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drawn to the artisans whose works weren’t always the right fit for a fine arts gallery. When he found himself at a crossroads, he began imagining how to showcase the work of these artisans.

While David may not have been able to draw the perfect eye, he has definitely developed the perfect eye for talent and presentation. No other art gallery in Middle Tennessee offers Fox’s combination of American-made artisan products in such an inviting, warm, and historically rich setting. The Copper Fox is located at 4136 Old Hillsboro Road.

photo: lisa fox

“My vision was to create a place where people would be genuinely surprised and delighted by the visually stunning and diverse offerings of handmade goods and original pieces—pottery, jewelry, handmade furniture, walking sticks, handmade boxes, abstract ceramics, and functional to non-functional pieces. I also wanted to make each piece a part of the total environment. I envisioned a spacious and uncluttered place where people would have plenty of room to move, appreciate, and experience each earthen treasure,” Fox explains.

October 2O12 | 35

Nashville Arts 2012 The Copper Fox  

Nashville Arts Magazine features the Copper Fox Gallery (Leiper's Fork, TN) in this October 2012 article by Rebecca Pierce.