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2 • November 25, 2013

by Lindsey Woods


College unprepared for violent storms WOULD YOU KNOW what to do if you were on campus when a violent storm occurred? I wouldn’t. If I were in The Chronicle office in the 33 E. Congress Parkway Building during the Nov. 17 storm that spawned deadly tornadoes in the southern part of Illinois, I wouldn’t have the faintest idea of where to go or what to do. My instincts would tell me to go to the basement, but according to Robert Koverman, associate vice president of Safety & Security, that could be a dangerous option. Koverman told a Chronicle reporter that he would not recommend students go to the basements of campus buildings because the stairwells and basements couldn’t handle that kind of traffic. So where should I go? The official Office of Campus Safety & Security evacuation procedure for severe weather and tornadoes, listed on the office’s website, instructs students to evacuate to a lower level hallway or basement with a flashlight, a moot option because the basement could already be packed. Plan B? Find a restroom without windows, “inside walls on opposite side of a corridor from which the storm is approaching” or an interior hallway on the lowest floor that doesn’t have

windows or doors. Oh, and don’t go into any hallways. They’ll probably become wind tunnels. OK, so I’ll have to wait out any possible tornadoes in the girls bathroom in the Journalism Department, assuming that’s not at capacity like the basement. I hope everyone remembered to flush. But I only know where to go because I sought out the safety report online to write this article, and let’s be honest, how many students who aren’t journalists writing an article about tornado safety going to do that? Plus, this is all assuming I even knew a storm was coming. The Office of Safety & Security claimed that city tornado alarms didn’t go off so they wouldn’t have had to notify students of the terrifying weather outside, even though city sirens did go off on the North and Northwest sides. That means that if I had been at my desk Nov. 17, bee-bopping to some sick jams like usual, and failed to notice a disastrous storm capable of ruining entire communities, The Office of Safety & Security would not have felt a need to enlighten me on the situation. Great. Part of the burden falls on students to be prepared in circumstances like these, and no amount of planning can keep


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Sleep study finds traumatic memories can be influenced • PG. 13 everyone safe, but The Office of Safety & Security should at least notify students if there’s weather as intense as the Nov. 17 storms, regardless of what the city does. While my situation is purely hypothetical and maybe a little sarcastic, there were students in on-campus housing when the storms hit, and according to the students Chronicle reporters interviewed for the story on Page 3, they really were unprepared. The students on campus were not alerted to the conditions outside and said they wouldn’t know what to do if they did have to evacuate. Weather like that doesn’t occur very often and is therefore not a safety priority, but that’s not an excuse for being unprepared when it does happen.


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2 • November 25, 2013

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Rap artist Nelly watches his daughter perform in the Nov. 22 fundraiser “I Love the 90’s Tribute Show” hosted by Columbia’s Urban Music Association and the Humanities, History & Social Sciences Department. The performance, which took place in the 618 S. Michigan Ave. Building, paid tribute to legendary ’90s artists and raised money for the Kamoinge-Ferman Scholarship.


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