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Vacant campus building offers hidden view of EBONY headquarters




COLUMBIA GAINED A new—and fake—admin-

istrative position via Twitter Dec. 1, whose title is “Interim Dean of Bullshit.” So far, the dean’s contributions to “growsynthesize” the college include tongue-in-cheek tweets poking fun at some topical issues that have been affecting Columbia through the handle @CNewspeak. As of press time, the interim dean had 47 followers and had sent out 52 playful and

“Columprehensive” tweets. Many who do not follow the account interacted with it, shared it on social media or via email. While the dean remains anonymous and declined in a Twitter direct message interview with The Chronicle to identify with any gender, the photo associated with the account is of an older man. “His” Twitter biography states the following: “Interim Dean of...something at Columbia College Chicago. Applying social media to enhance and facilitate what I exemplify each day as I implement action.” The interim dean’s tweets cover topics


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New ‘Dean of BS’ satirizes college » kyra senese & zoe eitel


such as the importance of “contempomodernizing” the college so students can “cross-pollinatedly thrive,” the dean’s search for his own lunch rather than outsourcing the task and the riskiness of trying Buffalo Wild Wings’ bourbon honey mustard sauce. Creating the account was the dean’s way of setting an example for Columbia students, he told The Chronicle. “As an interim administrator, I deemed it incumbently proactive to take a leading role in building a sustainable social media presence that 21st Century-centered learners

will follow before becoming cross-cultural stakeholders of tomorrow’s jobs today,” the interim dean said via Twitter. He also noted some of his favorite aspects of the college. “The collegiality of my fellow interim colleagues. The staff who haven’t been eliminated are dedicated. The students strike me as decidedly unconventional—I hope to meet them someday,” he said. Chris Maul-Rice, an adjunct professor in the Creative Writing Department, said she enjoyed the interim dean’s tweets. She said the dean’s to-do list—“assess, articulate, engage, compose an email starting with ‘I am pleased to announce,’ harness, maximize”—was her favorite.


Volume 51, Issue 14

Journalist Brandon Smith talks about Laquan McDonald

The Columbia Chronicle, December 7, 2015  
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