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The Reasons Live Web Chat Is Important for Retail Businesses As a retail business, the number one factor for your success is your customers. In today’s technology-savvy world, customers want the ability to connect with customer service right away. The ability to talk to a live agent while in the moment of shopping is an essential tool that drives more sales and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Live web chat is the equivalent of online shoppers having a personal shopping assistant at their side while in the store, and it surpasses the benefits of phone-based call center services. Convenience It is no secret that consumers today are busy. They are constantly looking for convenient ways to complete their chores, including shopping. When you provide the capability of talking to a customer service representative while shopping, you increase the likelihood that a consumer will make a purchase. A consumer that has questions, is unsure about a product, or is considering comparison shopping most likely will not come back to a site unless they have a real reason to do so. They do not want to be bothered with calling a customer service call center and sitting on hold, or emailing their question in and waiting a few days for a response. This is where live chat comes in handy. It can be used to give consumers the ability to get their questions answered right away, similar to what would happen if they were in a physical store. Live chat also gives you, the company, the chance to make a last ditch sales effort before the customer leaves your site without making a purchase. Higher Sales Studies show that the average consumer stays on each web page for less than one minute. This means that it is crucial to get the attention of the consumer in a short amount of time. If there are questions or concerns, and no immediate way to get them answered, consumers will move on to the next website that is available. With the immediate availability of live chat personnel, it decreases the chance that the consumer will move on to another site, and it opens up the option for upselling the consumer. Once the representative has established his expertise and answered a consumer’s questions, he/she can easily recommend other products and/or services that would also meet their need, potentially making a higher sale.

Create Loyal Customers Consumers love to be loyal, but they have to be given a reason to do so. When you provide live chat services, you give your potential customers the opportunity to develop a relationship with

your company quicker than can be done with call center services. You quickly become more than a webpage; you become a company with real people who care. This care and compassion can quickly convert a consumer into a loyal customer. When your representatives show the ability to solve a problem, recommend appropriate products, and talk a consumer through any of their questions, you show that your company cares about its customers and not just about the money that they give to the company. This can set your company apart from the rest, making it easy to gain more loyal customers. For more information about live chat and its benefits for retail businesses, visit The Connection online. Company Bio The Connection has been providing contact center support since 1981 and is now an awardwinning contact center service provider. Their expertise ranges from retail to healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, government, and tourism, among many others. They provide a large number of multi-channel touch points to help every business be the leader in their industry. They have sophisticated call center systems and have the capability to handle millions of calls every year. Their state-of-the-art technology enables them to meet even the strictest call center needs. Summary Live chat is an essential component of any retail business. In order to be accessible to your customers and to increase sales, live chat customer service is essential in order to capture the consumer in the moment while they are shopping, rather than making them go out of their way to get an answer to their questions.

The Reasons Live Web Chat Is Important for Retail Businesses  
The Reasons Live Web Chat Is Important for Retail Businesses | Live chat is an essential component of any retail business. In order...