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Wednesday – January 22, 2014

Important Messages from The Cottage School are attached. Please sign this form indicating their receipt and return to the school with your student tomorrow. Thank You!!

Parent Signature________________________________________

Wednesday Packet January 22, 2014

Important Dates/Information Senior Night – Friday, January 31st Annual Senior Walk Between the Girls and Boys Varsity Games Teacher Work Day – Friday, February 14th – No School Presidents Day Holiday – February 17th – School Closed


January 22, 2014

Jacque’s Note

I am in amazement that this school year is going so quickly. Here we are beyond the half way mark and ready for reenrollment for next school year! The beginning months of second semester are so jam packed with activities that it is difficult to pay attention to all the details. In every school in the nation, staff members are not only attending to the ongoing curriculum, athletic, arts, social and business of the school year, but they are also immersed in the planning for next year. Predictions for next year are being made based on existing patterns. Using that data, the budgets, staffing, facility use and other critical decisions for the 2014-2015 school year are being finalized. Knowing which students and how many students per grade level is a critical piece of our decision making. We have been doing this a long time and have our process in place. But we cannot be effective without your help. Please return your enrollment contract in a timely manner so we can efficiently plan without distracting us from the needs and events at hand! Rising ninth grade families will receive information regarding scheduling an appointment with the high school principal, Laura Finnell. Those appointments will be made by the end of this week. I have many favorite times of the school year but I have to admit that Homecoming is among the top contenders! Not only is it great to see our alumnae and their families again, but it is also great to see our high school students revisit their middle school friends and staff. Although many of our graduates have moved away and settled into careers and families around the world, we also have a healthy stream of graduates who continue to cross our paths. When I bank, shop, plan events, watch TV, call for emergency assistance or contact schools, I run into our graduates. They have populated every possible career arena! But there is nothing as fun as getting a group of young adults together who shared time on this campus, with many of the existing staff, playing sports, creating the yearbook, enjoying pay offs and creating memories that last a lifetime! Last week, high school student, Zak Kitzler, entered his local high school Science Fair. TCS does not sponsor such an event so our students are welcome to find outlets on their own. Not only did Zak wow all of us, but he won in his division and his Environmental Science project is headed for regional competition! The TCS students were truly impressed. Kudos, ZAK! Our students are able to participate in activities and experiences that were denied in their previous settings. Whether it is playing on a team, acting in a play, serving in a leadership role, participation in class with confidence, enjoying lunch with friends, meeting their daily responsibilities with ease and pride, participating in community service opportunities, tutoring elementary students at Mimosa Elementary, or any of the other extraordinary opportunities our students enjoy, these activities are life changing, affirming moments that shape their future. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to share their journeys with them! This Sunday (2:00-4:00 p.m.) TCS is offering a weekend Open House for prospective families and interested professionals. We would love for you to share this event with your neighbors, families, friends and coworkers. We will begin with a presentation of our general program and then guests can tour our classrooms and interact with students and staff. You know how we love to show off our successes!


High School Carpool Please be aware that there will be a shift in carpool for a couple of days very soon. With the demolition of Building A, we will have to shift carpool to a new pine straw ‘circle’ just for a few days. Please keep an out as you drive on campus for AM drop off and PM pick up! Thank you!

The Cottage School Student Referral Program Earn a $1,000 Tuition Credit!

The Cottage School Open House is This Sunday—1/26—2:00pm-4:00pm A great opportunity to refer families to TCS!! Parents are our best ambassadors and over the years have introduced many new families to The Cottage School. As part of our marketing efforts this Spring, we are offering a $1,000 tuition credit for each new student you refer to TCS. This is a great way to reduce your tuition costs while assisting TC S in continuing to attract and enroll new students who may benefit from our programs. Details of the program are as follows: 

$1,000 Tuition Credit for referral of student.

Must be a new student to TCS (never attended in the past).

No cash value.


Referred family must have recorded the referring family’s name on the initial inquire sheet-they may not add the name at a later date.

The referred family must pay at least one half of their contracted tuition prior to credit being issued to the referring family.

The credit will be applied to the referring family’s account and may be used for any school expense, and the credit may be carried forward to subsequent years if unused. There is no residual value to unused credits on a family’s account.

Certain other restrictions may apply.

This program may be modified or terminated by The Cottage School without prior notice.

For additional information, please contact Bob Crenshaw, CFO, in the Business Office or 678.250.5105

The TCS Advancement Angle News you can use to help raise money for The Cottage School Senior Night is Friday January 31st!

Glitter: An Evening with the Arts Saturday, March 22nd TCS Campus Come celebrate the Class of 2014 with our Annual Senior Walk. This time honored TCS tradition will take place between the Girls and Boys Varsity Games. Hope to see you there!

Wanting to volunteer? Advancement needs your help! Numerous volunteer opportunities available! Contact Tracy at for more information

Do you have Falcons or Braves tickets to spare? Seats at the Atlanta Opera or Ballet? A box at Philips Arena? A time-share in South Carolina that you never use? If so, the Glitter Committee is looking for any sports, entertainment tickets or unique experiences for donations to our silent auction. All donated items must have a minimum retail value of $50. Questions? Need a donation form? Contact Lesley at


MANY THINGS TO THINK ABOUT INCLUDING…. Does your student have a diagnosed learning disability? Do you itemize your deductions? Are you listing your tuition as a Medical Expense?

AND HAVE YOU COMPLETED YOUR GEORGIA GOAL FORM FOR 2014? If every Cottage School parent participated in GOAL, we would have sufficient scholarship money to meet the needs of all of our families. Here’s some information that might interest you. There is a small Private Special Needs School in Roswell with 35 students. Last year, that small school raised over $300,000.00. No corporate donations were involved. Just parents reaching out to associates, acquaintances, and other families. If a school of 35 students can raise over $300,000.00, surely a school of 134 can do better than $60,000.00. Please don’t wait. GET A TAX CREDIT OF UP TO $2,500.00. Go paperless and file at,

Why give money to the State of Georgia when you can re-direct those dollars to The Cottage School?


COUGAR TENNIS SEASON BEGINS February 18th Informational meeting will be held during lunch on Monday, January 27, 2014 Middle School will meet in Jennie’s room H105 High School will meet in Ryan’s room G103

Looking forward to a great season! Tennis Coach: Jennie Meredith



For more information contact Cecil at:

MS January Activities DATE



Friday 1/24 Off Campus


Levels Laser Tag Lunch

10:00 12:00 12:45 2:40


TCS$ $160.08

Things to bring All students going off campus must bring a sack lunch unless pre-ordered through lunch program. There will not be

Laser Tag Homeroom


Friday 1/24 On Campus Friday 1/24 Academics

On Campus Activity




Friday 1/31 On Campus



Friday 1/31 Academics


Academic Materials *Remember to bring an independent reading book if you complete your work early.

*Club Materials $165.60

Academic Materials *Remember to bring an independent reading book if you complete your work early.

High School January Pay Offs DATE Friday 1/24 Friday 1/31 Academics






1:10 – 2:40


8:15 10:00 12:00 12:45 2:40

Levels Academics Lunch Academics Homeroom


10:002:00 2:40

The Cooler


10:00 12:00 12:45 2:40

TCS Photo Scavenger Hunt



Things to bring/U.S. $ Club Materials!

Spare Reading materials, if you will be in academics all day!

Money for lunch



Casino Homeroom

HS Ski Trip

February 18th-21st Money and Permission slip are due to Ivan on or before new extended date of January 24th. You will need $186.46 in your TCS Savings Account.

From The Counseling Department: Attention High School Students!! Over the next few months, the Counseling Team will be taking students to visit college campuses. Come get a feel for what college life is all about!

Brenau University

The Golden Tigers

February 11, 2014

Please sign and return the below permission slip by February 3rd to Abby in the loft. --------------------------------------------------------__________________ has permission to attend the upcoming college visit to Brenau University.

____________________________ Parent Signature


Students MUST turn in permission slips by February 3rd in order to attend.

HS Career CafĂŠ Friday January 24, 2014 In the Media Center during Lunch

Mike Petchenik News Personality WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News

North Carolina February 18th– 21st

Tuesday, Feb. 18th

Wednesday, Feb. 19th

7:45am-Drop gear by buses 1:05- Load into buses - Depart 5:30- Stop for dinner ($$) 8:30- Arrive at houses, unload 9:30- Get to bed early for morning skiing

7am Rise, Shower & breakfast ($$) 8am Meet in Parking lot/ Paperwork at Group Sales 12pm Meet for lunch at Lodge ($$) 5pm Back to house to rest Deluxe Pkg: Ski until 9pm 5:30 Dinner ($$) 9pm Back to houses/ bed

Thursday, Feb. 20th 7am Rise, Shower & B’fast ($$) 8:30am Meet at Group Sales 12pm Lodge Lunch ($$) 5pm Back to house to rest Deluxe Pkg: Ski until 9pm 5:30 Dinner ($$) 9pm Back to houses/ bed

Friday, Feb. 21st 5:30am Rise & Pack Busses 6:30am Depart 8am Stop for B’fast ($$) 12pm Stop for Lunch ($$) 2:30 Arrive at school Clean Busses 3:00 Meeting w/ Skiers Dismissal

*Meals tagged with a ($$) are the responsibility of the student!

Students who have never skied or snowboarded before must take a MANDATORY lesson!

Basic (9am-5pm) Package

Deluxe (9am-9pm) Package

Transportation, lodging, ski/snowboard rental and Lift tickets to ski Wednesday and Thursday during the day: Circle one:

Transportation, lodging, ski/snowboard rental and lift tickets to ski Wednesday and Thursday during the day and at night: Circle one:

Ski Snowboard $280.00 $300.00 *damages to individual equipment will be billed to the individual student

Ski Snowboard $300.00 $320.00 *damages to individual equipment will be billed to the individual student

$186.46 TCS $$

Due to Ivan on or before January 17th (Extended to January 24th)– no exceptions & no refunds (unless you don’t have enough TCS $$!)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ (Please detach, sign and return w/check)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ PERMISSION SLIP:

I give my permission for ________________________(student) to attend the Cottage School Savings Account trip to Beech Mountain, N.C. from February 18th21st. I understand students will be transported in school vehicles. My check for the____________ package is made out to The Cottage School in the amount of $______________. My student (circle one) HAS/HAS NOT skied/ HAS/HAS NOT snowboarded before. ________________________________________________________________

Signature of parent or legal guardian for above mentioned student

*Please note that the package pricing does not include food money ($$) and any extra spending money students may want for ice skating, tubing and/or shopping.

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