to experience a general feeling of peace and wellbeing and are perceived as being more happy and healthy. Pet ownership increases the opportunity for exercise and socialization with other pet owners. The therapeutic value of animals for individuals in hospitals and nursing homes has also been documented. Children learn to be more nurturing and compassionate adults by being raised among animals. Taking guardianship of an animal that has been abandoned is a wonderful and fulfilling experience rewarded by unconditional love and companionship. Animal shelters and rescue groups appreciate the public’s support, as do the many pets that are fortunate to find forever homes. Kathy Kelsey Manager

Visit www.aclink.org/animalshelter to learn more.

Nova is a cheerful and pleasant 2 year old female who is very alert and active.

Bubbles is a helpful 6 month old female who is always willing to donate her services as an alarm clock.  

Brisket is a lively 9 month old male that brings the fall air inside, nestled in his coat.

Tales of the Olive

Lolita is a splendid 1 year old female that you will become totally obsessed with after the very first encounter.

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November/December 2019

Pet Services

Koda is a smart 1 year old male who recognizes the mutual benefits in the humanlyanimal bond.


Lady is a peaceful 2 year old female whose purring is the epitome of contentment. Cutting Board Creations

Zab is an 18 month old male who is waiting to bombard you withy puppy love.

SPONSOR A PET TODAY! Pipsqueak is a timid 5 month old female who finds the world to be a little bit scary.

Interested in Sponsoring a Pet? Help a furry friend find a forever home! Anyone can sponsor a pet! It’s only $25 for a two-month pet sponsorship. Makes a great gift! CONTACT: Lauren Shover, staff@thecountywoman.com The Atlantic County Animal Shelter 240 Old Turnpike Rd., Pleasantville, NJ 08232 • 609-485-2345

FREE RABIES VACCINATION & Pet Adoption Incentives each month! Contact shelter for more information. Open 7 days a week

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Pet Services





“Unconditional Love”

Written by Matt Reeves

One of the best places in the world to learn the meaning of “unconditional love” is the Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary in Determination is something most of us lack, mainly Written by Matt Reeves Mays Landing, NJ.

because we talk ourselves out of what we can really do. In

When you come to the Farm If you’ve ever had a pet, you have a pretty good idea how muchFunny they love you and geta “you can’t” world, there is one woman who will stop at excited when you come home andRescue how sad they are when youin leave. Those are the lucky ones. nothing to help others: Laurie Zaleski, the Founder of the & Sanctuary Mays Landing, Not all animals are so lucky to have someone love them. NJ,Rescue you soon this ishave no thousands ordinary Funny Farm Rescue. Many close to her have told her how The animals at the Funny Farm are the realize exceptions. They she is crazy and how she shouldn’t give up her privacy for farm. thousands people line of people each year who come to visit andWhen give them the love theyof need. Most animals animals. To her, they aren’t just animals. They are lives that come to the farm from very difficult Many werethat, disabled, injured, or upsituations. to see animals forabused, the most unwanted. Some people simply didn’t make arrangements for their pets after they were have every right to flourish and be happy. She believes that one else is animals when we help others, we feel things that we can’t feel any gone and the animals had nowherepart, to go.no How scary thatwanted, must be forthere these sweet other way. that gave their owners so much love. something happening that is truly One example is a nameless little black and white baby goat with a broken leg. At less The Funny Farm exists purely because of Laurie’s endless remarkable. than a month old, he was injured and was in a lot of pain. His future was dark. Through adetermination. If you think you can’t make a difference ts The Funny of Farm justFarm a place you visit; in fact, series of miracles, Laurie Zaleski, the Founder the isn’t Funny Rescue, found out aboutin the world, look in the mirror closely. You can have most of our supporters have never even been here. this little goat’s situation and didn’t waste any time rescuing him. determination to accomplish any goal you choose! All you They follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube share he thecouldn’t inspirational with We made a custom splint to stabilize his legand because standstories on it at all. He their friends Each animal hasmouth a story.while The stories anda miracles arebed true.made We are needed foodand andfamily. water brought to his he lay in new warm just forhave to do is believe in yourself and no matter how hard y in him. Farley theand Farm 1-year-old Shepard, him and under his wing things get, never give up! family friendly we Manager, don’t focusa on the past.Australian We talk about their took lives now their Most people could not understand what it takes to stay and gave him a lottoofovercome love and challenges. attention. incredible abilities get goat was black white and muchbecome like a cow that he earned theup all night with a baby turkey that had seizures. For Laurie y ones. WeThe getlittle so caught up in our and day-to-day liveslooked that wesoalmost machines. name “Cowboy.” Over the next few days, and visits to many veterinarians, Zaleski took Zaleski, there is no question what must be done. Night after Sometimes, we may even ask ourselves what’s it all for? When people come to the Funny to him to the University of Pennsylvania, where they had the best equipment. Several night she stays up trying to save others or comforts and holds Farm, or send donations, or cards, it makes good.nerve Knowing you did thousands of dollars weremessages, spent trying to save his legthem fromfeel possible damage and ls a sick kitten. She’s not always successful, but she has the something good each day will make your life so much happier. Helping a neighbor or amputation. ess endless determination to try. ha payingHe a compliment to someone evenbea smile the and world such a much better place! lived in the house so he or could cared can for make properly received out Wea all have that same determination. We can all make a withsay other animalsFarm and ispeople. And because of this interaction, he has no idea he’s goat, socialization Many people the Funny their “happy place” even if they haven’t ever been He difference and inspire others. At the Funny Farm, we don’t he thinks he’s a dog! for here. It’s an escape from the monotony of life. A post about a life that was saved despite all ng receive any State or Federal funding. We have something even better: we have you! Seven months later, not only has Cowboy’s leg healed, he has captured the hearts of people all over odds, or a story about a diva chicken that lives in the house and wears a diaper, or a cute the We can’t thank you all enough! the globe!! He makes everyone laugh and gets into everything! He is now known as the “Donations video of the animals of many species playing like brothers and sisters, makes people laugh, Inspector.” When visitors come and donate food for the animals, they barely have time to get out of smile, and even brings tears of joy. their cars when they discover Cowboy is already inside their car! Sometimes all feel small and sweet unimportant. At the Farm, gesture, no you laugh and has dea he’s a goat, He has a we wonderful, lovable, personality andFunny will stop at every nothing to make matter how small youof think it is,Everyone means the world to these 550 rescued animals that an unlimited supply kisses! is his friend! Somehow he knows what wasnow done for him and he f people all over “Donations live incredible the Funny Farm. appreciates hislives life at now. to get out of love fromthat an animal is astounding, but the unconditional love that comes from an animal that It The takesunconditional an army to save onethat lifecomes and ensure it’s as long and happy and healthy as ou laugh and has e for him and he was onceWhen in distress is nothingtoshort of these animals at the possible. you volunteer brushofa miraculous! goat or hold Nearly a kitten400 or scoop poop, you are a Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary are waiting tional love that comesto frommeet an animal that you and your family!! Comingand to you the Farm is easy but feel leaving your new furry bigger than yourself can immediately the appreciation andfriends is very difficult. unny Farm Rescue &part Sanctuaryof are something waiting iends is very difficult. All life is precious. If there is something we can do as humans to preserve and protect it, in nearly all cases, ect it, in nearly all cases, love in return. the unconditional love you receive in return is something you will simply never forget.


ailroad Blvd., Mays Landing, NJ 08330. itions. Come see us! www.funnyfarmrescue.org : funnyfarmrobin@gmail.com

Follow us on Facebook: “Funny Farm Rescue”

Photos by Matt Reeves and Laurie Zaleski

Follow us on Facebook: TheThe Funny Farm Rescue Rescue is open Sundays andSundays Tuesdays from at 6908 Blvd., at Mays Landing, NJ 08330. “Funny Farm Rescue” Funny Farm is open and8am-4pm Tuesdays fromRailroad 8am-4pm 6908 Railroad Blvd., Mays Landing, NJ 08330. to: Funny Farm Rescue • 6908is RailRoad Blvd., Mays Landing, NJwe 08330. There no admission as operate entirely by donations and we don’t have any paid positions. Come see us! www.funnyfarmrescue.org There is no admission as we operate entirely by donations and we don’t have any paid positions. Come see us!Follow www.funnyfarmrescue.org us on Facebook: ________________________________________ For information on scheduling your next event, please contact Robin at: funnyfarmrobin@gmail.com Gift Amount: “Funny Farm Rescue” For information on scheduling your next event, please contact Robin at: funnyfarmrobin@gmail.com ________________________________________

_ Zip:___________________________________


To donate to the Funny Farm Rescue, fill out the below information and mail to: Funny Farm Rescue • 6908 RailRoad Blvd., Mays Landing, NJ 08330.

________________________________________ r generous donation!


March/April 2017

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Women’s History


Mary Whiton Calkins

The early stages of psychology are most associated with the name Sigmund Freud, who is known as the founder of psychoanalysis, otherwise known as therapy. However, approximately 20 years ahead of Freud, Mary Whiton Calkins was Feministvoices.com. born to Charlotte and Wolcott Calkins. Mary was the oldest of five children and raised in a religious, disciplined household. Mary was raised between Buffalo, New York and Newton, Massachusetts. Mary was educated and entered into college not as a starting “freshman” but a sophomore. Mary began her undergraduate studies at Smith College. As most young adults who begin their college education, we are influenced by our environment or experiences. Mary was no different. Mary had a younger sister who passed away in the spring of Mary’s first year of college. It is reported that the death of Mary’s sister had a significant impact on Mary, which led her to study the field of psychology. After taking a year away from college, Mary returned to Smith College and graduated with degrees in Classics and Philosophy. Mary’s family took an 18-month trip through Europe. When Empathysites.com the family returned to the United States, at the guidance of Mary’s father, Mary interviewed for a professor position at Wellesley College. It was at Wellesley where Mary also began her teaching in the field of psychology on the condition that Mary needed to obtain the appropriate training in the field. Although Mary had received offers from high-level institutions, she wanted to remain close to her family, which led Mary to Harvard University. At the time, the institution did not recognize women as students; however, they could partake in what was known as “graduate seminars.” Mary was recognized as “a faculty member from a college seeking post-graduate instruction.” Mary began her “seminars” with the foundations of psychology and also experimental psychology, which was a field of interest for Mary. Mary is most notable for her research related to the study of dreaming. After one year attending seminars at Harvard, Mary returned to Wellesley and is known to have created the first experimental psychology laboratory at the all-female college. Mary again returned to Harvard and petitioned to be recognized as a student, which she was denied but was accepted to return again as a faculty member participating in seminars. At Harvard, Mary had the ability to work with the newly appointed head of psychology, Hugo Munsterberg, who recognized Mary’s intellect, and she made an impression on him. Hugo approached the head of Ubysses.ca

Harvard to request that Mary be accepted into the PhD program at Harvard as she was the most impressive student and most qualified to support him with his work in experimental psychology. Suffice to say Mary was once again denied. Mary continued to work with professors Archive.org at Harvard and even participated in a doctoral examination, which she passed, and which the university refused to acknowledge. Archive.org It is reported that in 1902, Radcliffe College, which was an undergraduate college associated with Harvard University, attempted to offer Mary and three other women doctorate degrees and Mary refused. Then again, 25 years later, a pool of influential alumni again petitioned Harvard to grant Mary her doctoral degree, which again was denied. Even in 2019 it is reported that Mary has not been granted her official doctorate from Harvard University. It is known that there have been petitions created by educational institutions in with students attempting to advocate for Mary’s hard work and contribution to the field of psychology and have not had success. Mary is known to have developed the concept of self-psychology, which is the study of understanding the “self ” and conscious awareness of experiences, drives and behaviors. Mary has published many textbooks and writings associated in the subject areas of psychology and philosophy. Mary never let the rejection of Harvard University hold her back. Mary worked hard in the fields of philosophy and psychology, continuing to study behavior, dreams and the environmental effects on behavior. Mary’s contributions to the field of psychology made a significant impact during her tenure as a “seminar” attendee at Harvard University. So much so that her instructors and fellow students respected her work in the field, which led them to reflect on their own self-awareness and determined that she should have been considered as an equal and attempted to advocate for her right to receive a doctorate degree. Mary remained close to home and resided with her family until her death in 1930. I am sure that it is not often that we take a step back and truly reflect on our own self-awareness and how our environment and experiences may shape our behaviors. As we begin our journey toward the end of another year, I encourage everyone to take a moment and contemplate their own self-awareness and to enjoy some muchneeded self-care!

Rita King, LCSW is the Associate Director of Justice Involved Services at Jewish Family Service. In this role, Rita currently supervises a Re-Entry program for incarcerated individuals as well as a community based diversion program for consumers experiencing mental illness and involvement with the criminal justice system. Rita is a “De-escalation for Individuals with Special Needs” training facilitator and has trained approximately 1,200 law enforcement professionals to date. Rita is also a CIT trained mental health professional. Rita has a strong passion for women’s history and in her free time she continues to raise awareness of the importance of women’s history through lectures and community speaking engagements.

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Fabulous F ood Fabulous Food Fabulous Food


Springing into Fresh Vegetables Crazy for Comfort Food

Holiday Giving – Foodie Style

As we come into the spring season and (hopefully) shake off the end of winter doldrums, we are starting to think more the Theith holidays are here! This is start my favorite time despite about fresh produce that will to pop up of in year, ournaturally grocery the holidays approaching, thoughts the While cold weather that comes with this festiveproduce season. Cold stores. been able to get all through turnwe’ve to food, friends and“fresh” family. Here are weather leaves us craving comfort foods and nothing says the winter,some it won’t be longalternatives until things grown more locallycomfort will healthy to the abundance of of like a great casserole followed by cookies and maybe even a cup start to be available. (Think about those wonderful greens and cookies that are always around this time of year. Better hotasparagus!) chocolate! Casseroles are notorious being heavy, but small Jersey That means that you’llforhave the chance to eat options for can youmake andthem great for gift-giving as well! changes lighter and healthier while still providing meals prepared with lots of fresh items that haven’t had to travel the comfort that wetoallyour crave at thisHere time of year. Healthy Apple Walnut Muffins – Makes long distances to get plate. are a12few dishes that Chef Steph with Cutting Board Creations is happy to prepare these and other 2 cupsinspire flour you. Don’t have the time or the desire to do all this might delicious, healthy meals just for you when the demands of your schedule prevent 1 tspyou baking soda yourself? Contact Steph withwasCutting Board Creations and from being ableChef to do so. Stephanie professionally trained at the Culinary 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon she’llBusiness do allAcademy, the work for you.Personal Simply heat and eat! is a Certified Chef, a Certified Food Safety Manager, 1/4 tsp ground and Finalist for ginger the USPCA Personal Chef of the Year. For more information on our services allspice or Gift Certificates, references, and fees, contact Cutting Board VEGETABLE 1/4 tsp ground Creations, LLC today. 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg FRITTATA 1/4 tspI salt wish each of you a wonderful– Serves holiday4-6season and 2 eggs Breakfast for dinner? Yup! In theplus very2 Tbest forjuice the coming year. 1 cup apple this dish a colorful selection of vegetables pair with protein rich concentrate, frozen and thawed SHRIMP AND SCALLOPS WITH – Serves 4-6 eggs for PASTA a hearty meal. Add a salad, 2/3 cup buttermilk A low-fat pasta dish studded with seafood and vegetables and lots of flavor. or perhaps a quinoa or brown rice 2 T oat 3/4 bran cup chicken broth, low sodium side, and you are ready to go! Feel 1/2 cup onion, chopped 2 small Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored and chopped free to1/2 mixcup up the vegetables based on what you like and what’s available. Just make red bell pepper, chopped 1/3 cup walnuts, chopped sure to2 cut themcloves, into pieces of a similar size so that they all cook consistently. garlic minced Granny Smith apple, peeled cored and cut into 12 thin 8 oz fresh scallops, cut in half if •1 small 2T butter forlarge garnish too •slices, 1 onion, chopped 8 oz shrimp, shelled andsliced deveined • Preheat 1 smalloven zucchini, thinly to 375 degrees. Prepare muffin pan by spraying or lining with 2 roma tomatoes, seeded and chopped papers. •12 1muffin cup mushroom, sliced 1/2 cup cottage cheese, lowfat together flour, baking soda, cinnamon, • Mix 1 large red bellGreek pepper, diced 1/2 cup plain yogurt, lowfat ginger, allspice, nutmeg and a medium bowl. •salt1incup asparagus, cut into small pieces 1/4 cup fresh basil, slivered Mix together eggs, apple juice and buttermilk in a large bowl. Stir the flour 2 T dry white wine • ¼ tsp thyme, dried mixture into the egg mixture until the dry (you ingredients are just 3 cups pasta, cooked and drained (whole grain ormoistened, high • 6-8 large eggs, lightly beaten can also use eggfiber pasta, or Gluten free) being careful to or notaovermix. Gently stir in the and as nuts. substitute mixture of eggs anddiced eggapples whites, desired) 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese, lowfat, Spoon batter into the prepared pans, fillingshredded cups about 2/3 full. Garnish • 2T parmesan cheese 2 T parmesan, grated


# #

eggs are runny. Put into a preheated 375 degree oven for 5 minutes to finish cooking. Let rest in pan for a few minutes before slicing and serving. (Leftovers are really great for lunch the the seafood next day!) Drain and vegetables into a large bowl and mix with the tomatoes.


In a food processor, combine the cottage cheese, yogurt, basil, wine and any Pumpkin Bread seasonings you’d like to add. Add this to the bowl. cups 2 Add theflour pasta and mozzarella cheese to the bowl and mix everything together thoroughly. Transfer to a 2 ½ qt casserole dish that has been lightly sprayed. 2 tsp cinnamon Sprinkle parmesan cheese over - Serves 4 the top and bake, uncovered, for 20-30 minutes 1 tsp baking soda Barley is paired with fresh until hot and bubbly. 1/4 tsp baking powderspring vegetables and chicken in this 1/2 tsp salt LOW FAT GINGER WHITE CHOCOLATE CHUNK tasty soup. Again, feel free to mix 1 1/2cups sugar up the vegetables based on your COOKIES – Aboutoil 30 3/4 cup vegetable preferences. Don’t like barley? Use 3 So cookies aren’t necessarily healthy, but in this recipe apple butter replaces large rice, pasta eggs or farro instead, just butter and provides another layer of flavor to a spice cookie that tastes so 1 tspthe vanilla adjust cooking time appropriately.

wonderful this time of year. 1 tablespoon cups shreddedolive freshoil pumpkin 2•3cups flour 1/2baking cup onion, finely seeds cup toasted pumpkin 2•1tsp soda 1/2chopped tsp salt Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare pans. This recipe will make one 1• T1/2 ground cupginger celery, finely chopped large loaf, or you can make multiple smaller ones. 2• tsp ground cinnamon 2 garlic clove the flour, cinnamon, 1/2Sift ground cloves baking soda, baking powder and salt together. •In a6tsp cups chicken low-fat, reduced separate bowl, mixbroth, the sugar, vegetable oil, eggssodium and vanilla. 1/4 tsp ground mace • 12 ounce chicken breast, boneless, skinless, into bothnutmeg mixtures and fold in the shredded pumpkin cut and pumpkin 1/4Combine tsp ground cubes 3/4 cupWhen appleallbutter seeds. are incorporated, pour into pans. 1/2 cup brown sugar • 1/3 cup pearl barley Bake one large loaf for 30 minutes or until cooked throughout. (Smaller 1•loaves large egg 1 15will oz. diced tomatoes take less time, so check!) Cool for 15 minutes in the pan. 1/4 cup molasses •Remove 1 cup(s) asparagus trimmed and diagonally and put loaf on a cooling rack to cool completely. sliced 1/4 inch 1 tsp vanilla extract • 1 cup peas 1/3 cup sugar (get a coarse grain such as demerara) Giving as fresh a gift? Wrap tightly and put into a pretty basket or box. 1/2white cup basil leaf - torn 1• cup chocolate chips or chunks Give with small decorative plates and a pretty knife. If this is for a coffee 1 tablespoon zest • Preheat oven to 350 orange degrees. Line 2 pans with parchment paper. lover, not give with coffee and coffee Heatwhy oil in large saucepan over medium heat;mugs. add onion and celery and cook, stirring,

Combine the flour, baking soda, salt, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, mace and until beginning nutmeg; set aside.to soften, 2-4 minutes. Grate or finely chop 1 clove garlic; add to the pan and cook, until and fragrant, minute. broth, Beat thestirring, apple butter sugarabout until 1fluffy. AddAdd in the egg, chicken molassesand andbarley; vanilla,bring to a gentle simmer. Cover and cook over low heat until the chicken is cooked through and Give the Gift of a Personal beating well. barley is tender. This may take up to 30 minutes depending on the type of barley Stir in the flour mixture until mixed. AddChef the chips andholiday stir again toseason! evenly you are this using. distribute. When the barley is done, add the tomatoes and gift juice, asparagus and peas. Return to Our areon Shape into 1-inch balls and roll in the sugar to lightlycertificates coat. Place the balls simmer. Cover and cook over low heat until always the asparagus is tender 5 minutes. with an apple slice. a welcome surprise Melt 1 T butter in a large, oven safe, nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add vegetables the cookie sheet, leaving about 2 inches between. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Coarsely chop the remaining garlic clove. Gather basil, orange zest and garlic and Bake until lightly golden and cooked through, about 25 minutes. Transfer and thyme. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 8-10 minutes, or until the vegetables are Bake for 8-10 minutes or until browned. Let on panaforunique a few minutes andcoolmake gift too. Inrack a large saucepan over medium heat, add the broth, onion, pepper and garlic sprinkle over soup. to a wire cooked through.to cool completely. before transferring to a rack to cool completely. and cook for 3 minutes, uncovered. Add the scallops and shrimp, stir and cook In a medium bowl, combine the eggs and cheese. Set aside. 2 minutesamore or until themuffins shrimp and are just barely cooked through. Giving gift? ascallops pretty lined with a cloth Melt theas remaining 1 TPlace of butter in theinskillet with basket the vegetables, turning to coat the For more information, call 609-841-8567 napkin. Tie cinnamon sticks around a decorative andthe include a jar of vegetables thoroughly. Turn the heat on the pan down tospoon low. Pour egg mixture over Visit www.cuttingboardcreations.com For more information, call 609-841-8567 or or visitvisit www.cuttingboardcreations.com. preserves. www.cuttingboardcreations.com. the vegetables and cook without stirring, for 10-15 minutes or until only the top of the

Stephanie Hopkins

Cutting Board


Certified Personal Chef

(609) 841-8567 LLC

Personal Chef Service

“In your kitchen for a dayYour dinner worries melt away!”

www.cuttingboardcreations.com chefsteph@cuttingboardcreations.com

Celebrating 16 YYears 13 Celebrating of Celebrating12 15 Years ears of Delighting our Clients! Delightingour ourClients! Clients! Delighting

Stephanie was professionally Chef Steph with Cutting Board Stephanie was trained at the Culinary Creations is happy to prepare these professionally trainedBusiness at the and Academy, other delicious, healthy meals is a Certified Culinary Business Academy, just for you when theademands Personal Chef, Certifiedof Food is schedule a Certified Personal Chef, your prevent you from Safety Manager, and Finalist a Certified Safety being doFood so. Personal Stephanie forable the to USPCA Chef and Finalist for the wasManager, professionally trained at the of the Year in 2012 and 2013. USPCA Personal Chefis of Culinary Business Academy, a the Services are provided on a first Certified Personal Chef, a Certified Year in 2012 and 2013. come, first served basis and FoodFor Safety Manager, and Finalist more information there are no contracts –ofever! for on the USPCA Personal Chef our services or Gift For more information on our the Year. For more information on Certificates, references, and services or Gift Certificates, our services or Gift Certificates, fees, contact references, andCutting fees, references, and fees, contact Board Stephanie Hopkins Creations, LLC today! BoardCutting Creations, LLC today. contact Board Stephanie StephanieHopkins Hopkins Cutting Certified Personal Chef Certified CertifiedPersonal PersonalChef Chef Creations, LLC today.

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The OceanCares Foundation is proud to support the programs, services and individuals of Ocean Mental Health Services. Since 1959, Ocean Mental Health Services has been providing counseling to the residents of Ocean County. The current programs are available to adults, children, and families. We work with family members to create an atmosphere of support and understanding. And above all we help each individual to live the life they envision for themselves.

We look forward to Building Better Tomorrows, One Life at at Time for another 60 years.

OceanMHS.org Enter To Win Enter to Win a Pair of Tickets to See a great Show! Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Phone: __________________________ Email: _________________________________________

p Drunk Shakespeare

p Gazillion Bubble Show

Mail To: The County Woman â&#x20AC;˘ P.O. Box 619 â&#x20AC;˘ Turnersville, NJ 08012 Or Visit www.Facebook.com/TheCountyWoman to Enter Online! One entry per person. All winners will be emailed tickets. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Entrants may enter for tickets to multiple shows. Entries will be accepted through Decemberr 31, 2019. Some shows will be drawn sooner based upon run date. Winners are responsible to redeem their tickets. No refunds or exchanges. Transportation or meals will not be provided. Company does not provide any personally identifiable information to these third party ad servers or ad networks without your consent.

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November/December 2019


Theatre & Entertainment

Summer Is Over, But The Jersey Shore Is Just Getting Started As the air gets colder, the Axelrod Performing Arts Center is warming up for an all-time fan-favorite musical in November and a holiday spectacular in December.

nutcracker wields an electric guitar and is at the helm of a band of magical toys. Beyond the colorful costume and set designs and unique “Jersey Shore” characters is a reimagined score by Alex Levine of The Gaslight Anthem, who lends his talent to this newly imaged rock ballet. This fun twist on a holiday classic is the best way to enjoy the Known as “Broadway at the Shore,” the Axelrod will holidays with the family. The Nutcracker ROCKS has a feature Guys and Dolls November 1-17. A romantic limited engagement with shows on December 20, 21 comedy, Guys and Dolls was sensational on Broadway, and and 22. the Axelrod production features New Jersey natives Jared Gertner - London’s The Book of Mormon and Broadway’s Spelling Bee - as suave gambler Nathan Detroit and Jenny Tickets can be purchased online at Hill - Broadway’s original companies of Spamalot and www.axelrodartscenter.org or in-person Seussical - as the yearning bride-to-be, Miss Adelaide. at the Axelrod box office, located at 100 Up next is the Jersey Shore’s newest holiday classic: Grant Avenue in Deal Park Monday through The Nutcracker ROCKS, produced by the Axelrod Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Contemporary Ballet Theater. Picture a stern, rosyfaced, regal nutcracker. Now forget about it, because this

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November/December 2019



 For over 30 years, Ocean’s Harbor House has been A Safe Haven for Youth in Ocean and Monmouth ŽƵŶƚŝĞƐ͘KƵƌŽƌŐĂŶŝnjĂƚŝŽŶǁŽƵůĚŶŽƚďĞŚĞƌĞǁŝƚŚŽƵƚƚŚĞƐƵƉƉŽƌƚŽĨŝƚƐĐŽŵŵƵŶŝƚLJ͘ƚOcean’s Harbor House’s 2019 GalaŽŶKĐƚŽďĞƌϭϴƚŚ͕ƚŚĞĂŐĞŶĐLJĐĞůĞďƌĂƚĞĚƚŚĞŝƌŚŽŶŽƌĞĞƐƚŚĂƚŚĂǀĞĂŚŝƐƚŽƌLJŽĨƐƵƉƉŽƌƚ͗  tĞŚŽŶŽƌĞĚ<ĞŶŶĞƚŚ:͘DĂůĂŐŝĞƌĞ͕džĞĐƵƚŝǀĞŝƌĞĐƚŽƌŽĨƚŚĞKĐĞĂŶŽƵŶƚLJ&ŽƵŶĚĂƚŝŽŶĂŶĚKǁŶĞƌͬWĂƌƚŶĞƌŽĨ




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November/December 2019


Shoe Repair

The Friendly Cobbler Shoe Repair Save Money – We Can Restore Your Ugg® Boots!

Ugg® Cleaning ^ Remove Water & Salt Stains ^ Restore Original Color ^ Remove Dirt & Soil ^ Safe & Effective

Get 10% Off! Pay In Advance! 1442 New Road • Northfield, NJ 08225 • (609) 442-4518 Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 10am to 6pm $ Saturday 10am to 5pm


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November/December 2019

TSTARRING ravel 56 AMILY VACATIONS THE “KIDS” ROMANCE TRAVEL ravel T ravel 55# 59 TT ravel 56 63 ravel FAMILY VACATIONS STARRING THE “KIDS” Travel ROMANCE TRAVEL “Create Lasting Memories” 55 T ravel ravel River Lasting Cruising: An Extraordinary Experience63 “Create Memories”

Taking It With You: A Packing Primer “Create Lasting Memories” River Lasting Cruising: An Extraordinary Experience “Create Memories”

More fun, more memories! Part of raising a family is making memories that will fun, Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic escape or celebrating an anniversary or wedding, your children cherish A family vacation part ofisthose memories. More moreforever. memories! Part of raising is a family making memories that opportunities a travel expert can create a carefully tailored itinerary to suit your desires. Discover a tropical Today’s as forever. a family as wide openis as imagina to Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic escape or celebrating an anniversary or wedding, your children willtravel cherish Aare family vacation partyour of those memories. You’ve booked your

Taking It With You: A Packing Primer


iver cruising may be the hottest cruising

paradise and surround yourself with remarkable sunsets, fine dining, and world class accommodations. Today’s opportunities a travel expert can create a carefully tailored itinerary to suit your desires. Discover a tropical tion. From warm beaches to exciting adventures, every destination a new vacation to travellong as aawaited family are as wide open asoffers your imaginaYou’ve booked your trend around in 2017 -even though river iver cruising may be the hottest cruising tion. FromAwarm paradise and surround yourself with remarkable sunsets, fine dining, and world class accommodations. sample of some Romantic destinations willoffers let you dream of your next escape. your Travel experience. to with exciting adventures, every destination a new long awaited vacation cruisesbeaches havearound been operating for decades. trend in 2019 -even though river Professional andand you’re A sample of some Romantic destinations will let you dream of your next escape. with your Travel experience. We have some suggested kid’s focused resorts destinations with cruises have been operating for decades. ready to pack your , enjoy: each with its own personality, Professional and you’re We have some suggested kid’s focused resorts destinations with special activities and amenities thatgame the entire family willand Cruise lines have upped their with expanded suitcase. ready to pack your , each with its own personality, surrounded by blue waters, and where happiness is a way of life. Top choices special activities andhave amenities that the ocean-going entire family will enjoy: amenities and intriguing itineraries to places Cruise lines uppedNow their game with expanded the big question is: suitcase. surrounded by blue waters, and where happiness is a way of life. Top choices are Kauai, Maui, and Big Island. CURTAIN feels both country-club and cozy at the same vessels can’t reach. ✿ River cruises are luring experienced amenities and intriguing itineraries toBLUFF, places the big ocean-going questionANTIGUA is: What do Now you take 70 T ravel are Kauai, Maui, and Big Island. 00This ✿ CURTAIN BLUFF, ANTIGUA feels both country-club andOcean cozy atviews the same Travelin the vesselsoff can’t reach. River cruises are luring experienced ocean cruisers the mega-ships andyou? onto intimate time. charming resort an Alain Ducasse-trained for wonderful dining has What dowith you take with If you’re cruisingchef Caribbean the mega-ships andyou? onto intimate time. This charming resort Alain and Ducasse-trained chef for wonderful diningCeebee has Ocean views riverboatsocean with cruisers focus onoff current themes. from every room, including diving waterskiing, ain game room and WithWatersports so many new fees with and an• with you’re cruising the Caribbean Add If a few more tee shirts and another pairthe of shorts Kids , think Santorini or Mykonos with small fishing riverboatsClub. with focus on current themes. from every Watersports diving a game room and Ceebee Kids With soBordeaux many new including feesa TCaribbean ravel restrictions the airlines have The beach beautiful leading to turquoise Sea. 56 • Add aand fewwaterskiing, morerain tee shirts andand another pairthe ofplastic shorts The river cruising destinations, like isaroom, 12-day •and Lightweight sweater, poncho, zippered bags , think Santorini or Mykonos with small fishing restrictions the airlines have to a• turquoise Club. The beach is beautiful leading Caribbean Sea. imposed for baggage, you have tovillages, stunning beaches, accentuated by whitewashed buildings. consider leaving your closet The river cruising destinations, like aentire 12-day Bordeaux Lightweight sweater, rain poncho, and zippered plastic River cruise, orwill 7-day Danube, offer cruise guests the local 55bags ravel for wet T suits. 63 ravel villages, stunning beaches, accentuated by whitewashed buildings. imposed for baggage, you will have to consider leaving your entire closet at home from now on. Some airlines are charging for carry-on bags now, River cruise, orlong 7-day Danube, offer cruise guests the local for wet experience without the tour buscharging rides. From April’s “Create Lasting Memories” • Whatever yousuits. forget you can purchase on board or at the at homeletfrom now on. Some airlines are for carry-on bags now, “Create Lasting Memories” and other airlines you board first if you have no carry-on bags. So what ✿ BEACHES, TURKS & CAICOS was created to be the ultimate get experience without the long tour bus rides. From April’s • Whatever you forget tulips to December’s Christmas Markets, hundreds More fun, more memories! Partof of raising a ports family is making memories that you can purchase on board or at the or resorts. and other airlines let you board first if you have no carry-on bags. So what ✿ BEACHES, TURKS & CAICOS was created to be the ultimate get are the essentials to pack? tulips toeverything December’s Christmas Markets, hundreds together getaway, where is children Included and unlimited. The protected white sand beaches your will cherish Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic escape or celebrating an anniversary or wedding, ports or resorts. forever. A family of vacation is part of those memories. riverboats and barges glide along Europe’s historic rivers A few years from now what are the essentials to pack? Here is together a packingriverboats primer from Carole Kaiman, Travel Professional that getaway, where everything is Included and unlimited. TheAprotected white sand beaches , with beautiful beaches and great and barges glide along Europe’s historic rivers by Carole a travel expert can create a carefully tailored itinerary to suit your desires. Discover a tropical few from now what Today’s opportunities toTravel travel as a family are asExamples wide open asyears your imagina(rated theand best inisthe Caribbean Travel & Leisure) exciting watersports and unlimited scuba diving Here a packing primer from Kaiman, Professional that you will remember is the total canals, which span thousands of miles of Continental You’ve booked your , with beautiful beaches and great of some of the best might help(rated with the process. iver may be the hottest cruising theand best in thewhich Caribbean bywarm Travel & cruising Leisure) exciting watersports and unlimited scuba diving tion. From paradise and surround yourself with remarkable sunsets, fine dining, and world class accommodations. you will remember is the total canals, span thousands of miles of Continental Examples of some of the best beaches to exciting adventures, every destination offers a new restaurants to rekindle your spirit and feed the soul. long awaited vacation might help with the process. of your river vacation, NOT (for certified divers).connecting waterways, North Sea to Black Sea.around in 2017experience trend --River even though restaurants to rekindle your spirit and feed the soul. Cruise Line Themes: experience of your vacation, NOT Sea Atosample of some destinations will let you dream of your next escape. (for certified divers). waterways, connecting North Black Sea. withRomantic your Travel experience. the things youdecades. forgot to pack.Line River Cruise Themes: cruises have been operating for are about children. Amazing waterparks with body slides, lazy rivers and surf ForBEACHES a week inresorts the River Caribbean: the things you forgot to pack. Professional and you’re A Europe Cruise is one of the best ways we • Viking River Cruises, through with We have some suggested kid’s focused resorts and destinations with BEACHES resorts are about children. Amazing waterparks with body slides, lazy rivers and surf partnership For a week in the River Caribbean: *Remember, your Vagabond* A Europe Cruise is one of theAdventure best ways ready we •Street Viking River Cruises, through partnership with to pack your  Six Hawaiian Islands , each with its own personality, *Remember, your Vagabond* simulator are a favorite of the kids. The Caribbean with Sesame and the XBOX play • 2 swimsuits know to explore inland Europe, visiting cities, towns and special activities and amenities that the entire family will enjoy: PBS “Downton Abby” offers Viking cruise guests Cruise have upped their game with expanded simulator are atofavorite the kids. Thelines Caribbean Adventure with Sesame Street and the XBOX play Virtuoso Travel Professional can • 2 swimsuits know exploreofinland Europe, visiting cities, towns and PBSTravel “Downton Abby” offers Viking cruise guests suitcase. where in a private chapel in Florence’s counsurrounded by blue waters, and where happiness is a way of life. Top choices Virtuoso Professional can where in a private chapel in Florence’s coun(put 1 in your carry-on so you can go right to the beach) lounges are so popular children and families. 19access. Specialty restaurants and children’s dining areas provide great choices. amenities and intriguing itineraries to the places ocean-going villages traditional big usually can’t 3you days in England Countryside, and special tour Now bigrestaurants question is:planning assist in a vacation (put 1that in your carry-on so ships you can goand right to the beach) lounges are so with popular with children families. 19 Specialty and children’s dining areas provide great choices. villages that traditional big ships usually can’t access. are Kauai, Maui, and Big Island. days in England Countryside, special tour assist 3 you in planning a vacation BLUFF, ANTIGUA feels both country-cluband and cozy at the same vessels can’t reach. ✿ RiverCURTAIN cruises are luring experienced tryside you can renew your vows and have a candlelit Dinner over the Arno River. What do you take 2 cover-ups tryside you can renew your vows and have a candlelit Dinner over the Arno River. It•will be aIt•great vacation memory. with the most value and added of the famous house. 2 cover-ups will befamily a great family vacation memory. ocean cruisers off the mega-ships andyou? onto intimate with the most value cruising andhouse. added time. This charming resort with an chef for wonderful dining has Ocean views ofAlain the famous with IfDucasse-trained you’re Caribbean (1 with sleeves evenings dining on the beach &beach 1 from Pareo) touches toincluding make your experience ain the riverboats with focus on& current themes. (1 withforsleeves for evenings dining on the 1 Pareo) • Avalon Waterways “Austrian Highlights” from every room, diving and waterskiing, a agame roomHighlights” and Ceebee Kids touches to make your experience WithWatersports so many new fees and • Avalon Waterways “Austrian from • Add a few more tee shirts and another pairthe of shorts  Greece , think Santorini or Mykonos with small fishing memorable one. • Yoga pants and 2 tank tops restrictions the airlines have Club. The beach is beautiful leading to a turquoise Caribbean Sea. The river cruising destinations, like a 12-dayVienna Bordeaux memorable • Yoga pants and 2 tank tops Lightweight sweater, rain poncho, a andBeer zippered plastic bags to•one. Munich highlighting theme. Vienna to Munich highlighting aafter Beer theme. ✿ DISNEY CRUISE ships were built with families in mind. Acloset deluxe family Ocean view imposed for baggage, you will have tovillages, stunning beaches, accentuated by whitewashed buildings. consider leaving your entire , the “Jewel of the Atlantic,” ✿ DISNEY CRUISE ships were built with families in mind. A deluxe family Ocean view River cruise, or 7-day Danube, offer cruise guests the local Our dedication to our clients before, during and every vacation , the “Jewel of the Atlantic,” for wet suits. • 2 shorts and 2 tees Our dedication to our clients before, during and after every vacation • 2 shorts and 2 tees at home from now on.without Some airlines are charging for carry-on bagsApril’s now, •story Tauck offers family river cruises with its Tauck • Tauck offers family river cruises with its Tauck experience the long tour bus rides. From • Whatever you forget you can purchase on board or at the stateroom with Verandah is perfect for a family of 4 or 5. There’s a 3 AquaDunk body slide for kids makes a world of difference. stateroom with Verandah enjoy beautiful weather, pink sand beaches is forletayou family of if4you or have 5. noThere’s 3Sostory AquaDunk slide makes a world oftodifference. andperfect other airlines board first carry-on bags. what • 3 sundresses ✿ BEACHES, TURKS CAICOS created be thebody ultimate get for kids enjoy beautiful weather, pink sand beaches • 3 sundresses tulips to December’s Christmas & Markets, hundreds ofwas Bridges program, including family cooking portsprogram, or resorts. Bridges including family cooking are the essentials to pack? together getaway, where everything is Included and unlimited. TheAprotected white sand with no fear onno deck, orflops, for the set, there’s the AquaLab with ahistoric looping waterslide. with fearFlip on deck, oryounger for the younger set, there’s the AquaLab with a Nast looping waterslide. and barges glide along Europe’s rivers • SHOES: flops, flat sandals, wedges, few years from now whatbeaches •Flip SHOES: flat sandals, wedges, sneakers and friendly people. Conde’ Traveler and people. Conde’ Nast Traveler Here warm isriverboats asneakers packing warm primer fromfriendly Carole Kaiman, Travel Professional that  Barbados , with beautiful beaches and great lessons. lessons. Enjoy Your Travel Enjoy Your Travel (rated theand best in thewhich Caribbean by Travelof & miles Leisure) exciting watersports and unlimited scuba diving youisland will remember is the totalEurope canals, span thousands ofprivate Continental Examples of some of the best might helpCaribbean with the process. Disney •destinations vary from Caribbean cruises with Disney’s own island orExperience. cruising Europe Disney destinations vary from cruises with Disney’s own private orExperience. cruising • Pashmina Pashmina Readers have voted Bermuda “Best Island in the Caribbean” 17 times! Readers have voted Bermuda “Best Island in the Caribbean” 17 times! restaurants to rekindle your spirit and feed the soul. experience of your vacation, NOT (for certified divers). waterways, connecting North Sea to Black Sea. River Cruise Line Themes: There are several brand new River cruise lines There are several brand new River cruise lines • Sunglasses with special highlights for the kids toinresorts enjoy. things you forgot pack.and • Sunglasses with special highlights for the kids toBEACHES enjoy. Your Vagabond Travel Virtuoso Your Vagabond Virtuoso Advisor are about Amazing waterparks withthe body slides, lazy to rivers surfAdvisor For a week the River Caribbean: A Europe Cruisechildren. is one of the best ways we •Travel Viking River Cruises, through partnership with *Remember, your Vagabond* the market asplay Emerald Waterways entering the market such as Emerald Waterways Packable sun hat and foldable beach bag foldable A Travel Professional with years of expertise will work for you, simulator are atofavorite the kids. Thevisiting Caribbean Adventure Sesame Street and such the XBOX • Packable• sun beach bag hat and A Travel Professional with years of expertise will work for you, • 2 swimsuits Forentering over 25 years, know exploreofinland Europe, cities, towns andwith PBS “Downton Abby” For over 25 years, Virtuoso Travel Professional can offers Viking cruise guests  Italy where in a private chapel in Florence’s counandresorts, Scenic cruises fill the demand. Each line (putreal 1 options in your carry-on so you can go right toall-inclusive the beach) lounges are soon popular with children and families. 19access. Specialty restaurants and children’s dining areas provide great choices. villages thatto traditional ships usually can’t The go on tobig Mexican exciting travel to Costume jewelry, (leave the jewels home) and Scenic cruises to fill the demand. Each line 3youdays in England Countryside, and special tour assist in planning ato vacation and her only objective is to give you the best experience possible and The go Mexican all-inclusive resorts, exciting travel to • Costume• jewelry, (leave the realoptions jewels home) and her only objective is to give you the best experience possible and Carole Kaiman tryside you can renew your vows and have a candlelit Dinner over the Arno River. Carole Kaiman •will 2 cover-ups It be a great family vacation memory. with the most value and added of thesuch famous house. has its highlights, such as long the long ships and anpurse evening purse has its(Perfect highlights, as the ships andand thethe and an evening South Africa for families, forTravel summer vacation) to help you realize your romantic dreams. (1 with sleeves for evenings dining onAlaska the beach tours & 1 Pareo) touches to makeWaterways your experience a South Africa for families, Alaska tours (Perfect for summer vacation) to help you realize your romantic dreams. Vagabond • Avalon “Austrian Highlights” from Vagabond next Travel generation Space-Ships. Must Haves: memorable one.to • Yoga pants and 2 tank tops next generation Space-Ships. Must Haves: Vienna MunichOcean highlighting a Beer theme. and fabulous Tauckof tours of were Europe. ✿ DISNEY CRUISE ships built with families in mind. A deluxe view and fabulous Tauck tours Europe.  Bermuda , the “Jewel of the Atlantic,” Our dedication tofamily our clients before, during and after every vacation • 2 shorts (with and 2 tees • Insect Repellent, Sun Protection at least 30 SPF) It’s a great new cruising experience! *Check out • Tauck offers family river cruises with its Tauck • Insect Repellent, Sun Protection (with at least 30 SPF) a great new cruising experience! out stateroom with Verandah is perfect for a family*Check ofIt’s 4 or 5. There’s amakes 3 story AquaDunk body slide for kids a world of difference. enjoy beautiful weather, pink sand beaches • 3unforgettable sundresses Start your vacation by contacting Travel Advisor & Romance Specialist Bridges program, including family cooking • Facial and body moisturizer Start your unforgettable vacation bywarm contacting Travel Advisor &atCarole Romance Specialist with no fear onflops, deck, orunforgettable for the younger set, there’s thewww.virtuosolife.com AquaLab with aCarole looping waterslide. Start your vacation by contacting Travel Advisor Kaiman, at Vagabond • Facial and body moisturizer • SHOES: Flip flat sandals, wedges, sneakers Contact Kaiman Vagabond Travel www.virtuosolife.com and friendly people. Conde’ Nast Traveler Start your unforgettable vacation by contacting Travel Advisor Carole Kaiman, at Vagabond lessons. Contact Carole Kaiman at Vagabond Travel Enjoy Your Travel Experience. • Make up Bag: waterproof mascara, eyeliner, Carole Kaiman at Vagabond Travel, a Virtuoso Agency in Little Silver, today! Disney destinations vary from Caribbean cruises with Disney’s own privateMagazine island or cruising Europe for our Digital • Pashmina • Make up Bag: waterproof eyeliner, Virtuoso Agency for latest information and Carolemascara, Kaiman atReaders have voted Bermuda “Best Island in the Caribbean” 17 times! Travel, aVirtuoso Virtuoso Agency in Little Silver, today! or 732-842-2600. Travel,for athe Virtuoso Agency in Little Silver today. for our Digital Magazine Vagabond There are 732-222-2792 several brand new River cruise lines Agency for latest information and • Sunglasses with special highlights kids to enjoy.in Little hair conditioner and shampoo 732-222-2792 or 732-842-2600. Travel, a Virtuoso Agency Silver today. Your Vagabond Travel Virtuoso Advisor and some amazing travel ideas. hair conditioner and shampoo amenities. 732-222-2792 orand 732-842-2600. Create memories that will last a lifetime. entering the market as Emerald Waterways and some amazing travel ideas. • Packable sun foldable beach bag hat A Travel Professional with years of expertise will work for you, For overwill 25that years, Create memories that last atosuch lifetime. amenities. 732-222-2792 or 732-842-2600. Create memories will a lifetime. and Scenic cruises filllast the demand. Each line

 Six Hawaiian Islands

 Six Hawaiian Islands


RiverTaking Cruising: An You: Extraordinary It With A Packing Experience Primer  Barbados  Barbados


 Italy  Italy

 Bermuda  Bermuda

Create memories that will last a lifetime.

The go on to Mexican all-inclusive resorts, exciting travel to • Costume jewelry, (leave the realoptions jewels home) and her only objective is to give you the best experience possible and Carole Kaiman has its highlights, such as the long ships and the and an evening purse South Africa for families, Alaska tours (Perfect forTravel summer vacation) to help you realize your romantic dreams. Vagabond next generation Space-Ships. Must Haves: and fabulous Tauck tours of Europe. • Insect Repellent, Sun Protection (with at least 30 SPF) It’s a great *Check out new cruising experience! Start your unforgettable vacation by contacting Travel Advisor & Romance Specialist • Facial and body moisturizer www.virtuosolife.com Start your unforgettable vacation byContact contacting TravelKaiman AdvisoratCarole Kaiman, at Vagabond Carole Vagabond Travel • Make up Bag: waterproof eyeliner, Carolemascara, Kaiman at Vagabond Travel, aVirtuoso Virtuoso Agency in Little Silver, today! for our Digital Magazine Over 25 Years Agency for latest information and 732-222-2792 or 732-842-2600. Travel, a Virtuoso Agency in Little Silver today. 542 Prospect Ave. hair conditioner and shampoo Over 25 Years and some amazing travel ideas.

Carole Kaiman, Travel Specialist Carole Kaiman, Travel Specialist Vagabond Travel Virtuoso Agency Vagabond Travel Virtuoso Agency

amenities. 732-222-2792 or 732-842-2600. Create memories that will last a lifetime. 542 Silver, Prospect Ave. Little Jersey 07739 Create memories that will last a lifetime. Little Silver New New Jersey 07739

Little LittleSilver, Silver New NewJersey Jersey07739 07739

*Check out www.virtuosolife.com *Check out www.virtuosolife.com for our Digital Magazine and some *Check outfor www.virtuosolife.com our Digital Magazineand some *Check out www.virtuosolife.com amazing travel ideas. for our Digital Magazine andtravel some ideas. amazing for our Digital Magazineand some

amazing travel ideas.

amazing travel ideas.

732-222-2792 732-859-5513 Carole Kaiman,Direct Travel Specialist 732-222-2792 Direct 732-859-5513 Vagabond TravelOffice Virtuoso Agency 732-842-2600

542 Prospect Ave. 732-842-2600 Office Little LittleSilver, Silver New NewJersey Jersey07739 07739 website: www.vagabondtvl.com

732-222-2792 Direct website: www.vagabondtvl.com

Over 25 Years

www.TheCountyWoman.com The County Woman Magazine March/April 2017 November/December 2016 *Check out www.virtuosolife.com 732-842-2600 Office www.TheCountyWoman.com www.TheCountyWoman.com *Check out www.virtuosolife.com The County Woman Magazine May/June 2014 2014 The County Woman Magazine November/December for our Digital Magazine and some www.TheCountyWoman.com www.TheCountyWoman.com www.TheCountyWoman.com TheThe County Woman Magazine November/December 2019 2015 County Woman Magazine May/June 2014 January/February The County Woman Magazine www.TheCountyWoman.com foramazing our Digital Magazineand some he County Woman Magazine November/December 2016 travel ideas. website: www.vagabondtvl.com www.TheCountyWoman.com amazing travel ideas. www.TheCountyWoman.com The County Woman Magazine May/June 2014 2014 ounty Woman Magazine November/December www.TheCountyWoman.com www.TheCountyWoman.com The County Woman Magazine May/June 2014 2015 January/February ounty Woman Magazine



The Holidays and Alzheimer’s: Tips to Help Families Navigate Challenges November is both National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month and National Family Caregivers Month—a time dedicated to bringing awareness to the family journey in caregiving. With November also comes the start of the winter holiday season. While holiday celebrations are often joyous occasions that families look forward to all year, they can be challenging for the more than five million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease and the nearly 16 million people caring for them. The hustle and bustle that accompanies holidays can be stressful for people living with Alzheimer’s. Changes in the daily routine, large gatherings and noisy environments—all holiday hallmarks—can create extra anxiety for someone living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia. But there are things families and friends can do to reduce holiday stress for themselves and people living with Alzheimer’s disease:

Prepare Your Guests

The holidays are full of emotions, so let guests know what to expect before they arrive and tell them how they can help. Suggest activities to engage the person with Alzheimer’s or best ways to communicate with them. Cross talk or simultaneous conversations can be challenging for people living with Alzheimer’s; try to engage one-on-one or in smaller group settings.

Build on Traditions and Memories

Take time to experiment with new traditions that might be less stressful or a better fit with caregiver responsibilities. If evening confusion and agitation are a problem, turn your holiday dinner into a holiday lunch of brunch.

Involve the Person Living with Alzheimer’s

Depending on abilities and preferences, make sure to keep the person with Alzheimer’s involved in the celebrations such as packing cookies in tins or helping wrap gifts.

Plan Ahead

When attending a holiday party, prepare the host for special needs such as a quiet room for the person to rest when they get tired, away from the noise and distractions.

Adapt Gift Giving to Ensure Safe and Useful Gifts

Diminishing capacity may make some gifts unusable or even dangerous to a person with dementia. If someone asks for gift ideas, suggest items people living with the disease can easily enjoy such as comfortable clothing, favorite music, videos and photo albums. More holiday tips can be found by visiting the Alzheimer’s Association’s website at alz.org or calling the Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline at 800.272.3900. The Helpline is available toll-free anytime, even holidays, to help ensure they are as stress-free as possible.

About the Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association is the world’s leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research. The Delaware Valley Chapter—headquartered in Philadelphia—serves 18 counties in Delaware, South Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania, providing programs and services to more than 294,000 individuals and families affected by Alzheimer’s disease or a related disorder. The chapter’s Atlantic County Branch Office is located at 25 Dolphin Avenue, Building D, Ground Floor, Northfield, NJ 08225. For more information about Alzheimer’s disease, programs and services and resources, call the Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline at 800.272.3900 or visit alz.org/delval.

The County Woman Magazine www.TheCountyWoman.com

November/December 2019

Women Of Atlantic County Alexa D’Amato Barrera, Esq.

Lisa Ledden

Counselor at Law, D’Amato Law Firm Alexa is a Personal Injury attorney representing those injured in most types of accidents. Alexa received both the New Jersey State Bar Associations and the Atlantic County Bar Association’s Young Lawyer of the Year Award. Alexa has been recognized as a Top 40 under 40 in Atlantic County and as a top young lawyer by New Jersey Super Lawyers Rising Stars since 2008 and as a New Jersey Super Lawyer since 2013. Alexa has been a speaker and moderator for NJAJ and on the national level for AAJ. The New Jersey State Bar Association, NJESQ Magazine and the American Associate for Justice have published her writings. Alexa lives in Linwood with her husband, Alexander J. Barrera, Esquire, their three children, Paul (10), Massimo (9), and Rocco (7), their Goldendoodle Emme, and two cats, Mickey and Minnie. For more information, call 609-926-3300 or visit www.damatolawfirm.com.

Nurse Practitioner, Certified Dermatology Lisa Ledden has been a nurse practitioner specializing in dermatology since 1996. Before this, she had a broad background in civilian and military medicine. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts in 1985, she was awarded a military commission and accepted into a competitive internship with the U.S. Air Force. As an officer, she practiced trauma and emergency/critical care nursing and was part of a field medicine deployment team. She was awarded the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal in 1991. After seven years of service, Lisa left the military as a captain to pursue a civilian career. She accepted a position as nurse manager of the Heart Group of Oklahoma (the largest cardiac practice in central Oklahoma) and subsequently managed emergency services at Milford Memorial Hospital in Delaware while pursuing a master’s degree in nursing at Wilmington College in Georgetown, DE. At that time, she developed a special interest in dermatology. While continuing to practice in dermatology, she was an adjunct professor in the graduate program at Wilmington College. In 1998, she relocated to Michigan to practice dermatology and expanded her knowledge of cosmetic and surgical dermatology. Missing the East Coast, she then relocated to southern New Jersey, where she now practices with Certified Dermatology. For more information call 609-940-3100.

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Heidi Farber

Owner, Hummingbird Yoga

Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, Heidi considers herself a native of New York. She holds a BA in English and an MS in Special Education. Upon arriving in New Jersey over 30 years ago, she became part of the South Jersey community. She raised two lovely ladies to adulthood. From mother to public school educator and yoga instructor, Heidi enjoys sharing her love of knowledge. Teaching and learning has always been a part of her life. With years of study, Heidi’s passion for yoga philosophy is contagious. Students at Hummingbird Yoga attend classes to gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them through the practice of yoga. Creating a yoga community was her ultimate goal, which she has achieved through her commitment and the solidarity of her yoga students. Practice is more than just postures. It is a lifestyle of well-being that integrates a strong and healthy body, clear mind and open heart. Our connection to ourselves, others and something larger is paramount to life itself. For more information, call 609-927-8010 or visit www.hummingbirdyoganj.com.


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Rose Marie Beauchemin-Verzella

Founder & Permanent Makeup Practitioner, Beau Institute

Rose Marie Beauchemin-Verzella is an internationally acclaimed permanent makeup practitioner and founder of the Beau Institute of Permanent Cosmetics in Mount Laurel, NJ. She has over 27 years of experience as a business owner and as an industry-leading practitioner and trainer. Beauchemin founded the Beau Institute in 1990, and her talents and business acumen have allowed it to grow into one of the top permanent makeup institutes in the world. As a practitioner, she specializes in areola tattooing, microblading, and scar camouflage, and she has extensive training in facial morphology, paramedical cosmetics, and color theory. Her success in the industry led her to be appointed President of the American Academy of Micropigmentation in 2016. In addition to her work as a practitioner, Beauchemin is a renowned permanent makeup instructor. Beauchemin is also an active philanthropist. She is a supporter of the TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs), which provides valuable information and assistance to those struggling with trichotillomania. Beauchemin has performed countless procedures on clients who struggle with trichotillomania, as well as alopecia. For more information, call 856-727-1411 or visit www.beauinstitute.com.

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November/December 2019

Women Of Atlantic County


Siobhan M. Connolly, CTFA Vice President and Trust Officer Garden State Trust Company Siobhan Connolly moved from New York with her husband and two girls to Howell, NJ in 2008 to be closer to her father who lives in Manasquan. While in New York she taught high school, worked with at risk students teaching career skills and employment preparation and owned a retail business. Siobhan joined Garden State Trust Company, Toms River, NJ, in January of 2009. As Vice President and Trust Officer and senior relationship manager her responsibilities include meeting the needs of trust & estate, investment management and charitable foundation clients. With a Master’s Degree in Education and as a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor Siobhan has found her passion focusing on Special Needs Trusts which often require navigating the dilemmas faced by special needs clients and their families. Siobhan is honored to work with these families and takes pride in helping them provide the best life possible for their loved one. Siobhan currently serves on the Board of Directors for SCAN (Social Community Activities Network) serving the large retiree population of Monmouth and Ocean Counties providing education and resources to enhance their quality of life. Siobhan resides in Howell, NJ with her husband and her daughters. You can reach Siobhan at 732/255-5000 or Email: sconnolly@gstrustco.com. Visit www.gstrustco.com to learn how Siobhan may be able to help you.

Barbara Greenling, DNP Reliance Medical Group Barbara was born in Trenton, eventually settling in Atlantic County in 2005 while working on her medical degrees. Many years of diverse experience working in the medical field as she continued her education finally culminated in a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in 2013. She joined Reliance Medical Group in 2014 and now has her own practice in Egg Harbor Township, an accomplishment of which she takes immense pride. She is affiliated with many hospitals including Atlanticare Regional Medical Center - City Div, and Shore Medical Center. Barbara takes special interest in her community, with a practice focused on family, veterans and the trans-gender population. She personally has volunteered in the Wounded Warrior project since 2009, and donates her time and resources to the American Cancer Society and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Dr. Greenling also takes great pride in the level of care her office provides. It is a safe-haven office with a friendly and easy-going staff. They take all insurances, including Tri-Care for veterans. When Barbara is not practicing medicine, she enjoys golfing, gardening, entertaining and spending time with her family. To schedule an appointment, call 609-625-9146.

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Jennifer Gallas

Julia Mastalski Owner, The Bra Boudoir Julia grew up in Egg Harbor Twp. She later attended college at Moore College of Art and Design, where she earned her BFA and discovered her love for lingerie. After college she moved back to NJ in 2012. She started working for The Bra Boudoir in Somers Point. That’s where she learned all about and fell in love with doing bra fittings. Getting to see the transformation from a woman coming in insecure and uncomfortable to leaving comfortable, confident and happy from receiving a great bra fitting gave Julia just what she was looking for in a career. It combines her love for lingerie, knowledge of garment construction, and being able to help people all in one awesome job. Julia worked for The Bra Boudoir for four more years down in Rio Grande and took over ownership in October 2017. She moved the store to her hometown on Main Street in historic Mays Landing, where it resides today. Providing everyone a comfortable place to get a bra fitting, great fitting bras as well as shape wear, lingerie, swimwear and solution accessories. For more information visit www.Brafittingsnewjersey.com or call 609-829-2867.

Physician Assistant, Advanced Care OB/GYN Jennifer Gallas-Balmer, Physician Assistant, was born and raised in Middlesex County and now resides in Egg Harbor Township with her husband, Thom, and their three young sons, Thomas, Jack, and Owen. She has been a resident of Atlantic County for over a decade after receiving her degree in Physician Assistant studies from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She has been a practicing physician assistant for the past 10 years and recently joined Advanced Care OB/GYN with Dr. Salvatore Carfagno, DO, to focus her practice on women’s health. Jennifer has always wanted to work in the health care field and finds it very rewarding to be a physician assistant. She enjoys providing care to her patients and promoting overall wellness. When not working, she is spending time with her family, traveling, and going to the beach. For more information, call (609) 272-0506 or (609) 927-2244 or visit www. advancedcareobgyn.com.

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November/December 2019

Women Of Atlantic County Maryann Prudhomme, RN, CSA

Stephanie Hopkins

Maryann Prudhomme, RN, CSA, received her nursing degree at St. Agnes Hospital in Philadelphia and a degree in Health Care Administration from St. Joseph’s College, Windham, ME. In 2003, Maryann became the director of BAYADA Home Health Care, a national home care agency serving adults in Atlantic and Cape May counties. There, she drew on her extensive nursing and management experience to help ensure that BAYADA is the home care provider of choice to meet the needs of the area’s aging population. She is a certified senior advisor, providing much-needed education to seniors and their families. Maryann also completed her Master of Science in Aging Service and is a certified senior care manager with a certificate in geriatric care management. Maryann currently lives in Ocean City, NJ and likes to provide individual and community education about long-term care resources. To schedule a community education program, or learn more about home care, contact Maryann at 609-926-4600, or mprudhomme@bayada.com.

A passion for cooking, eating healthy foods and a long-term interest in nutrition made Stephanie’s second career as a Personal Chef an easy choice. After spending fifteen years in Project Management and Consulting, and using cooking as a way to relax, Cutting Board Creations was formed in 2003. Fourteen years later, Stephanie still enjoys going to “work” every day. “It is an absolute privilege to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals and help my clients achieve their goals, whether they are trying to lose weight, save money, or just have more time to spend with each other.” Stephanie is a graduate of the Culinary Business Academy, a Certified Personal Chef, a Certified Food Safety Manager, and a Premiere Member of the United States Personal Chef Association. Based in Sicklerville, Stephanie travels all over Camden, Burlington, and Atlantic Counties to prepare specialty menus for her clients. Stephanie lives with her husband, Paul, and their dog, Pepper, in Sicklerville and enjoys cooking (of course!), reading, travel, and running half marathons. To schedule an appointment with Chef Steph, call 609-841-8567 or visit www.cuttingboardcreations.com.

BAYADA Home Health Care

Owner, Cutting Board Creations, LLC

Photo by Donna Andrews Photography

Photo by Donna Andrews Photography

Erin Intessimoni,

Nurse Practitioner, Relievus

Erin Intessimoni is a Jersey girl. She was born and raised in Winslow Township. She is a current resident of Waterford Township, where she lives with her husband of 12 years and their two children. From a young age Erin felt very passionate about helping others. She became a registered nurse in 2003 and worked at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital for 10 years. While working she continued her education and obtained her master’s degree in Nursing as a Nurse Practitioner. Erin presently works at Relievus pain management. She has worked for Relievus for five years. Working as a nurse practitioner in pain management has been very rewarding for Erin. Being able to help her patients have a better quality of life is her main goal. At Relievus she is able to work with a multi-disciplinary team in offering the most up-to-date procedures. Working for Relievus allows Erin to increase her patients’ productivity and self-worth, which is very valuable in pain management. When Erin is not working, she is spending time with her family. They enjoy going on road trips and outdoor activities. She and her husband recently built a new house and they are working on making it a home. For more information, call 1-888-985-2727 (ASAP) or visit www.Relievus.com.

April Elias, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master, Hummingbird Yoga April Elias is a 200 Registered Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master, whose interests revolve around various healing modalities and the power of the subconscious mind. Her spiritual path, which includes Heartfulness Meditation, influences her yoga classes. Every yoga class flows with careful consideration of each of her yogis. April’s classes begin with mindfulness, grounding, and centering. Her standard warm-ups are a time for the student to not only physically prepare for the practice, but also mentally. It gives them time to settle their thoughts. Her creative sequences keep her yogis’ attention on their bodies and their breath. Through stretching, strengthening, and balancing the physical body, we calm the fluctuations of the mind. The intention of this practice is to balance the mind, body, and spirit. Make an investment in your health and wellbeing by joining April at Hummingbird Yoga Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10am. For more information, call 609-927-8010 or visit www.hummingbirdyoganj.com.

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Holiday Gift Wrap The RNS Holiday Gift Wrap Booth, an annual fundraising event, is a permanent fixture at the Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing, NJ each holiday season. The booth opens the first week of December and runs straight through to Christmas Eve. With the help of a lot of volunteers from local hospitals, businesses and organizations, we are ensuring a successful event year after year. Let us take the stress out of the season for your. We wrap while you wait or shop.

For more information about the Holiday Gift Wrap Booth, contact Shirley at (609) 822-2965 or (609) 487-1190.

All businesses welcome! To make a donation by mail, send to RNS, 3 S. Newport Avenue, Ventnor, NJ 08406. To make a donation online, send to Roe Magliocco at longportroe@aol.com. 3 South Newport Ave. • Ventnor, NJ 08406 • 609-487-1190


RNS welcomes new members to our “Because We Care” RNS Family. A $25 donation a year can help someone with Cancer or Heart Disease. You might just need that little extra help needed to relieve the pain.

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Atlantic County Woman - November/December 2019  

The County Woman ™ is part of a nationally syndicated publication and has been around for over 31 years. There are over 371 other counties t...

Atlantic County Woman - November/December 2019  

The County Woman ™ is part of a nationally syndicated publication and has been around for over 31 years. There are over 371 other counties t...