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Dr. Newkirk Introduces...The Cat House!

The Area’s Only Cats’ Exclusive Veterinary Center

Dr. Mark Newkirk of Newkirk Family Veterinarians of Egg Harbor Twp invites all cat owners and cat lovers to come experience the most unique Cat Care Center the area has to offer. Unlike some hospitals that may have a separate entrance or exam room, The Cat House is a completely separate facility designed to minimize stress on both your cat...and you...during the veterinary visit.

Start with a beautiful country setting on English Creek Ave in Egg Harbor Twp. Enter through a completely different side of the building, and walk into a reception area with running fountains, oriental rugs, live plants, soft lighting and music. It has been one of Dr. Newkirk’s goals to create as stress free an environment as possible for our furry feline friends. Doc understands that cats are not “just small dogs”; that is, they don’t like noise, they don’t want a cold doggy nose pressed up against the carrier door, and they don’t want to have to sit on a stainless steel exam table. At The Cat House, our comfortable exam rooms come with oriental rugs, large chairs for the doctor to sit with you and your cat, and warm decor. Your cat is encouraged to leave the carrier and explore! And not a medicine cabinet in sight! If your pet needs hospitalization, our cat ward is also completely separate, allowing for quiet, calm healing. Fully equipped with incubators, intensive care units, heart monitors, etc, your cat will receive all the special care he or she needs to recover. And no barking dogs to upset them. Dr. Newkirk also does holistic and alternative medicine for pets. Chronic diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis (yes, cats do get arthritis), and allergy are some areas in which blending the best of traditional medicine with the best of alternative therapies often creates better treatment results. For example: Do you have a cat that doesn’t jump up on the bed anymore or without trouble? Or a cat that growls when

FOR YOUR PURRRFECT KITTY… THE CAT HOUSE! A separate space within the hospital just for cats!



you touch or pet him or her over the lower back? This is often a sign of spinal arthritis and/or pain. Fortunately, this condition responds well to chiropractic care and pain medication. Many cats do so well after a few treatments that owners remark, “He’s like a young cat again!”

The ONLY Vet On Air In South Jersey.

1. A cat in Ontario, Canada, named Jake holds the Guinness World Record for the most toes. This ginger tabby has 28! (seven on each paw) 2. A brown Burmese cat from England named Tarawood had what is believed to be the most kittens in a single litter. She gave birth to 19! 3. A tabby cat from Texas named Dusty holds the Guinness World Record for being the most prolific cat. Dusty delivered 420 kittens in her lifetime! 4. Cats generally give birth to 4 to 6 kittens at a time. And an average cat can produce 3 litters a year. Theoretically, this cat and her offspring could give birth to more than 400,000 cats over 7 years! Thus the very great need for spaying or neutering your cat at the proper age. A couple of excellent web sites for correct information about cats are and www.catwellness. org. To see how old your cat is in “people years” and learn more about pet aging and wellness, visit Finally, if you must leave your feline for vacation or business, please visit us at the Kitty Kondos inside The Cat House. Instead of a cold steel cage, next to barking dogs, your kitty has a multilevel Kondo, with a separate area for the litter pan. (No sleeping or eating in a cramped kennel right next to the litter pan.) If your cat is sociable, daily play time is allowed. We have many toys and climbing areas for exercise. If your cat needs medication, our dedicated staff is more than happy to administer those in your absence. Certain vaccinations are needed for admission to the Kitty Kondos to protect your pet and others from contagious diseases. Tours are available by appointment. See us on the web at


Some fun facts about cats:

Yours in pet health for over a quarter century in South Jersey, Dr. Mark Newkirk



Dr. Mark Newkirk Thursdays 9-10am Call 609-927-1100 to “Ask Dr. Newkirk”

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Listen to Dr Newkirk and Harry Hurley 3rd Tuesdays on WPG radio, 9 AM! Amazing Stem Cell therapy for arthritis and degenerative joint disease! Winner Best Of The Press, Best Veterinary Hospital multiple times!

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