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Medical Professionals


Varicose Veins? Painful Swollen Legs?And Help Answers Is Available! The Most Common Questions

Concerning Varicose Veins

An Interview With Dr. Jeffrey S. Gosin...

is the cause of most varicose Varicose veins and their underlying cause, known as venous reflux disease, veins. We have now performed thousands of theseveins procedures are theare most circulatory aricose veins one ofcommon the most common vascular How are varicose and venous reflux diagnosed? and results have been excellent.” problems that affect individuals of all conditions affecting women...and men of all ages. An experienced vascular specialist can make the diagnosis with “One of theofsignificant ages. Treatment options have improved greatly in a combination a medical history, physical examination and a advantages to seeing a vascular These conditions are twice as common as recent years. In spite of these advancements, painless vascular test called a Doppler ultrasound (also known as surgeon for vein care is that coronary heart disease. They occur when vein many people mistakenly still believe that treat- a venous duplex scan.) Making the correct diagnosis is essential we treat the full spectrum of valves in the legs become damaged, causing ment for this problem is difficult, painful, and in properly treating this condition. vascular diseases, from routine abnormal blood flow in the affected veins. simplyConsequently, considered “cosmetic.” Other people How arecomplicated varicose veins ones”and saysvenous reflux treated? blood is allowed to pool in the to very may experience leg pain and other symptoms Sometimes stockings will be sufficient to control Dr. Gosin. “Wecompression have experience lower legs. This causes a variety of physical Jeffrey S. Gosin, MD, FACS but they don’t realize what is causing their with conventional opencomplications. surgery, symptoms such as leg pain, leg swelling, symptoms and prevent When procedures are needed, condition. This article will answer some and aretechnology certainly prepared heaviness and fatigue, and skin itching. It can also cause the appearance of current and techniques, allow for treatment WITHOUT is thattreatments modern common to do that when necessary. unsightly varicose and spider veins.questions regarding varicose veins, the need for painful surgery. One The of thegood best, news most proven JeffreyPeople S. Gosin,who MD, FACS the associated symptoms, and such treatment. more and we areProcedure, have occupations that require standing, as casino vein care forHowever, venous reflux is themore Closure® nowallows referredfor to astreatment Venefit™. able to treat our patients with employees, food servers, school teachers, and many other similar jobs are many of these problems What are varicose veins? This minimally invasive procedure of is performed right in the office in minimally invasive procedures. especially prone to these problems. In addition, people who have a family Varicose veins are swollen veins that can be seen through the skin. in less than 30 minutes, with no incisions, minimal discomfort, a far less invasive way than in This is especially true for history of varicose veins, who are overweight, or who have been pregnant They often have a bulging, twisted appearance. Some varicose veins and excellent results. the past. varicose veins and venous are at risk. It is also possible to have varicose veins without any of these risk may be very large and discolored. Others may be smaller. They can How long is the recovery from vein treatment? reflux.” factors. occur Venous anywhere on the legs, including the groin area. If you are suffering from the appearance of varicose In most cases individuals cansymptoms return toortheir usual activities within reflux disease and varicose veins become more common veins, if you have leg symptoms that you think might be related to your withcauses age. Existing varicose What varicose veins?veins can also become more prominent or a day oforthe procedure. the Board Certified Vascular Surgeon at Shore Vascular & Vein symptomatic individuals get older. cases, Blood mustasflow up, against gravity,Intomore exitsevere the legs andpeople returnwith to long Is circulation, varicose vein treatment covered by health insurance? Center is available to help. Most health insurance is accepted. standing varicose veins and chronic leg swelling can develop permanent loss the heart. Our leg veins have one-way valves that assist in this process. Venous reflux disease is a medical condition. Therefore, in many of integrity andmalfunction discolorationand of the skin, leg wounds, andflow blood clots. Those valves can leak, causing blood to in the


cases, varicose vein treatment is covered by health insurance. An The good news The is that modern care allows treatmentthe of pressure many of wrong direction. blood thenvein pools in the legs,forincreasing Please for a center consultation or for additional experienced veincall treatment will have insurance specialists who these problems in a far less invasive way than in the past. in the veins. This is known as venous reflux disease or Chronic Venous will work with your insurance(609) company to confirm (8346) coverage. information. 927-VEIN Insufficiency (CVI). Venous reflux one of thesurgery most are common causes Hospitalization and painful veinis stripping not necessary. or visit us at www.GetGreatLegs.com. VISIT www.GetGreatLegs.com Jeffrey Gosin, of varicose veins.M.D., a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon with Shore Vascular & Vein Center states, “In our practice, we have been caring for

What are the symptoms of varicose veins and venous reflux disease? individuals with vascular problems, such as varicose veins, for our entire People with varicose veins and venous reflux may feel leg pain, leg careers. In recent years there have been fantastic advancements in the heaviness, legoffatigue and/or legInswelling. Itching of offer the skin the legs is treatment vascular disease. many cases we can theseofstate-of-thealsoarta treatments very common complaint. Standing may worsen symptoms. Many to our patients. As a result, we are able to treat most of the people will notice the appearance of bulging legs veins. However, some vein problems that people experience with minimally invasive, outpatient people will only feel of discomfort but not notice cosmetic changes. procedures. Many these are performed right any in the office. These procedures have the advantage very problem. safe and effective. I thought varicose veins are justofabeing cosmetic Is that Patients true? usually experience minimal discomfort, are able to walk immediately It is important to understand that varicose veins and venous reflux following the procedures, and have fast recovery.” are NOT necessarily simple cosmetic problems. This can be a sign of One of the advancements in vein care is the Closure Procedure. This an abnormal condition in the circulation. In addition to pain, some indiprocedure treats varicose veins at their underlying source, by eliminating viduals may be atDr. riskGosin for chronic swelling, permanent skin venous reflux.  states, “The Closure Procedure hasdiscoloration, greatly open wounds and even blood clots. With early diagnosis and treatment, improved the way that we treat patients with varicose veins and venous long-term complications can usually be prevented. Treatment often reflux disease. It is performed in a comfortable office setting. Generalhas theanesthesia added benefit improving even iniscases thatbyare not is notof necessary. Theaesthetics, whole procedure guided ultrasound. considered Therefore,“cosmetic.” incisions and sutures are not needed. That means less pain and faster recovery forvaricose our patients. Who is at risk for veins?The procedure takes about 20 minutes to perform and standing is over 95% successful venous reflux, which Prolonged or sitting on in oneeliminating place, family history of varicose veins,TESTIMONIAL and being overweight are all known risks. In addition, increasing age and are risk people may develop varicose “Mypregnancy legs look and feel factors. so muchSome better! Making appointments was veinseasy without having any of these conditions. and they worked with myknown crazy schedule. Dr. Gosin and his staff

• The The Venefit ClosureProcedure Procedure • Microphlebectomy

• Sclerotherapy for treatment of spider veins • Excel V Vascular Laser for treatment of spider veins and unsightly facial veins • IAC Accredited Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory on site • Enlighten(TM) Laser Tattoo Removal

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The County Woman ™ is part of a nationally syndicated publication and has been around for over 31 years. There are over 371 other counties t...

Atlantic County Woman - March/April 2020  

The County Woman ™ is part of a nationally syndicated publication and has been around for over 31 years. There are over 371 other counties t...