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Wednesday – December 4, 2013

Important Messages from The Cottage School are attached. Please sign this form indicating their receipt and return to the school with your student tomorrow. Thank You!!

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Wednesday Packet December 4, 2013

Important Dates/Information Barnes & Noble Bookfair – Through Saturday This Week (Details in Packet) MS Drama Performance – Monday, December 9th 1:30 PM in The Cougar Center HS Drama Performance – Monday, December 9th 6:00 PM in The Cougar Center Shop for a Cause – December 12th 5:30-8:00 PM in Downtown Roswell HS Half Day Exams - December 17th-19th Dismiss at Noon each day (HS Only) MS Teacher Work Day - No School December 19th (MS Only) All School Teacher Work Day – No School December 20th Winter Break – December 23rd-January 3rd Administrative Office Open December 23rd, January 2nd and January 3rd

Second Semester Begins January 6th, 2014 NOTICE: Winter mornings are dark on campus. Please drive carefully and follow car pool procedures. Backing up around distracted teenagers can be dangerous.


December 4, 2013

Jacque’s Note

Welcome back from our restful and rejuvenating Thanksgiving break! Notice the positive expectations in my previous statement. In this hectic time of celebration, I try very hard to focus on the positive and be realistic about what I can accomplish! Personally, that goal is still a challenge, but thank goodness for a fabulous TCS staff that forms a solid team and keeps us on pace and proud of the goals achieved! Your tuition covers the cost of your PAC membership so I want to thank each of you for the lovely surprise breakfast cart service your PAC leadership team provided the week before our break! The PAC team is composed of many of our parents who have volunteered to cover every area of volunteer needs. They truly help us get our jobs done and we enjoy the partnership as we strive to do more and better at every turn! The holidays are approaching and we are all mindful that it is also the season of giving! It is a custom at many schools to acknowledge the staff for their contributions and each school handles this process very differently. Because the act of gift giving carries implications and costs that go far beyond the actual gift, I want to take this opportunity to outline the expectations for our campus and ask your cooperation in respecting our tradition. First, working with your teen every day and watching their progress is gift enough! It is truly a blessing to share time and experiences with such creative, generous, kind and funny young people. It is an honor for us to share their victories and their challenges. We know through your encouragement and feedback that you too appreciate the opportunities and the growth that occurs. Some families may have the urge to acknowledge that appreciation with material gifts. Here is why we strongly discourage that practice. Holiday time at a school is often a time of great inequities. You may have witnessed settings where the elementary or art teachers leave for vacation with a car full of goodies, and the math teacher leaves with significantly less. The office and maintenance staff is often not acknowledged at all. This scenario erodes morale and denies the actual contribution of each employee. Secondly, many families, especially today, are not able to afford even the smallest of purchases for their child’s school staff. However, seeing other families bring in gifts creates a negative emotional situation for them as well. We do not encourage any situation that creates discomfort for our staff or our families. For twentynine years we have followed this same practice that allows families to choose the level in which they participate in expressions of appreciation at this time of the year and at year’s end. Your PAC takes the stress from you and delivers a token of thanks to each and every staff member at TCS. Using the money from your PAC dues and any voluntary individual contributions which are sent to the PAC treasurer, your PAC team equally divides that amount and communicates a united expression of thanks to each TCS employee. Holiday expressions are usually in the form of a gift card and year end has traditionally been in the form of cash. This system alleviates the inequities I previously described. It allows for families who wish to contribute some amount toward a gift an opportunity to participate but also relieves our parents of feeling obligated to cut into their already burdened budget. All that aside, I encourage you to take any opportunity throughout the year to write (or have your teen write) a note of appreciation to someone for their commitment and positive impact. It is those words of encouragement that last a lifetime in a teacher’s world.


The TCS Advancement Angle News you can use to help raise money for The Cottage School

What is GAGoal? GAGoal is a Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) in which Georgia individual and corporate taxpayers can contribute in exchange for a state income tax credit and possible federal charitable income tax deduction. GAGoal then uses the contributions to award scholarships to students from K-12 public schools so that they can attend the private schools chosen by their parents. How does our school benefit from GAGoal? As a GOAL Participating School, our school is eligible to promote the GOAL program to its donors who can designate that their contributions to GOAL be used to provide scholarships at our school. Thus, our school will be able to increase the amount of financial aid for which its students and their families are eligible. This could result in increased enrollment, increased tuition income, and increased opportunities for deserving students and their families to become a vital part of our community. How does GAGoal work? Because there is a limited amount of tax credits available each year, a taxpayer who is interested in contributing to GOAL must express his or her intent to do so to the Georgia Department of Revenue (“DOR�). If there are still tax credits available, the DOR will inform the taxpayer to proceed with his or her contribution to GOAL. So that interested contributors are not burdened at all by this process, GOAL and our school make the preapproval and contribution process very easy to complete. Once approved, the taxpayer contributes to GOAL and designates our school as the place at which her or she would like the contribution to be used in providing scholarships to qualified students. Once the contribution is received, GOAL sends a notice to the taxpayer, who can then take an income tax CREDIT against their Georgia income taxes for the amount of their contribution made that year. How does a tax credit differ from a deduction? A tax credit is significantly more beneficial than a deduction. A credit reduces your Georgia taxes dollar-for-dollar while a deduction reduces the taxable income upon which taxes are calculated. Can my corporations contribute to the GAGoal Scholarship Program? Yes, corporations can receive a tax credit for amounts contributed to the GOAL Scholarship Program and many corporations have done so. income taxes to GOAL. What is the deadline for making contributions that qualify for the tax credit? In order to contribute to GOAL for a tax credit, an individual or corporation must receive pre-approval from the Georgia Department of Revenue. The preapproval process must be completed and all contributions postmarked to GOAL within 60 days of DOR pre-approval, and never later than December 31st of the applicable calendar year in order to be accepted. Why should I give now? In 2013, the entire $58 million cap was met in early May. As a result, thousands of Georgia taxpayers who wished to make their contribution to a SSO were unable to do so for a tax credit. Once the cap is reached, although a taxpayer can still contribute to GOAL, he or she will not receive an education expense tax credit for doing so. Because there are hundreds of private schools in Georgia that are promoting the availability of the Georgia Education Expense Credit program in their school communities, it is a very competitive environment and taxpayers need to make their pre-approved contributions as early in the year as possible. Ready to apply, click here to be taken to the GAGoal Website and do the paperless process! For more information, contact Joe Digieso: or 678/250-5100.

The TCS Advancement Angle News you can use to help raise money for The Cottage School

Join TCS on December 12th and SHOP FOR A CAUSE! 5:30pm to 8pm Brilliant Jewelers and The Chandlery Both Brilliant Jewelers and The Chandlery on Canton Street in Historic Roswell, will be staying open late and raising money for TCS. Come enjoy wine and cheese and deals and discounts on everything you need to finish your holiday shopping! See you there!

Thanks to everyone who made the 7th Annual “Give Thanks for Grandparents Day” a GRAND success! Over 150 grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends packed the Cougar Center and enjoyed a fantastic morning. As always, we are thankful for YOU!

We’re looking for a few good volunteers to help for the following special events (experience not necessary but a sense of humor is essential!) Evening with the Arts Speakers Committee General special events support Interested? Contact:

The Cottage School

Online Shopping at Shop 12/01/13 through 12/07/13 to support our bookfair! Bookfair ID# 11244449 You can also shop at any B&N nationwide. Give the Bookfair ID# 11244449 to the bookseller at check out. Forward this flyer to friends and family via the internet. All sales count towards supporting the TCS Media Center. New to 1. Shop the entire site – almost everything is eligible for our bookfair* 2. Set up a new account when you are ready to check out 3. On the bottom of the Payment Page, check the box Check This Box If This Is a Bookfair Order 4. Type our Bookfair ID in the space provided and continue to check out Signed in to Your Existing Account? 1. Shop the entire site – almost everything is eligible for our bookfair* 2. From the Checkout Page, go to the Payment Tab and click the Change button on the upper-right side of the tab. This will expand the Payment Page. 3. On the bottom of the Payment Page, check the box Check This Box If This Is a Bookfair Order 4. Type our Bookfair ID in the space provided and continue to check out *Barnes & Noble Gift Cards, eGift cards, B&N Memberships, digital content such as NOOK Books TM, electronics, textbooks, used and out-of-print books, magazines and magazine subscriptions, video games, and other items may be excluded from time to time and will not be eligible for bookfair purchase. See BN.COM/bookfairs for more information. NOOK Book is a trademark of llc or its affiliates.

Exciting Opportunities for TCS And Some of Our Families As part of my new area of responsibilities and stemming from my recent trip to China, I have been contacted by several placement services exploring the school’s interest in having Middle and High School students from China attend our school. I am very interested in the potential to increase our global exposure. There is a definite possibility of several families visiting our school for a week to 10 days in February. The purpose of this notice is to see if we have any families that might be interested in acting as a Host Family for the visit in February. More importantly, however, I would like to hear from any family that would be interested in learning more about what it would mean to be a Host Family for the 2014-2015 school year. We have the potential for both Middle and High School students. Host families for Middle School students should have a student enrolled in our Middle School and likewise Host families of a High School student should have an enrolled High School student. There is a room and board stipend of $800.00 per month to cover related expenses with hosting a student during the school year. If you would be interested in learning more about the role and responsibilities of a Host Family or, if you would be willing to host a student during the February visit (Parents will take a room in a nearby hotel), please contact me at The Cottage School either by email to or by direct phone at 678-250-5100 or on my cell at 770-313-8456. Please carefully consider this as it would mean a great deal to The Cottage School to have students from other nations as part of our day program. I am also developing relationships with programs in India and Brazil and hope to be able to attract one or two students from those countries as well. For the time being, however, we are focusing on China. I look forward to hearing from you. Joe Digieso

The Middle School Drama Class presents

Monday, December 9, 2013 1:30 pm The Cougar Center

The High School Drama Class presents: Your champion show that made TCS history at the GISA 4A contest!

The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza By Don Zolidis

Date & Time: 6:00 P.M., Monday, December 9th Location: The Cougar Center Bonus: High School audience members will be awarded 3 attendance hours! (That’s an extra exam buyoff!)

MS December Activities DATE



Friday 12/6 Off Campus

8:15 10:00 12:00 12:45 2:40 8:15 10:00 12:00 12:45 2:40

Friday 12/6 On Campus

Friday 12/6

Thursday 12/9




Things to bring

Levels Roller Skating Lunch Roller Skating Homeroom Levels Winter Wonderland Lunch Winter Wonderland Homeroom


All students going off campus must bring a sack lunch unless pre-ordered through the lunch program. There will not be microwaves.




Middle School Drama Presents: “The Wizard of OZ�

Academic Materials *Remember to bring an independent reading book if you complete your work early. 1:30 in the Cougar Center Parents welcome!

Friday 12/13



Club Materials

Friday 12/13



Academic Materials *Remember to bring an independent reading book if you complete your work early.

*Make sure you have all savings checks turned into Lauren before you leave for break!* 12/19



Middle School Teacher Work DayNO SCHOOL All School Teacher Work DayNO SCHOOL Winter HolidayNO SCHOOL

Enjoy the Holidays and See You January 6, 2014.

High School December Date



Friday 12/6



Saturday 12/7

Arrive by 7:40am for 8:00 Start


Monday 12/9

7:00 P.M.


Rain out


Things to bring/US$ Materials for your club ID, Pencil, calculator and registration ticket

Earn additional hours to buy-off your finals Friday 12/13 Academics


8:15 10:00 12:00 12:45 2:40 10:002:40



10:00 12:00 12:45 2:40

Saturday 12/14

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

7:5912:00 12:003:30 8:00

Levels Academics Lunch Academics Homeroom

Soccer and Softball Tournament Homeroom Wreath Making Lunch Holiday Ornaments with Movie Homeroom

Aurora Cineplex Movie and popcorn


For students who owe hours



Friday 12/20

No SchoolTeacher Work Day

Cleats and appropriate sports apparel to change into, AND money for lunch


Saturday School

Early dismissal for Exam days!!!



Academic material to complete work and spare reading materials, if you will be in academics all day!

All textbooks, notebooks, planner, lunch and a change of clothes for P.M. work detail

Pencils, pens, calculator and all other necessary items needed for exams

*Don’t forget 12:00 dismissal for exam days. Make ride arrangements! Enjoy the break: December 20th to January 5th! See you on January 6th.

Pay Level II and III High School Student Spectators! It has long been our tradition that student spectators must have a parent or guardian present to participate as a spectator of an athletic event. This is still the case, but we are trialing a few student spectator opportunities this season which would allow Pay Level II and Pay Level III students the opportunity to stay after school and watch some basketball games without their parent/guardian present. Students will sign in at the game and sit in the student section with a volunteer HS Staff member. Your first opportunity is this Friday. Friday, December 6th Games 3:45 JV Boys 5:00 Varsity Girls 6:30 Varsity Boys **Pick up is 7:30 P.M. Parents please come in to get them so we can see with whom they are leaving campus! If you would like to stay after school and cheer your Cougar classmates on to victories, sign-up on Laura’s door. *Bring money for concessions for snacks and dinner.

*Students: remember this is a trial, so be fabulous. Remember the staff members are spectators too; don’t make them police your behavior!

ATTENTION HS Parents and Students: In an effort to help our teenagers learn the concept of Sick/Personal Leave in the work place, we have a system that tracks their attendance hours as if they were on the job. Each student earns 8 hours (1 day) every 4 weeks and can use or accumulate up to 32 hours (4 days) per semester. If they are absent more than their allotted hours, they make them up. If they save the hours, they can cash them in for days off during examslike we save days for vacation at work. Please check accumulated/negative attendance hours with your student, and verify with their homeroom teacher during weekly calls. Students who have saved hours are eligible to take early exams and buy-off their exam days for an extended break! Students who are eligible to buy off exam days will bring home an Exam Buy-off Form with their positive hours listed and they will need your signature to be able to take advantage of this privilege. If your student has negative hours, it is imperative that they make-up negative hours prior to Saturday School on December 14, 2013. If they fail to do so, they will have to attend Saturday School. Students who owe hours and who do not attend Saturday School will be suspended for the three days following December 14th per our school policy. This means that suspended students will miss all three days of exams and will receive a ‘0’ for those exams. For students who owe hours, they may come in early from 7 to 8 A.M. or stay after school from 3 to 4 P.M. We strongly encourage them to make up their hours daily, so they can avoid Saturday School all together! Thank you,

Attention Senior Families Now is the time! Senior Ads are now for sale! Budget-friendly prices range from $75 to $200 $75 for ¼ page $150 for ½ page $200 for full page First come, first served! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immortalize your senior! Dig up those embarrassingly adorable baby pictures and send them in. Remember to include a personal message that shows them how much you care. Your senior will be honored by your tribute to them on Yearbook Day in May! SUBMISSION GUIDELINES, INSTRUCTIONS AND DETAILS FOLLOW ON THE NEXT TWO PAGES.  All submissions to Ali, no later than January 31st, 2014; payable by cash, check or through The Cottage School website.

Senior Ad Order Form (please return this form with Ad submission) Senior Parents, this is your chance to acknowledge your hardworking senior! Place an advertisement in the yearbook that will be a permanent tribute to your senior as well as a wonderful surprise when they receive their Yearbook this spring.

Ad Cost: 1/4 Page Ad $ 75.00 Half Page Ad $ 150.00 Vertical or Horizontal Full Page Ad $ 200.00

Submission Guidelines: By: e-mail_______ CD_______ Envelope_______ (Materials will be returned to the parent during the second part of the semester) Just submit photo(s) and your message.

Due to a strict yearbook deadline, all senior ads are due no later than January 31st, 2014!!! 1st Choice Ad Size: _______________________________ (Space is limited and is on a first come first serve basis. We will do our best to accommodate your ad size)

Please circle the template you have chosen and return it with this order form to Ali. If you have further questions, please contact Ali by email:

Student Name: Cash Amount: Check # & Amount: Credit Amount:

Âź Page Ad ($75)

Parent Name: Credit Card #: Expiration Date: Security Code: Please Circle One: ½ Page Ad ($150)

Full Page Ad ($200)

Please CIRCLE the template of your choice on the second page!

Please CIRCLE the template of your choice!! Return this with your order form!

Post-Secondary Acceptances and Scholarships Congratulations! Rebecca Custer on her acceptance to Agnes Scott College, Mary Baldwin College, and Brenau University. Ryan Delaney on his acceptance to Young Harris College. James Dorsey on his acceptance to the University of Louisville. Michael Kurland on his acceptance to The Art Institute of Atlanta. Arthur Leach on his acceptance to Beacon College and The Art Institute of Atlanta. Matthew Smith on his acceptance to South Florida State College. Patrick Thompson on his acceptance to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

Senior Scholarships 2013-2014 Rebecca Custer – Agnes Scott College- Honor Scholarship $68,000 Mary Baldwin College- Scholarship Award $66,000 Brenau University - Trustee Scholarship Award $50,000

Ryan Delaney – Young Harris College - Faculty Scholarship $48,000

Wednesday Packet December 4, 2013  
Wednesday Packet December 4, 2013