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The Columban st. columba’s church, knock

may 2014

The latest parish news, events and notices The Mourne Mountains, Newcastle, Co. Down

THE ANNUAL EASTER GENERAL VESTRY MEETING 2014 EXTRACTS FROM THE RECTOR’S ADDRESS Our parish prayer provides a focus for our work in St. Columba’s: ‘God, our Heavenly Father, make the door of our Church wide enough to welcome all who need human love, fellowship and a Father’s care; but narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride and hatred. Here may the tempted find help, the sorrowing receive comfort and the penitent be assured of your mercy. And here may all your children renew their strength and go on their way in hope and joy; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.’ Bishop Thomas Ken 1637-1711 The open door is a great feature of St. Columba’s where everyone is valued and welcomed. The new parish handbook which was published last September contains much useful information about the parish and is given to new parishioners upon arrival as part of their welcome pack. First impressions last and the type of welcome we offer can make all the difference between a person or family joining St. Columba’s or otherwise. Another aspect to the door …narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride and hate. There can be no place for that in St. Columba’s and yet when it occurs it causes great upset. We need to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. We need to reflect Christ in all our words and actions each day. The door presents a challenge …not a stumbling block to children nor to straying feet. We need to continually encourage and resource the children in our parish through the Crèche, Mums & Tots, Doves and Brownies and Sunday School. Children are welcomed, encouraged and enjoyed in our parish and we must further develop this important aspect of our work. They are the church of tomorrow but they are also the church of today! More resources – both financial and practical - are required to encourage and support the children in our parish. At present, only a small percentage of our total parish income is being allocated to the ministry of children. What is that saying about our commitment to them? The door must be rugged enough to reject temptation and focus on God and his kingdom...temptation comes in many forms and it is difficult to reject. We need to focus on God and his kingdom in our lives and work. What do we hope to achieve in St. Columba’s as we move forward? 1. A deeper understanding of the Christian faith 2. Link our faith with everyday issues in: a. Worship b. Parish organisations c. Music d. Outreach to the community 2

It is essential that our worship connects with real life issues and that it offers each of us support. We are indeed very fortunate to have had Archbishop Robin Eames preaching at our 10.30am services during these past weeks on “The Gift of Faith”. Each week he focussed on a particular aspect of our lives and examined ways of how our faith can sustain us in the difficulties we experience. Our faith needs to be a way of life for us, not an optional extra. Faith brings strength and comfort in the difficulties we experience. CHURCH TODAY Our church attendances are increasing. That is good news! • • •

Great atmosphere Great fellowship Great participation of all ages

It is encouraging to see new young families joining St. Columba’s. We need to encourage them to become actively involved in the life of our parish at all levels. Young families bring new skills to our parish work and their talents can be of great support and benefit to the Select Vestry and parish committees. Services St. Columba’s has a great variety of services each month. There is something in the monthly schedule for everyone of all ages. We are fortunate to have excellent lay participation and I thank Muriel Arndell for all her hard work as Readers and Intercessors Co-Ordinator. We are truly fortunate to have Canon Ken Smyth as our Assistant Priest. He is a most hard working and conscientious colleague whose ministry in our services, your homes and in the Ulster Hospital, as Church of Ireland Chaplain, is greatly appreciated by us all. It is a great joy to have him and his wife, Jenny, with us in our parish and I thank them for all their support. Karen McAlpine provides great care and confidence to the children as they participate in the All Age Worship services. In addition, she assists with the readings, prayers and the chalice at the Holy Communion services. I thank Karen for her work and assure her of our prayers as she prepares to be commissioned as a Diocesan Lay Reader. During the year, I appointed Murray Hunter as Honorary Sacristan and John Proctor as Honorary Sexton to assist me with the preparation of the church building for our various services. They are of great support and I thank them. The smooth running of our Sunday services is made possible through the weekly publication of Pew News, with also a large print edition. It is available on the parish website every Friday. As a parish we need to have confidence in speaking and living the gospel in the different settings we find ourselves in each day. This is best achieved through: • • •

Regular church attendance Daily devotion Bible Study – meets every Wednesday in the Choir Vestry (7.30-8.30pm) where new members are warmly welcomed.

We also need to have compassion in serving our local community with the love of God. St. Columba’s receives support and blessing from our local community. It is 3

important that we play a full and active part in it. This is currently achieved through our membership of the Belmont and District Council of Churches and our participation with Knock Methodist Church during the Holy Week services. St. Columba’s generously supports Christians Against Poverty, both financially and also with food appeals, in addition to emergency appeals in the aftermath of natural disasters. If we are to grow and develop as a parish we must be creative. We must continue to reach out to new parishioners and new members of our parish organisations through our updated website which contains much helpful and useful information. The church noticeboard has been relocated and is now in a more prominent position for passers-by to see. The Columban is an excellent magazine with 28 full colour pages of parish news. I wish to thank our hard working editor, Ian Noad, for his diligence and conscientiousness in providing us with the ten full issues of the magazine each year. He does an excellent job and we all benefit from his efficiency and great attention to detail. I also want to thank our graphic designer, Wendy McCague, for all her ward work and creativity with the art and design, and Ream Printers for producing The Columban. They are a great team. However, the benefit of their work is reduced when the magazine arrives late at parishioners’ homes. Old new is no news! I thank Ronny Martin for all his work as Magazine Co-Ordinator to develop a new distribution system so that as many parishioners as possible can benefit from The Columban at the earliest opportunity. Ronny carefully explained the new system in recent magazine articles and the emphasis is now on parishioners to collect their own copy from the back of church on the last Sunday of the month. It is also available on the parish website and is now delivered only to those who have requested it or have a pastoral need. St. Columba’s is growing and developing as a parish. Much has been achieved, however, a great deal more needs to be done. It can only happen with the support of every parishioner giving of their:Time – in busy lives the generous gift of your time to assist with the work of our parish is deeply appreciated. Talents – we all have different gifts which we have been given by God and are called to share them in St. Columba’s. Money – your financial support is vital and assists the Select Vestry and myself in the running of the parish. Giving through Standing Order is our preferred method, however, if you use Free Will Offering Envelopes please do not forget to write the amount on your envelope and check it carefully. I thank the Honorary Treasurer, Josephine Kelly, Assistant Honorary Treasurer, Ronny Martin, and the financial team for all their hard work throughout the year. In addition, I thank Paddy Malone and Patricia Wilson who have just retired from the Bank Lodgement Team. 4

It is essential that we maintain and increase the giving of our time, talents and money if we are to move from survival to growth. Every parishioner is essential not just those who attend church or our parish organisations. It is not just what our church can do for us but rather what can we do for our church? Karen Patterson and I recently wrote to all those parishioners who have not contributed financially to the work of our parish during the past two years, inviting them to support St. Columba’s to the best of their ability. Gerald Hill recently retired as Organist and Choirmaster. He has worked extremely hard to develop our musical tradition over the past 27 years. He has carried out his duties in a dedicated and conscientious manner and was appointed Organist Emeritus in recognition of his loyal service. I am delighted that Gerald and his family are remaining as parishioners, and I wish them well for the future. We were delighted to welcome our new Organist and Choral Director, Dr Joe McKee, on 1st March. Joe brings considerable professional qualifications and extensive expertise of working with choirs in many settings to his new position. It is important that we maintain and develop the role of music in our worship. I wish him God’s richest blessing in his work. Commitment - We must give of our best at St. Columba’s - We need to honour our responsibilities - We need to take time to prepare for our church involvement and we want you to help us as follows:•

Advise Karen Patterson of changes to contact details

Consider using Standing Orders

Write the amount on FWO envelopes (check carefully first!)

Submit Pew News articles to the parish office by Tuesday of each week

Book an appointment with Karen for posters, fliers etc

Reply promptly to parish emails

Book your room... don’t assume! COMMUNITY

St. Columba’s is actively involved in the local community. The Columban is distributed to nursing homes, libraries, Community Centres and Medical Centres. The parish website is often the first point of reference for new parishioners and those in our community who wish to participate in our worship and activities. The 10.30am service is recorded each Sunday and is available on the website, along with Pew News. Membership of our parish organisations also includes those from the community at large. It is my privilege to conduct services in Towell House and Kirk House, and I also have an active involvement in local schools. 5

Further Afield Our parish link with Enniskillen Cathedral will commence on Friday, 29th June, at a service of Holy Communion in Enniskillen Cathedral. Much continues to be achieved through our link with the diocese of Northern Zambia as detailed in the April Columban. We look forward to welcoming Philip Cheembela from Zambia to St. Columba’s, from 9th to 15th May. MISSION 2015 This is a diocesan initiative which includes every parish throughout the diocese. By way of preparation, St. Columba’s had responsibility for the 24/7 Prayer Scroll for three days in January. The Bishop’s Visitation to our parish in March was a most informative evening as we discussed our plans for Mission 2015. Bishop Harold encouraged us in our preparation by saying, “I have been at several services here recently and enjoyed your new organist and choir. As a church you have a particular tradition. Do what you do really well. Not everyone is looking for the same kind of church.” As a parish, we need to build on our liturgical tradition as the Parish Mission Team continues with its planning for Mission 2015. We are delighted that the Bishop of Connor, the Rt Revd Alan Abernethy, will be leading us in our Week of Focus from Sunday, 27th September - Sunday, 4th October 2015. CHURCH HALL The Church Hall Committee has examined a number of options, including the site at 25 Kings Road. This proved not to be realistic as there were too many restrictions on the site. The results from the hall survey have been analysed and draft plans will be submitted to the Select Vestry and Parish Trustees for their consideration, before holding a parish meeting to discuss the various options. CHALLENGES FOR THE YEAR • • • • • • • •

Work together as a stronger team Give of our best at all times, share of our time, talents and money Support and encourage each other Fulfil our parish commitment conscientiously Increase Youth work and Young Families involvement Support Mission 2015 Treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves Church Hall Refurbishment Project

If you don’t have confidence, you’ll always find a way not to win. If we do have confidence, nothing can stop us from winning. By God’s grace we can do it. LET’S DO IT!


SERVICES IN MAY Thursday 1st Saint Philip and Saint James 10.30am Holy Communion followed by refreshments in the Choir Vestry Sunday 4th 8.15am 10.30am 7.00pm


The Third Sunday of Easter (White) Holy Communion Reader Paddy Malone Acts 2: 14a, 36-41 Gospel Clergy Luke 24: 13-35 All Age Worship followed by refreshments Parish Organisations present their fundraising proceeds for the Hall Reader Grace Owens Luke 24: 13-35 Choral Evensong Reader Jennifer Pyper Haggai 1: 13-2:9 Reader Jennifer Pyper John 2: 13-22

Thursday 8th (White) 10.30am Holy Communion followed by refreshments in the Choir Vestry Sunday 11th The Fourth Sunday of Easter 8.15am Holy Communion Reader Jennifer Johnston Acts 2: 42-47 Gospel Clergy John 10: 1-10 10.30am Holy Communion followed by refreshments Reader Elizabeth Leonard Acts 2: 42-47 Gospel Clergy John 10: 1-10 Address: Philip Cheembela Diocese of Northern Zambia Intercessions Karen McAlpine 7.00pm Compline Reader John Holland Luke 19: 37-48 Address: Philip Cheembela Diocese of Northern Zambia Thursday 15th Saint Matthias (Transferred) 10.30am Holy Communion followed by refreshments in the Choir Vestry Sunday 18th 8.15am 9.30am 10.30am



The Fifth Sunday of Easter (White) Holy Communion Reader Carol Willis Acts 7: 55-60 Gospel Clergy John 14: 1-14 Family Communion Gospel Karen McAlpine John 14: 1-14 Morning Prayer Reader Andrew Hirst Deuteronomy 6: 20-25 Reader Clare Best John 14: 1-14 Occasional Prayers Jennifer Johnston 7


Holy Communion Reader Gospel

Victor Ryan Karen McAlpine

Revelation 21: 1-14 Luke 2: 25-32

Thursday 22nd (White) 10.30am Holy Communion followed by refreshments in the Choir Vestry Sunday 25th 8.15am 10.30am 7.00pm

The Sixth Sunday of Easter - Rogation Sunday (White) Holy Communion Reader Elizabeth Miller Acts 17: 22-31 Gospel Clergy John 14: 15-21 Holy Communion Reader Ross Thompson Acts 17: 22-31 Gospel Karen McAlpine John 14: 15-21 Intercessions Clergy Evening Prayer Reader Billy McAlpine Zechariah 8: 1-13 Reader Billy McAlpine John 21: 1-14 Occasional Prayers Karen McAlpine

(White) Thursday 29th Ascension Day 10.30am Holy Communion followed by refreshments in the Choir Vestry Readers and Intercessors: If you cannot read or lead the prayers on the appointed day, please arrange a swap with someone else on the rota and let the Churchwardens know. We are always delighted to add new names to the rota of Readers and Intercessors. If you would wish to serve your church in this way, please contact Muriel Arndell (9065 5500). The readings are from Year A of the Revised Common Lectionary and are printed on our parish website:

PARISH PRAYER God, our Heavenly Father, make the door of our Church wide enough to welcome all who need human love, fellowship and a Father’s care; but narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride and hatred. Here may the tempted find help, the sorrowing receive comfort and the penitent be assured of your mercy. And here may all your children renew their strength and go on their way in hope and joy; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Bishop Thomas Ken 1637-1711 8

MAY SIDESPERSONS’ ROTA Sunday 4th............................................................... Andrew and Jonathan Kelly Sunday 11th.......................................................Liz McCaughey and Joan Madill Sunday 18th................................................................Yvonne and Eddie Cadden Sunday 25th........................................................ Eleanor and Geoff Launchbury


10.30am All Age Worship

Sunday, 11th May

10.30am Sunday School

Sunday, 18th May

9.30am Family Communion

Sunday, 25th May

10.30am Sunday School

The singing on Sunday, 6th April, was excellent. This little light of mine could be heard right at the back of the church and means that next month on Sunday, 4th May, we have to try and match this by singing He’s got the whole world in his hands equally as well! Please remember that the rehearsal will take place at 10.15am on Sunday, 4th May, just before the start of the All Age Worship service. Great excitement after Sunday School on Sunday, 13th April, when we all took part in the Easter egg hunt and lots of sticky hands and chocolate faces had to be wiped before we came up to church to meet the parents! Please remember that Youth Prize Day will take place on Sunday, 8th June. We would like to see all the boys and girls in church that morning to receive their prizes, especially as this year we have had so many regularly attending our Sunday School mornings. Beth Cairnduff

CLERGY PARISH VISITING It is always a great privilege for the Clergy to visit parishioners in their homes. If you would like to request a Clergy Visit, please telephone the Rector (9047 1514) or the Assistant Priest (9145 8706). In addition to requested Parish Visiting, the Clergy will be visiting parishioners in the following districts during May: Rector Kingsdale Park Kingsway Avenue Kingsway Drive

Assistant Priest Kingsway Close Kingsway Park Kirkliston Park 9



Rector, Churchwardens, Glebewardens, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Assistant Hon. Treasurer, David Craig, Helen Donaghy, Jill Gillespie, Patrick Good, Elizabeth Leonard, John Little, Mark Ryan, Gillian Sadlier, Mark Wilson

HONORARY AUDITORS Niall Armstrong, Murray Hunter


Victor Dukelow, Patrick Good, Elizabeth Leonard, Moranne Noad,


Roberta Rogers, Elizabeth McCaughey, Jill Gillespie, Karen McAlpine


Patrick Good, Moranne Noad, Ross Thompson (under 30)


Rector’s Churchwarden John Macpherson (left) People’s Churchwarden Jon Allen (right)

Junior Churchwardens Charles Auchmuty (left), Andrew Kelly (right)

ST. COLUMBA’S PARISH CHURCH, KNOCK FINANCE COMMITTEE Rector (Chair) Hon. Treasurer Assistant Hon. Treasurer Stephen Armstrong Gillian Sadlier

PROPERTY COMMITTEE Rector (Chair) Rector’s Glebewarden People’s Glebewarden Brian Acheson Brian Gillespie John McKeown John Proctor Mark Wilson

FUND RAISING COMMITTEE Rector (Chair) Jennifer Johnston Elizabeth Leonard Roberta Rogers Lynn Ryan Clodagh Reid

CHURCH HALL COMMITTEE Rector (Chair) Hon. Treasurer Assistant Hon. Treasurer Rector’s Glebewarden People’s Glebewarden Brian Acheson Michael Davey Brian Gillespie John McKeown Gillian Sadlier 11

ALL AGE WORSHIP TEA AND COFFEE Many thanks to everyone who supported Arthritis Care NI at our tea and coffee last month when we raised £69.50. This month, I hope to see you after the All Age Worship Tea and Coffee service on Sunday, 4th May, when we shall be supporting Crohn’s and Colitis UK. Crohn’s disease and Colitis are the two main forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD); anyone can develop IBD and over 500,000 people are affected by the disease. The illness can occur at any age but often begins in younger people between the ages of 10 to 40 years. There is no cure at present but much can be done with medication to help keep the symptoms under control and reduce the chance of a flare-up. Please come along and support a very worthwhile cause and at the same time enjoy a chat and a cuppa! Roberta

CHRISTIAN AID WEEK We need your help – just an hour or so from Sunday 11th to Saturday, 17th May – to undertake door to door collections down one street of houses for Christian Aid Week. By volunteering, you will be helping poor, frightened and starving people to improve their lives, as well as giving them the chance to drink clean water instead of filthy and infected water from the local river. There will be a list on the table at the back of the church asking for volunteers to sign up with their names and addresses. Please join me at this important time… your help is badly needed and will be greatly appreciated! Hazel Reid

PAUSE Pause seems to be going from strength to strength! It is great to see and particularly to hear parishioners in a casual situation. You don’t know who will turn up. It may be someone you see in church but never get a chance to speak to, or it may be someone who seldom comes to church but belongs to one or more of the parish organisations. Do come and join with us this month at Neill’s Hill, Ballyhackamore, on:Tuesday 13th May - 10.30am - tea/coffee and scones Come on your own or bring a friend or two! We look forward to seeing you there. If you require further details or help with transport, please do not hesitate to contact me. Eileen (9020 3684) 12

SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN TRAINING EVENING Thursday, 22nd May at 7.30pm The Safeguarding Trust Panel (Dr Elizabeth Leonard, Patrick Good and the Rector) invite parishioners who kindly assist with all our children’s organisations to a training evening in the church hall on Thursday, 22nd May at 7.30pm. This will be an opportunity to update everyone on the Safeguarding Trust requirements and to discuss the Code of Good Practice. Refreshments will be served during the evening.

THANK YOU TO PARISH ORGANISATIONS I am most grateful to our Parish Organisations for responding so enthusiastically to my appeal for them to arrange a fundraising event of their choice during this season for our Church Hall Refurbishment Fund. During recent weeks and months, they have organised many exciting fundraising events which have been generously supported by parishioners and members of our local community. It was very encouraging to see a number of new events being arranged which were very well organised and planned. I thank the Parish Organisational Leaders, all those who assisted with the preparations and those who supported each of these events. In the midst of all their hard work, there was also great fellowship which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. I also thank Karen Patterson for designing and printing all the informative posters and flyers which advertised each of the events. I have invited each of the Parish Organisations to send a representative to present details of their fundraising event and the amount raised, in a sealed envelope, at the All Age Worship service on Sunday 4th, May at 10.30am. The Rector

LADIES BOWLING Our season finished on Monday, 31st March, with the Pairs Eileen Madill Shield won by Vi Erskine and Fiona Elliott. At the end of February, we entertained Knock Presbyterian for our annual match – Knock enjoyed a well deserved win! On Monday, 7th April, eight of our bowlers joined the Afternoon Group for a daffodil lunch – very enjoyable and an interesting speaker. Our thanks go to members of the Men’s Club for their assistance, in particular, to Jim Stevenson, and also to the Rector for his continued interest in the ladies bowling. Phyllis Newton 13

For the March outing, Youth Etc set out to Dundonald International Ice Bowl for some ten pin bowling and to McDonald’s afterwards for a bite to eat. We met at the Ice Bowl at 4.00pm and there were eight of us in total so we split over two bowling lanes, into two teams of four. We settled into to our lanes and off we went. We all had between 10 and 13 bowls each and there were some very good results on the scoreboard, and a few strikes and spares along the way for everyone to have something to celebrate! The bowling proved to be both hungry and thirsty work so we were transported to McDonald’s afterwards for somewhere to sit down for a feed and a chat. We all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon/evening out and are very much looking forward to our April outing when we hope to organise laser tag or perhaps snow-tubing in Craigavon. Finally, we thank the Rector for overseeing and organising this enjoyable event. Jamie Sadlier

ST. COLUMBA’S CRAFT AND HOBBY CIRCLE We continue to meet in the Choir Vestry which is so conveniently located to the car park with no hill to negotiate and enjoy a cuppa while catching up with each other’s exploits. We would thank Joy and Rosemary for their invitation to join the Afternoon Group for their daffodil lunch. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon where Joy and Rosemary provided a most wonderful spread and the company was great. We have stopped meeting for the summer and will resume on Monday, 22 September, at 10.30 am. Please come and join us any Monday morning, you are more than welcome! Look forward to seeing you then. Carol (9079 9997/07831 345560 or email: 14

Parish Outing to Áras an Uachtaráin, Official residence of the President of Ireland Wednesday 14th May

Now the Residence of the President of Ireland, Áras an Uachtaráin started as a modest brick house for the Phoenix Park Chief Ranger in 1751. Coach leaves St. Columba’s carpark at 10.30am. Price: £27.50 per person which includes: Guided tour of Áras an Uachtaráin 2 Course meal at The Canal Court Hotel, Newry Return coach travel Contact John Little for more details and to book your place (first 50 people only!). Tel: 90808755; mob: 07732 494151 or email: Hello Ladies, Sharon Elkin provided us with a very stylish fashion makeover night at our last meeting. She shared her style secrets, solved wardrobe dramas and gave us tips on feeling good and looking great. Thank you to Sharon and also to the girls who so elegantly modelled the clothes. We had a marvellous evening! Our Triennial Elections will take place at our next meeting on Tuesday, 6th May, followed by a fork supper at the Rectory. Our Summer Outing, on Tuesday, 3rd June, will comprise a visit to Aunt Sandra’s Candy Store. Not only shall we be able to sample the delicious homemade candy, chocolate and fudge but we will also experience a tour of the factory with demonstrations. Transport will be provided from St. Columba’s. We will then proceed to Orangefield Presbyterian Church Hall for refreshments and further details will follow in the June Columban. Sandra 15

ST. COLUMBA’S YOUNG FAMILIES GROUP On Friday, 28th March, around 30 parishioners came together in the Rectory for a ‘Spring Soirée’. This very informal evening was extremely enjoyable and a great way to start the weekend. All who attended had the opportunity to chat, share stories and taste beautifully presented cheese boards with, of course, some well-chosen wine. There was the chance to make new acquaintances as well as catch up with friends. For my husband and I, the soirée provided us with time to socialise with whose whom we usually just say ‘hello’ to at Sunday services. There was lots of laughter, the chance to relax and, as I discovered during the evening, just how small a world we live in! The events organised by the Young Families committee provide occasions for people to take some time out and enjoy each other’s company and friendship. However, it is not just for ‘young families’ as the name suggests. These events are open to any young (ish!) couples, whether married or otherwise, as well as individuals. Many of you probably think these occasions are not for you – please put that thought out of your head! I would especially encourage those of you who, like Mark and I, are still relatively new to the parish, to come along to the next Young Families gathering and enjoy the craic! If you have any suggestions for get-togethers, please speak to the Rector or a member of the committee. All suggestions are most welcome! Lynn Ryan

LADIES GUILD NOTES Dear Ladies, We will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 21st May, at 7.45pm and this will be presided over by our Rector, the Revd John Auchmuty. We will, of course, be voting for our next committee and office bearers, and are hoping for volunteers! We are also pleased to tell you that our speaker for this meeting will be Karen Patterson, our Parish Administrator, who has been very helpful and supportive to the Ladies Guild with ideas and expertise in printing our advertising posters and leaflets for our special evenings. We are looking forward to hearing about her life and experiences, especially in dragging some of our parish organisations into the 21st century! I have enjoyed being your Honorary Secretary for the past six years but it is now time to step down and allow someone else the opportunity and experience. I would like to thank you all for your support and company, and especially our Chairperson, Irene Gray, who has worked tirelessly for the Ladies Guild all year. Lilias (Hon. Sec) 16


The Annual General Meeting of the Men’s Club was held on Monday, 7th April, with 15 members present and three apologies received. Our President, the Revd John Auchmuty, opened the meeting with prayer and welcomed such a good attendance. Chaired by the President, all business was dealt with and concluded to the satisfaction of those present.  In his closing remarks, the Rector congratulated the Club on having had the courage to change from the previous established format of meetings and to apply different ideas in order to encourage new members. Having two guest speakers and opening those evenings to a wider audience had been a resounding success, particularly the second one when the speaker was Aidan Campbell. The President hoped that this initiative would continue next season and pledged his continuing support for such ventures.   The results of the election of Officers and Committee for 2014/2015 were as follows: President: Vice-President: Chairman: Hon. Secretary: Hon. Treasurer: Captain: Vice-Captain: Hon Auditor: Hon Chaplain: Committee:

The Revd John Auchmuty The Revd Canon Ken Smyth Andrew Launchbury John Robb Paddy Malone Ian McClune Jim Stevenson Paul Stewart Alan Rogers Jonathan Launchbury, Geoff Launchbury

The opening night of the new season will take place on Monday, 1st September, and I wish all members a restful and enjoyable summer break until we meet up again. Geoff Launchbury

MUMS & TOTS Wow – didn’t we do well!

Mums & Tots recently held a dressing-up day and sing-a-long to help raise funds for the Church Hall Refurbishment Fund. We had a great time playing and singing, and raised the fantastic sum of £331.40. Can I thank all our Mums, Dads and Grandparents who made it all possible. You have all been very generous and for that we are so grateful. Patricia 17

BIBLE STUDY GROUP FILM EVENING The Rector welcomed everyone to our film for the evening, entitled Amazing Love, which tells the story of Hosea the prophet. Elizabeth Millar read a passage from Hosea by way of introduction. The film portrays Hosea’s unwavering obedience to God and the love and forgiveness he shows to his wife, Gomer. Alongside the biblical story runs a modern day discussion by a youth group and their leaders on Hosea’s situation, and its relevance to their lives. We greatly enjoyed the film which engendered much discussion. The Rector thanked Alan Boyd for setting up the film, those who provided refreshments and also those present for their support for the event. He encouraged everyone to come along to Bible Study evenings. He assured them the Bible Study Group was not a theology class but a shared discussion on a book of the Bible, using helpful material to encourage us to live out our faith in our everyday lives. Refreshments and chat followed, and our thanks to all who donated so generously ro raise £160 for the Church Hall Refurbishment Fund. Jennifer Johnston

BROWNIE NOTES On Friday, 4th April, we completed the next part of our Challenge badge when the Sixes challenged each other to achieve the greatest number of hula hoop spins on the Wii fit board. The number achieved by each Brownie ranged from 15 to an incredible 150 plus! In the end, it did not really matter which Six won as everyone had such a great time. On Friday, 11th April, we held our Easter party which was great fun, especially when the Doves joined us to search for the 60 hidden eggs. It took a while but eventually each one was found and then divided out between all present. Thankfully, not all were eaten before the Brownies went home – but even so, the Rector’s wife still heard all the noise and wondered what was happening! Our next outing is the Brownie Star quest day at the Belfast Model School for Girls on Saturday, 10th May, another exciting event in our 100th Birthday celebration year! Beth Cairnduff 18


On Monday, 7th April, a daffodil lunch was planned for the Afternoon Group. It was our major event for the Church Hall Refurbishment Fund. I can now imagine how the disciples must have felt at the feeding of the 5000! We were delighted with the turn out, including especially our friends from Ladies Bowling, and over £200 was raised but best of all was the great fellowship which could be felt in the Choir Vestry (and the relief felt by the helpers when the food lasted out!). After soup, sandwiches and Easter buns, Helen Cooper entertained us with stories from the manse. She had us all laughing at her experiences as a Methodist minister’s wife in Oxford. My thanks to Helen, Rosemary, Carol, Eleanor, Joan, Jennifer and to everyone else who helped, as well as to those who contributed so generously to make it such a successful afternoon. Our next adventure will be our Summer Outing on Monday, 12th May. A coach will leave St. Columba’s at 10.15am heading for coffee at Bangor Castle and an opportunity to visit the newly revamped walled garden. A magical mystery tour will include lunch at Harrison’s farm restaurant, Greyabbey. We hope to be back at St. Columba’s before 4.00pm. The total cost is £20 and any ladies who would like to join us will be most welcome! Joy Montgomery (9029 5427)

DIRECTIONS, PLEASE! The evangelist Billy Graham tells of a time early in his career when he arrived in a small town to preach a sermon. Wanting to post a letter, he asked a young boy where the post office was. When the boy told him, Billy Graham thanked him and said: “If you’ll come to the Baptist church this evening, you can hear me telling everyone how to get to heaven.” The boy looked surprised and finally stammered: “How come? You don’t even know how to get to the post office!” 19

St. Columba’s Parish Church, Knock


The Parish Choir Joe McKee Choral Director Revd Dr Peter Thompson Organ Lynda Barrett soprano Instrumental Music Saturday,17th May at 7.30pm Donation to Parish Funds £5 - Children free There will be light refreshments after the concert

DIOCESE OF NORTHERN ZAMBIA – VISIT OF PHILIP CHEEMBELA Friday 9th – Thursday 15th May We look forward to welcoming Philip Cheembela from the diocese of Northern Zambia to St. Columba’s from Friday 9th – Thursday 15th May. This will be a great opportunity for us to further develop our partnership link following our parish’s visit in August 2012. Philip will be attending the C.M.S. 200th Anniversary Conference in Armagh on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th May. During his stay in St. Columba’s, Philip will be participating in our church services on Sunday, 11th May, and there will be a number of meetings organised for him to meet with parishioners. This will enable us to learn more about the diocese of Northern Zambia and the new educational facility which is being built. St. Columba’s is funding a classroom in the new school. Full details of all the meetings during his stay will be in Pew News. I encourage you to come along and meet Philip where he can experience the warm friendship and fellowship of St. Columba’s. The Rector Name: Philip Cheembela From: Diocese of Northern Zambia Job: Lay Canon Previous International visits: South Africa (2001), Malawi (2002) Biography: I am a Lay Canon in the diocese of Northern Zambia. I attend the congregation at St, Cyprian Anglican church in Mufulira. I am married with six children, three boys and three girls, with nine grandchildren (four boys and five girls). Two of my sons are currently at university. I am self employed, managing a family business (Cheembela PAC Enterprises Limited) as a Managing Director. Our company currently employs about twenty seven employees. My wife is a retired nurse but is currently working as a Recalled Nurse at one of the government health institutions. 20

PRESENTATION TO GERALD HILL At the Easter Vestry Meeting on Thursday, 3rd May, Gerald Hill was presented with gifts to acknowledge his 27 years of faithful service as our Organist and Choirmaster. Alan Rogers, Honorary Secretary, presented Gerald with a book about the Church of Ireland from members of the Select Vestry. The outgoing Churchwardens, John Little and Mark Wilson, presented him with a water feature for his new garden, as well as a garden voucher for £440 from the parish. Finally, Moranne Noad presented Glenys with a beautiful arrangement of flowers. The Rector

FROM OUR ORGANIST EMERITUS... Dear friends in St. Columba’s, Thank you very much for your generous gift to mark my ‘retirement’ as Organist and Choirmaster. I have been greatly touched by the many expressions of appreciation of the music offered Sunday by Sunday and on other special occasions. It has been a privilege to serve as Organist and Choirmaster and I wish to record my gratitude to Archdeacon Gregor McCamley, who appointed me back in 1987, and to our Rector, the Reverend John Auchmuty, for their unswerving support and encouragement as, together with a most loyal Choir, we worked to maintain the Anglican choral tradition here in St. Columba’s. I should also wish to record my thanks to the Choir for their hard work and dedication over the years. There are, of course, many Choir members who have given longer service to the parish than I and it is important to acknowledge that fact here. And so, my Sundays will now be a bit more relaxing! Part of your gift has already been spent on a water feature for our garden and this will be a pleasant reminder of my time at St. Columba’s. Glenys, Emma, Richard and I look forward to meeting you at church from time to time and maintaining our strong friendships with the Choir. Thank you all, once again, for your kindness. Gerald

PEARLS Two older women, Coleen and Melinda, were bitter rivals at their local golf club. “My dear,” said Melinda one day, “Can you possibly be wearing real pearls?” Coleen frostily assured her that they certainly were. “Of course, the only way I could tell for sure would be to bite them,” smiled Melinda. “Yes, but for that you would need real teeth”, replied Coleen. 21

PARISH ANNUAL ACCOUNTS Copies of the Parish Annual Accounts for the year to 31st December 2013, as presented at the Annual Easter General Vestry Meeting on Thursday, 3rd April 2014, are available at the back of the church.

SURFING THE WEB – 22 YEARS AFTER IT FIRST BEGAN I suppose all of us, even if reluctantly, are familiar with the strange code ‘www’ - the prelude to a domain name for the internet. Tap it in and at once you are somewhere else a shop, a charity, a government organisation, a vet or a dancing school. I don’t suppose anyone knows how many of those strange www names there are but I think we’d be in the realms of Abraham’s stars in the sky or grains of sand on the sea-shore. The letters stand, of course, for world wide web and this year marks the 22nd anniversary of its birth, the brain-child of a British computer expert, Tim Berners-Lee. It may seem to have been around forever but, in fact, it’s a mere whippersnapper. The next time you fume at the endless advice on the phone to go to our web-site, think of Mr Berners-Lee and you’ll know who to blame! In fact, the world wide web is now an inescapable part of life for most people all over the world, and even those who aren’t on the internet are aware how dependent so much of modern life is on its working. Via the keys on an ordinary computer, or even the buttons on a Smart-phone, people can have access to an unlimited source of information, advice and resources. Increasingly, people choose to shop online (or to cheat a bit, see it in the shop and then go online to buy it at a discount!). It is a source of facts and information, from train times to the names of medieval monarchs. In one sense, we are drowning in a sea of information, all there at our fingertips (literally) but daunting in its volume. “No!” We sometimes feel like screaming, “I don’t want to go to our web-site, I just want to talk to a human being!” I used to wonder, as a child, how God could possibly cope with everybody’s prayers - millions of us, presumably, all trying to get through to him at once. How could I think of my little request making its way through this vast traffic jam to the Eternal Ear? Well, www offers hope! If Mr Berners-Lee could work out a way to do it, surely it’s not beyond the Creator of the universe? David Winter (or 22

NATIONAL TRUST OPEN GARDEN SCHEME Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th May from 2pm to 5pm at the home of

Tony and Clodagh Reid, 88 Ballyrainey Road, Comber, BT23 5JU

(parishioners of St. Columba’s who hosted the Hog Roast BBQ) This well established garden surrounding a mid-18th century house extends to approximately nine acres and is designed for relaxation. Rhododendron, camellias and climbers bring colour to the garden, while mature trees create structure. Open Gardens offers a rare opportunity to explore the secrets of private gardens not usually open to the public. Whether you are a keen gardener eager for some useful tips or simply wish to savour the splendour and beauty of unusual plants, then come along and enjoy the beauty and vitality of summer, and take a walk through their beautiful garden. While you are there relax and enjoy the refreshments supplied and served by St. Columba’s parishioners.

Everyone is invited to attend! Admission to Gardens £3 in support of National Trust gardens in Northern Ireland. Refreshments £3 in aid of St. Columba’s Church Hall Refurbishment Fund.


A Special Service of Divine Healing Monday, 5th May 2014 at 8.00pm St. Anne’s Cathedral, Donegall Street, Belfast Speaker DR STEPHEN RODGERS Medical Doctor and Pastor of Kingsway Fellowship, Dunmurry Theme PRAYING FOR THOSE WITH CANCER Personal prayer and anointing with oil for healing will be available You will be very welcome 23

A tribute to all Grandmas and Grandpas who have fearlessly embraced the use of the computer... they are the greatest!

S DATE UR YO FOR RY DIA Mark it or miss it! Wednesday, 14th May Parish Visit to Áras an Uachtaráin Saturday, 17th May Parish Choir Concert Saturday, 24th/Sunday 25th May Tony and Clodagh Reid’s Open Gardens Saturday, 7th/Sunday 8th June Patronal Festival Weekend Sunday, 8th June Youth Prize Day

The computer swallowed Grandma, Yes, honestly it’s true! She pressed ‘control’ and ‘enter’ Then disappeared from view. It devoured her completely, The thought just makes me squirm, She must have caught a virus Or been eaten by a worm. I’ve searched through the recycle bin And files of every kind, I’ve even used the internet But nothing did I find. I turned to Mr Google My searches to refine, The reply from him was negative, Not a thing was found ‘online’. So, if inside your ‘Inbox’ My Grandma you should see, Please ‘Copy, Scan’ and ‘Paste’ her Straight back at once to me! 24

JUNE PARISH MAGAZINE Please note, any articles or photographs for publication in the June parish magazine should be handed or e-mailed to the editor by 6.00pm at latest on Sunday, 11th May. Many thanks

FLOWER ROTA FOR MAY Sunday 4th............................................................................... Ella Wilkinson Sunday 11th............................................................................. Jennifer Johnston Sunday 18th............................................................................. Moranne Noad Sunday 25th............................................................................. Roberta Rogers

FROM THE REGISTERS Our Joys Holy Baptism Sunday, 6th April

Gracie Claire Shanks McMaster 32B Knockwood Park

Alice Ellen Jane Sloan 146 Sandown Road Our Sorrows

Christian Burials Wednesday, 9th April

Edna Frances Roberts 43 Lower Braniel Road

HOSPITAL VISITING The Clergy would appreciate being informed if parishioners are in hospital, going into hospital, are being transferred or if they have been discharged, and will be pleased to offer them pastoral support. Do not assume the Clergy already know the information as situations have occurred recently when they have not been informed. Please telephone the Rector (9047 1514) or the Assistant Priest (9145 8706) to enable them to take careful note of the details. 25

PARISH ORGANISATIONS SUNDAY 10.30am Sunday School (2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays) Bubbles (3-5 years) Louise Craig Patricia Wilson

9047 2512 07712 593773

Splash (5-8 years) Joyce Stevenson

9058 3381

X-treme (8-11 years) Alan Boyd

07833 391945

The Grid (11-14 years) Beth Cairnduff 9087 4047 8.00pm Beatitudes Choir David Beattie 9028 5868 MONDAY 10.30am Craft & Hobby Circle Carol Willis 9079 9997 2.00pm Ladies Bowling Phyllis Newton 9048 2113 2.30p.m. Afternoon Group (2nd Monday) Joy Montgomery 9029 5427 7.30pm Men’s Club Geoff Launchbury 9028 1204 TUESDAY 10.30am Ladies Badminton Vi Dowie 9067 1051 2.00pm Ladies Badminton Kyleen Clarke 9079 7155

TUESDAY (continued) 7.30pm MU Activity Group (except 1st Tuesday) Maureen Irwin 9079 5155 8.00pm Mothers’ Union (1st Tuesday) Sandra Lowe 9080 8755 WEDNESDAY 7.30pm Bible Study Group The Rector 9047 1514 7.45pm Ladies Guild (3rd Wednesday) Lilias Smith 9059 2039 THURSDAY 9.30am Art Club Bob Killen 9079 0210 7.30pm Choir Practice Dr Joe McKee 07976 294574 FRIDAY 9.45am Mums & Tots Anne Clarke 9065 1412 3.45-4.30pm Toddler Soccer 3-5yrs Tim Wareing 07740 120788 6.30pm Doves Karen McAlpine Email: 6.30pm Brownies Beth Cairnduff 9087 4047 Youth Etc (11-15 years) (Monthly outings as arranged) The Rector 9047 1514 Young Families Group (Social events as arranged) The Rector 9047 1514

Please note, requests for the occasional use of church halls must first be submitted to the Parish Administrator & Premises Convenor, Karen Patterson, on 9065 6891 or email: (Monday-Friday: 9.00am-1.00pm). 26


RECTOR The Revd John R. Auchmuty St. Columba’s Rectory 29 Kings Road BT5 6JG Tel 028 9047 1514 Email ASSISTANT PRIEST The Revd Canon Ken Smyth 3 Mount Royal Bangor BT20 3BG Tel 028 9145 8706 PARISH READER Karen McAlpine 10 Old Quay Court Holywood, BT18 OHT Email DIOCESAN LAY READER (EMERITUS) Bryn Harris 22 Dalton Glade Glen Road Comber, BT23 5SZ Tel 028 9187 8816 RECTOR’S CHURCHWARDEN John Macpherson 10 Sandhill Gardens BT5 6FF Tel 028 9028 2076 PEOPLE’S CHURCHWARDEN Jon Allen 9 Cabinhill Gardens BT5 7AP Tel 028 9065 3511 JUNIOR CHURCHWARDENS Andrew Kelly, Charles Auchmuty RECTOR’S GLEBEWARDEN Jim Stevenson 44 Casaeldona Rise BT6 9RA Tel 028 9058 3381 Mob 07973 392448

PEOPLE’S GLEBEWARDEN Mark Reid 54 Knocklofty Park BT4 3ND Tel 028 9028 4367 Mob 07810 648167 HONORARY SEXTON John Proctor 13 Richhill Park BT5 6HG Tel 028 9087 0526 Mob 07989 469773 SELECT VESTRY Rector, Churchwardens, Glebewardens, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Asst. Hon. Treasurer, David Craig, Helen Donaghy, Jill Gillespie, Patrick Good, Elizabeth Leonard, John Little, Mark Ryan, Gillian Sadlier, Mark Wilson HONORARY SECRETARY Alan Rogers 50 Cabin Hill Gardens BT5 7AQ Tel 028 9065 6183 Email HONORARY TREASURER Josephine Kelly 15 Manse Road BT6 9SB Tel 028 9079 6658 ASSISTANT HONORARY TREASURER Victor Dukelow 19 Thornhill Park BT5 7AR Tel 028 9029 0625 GIFT AID SECRETARY Ronny Martin 8 Gillycourt Manor 309 Gilnahirk Road BT5 7SL Tel 028 9079 0821 Mob 07526 396838 Email 27

MAGAZINE EDITOR Ian Noad 36 Shandon Park BT5 6NX Tel 028 9079 3704 Email PARISH WEBMASTER Ivan Roche 49 Richhill Park BT5 6HG Tel 028 9514 0141 Email C of I GAZETTE DISTRIBUTOR Moranne Noad 36 Shandon Park BT5 6NX Tel 028 9079 3704 BIBLE READING FELLOWSHIP NOTES Evan Preston 12 Carrowreagh Gardens Dundonald BT16 ITW Tel 028 9048 9884 CHURCH FLOWERS Paddy Nesbitt 30 Knockhill Park BT5 6HY Tel 028 9065 0716

PAROCHIAL NOMINATORS Victor Dukelow Patrick Good Elizabeth Leonard Moranne Noad DIOCESAN SYNOD MEMBERS Patrick Good Moranne Noad Ross Thompson (under 30) ORGANIST AND Choral Director Dr Joe McKee 76 Sandown Road BT5 6GU Mob 07976 294574 ASSISTANT ORGANIST Brian Clements 8 Lacefield BT4 3PA Tel 028 9079 3641 READERS & INTERCESSORS CO-ORDINATOR Muriel Arndell 18 Kinedar Crescent BT4 3LY Tel 028 9065 5500 SIDESPERSONS’ ROTA CO-ORDINATOR Rosemary Coffey 44 Thornyhill Road Killinchy BT23 6SJ Tel 028 9754 2198 CRÈCHE ROTA CO-ORDINATOR Michelle Jamison 11 Richmond Gardens Glengormley, BT36 5LA Tel 07533 871166

ST. COLUMBA’S PARISH OFFICE Parish Administrator Premises Convenor Financial Giving Secretary Karen Patterson Office Hours Monday to Friday: 9.00am – 1.00pm Tel 028 9065 6891 Email


The Rector, Select Vestry and parish leaders are committed to upholding good practice in the parish’s ministry with children and young people. Should you have cause for concern or suspicion regarding child welfare in the parish, please contact a member of the parish panel below, or any of the statutory agencies. The Rector 028 9047 1514 Patrick Good 028 9065 6908 Elizabeth Leonard 028 9065 3162 28

May 2014  

Parish Magazine for St. Columba's, Knock, Belfast

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