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July/August 2012


Dear Parishioner, IMPRESSIVE PARISH ACHIEVEMENTS In this my summer letter, I wish to express my personal thanks and gratitude to you for the enthusiasm and support which you have given to St. Columba’s during these extremely busy months. In addition to all the scheduled church services and routine parish activities, I asked for your support for the following specific projects: 1. Support for the Zambia Team with their travel costs 2. Support for the Parish Dinner and Auction of Talents I have been most encouraged and uplifted by your positive response and the wonderful commitment which you have so generously expressed in so many ways to these important projects in our parish. The results have been inspirational and clearly reflect all the hard work which has been done by so many parishioners. Through your support for the Zambia team, not only has the parish reached its fundraising target of £8,000, but has actually exceeded it by £2,100 at the time The Columban went to print. This is tremendous news and clearly reflects the strong emphasis that St. Columba’s places upon mission work during these difficult economic times. As a parish we have, therefore, been able to give each member of the Zambia team £800 towards their travel costs of £1,600. The surplus money will be donated to the education facility the team are due to visit that Archbishop Chama is developing in a township on the outskirts of Kitwe. It will be my great privilege to commission the team at the All Age Worship service on Sunday, 1st July, at 10.30am. There was a most uplifting and delightful atmosphere at our recent Parish Dinner and Auction of Talents which took place in the Stormont Hotel, with Noel Thompson as our Guest Auctioneer. It was very encouraging that 159 parishioners came together for a most enjoyable evening, which included a large number of the Young Family Group during our Patronal Festival weekend. This important fundraising event for our Church Hall refurbishment provided a wonderful opportunity for those who attended to deepen their friendships with one another, while also offering a valuable opportunity for new friendships to be formed. It raised the magnificent amount of £6,634 which will enable your Select Vestry to make a start on the first phase of the refurbishment at the earliest opportunity. I hope that you and your family will now be able to enjoy a well deserved period of refreshment and recreation whether that be at home or away during the summer, and that you will make church attendance in St. Columba’s a continued priority throughout July and August where the full schedule of services will be maintained. Yours in His service,


Convert your FWO Envelope to a Standing Order At a recent meeting of the Select Vestry, a discussion took place regarding the “security” of taking the Sunday Freewill Offering collection to the bank. Following this discussion, the Select Vestry are now asking parishioners to change their method of giving from Freewill Offering envelopes to a Bank Standing Order. The Rector, Curate and the entire Select Vestry have already made the change and, together with those who are giving to the Church in this manner, we are indeed thankful. However, the Select Vestry would like to encourage as many parishioners as possible to switch to a Bank Standing Order and in doing so greatly lessen the risk to those who make the bank deposits. Standing Orders also offer a more convenient method of giving. Those parishioners who change to a Standing Order will be allocated a new number for the year 2013 so that their financial contributions can be recorded in the parish records and, of course, published in the Annual Report. Please find enclosed a Standing Order and envelope which, on completion, should be returned to myself or placed in the Church Wardens’ box at the back of the church. For those who wish to do so, we will continue with the current weekly envelopes. In addition, the monthly Charity and Mission Allocation envelopes will continue for everyone as at present. On behalf of the Rector and the members of the Select Vestry, a sincere thank you for your financial contributions and consideration of this important matter. Murray Hunter (Assistant Honorary Treasurer)

PARISH PRAYER God, our Heavenly Father, make the door of our Church wide enough to welcome all who need human love, fellowship and a Father’s care; but narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride and hatred. Here may the tempted find help, the sorrowing receive comfort and the penitent be assured of your mercy. And here may all your children renew their strength and go on their way in hope and joy; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Bishop Thomas Ken 1637-1711 

SERVICES IN JULY Sunday 1st 8.15am 10.30am 7.00pm

The Fourth Sunday after Trinity (Green) Holy Communion Reader Paddy Malone 2 Corinthians 8: 7-15 Gospel Clergy Mark 5: 21-43 All Age Worship and Commissioning of Zambia Team followed by refreshments served by the team members Reader Jayne Martin Mark 5: 21-43 Prayers Karen McAlpine Compline Reader Karen McAlpine Luke 9: 51-62

Thursday 5th 10.30am

St. Thomas (Transferred) (Red) Holy Communion followed by refreshments in the Choir Vestry

Sunday 8th 8.15am 10.30am 7.00pm

The Fifth Sunday after Trinity Holy Communion Reader Lindsay Hodges Gospel Karen McAlpine Holy Communion Reader Brian Gillespie Gospel Karen McAlpine Intercessions Karen McAlpine Late Evening Office Reader Patricia Wilson

(Green) 2 Corinthians 12: 2-10 Mark 6: 1-13 2 Corinthians 12: 2-10 Mark 6: 1-13 Luke 10: 1-11, 16-20

Thursday 12th (Green) 10.30am Holy Communion followed by refreshments in the Choir Vestry Sunday 15th The Sixth Sunday after Trinity (Green) 8.15am Holy Communion Reader Leonard Pugh Ephesians 1: 3-14 Gospel Karen McAlpine Mark 6: 14-29 9.30am Family Communion Gospel Karen McAlpine Mark 6: 14-29 10.30am Morning Prayer Reader Eileen Gibson 2 Samuel 6: 1-5, 12b-19 Reader Clare Best Mark 6: 14-29 Occasional Muriel Arndell Prayers 7.00pm Compline Reader Tillie Heyburn Luke 10: 25-37 Thursday 19th (Green) 10.30am Holy Communion followed by refreshments in the Choir Vestry 

Sunday 22nd 8.15am 10.30am 7.00pm

St Mary Magdalene Holy Communion Reader Paul Stewart Gospel Karen McAlpine Holy Communion Reader Maura Dawson Gospel Karen McAlpine Intercessions Karen McAlpine Late Evening Office Reader Carol Willis

(White) 2 Corinthians 5: 14-17 John 20: 1-2, 11-18 2 Corinthians 5: 14-17 John 20: 1-2, 11-18 Mark 15: 40 – 16:8

Thursday 26 St. James the Apostle (Transferred) (Red) 10.30am Holy Communion followed by refreshments in the Choir Vestry th

Sunday 29th 8.15am 10.30am 7.00pm

The Eighth Sunday after Trinity (Green) Holy Communion Reader Trevor Buchanan Ephesians 3: 14-21 Gospel Karen McAlpine John 6: 1-21 Songs of Praise Healing Service with the Laying on of Hands Reader Jennifer Pyper Luke 11: 1-13 Prayers Karen McAlpine

SERVICES IN AUGUST Thursday 2 (Green) 10.30am Holy Communion followed by refreshments in the Choir Vestry nd

Sunday 5th 8.15am 10.30am 7.00pm

The Ninth Sunday after Trinity Holy Communion Reader Muriel Arndell Gospel Karen McAlpine All Age Worship Reader Hollie Wilson Prayers Compline Clare Best

Thursday 9th 10.30am

The Transfiguration of our Lord (Transferred) (White) Holy Communion followed by refreshments in the Choir Vestry

Sunday 12th 8.15am 10.30am 7.00pm

The Tenth Sunday after Trinity Holy Communion Reader Michael Davey Gospel Clergy Holy Communion Reader Ross Thompson Gospel Karen McAlpine Intercessions Clergy Late Evening Office Reader Jennifer Johnston 

(Green) Ephesians 4: 1-16 John 6: 24-35 John 6: 24-35 Karen McAlpine Luke 12: 13-21

(Green) Ephesians 4: 25 – 5:2 John 6: 35, 41-51 Ephesians 4: 25 – 5:2 John 6: 35, 41-51 Luke 12: 32-40

Thursday 16th (Green) 10.30am Holy Communion followed by refreshments in the Choir Vestry Sunday 19th 8.15am 9.30am 10.30am 7.00pm

The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity Holy Communion Reader Carol Willis Gospel Clergy Family Communion Gospel Karen McAlpine Morning Prayer Reader Olivia Budde Reader Ian Noad Occasional Clergy Prayers Compline Reader Esther Templeton

(Green) Ephesians 5: 15-20 John 6: 51-58 John 6: 51-58 1 Kings 2: 10-12; 3:3-14 John 6: 51-58

Luke 12: 49-56

Thursday 23rd St. Bartholomew (Transferred) (Red) 10.30am Holy Communion followed by refreshments in the Choir Vestry Sunday 26th 8.15am 10.30am 7.00pm

The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity Holy Communion Reader Ronny Martin Gospel Clergy Holy Communion Reader Murray Hunter Gospel Karen McAlpine Intercessions Helen Donaghy Late Evening Office Reader Tony Greeves

(Green) Ephesians 6: 10-20 John 6: 56-69 Ephesians 6: 10-20 John 6: 56-69 Luke 13: 10-17

Thursday 30th (Green) 10.30am Holy Communion followed by refreshments in the Choir Vestry

Readers and Intercessors: If you cannot read or lead the prayers on the appointed day, please arrange a swap with someone else on the rota and let the Churchwardens know. We are always delighted to add new names to the Rota of Readers and Intercessors. If you would wish to serve your church in this way, please contact Muriel Arndell (028 90655500). The readings are from Year B of the Revised Common Lectionary and are printed on our parish website: 

JULY/AUGUST SIDESPERSONS’ ROTA JULY Sunday 1st...................................................Ross Cairnduff and Jonathan Roche Sunday 8th. .................................................Walter Peake and Ivan Coffey Sunday 15th................................................May Morrow and Barbara Gibson Sunday 22nd................................................Jenny and Morris Corrin Sunday 29th................................................Yvonne and Eddie Cadden AUGUST Sunday 5th. .................................................Walter Peake and Charles Auchmuty Sunday 12th................................................Liz McCaughey and Helen Proctor Sunday 19th................................................Helen Donaghy and Olivia Budde Sunday 26th................................................Alison and Brian Acheson

BISHOP’S BIBLE WEEK This year’s Bishop’s Bible Week will take place in Willowfield Parish Church from Tuesday 28th to Friday, 31st August, at 8.00pm, entitled: “Speaking Personally: Lateral thinking on the seven letters to the Churches in Revelation 2 and 3.” The speaker this year is our own Bishop Harold Miller, who writes: “The Bishop’s Bible Week is now in its sixth year and until now I have not taken the opportunity to be the speaker. In 2012, however, I want to speak personally and out of a strong conviction that the seven letters to the churches in Revelation 2 and 3 contain timely words for our diocese, and the church at large. These are fascinating chapters on which no doubt you will have heard sermons before, but I intend to look at them in a different way - laterally - drawing out common themes in each. Please make attendance at the Bible Week an absolute priority this year and join me as I explore what Christ, the Lord of the Church, wants to see in his Church in these days.” ‘Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’ Topics Tuesday, 28th August............................. Jesus, Lord of the Church Wednesday, 29th August....................... What Jesus wants in his Church Thursday, 30th August........................... What Jesus doesn’t want in his Church Friday, 31st August................................. Obedience and disobedience: Rewards and dangers 

ALL AGE WORSHIP TEA AND COFFEE Many thanks to everyone who stayed for a cuppa at All Age Worship on Sunday, 3rd June, and helped to raise just over £80 for Cystic Fibrosis. As we all enjoy a break over the summer months, tea and coffee will be back at All Age Worship on Sunday, 2nd September. I am always looking to contribute to different charities so if there is one you would like us to support, please let me know. Roberta


Well, summer is here... for each of us summer holidays may mean different things... long hot summer days, BBQ’s, beaches, exams at an end and holidays! For me, many summers have been spent away from home either with family to various places in Ireland or, since I was 17, they have been spent working and exploring overseas with various groups. This summer at the Curatage, of course, is going to be one of those times of work and exploration... of service and adventure. Elsewhere in The Columban you can find out more information on our forthcoming trip. It is my hope and prayer that as we head out on this mission to Zambia, you will feel connected to us whilst we are there. Throughout the two weeks we hope to communicate via text and internet. Summer is also a time to relax and enjoy doing something different. This year, the parish has been busy with so many demanding ventures. It is my prayer that every one of us take a break over the next two months and relax, but also remember that all our parish services will continue as usual. It would be great to see you in St. Columba’s if you are in the locality! Every Blessing, Robert

WHEN TO STOP A certain minister was known for the clarity and brevity of his sermons. His talks were well organised and always ended promptly in about 10 minutes. Then, one Sunday, after his usual brisk start he seemed to wander and drift around a bit. He just kept on preaching with a puzzled look on his face, until 35 minutes later he caught his wife’s furtive but frantic signals and brought the sermon to a close. Back home, his wife asked him why he had got so muddled. He answered, “Well, I’ve got into the habit of tucking a lozenge in my mouth before I stand to speak. When the lozenge has dissolved, I know it is time to stop. This morning, unfortunately, I picked up a collar button instead of a lozenge.” 

LADIES GUILD NOTES Dear Ladies, I am pleased to report that we had a very successful and pleasant AGM on Wednesday, 16th May, kindly presided over by our Rector. The election of our office bearers and committee members was carried out and the results were as follows: Chairperson: Deputy Chairperson: Treasurer: Secretary: Bowling Secretary: Honorary Chaplin:

Jennifer Johnston Caroline Cleland Yvonne Cadden Lilias Smith Phyllis Newton Joan Madill

Committee: Eileen Anderson, Irene Gray, Vickie McMonagle, Helen Proctor We are delighted to welcome Caroline Cleland, our new Deputy Chairperson, to our group and to tell you that Caroline was married to Noel on Thursday, 7th June, in St. Columba’s. It is a long time since we have had a wedding in the Guild and we wish them a long and very happy marriage. We are at present planning and organising our speakers and activities for the coming year, and we hope to have an exciting and stimulating programme for you and your friends. Meanwhile, have a good summer and see you on Wednesday, 19th September, when Patience Bradley will be coming to talk on fashion, colours and ways with accessories. Lilias Smith (Hon. Sec.)

CONGRATULATIONS! Parishioners will want to offer their heartiest congratulations to Elizabeth Leonard, a member of the Select Vestry, on her recent nomination as the new Down Lay Secretary to the Diocesan Synod and Diocesan Council.

ZAMBIA TEAM FIRESIDE QUIZ Many thanks to everyone who entered the Zambia Team Fireside Quiz. Our heartiest congratulations to the winner, Laura McElhinney from Dunfanaghy, and to the runner up, Simone Darcy from Belfast! Answers to the quiz are now posted on the noticeboard at the back of church. Robert 

TUESDAY MORNING BADMINTON The badminton year has flown past, I can hardly believe it is over! Some of our members were ill and we missed them but they have now returned, well and able to enjoy some gentle exercise, coffee and conversation. All in all, it has been a good year. I wish all our members a very relaxing and enjoyable summer, and I look forward to seeing them when badminton starts again on Tuesday, 11th September. Eithne Hobson

TUESDAY AFTERNOON BADMINTON Our new season starts on Tuesday, 4th September, at 2.00pm. New members are especially welcome to join our twelve chatty members. We average seven players each week so there is plenty of play, and there is also the opportunity to play table tennis!

We don’t just sit We aim to be fit! Kyleen Clarke (90797155)

JUBILEE PARTY As their fund raising effort for Zambia, the Brownies and Sunday School held a Jubilee party on Saturday, 2nd June, in the Rectory garden (grateful thanks to the Rector). When the young people arrived at 12 noon they were met with a brightly decorated scene, thanks to the bunting on loan from the Curate’s home parish and a number of games laid out on the lawn. Ballot tickets were paid for and allowed entry to fishing for the ducks (specially prepared by Amanda), penalty kicks (what a goalkeeper Murray was – could we sell him to Man Utd?), hoop-la, face painting by Louise and the most popular of all - throwing wet sponges at the Curate, who was to be found behind his barricades in the hut at the bottom of the garden. We were also able to use the slide and swings, and later played sack races and with the parachute kindly supplied by Joyce. Outside the Rector’s study, tables were laden with both hot and cold food, drinks, crisps and buns. Although our numbers were small because so many families were away for the Jubilee weekend, everyone had a great time and all too soon the party was over . At the time of writing, the magnificent total raised will amount to at least £150, to be spent on games and equipment for the school that the Ipalo team will be visiting in Zambia. I would like to thank all the Sunday School teachers, Brownie leaders and our special helpers Robert, Murray and the Cairnduff family who made this such a successful and enjoyable event. Beth Cairnduff 10


ZAMBIA: HERE WE COME! After seven months of fundraising, training, planning and meetings... Zambia is now very close! The team is extremely excited that the time for departure is nearly here (Friday, 27th July, returning on Saturday, 11th August). On Sunday, 1st July, our whole team will be commissioned at the morning service. This will present the team with the opportunity to be sent out officially from the parish, as well as to say a great big thank you to everyone in St. Columba’s for all their hard work and generous fundraising efforts. As a token of their appreciation and a gift to the congregation, the team will be serving tea and coffee after the commissioning service at the back of church. By the beginning of June, total fundraising had achieved the magnificent target of £8000 and, during the course of the month, exceeded it. Any money raised over and above the team costs will be used on projects in the country which will be a real tangible blessing to those whom we meet whilst in Zambia. For the latest information on our team, check out either our parish website or CMSI’s website Robert

MOTHERS’ UNION: ‘MUMS IN MAY’ TEA PARTY St. Columba’s hall was alive with chat on the evening of Tuesday, 29th May, when over 80 Mothers’ Union members, friends and clergy from St. Columba’s, St. Dorothea’s and St. John’s, Orangefield, gathered to celebrate 125 years of Mothers’ Union in Ireland. Beautiful weather, sumptuous food and background music provided by Loose Strings all added up to a very enjoyable evening! Mothers’ Union will meet after the summer on Tuesday, 2nd October, and until then we wish all members a very pleasant and relaxing summer. NB. Loose Strings are a musical ensemble from St. Mark’s, Dundela, who play at weddings and other functions. Contact Kathleen Acheson for further details. Yvonne and Sandra 12


MISSION RENEWED IN SERBIA Hi all, I just wanted to let you all know that I will be travelling to Serbia again this summer to do more work with evangelical English camps, as I have been doing for the past few years. I will be arriving in Serbia on Sunday, 1st July, at noon U.K. time (or in other words, 30 minutes after the morning service finishes in St. Columba’s!). This year, I will be assisting with three English camps for the towns/cities of Sremska Mitrovica (1st to 7th July), Sombor (8th to 14th July) and Lebane (31st July to 4th August). I am due to arrive home on Saturday, 11th August. God willing, my flight home will not be delayed, especially as I believe I am scheduled to be reading the Epistle at Holy Communion the next morning! For those of you who are unfamiliar with what I do in Serbia, I work with Josiah Venture, an American missionary organisation based throughout Eastern Europe. Josiah Venture’s purpose is to set up English camps for teenagers and university students where they can learn English, and be taught the word of God. In Serbia, a country where, for most people, being a Christian has simply become a label of cultural identity as opposed to indicating any proclamation of real belief, such work is especially important. In the past, these camps have been extremely successful with many young people, both white Serbs and Serbian Roma, coming to Christ. I ask that you pray for me while I am out there. Firstly, so that I may not become too tired (as you may have noticed from the dates, I arrive in the country the very day camps starts and then have to go through two camps in a row). Second, that I may always try and keep God in my heart and mind, no matter where I am and what I am doing. Please pray also that God will place the young people to whom we will be reaching out in the right places and at the right times, so that they may best receive His word. I have already been blessed in regards to funding for this trip (my university has agreed to pay for my flight to Serbia as long as I attend an academic conference in Lithuania first) and I hope and pray that this continues. Many thanks and blessings,

Ross Thompson 14


‘Sweeties – what a lot of talents at St. Columba’s, and generous pockets too!’ It really was an absolutely fabulous night at the Parish Dinner and Auction of Talents held in the Grand Ballroom at the Stormont Hotel on Friday, 8th June. Not only a fundraiser, the event also marked our Patronal Festival for St. Columba on 9th June. On arrival, almost 160 guests gathered for a drinks reception and catch up with fellow parishioners, family and friends (Eddy and Patsy would have just loved strutting their stuff here!) before heading into the ballroom for a delectable three course dinner. The Stormont Hotel did the evening proud, serving up melon followed by stuffed chicken and finishing with - a ‘zesty’ lemon torte. Before dinner, the Rector said grace and there was one big surprise for parishioner and Select Vestry member, Jennifer Johnston. It had been casually let slip that Jennifer was celebrating her birthday that very evening and so, ably led by our choir members, there was an enthusiastic rendition of ‘Happy Birthday!’ But no-one gave away Jennifer’s age – that’s her secret! During the evening, the craic was indeed mighty and the ambience superb as our first class Master of Ceremonies and official auctioneer, BBC NI’s Noel Thompson, took to the stage, gavel in hand. But before Noel got bidding underway, the Rector had the important task of organising the ballot. Guests had given generously during the meal and a quartet of our younger members randomly chose winners for prizes which included a break at the Killyhelvin Hotel, Enniskillen, a beautiful painting by Bob Killen, a David Lloyd Family Pass and a Hastings Hotel voucher. The lucky winners were Jill Gillespie, Joan Whiteside, Stephen Armstrong and Jean Lockhart. Auctioneer Noel Thompson was certainly in fine voice despite having just presented Newsline! and with 77 lots to work through, it was no easy task. But Noel, of course, took it all in his stride, moving through the process seamlessly and with the utmost professionalism and terrific humour. He skilfully, persuasively and amusingly encouraged all the bidders to part with their money for a very good cause! St. Columba’s parishioners had kindly donated an ‘A List’ programme of bids, from cakes and culinary delights to yoga sessions, art, baby-sitting, music lessons, DIY, sailing and flying. For nearly two hours, guests, armed with their paddles, placed bids frantically and spent generously. Helen Donaghy and Roberta Rodgers promoted the very first bid perfectly, wearing showerproofs and rubber gloves as guests bid for the duo’s ‘power hosing a driveway’ offer which successfully generated the sum of £45! Further lots attracted bids from £10 to £210 – a really fantastic achievement. Overall, £6,634 was raised with money from the ballot still to be added to the grand total, an absolutely fabulous kick-off to the Church Hall refurbishment programme. Of course, an evening as professional as this one just doesn’t happen by itself. Like the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the Olympic Torch tours, it has taken weeks and months of planning and preparation. So our thanks and gratitude must go to the members of both the Fundraising and Talent Committees, and especially to Jill and Brian Gillespie, Jayne and Ronny Martin, as well as Moranne and Ian Noad and Muriel Arndell, for their dedication and hard work. It was greatly appreciated by every single guest. Thanks also, of course, to our auctioneer and host, Noel Thompson, who gave up his time to take charge of proceedings so superbly; and last but not least to all the guests, talent providers, ballot ticket purchasers and bidders, without whom we would not have enjoyed such an “Ab Fab” evening. Rosemary Allister Here’s to the future and our new-look Church Hall! 15




We are most grateful once more to parishioner and former Assessor to the General Synod, Michael Davey, for providing us this year with two reports on the business transacted at the General Synod which took place in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, from Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th May.


A report on the General Synod discussions on Human Sexuality appeared in last month’s Columban. That was certainly the most widely anticipated item of business at this year’s Synod but by no means the only one. In all, it occupied about three of the 20 hours during which Synod was in session. The rest of the time was occupied by the bread and butter house-keeping issues with which the Synod always has to deal – legislation, finance and progress reports from the various divisions and branch offices of the church. Most of the legislation was of a technical nature but one Bill may well have a significant effect on the whole church. That Bill provides for a Commission to be appointed to examine the role of Bishops and the structures needed to enable that role to be fulfilled successfully. Although there have been some proposals for reorganisation in the past there has been nothing so extensive done since just before Dis-establishment, when the big talking point was whether we needed Bishops at all. The Commission will not be going that far but it will probably be asking what they are for, where their various responsibilities are derived from and, consequently, what powers they need. One feature of the legislation is that the existing power of the various dioceses to veto proposals which might alter their boundaries has been taken away. Any proposals which the Commission brings forward will have to be passed by General Synod; and if they are passed, no individual diocese will be able to stop them. The various financial reports, as has been the case for the last few years, made depressing reading. The Church’s General Funds have again decreased in value, partly due to the movement of the financial markets as well as to the payment of £5 million to support the Clergy Pension Fund. The position of that fund, which was already bad, has got worse. There are now more people drawing pensions than contributing to them, and more people are living longer. Add in the economic situation in the world in general, and the Eurozone in particular, and the potential deficits in the fund are becoming unmanageable. No proposal for resolving these problems has been brought forward this year but it seems inevitable that next year will see a proposal to close the Pension Fund to new entrants. As regards the Church’s various ventures, it was gratifying to hear of the success of the Church 21 Programme organised by the Parish Development Working Group and of the continuing progress, following some reorganisation, of the Church of Ireland Youth Department. The Board of Education, in Northern Ireland at least, has had considerable success, in conjunction with other churches, in reserving traditional rights in what were formerly church schools. The Marriage Council has continued to provide both preparation and counselling advice, with a significant rise in the latter being noted. Finances to continue these services are under pressure. Finally, the Liturgical Advisory Committee is working on a supplement to the Hymnal. It is, perhaps, important to state that they have promised it will not be as heavy as the Hymnal itself. A warning was issued that the list of material for inclusion in the supplement will soon be closed. So anyone who has a favourite psalm, hymn or liturgical tune or chant they would like included, had better bring it to the Committee’s notice now. Michael Davey 19

MU ACTIVITY GROUP - A GRAND DAY OUT On a hot sunny day in May, The Activity Group went out for the day. Coffee and scones were first on the list, A treat definitely not to be missed! Hillsborough Lake was our next destination, A walk, a stroll or just take the views in. Swans, cygnets and ducks caught our eye As we bade the lake a fond goodbye. To the Pheasant in Annahilt for a rest, But Windmill Road did prove quite a test! Lunch was a two hour culinary delight, Then home before it was twilight. Thanks to Mo for another great day, Our 25th year is coming our way! Badminton, scrabble, food and craic, What more do we need to bring us back? Joyce 

SUNDAY SCHOOL AND CRECHE PRIZE GIVING Sunday, 10th June, saw the distribution of books to all the members of the Sunday school as well as the children who attend the Crèche. Beginning with the most junior class in Sunday school, each teacher read out the names of the children they look after and as they came to the front, the Rector presented them with their book - he sometimes had to go down the aisle to meet the youngest ones who were rather shy to come forward! For various reasons, not all the children were in attendance and the Rector will deliver these books to the children concerned. The Rector then called forward all the young children who attend Crèche (along with Mum or Dad) to receive their books. Finally, he thanked Suzanne Allen and her helpers from the Crèche as well as all the Sunday school teachers for their hard work during the year. Sunday school will recommence on Sunday, 9th September, when we look forward to seeing all the children returning, as well as any new children who will be most welcome! Beth Cairnduff 20

DOWN AND DROMORE DIAMOND JUBILEE SERVICE My mum and dad, Ella and Bertie Wilkinson, will be celebrating their Diamond Wedding anniversary in August this year (Ed. Heartiest congratulations from all our parishioners!). When I heard that Down and Dromore Diocese was holding a special Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service for the Queen in Down Cathedral, I thought they would both like to attend the service. The Cathedral was packed to capacity with people from all parts of the Diocese, along with the Trumpeters and Cathedral Choir conducted by Michael McCracken. The service began with a Royal Diamond Fanfare and the music for the hymns was chosen from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. It was wonderful to hear everyone sing ‘Lord of the Church, we pray for our renewing’ to the music of the Londonderry Air. There were two anthems: ‘I was glad when they said unto me’ which was sung at the Queen’s Coronation in 1952, and ‘Zadok the Priest’ which was a Coronation anthem for King George II in 1727. Both were superb. Lady Christine Eames OBE gave the address and she began by telling us a little of her trip to Kenya with the Mothers’ Union, and of her visit to Treetops; which the then Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited in February 1952, and where the Princess received the sad news that her father, the King, had died. It has often been said about this trip that ‘a young Princess climbed a tree and descended a Queen’. She went on to talk about the 60 years of service that HM the Queen has devoted to her family and the people of the Commonwealth. After the service everyone was invited to enjoy a picnic in the Cathedral grounds. It had turned a little chilly by this stage but those who stayed enjoyed the chat. It was a lovely day and a great way to become involved in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Roberta

TOOLS FOR CARPENTRY An organisation working with the deaf in Malawi is in urgent need of basic carpentry hand tools such as hammers, saws, chisels, screwdrivers and hand drills (but not power tools), for its trainees. They need not be pristine or new, as they can be re-conditioned and will be sent to Malawi under the auspices of the Zomba Action Project, which is based in Coleraine and supported by Coleraine Borough Council. They have staff in Malawi to supervise their distribution. Please help, if you can, by contacting Hugh and Elizabeth Miller (Tel: 90657619). Many thanks. Elizabeth Miller 21

ARE YOU READY FOR DIGITAL TV? PART 2 Apart from the fact that you have little choice, the transition to digital TV offers a number of benefits. The first of these is that you will have a much wider selection of channels than the four or five available now. You will also be able to enjoy digital radio without the need for a separate DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) receiver, and will also be able to take advantage of Digital Teletext/Ceefax, a much more advanced version of the blocky, slow-loading analogue service you may be used to. The analogue TV signal will be switched off in two stages: • At stage one on Wednesday, 10th October 2012, analogue BBC Two will close and the first group of Freeview digital channels will become available for the first time to thousands of homes watching local ‘relay’ transmitters. • At stage two on Wednesday, 24 October 2012, the remaining analogue channels – BBC One, UTV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 – will be switched off forever and replaced with additional TV, radio and text services. Freeview: If you just want to get Freeview for an analogue TV, you need a digibox starting from around £20. You can also get Freeview HD kit - though you’ll need to check this is available in your area. To find out more about Freeview and the available technologies, please go to the parish website Freeview HD: (Available on Wednesday, 24th October 2012). To view these HD channels you will need an HD ready TV and a Freeview HD digital box or digital TV recorder, or a TV with Freeview HD built in. You can, alternatively, take out a Sky or Virgin subscription. To find out more about Freeview HD and the available technologies, please go to the parish website If you’re on BT Vision, Virgin Media cable or Sky, you will be unaffected by the switchover. To find out more about Virgin Media or Sky and the available technologies, please go to the parish website The biggest headache about the digital switchover for many people will be the need to upgrade or replace their existing TV equipment, which - you should remember doesn’t just include that old CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TV in your living room but other TVs in your home, too. Digital TV options explained • If you already have (or you can buy) a Freeview or Freeview HD digibox, or a Freeview or Freeview HD ready TV that you have bought over the last few years – you will just have to retune your device. • Take out a digital satellite TV subscription with Sky. • Take out a digital cable TV subscription with Virgin Media if your area is covered. • Get Freesat from Sky. This is a free-to-air satellite TV service that offers over 200 free-to-air channels with no monthly fee. All you have to pay for is a digital satellite set-top box, which Sky will supply and fit for £175. 22

• Get Freesat from the BBC and ITV. This new service delivers over 150 free-to-air radio and TV channels via satellite. All you have to do is cough up for a one-off payment of £50 for a basic set-top box, plus another £80 for installation. Costs for the boxes will be higher if you also want to record your favourite shows or take advantage of Freesat's HD programming (around £120). Freesat compatible boxes and advice are available from high street electrical retailers. To find out more about electrical appliance resellers and the available technologies, please go to the parish website For information and links regarding the Switchover Help Scheme and other aspects of the Digital TV change over, please go to the parish website digitaltv. Ivan Roche

PAUSE Summer is here! Over the course of the next two months I hope every reader of The Columban will have time to relax and enjoy the season. For me, it is definitely going to be a busy period but, I hope, a blessed one. With this in mind, I have arranged two meetings either side of the team visit to Zambia. If you are free and would like to join me for coffee and scones, please do! The first will be on Wednesday, 25th July, at 10:30 at The Dock (the Church of Ireland’s new cafe in the Titanic Quarter). It is just across the road from “The Met” and in the shadow of the new Titanic signature building. It has very easy parking either under ‘The Met’ or on one of the surface car parks. If you need a lift, don’t hesitate to contact me at the Curatage. The second ‘pause’ will be on Wednesday, 15th August, at Neill’s Hill (formerly Alden’s) in Ballyhackamore at 10:30am for coffee and scones! For those who haven’t made it to ‘pause’, it is simply random people coming together. No need to sign up, sometimes there are two or three, sometimes there are 20, but all are very welcome! Robert

THE TAXI The passenger tapped the cab driver on the shoulder to ask him something.The driver immediately yelled, lost control of the car, nearly hit a bus, went up on the pavement and stopped inches from a department store window. For a second, everything went quiet in the cab then the driver said, “Look mate, don’t ever do that again. You scared me half to death!” The passenger apologized and said he didn’t realize that a little tap could scare him so much. The driver replied, “You’re right. I’m sorry. Really, it’s not your fault. Today is my first day as a cab driver. I’ve been driving a hearse for 25 years.” 23



Just to set the record straight, the Olympic Games - yes, the events that will bring much of London to a standstill this month - were founded in 776BC in ancient Greece. They involved athletics, poetry and music, and were held at Olympia (hence their title), a centre for the worship of Zeus. You may recall that mount Olympus - the highest point in Greece - was the dwelling place of the gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman religion.

Once the Christian faith prevailed in the Roman Empire, the Games were abolished in the fourth century AD. What we have this month is a modern revival of the Games, the brain-child of a Frenchman, Pierre de Coubertin. It was he who memorably declared that the object of the Games was not the winning, but the taking part. The ancient Olympic Games had no element of international competition, no rankings, no flags or national anthems. The youth of the world were invited to Olympia to test their prowess against others - not just athletically, as we have noted, but artistically. By contrast, the modern Games have become a celebration of national triumphalism, a notion far removed from the original Greek model and also foreign to the vision of de Coubertin. He would have deplored medals tables, anthems, flag-raisings and all the media hype that surrounds perceived national success or failure. Patriotic pride has attached itself to the accumulation of gold medals - many here will write this year’s Games off as a failure if Team GB does not win more of them than last time. The ancient Games are conspicuous in the New Testament, especially in the letters of St. Paul. He must have been a bit of an athletics fan because time and again he reverts to the Games for illustrations of Christian pilgrimage. The marathon was the greatest of all the contests and that provided him with the perfect picture of the faithful life, from the starting line to the distant finish. The Christian competes, but not against the other runners. Our contest is with all the things that will distract us, slow us down, divert our eyes from the ultimate goal. And at the end of the marathon of life there is the prize, the ‘crown of glory’, not just for the winner but for everyone who completes the course. “I have fought the good fight”, Paul writes, “I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” Not won, you notice, but finished. And for that, he says, he will receive the crown – “and not only me but all who have longed to see him” (2 Timothy 4:8). The apostle and the founder of the modern Games would agree on one thing for sure. The prize is not for winning, but for taking part. Canon David Winter Former BBC Head of Religious Broadcasting 24

HERITAGE CHURCHES ST. AIDAN’S, BAMBURGH, NORTHUMBERLAND England’s border with Scotland in Northumberland is a vast hilly and heath landscape that the two nations fought over for many centuries. The scale of that now distant conflict can still be seen today in the many imposing castles that dominate the countryside and the east coast. It is also here that we find the monastery established in the 7h century by St. Aidan on the sandy expanse of Holy Island - or Lindisfarne – which is separated each day from the mainland by the incoming tide of the North Sea. This became one of Europe’s most St. Aidan’s Church famous centres of early Christian scholarship before being later tragically sacked by the Vikings. St. Aidan had previously studied at Iona in the monastery formed there by St. Columba. However, while at Lindisfarne, he was asked by the neighbouring King Oswald of Northumbria to establish a church at Bamburgh, ten miles further down the coast. While nothing remains of Aidan’s original church at Bamburgh, his name and spiritual influence lives on in the present one bearing his name, which dates from the 13th century.

Grace Darling Memorial St. Aidan’s Church is a short distance away from the huge Norman ramparts of Bamburgh Castle which overlook both the village and its cricket pitch, probably among the prettiest in all of England. It is also adjacent to the Grace Darling Museum, dedicated to the young lifeboat heroine who, in the mid 19th century, successfully and against enormous odds, rescued survivors from a major shipwreck off the nearby Farne Islands. These windswept outcrops lie between two and five miles offshore and have proved treacherous for shipping over many centuries. When the steamship, Forfarshire, foundered on the rocks here in 1838, Grace’s father was the lighthouse keeper on one of the Farne Islands and the family lived there tending the light. With great courage, she successfully rowed survivors to safety in the face of a raging sea – a feat that earned her national heroine status and won the affection and admiration of the young Queen Victoria. Today, the Farne Islands are inhabited only by seabirds and summer day-trippers who sail out on colourful fishing boats to visit them. Sadly, Grace Darling died of consumption just four years after her epic rescue, aged only 26. She is buried in the churchyard at St. Aidan’s close to an elaborate memorial that, fittingly, can be seen by all ships passing offshore. But the memory of her courage lives on amid the serenity of St. Aidan’s – an action that indeed bears out the old saying that fortune favours the brave! Ivan Maginnis 25

THE GRAND CATHEDRAL CYCLE TOUR Our sincerest thanks to the parishioners, friends and family members who contributed so generously to our cycle tour around the Cathedrals of Northern Ireland. We are also very grateful to the Rector for his liaison with the Cathedral Deans and we were overwhelmed by the level of interest and support at each stop en route. Robert Ferris kindly travelled to Downpatrick to see us on our way. Following a short prayer by Dean Henry Hull, we set off in glorious sunshine and arrived at St. Columba’s ahead of schedule where a group of parishioners had already gathered to encourage us. We really appreciated the refreshments organised by Roberta Rogers. Bishop Harold Miller expressed his support for our venture and prayed for a safe journey. Some cycling friends also turned up to accompany us for the first part of the route and the peloton set off for St. Anne’s Cathedral, where Dean John Mann welcomed us and chatted enthusiastically about the Zambia project. The next stop was Lisburn Cathedral where Canon Sam Wright provided fresh oranges to help us cope with the rising temperature! At Dromore Cathedral, Robert joined us for a delicious lunch very kindly provided by Lynn McFarland and, after a short rest, we headed off through the beautiful mid-Ulster countryside; arriving at Armagh Cathedral where Dean Gregory Dunstan greeted us and helpfully gave us directions on the best route to Clogher. After a quick stop for a photograph at Clogher Cathedral, we struggled on to Fivemiletown where Alison and Jayne joined us for a much needed relaxing and enjoyable evening. The following day, Sunday, Dean Kenneth Hall invited us to join the morning service in Enniskillen Cathedral. He asked us to cycle up the aisle and we were warmly welcomed by the congregation. Not many cyclists can claim that they have cycled up the aisle of a Cathedral during a service! The Rector had travelled to Enniskillen to give a short address about the Zambia trip, and he was presented with the very generous loose cash collection from the offertory at the service. The final stage of our marathon took us to Londonderry where Dean William Morton kindly gave us a very interesting guided tour of the magnificently restored St. Columb’s Cathedral. We were both delighted to be able to help with the fund raising effort for the Zambia Ipalo team, which amounted to a magnificent £1,500. We thoroughly enjoyed our cycle tour covering 183 miles at an average speed of 14.5mph. A special thanks also to Jeremy Stewart (our nutritionist, technical adviser and bodyguard) who accompanied us for the whole trip. We had great craic throughout the weekend! Ronny Martin 26




One of the key pioneers in collecting information about Christianity and other religions across the world died late last year, in his 80s. Dr David Barrett had amassed a huge data base of basic numbers which now forms the core of the World Religion Database held in GordonConwell University, in the United States. Seven of his many areas of statistics may, however, be of special interest: 1. In 2012, there are 43,000 different denominations worldwide (340 are in the UK!). 2. In 1900, 70% of the world’s Christians lived in Europe, but only 26% in 2012. In 1900, just 2% of the world’s Christians lived in Africa, but 22% in 2012. . In 2012, there are an estimated 4.7 million congregations worldwide, just under half of these in Asia. . The number of mission workers globally is estimated at 420,000 people. 5. The world’s population will reach 7.1 billion in 2012, and 2.3 billion (33%) of these will be nominally Christian. A further fifth (22%) will be Muslim. 6. Half (51%) of the world’s population live in urban areas, including 505 “megacities” with a population of over a million people. Of these, around 41% are nominally Christian. 7. Half (51%) of the world’s Christians are Roman Catholics, a fifth (22%) are Anglicans, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians and other Protestants, one in seven (15%) are Pentecostals and other independent churches, with the remaining 12% being Orthodox. David Barrett’s final challenge was this: over a quarter of the world’s population, 29%, have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ, and remain un-evangelised. What are we doing about it?

Heartiest congratulations to Neil McAlpine, brother of our Parish Reader, Karen, who was recently appointed as a hockey video umpire for the London Olympic Games. He will assist when on-field umpires are uncertain or when teams appeal their decisions (hopefully not too many!). He will also co-ordinate with the sports presentation crews to ensure accurate information is displayed on television and in the stadium. This exciting opportunity is a result of his previous experience at senior international hockey level and the recent European Championships. We wish him every success this summer.

ODE TO A SPLENDID EVENING To the Stormont Hotel, (With our neighbour as well), For a drink and a think About upgrading our hall. Near 160 came along, And started with song, The dinner a winner, Before the auction began. Then skills became thrills, And offers enrich’d coffers, Such an evening of fun, Yes - for everyone! Kyleen Clarke


SEPTEMBER MAGAZINE Please note, any articles or photographs for publication in the September parish magazine should be handed or e-mailed to the editor by 6.00pm at latest on Sunday, 12th August. Many thanks

FLOWER ROTA FOR JULY/AUGUST JULY Sunday 1st. ................................ Margaret McKee Sunday 8th................................. - Sunday 15th .............................. Geoff and Eleanor Launchbury Sunday 22nd.............................. Gina Greeves Sunday 29th............................... Leonard and Ruth Pugh AUGUST Sunday 5th................................. Sunday 12th .............................. Hazel McGookin Sunday 19th............................... Lilias Smith Sunday 26th............................... Ella Wilkinson

FROM THE REGISTER Our Joys Marriage Thursday, 7th June

Caroline Cleland and Noel Higginson 7 Campbell Chase

HOSPITAL VISITING The Clergy would appreciate being informed if parishioners are in hospital, going into hospital, are being transferred or if they have been discharged, and will be pleased to offer them pastoral support. Do not assume the Clergy already know the information as situations have occurred recently when they have not been informed. Please telephone the Rector (028 90471514) or the Curate (028 90653370) to enable them to take careful note of the details. 29

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SAFEGUARDING TRUST The Rector, Select Vestry and Parish Leaders are committed to upholding good practice in the parish’s ministry with children and young people. Should you have cause for concern or suspicion regarding child welfare in the parish, please contact a member of the Parish Panel below, or any of the statutory agencies.

The Rector Patrick Good Elizabeth Leonard 32

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