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Over the blue skies at the beach and on the boardwalk lurks our old familiar frenemy – the sun. The Jersey shore is a wonderful place to be in the summer. It is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors but all of the summer fun can come with a price on your skin’s health. As the years are becoming increasingly hotter and the sun becoming a stronger force to be reckoned with, now more than ever it is imperative that we all adopt an effective skincare regimen to protect and prevent sun damage, no matter your age or skin tone.

Tips for Effective Sunblock Use:

• Apply every morning as part of your skincare routine • Apply to dry skin 15 minutes before going outside • Reapply every 2 hours and immediately after sweating or swimming • Do not leave your sunscreen out in the sun as it can decompose

Had too much fun in the sun this summer? Sood

New studies show the dramatic cellular change caused by the sun’s influence. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sun exposure causes DNA damage in the skin cells. Center now offers laser treatments, chemical peels, This damage triggers mutations in the cells and leaves signs of hyperpigmentation, and an array of other services that will help reverse or freckling, which, if left untreated and ill-protected, are very likely to become sun damage. Call for your appointment to discuss cancerous lesions. Skin cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the United States. So while a tan may look nice, clinically speaking it is no more your personalized regimen to healthy, beautiful skin! than your skin’s desperate attempt to protect itself from the sun’s damaging rays. Our advice: get a spray tan. Along with the frightening health effects it can have, UVA rays have a severely [\ negative effect on our precious collagen, breaking it down and aging the skin For more information call 609-342-2053 prematurely. Once these fibers are destroyed, it’s very difficult to rebuild them, so prevention is the best treatment. Here at Sood Center we have the answers to your or visit burning questions (no pun intended) and just what your skin needs to shield the sun from destroying your complexion, as well as treatments to restore your complexion to its healthiest state. Created by world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO Skincare is the gold standard of skin health and is offered at Sood Dr. Mohit Sood is a board certified plastic and Center. The main goal of this line is to restore the natural outer reconstructive surgeon who is passionate barrier of the skin, which often breaks down due to environmental about helping his patients achieve their damage and improper skincare. When this barrier is broken down, it overall aesthetic goals. is left vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun. Not only does ZO Procedures/Products Available: Skincare restore the skin’s barrier, but the products also offer a unique SPF formulation that prevents damage caused by the full spectrum • Facelift • Breast Augmentation • ZO Skin Health • Breast Lift of harmful light. These include UVA, UVB, and HEV, better known • Liposuction • Tummy Tuck as the blue light emissions caused by computer and screen-time • IPL • Mommy Makeover exposure, all of which are responsible for collagen breakdown and • CoolSculpting • CO2 Skin Resurfacing premature aging.

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The County Woman ™ is part of a nationally syndicated publication and has been around for over 31 years. There are over 371 other counties t...

Atlantic County Woman - July/August 2018  

The County Woman ™ is part of a nationally syndicated publication and has been around for over 31 years. There are over 371 other counties t...