The Corporate Escapists Magazine Issue 001

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Lauren Clemett & Annette Densham

Annette specialises in storytelling and publicity, Lauren is an expert in Neurobranding and personal branding.

Annette unfortunately didn’t have the choice as her last corporate role was made redundant. After a very short time feeling sorry for herself, it didn’t take her long to pull herself up by her bootstraps, she started her own consultancy, Publicity Genie. She wanted to do something that blended her time as a print journalist and corporate communications career to help small businesses get their slice of the media pie.

We help business owners and entrepreneurs who are sick of being the world's best-kept secret, to promote yourself professionally, boldly standing out from the competition, charging what you are worth and being the sought-after leader in your space.

We orbited each other, often referring clients between us, and when the opportunity arose to work together to create more awareness around the value of entering, winning and leveraging awards, it was a no-brainer to combine forces.

International award-winning entrepreneurs, Annette Densham & Lauren Clemett have over 50 years combined experience in brand management and journalism, working with leading agencies and media brands.

JUNE 2020

What was your motivation for starting your business? Lauren was working at AXA as brand manager on a maternity leave contract and they offered her the opportunity to stay. However it was always her goal to run her own agency. So after contracting to so many advertising agencies and AXA, the opportunity to be independent and create an agency from scratch was enough for her to turn down the offer and get started.

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