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Frank M. Wanderer - Ervin K. Kery

The Surprising Truth Yourself as You've Never Seen it Before

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e-book edition Excerpts from “Awakening of the Consciousness” and “The Miracle of Consciousness””

The Mystery of Daily Consciousness Authored by Frank M. Wanderer The “pressing” issues and events of our daily life occupy our attention so much that very often we forget about the miracle of our human essence, about the Miracle of Consciousness. Our culture concentrates our attention almost exclusively on the forms and shapes, so wherever we look, we only see objects: a table and chairs in the room, then our attention sweeps across all the other items of furniture. At the same time we disregard the ”emptiness”, the space that makes it possible to forms and shapes to exist at all. Similarly, if we examine our mind, we only take notice of its contents–forms and shapes: bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts, but not the conscious space in which the forms and shapes appear. In our usual state of consciousness we stay submerged in the multitude of forms and shapes. In this state of consciousness we play the scenario of the film of our life. We look around and see objects that are desirable to us, we wish to possess them, and we also see objects that scare us and we want to stay away from those. We are carried away by the colourful, noisy and scented whirling of life, and we fully abandon ourselves in this whirlpool. In this ”troubled,” mind-dominated state our identity is

determined by the beliefs, thoughts, emotions and feelings whirling in us, everything we have learnt in the course of our life. That is how the Miracle of Consciousness has sunk into oblivion, and it is now covered with the grey veil of ordinariness. The Miracle of Consciousness remains there, shining in the background of the identities that are lost in the daily dreams of forms and shapes, in our vanished consciousness. The Levels of Daily Consciousness In an ordinary sense, being conscious means the simultaneous presence of three levels in our Consciousness. The first level is that of the present. It means that at the present moment we are awake, capable of reacting to stimuli from the external world. We sense our external and internal environments at the same time. When we feel hungry, we find some food in the fridge. If it starts raining, we open our umbrellas. The second level is that of the past. We are able to remember who we are, what our personal life story is, we can recall a smaller or larger part of the information we have learnt at school or read at books in our life. The third level of daily consciousness takes us to the future, as there are the objectives we intend to achieve in the rest of our life. The second two levels constitute the level of psychological time, in which the film of our life is playing.

These three levels are present in every person who is conscious in the ordinary sense. If any one of the three is missing, we believe that there is something wrong with the person concerned, and (s)he should seek medical assistance. Some people live largely in the past, dealing a lot with the memories of the past, whereas others are preoccupied by the future, they keep thinking about their future plans, phantasies, or fears of the future. These people rarely visit the level of the present, they only use it when they satisfy their physical needs or perform activities that they are only able to do in the present. Most people in Earth live either in the past or the future, they mostly stay in the psychological levels of time, and not so much in the present. In our days, however, more and more people are able to detach themselves from the psychological levels of time, they no longer deal so much with the future and the past, but discover present, and find peace of mind in the tranquility of the here and now. They have realized that past and future only exist in their mind, as psychological time, and the cornerstone of their life is found in the �here and now.� Our Distorted Image of Reality Whichever level of the ordinary consciousness, turned away from the Miracle of Consciousness, dominates one’s life, we are all convinced that our ordinary consciousness faithfully reflects the reality that surrounds us and in which we live.

Well, psychologists tend to disagree with that widespread belief. The findings of psychological research suggest that ordinary consciousness only represent the tip of the iceberg, because people are aware of 5-10% of the functions of their personality. When, for instance during the weekly shopping you notice a new technical gadget in the shopping centre, the desire to possess it arises in you, and you pass by the shelves with flour on them, because you forget that you have actually left home in order to buy flour. At such an occassion what you see is not the reality, you are lost in the products of your mind. Human life is largely governed by desires and actions the person is unaware of, that belong to the unconscious functions of the personality. As a consequence, the reality appearing in the background of Consciousness is distorted at almost any human being, everybody lives their life as a captive of this distorted image of reality. It is the same regardless of which level of ordinary consciousness we live our life on. The image is the clearest with those who live on the level of the present, but not even the attention focused on the present is fully able to eliminate all the distorting effects. How is that possible? The explanation is that the distortion is in connection with the functions of the mind, the Ego. It does not

mean that the Ego is bad, it is evil and intentionally distorts reality. The Ego is working hard to help our personality in adapting to the constantly changing circumstances of life, to enable us to do that without any serious injuries. One of the most important responsibilities of ego is to curb the desires and emotions that keep the mind under constant siege. These desires and emotions demand immediate satisfaction, to gain as much pleasure and joy as possible and to avoid unpleasant situations. Another task of the Ego is to meet the continuous social expectations that oblige the individual to observe the rules of the community and to lead a decent and ethical life. The individual is supposed to make the ethics of the society as the foundation of their life, and not the continual pursue of pleasure and joy. The third major function of the Ego is to adapt to the conditions of the moment in which exists in any given time. The Ego is therefore making efforts to somehow manage the present moment, the present reality in the eternal crossfire of desires, emotions and ethical warnings. In this way, reality is a menacing problem towering in front of the Ego. It is not surprising that poor Ego is in the state of constant anxiety. The lasting anxiety would prevent it from effectively fulfilling its mission. In order to reduce the anxiety and in the defence of the personality, the Ego distorts reality and creates an image of the reality in which anxiety either drops to a tolerable level or is completely eliminated.

The Mechanisms of Distortion The scientists of the soul, psychologists point out that the Ego-dominated mind, formerly identified with ordinary consciousness, works on a much broader range than we previously supposed. It works both in the spheres of conscious and unconscious. The Ego therefore attempts to protect its conscious part against the anxiety radiating from the unconscious part. How does the Ego accomplish that? It uses mechanisms referred to as self-protecting mechanisms. These are functions that fend off anxiety and work outside the Self, in the realm of the unconscious. Everybody has heard of hypnosis. When a person is hypnotized by a psychologist, because for instance the individual wishes to give up smoking, the psychologist may issue a so-called post-hypnotic instruction to the hypnotized person. After the hypnosis the instruction sinks into the subconscious of the person. E. g. the psychologist instructs the person that when the psychologist removes his glasses, the hypnotized person should stand up and open the window. The following day, when they have a chat about the weather before the treatment, the psychologist suddenly takes off his glasses. In the patient an inner urge, a desire arises that he must open the window. If the patient fails to satisfy this inner desire, he will be overcome by anxiety. So he asks the psychologist, ”It is so stuffy in here, isn’t it?” Not

even waiting for an answer, he walks up to the window and opens it. This is one of the most common self-protecting mechanism, termed in psychology as rationalization. It means that people do most of the things they do not because what they believe is the reason of their actions, but there may be something entirely different in the background. There may an unconscious desire, an unconscious emotion or an unconscious program (a post-hypnotic instruction installed into the subconscious part of the Ego by their parents or teachers). With the help of rationalization, the person will seek an acceptable reason for his behaviour which is satisfactory for both themselves and society. Another common self-protecting mechanism is suppression. It means that the individual forces unpleasant experience and memories that are the source of anxienty into subconscious, that is, forgets about them. This is, however, not the natural forgetting that is part of human life. This process is selective, which means that we tend to ignore things which are subject to suppression. It can be so powerful that it may even influence us in detecting the physical objects of our environment. E. g. somebody may not find an object for days, though it is there openly in from of the person, but it invokes negative memories in the individual. A person may believe that nobody in the whole wide world loves him/her, everybody is against him/her, everybody wants to hurt him/her. If such thoughts do

not only appear occassionally, but permanently preoccupy the person, may be signs of a selfprotecting mechanism. It is called projection. The individual projects unacceptable emotions and thoughts to those in their environment and these emotions and thoughts appear as external threats. External threats are easier to handle and overcome for the person than to deal with their own internal emotions. For an individual the idea that their environment is hostile and hateful is a more acceptable than supposing the same about themselves. There is a wide range of other self-protecting, anxiety-diverting mechanisms as well, which are present in everybody to a smaller or larger extent, so nobody is able to escape the reality distorting effects of these mechanisms, not even those who place the focus of their existence in the Present. Beyond Ordinary Consciousness We must therefore profoundly understand that everything we perceive of the outside world is just an inner image distorted by the Ego-dominated mind. This image of reality only contains a fragment of the potential �totality;� it comprises what our conscious attention selects and separates from it for us, and the unconscious operation of the Ego distorts this image. With our ordinary consciousness we are identical with our life story, career and convinctions. These are, however, only contents we identify with

ourselves, while these contents are projected out into the realm of the Consciousness, of the Miracle. We are aware of what we think and know about our emotions. All this would not be possible without a knower of all the contents. When we shift the emphasis from our life story, from the forms and shapes to a quest for this knower, the Consciousness, formerly hidden from us, we have reached beyond ordinary consciousness. This quest will take us to the recognition of the Miracle of Consciousness, which means that our image of the world is just content inside the space of the Consciousness. We ourselves are the space of the pure Consciousness, and the concepts, emotions and ideas that we formerly erroneously identified our entire Self, are in fact inside us. We wake up to the fact that we are ourselves the Miracle! It is possible to directly experience this Miracle, this pure space of Consciousness. It is a new dimension which escaped our attention before. The truth is that it is the only existing dimension, into which the forms and shapes of the external world are projected, and here we experience our bodily sensations, emotions and ideas which are not more than the phenomena of this dimension.


We therefore discover ourselves a new dimension, and this new dimension, this Miracle is an ancient, undescribable but sensible, living and infinite space, emptiness in which bodily sensations, emotions, ideas and physical forms emerge and vanish, like waves on the surface of the ocean. We know that this Miracle exists; It is the only existing Life. It exists, as an ancient, living empty space, a Consciousness conscious of itself, comprising everything. There is nothing outside it, everything that exists is born inside it, within its space, as its manifestations. This state is characterized by tranqulity, deep silence, peace and eternal love. We experience that this Miracle, this mysterious ”something” is beyond time, it has no beginning and end, it was never born and will never die. If no forms and shapes appear inside, then it will not be conscious of itself, it just exists ”passively,” sleeping without dreams. Once forms and shapes are created, it awakes to the existence of those forms and shapes, and recognizes itself as the creator of the forms, it awakes to its own existence. If a person does not only experience the more conscious Self emerging in the present moment as an assumed role, but is able to fully submit to the Miracle unfolding in the ”Here and Now,” this space in the Consciousness, the person will live in that space to an increasing extent.

If the cornerstone of our life is in the Present, in the �Here and Now,� our attention will gradually turn away from the whirlpool of forms and shapes, and we discover the Miracle of Consciousness. We find the source of our existence in that Miracle, and no longer in the world of forms and shapes.

Drowning in the Sea of Expectations Authored by Frank M. Wanderer It must have occured a number of times in our life that we were supposed to meet so many expectations at a time that we almost drowned in the sea of expectations. At our job our boss wants us to be good employees, good workforce, our colleagues want us to be good colleagues and our subordinates want us to be a good boss. In addition to all this, there are the expectations of the family members, who want us to be a good husband, a good wife, a good child. And we have not yet talked about our own expectations in connection with ourselves. It is not surprising that we find it virtually impossible to meet all the expectations. Put all the expectations in the light of Consciousness, and examine where they come from and why they have such a powerful compelling force in our life. The Power of the Situation All the expectations mentioned above emerge from the immense social space which surrounds us, and is

commonly referred to as society. It is thus fully justified to call our expectations social expectations, irrespective of whether they are in connection with a specific situation or a person. The more complex a society is, the more space a specific member of it is supposed to occupy in the complicated system of human relationship. These spaces are called social statuses. Such a status can be of gender (man or woman), family (husband, wife, child, sibling, relative etc.), occupation (teacher, policeman etc.) and of occassion (customer, patient etc.). Every such occupied status involves a set of rules, the system of expectations that dictate how the individual occupying the status is supposed to behave in a specific situation, how to behave as a man, a father, a doctor etc. These expectations tell us how we must and how we must not behave in a specific situation and in connection with a specific person. In the majority of cases, these expectations work unconsciously, almost like automatic programs running in our life. These deep programs have become a part of our mind in the course of our upbringing, and they are activated by a specific situation in which we are or a person we get into contact with. Then we put on the appropriate mask, tailored to the specific situation or person.

We occupy several statuses at the same time, so it seems that we drown in the sea of expectations. It is also common that the various expectations attached to various statuses collide with each other, generating further anxiety and stress for us. The Programs of Internal Expectations As our personality develops, some of the external social expectations become internal ones, and merge into our personality and appear as expectations towards ourselves in our daily life. Our scruples are derived from these social expectations turned inner ones. Scruples start working when we infringe a rule acquired from our parents or teachers, we do not behave as are supposed to. Everybody knows the unpleasant and compelling feeling that drives us back to the track originally dictated to us by the social expectations turned inner ones.

EBOOK AVAILABLE AT AMAZON’S ESTORE WWW.CONSCIOUSNESSBOOKS.CF Another social expectation that becomes an integral part of our inner value system appears at the level of requirements and demands in our life. Our parents and teachers wanted us to meet the expectations of a specific status as well as we could. Our desire to meet the expectations is a demand on our side.

Often we set very high goals and strive to do something perfectly in order to meet our inner demand, that level of requirements. If we perform below our standard requirements, the compelling force appears again, and the unpleasant feeling spurs us to achieve a higher performance, so as to reach at least our standard level. Since we are unable to be perfect in all areas of life, the unpleasant feelings may become permanent. The Involuntary Track Dictated by the Expectations What keeps us on the forced track of expectations, why do not we simply leave it behind? The dynamizing power of the social expectations is provided by our identification with the internal and external expectations, and base our identity on them. We identify with our social statuses, with the masks of our roles in our gender, family and occupation. These masks are attached to us so closely that we would not be able to exist without them. We indentify ourselves with our internal expectations, and our scruples and level of demands often constitute the cornerstone of our identity. We are so deeply identified with these social expectations, we do not notice that these very expectations convert us into replicas, fake personalities. The pages of our personal history are written by these external forces imposed upon us by society, they determine how to see the world, how to

think about the world, how to think about it, what to believe in, what is good for us and what we should avoid. That is how we have lost our individuality over the years and became unconsciously the victims of a manipulation based upon public agreement. The social expectations have been shaped through a general agreement over the centuries, and became manipulative because we insisted on our identification with separate state of consciousness. That is how we jointly sustain this identity, rooted in isolation, this social �creatureness,� because, due to our ignorance, we stick to the world of forms and shapes. We are only able to imagine our personal existence in the here and now. Existence without Expectations When we look at the social expectations in the light of Consciousness, we must ask the question: are we able to live without expectations, what is a life without expectations like? The problem does not lie with the expectations. The expectations are natural parts of our existence in the world of forms and shapes, just as it would be impossible to live as a form without our body. Without expectations we would be unable to exist as a part of the social space in which we live at present.

The compelling force of the expectations is rooted in our identification with the expectations, the fact that we cling to our personal identity and the masks that come with it, and the expectations are a natural part of all this. The proper question to ask is, whether we exist at all beyond our personal identity, beyond our masks? Our world appears in the space of Consciousness, and the dance of the varied forms takes place in it. Out thoughts, emotions, expectations and everything we sense also appears in that space of Consciousness. That is the space of Consciousness, this Miracle is the only phenomenon which is not a ”thing”, is a „nothing”, not a manifest object but a space-like, wakeful emptiness in which the image of the world, thoughts and emotions appear. We, however, in our present, dormant state identify with the appearing content elements of the space of the Consciousness, although our real self is nothing but the very space of Consciousness. We ourselves are the Miracle! If we give up the efforts aimed at building up our personal identity from the contents appearing in the space of the Consciousness, and instead recognize ourselves as the space of the Consciousness, then–and only then–we are able to exist without expectations. In an existence without expectations we still continue to meet the basic social expectations rooted in the

social status we, for a while, fulfill in the world of forms and shapes. We continue to function as a father, mother, doctor, accountant etc. At present, the program of our internal expectations have already been dissolved, and we no longer identify with our expectations of the other people. Our entire Self is filled by the Miracle.

EBOOK AVAILABLE AT AMAZON’S ESTORE WWW.CONSCIOUSNESSBOOKS.CF The Law of Attraction Authored by Frank M. Wanderer At some point of the spiritual quest most Wanderers encounter the law of attraction at theoretical, practical or both levels. That encounter has been the reason for a lot of misunderstandings, so it is necessary to examine the law of attraction in the light of Consciousness. Let us first clarify what the law of attraction means? Michael J. Losier’s opinion about the subject: ”Wherever I turn my attention, whatever I focus my energy on, positive or negative, I attract that thing into my life. The law of attraction reacts to any vibration you emit by giving you even more of the thing–whether it is positive or negative vibration. The attraction simply reacts to your vibration.”

It means that we are attracting things that match the quality of our existence. And the quality of our existence depends on the quality of our thoughts and emotions. According to the law of attraction, it solely depends on us whether we attract happiness, peace or suffering and feud into our lives. If we want to convert suffering into happiness with the help of the law of attraction, all we need to do is attend a course that teaches us the proper way. The Promise of the Master Key This passage is from the brochure of a course: For everybody who wants to do something about improving his/her life, the best news is that it is possible to achive what he/she really wants at any time. The choice is solely up to us. Anybody is able to do it by learning and practising the appropriate method. The offer follows like this: I would like you to imagine a large iron gate. It is a heavy gate, difficult to open. It keeps you where you do not want to be at all. It seems, however, that one day the gate will open up, and when it happens, you may experience freedom that you have so far been able to read only. In your dreams you live where you want to be, you can empty the goblet of joys to the bottom, you may draw the income that you believe

you honestly deserve, that is, you can live the way you would like to! The course offers you a chance; let us open that gate together, and once we have done that, a new world, full of possibilities and promises will open up for you. You will receive an answer to your question why so far you have not lived in the wealth you know so well that you deserve. Our whole life is a rush. We chase our desires and unfulfilled dreams. We are attracted by money, power, prestige, a wholesome, happy life. All this lies there hidden behind the powerful iron gate that is towering in front of us. But now we are given the master key, with which we achieve all our goals, because we will be able to open the iron gate. By the masterful use of the law of attraction we will be able to achieve everything that we have been longing for so far, everything we desire will be lying at our feet. Buy to read more..


Vampire stories are fashionable nowadays. Creatures of superhuman abilities feed on human blood in order to stay alive. What is the reason for that popularity? From a psychological aspect, it is clear that people suffer from various anxieties and fears that cannot be connected to any specific object, so people are unable to deal with those fears. Once the fear takes a specific form (e. g. that of a vampire), it is possible to fight and overcome it. In this way we project the heroism or defeat of the fight against our own anxieties into the fight against the vampires, depending on which side we identify with. Another form of vampirism is that of the energy vampire, who draws energy from other creatures. It is not feeding on blood, but on the energy and cheerfulness of others. Consciously, but even more often subconsciously, the energy vampire creates a situation in which it is able to draw on other creatures’ vitality. They need it beacuse their own vitality diminished considerably, they are full of negative emotions. People who are in reality energy vampires struggle with a multitude of problems, but instead of looking into themselves, they tend to blame all their problems on the outside world. They expect salvation from others who they either pamper or want to see suffering, because seeing others suffering temporarily recharge them with energy.

The Vampire Nature of Thoughts In the following, the nature of vampirism shall be examined from an entirely different aspect, that of Consciousness. From this aspect, it is best to approach the phenomenon of vampirism through the vampire nature of thoughts. “Thoughts and vampirism? How can these two things be mentioned on the same page?�–the Egodominated mind, relying on identification with thoughts, begins to protest immediately. For the mind it is really outrageous, as it suggests that the Egodominated mind itself is cursed with a vampiric nature. Physics, especially quantum theory, revealed the fact that matery is nothing but energy vibrating between existence and non-existence. In this way, thoughts are also a form of energy. Thoughts are small energy creatures that we continually supply with energy by lastingly thinking of something. As a result of analyzing the nature of these energycreatures, our spiritual experience suggests that as there are negative and positive thoughts, there are energy thoughts with positive and negative charges. While positive thought energy is constructive, negative thought energy is destructive. Regardless of their nature, every thought energy is an autonomous creature, the life of which depends on

whether the ”host organism” feeds it or not. When it is ”hungry,” that is, its energy level is low, it clings to its host organism in a vampire-like way, hipnotizing it to feed it with similar thoughts. That is how positive thoughts produce further positive, and negative ones further negative thoughts. That is how we do our continual dance in the treadmill of our thoughts, rising on the wings of positive thoughts and falling back to the depths again on negative ones. This process is going on in the background of our Consciousness, we hardly notice that the purpose of the whole thing is to nourish our thought creatures. Downfall All this suggests that our thoughts, regardless of their positive or negative nature, exploit us like vampires, draining away our energies, thus reducing the chances of the awakening of the Consciousness from the world of shapes and forms. How is it possible to terminate that thoughtvampirism? Most people are incapable of that, as they live their life under the hypnosis of the mind, identifying with their thoughts. It goes on until they realize that they are more than simple conceptual definitions, more than their body and emotions, and realize that the essence of their

existence is their Consciousness, their awareness in the Present moment. Experiencing this (and it is insufficient to understand it on the levels of the thoughts, of the mind), then the light of Consciousness will bring about the downfall of the energy-vampires and terminates their independent existence. The light of Consciousness will shine upon the vampire activities of the thought creatures that has been going on in the subconscious so far. Seeing this energy-draining activity, we will be no longer ready to nourish them (independently of their positive or negative nature). They will be left without food, so they will gradually disperse, giving way to the more and more powerful light of Consciousness in us.


Spread your Wings and Fly Away! Authored by Ervin K. Kery How many people suffer because they are unable to utilize their potentials to the fullest? How many believe that they are unable to live their own lives because their environment impedes them, with false references to �loyalty," "traditions," and "customs?"

Have you ever had the impression that deep inside you shrink smaller and smaller, and you give up your dreams just in order to meet the expectations of your environment? In the young seagull the desire arises to spread his wings and discover the distances promising so many wonders. The other seagulls were scared, and strictly reproached him: ”The sense of life is to fly as far as you find food. If you fly any further, you will be alone, and won’t find the way back.” Though the young seagull was scared of finding himself alone, he was unable to resist the temptation of flying far away, and he tested his wings day by day. Successes were followed by failures, but he did not give up: every day he flew a bit higher. One day he flew higher than the clouds, and the familiar landscape disappeared from his eyes, and he saw nobody around him. He could have felt lonely, but he still did not feel lonely. He was, instead, unique. The little seagull soared on, enjoying the currents of the air. Then he met a seagull–its wings were shining bright. Then newer and newer seagulls appeared, with their wings shining bright. The little seagull arrived in his new home... (The story was inspired by Richard Bach’s book entitled: “Jonathan Livingstone, the seagull.")

You are individual and unique, a special manifestation of life. Or-in other words-you are an

unique flower of life. You are unique: the level of your Consciousness is unique, and so are your experience, recognition and wisdom. You have unique skills that you have learnt in a unique way–no matter how objective the information is, as long as you have acquired it, it has gone through your individual and unique filters, thus gaining an individual color. Your experience is your experience, and even if your friends have similar ones, those are still only similar, and not fully identical with your own experience. These experiences give birth to unique recognitions–these constitute your own wisdom. There has never been, there is not, and there will never be another person who is fully identical with you. Your countless individual characteristics, complementing and mutually reinforcing each other, add up to an absolutely unique individual–that is your gift to Life. Through you, a peculiar flower of Life is blooming, and this flower is your personal gift to mankind, to existence. Why would you need to be a copy of anyone else? Why would you need to imitate others, who are ”more successful” and ”cool?” Why would you need to uncritically accept the dogmas of others, when you also possess the source of wisdom, waiting to be utilized? Why would you need to dwindle, to give up your dreams? …And still, the story is repeated on innumerable occasions... You arrive on this wonderful planet so rich in opportunities, you start on your journey, to explore it with innocent curiosity, you begin to know yourself, you acquire individual knowledge, add it to

your individual skills, gather experience and wisdom. Then you are unable to use all this, because your environment tells you to often to stay pout, to stay where you are. Instead of the immense opportunities of the endless journey, you choose the narrow path they show you, and you must not detour from that path. Your grand plans and ideas from your teenage evaporate, you give up your dreams, and you suppress your deep-rooted desires of self-implementation. You burn out, you become indifferent and insensitive to the miracles of life, and you are quietly broken. At a meeting the participants were dealing with the question whether there is life after death. The Zen master said nothing, just laughed, and refused to answer question. The disciples became increasingly impatient, and wanted him to answer their questions. ”Now, is there life after death, or there is not?” they demanded. ”Have you noticed that it is always those who want another, eternal life, who are unable to do anything with their present life? The questions is, whether there is life before death?” he said mysteriously. (Anthony de Mello) Dou you have a life before your death?–that is the only question the answer to which you must find yourself. Are you able to live your own (not infinite) life, or will you copy the life of others? Do you live in the present moment, or are you a ghost wandering in the past or pursue the dreams and nightmares of the future? Are you able to discover that the most

important point of your existence is existence itself, enjoying the nectar of a life lived to the full? When you start your journey of inner development, experiences will become recognitions, and these recognitions usually dramatically transform the way you look at the world and yourself. A change of world-view takes place in you, your old beliefs are no longer valid, and you wake up in a larger and more receptive world. This awakening may, at the same time, bring about a change of your environment. Some people will look at you worried, whereas others with hatred, as they do not understand the reasons of your change. With your new and broader world view you become a stranger, a menace for them, and a reaction of their internal Ego appears: "You are different from us! You have deserted and betrayed us, you no longer have a place among us!" Where you used to have a good time previously, you have no place now. That is too small place a home for your expanded world view. As your old environment and old friends and acquaintances become hampering factors, you can do nothing but leave them behind. You leave them behind, so that you can freely try your own, newly discovered wings! You do not need to break up all connections with them, or to react to their negative emotions in any way, all you need to do is to accept that everybody acts according to their own levels of Consciousness, shapes their own environment and lives in it. You accept them as they are, you do not intend to change them: their way is not your way. If they are able to, they accept peacefully or at least acknowledge your change, if not, that is their responsibility and not yours.

Everybody is responsible for their own life. You may look at another person with empathy and understanding, but you cannot take responsibility for their fate. His life is his way; you may peacefully help him in his difficulties, but you cannot redeem him. The only thing you are responsible for is how consciously you live your own life. You are in no way able to redeem the world, but you can be a shining light of Consciousness, illuminating your environment. Where there is light, darkness cannot rule. The only thing that counts is you should be this Consciousness in the eternal moment of Now, and allow Life wishing to soar in you arise. When you submit to the depths of the Present, the actor will not be "you," the �small self," who drives on to achieve something, to manipulate, influence, control and rule, but Life itself will spread its wings in you. Just as a small seed grows into a beautiful rose without any willful intention, as a seagull, able to soar, hatches from an egg, as a caterpillar turns into a colorful butterfly, the program of Life is there in you, and takes to wings–if you allow it to. It is not possible to bring up a man with education, training, religious or educational methods; it will only create a member of a society. The program of becoming a man is in you, just as the program of developing your individuality is also there in you. You do not need to do more than allowing it to unfold, in an alert, permissive, receptive and conscious way. You and I, we were all born with gull wings. This book is intended to point out those wings. Discover

them, spread them, and soar! The infinite world is out there, waiting for you!

EBOOK AVAILABLE AT AMAZON’S ESTORE WWW.CONSCIOUSNESSBOOKS.CF About the Authors Frank M. Wanderer (Ph.D, Prof. of Psychology, consciousness researcher, writer) The awakening of the Consciousness leads us from our own personal history to the pure space of Consciousness. There we experience the Miracle, and all personal histories become insignificant. Despite this, I would like to present a few pages of my personal history to the reader, as every journey on the road starts with a personal history. That is the only way it may start, there is no alternative; that is the only way leading to the awakening of the Consciousness, the appearance of the Miracle. Since my early childhood, I have been interested in the Miracle, the mystery of human existence, the

mystery that summoned us from the Nothing, and the mystery we are destined to solve in our life. I still remember my beloved mother’s astonished face when, after some of my questions, she turned to the others: “Now, look at that, what that kid is asking!� The questions did not stop in the later years but, as I did not find appropriate partner from whom I could expect answers, the questions mostly remained within the walls of my room, and I myself attempted to find the answers. My motivation became even more powerful after the following adventure: I was at the elementary school (12 years old), walking home from school and suddenly I experienced the Miracle, the completeness, the experience of the unity with the Self. At that time, naturally, I was not able to describe it that way, but the sense of unity and happiness was what I experienced. That experience did not result in my lasting awakening, it faded away after a while, but it left behind a burning wound, a real sense of want. At the same time, it showed me the way where to look for it answers to my questions. There was a long way to go to the second awakening. The first awakening made me start dealing with esoterica and find books on the subject. Leaving the years of childhood behind, in my adulthood I became intensively interested in human soul, in the work of the human mind.

As a teacher and psychologist I have met a lot of people, and had an opportunity to study the �normal� operation of human ego, and also its functions that are considered as not normal. I turned the pages of innumerable books of personal histories, trying to find the cornerstones that give the dramas and ecstasies of these personal histories meaning and sense. I eventually found that cornerstone in the Miracle, in the awakening of the Consciousness, which demonstrated the futility of these personal histories and at the same time it showed the treasure to be found in them. The personal histories are futile from the aspect of the awakening because we identify with our mind and we allow its unconscious functions to control our life and steer the boat of our life in one, and some time later just the opposite direction, depending on the actual desire or ambition dominating our mind. That is how page after page is filled in the history of our life until the last page arrives, and we realize the futility of all that happened before. Our personal history may, however, have a very profound meaning if we become more wakeful and alert to these mind games, and recognize the Miracle, the wide open spaces of the Consciousness that is beyond our personal history. That pure consciousness was what I experienced as a child, and that is what I found again as a result of my regular meditation exercises that I had started a few years ago.

We must therefore wake up from our identification with our personal history, so as to be able to find our identity in the Miracle, the mystery of the Consciousness, instead of the world of the forms and shapes. Contact me at

Ervin K. Kery (consciousness researcher, writer, publisher) What is the nature of the human soul, the human spirit? Why do we think the way we actually do? How our habits and roles evolve? What are we, beyond our roles? What is the mysterious Life that lives in me, and experiences the world through me?

I have long been fascinated by the secret of human existence, the mystery of human soul/spirit. There has to be something that is beyond social roles and programming. There has to be a ”foundation,” which lives in me as life, and to which learnt and acquired thoughts and habits, the programmed patterns–the personality–are attached. Psychology, still not a full-fledged science, only studies the conditioned patterns of behavior, that is, the Ego (it is therefore possible to refer to it as the science of the Ego), but it does not address the issues that precede the emergence of the Ego, not does it

deal with whatever is beyond the Ego. What is the eternal factor that follows us from our birth to our death, no matter what a mature and powerful personality we believe we have? I have been enthusiastically and anxiously studying the human consciousness for over twenty years, experimenting with various methods of meditation, hoping that in this way I would finally understand myself and the world completely. This understanding, however, did not come easily. Then something extraordinary happened. When I was deep in my adulthood, a critical period came in my life; everything I had believed in, collapsed. Mulling over the past and the dark visions of the future brought about a lot of suffering, and when I was no longer able to face the internal hell, there was nothing to be done, and I gave up the fight. I was not able to carry the burden of my sufferings any longer. At that time, something mysterious took place, and it shattered all my former ideas about myself and the world. When I finally released all that had been previously, I was able to get over the heavy prison of my personality, and for hours I felt some incredible inner peace, and a curious �something� was contemplating the miraculous external world through me. After a while, however, the tormenting thoughts and the suffering returned. This experience changed me drastically. From that time on, I have focused all my attention to learn what that exceptional experience was, and how it is

possible to make that experience constant. In the course of my research I found that the most elementary method of all spiritual disciplines is monitoring the Consciousness living in us. That is what meditation is for, the profound prayer of monks, and the practice of transpersonal psychology. I therefore began to concentrate on the Consciousness inside me. At that time we purchased a farmhouse in the country, far from the noise of the external world, so I retreated there from Budapest in order to abandon myself into observing my own inner world. I persisted in turning inward: I watched my bodily sensations, my emotions and thoughts and also the actor that senses all these: the Consciousness. As I concentrated my conscious attention on myself, I began to believe my own thoughts, emotions and convictions, and started to wake up from the dream world of dogmas. I woke up, then I woke up again, through a series of awakenings, each time into a more spacious world and a larger image of the world, until what had previously happened spontaneously, took place again. After a few years of practice, the state of observing Consciousness became permanent. In this period I have made several astonishing discoveries about our real Self and the nature of the world. I wish to describe these discoveries in the chapters of this book that I authored and contributed.

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Our Published Books The Ultimate Enlightenment: How to Find Your True Self in Mindfulness? Authored by Ervin K. Kery and Frank M. Wanderer

Format: e-book (Kindle). 2.99 USD Who are you beyond your roles in society? Who is contemplating the world through your eyes? Who is the one who experiences the world through your body? Who is hiding behind your eyes sparkling with life? Who are you in reality? Jump into your True Self! View/Buy at Amazon:

The Biggest Obstacle to Enlightenment: How to Escape from the Prison of Mind Games? Authored by Frank M. Wanderer

Format: e-book (Kindle). 2.99 USD What is the Ego? What are the Games Rooted in the Deepest Levels of the Mind? What are the Tricks of the Mind Reinforcing the Ego? The Mind-based Scenario of Our Spiritual “Development�. The Tricks of the Spiritual Ego. The Ego accompanies the Seeker along the first segment of the Journey. In this book I intend to discuss this, as being familiar with the functions and games of the mind with an Ego is indispensable for identifying whether we are on the right track. View/Buy:

The Miracle of Consciousness: Explore your Real Self!

Authored by Ervin K. Kery, Frank M. Wanderer

5" x 8" (12.7 x 20.32 cm), 158 pages, paperback ISBN-13: 978-1499115451 ISBN-10: 1499115458 There is a mysterious human dimension, the recognition of which shatters all our ideas about who we are, where we come from and what our mission in this world is. This is the realm of Consciousness: the final scientific and spiritual mystery. This book is about the mysteries and miracles of Consciousness. About the living spirit in action which, dressed up in the machinery of your body, discovers itself and the wonders of the world.

The Awakening of Consciousness: Adventures On The Spiritual Path , Authored by Frank M. Wanderer, General editor Ervin K. Kery

6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm), 122 pages, paperback ISBN-13: 978-1495200557 ISBN-10: 1495200558 We are all on a spiritual journey. This journey starts with birth and ends with death. Our life is a link between our date of birth and date of death. A link that contains all the secrets, dramas, tragedies and comedies of our lives, and we are so deeply involved in this performance that we tend to forget who we really are: the shining Consciousness. This book is about this spiritual journey.


Frank M. Wanderer - Ervin K. Kery: The Surprising Truth (FREE EBOOK)  

Frank M. Wanderer - Ervin K. Kery: The Surprising Truth (FREE EBOOK) Books available at Amazon's Estore:

Frank M. Wanderer - Ervin K. Kery: The Surprising Truth (FREE EBOOK)  

Frank M. Wanderer - Ervin K. Kery: The Surprising Truth (FREE EBOOK) Books available at Amazon's Estore: