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Packaging Suitable for Dangerous Goods How many times have you been worried about whether your consignment will reach its destination safely or not? To keep yourselves far away from such anxiety it is essential that you take all the necessary precautions for keeping the container secure during its shipment. Every detail needs to be taken care of without leaving any loose ends that may affect the transportation process.

Utmost care should be taken in the case packaging of dangerous goods such as inflammable and toxic substances, which are more prone to accidents. In this regard it is of prime importance that you choose a company that provides solutions that are within the requirements of DOT 49 CFR, IATA, ICAO, IMDG, TDG, FedEx and UPS, so that you are assured of the superior standards. It would be beneficial if your providers have on-site labs in order to carry out tests to see if their products meet the required quality levels. Most of all the material that you use should be capable of carrying hazardous stuff by sea, ground, or air, and both domestically and internationally.

There are brands that have on-site specialists who can assist you in designing customized packaging that would be suitable for your commodity, industry or business requirements. This means that you can have the containers made as per your instructions getting the correct size and material for it. This is also useful at times when your suppliers do not have in their stock the kind you are searching, for which they can make them and get it tested for you.

Dangerous goods packaging