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Our BBQ Classes are for anyone that wants to get the most out the BBQ. Now is a great time to get some professional tips on the classics and learn some new recipes. We offer three self-contained classes that can be taken individually or as a whole series in any order: ON THE MENU Lesson 1 - BBQ Meat Asian Spiced Beef Kebabs with Chilli, Lime Dressing BBQ Pork And Hokkien Noodle Stir-Fry Grilled Scotch Fillet on a Salad of Baby Spinach, Olives, Green Beans and Cherry Tomatoes Lesson 2 – BBQ Seafood BBQ King Prawns with Chilli, Lemon and Herb Pesto BBQ Swordfish with Grilled Red Capsicum and Alioli Whole Roasted Snapper with Lemon Pepper Crust and Ratatouille Lesson 3 - BBQ Vegetables, Skewers and Desserts BBQ Lamb and Rosemary Skewers (Red Wine and Garlic Marinade) Salmon Skewers with Lime and Chilli (Lime and Chilli Dipping Sauce) Chicken and Onion Skewers (Satay Sauce) Ricotta Hotcakes with Grilled Fruit Skewers and Maple Syrup The classes include all ingredients and salads and are both demonstration and hands on. Each part of the lesson combines to create a great meal that is shared together. In our classes we assume no knowledge, but have found that the more a student knows about BBQ cooking, the more they learn from our experienced chef presenters. For more details or to enrol, please go to our website ( and click on the What's New? section on the homepage, or call us on (02) 9326 6530

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He Comments Welcome once again to He Cooks Magazine. This is our special issue for Summer which I have been eagerly awaiting all year. Summer for me is all about getting out there and having some fun, then getting right back in the kitchen cooking up feasts for friends and family, all accompanied by some great wines and fresh cold beers. Ben Dalton Director and Founder of He Cooks Cooking School for Men.

So that’s what this issue is all about. Andrew McKinnon takes us through some craft beers that are well worth a squiz over Summer, and I have written a short article that will make you the dazzling doyen of dosage and all things to do with Champagne this festive season. There is a great insight into what makes Furi one of Australia’s international culinary success stories of the year, as well as a list of five must have gadgets that will get you better results and/or make great gifts!

Veronica Dalton Daughter of the Director and Founder of He Cooks Cooking School for Men.

Uberchef and Sydney’s most edible bachelor Kai Ellmann shares some secrets for Sexy Summertime Food that will come in handy as you wind down and it all heats up! Thanks to all the contributors mentioned above, and to Andrew McKinnon from Bite Communications for putting this amazing issue together! So relax, put your feet up and enjoy the breeze as you peruse the latest from He Cooks. Once again we have some great deals in our voucher section in the middle of the magazine, worth over $900!

Get cooking! Ben Dalton Founder, He Cooks

Brendan Gallagher has a recipe for financial health that is well worth considering as you reach for another Monteith’s Summer Ale while you laze in the hammock. Fashion guru Craig Longhurst gives some great practical fashion tips that will ensure the confident aura of a man who is culinary confident extends beyond the kitchen.








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He Cooks Update WOW WHAT A YEAR! This year we opened another campus in Gordon on Sydney's North Shore which has been a great success, and we are very excited to announce that in 2006 we will be conducting classes at the best teaching kitchen in Victoria – the William Angliss College in Melbourne’s CBD as well! He Cooks class dates for all three locations are at the back of this issue. He Cooks has had over 1200 students since it first opened in February 2003, and we plan to double that number in 2006! We have had more corporate team building clients this year, with classes for Lend Lease and Vintage Cellars, and the Ravenswood Dad’s Private Course gathered a group of blokes together who helped raise over $3,000 for charity – and put on a great feed! The feedback from the students has consistently told us that the guys find the course relaxing and it’s a great boost to their confidence. This is exactly and all that that I was hoping for when I founded and designed He Cooks, as I am convinced that once a person has confidence, there is no limit to what they can achieve over time. Many men just need a little encouragement to try something that they are not confident about. A lot of guys need to try a hands on class to see just how fun and rewarding cooking can be. That’s why we try to make He Cooks as approachable as possible, and as hands on as possible – so the guys can replicate the meals at home, and start to explore the world of cooking. One thing that has surprised me is that everyone gets so much out of the He Cooks lessons. We have found that the guys that can already cook pick up new tips and practice professional techniques. They get plenty of time to ask questions, and the chefs are on hand to guide them as they prepare the meal so they can go as deep as they like.

earth and really enjoy sharing their vast knowledge and expertise with us amateurs He Cooks is all about getting men into the kitchen and having a go. Cooking and sharing a good meal is one of life’s great rewards that can be enjoyed every day, especially when paired up with a great wine or a fresh premium beer. This has certainly been the case for me, as Maria and I had more people over for tea this year then in the last three combined. My home cooking is getting a little better every time, and it really does come down to using the best ingredients you can, and taking a bit of time to get prepared, as this saves a lot of hassle later on when the guest arrive demanding to be fed. Sharing and expressing yourself through cooking is great, but I have also found that it has health and financial benefits. My cholesterol has halved this year as we have eaten less take away and restaurant meals, and our bank balance is looking better for it as well.

However, the guys who would burn water aren’t left behind, as we all start right at the beginning with knife basics, and then build up from there.

All this home cooking may have something to do with the arrival of our first baby Veronica, who is by far the most delicious dish I’ve seen this year!

This equality is due to the fact that we have some very good chefs, but they are also very down to

Ben Dalton



Summer Beer is Here! Summer is here at last. What more can a man do but soak up the sun, enjoy the festive season and partake of some of the fantastic range of seasonal and lighter beer styles available. We are really spoiled for choice these days with the explosion of boutique and microbreweries. Accordingly, the larger commercial brewers are waking up and catering to the diverse tastes of a demanding and educated clientele. We will look at four fantastic summer tipples which cover a diverse range of styles within the seasonal and lighter style gamut. All the beers tasted are perfect to pair up with summer nibblies and we will give you some food matchup suggestions which might help you whip up the perfect summer dinner party.

PIKES OAKBANK BEER This locally made gem is a rare find in a standard fridge at your neighbourhood bottlo. It is worth seeking out because it is one of those rare Australian lagers that doesn‘t scrimp on taste. Pikes isn’t overly carbonated and so doesn’t give you a soda water mouthfeel with a limp aftertaste rather (like some of the more commercial lagers) the malt has identifiably apple notes with a snappy hops zing at the end, making it incredibly refreshing. Do yourself a favour, seek it out! Pikes is a moderate 4.9% ABV. Food match: Having a fish on the bottle makes it a no brainer for me, try it with crispy fish and chips by the beach.

COOPERS SPARKLING ALE MONTEITHS SUMMER ALE This a corker of a seasonal production from our pals over the Tasman. It is incredibly refreshing and reminds me of a sophisticated ginger beer without the cloying sweetness. Monteiths add Rata honey and spices to the mix which certainly give it a welcome complexity considering they suggest serving Summer Ale ice-cold. Adding to the depth on the palate are four separate malts which are combined with a single hop variety to give a clean crisp finish. It is a lager style beer with 5% ABV. Food match: Goes with any curry, especially Thai green curry seafood.

HOEGAARDEN ORIGINAL WHITE ALE Old but original, this classic wheat beer is incredibly refreshing on a hot summer’s day. A classic Belgian Bière Blanche with a pale colour brewed in timehonoured fashion, Hoegaarden undergoes a secondary bottle fermentation giving it a cloudy appearance. The white ale also contains added spices including citrus peel and coriander giving it depth and complexity even if chilled to the local tastes. What gives Hoegaarden its refreshing aspect is a big tartness up front, due to the special yeast used in the fermentation process. The white ale is 4.9% ABV.

The red label is a true Australian classic ale. Coopers claim its been brewed the same way since 1862. This is very approachable beer displaying a balanced palate. The balance comes from the peachy malt flavour combining with the breadlike notes of the yeasts retained in the bottle from the secondary fermentation. Rounded out by nice spicy hop finish its a great summer quencher. The slightly higher alcohol content means sparkling ale should be treated with some respect on hot day. By the same token the alcohol imparts a dryness which enhances the refreshing qualities of this ‘hazy’ ale. Don’t be tempted to decant as you pour or you’ll miss out on the complete package. 5.8% ABV.

Andrew McKinnon is a committed beer aficionado and has a passion for fine boutique crafted brew. He has written for number of publications and is a great supporter of the brewers’ craft. Andrew has travelled the world in his search for the perfect beer. Although he still searches, he advocates the importance of the journey as opposed to the destination.

Food match: Go for BBQ prawns with a crispy salad. Don’t forget nothing kills the head on a beer like oily lips!

Food match: Makes a wicked vinaigrette which pairs up beautifully with smoked salmon. Drink with a Hoegaarden nicely chilled.




Champagne Summer

CELEBRATE IN STYLE This guide has been compiled to make you look good when the conversation comes to Champagne. Below you will find a glossary of terms that if used correctly under the supervision of an adult will allow you to amaze your partner and astound your friends.

Champagne can only be used when referring to wines that are made under strict laws in the Champagne region in France. All other wines (including Australia) are referred to as Sparkling Wines. The exception to this is Cava, which is what the Spanish call their sparkling wines. Tirage is the adding of precise amounts of sugar, reserve wines and yeast to induce the secondary fermentation that sets Champagne apart. Once the secondary fermentation has been completed, a process called remuage begins. Remuage is the fractional turning of the bottles and aging of the wine on dead yeast cells called lees. This gives the wine a bready, yeasty character. In top quality wines this can be described as freshly broken bread, in lesser quality wines it’s more like Vegemite.

Vintage refers to the year that the grapes were picked and crushed. If the harvest was particularly good, the very best fruit is separated and made into Vintage Champagne. The year will be on the label, and the higher price reflects the higher quality fruit selected to make it. A Non-Vintage (N.V) Champagne is one that is a blend of various years, or a year where the grapes were not quite up to the high standard required for a single vintage wine. Ok, now you are armed and dangerous with the basics of why Champagne is so special. To see the methode champenoise in action visit Domaine Chandon ( in the Yarra Valley Victoria (about 1hr from Melbourne CBD). They have guided tours at 11am, 1pm and 3pm daily (except Christmas Day). In the meantime, here is a selection of Champagnes that I think represent great value across a range of styles: Lanson Black Label NV: ($60) Crisp, dry, a great start to any occasion Bollinger NV: ($85) undoubtably the best of the non-vintage champagnes, it’s poise and balance in a glass!

While the bottles are aging in the caves, they are riddled. Riddling is the elevation of the bottles from a horizontal position to the vertical in special racks. This allows the lees (which have the texture and consistency of talcum powder) to gradually collect in the neck of the bottle. By the way, you do not have to riddle or turn table wines in your cellar – this is an wine urban myth.

Charles Heidseick Vintage: ($79) A softer, breadier, broader style (though definitely not fat) that is great with food, or by itself.

After the wines have aged, they are ready to be transferred to the final bottle and prepared for release. Dosage is when the necks of the bottles are frozen in brine, which forms a plug capturing the lees. The bottle is then inverted and the top taken off, shooting the plug out. The bottle is then topped up with a liqueur, which gives the wine complexity, and a little sweetness.


Louis Roederer Cristal Vintage: ($240) this is a very special wine that you will never forget the first or last time you tried. Worth every cent! The NonVintage is exceptional as well at around $69

Ben Dalton

Wines made in this way will have methode champenoise on the label, which reflects the higher quality of the wine due to the extra time and expense taken to employ this wine-making method.



Focus on Füri AN AUSTRALIAN CULINARY SUCCESS STORY Australia’s Füritechnics are the engineers and chefs who built an enviable reputation among the top chefs of the world, not for making ‘outback’ knives the size of swords, but for their innovative chefs knives. The ‘superstars’ include the one-piece East/West knives, Diamond Fingers and Tech Edge knife sharpeners, and Clean Cut cutting board system. After launching Füri knives and accessories in 1998, their reputation grew rapidly among the chefs of Australia, and then strong interest from home cooks made Füri the leading brand at most kitchenware and department stores here. Now Füri is quickly taking sales from traditional knives and sharpeners in the USA, UK, and many European countries. A key to the success of Füri knives in the early days was that they were so different: they were allstainless steel before it was fashionable, and the shiny handle shape actually worked better than others because of its unique ‘reverse-wedge’ handle shape. The engineer behind Füri knives and company founder, Mark Henry, says, “When I started to research knives at university in the early ‘90s, it amazed me that they had been basically made the same way since the first sword makers started making ‘cooks’ knives in the 13th century. After 800 years, the handle shapes were still the same and construction methods hadn’t changed much. It seemed to me that some changes were needed, particularly to make knives more durable and hygienic, the handles less fatiguing for chefs, and the blades easier to sharpen. The chefs were still putting up with the same old problems with their knives!” The unique Füri East/West blades were also a ‘hit’ as soon as they were released, because these are the only blades to combine an Eastern fine chopper with a Western cook’s knife: the best of the East and the West! Füritechnics also revolutionized knife sharpening with the Diamond Fingers sharpener. This patented invention very cleverly eliminated human error (and lots of time and frustration) from the sharpening


process by perfectly setting the edge angles with specially curved diamond-coated fingers. The new Tech Edge sharpening system expands the original Diamond Fingers into a three stage process that takes a knife from completely blunt (the first stage tool quickly reshapes worn edges), to coarse honing (Diamond Fingers) to fine honing (a smooth version of the fingers honing concept), all with no skill required! These sharpeners have been particularly big sellers in the USA at ‘flagship’ stores retailers such as Macy’s, Sur La Table, and now One of the most practical Furitechnics developments was the Clean Cut cutting board system. There are likely to be up to 5 million cases of food poisoning in Australia each year. In Australia, the notification rate and case rates for foodborne diseases such as salmonellosis and campylobacteriosis have been increasing since the 1980s.1 If used properly, this colour-coded system ensures that the possibility cross-contamination (passing of bugs such as salmonella from raw food to cooked) is significantly reduced. The base is solid, the boards are flexible and easy to keep clean, and due to its modular design, it saves on space. Furitechnics is an example of a company that insists that great Australian ideas are not shackled by tradition, but add to it with practical innovation, the hallmark of a clever country! 1. Australian Food and Grocery Council Website:

THE FÜRI TECH EDGE PRO SHARPENING SYSTEM Perfect Edges: Quickly. Easily. Professionally. The Füri Tech Edge Pro Sharpening System was developed by the engineers and chefs at Füritechnics Australia after years of research into cutting edges. The Tech Edge system is a big leap forward in knife sharpening technology, and is much faster, easier and more accurate than the traditional sharpening and honing tools it replaces, and far more professional than gadgets. Its fast, easy, accurate and great value!


Product Code: FU001 RRP: $139.95


THE FÜRI PRO MAX SET The Füri Pro MaxSet is the ideal introduction to a world of real professional knives. Füri Pro knives were developed by engineers and chefs to perform for real working chefs. Based on years of research and practical experience, Füri Pro Knives are designed to perform like no other. Home gourmet cooks have increasingly demanded the same Füri Pro knives as chefs, so we put six of our most popular knives and our carving fork into the hygienic Füri Clean Store 2 knife block, to create the MaxSet. We also added our revolutionary Tech Hone sharpener, and left space for adding other Füri Pro knives of your choice. Product Code: FU003 RRP: $349.95

HE COOKS SPECIAL: $299.00 – SAVE $50!

WHY THE CLEAN CUT HYGIENIC CUTTING BOARD SYSTEM IS SO IMPORTANT Poor hygiene and food handling practices are a prime cause of food related illnesses .Cross-contamination is a serious food handling issue, including cutting inappropriate foods on the same cutting board. These risks are easily reduced by properly using the Clean Cut hygienic board system



reasons aso why FÜRI® ason X knives kni kn FX are com om recommended by top p chefs ch Designed in Australia by engineers and chefs, the Füri® FX knife range solves the common problems found with most traditional knives. Füri® FX knives are revolutionary because only Füri® combines the following superior advantages. GRIP Wedge shape handle resist slip towards the blade even with wet or oily hands, making the Füri® FX a very safe and secure knife to use. DURABILITY No rivets or handle pieces to fall apart or melt due to its one piece seamless construction, and a lifetime warranty for manufacturing or material defects. HYGIENE One-piece seamless stainless steel alloy construction means no handle gaps or seams for food or germs to hide. Füri® FX is very easy to keep clean and hygienic. COMFORT Unique ergonomic handle shape fits the hand naturally. Chefs with arthritis helped design the mostcomfortable and usable handle ever. SHARPENING EASE Made from the finest German CrMoV alloy for supreme edge retention and corrosion resistance, so it requires less sharpening. Every Füri® FX knife comes standard with an extreme-sharp edge created by the Füri® Tech Edge Sharpening System.

When the cutting mats become extensively worn and scored from use as to make cleaning difficult they should be replaced. Replacements sets are available for $49.95 (pack of 6) Clean Cut Product Code FU002 Price: $89.95 Replacement Mat Product Code: FU004 Price: $49.95 See the center of this issue for great deals on all of these products!





but when you’re baking, near enough just won’t cut it – you must measure exactly what the recipe says to avoid disaster!

Ask any plumber, sparky or pole dancer If you want to get a professional result, it helps if you’re using the right equipment. Here’s a list of five tools that are worth every cent in saved time and extra kudos when the plates hit the table!

Get a jug like the one we sell that has imperial and metric, as well as by the fractions of a cup. (NB American measurements - such as a cup - are different to Australian!) I use the cups for dry goods, and the jug for fluids.

1. BRAUN MULTIQUICK – an absolute must. We still have a huge food processor sitting in the cupboard from our wedding day. This item may be small, but its got plenty of power and versatility! Great for making anything from mayo to smoothies. Its replaces the blender and is a great ‘stick blender’ for lightening up the texture of your sauces in Summer! You can get these at Bing Lee and Target from about $150. See photo left. 2. ZESTER – this is where the flavour is that really makes your dishes stand out. At He Cooks, we use this in Lesson 1 for the Orange Vinaigrette, and the intense flavour of the zest in the Lemon Sorbet in Lesson 4 is just amazing! We also use the zester in Lesson 6 for the limes with the Tasmanian Scallops – YUM!

Measuring Cup Set – Item Code 602 065 – $5.90 Measuring Jug – Item Code 602041 - $9.90 6. COLOUR CODED CUTTING BOARDS – I just had to squeeze this in as it is a great system at a great price. In commercial kitchen they have six different full-sized colour coded boards in order to avoid cross contamination. The unique Furi professional system does the same for you at home, and is sturdy, compact, practical and easy to clean.

Furi Clean Cut Cutting Board System – Item Code FU002 - $99 See voucher in centre of this issue for great package on all of these items, plus a free bread knife and bonus replacement set of mats!

Zester – Item Code 602089 - $14.95 3. CORER – when the guys see this in action in the Atlantic salmon recipe in Lesson One, they know they’ve come to a cooking school for men, not meringues!

Cuisipro Microplane

Corer – Item Code 601955 – 12.50 4. MICROPLANE – here’s your proof of intelligent design. What an amazing tool! Suddenly grating your own fresh nutmeg is a breeze in the Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi in Lesson Three, not to mention all the freshly grated Parmesan you’ll need! This is a must have!

Microplane – Item Code HE0055 – $39.95 5. MEASURING CUPS AND JUG – just makes it so much easier to repeat that amazing dish you did last week, or last year. By taking an extra second to measure the ingredients, you be a culinary genius, rather than a ‘grab a handful and hope’ cook. Being creative is great, and we do encourage men to cook with whatever’s in the cupboard and fridge,



Financial Health Check GETTING ON TOP OF PERSONAL FINANCES SEEMS TO BE A GOAL THAT ELUDES MANY. Wouldn’t it feel good to start the new year with that part of your life under control? That way you can focus on other more important things. Even if you are organised, your finances need regular maintenance and review: • Is your money sitting in the bank? • Do you have an investment plan? • Do you have a plan for your bonuses or spare cashflow? • Will your super investments be enough when you need them? If not, why not? • Are your loans structured in the best way possible? Are they tax effective, cost efficient, flexible? • What about margin loans, a line of credit, negative gearing? • Have you got too many credit cards and are they the right ones? • Are you insured against a serious accident or illness?

EXCESS CASH Do you have enough cash in a savings account that can be used for emergencies? Do you have excess income that dwindles away because it is in your bank account, where it is easily accessible and easily spent? Consider a disciplined savings plan that will invest your excess savings before you get a chance to spend them on discretionary expenses. Take advantage of the power of compounding with just a small deposit and regular amounts added each month. Superannuation and Savings for Retirement Next to purchasing a house, super is the biggest asset most Australians deal with in their lives. A small change in the longer term performance of a fund has dramatic consequences for the balance down the track. Compulsory super is usually not enough to fund your required retirement savings so consider making additional contributions to your super fund. Super is a good long-term, tax effective savings vehicle.

LOANS REVIEW You should separate loans for investment and personal purposes. Interest only loans are suitable for income generating investments. Principal and interest loans are suitable for your residence. Be sure to direct your repayments first to the least tax effective loan. You may wish to start a line of credit for investment purposes. What about interest rate movements? Do you have any protection in place? You may wish to split between fixed and variable.

CREDIT CARDS AND OTHER DEBTS If your credit card(s) are continually reaching their limit, examine where you’re spending your income and then set a realistic budget. If you have several sources of debt then consider consolidating them into one loan to make them easier to manage and reduce interest costs.

INSURANCE – PROTECTION FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY Accidents and illness can strike at any time, and people can find themselves insufficiently protected. Consider how the family would cope with mortgage repayments and other living costs on just one income, or no regular income. If you’re single, you still need to insure your income.

Brendan Gallagher is a principal of Financial Keys – financial advisers. Financial Keys provides advice on over $120 million of clients investments. Brendan has broad financial planning experience and advises clients from Australia and abroad. Brendan specialises in personal financial planning and corporate superannuation.

Also, make sure your home and contents are fully insured.

YOUR WILL Many Australians don’t have an up-to-date will and consequently their assets may not be distributed according to their wishes. Making a will can be simple and not expensive.

START TODAY For some more tips on financial health and investment strategies visit . Alternatively contact us for a “Financial Check Up”. Brendan Gallagher (02) 92 333 888 or




Craig Longhurst Craig has studied architecture and design at RMIT. He also studied sales & marketing, working with international furniture companies such as Herman Miller, Vitra and Wilkhahn in Australia and Asia Pacific. His eye for fashion naturally progressed into consulting to executives, assisting them to develop their wardrobe and personal style. Craig continues to consult to global and local companies and their executives.

For me, style is not fashion. Style is something you develop, like cooking. It is something that is particular to you. I know for a lot of men it all seems very daunting and somewhat frivolous but believe me it’s not. I lucked out with my parents, both being very stylish and instilling in me from birth the joy and pleasure of having one’s own style and all that goes with it. For men, it is really a lot easier than it is for women. Think about it, since the end of the Second World War men’s fashion has not changed a lot. The ties get fatter, or thinner. The lapels on the jackets get wider or the pants get slimmer. The shoes get a little pointier, then broaden again. Now compare that to women’s fashion over the same period and believe me, we have it simple. If you want to develop your own style of dressing there a few basic rules that you should follow. It’s a bit like learning to cook - you have to have some essential pieces of equipment and then, depending on what style of cooking appeals to you, you then purchase more equipment and ingredients to enhance your skills. Setting up your wardrobe is much the same. Regardless of what you do for a living you will need at least one suit and one pair of shoes. My advice for these items are: Never buy a cheap suit. Wait for the sales and buy a well-cut suit by a good manufacturer or tailor. Best colours to buy for your first or only suit are black or navy blue. A good black or navy suit can even be dressed up for formal occasions with a white shirt with French cuffs, simple silver or gold cufflinks and a plain pearl grey tie. It will look a hell of a lot better than some ill-fitting $69.95 rental dinner suit. I have a blue Prada suit I bought 10 years ago on sale in Singapore. It’s now due for retirement. However, it has been my ‘don’t f… with me’ suit and it has landed me jobs, dates and loads of compliments. Remember, first impressions count for 60% of what people think of you!


A good black or navy suit jacket can also be worn with a pair of dark denim jeans, plain, check or striped shirt with an open neck or tie. If you do wear a suit every day, or frequently, other colours that are good to have are grey, chocolate and beige. These can be plain or subtle pinstripes. And again, you can wear these with good fitted jeans, a pair of flat-fronted chinos or casual pants. Don’t be afraid to wear the suit. People will remember, (or want to know) a well dressed and groomed man. Same advice with the shoes, guys. If you only have one pair of good shoes it’s better than two or more pairs of mediocre or cheap shoes. People notice shoes and make their judgements of you. So, keep them polished and put those blocks in them, they’ll last longer and keep their shape. If you have your black or navy suit it’s best to just buy a very plain pair of lace up black shoes. Brogues a good but they limit you. They’re not good with jeans or dinner suits. Other good shoes to get are brown brogue lace-up or loafer, it’s a good look with a blue suit. Black Chelsea boot is great with a suit or jeans and never goes out of fashion. A pair of tan leather or suede penny loafers, or even oxbloods, are a classic shoe to wear with jeans or casual pants. No socks in Summer is a cool look, or coloured socks to match your shirt is pretty stylish. They all beat a dirty old trainer. As my Father always told me, “Dress like you’re a millionaire and the world will treat you like one.”

 " /  

"  *



Sexy Summertime Food It’s all set. You bought flowers, chosen the music and lit the candles. Your lover enters the room, a little kiss, things are looking good and serve your dinner...what you serve will determine the mood for the rest of the not leave anything to chance.

Kai Ellmann A creative food stylist, European trained chef and industry professional with 20 years of experience throughout Germany, the UK and Australia, Kai has gained extensive knowledge in world class establishments such as “The Ritz” in London.

Here are a few hints on how you can score some major goals when entertaining your first date, lover or someone really special. Food can be very sexy and seductive and it is believed that some foods are aphrodisiacs because of their shape, smell or appearance such as asparagus, bananas, eels, oysters, figs and ginseng. Having said that, you need to choose your menu very carefully as there are some foods that can be a real turn off. Avoid messy or heavy foods such as spaghetti bolognese or smelly foods like strong cheeses. Find out what your lover’s likes and dislikes are, they may be Vegetarian or have certain beliefs that prohibit them from eating some foods. I once dated a Japanese girl and she hated sashimi, so make sure you don’t assume anything. Keep it very clean, simple, relaxed and be prepared. Keep an eye on detail - it is the little things that make a difference and believe me they will be noticed. If you really want to give your lover the message that you are caring and interested in spending quality time together, invite them to prepare a meal or one of the courses with you. Choose foods you both like that you can eat by hand and feed each other across the table. Hot foods such as ginger and chilli are thought to be effective because they make you hot and sweaty, with the flushed appearance of sexual excitement. And any sweet or spicy taste puts you in a relaxed, pampered state of mind, ready for further indulgence. Just don’t over do it! A dozen oysters or quail’s eggs with Champagne, followed by asparagus and a platter of exotic fruit or chocolate dipped strawberries, can leave lovers feeling cherished and in the mood to carry on spoiling each other.


Some substances obviously have an immediate effect on our moods. A small amount of alcohol relaxes you emotionally and physically. Once again remember not to over do it. Choose your drink carefully, match it to the food and on a first date stick to the safe rule of white wine with fish and white meats or anything with a bit of spice. Red wines with red meats or for something different especially on a hot summer’s night try a good chilled rose such as the Devil’s Lair Rosé 2005. To finish off the dinner a good dessert wine such as the Penfolds Reserve Botrytis Riesling will work well with soft cheeses, or a chilled Sparkling Shiraz like the Seppelt Original is heaven with dark chocolate. Most important …remember not to ask your guest to do the washing or cleaning up otherwise all your hard work will go straight out of the door and so will she.

Atlantic Salmon with Capers, Avocado Salad and Warm Orange Vinaigrette - He Cooks Lesson 1.




2 medium zucchini 1 small brown onion 1 /4 bunch continental (also known as Italian) parsley 4 eggs 6 slices pancetta 20 ml olive oil 1 med tomato 25g picked basil leaves 4 shavings Parmesan cheese (Grana or Reggiano) 5ml balsamic vinegar 15ml extra virgin olive oil salt & pepper

6 1 /2 fresh 1 2 10ml salt

scallops in half shell chilli (medium size) lime (zest & juice) sprigs coriander good olive oil

Equipment Mortar and pestle, zester, mixing bowl and a spoon. Method 1. In this order, place chilli, coriander, salt, lime zest and juice in a pestle and mortar 2. Crush into a rough pulp, add olive oil. 3. Spoon mixture onto the scallops.


Equipment Peeler, frypan, loose base quiche or flan dish, or porcelain baker, whisk, cheese shaver if Parmesan isn’t already shaved (your four sided grater should have this function) and a chopping board.

4. Place scallops under the grill for a minute then serve on a plate.


Serves 2

1. Preheat oven at 160oC (moderate heat). 2. Dice onion and chop parsley.

Chef’s Tips

3. Thinly slice the zucchini.

Generally, the smaller the chilli, the hotter it is. You don’t have to take out the seeds, but they add a lot of heat to the dish The hottest part of the chilli is usually identified as the seeds, but actually it is the bit that attaches the seeds to the chilli that is the hottest part. The mortar is the round bowl bit, the pestle is the round handle that you grind with. Shopping List

4. Heat the oil add the onion and the zucchini and cook slowly until soft. 5. Season with salt and pepper and layer into greased bakers. 6. Crack and whisk the eggs, add parsley and pour over the zucchini. 7. Bake in oven for about 15 minutes or until it is just set (it should be just a little wobbly in the middle).



8. Meanwhile, lightly fry or grill pancetta until it is slightly crispy.

Scallops In Half Shell


9. Roughly dice tomato and set aside.

Lime (Zest & Juice)


10. Pick basil leaves and set aside.

Good Olive Oil



1 fresh

11. Portion frittata and lever out of the dish onto a plate.


2 sprigs


12. Garnish with pancetta, roughly diced tomato, fresh basil leaves and parmesan shavings, drizzle with oil and vinegar. Serves 2


Warm chocolate tart with raspberries and fresh cream He Cooks Lesson 1.

Zucchini frittata with crispy pancetta - He Cooks Lesson 2.

a bit at a time so temperature doesn’t drop.

Shopping list ITEM


4. Cool to lukewarm (about 5mins).





5. Add slightly beaten egg and stir until well combined. If you add egg before mixture cools to lukewarm, it will scramble.

Brown onion



1 medium sized


25g picked leaves

7. Bake at 150°C for 40-45 mins, until the centre is slightly firm but sill trembling in the centre.

Continental Parsley


/4 bunch

8. Cool.

Balsamic vinegar


Extra virgin olive oil

15 ml

White vinegar

5 ml

9. Place the tart onto the plate and serve with fresh raspberries (or any berries in season) and a spoonful of double cream – YUM!

Pancetta (rolled)

6 slices

Serves 4 to 6

Parmesan cheese

4 shavings

Salt Pepper

WARM CHOCOLATE TART WITH RASPBERRIES AND FRESH CREAM Ingredients 150g 125ml 60ml 1 1 punnet 85ml 1

chocolate (chopped) cream milk egg raspberries (or a pkt of frozen berries) double thick cream baked sablee pastry flan case (pre-cooked, about 18cm diameter)

6. Pour into the pre-baked sablee pastry case.

Chef’s Tips We use and recommend Cadbury Old Gold Chocolate as it is readily available and not a compound cooking chocolate (which tends to have a ‘waxy’ texture). Crème Fraiche is an alternative that is just a touch sour, and thus goes really well with the sweetness of the chocolate, and slight bitterness of the raspberries. Shopping List ITEM


Chocolate (Chopped)









Small saucepan, wooden spoon, mixing bowl, whisk and roasting tray.


1 Punnet

Double Cream or Crème Fraiche


Method 1. Preheat oven to 150°C. 2. Bring milk and regular cream to simmer.

Baked Sablee Pastry Case 1 18cm diameter (Weston’s Pre-Cooked)

3. Place broken pieces of chocolate in pot and stir until chocolate is melted and well blended. Add



He Cooks Classes 2006 Intro Course ICGL-0206


Lesson 2

Tuesday 9th May

Lesson 3

Tuesday 16th May

Lesson 4

Tuesday 23rd May

Lesson 5

Tuesday 30th May

Lesson 6

Tuesday 6th June

Lesson One Intro Lesson 1 – Introduction to He Cooks (all students to complete this class)

Lesson 2 Eggs & Dairy


Lesson 3 Fruit & Vegetables Lesson 4 HE Rice & Pasta

He Cooks Gordon Campus– Ravenswood School for Girls


All classes are from 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Lesson 5 Meat, Game & Poultry Lesson 6 Seafood

Monday June 5th

Lesson 1 – Introduction to He Cooks (all students to complete this class)


INRA-0106 Monday February 13th

He Cooks Glebe Campus – Sydney Secondary College Blackwattle Bay All classes are from 6.30pm - 9.30pm Lesson 1 – Introduction to He Cooks (all students to complete this class) INGL-0106

Monday February 6th


Monday February 20th

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Monday 20th February

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Tuesday 28th February

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Tuesday 7th March

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Tuesday 14th March

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Monday May 8th


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Monday 15th May

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Monday 22nd May

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Monday 29th May

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Monday 5th June

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Tuesday June 13th


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Monday July 17th

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Monday February 6th

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Tuesday February 7th


Lesson 1 – Introduction to He Cooks (all students to complete this class)

GLEBE (6.30pm - 9.30pm) Monday

March 13th


Monday February 20th


May 15th


Monday February 27th GORDON (6.30pm - 9.30pm)

He Cooks ICWA-0206 Lesson 2

Monday March 6th

Lesson 3

Monday March 13th

Lesson 4

Monday March 20th

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March 14th


May 16th

MELBOURNE: (6.00pm - 9.00pm) Tuesday

March 7th


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Monday May 2nd

He Cooks Course WA05112 Lesson 2

Monday May 8th

Lesson 3

Monday May 15th

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Monday May 22nd

Lesson 5

Monday May 29th

Lesson 6

Monday June 5th



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