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COLLEGIATE|Review November 2009

For The Students, By The Students

Give Thanks for Nothing

November 2009

College of Southern Nevada





College of Southern Nevada

November 2009

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November 2009

College of Southern Nevada





College of Southern Nevada

Photos By: Maya Arellano

November 2009

November 2009

College of Southern Nevada



Spoofs and Spooks

by ASHTON HALL Staff Writer


here does Halloween

would also attempt to tell each other’s

gan being called All-hallows eve, or now,

come from?


fortunes. The Druids dressed in all sorts


people don’t know, and I can note that

of animal skins, which is probably where

neither did I until recently. I mean who

dressing in costumes came into play. The

thought of dressing up in eccentric cos-

Celts were eventually conquered by the

tumes, and roaming the streets at night

Romans, and by 43 A.D., two Roman

anyway? Well, you’re about to find out.

festivals were combined into the Celts

Halloween was originally a 3-day festival beginning on the 1st of

Samhain celebration.

In that day women were very curious of whom their husbands were going to be, or what their future husbands would look like, so they preformed some rituals. In 18th century Ireland, a woman might place her ring into a vat of

The first was Feralia, a day in late

mashed potatoes on Halloween night, in

it wasn’t always

October where Romans celebrated the

hopes of bringing love to whoever found

called “Halloween.” It’s original name

passing of the dead. The second day was


was Samhain (pronounced so-in) which

called Ponoma, named after the Roman

believed that the young women should

actually means November. The Celts

goddess of fruit and trees. Her symbol

name a hazelnut for every man she de-

used to live in an area that is now Ire-

was the apple, and this has something

sired and then toss the nuts into the fire-

land, the United Kingdom, and North-

to do with the tradition of bobbing for

place. Then, the nut that burned to ashes

ern France. On October 31st they cel-

apples. By 800 A.D., Christianity spread

rather than exploding signified the girl’s

ebrated Samhain, and on that day, ghosts

to the Celtic lands, and by the seventh

future husband. Another tale was that if

were believed to walk the earth among

century it was no longer a festival to cel-

a girl drank a sweet drink, made of wal-

the living. The Druids or Celtic priests,

ebrate the dead, but a church sanctioned

nuts, hazelnuts, and nutmeg before she

then had a ritual where a huge bonfire

holiday. Pope Boniface IV decided that

went to bed one night, she would dream

would be built, and then they would

November 1st is all saints day, a time to

of her future husband. There are many

proceed to make some sacrifices (usually

honor Saints and Martyr’s. This up-

tales and traditions of what was done on

small animals but it was also believed

dated celebration was also referred to as

what is now Halloween, so watch out for

that humans were once used as sacri-

All-hallows or All-hallowmas. And the

the ghosts and goblins, while you’re out

fices as well). During the bonfire they

night before it, the night of Samhain, be-

having your fun next year.

November, and no,



College of Southern Nevada

In Scotland, some fortune-tellers

November 2009

November 2009

College of Southern Nevada




President Richards opens doors to students

by F. A. PRIDGON Managing Editor


n Thursday, October 29, College of Southern Nevada President Michael Richards met with students one-on-one at his office. This was all part of an initiative to give students a chance to present their questions and concerns, or, to just get to know President Richards. Richards, who was appointed president of CSN in May 2008, felt there was a disconnect between him and the students at this institution. “For the most part, I feel like I’m not as in touch with students as I could be or need to be.” said Richards. “I saw this as an opportunity to be in touch with [students], and also to help them and receive their ideas and so on. The meetings are a chance to sit down and talk about what might be on the mind of a student. If they have a problem or concern we could get that addressed.” K.C. Brekken, communications manager at CSN, scheduled the meetings. Students were able to set up appointments by emailing talk2theprez@, a special email address set up for the students of CSN, or by calling the office. “I worked with K.C. on setting the [meetings] up, and we had about fourteen or sixteen students indicate an interest in this and set up a time.” said Richards. The structure of the meetings were fairly simple; a two hour block

(President Michael Richards)



College of Southern Nevada

November 2009

NEWS with about five minutes per student. Richards says he plans on doing the one-on-one meetings with CSN students in the future, but some aspects will probably be modified. “I think we’re going to change it just a little bit. We’re going to keep the appointment process for those who would like appointments, but also, open it up a little broader to students who may just want to drop in.” said Richards. As of now, there is no set date for the next session. “We’ll do it about once a semester, and announce well in advance kind of like we did this time with notices on the digital panels, and so on.” says Richards. Fall 2009 is the first semester to have these studentcentered meetings with President Richards. Overall, Richards felt the oneon-one sessions with the students of CSN was a good experience. “I thought it was very positive from my perspective. We’re working now on getting some answers to some things, and we’ll communicate those back directly to the students.”

“I encourage students that if they’d like to meet with me, that they’re welcome to do it. And if they have an interest in that way to participate next time.” says Richards. Students at the College of Southern Nevada are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with President Richards regarding any concerns they may have, or questions they would like to have answered.

For The Students, By The Students Managing Editor F.A. Pridgon

Copy Editor T.J. Ropelato

Fashion & Beauty Editor Olga Vizcarra

Editorial Dept. Ashton Hall Mary-Anne Colt

Graphics Team Yomaira Sotelo Juan Candelaria Danial Adair


Darin McKinney

Photographer Maya Arellano


Priscilla Edison

Faculty Advisor A.B.

Comments or Questions: Please Call 651-4339

Visit us at:

“ I encourage students that if they’d like to meet with me, that they’re welcome to do it. And if they have an interest in that way to participate next time. “ - Richards. November 2009

Collegiate Review

College of Southern Nevada





CSN participates in 32nd Annual College Fair

by ROMMEL SANTIAGO Contributing Writer

suing this can take the necessary classes in anticipation,” McCoy said. The program will allow communication and journalism majors, and students in the workforce to take communication classes and be able to have accreditation for their career.


ollege of Southern Nevada (CSN) participated in the 32nd Annual College Fair at Cashman Center on Oct. 27 and 28 to advertise programs to prospective students. Booths promoted CSN programs for high school students who may attend college in the future. A student from Chaparral high school said that most students who live in Las Vegas default to CSN. She felt that CSN was the best option because tuition is far cheaper than it is at universities. New programs at CSN include the upcoming Communication Certification. “The communication certificate is not yet official,” said Department of Communication chairman, James McCoy. “It still needs to be recognized by the Nevada System of Higher Education. We started the proposal process in September 2009, to possibly be approved by spring, and to be posted in catalogs by July 2011. Students interested in pur-



Dave Morgan, director of marketing at CSN, said that electricity is provided to booths that request it. “We provide school/department name signage, table covers, view books, posters and logo items, including pencils, pens and highlighters for each booth. We do not provide keychains because they are not allowed at the fair. This is because giveaway items must be ‘educational’ in nature according to CCSD instructions,” Morgan stated. Morgan stressed that the only thing each department had to bring was their own brochures, literature, displays, presentations, and other items of that sort. The money CSN spent for each booth space went to the Clark County School District (CCSD) School Counselors Scholarship for students. Chairperson and coordinator of the college fair, Brian P. Moore, said that the event is supported by CCSD and there are three main reasons why this event is needed. “The mission of middle and high school counselors is to make students more aware of the importance of a

College of Southern Nevada

college education. Many of our students do not have the means to travel and see the college to which they are applying. So, we bring the colleges to Las Vegas where students can meet and obtain more information from the colleges in person. Finally, we provide a scholarship called the CCSD School Counselor’s Scholarship sponsored by the Clark County Public Education Foundation (CCPEF),” Moore said. The scholarship offered is worth $40,000. “One, the scholarship is for $1000 for one graduating senior from each of the comprehensive high schools in CCSD, and one $1,000 scholarship for a graduating senior from the district’s alternative high schools.” said Secretary Jessica Festa. The Clark County College Fair Plus, Inc. (CCCPF) is established as a non-profit business. Festa stated that there were four people involved in the planning of the College Fair. “So while my title was secretary, we all pitch in to help in any way that we can. I wanted to clarify because I don’t want to convey the idea that the responsibilities I carried out have to do with being called the secretary. This year, I helped us obtain our temporary event permit, which involved communicating with the department of taxation, and the city of Las Vegas,” Festa stated. The CCPEF is dedicated in generating community resources, facilitating collaborations, and partnerships to ensure high-quality public educational opportunities for all children.

November 2009

by T. ROPELATO Copy Editor

Give Thanks for Nothing

Photos By: Maya Arellano


hanksgiving is a confounding holiday. We all learned the story in the 2nd grade; pilgrims have a crappy harvest, Native Americans share their food, everyone’s happy…yay. The part our elementary school play conveniently didn’t mention was when the pilgrims gave natives small pox, stole their land, and implemented a 400-year cultural genocide. To symbolize our Native brothers kindness for exchanging beads for property rights, we have now developed a holiday of glutton and passiveness.

Memories of thanksgiving revolve around food: great feasts at grandma’s house, pumpkin pie breakfast, weeks of leftover turkey sandwiches, and sweet tryptophan slumber. And also, giving thanks for the bounty placed before us. Who exactly are we giving all these thanks to? God is the easy answer, regardless of differing religious views; most people like to thank a higher power for the good things in life. The second easy answer would be family. More often than not we are thankful for our families love and support. But Thanksgiving, at its core, is not a religious or family holi-

day; it’s a national holiday to signify a historical event. So are we supposed to be thankful for our history, country and leaders? I sure as sh*t can’t be thankful for the supposed unity between the natives and settlers, or for the wars waged, bullets shot, and bombs dropped for the sake of the American way. This Thanksgiving was different. It felt more and more that I’m not the only one with a pessimistic outlook on life. Today, many people are finding it a lot harder to be thankful for anything. As I drive down Main St. I can’t help but wonder; how thankful are the people living in tents CONTINUES PAGE 12

November 2009

College of Southern Nevada




Places to enjoy the holidays -Cannon Senior Center (702) 366-1522 340 N. 11th Street Las Vegas, NV -EOB Project HOME (702) 647-3307 330 W. Washington Avenue, Suite 7 Las Vegas, NV -Homeless Transitional Shelter for Pregnant Women (702) 242-9850 8780 W. Charleston Boulevard, Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV -Interfaith Hospitality Network (702) 638-8806 500 W. Van Buren Las Vegas, NV -Las Vegas Rescue Mission

(702) 382-1766

480 W Bonanza Rd Las Vegas, NV -Nevada Homes For Youth

(702) 380-2889

525 S. 13th Street Las Vegas, NV -Nevada Partnership For Homeless Youth 7888

(888) 907-

4800 S. Maryland Parkway, Suite E Las Vegas, NV this year? Las Vegas has one of the highest (and still growing) homeless populations in the nation. We also have a soaring foreclosure rate, often settling at the top nationwide. According to many lists, Vegas is pretty much at the bottom of “Best city to…” and the top of “worst city to…” I am thankful for my lost house, my mounting debt, my layoff, and my flat-screen. This Thanksgiving I refused to be thankful. This year I wanted to be hungry...hungry for something more meaningful than pilgrims and pie. In that spirit I volunteered at a shelter. Maybe in the faces of the destitute I can discover meaning in this holiday. After all isn’t that what Thanksgiving should be about: helping others? Would we be here if the natives hadn’t been caring enough to not watch fellow humans starving to death? And after-all, the shelter is the one place where I can find something to be thankful for. No matter how screwed up I feel things are now, they could always be worse. And that’s something we can all be thankful for. If you need help, or want to help this holiday season, please contact one of the many Las Vegas area shelters.



-Parson’s Place

(702) 383-0847

624 E. Stewart Avenue Las Vegas, NV -Safe Nest for Women

(702) 646-4981

2915 W. Charleston Avenue Las Vegas, NV -Salvation Army

(702) 642-0727

35 W. Owens Avenue Las Vegas, NV -Salvation Army PATH

(702) 639-0277

35 W. Owens Las Vegas, NV -Shade Tree Shelter for Women

(702) 385-0072

1560 N. Main Street Las Vegas, NV -St. Vincent’s HELP Apartments

(702) 382-6727

1516 N. Main Street Las Vegas, NV

College of Southern Nevada

November 2009

November 2009

College of Southern Nevada





Photos By: Maya Arellano

“When there’s less supply it pushes the price up, so that’s why Californians and Nevadans have the highest gas prices in the country,” said Juhasz. Antonia Juhasz was in town to talk about her new book at College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus on Thursday, October 17th, where she took a little time to speak with me about her newest book. Juhasz was reasonable, down to earth and very compelling. Her first book, The Bush Agenda: Invading the world one economy at a time, focused on four corporations and their relationship to the Bush Administration. Three of those corporations were

( Antonia Juhasz & Staff Writer Ashton Hall )

related to the oil industry. Juhasz then

For the ignorance of the

realized there just wasn’t enough inforA leading oil industry expert,

mation about oil. The industry had risen

public is the real capital

Antonia Juhasz is the director of the

in importance during the Bush Ad-

of monopoly.” This quote

Chevron Program at Global Exchange;

ministration, and “We just didn’t have a

by Henry Demarest Lloyd, begins the

a San Francisco based human rights,

second book by Antonia Juhasz; The

non-profit organization. She is a policy-

Tyranny of Oil: The World’s Most Pow-

analyst, author, and activist. She is also

erful Industry and What We Must Do

the lead author and editor of The True

To Stop It.”

Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report.



College of Southern Nevada

November 2009

book about it. I set out to

oil sector just reverberates

fill that hole.”said Juhasz “I


wrote the book and wrote

Juhasz also

it quickly so that it would

explained how Nevada

come out in time for the

is specifically affected.

2008 election.”

Nevada gets its oil piped in from California, and

When asked how the oil industry affects the

there are four companies

economy, she explained it

that basically control all of

this way:

the production of oil, and

Oil is really the underpinning of the entire economy, and when we had the financial collapse, it didn’t start when the banks were having problems. When it started it was the beginning of 2007, when oil went to one

restricts how much oil gets means, they’re not spending money on other things they need, and we started to see the underpinnings of financial collapse. That then teetered off the edge with the larger financial collapse, so any change in the

refined into gas. “When there’s less supply it pushes the price up, so that’s why Californians and Nevadans have the highest gas prices in the country,” said Juhasz. Juhasz became an activist while

hundred dollars a barrel. It was when the economy all around the world started having problems being able to purchase oil. Businesses couldn’t even purchase oil; even businesses that run on oil, like airlines and trucking and grocery stores. Agriculture that depended on oil as a resource started suffering. Governments started shifting towards buying oil, which CONTINUES PAGE 16

November 2009

College of Southern Nevada




FEATURES in high school and became involved

there are some things that all Ameri-

on in your community and county, and

with her school, and the local college

cans, regardless of their political beliefs,

getting involved. Our Constitution,

divesting from South Africa to help end

can embrace: democracy, doing the right

after all, begins with “We the people…”

the apartheid regime. Seeing how a little

thing, paying attention to what’s going

action at such

So, whatever you believe in, and whatever po-

a young age

litical party you’re

could make

aligned with, try

such a differ-

to be open minded

ence taught

and reasonable,

her a lot about

and do some

how change

research. You just

can happen.

might be surprised

Juhasz has

by what you find.

been an activist ever since. In the end,


A S S O C I AT E ’S, B AC H E L O R ’S, A N D M A S T E R ’S D E G R E E S


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November 2009

College of Southern Nevada



by ERICKA WARD Contributing Writer

Bad Economy = Big Business in

Higher Learning

increase their job market opportunities, or because of the student aid check.

Nevertheless, going back to

school is exactly what millions of people are doing. Whether it is to obtain a primary degree or receive a higher degree, two and four-year college enrollment is up tremendously according to the census bureau. When interviewing Kevin Eichelberger, a senior account manager at one of the top educational book publishing companies, he said


“Business always goes up for us when the economy is down...especially now s everyone is experiencing what it really

means to be in a bad economy (i.e. high unemployment rates, impossible housing markets, and the unsuccessful trickle down of bailout money), business is booming for those involved in the plight of educating others. According to www., a website devoted to helping students find resources for financial aid,



“The demand on student aid has been climbing as the recession batters family budgets, parents’ jobs become eliminated, and self-employed parents experience business downturns.” In other words: people that can’t find a job, just go back to school. It would not be unreasonable to ask whether these people return to school for intellectual

that the government is providing funds for the schools in addition to businesses that already contribute money to education.

President Obama is also on

board, urging Americans to further their education. On his website, he pledges to “Continue to make higher education more afford-

gain, to learn a new trade in order to

able,” with one way being the expan-

November 2009

College of Southern Nevada

OPINIONS sion of Pell grants. Aside from the Pell

improving his/her chances of getting

care reform, tax cuts, and going green

grants, many people are acquiring loans

better opportunities, and the schools,

campaigns, let’s all hope that returning

which are to be paid back. These lenders

book publishers, and companies like

to school doesn’t just fill the pockets of

are now dealing with a large amount

Sallie Mae, get to roll in the dough. The

those endorsing higher education, but

of students that have loans racking up

question is, will these students actually

eventually fill the pockets of those that

interest. The interest on these loans

receive better opportunities after gradu-

need it most, the middle-class American

alone make way more money for these

ation? Will there be jobs available? Will

fighting for the chance to obtain the

companies than this recession could

there be credit extended to start new

American dream.

offer any middle -class American. In the

businesses? And will there be new hope

end, it works for both sides; the student

for individuals and families? With the

receives a higher education therefore

new economy focused largely on health

November 2009

College of Southern Nevada




The holidays are here, and your family is coming. Blow them away with your fake, thick, long lashes. by OLGA VIZCARRA Fashion & Beauty Editor


lmost all women complain about their eyelashes. Either they’re too short, too long, too thin, or too thick -anything but perfect. Good thing for women there are several options to enhance one’s look. From fake eyelashes to eyelash implants to even eyelash extensions- there are all sorts of solutions. Any medical procedure will undoubtedly be extremely expensive, and unless you have a series of Benjamin Franklin bills to spare, the easiest and cheapest way to get A-List Hollywood eyelashes is by purchasing “falsies” at a near by drug store. So how do those A-List celebrities manage to fake having long, thick, sexy, luscious lashes? Tear this page out, because the simplest and easiest way to apply eyelashes is in this article. Though applying them can be quite the challenge, you’ll have enough time to practice for those upcoming holiday parties.

all day. 3. Keep your eyes closed for one minute. Make sure you don’t open your eyes. AFTER EYELASHES ARE APPLIED 1. Take your eyelash curler and begin crimping from the root of your eyelash all the way to the tip. (Don’t worry they won’t fall off ) 2. Apply one coat of mascara for day, or two for night. BEST FAKE EYELASH GLUE CVS, Eyelash Adhesive, $7 at or in stores.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED 1. Eyelash Glue 2. Pair of Eyelashes 3. Eyelash Curler 4. Mascara HOW-TO APPLY EYELASHES 1. Take your eyelash glue and apply it to the rim of the eyelash.

BEST FAKE EYELASH BRAND CVS, Fashion Lashes, $5 at or in stores.

2. Wand it back and forth for 30 seconds. The dried, gooey glue will grab on to your skin allowing your fake eyelash to stay put



College of Southern Nevada

November 2009

Attention College of Southern Nevada students! The Collegiate Review student newspaper is seeking students to be part of our staff!

The Collegiate Review is seeking reporters, photographers, advertising executives, and graphic layout artists. NO prerequisites required to be on staff. For more information, Call: 651-4521 November 2009

College of Southern Nevada



This is A Public Service Announcement… With A Lyric and A Beat!

by T. ROPELATO Copy Editor

Sage Francis- The self proclaimed “Bill O’Reily of this Hip-Hop sh*t!” With razor sharp lyrics and a political awareness Sage delivers his message as an assault on your imagination. With a Bachelors degree in journalism, Sages’ political outspokenness is delivered with skill and knowledge.

The • Pharcyde- Ah, what 13-yearold kid didn’t spray paint a wall and chug a forty while listening to Pharcyde? The epic song of missed love, Passin’ Me By, I have dedicated to all my lost loves and hot teachers.


rowing up as a middle class white boy, Hip–Hop had the obvious allure. My friends and I sagged our pants, proclaimed to be “Straight Outta Compton!” and had Chronic 2001 memorized the day it was released. To this day, the proper mix of a raw beat and clever lyric hits my brain like a euphoric drug. Although today I tend to search the underground, for the Hip-Hop that flies under the radio waves.



College of Southern Nevada

Jurassic 5- Though not together any more, I have fond memories of sneaking into a J-5 show using a tall Chinese kids I.D.

November 2009

“Well, hip hop is what makes the world go around.” 
-Snoop Dogg Immortal Technique- A true rapper for the people, Immortal has an aggressive style with a revolutionary message. Listen, and join the resistance!

haven’t heard of someone, look them up. If you have, listen again because it’s just that good. Remember, if The Revolu-

tion will not be televised, it will have to be musical.

Aesop Rock- The powerful lyrics and the funky style delivered makes Aesop one of the sickest underground artists ever.

Blackalicious- The Clever side of Hip-Hop shines in Blackalicious like none other. The sheer brilliance of rapping through the Periodic Table of Elements could even be appreciated by that square, Einstein. •

• Atmosphere- Atmosphere provides the perfect background for a night of I-hate-my-ex-girlfriend drinking binge. • KRS-One- Sublime says it all; “In school they never taught ‘bout hamburgers or steak, Elijah, Mohammed and the welfare state… but I know…and I know because of KRS-One.” •

The Streets- Yes the British have Hip-Hop. Good Hip-Hop. I just can’t understand half of what they say. Speak English damn-it!

A Tribe Called Quest- The kings of the 90’s underground. The tribe rules from their throne of intelligence, waging war on the social injustices facing poor communities.

Hip-Hop is a product of our generation. I believe that’s part of the reason so many of us love it so much. Hip-Hop is an entire culture, born with us, but able to carry on its messages long after we are gone. These are but a few of my favorite artists with a message. If you

November 2009

College of Southern Nevada





College of Southern Nevada

Photos By: Maya Arellano

November 2009

November 2009

College of Southern Nevada



Linda Wadleigh’s GRC 110 Illustration Class



College of Southern Nevada

November 2009

November 2009

College of Southern Nevada





College of Southern Nevada

November 2009

November 2009

College of Southern Nevada

Photos By: Maya Arellano



October 2009 Incident Reports Date Campus



10/7/09 Chey



10/7/09 Chey 10/7/09 Char



10/8/09 Chey



10/8/09 Chey



10/7/09 Char

10/8/09 Char 10/8/09 Char 10/8/09 Char 10/8/09 Char 10/8/09 Char 10/8/09 Chey 10/9/09 Char 10/9/09 Chey

Other - Information Report


Criminal Mischief/ Vandalism - College Property


Other - Information Report Other - Information Report Citation Citation

10/13/09 Char


10/14/09 Char


10/14/09 Char

10/15/09 Char 10/15/09 Char 10/15/09 Char

Criminal Mischief/ Vandalism - College Property Theft - Personal Property



Other Other Other

A student was issued a citation for possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

CSN PD issued a citation to an individual for driving on driver’s license, no insurance and expired license plates. An employee reported she lost her office keys at her house.

An employee reported that several offices had been vandalized. It appeared that someone shot into the glass windows of the offices with some sort of air propelled weapon. An instructor reported a classroom confrontation between two students which lead to one student threatening another. An employee reported that she is being threatened by her daughter’s father who insists on seeing his daughter at any cost. The employee was advised to talk to CSN PD regarding this matter. CSN PD cited an individual for unlawful parking in a handicapped space. CSN PD cited an individual for parking in a Fire Lane. CSN PD cited an individual for unlawful parking in a handicapped space. CSN PD issued a Trespass to an individual who was soliciting personal information for her business. CSN PD was notified of graffiti markings scratched on mirrors in a men’s restroom in Buildings C & D.

Other A student reported her laptop missing after leaving it with another student who claimed to be repairing it. When she returned to get her laptop the student was gone with it. Other

Medical - Aided

Emergency medical was called for a student who was having chest pains. The student was transported to a hospital. It was reported that accident occurred between two vehicles on Community College Drive. No injuries reported.



10/19/09 Char

Theft - Personal Property


10/19/09 Char


10/15/09 Char


CSN PD was notified of an accident between two vehicles on the rear side of the culinary building. No injuries occurred; both parties exchanged information.

CSN PD issued a citation to an individual for driving on a suspended driver’s license.

10/9/09 Chey

10/14/09 Char 10/14/09 Char 10/15/09 Char 10/15/09 Char



A student reported her cell phone stolen while she was sitting outside of a classroom. The incident was witnessed by another student. CSN PD was notified of an accident between two vehicles in the parking lot west of Building B. Both parties exchanged information; no injuries reported. A student reported her vehicle [1990 Saturn] stolen from the parking lot South of Building L.

College of Southern Nevada

November 2009

Date Campus

October 2009 Incident Reports


10/19/09 Char

Theft - Vehicle

10/19/09 Char


10/19/09 Char 10/20/09 Hend 10/20/09 Char 10/20/09 Char


Other - Information Report Accident

10/21/09 Chey 10/21/09 Char 10/21/09 Char 10/21/09 Char 10/21/09 Chey 10/21/09 Char 10/22/09 Hend 10/22/09 Chey 10/22/09 Char 10/23/09 Chey 10/23/09 Char 10/23/09 Chey 10/26/09 Chey 10/26/09 Char 10/26/09 Char 10/26/09 Char

Criminal Mischief/ Vandalism - College Property Other - Information Report Other - Information Report

Student Other Other






Other - Information Report Other - Information Report


Staff Accident Staff Other - Information Report

November 2009

Program manager for EH&S reported two nursing students were exposed to tuberculosis during clinical duty. An employee reported she lost her office keys during the summer.

A student reported she is being harassed by another student in and out of the classroom.

CSN PD responded to an accident report that occurred in the parking lot east of Building C.

An employee reported she lost her office keys.

CSN PD was notified of graffiti markings on the sign at the northwest entrance.


Criminal Mischief/ Vandalism - College Property

10/26/09 Char 10/27/09 Chey


Student Other - Information Report

CSN PD cited an individual for unlawful parking in a handicapped space. CSN PD cited an individual for unlawful parking in a handicapped space.


10/20/09 Chey 10/20/09 Char 10/21/09 Chey


Medical - Aided

Other - Information Report



An instructor reported he was attacked by a family member while in his office.

An employee reported he lost his department keys.

CSN PD was notified of graffiti damage inside of a men’s restroom in Building D.

CSN PD issued a citation to an individual for driving without a driver’s license and no insurance. The individual was released to the LVC Marshalls due to outstanding warrants. An individual reported that while she was sitting in her vehicle another vehicle backed into it. Both parties exchanged insurance information. A student reported she let another student listen to her iPod. She asked for her property back from the student a number of times, however, the student who has the iPod has not complied. CSN PD responded to an accident without injuries that occurred in the parking lot of the northeast side of Building I. A student reported that someone has been accessing her student account and deleting her College of Southern Nevada





College of Southern Nevada

November 2009

November 2009 Collegiate Review  

The Collegiate Review November 2009 Issue

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