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The CORE Training, Inc. Mortgage Coaching “Creating Millionaires Since 2001”

Our Coaches

(800) 660-6670

Our Coaches

(800) 660-6670

Coaching Levels Level 1 – CD Coaching Includes two CD/Podcasts per month, open line coaching calls, and limited online concierge documents access

Level 2 – The Summit Twice annually The CORE Training students, coaches and top Realtors and Lenders in the industry gather together in fabulous locations to get serious and work on their businesses.

Level 3 – Personal Coaching Guaranteed results for only the most serious - this is One-on-One Accountability. You must do $8 million in Real Estate Business or $150,000 net income in lending and have attended a CORE Training Summit to apply. The cost is $2,250.00 per month. (Level 1 & 2 are automatically included)

Level 4 – Five Years Into Coaching We believe that we can help you reach your goals in a two year time period. However, if you want to build a profitable company and retire with several million in cash assets, then you may wish to stay with us for 5-7 years.

Level 5 – CORE Coach After you have completed our coaching program and exceeded your goals, there may be an opportunity for you to give back and help your peers achieve their goals by becoming a CORE coach.

Level 6 – Non- Producing Owner After spending several years with The CORE Training you may eventually reach the level where you become a non-producing owner of your company.

(800) 660-6670

Level 1 Coaching Only $99 per month

CD/Podcast •Two awesome CD's/Podcasts per month (and access to our ever growing library of past topics such as Time Management, Listings, Closing, Referral Accounts, Building a Team, Lead Generation and so much more).

Open Line Coaching

Concierge Services

•This call helps you strengthen your business. Each of the CORE’s coaches hosts the call on a monthly rotating basis. The topic of the call is always related to what the coach does best (i.e. sales, finance, doctor/nurse) with a question and answer session at the end of call. The schedule, pass code, and topic will be emailed to you twice before the call.

•Your subscription will include limited access to our concierge services (one on one coaching members get full access) via our online podcast website. You will have access to download various materials (seminars, scripts, budgeting, hiring staff, etc.) you need to help you run a smooth business.

Topics •Building a Great Team •Generating 50 Leads Per Month for Realtors •Creating Raving Fans •Closing •Prospecting •The Perfect Real Estate Model •Your Database •Exploding Your Results •Follow Up •Being a Great Realtor •Much, much more!

To Learn More or Start Your Coaching: Visit: Call: 800-660-6670 x 206 or 207

(800) 660-6670

Testimonials "I got involved in The CORE four years ago. With their help, I simultaneously improved upon my home life, and my success as a husband and young father. In the two years that I have been coached, The CORE helped me to save over $500,000, earn a combined $1.7 million, cut my work week back to five days at less than fifty hours, and helped me grow as an individual both personally and professionally. Thank you CORE coaches and staff for the fantastic journey! “

Josh Sigman

“I have been a CORE Level 3 coaching member for the last 3 ½ years. After 15 years of being accidentally successful in the mortgage business, I needed the accountability and systems to make me successful on purpose. The CORE hastaken me from an order taking refinance person, to a systematic, driven business leader. Thanks to The CORE, my business opportunities are now endless.”

Lisa Wells

Greg Gale

"What brought me to the CORE Training's SUMMIT event was the systems and tactics that I had first heard about on their Level 1 CD Program. The SUMMIT was amazing and I gained so many take- always that I was able to increase my income from $220k to $389k in one year of Level 1 coaching. The next step for me was to join the CORE Level 3 Coaching so that I could have an expert in the lending industry keep up the momentum and coach me directly with my specific needs. I attribute a large portion of my success to not only the systems and tactics, but their Accountability of helping me follow through. I highly recommend any Mortgage or Real Estate Professional to consider the CORE Training. And if qualified, I highly recommend that you go to the Level 2 Coaching SUMMIT. Hope to see you there!!!"

"If you have not been to a Level 2 Summit, you MUST do yourself a favor and attend. If you are serious about your business and living a life by design, the Summit will not disappoint. Be prepared to walk away knowing that the once impossible is possible in your business and life. No fluff; just results. Since I’ve been a member of the CORE, they have helped me make big money, save big money, pay off over $60,000 in debt, all while improving my relationship with my wife and kids. Did I mention that I work less as well? I can only imagine what the rest of my career will look like with the CORE in my life".

Greg Gale

(800) 660-6670

Our Results Cash Net Worth



$ 559,000

CNW Now (avg)

Income Now (avg)

$ 335,000


Income Goal (avg)

CNW Goal (avg)

$336,000 $221,166 Starting CNW July 2010 (avg)

Starting Income July 2010 (avg)

Average student’s income went up 252% in 2 years Average student’s cash net worth went up 178% in 2 years

(800) 660-6670

Learn More Visit our site to: •Listen to free audio training from our Level 1 coaching •Get a free business evaluation •Learn more about The CORE Training •Hear more from our clients •Learn about upcoming events Or call (800) 660-6670 x 206 or 207 to speak to a representative

(800) 660-6670

CORE Mortgage Coaching  
CORE Mortgage Coaching  

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