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Letter from the Editor Samantha Chow

As we progress into the second semester, we have had to say a bittersweet goodbye to last semester’s Common Room writers. While we are missing their individualistic input to the newspaper already, we hope that they continue to explore their other passions in the extra curricular activities that they are doing now. Although it has not been long, our new Common Room team already feels right at home. Another round of unique talent has breathed new energy into the newspaper, with every member contributing their area of expertise to further improve upon previous editions. With the long-awaited arrival of spring, we have found March to be a particularly eventful month here at GSIS. With numerous new hot topics buzzing through the corridors, we hope that we have translated this into this edition. So, please help me welcome the new Common Room team, which hopes that you enjoy this issue.

DO YOU KNOW WHEN INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY IS? Read on to find out why the 101 year old event is still relevant in today’s modern day society.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TODAY... Head on over to our spring fashion spread. Get with the latest trends because yes, you can look stylish at school!

CAN YOU BUILD A BRIDGE? GSIS’s first bridge-building competition gives students a taste of architecture and engineering.

ABOUT US By Hilaire Wong

Name: Samantha Chow Age: 16 Class: 12B Position: Editor Favourite things: Writing, traveling & cooking

Name: DIsha Daswaney Age: 16 Class: 12B Position: Writer Favourite things: Dancing, dim sum & Vogue

Corps acted as news reporters on ! This is my first year in the the conference. Press Corps team Hong Kong Model United Nations were to act as news reporters of the as part of the press corps team and conference. During the conference, I have discovered that HKMUN is which was based on genetic the haven for ambitious students patenting, we took notes on each who aspire to be future leaders of country’s position on the matter, our society. Once a month, young according to what lay in their delegates rally from schools all over country’s best interests. Afterwards, Hong Kong to take part in formal we interviewed several legislative meetings known delegate as caucuses. The first representatives to caucus was held at “HKMUN find out their our very own GSIS is the haven for motives and on 12 November ambitious students most 2011. Each school importantly, who aspire to be was appointed a which countries country to future leaders of they had decided represent, ranging our society.” to form alliances from developing with. In the end, the countries such as Press Corp will publish Nigeria, to thriving countries its findings in a magazine, which like China. To our delegates’ will then be distributed to delegates delight, German Swiss was at the next conference. selected to represent a country that Having cleared up my initial promised myriad opportunities for confusion regarding the complex the upcoming discussions, legislative councils, my experience negotiations and debates: Russia. in HKMUN so far has been The second caucus was held at fascinating. With many more Renaissance College, where upcoming caucuses, I know there is several committees discussed much more that I can learn. current affairs, regarding issues on To find out more about HKMUN, visit SOCHUM, SPECPOL, and ECOFIN. Members of the Press

F.Y.I! Name: Anjali Bery Age: 14 Class: 10B Position: Writer Favourite things: Listening to music, reading, photography & painting

In the 19th century, Russians drank their tea with a cube of sugar held between their teeth.

In Russia, grandmothers, or ‘babushkas’ are famous for the prominent role they play in families and fairy tales.

Onscreen or on Paper?


by Melanie Schmeelke

The famed Harry Potter series is set in a magical land that may or may not co-exist with our own world. Many of you will have seen at least one of the eight movies, and some of you may have read the books. Those of you that have read the books can call yourselves true fans, because only we know the differences that separate the books from the movies; aspects of Harry’s world that existed in the books and never made it to the big screen, and elements in the movies that were never in the books. To help you become better acquainted with the two parallel versions, here is a brief comparison between the fantastical book series and the multi-billion dollar film franchise Let’s start with our main man: Harry Potter, who is played by the dashing Daniel Radcliffe. In the books, Harry has green eyes and unkempt hair, whereas in the movies, Harry has blue eyes and a relatively groomed head of hair (a smart move on the filmmakers’ part to make him more attractive). Another aspect that was altered for the movie is when Harry encounters the mirror of Erised. In ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, the first of the seven Potter books, Harry looks into the magical mirror and sees his extended family behind him. As one can imagine, this might have been problematic in a movie, which explains why his extended family was reduced to just his parents, which prevents overcrowding of the scene.

Our dear Hermione Granger is the smart, frizzy-haired girl in the dynamic trio. In the movies, she is played by the beautiful Emma Watson. Most people would probably think of the Emma Watson version of Hermione, but J.K Rowling had originally envisioned Hermione as extremely awkward, and anything but beautiful.

Cartoon by Lili Dekker

Our red haired friend, Ron Weasley, completes the threesome and is arguably the most eccentric of the trio – he comes from a large family and his siblings have jobs in fields ranging from dragon studies, Muggle studies and pranking sciences. In the books, Harry and Ron share a special bond, forged over many years of friendship and the experiences that they have shared. However, in the onscreen version, Ron is more aloof and has few meaningful conversations with Harry. ! All in all, the movies interpret the books fairly well, considering hundreds of pages had to be squeezed into two and a half hours of viewing pleasure. The graphics heighten every sense of foreboding, horror and joy on the big screen, and the actors do an exceptional job of getting into character. If you haven’t already, we recommend that you sit back, relax for a day, and have yourself a 20 hour Harry Potter movie marathon.

How to

Save a Life

by Hilaire Wong and Nicole Chong

‘Good morning!’, ‘Have a nice day!’ you hear as you rush across the zebra crossing, late for your first lesson. Nestor D Salango, our friendly zebra crossing or ‘lollipop’ man, is known and loved by students and teachers alike. Today, he makes some time from his busy day for a quick chat with us.

Hi Nestor! What time do you get to school every morning? It seems like you’re always the first one here. I wake up at 5:30 in the morning and I’m here by 7:00 a.m. I leave at 4:00 p.m. because that’s when everyone is already home and my work is done! So, what do you do when students are in class? I eat chocolate! (laughs and offers us some of his orange-flavoured chocolate, which we gladly accept) But of course I have to direct the traffic. Every 2 to 5 minutes, I get somebody passing by. What is your favourite thing about your job? Is there anything you don’t like about the students? There is nothing to dislike about this job. My first priority is to take care of the kids. I like children a lot - I have 7 grandsons and 8 granddaughters. Wow! 15 grandchildren? Yes, they all live in Hong Kong. And that’s what I see when I see the children. I love them and I’m very happy to be here. So of course I take care of them; it’s my job and my favourite thing about it. How long have you worked here for? I’ve been working here for more than 5 years now. I’m also a musician.   Oh yeah! We’ve seen you perform at the Christmas Bazaar before! Everybody loves your band. Yes, that’s right. I also have a night job in Causeway Bay where I play music every night at a Spanish restaurant. Really? Do you also play in a band like at the Christmas Bazaar? Well, we are a two-man band. We both play guitar and sing for the people dining there. We can sing some Chinese and Spanish songs, but to be honest we don’t really understand what the words mean. (laughs) What else…I also know some Japanese songs and Italian songs. There are German guests in the restaurant who request German songs, but German is a very difficult language to learn. It’s funny because I work here at German Swiss. Who is your favourite singer? Elvis Presley! (At this moment, Mr. John Barker crosses the road and asks us what we are doing. We tell him and he exclaims with mock horror, “He’s busy saving my life!”) Is there anything else you can tell us about yourself? Let’s see… I’m a laid back man. I like to chill and I like my life like this. I want to be friends with everyone. I want everybody to pray for a happy life, like me!

What are your hobbies? I enjoy singing and watching science films. I like to study stars in my free time. I love astrology; I find it so interesting. What is your favourite colour? Light blue, (he looks up at the sky) just like this!   Favourite animal? Favourite animal? Hmm… in the Philippines I have many caribou. Caribou? Buffaloes! We call them caribou in the Philippines. We use them for a lot of things, especially on the fields. Do you return to the Philippines often? Many times a year, of course. It is my home country and I have family there. Thanks for taking our interview Nestor!

The 101st annual International Women’s Day will be held this year on March the 8th. There is no question that women have made enormous strides over the past century; we have the right to vote in the vast majority of countries around the world and legally, we have equal rights with men in most places too. So why is it that we still need to mark this date as International Women’s Day? Are we celebrating the accomplishments that women have made towards an equal society, or are we maintaining this date as a reminder of how much more needs to be done? Women around the world should be proud of their progress and achievements over the last one hundred and one years. In 1812 women were not admitted to Harvard Medical School, and now several recent classes have graduated with more women than men. In 1976, men owned 96% of businesses in the US; now 1 in 3 business is owned by a woman. Today, there are 29 female world leaders in power and 14 self-made women billionaires, with half of them coming from China.


Name: Emma Keoy Age: 14 Class: 10C Position: Writer Favourite things: Theme parks, cotton candy & making pancakes


Name: Amanda Sin Age: 14 Class: 10D Position: Writer

Despite all of these achievements women, especially in developing countries, still face many challenges and discrimination. For example the literacy rate for females in Nepal is only 35% compared with 63% for males. Even in developed countries women still lag behind men in areas such as job recognition and compensation. An International Women’s Day is therefore still valid in today’s society, in order to highlight the challenges women face and help them to continue to move forward. With more than 1,000 events scheduled each year to inspire women and girls around the world, it seems clear that women are celebrating both what we’ve achieved to date and ensuring that this momentum continues into the future. In the United Kingdom alone, more than 150 events have already been organized. This year’s global theme is “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures”. For those of you interested, the ‘Business and Professional Women's Association of Hong Kong’, a non-profit women’s group, will be holding a celebratory dinner at the Football Club on March the 15th from 19:00 to 23:00 with non-members welcome to join the festivities. However, my question is: How will we celebrate International Women’s Day at GSIS this year? I’m sure some women will attend the event at the Football Club and hopefully others, like me, will at least take a moment to reflect on what International Women’s Day means for our generation.

Favourite things: Debating, the number 42 & ‘The Princess Bride’

Name: Anya Petersohn Age: 15 Class: 11D Position: Writer Favourite things: Writing, walking my dog, travelling & reading

by Amanda Sin

bridgebuilding competition

Sir Isaac Newton once said: “We have built too

many walls and too few bridges”

I wonder if this quote was in mind when Erica Leung from Year 12 and her brother, Toby from Year 10, set out to organize the first official bridge-building competition at GSIS. On the afternoon of February 9, a crowd of students assembled in the upper building courtyard to build the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing bridges out of duct tape and popsicle sticks. Excited by the daunting challenge, the groups quickly put their heads together to work out how to defy the laws of gravity and to win this competition. One competitor, Karen Hsu from Year 10, described the experience as “so intense, it was amazing”. According to the organiser, Erica, the competition was conceived and devised by the whole Leung

family. Her father is an engineer and both she and Toby aspire to follow in his footsteps. The siblings felt that most GSIS competition events showcase performing talents, and they set out to create a different type of event for students who are passionate about architecture and engineering The competition’s mission was to “bond with friends whilst learning about the characteristics of a bridge”, and the bridges were judged on aesthetics, strength and length. The event was also meant to encourage teamwork, as teams designed their bridge together in order to come up with different possibilities for the best final design. Will another bridge building competition be held next year? Erica says that since next year will be her last year in this school,

she might be too busy with university applications and exams to organise the event. She did, however, state that if she does organise another competition next year, teams from the German stream are more than welcome to participate. Results have recently been released, so congratulations to Angel Cheung, Maxine Kwan and Justin Wei for building the most aesthetically pleasing bridge, and to Nigel Pak, Rachel Wang and Natalie Tsui for building the strongest and longest bridge. I would also like to say good job to everyone who participated, because while we can burn bridges with ease, building them is a huge feat.

by Disha Daswaney

Spring Fashion Spring is finally here! The sun is shining and the temperature is rising! It’s time to leave your Ugg boots behind and trade them in for a cute pair of ballet flats or ankle-strap sandals. Spring is the most playful of seasons and there are so many ways to transform simple outfits. On one hand, this can be wonderful for those who enjoy a real fashion challenge. However, it can also be time consuming, especially for students, to transition from winter into spring. So, my fellow fashionistas, here is a brief look at the upcoming fashion trends for spring 2012 and trends that it is time to say goodbye to.

tie top


On the runway, popular colour trends were red, orange, green, blue and yellow. These colours are perfect for colourblocking, which never goes out of spring style. Try contrasting these colours for a fresh spring look, and remember that the more the colours clash, the better colour blocking works.

oversized neon top

pencil skirt

Prints and tie-dye have been spotted on the runway, along with florals, mainly for casual wear. For a bolder option, mix and match prints! As we will be experiencing some wet patches in Hong Kong this spring, it is worth investing in some waterproofing fabric spray for your shoes, which can be found at any sporting goods outlet. Wellington boots would also be an alternative, which won’t smell or take a long time to dry off.

bright orange lips

In terms of cosmetics, experiment with bright colours by using products such as aqua eyeliner, neon nails, bright lips and orange or purple eye shadow (not all at once, of course!) If you aren’t keen on neon, you could also try copper eye shadow and bronzer for more of a sun-kissed look.

Gentlemen, we haven’t forgotten

about you. As seen on the runway, this season is all about neutral colours and different shades of blue and green. These colours are ideal for the hottest pattern trend this spring: camouflage, a trend that takes us back to the 50s.

Try contrasting patterns with bright pops of red, yellow or orange. You could take this print trend to the next level by trying out printed jackets, accessories and pants paired with neutral colours.

transparent tote

For a more sophisticated look, have a go at wearing tailored suits in a check pattern or in tones of grey. This fits in well with the professor or geek chic trend, which is carried on from winter.

Another rising trend in men’s fashion is the punk-rock look, so slip on a suede or black leather jacket to rock this trend.

find your perfect

by Disha Daswaney

Having trouble adding the final touches to your spring outfits? With our two-part accessories quiz, you’ll never have to worry about how to perfect your spring outfit. Until spring 2013 that is!


Wom en



How would you best describe your style? a) Artistic b) 80’s inspired c) Elegant d) Flashy

1 What is your favourite colour scheme?

e) Classic

a) Earthy

b) Metallic

My go-to accessory is a…


c) Sorbet

a) Snakeskin clutch

d) Neon

b) Compact metal purse

e) Muted


c) Pearl necklace d) Chunky bracelet

When choosing my clothes, I pick pieces that are

e) Floral ring

a) Highly detailed b) Sleek


c) Feminine

At a party I would wear a… a) Printed maxi dress

d) Colorful

b) Tailored suit

e) Understated

c) Dressy jumpsuit d) Metallic dress e) Lace dress

1 When choosing my clothes, I go for th ings that are …

3 My ideal accessory is a…

a) Down-to-earth

a) Leather cuff

b) Daring

b) Scarf

c) Sophisticated



c) Necktie

It’s a bit ch illy outside! What piece of outerwear do you throw on?


How do you best describe your style? a) Creative

a) Hoodie

b) Bright

b) Sweater

c) Reserved

c) Blazer


What colour do you wear most often? a) Blue b) Red c) Black




Your style revolves around the amount of detail that you put into selecting your outfits on a daily basis. To tie your outfit together, add tribal-inspired accessories to make it edgier and more unique. LY T OS

S B’


Mid Century Mod This accessory trend is all about taking risks by wearing colourful and chunky accessories that show off your bold personality.


To accentuate your sleek look, futuristic accessories will really complement your outfit. They make your outfit more fun, but still sophisticated.



60s-inspired accessories are always a fun choice for spring and they never go out of style. Floral accessories can add pizzazz to an otherwise understated outfit.

1930s Swag

The 30s was the most glamorous time for male formal wear, especially because of the fashionforward accessories they sported.

Roaring 20s



Mid Century Mod Your style is very creative and this adds the extra pop of colour that will take your look over the edge.

The flapper style is back and better than ever. These accessories are great to accessorize feminine outfits, adding simple and delicate touches.


These masculine accessories add earthy touches to a classy and down to earth style.


by Alvina Kwok and Michelle Ng

A   Learning   Experience? Name: Alvina Kwok Age: 16 Class: 11C Position: Writer Favourite things: Books, stationery & mint chocolate ice cream

The Hong Kong Award for Young People - what does this mean to you? For most people, it either means a weekend in the middle of nowhere, away from your parents, or a strenuous two-day hike. Well today is your lucky day as we, the survivors of this programme, tell you what this ‘learning experience’, as our lovely teachers call it, really entails. Oh yes, it is definitely a learning experience... But before going on the actual expedition, some knowledge that may come in handy includes:

1. Don’t cook inside your tent 2. Don’t run into hill fires 3. Don’t throw fuel boles into fires

Name: Lili Dekker Age: 16 Class: 11B Position: Writer & Cartoonist Favourite things: Writing, reading, filming & 80s movies

Name: Melanie Schmeelke Age: 16 Class: 11D Position: Writer Favourite things: Writing, reading, watching movies

The true learning experience takes place during the expedition. You will learn that it is best not to team up with your best friends, but instead with people who are at least as fit as you. Otherwise, 99.9% of your trip will be spent waiting for slower team members or pushing him or her uphill. You will also learn to stay on your toes at all times, because your teachers may leave you in the middle of nowhere as a ‘challenge’. The cold sleepless nights will eventually lead to long, deep meaningful conversations (a.k.a dmcs) with your tent mates and you will learn just how non-soundproof your tent is. After reading this article, we are sure that we have painted a very beautiful picture of AYP for all of you.

But in all seriousness? We enjoyed it. Although we had to learn many things the hard way, we had a great time. We learned how to erect a tent and light fires, we discovered different sides of our classmates, we found out what awesome cooks some people are, and most importantly, we realised that we are capable of much more than we may think. We also took wonderful pictures and during the silent nights spent admiring the beautiful night sky, we saw a different side of Hong Kong; not the skyscrapers and fashion brands, the politicians and booming economy, but Mother Nature’s presence in everything around us. We look forward to the HKAYP silver expedition next year, where we will undoubtedly create memories to add to these.




by Alvina Kwok and Michelle Ng

DOS → Enjoy the endless stretch of the ink blue sky (or the pouring rain) if you forget your tent cover

→ Read your HKAYP booklet the

night before the expedition, it’s great for putting you to sleep so you get a good night’s rest.

→ Let your fastest teammate get

DON’TS → Equate milk with soy milk like

Vitasoy. You don’t get very far trying to make chocolate fondue with Vitasoy.

→ Trust the Hong Kong Weather

Observatory without reservation; it’s not very accurate. When it’s 9°C, it’s 16°C according to them.

→ Blindly follow your teachers. They

ahead of the group. That way, other people will have more time to catch up and you can kindly ask them for their photos later.

like to make the expedition extra challenging, so they may lead you in the wrong direction, or take you on a mysterious path that actually leads you back to your starting point!

→ Learn how to aim properly. That

→ Feed the animals, even if the

goes for throwing your rubbish in rubbish bins and pouring soup into pots. Otherwise you may attract ravenous rats or start hazardous hill fires.

cutest dog you have ever seen approaches you. If you feed one, you will have to feed all the others. Unless you don’t mind your stomach grumbling through the night, in whichcase, disregard this ‘don’t’.

Name: Michelle Ng Age: 16 Class: 11D Position: Writer and cartoonist Favourite things: Books, debates & manga

Name: Hilaire Wong Age: 15 Class: 10D

The Common Room Website Poll Results

Position: Writer Enjoys: Movie nights, barbeques & smores

Would you rather... be trapped at school for 3 days have 3 hours of P.E a week

Name: Nicole Chong

take 3 tests in a day

Class: 10B

spend 3 hours in detention

Age: 14

Position: Writer Favourite things: Horror movies & summer afternoons on the beach

scholarscopes MARCH

by emma keoy and anjali bery



Feb 19-Mar 20 Venus is in your Rising Sign this month, adding to your sensitive nature, so you may be extra touchy. Don’t take it personally if a parent or teacher criticises you, use it constructively instead!

Mar 21-Apr 20 There may be unexpected developments in your personal life and school matters may be frustrating. When a teacher praises your work, don’t let yourself slack off or your grades will suffer. Stay focused!




May 22-Jun 21 You may be feeling stressed this month, especially because of your family life. You may feel like there’s too much to do and too little time, but getting organised will help a whole lot. If you ever need help, don’t be afraid to ask!

Jun 22-Jul 22 Uranus, in its current position, could be problematic. Don’t ignore a teacher’s advice just because he/she doesn’t know you well. Mature wisdom is just what you need to help you through the issues you are dealing with at hand.

Jul 23-Aug 22 A close friend of yours may be experiencing some problems and you really want to help, but it may be best if you suggest she ask an adult: perhaps a teacher or a parent. This may be too much for the two of you to handle alone.




Aug 23-Sep 22 You have strong opinions about everything, but be extra sensitive this month about what you say because you may get into a heated argument with a close friend. Try to understand what he/she is going through before responding.

Sep 23-Oct 22 With all the exams coming up, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Try using the organiser on your cell to keep your activities in check. Make sure you have exam dates and reminder alerts to keep you on track with deadlines.

Oct 23-Nov 21 You feel like your BFF has been becoming more distant lately, and you’re finding it hard to talk to him/her. Give them some space; he/she might just be going through something at the moment. Maybe try asking if everything is all right?




Nov 22-Dec 21 You may be feeling a little stuck on your current project, but don’t worry! Try to think outside the box, be creative, and don’t be afraid to be a little different. You’ll be surprised, you may be a lot better than you thought!

Dec 22-Jan 19 You’re feeling mega competitive right now, but if you don’t feel like you’re at the top of your game, it may be because you’ve been spending way too much time online. Try cutting back on Internet use and you might see some progress.

Jan 20-Feb18 You don’t usually pay attention to gossip, but that was until you started to hear crazy rumours about your BFF. You won’t be able to do much about it, but luckily he/she will have you by her side for support until it all dies down. …Right?

TAURUS Apr 21-May 21 You’re always joking around with your friends, but your idea of what’s funny may hurt a friend’s feelings. Be extra cautious about what you say and try to be more understanding.


Annie answers your questions in our advice column. Ask Annie on our website,,under the ‘Ask Annie’ section for the chance of getting your question answered.

by Anonymous



I am going to boarding school in the UK next year. Even though I know this school has a great reputation, I’m still nervous because I hate the idea of not being able to see my friends anymore. I’m scared of being on my own for the first time and worried that I’ll be homesick as soon as I leave Hong Kong. What do I do now?

Dear being shipped off, Don’t worry too much. As much as many of us would like to, we cannot stay in one place forever. Moving to different places is a part of life and even if you weren’t going to boarding school, at some point or another, you will have to move on from the world you know right now. However, that doesn’t mean that you will never see your friends again or that you must cut ties with your close ones. It takes effort on both sides to keep up a long-distance friendship, but it has been made so much easier with technology. Nowadays, programmes like Skype enable us to video-chat for free, or you could even use email if time difference is an issue!

being shipped off

Homesickness is a completely natural feeling when starting out in a new environment, be it a new school, country, or job, since you’ve been accustomed to your daily routine. Being able to adapt to new surroundings is a skill that everyone should learn, whether it be sooner or later in life. But as long as you stay positive about your transition and be determined to settle down well, instead of dwelling on what you’ve left behind, you will be fine. Best of luck at your new school! ••••••••••••••••••••••••



I like the fashion shows that the international schools put on and I enjoy keeping up to date with fashion trends, but they just make me feel so self-conscious and insecure about how I look… The models at these school fashion shows are just so skinny. Why can’t I look like them? How do I deal with this feeling of inadequacy?

Dear Don’t like what I see in the mirror, I personally feel that it is wrong for the fashion industry to convey the message that being skinny makes you beautiful and that the only type of beautiful body type is a skinny one. It is important to remember that one is not defined by how he or she looks on the outside, because looks will only get one so far in life. Depriving oneself of food or using other unhealthy methods to lose weight is extremely dangerous and harmful to your body. With these school fashion shows and the media, I understand that you may feel under pressure to be a certain size, but you need to realise that what matters most is your health, and superficial people who judge others based on appearance aren’t worth your time. People look their best when they are happy and confident, so while it is okay to watch what you eat and exercise regularly, you should only do so because you want to be healthy, not because you want to resemble a pole.

Don’t like what I see in the mirror




I have to make my GCSE subject choices and my parents and I disagree about what subjects I should choose. My parents are both doctors and want me to take up the sciences. Although I’m doing quite well in those subjects, I don’t feel interested in pursuing a medical career and would prefer to choose humanities subjects. Do you think I can reach some sort of compromise with my parents?

Dear conflicted, At GCSE, you should still be aiming to cover a broad range of subjects. It can be useful to think about what field you would like to work in and what profession you see yourself as, but more importantly ask yourself what you enjoy and what you are good at. You could speak to a teacher who knows your strengths and weaknesses or visit the school’s careers office to get a more thorough analysis. If your findings after asking these questions differ greatly from what your parents are proposing, tell them that what you want to pick is what you truly want to do. Compromising across ten subjects should certainly be possible.


Valentine’s Day: Love it or Hate it? We know it’s been and gone, but we just have to share what GSIS teachers and students were saying about Valentine’s Day last month!

ally ’t re n’t n o Id es Ng: e it do e. As e l l s m he au Mic …bec ecial to ate,I’m l e car that sp choco et m see as I g fine! long  

Amanda Sin:  It’s okay, but in 1929, the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre occurred. I think that people should do more than think of February 14 as a day for romance; people should also remember it as a reason to fight organized ! crime.

as e d ür d n f h fi t nur c I : is ie nig . Es te. S ld. u Le ch häf Ge au uats esc viel r F tq G n is die iene d r ve

: Love it. Anjali Bery le Cute coup fun! watching is

Ms ove Crouc h r infla rated : I thi nk t e t ve e d tho se w prices nt. It is hat for an ith in s Va t cha hem to low in hops, excus lentin c e e r the ge far buy m omes and I t to pro ’s Da y ha h a m a m in ny o s th o o y is oth f th ere i k it is u te jun an er d ve to re on e se kw cov the sm indi ay. ith e e nfai d v t . w iduals Valent r are m ay, ev hings. dia pr r on i e ho e n , R ssu es rec partic e’s D ore o n wh ! eive ular ay c r les en th tauran re ! s a l r t ma e ny t oses a y for th n be h the sa costs s ! hey o u r m eo se rtfu e a re ! not have r ften bo at sch l for c any e ! peo sensit eceive astful ool. Pe rtain ive d, a o ple o f how ple abo nd ca and n feel ut it, s as th alon left o ome ey ut e.

Eison Chiang: I don’t really care. The day has no meaning to me and it’s a waste of time and money.

Disha Das waney: I lo ve the idea, b ut Valentine’s days like Day should be more fr equent!

Ms Gourla y: Hate it! It feels lik mass prod e uced rom ance, whe you sit in re a restaura nt a table is ex actly the s nd every ame. It’s a bit like ba ttery farm ing… or cloning !

! e it v o y : L e s, eo colat ir! K m a ch o e a Em ses, e in th Ro lov the

es ntin a e l a le ve V s peop for o l I o: ive ove ey H that it g their l is for r d s it Au I feel pres hether st x ! e y a ju to se; w D l y or nce cha eone e , famil s! e s som friend mselv e th

Samanth a Chow Neutral? I think ev : eryday should b eV Why sho alentine’s Day. uld w love on ju e celebrate st o n e d a y?

Nic h Day olas K ?V oo goo alentin : Valen tine birth d frie e’s d ’s a day n ! No d Con y is m y ra th thou ing rom d’s gh! anti c  

Matthew Ho: I’m a guy, I don’t care! The only good thing is that Mass Effect 3 [a video game] is coming out soon!  

The Common Room Issue 3  
The Common Room Issue 3  

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