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“This guide is my commitment with you to help you achieve the results you always dreamed of, because you deserve it!!!”

A quick guide to validate the health of your business THE DOCTOR COMPANY The Company Doctor seeks to diagnose your business vision; the spiritual, mental and financial elements. A business is on the road to success when these three elements are in balance.

How to evaluate whether a business is mentally healthy •

Is it chaos?

Do you know all the risks?

Do you have a clear idea of how to work?

How efficient and effective is your work team?

A business has mental health when the way it was defined and functioning is far from being chaotic.

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When you see the image, this is the feeling that you have some days when you are in your business reviewing the pending issues, or in a meeting hearing about any challenges that demand solutions, e.g., customer complaints, raw material that does not arrive on time, or other situations that need your attention. At this point, we talk about the mental health of your business as a direct reflection of a structured and effective operating model to deliver the expected product or service. It sounds complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Often when a new business starts, the owner (or owners) are more focused on the aesthetics of the business vision rather than the essence (its logic of operation). You would like to read more in my article: Mental health for your business is possible

How to evaluate if a business has a healthy spirit •

Does it have a clearly defined purpose?

Does it generate stress?

Does it make you happy?

A business has spiritual health when it was created with a purpose, it does not generate stress, and it generates happiness and satisfaction to its owner (s).

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Do you sleep soundly because your business works at 100%? Leave us your comments, and we can begin to provide you with valuable feedback. You all have multiple activities to organize in your business. If you were successfully in carrying out the goals planned for the previous year, each new year will start with confidence to achieve even higher goals. At this moment, we urge you to take time to reflect if you are clear about the purpose of your business. You would like to read more in my article: Spiritual health for your

business How to evaluate if a business is financially healthy •

Is it Profitable?

Is it Auditable?

Monitored for Success?

Does it comply with legal and tax requirements?

A business has financial health if it is profitable

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Surely when you started your business you, or someone, did a feasibility or financial viability analysis for you. In fact, that's like planning your family or having it and then organizing yourself along the way. Neither option is better or worse than the other; as long as you achieve the equilibrium of being profitable (your expenses are equal to your income). You would like to read more in my article: Now let's talk about financial health for your business.

Finally, achieving the balance between these three elements: mental, spiritual and financial health, will guide your business decisions to best achieve your business goals, and be part of this new culture for truly successful businesses.

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A quick guide to validate the health of your business