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You are an emotional rollercoaster if one ever existed. Imagine not being in control; does that make you feel nauseated? That’s what a rollercoaster will do to you. We are all waiting for something grand to happen, and the hope that brings us will be worth far more than whatever that thing is. We understand this because that is the way the world works and has always worked. You are spontaneous, Aries. You are by no means weak and everybody knows that, but everyone has a weakness. You like those rollercoaster rides.

I’m looking at you Pisces, and I’ve got to ask, how many nosebleeds do you think are happening right now at this very moment? I think you think this should be a weird question, but you don’t. Nosebleeds are a very common phenomenon on Earth. They connect many people to one another, and you find this beautiful. You know the big world and everything that goes on in it. You know about what we find in rivers and what gets left behind on CTA train cars: Flowers. Old mail. A screwdriver. These are things that once made an impact on someone’s life, items that brought surprise to a life. I wonder if surprises make you feel something new.

You want so desperately to know everything about everyone, and you’ll travel to worlds that are light or dark—nowhere in between—to find what you’re looking for. I know how curious you are, Scorpio. It’s marvelous to think of everything we can’t immediately touch or see, but it’s also disturbing to look in the mirror and think, “I want to find out how long I can hold my breath in outer space.” This is when you hold random facts close to your chest and ask them about their pasts. Did you know that 72 percent of dog owners believe their dog can sense when it’s about to rain? Scorpio, there are so many things we aren’t sure of yet. We just have to be patient.

Columbia College Chicago ECHO 2017  
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