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October 26th 2010

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UCD Students’ Union Budget Released Where YOUR MON€Y Goes USI Affiliation Costs over €100,000 Sabbatical Officers paid €400 a week Donie O’ Sullivan The UCD Students’ Union released their operational budget for this academic year last Tuesday, at the second meeting of the SU Council. Total income, excluding UCD Ents ticket sales and different forms of sponsorship, for the Union is estimated at €760,000. A substantial amount of this figure is spent on staff payments and on membership of the national organisation representing students’ unions, the Union of Students in Ireland. The sabbatical team of Paul Lynam, Pat de Brún, Jonny Cosgrove, James Williamson and Scott Ahearn cost the Students’ Union €116,000 for their twelve month service. The annual salary of each sabbatical officer is €22,200 – or €400 a week, with projected maximum expenses of €1,000 per officer.

Paul Lynam, President of the UCD Students’ Union, said: “We project expenses of €1,000 per officer, however that is an absolute maximum expense; sabbatical officers, particularly in this administration, will not go anywhere near that.” He also pointed out that “our benefits [in] kind make us the second lowest paid sabbatical team in the country.” A further €115,000 is spent on professional staff employed by the UCDSU. “We mean business this year, we have hired staff with great experience from political and various other backgrounds,” said Lynam, promising the team will deliver “proper support that the student body of this university deserve and need.” The head office of the UCDSU is also expected to spend €16,000 on telephone and postage costs, and €10,000 on “stationery and

office supplies.” Several members of the SU Council questioned why the cost of affiliation with the Union of Students in Ireland was so high – at €108,000 it is the equivalent to €5 per fulltime student and €2.50 per part-time student in UCD. Lynam defended the cost saying that “we do need national representation” and reminded Council that the student body had voted to remain affiliated with USI in 2002.The UCDSU will spend a further €20,000 this year in the promotion and participation in the USI National March, which takes place on Wednesday, November 3rd. The class rep training weekend, totalling €10,500, cost 50% less than last year. The sabbatical team expressed their delight at Continued on page 2 »

UCD May Have to Pay Back €1.6m in Unsanctioned Payments Senior Staff in UCD paid over €1.6m in unsanctioned payments over ten years. €266,000 paid in unsanctioned performance bonuses. Amy Walsh UCD is in talks with the Higher Education Authority (HEA) concerning unsanctioned payments to senior staff amounting to €1.6m. These talks commence as a report was published by John Buckley, the Comptroller and Auditor General. The report looks at a number of issues facing

the seven Irish universities, including remuneration in the university sector. UCD paid up to €1.6 million in unauthorised allowances to staff over a ten year period, according to the report. A further €266,000 was paid in performance bonuses between 2005 and 2008, shared amongst

twelve people. In light of the findings, UCD and the Higher Education Authority (HEA) are currently in talks regarding the repayment of up to €1.6m in unauthorised allowances. Under the Universities Act 1997, universities do not have the power to remunerate staff.

Remuneration of staff is subject to approval by the Minister for Education and Skills, with the consent of the Minister for Finance. In exceptional circumstances, the universities may adopt a special framework in order to attract particularly qualified or expert staff. These provisions do not apply to senior officer posts (those above professor level). The remuneration of such posts is Continued on page 2 »




No Clue About the Capital? Conor McKenna

Continued from front page Donie O’ Sullivan how well the weekend went, and dismissed the common belief among many students that the weekend is full of drinking, bad behaviour and is a waste of money. Odhran Lawlor, the General Manager of the Mount Wolseley Hotel, Spa and Country Club, where classrep training was held, agreed with the sabbatical team, and went on to say that he would “like to congratulate UCD, the organising committee and the conference delegates for how they conducted themselves. Both guests and staff commented on how well

Continued from front cover » set by the review body. According to the report, UCD’s President, Hugh Brady received a remuneration package that exceeded the figures recommended by the review body, once benefit–in–kind was taken into consideration. The benefit–in–kind payments included life assurance, income protection premium and private health insurance. On–campus residency accounted for a substantial 80% of the benefit– in–kind payments for the year 2005 – 2007. “In response to my enquiries in regard to the President’s remuneration, the University stated that Revenue approved allowances had been paid to the President representing the grossed-up value of nonvouched expenses and which, according to UCD, pertained elsewhere in the public sector at the time,” noted the C&AG. The Registrar and Bursar both received remunerations packages that exceeded sanctioned rates between 2001 and 2007. In 2007, the Registrar’s remuneration package exceeded the sanctioned rate by €21,300. Furthermore the Bursar

the weekend went and how professional the students were over the weekend.” As per UCDSU constitutional obligations, the Student’s Union provides funding for both Belfield FM and The University Observer. Belfield FM receives €7,500, whilst The University Observer receives €50,000 in funding from the SU. Many members of the SU Council questioned why the Observer, who has three paid staff, received such a high amount of funding, when they also have the ability to generate income through advertising – in comparison with the Welfare Fund which is

received an excess of €47,100 when compared to sanctioned rates. In relation to the function of the Registrar and Bursar, UCD claims both have incurred additional allowances as a result of extra duties. Such payments were withdrawn in 2009. In the report UCD maintains that the details of allowances were sent to the Higher Education Authority (HEA) between 1997 and 2007, adding that no point was raised in relation to UCD’s capacity to contract with employees. The university maintained that they “could not reasonably be held to be acting ultra vires and that the arrangements entered into were contractually binding and any attempt to disturb them could be successfully challenged,” says the report. “Once it became an issue, UCD made a series of reasonable proposals to address the situation, including the undertaking, in 2007 to pay no new allowances without approval and culminating in the withdrawal of existing allowances in 2009,” says the report. Furthermore, between 2005

Belfield FM receives €7,500, whilst The University Observer receives €50,000 in funding from the Students’ Union.

and 2008, almost €266,000 was paid in performance bonuses to twelve senior staff at UCD. “The Accounting Officer noted that there is no provision for the payment of a performance bonus to staff in the university sector. UCD neither sought nor received sanction to apply a scheme of additional performance related payments,” stated the report. The department clarified that the Universities Act takes precedence over contracts entered into by the University, and thus any payments made were in breach of the Act. “[B] oth the initial making of the payments and their continuation

allocated €35,000. Bridget Fitzsimons, editor of The University Observer, defended the €50,000 that the paper receives from the SU, telling The College Tribune: “It is important to be absolutely unequivocal in stating that The University Observer is relentless in seeking to cover its costs through seeking as much advertising as is practicable.” Fitzsimons also pointed out that the SU budget is only a projection, adding “We do not anticipate The University Observer’s overall costs as being anywhere close to the €50,000 provided for in the budget.” €60,000 has been allocated to UCD Ents, which is augmented by ticket sales and sponsorship,

while a further €10,000 was spent developing the new Ents website. Other notable costs include €7,500 that is spent on the free exam bus service for students from the campus to the RDS, and also the contribution to the UCD Community Musical which has been halved this year to €2,500. Various elections and referendums, which the SU hold throughout the year, are expected to cost a total of €37,500. This brings total expenditure to €772,500, with a projected shortfall of €12,500. This will be covered by a contribution from the SU’s commercial activities, the SU Shops.

was contrary to the Universities Act, 1997, and as a consequence ultra vires and a breach of public sector pay procedures and norms,” says the report. “The University and the HEA are currently in discussion on the issues arising from the C&AG report,” stated a spokesperson for UCD. Universities including UCC,

NUIG and University of Limerick were also mentioned in the report. According to the report, UCC paid more than €150,000 in unsanctioned senior management allowances. NUIG paid extra allowances totalling €396,982 to its president, registrar, deputy president and the bursar, between 2000 and 2007.

Staff Costs of UCD for the Academic Year 2007/08 Category of Staff Total Academic Staff Total Other Staff Research Pay Pension Supplementation

€m 117.4 117.2 47.1 11.3



Presidential Remuneration compared to Review Body Recommendations, 2004-’07 Date

Remueration Benefit-inreceived kind received

Total Review Body Percentage Remuneration Recommendation Difference

30/6/04 30/6/05 30/6/06 30/6/07

183,565 191,293 216,076 214,650

207,857 245,811 272,832 273,350

24,292 54,518 56,756 58,700

182,860 193,101 215,966 226,895

+14% +27% +26% +21%

Note: A benefit-in-kind consisted of life assurance, income protection premium, private health insurance and on-campus residence.The on-campus residence element represented 80% of the benefit-in-kind payments for the years 2005 to 2007.

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) will hold the Discover Dublin Treasure Hunt on Friday, October 29th, with an aim to encourage students from both local and international parts, to familiarise themselves with the capital. The winning team will be awarded the Sumsare Cup, along with winning medals and half price tickets to the next ESN event in Belfast which will take place in November. The hunt will begin in the student bar at around midday before moving toward the city centre, where it will conclude at a secret location. It will involve visits to various historic sites, statues and tourist spots around Dublin. Around 200 students are expected to take part in the Treasure Hunt. Teams will consist of ten people and each team will have a fancy-dress themed team name: witches, skeletons and superheroes will be found amongst the costume-clad participants. Teams will be given to-do lists, a map of Dublin and a set of clues. Participants will be required to take part in activities such as downing a pint of Guinness, trying on an Ireland jersey and meeting a member of An Garda Síochána. Photographic evidence of such tasks will be necessary in order for teams to be in with a chance of winning the competition. Clues and markers will be placed at intervals around the city to help guide the teams. Special drinks offers are being organised at various pubs around Dublin to encourage contestants to take part despite the economic downturn. The key will be to drink the right beverage in the right bar to save precious pennies for the next pub. “It’s a matter of getting all the students together, running around Dublin like headless chickens, making tonnes of new friends and mixing the nationalities as well,” said Micheál Orlandi, an organiser with ESN.

October 26th 2010

The College Tribune

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School of Economics Abandons Negative Marking in MCQ Exams Follows protest from students who describes negative marking in MCQs as “unfair”. Calls on other schools in UCD to abandon the procedure. Emma Smyth The School of Economics has expected or deserved, while decided to discontinue the use others may have worked hard, of negative marking in multiple only to achieve a mark that do choice question exams (MCQs) not reflect the effort they put as of this semester. The decision in. “Also, how is the examiner was made last April, after a to know who is guessing, and student brought the apparent who knows what they’re talking injustice of the negative marking about? There is no way.” procedure to the attention of Negative marking in MCQs is used in universities worldwide. the School. The School of Economics’ This method of examination decision comes after the awards points for the questions valiant efforts of Brian Woods, answered correctly, no points a third year mature student of for those unanswered and, most Economics and Politics. Mr importantly, points deducted for Woods first brought the issue to all wrong answers. Guessing can 09:40:10 obviously the attention of the University Halloween 259mm x 170mm Final CO.pdf 22/10/2010 be penalized or awarded, two years ago. According to Mr Woods, depending on each person’s negative marking in MCQs is decision making. On top of profoundly unfair. Some people this, qualities such as risk taking will guess and do better than vary from person to person. A

report on negative marking by Imperial College London has shown that female students are “less prone to taking assessment risks than male.” Either way, the fear of losing marks by ticking the wrong box will put students off answering some of the questions at all. Professor David Madden, Head of the School of Economics told The College Tribune that negative marking had had a negative effect within the school saying that “it made students very risk averse, so that in a situation where someone was, say 80% certain of the right answer, they might still be afraid to put down that answer for fear of being wrong and losing a portion of a mark.”

Prof Madden “graciously accepted [Woods’] submission on negative marking and decided to abandon negative marking in [economics] exams,” following a staff-student meeting where the issue was raised. Mr Woods, who spent a lot of time researching the issue of negative marking, found that there was very little literature on the controversial procedure. The scarcity of information means that there is no practical evidence on trends in results. Prof Madden says “it will almost certainly lead to an improvement in results” in the School of Economics. “Hopefully we will also see improvements for those students who previously were

nervous about putting down an answer even though they were fairly confident they were correct. And if marks for these students improve, this is to be welcomed.”

Woods is now calling on other schools in UCD to abandon the negative marking process – a system which he describes as an “outright theft of marks.”




Top Students Fail to Receive Places at Universities

a higher preference on their CAO. However, because the students are already six weeks into the semester, it is often better for them to defer

80 students offered a place at UCD

The University gives students the

A large number of students who sat their Leaving Certificate this summer are expected to receive new college offers this week. This has been the result of students appealing their results successfully in this year’s Leaving Cert, having missed out on their preferred choice of course, due to the fact that their exam papers were wrongly marked. State


Commission received 5,959 appeals by students after the results came out.

Certificate points may be offered

Incorrect marking in this year’s Leaving Cert Exams leads to many students denied places

Olivia Reidy


and receive additional Leaving

Approximately one in ten

students issued an appeal upon receiving their grades. The appeals resulted in 2,110 upgrades and only eight downgrades. These figures are similar to previous years.

the place until the following year.

The most popular exam to be

offer as soon as possible. Students

option of deferral with a guarantee

appealed by students was Higher

that receive a new offer will be

of the place in their preferred

Level English, with 1,603 appeals

faced with the decision whether

degree in the following year.”

from a total of 33,007 students that

to take it or not, as they will be

“UCD made 80 offers to students

took English at a Higher Level.

disadvantaged due to the fact that

based on the upgrading of points

This appeal process led to 201

many courses started several weeks


students receiving greater marks

ago. Some universities and institutes

process. About one third of these

than their previous toal. Students

of technology have decided to only

students have taken up the offer this

that appealed Higher Level Irish

offer places on a deferral basis,

year. The remainder students have

also had a relatively large positive

and they will contact the student

the option to take the offer next

outcome with 216 upgrades out of

involved directly.

year.” The students in question will

is desperately making attempts to


927 appeals.


not have to pay the fees associated

accommodate the five additional

offers in both Dental Science and

The majority of students who

progress in dealing with the issue.

with course changes.

students into Medicine this year.

Medcicine for this year. However,

received upgrades in one or more

A UCD spokesperson told The

The outcome has severely impacted

However, it has become apparent

despite these efforts, only seven of

subjects now have higher CAO

College Tribune: “Unfortunately,



that the college cannot cater for

the nine newly eligible students can

points to receive a better college

the outcome of the Department

education institutions, such as the

the other new students, with seven

be accommodated in Pharmacy.

offer, which they should have


received in mid-August. Currently


the CAO are processing 339 new offers to students, and it is expected that they will receive their new













Royal College of Surgeons, where

eligible in Pharmacy and six in

University College Cork has made


a total of eighteen students have


the most progress, where there are

commencement of the university

become eligible for the college’s





managing the best that they can

The college

with this situation. Trinity College

Education only





Consequently, students

who are successful in their appeal


Pharmacy courses.




only three students on the deferred list to study Medicine next year.

Pat de Brún

Scott Ahearn

Paul Lynam

Jonny Cosgrove

James Williamson

Campaigns & Communications





E: P: 01 7163110 E: P: (01)-716 3113

E: P: 01 7163122

E: P: 01 7163112

E: P: (01)-716 3111



P L R A O N T O I E RD T 3


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .............................



EMIGRATION” JOIN STUDENTS FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND TAKE TO THE STREETS TO FIGHT: 1. A REG FEE OF UP TO €3,000 2....... FURTHER CUTS TO THE ......................................................... . . . . . .GRANT .................. 3. 60,000 EMIGRATING EACH YEAR

Get your protest t-shirts from Arts block and Student Centre YOUR FUTURE FUTURE IS IS IN INYOUR YOUR HANDS HANDS YOUR




UK Consider Removing Cap on Tuition Fees Matthew Costello Cap on fees of £3,290 may be removed. Similarities to Irish situation with speculation that fees will increase.

New Role of Sports Officer Created

The cost of being a student in

has been endorsed by the coalition

shakeup of the student loan system.

the changes while 37% supported

Resistance, an anti-cuts protest

the UK is set to rocket as the


Mr Cable, whose

Students will not be required to

it. A commonly expressed view is

group fronted by widely respected

government considers removing the

department is responsible for higher

repay their loan until they are

that with the rest of the country

former Labour Party chairman

cap on tuition fees. The business



earning over £21,000 a year, up

having to shoulder heavier financial

Tony Benn, has joined the NUS

secretary, Vince


review as containing “persuasive

from £15,000, with the debt

burdens and tough cuts – nearly

in condemning the proposals, and

announced the plans in an email to

proposals” and that his previous

being held by the Student Loans

500,000 public sector jobs are

in conjunction with the ULU

The UCD Student's Union created

Liberal Democrat party members

pledge to scrap fees altogether was

Company at 0% real interest until

expected to be cut – students should



a new position of Sports Officer last

“in the current economic climate…

that threshold is reached.

not be exempt. However, critics

representing its students), staged a

week. Brendan Lacey was elected

no longer feasible”.

The review has been welcomed by

have questioned the inconsistency

protest march on October 20th.

by members of the SU Council to



Lord Browne has defended his

be the Union's first Sports Officer. Mr. Lacey will be responsible for




Commenting on the Browne report,

many universities in the 20-strong





Donie O’ Sullivan

Aaron Porter, President of the NUS,

Russell Group, which is comprised



proposals by citing the number

stated: “This is a devastating blow

of the leading ranked institutions



of part-time students under the

organising and promoting sports

to higher and further education

in the UK, including Oxford and

making it harder for those students

current system – which offers no

activities on campus.

that puts the future of colleges

Cambridge. There is a widespread

to obtain degrees if they come from

support – as evidence that people

Speaking about his new position,

and universities at risk and will

belief that universities can offset

poorer backgrounds.

will “still want to get a degree”.

Mr. Lacey, the 21 year old B&L

have repercussions for the future

cuts to teaching subsidies with



Opponents will argue that there is

student said “it's a position I've

prospects of students and learners.

tuition fees, possibly even increasing

university with debts of up to

a marked difference between part-

always wanted to see in the Union,

£40,000 just as they are about

time degrees and full-time ones, and

I'm delighted it's finally come to fruition and humbled to be the first

This is a spending review that looks

their competitiveness with better






an entire generation in the eye and

funded competition (mainly in the

to enter their working life,” said

suggest that if students from poorer

says ‘you’re on your own’.”

U.S.) Wendy Piatt, director-general

a protester at the University of

backgrounds are forced into part-

ever occupant of the role.”

time education, the quality of their

He continued, “As the role is

shortly before the long anticipated



of the group, said: “Our leading




nominally free to set their own

institutions will not be able to

not put off students from poorer

studies will suffer.

brand new, working with the full

Education, despite the fact that the

tuition fees, the report recommends

compete with generously funded

backgrounds? The government is

Education reform was a major part

time officers and the exec, we will

majority of his party’s MPs – himself

enforcing a contribution to poorer

universities in other countries if

punishing those who are most likely

of Tony Blair’s election campaign

essentially be setting the standard

and leader Nick Clegg included –

students for those institutions that

they are not able to secure extra

to have already been hit by the

in 1997 but, after over a decade of

for the following years, I want to

economic crisis and withholding

New Labour, just 22.7% of the 2009

make it clear this position has a huge amount of potential and could



had signed the National Union of



charge above £6,000, and that


“How could that

Students’ (NUS) pledge to oppose


opportunities from them.”

UK intake to Oxford University

any increase.

£7,000 per year would be heavily



The fear of a ‘lost generation’ unable

was from state schools, suggesting

be a great benefit to a many more

The report by the Independent

scrutinised by the government to

worth of government cuts last

to obtain qualifications on a par






ensure open access to less

week, public opinion is divided as

with their predecessors for financial

of students from more affluent




fortunate students.

to the merits of the proposals. A

reasons, rather than academic ones,

backgrounds. Opponents to Lord

interfere with the work that UCD

recommends a removal of the

Other attempts to prevent limiting

YouGov poll conducted after the

has led to widespread opposition

Browne’s review fear the proposals

Sport already do but hoped to help

current cap of £3,290 (roughly

higher education to those who are

release of the Browne report found

from bodies not normally affiliated

could lead to that gap widening

them anyway he can. “I do have a

with students. The Coalition for

even further.

lot of plans which I'm really excited





€3,700) per year, a proposal which




able to afford the increased cost is a






that 45% of those surveyed opposed








about and think could get a lot more people in boots and runners. I

Weed Shown to be the Drug of Choice for Irish Students

would like to work closely with the

Rachael Walsh

their colleges, but also, I want to do and often lobby the government

encouraged a certain way of life


for students, according to a recent

in UCD about the UCC survey,

about legalising the use of cannabis

that didn’t help or encourage

organisations who deal with drug

survey undertaken in University

the responses seemed to prove

in Ireland, especially for medicinal


abuse. Scott Ahern, UCD Students’

College Cork, after a study of 181

that there is a similar situation in


Long term use can contribute to

Union Welfare Officer, told The

students found that over a quarter

this university, with one student



depression and reduce motivation.

College Tribune that UCD is

had used cannabis in the past

claiming he smoked cannabis at

warned of the dangers of smoking

It is also believed that smoking

currently trying to implement a

twelve months.

least once a week and deemed it as

cannabis, especially in adolescents,

cannabis can compromise your

drugs and alcohol policy, which will

about organizing it or even don't

Cocaine was the second most

having ‘safer effects than alcohol.’

as it affects the part of the brain

immune system, leaving you more

deal with the educational aspects of

know how many other people in

commonly used drug at 6.9% of the

Another claimed that cannabis was

where memories are formed, and

susceptible to disease, and can also

alcohol and drug consumption by

UCD share their interest.

student body, followed by ecstasy,

not an addictive substance and could



have an effect on natural hormones.

students. The policy is currently

The newly appointed officer went

which 4% of students admitted to

be used recreationally with friends



Research has suggested that there is

being discussed by the UCD’s

on to mention that he wished

using in the past year. This survey

without having consequential effects.

remembering and problem-solving,

a clear link between early cannabis

Academic Council Committee for

to serve the needs of those who

is consistent with the College

The proposition was also put

with the effects lasting for several

use and later mental health problems

Campus Life and, if approved, will

Lifestyle and Attitudinal National

forward by these students that

weeks after. This causes particular

in those with a genetic vulnerability,

then be brought to the academic

Third Level Report, which found

cannabis should be legalised in

problems for students.


and that this is a particular issue

council for implementation within

that over one third of students had

Ireland. They believed it would

a study in New Zealand which

with adolescents who use cannabis.


used cannabis in the past twelve

boost the economy, as drug dealers

followed 1265 children for 25

There is growing evidence that

have been introduced in other

months, while one in five had used

would not be reaping the profits

years found that cannabis use in

regular use of the drug is likely to

universities around Ireland, such

weekends. As sports officer, I intend

the substance in the past thirty days.

but the government would see a

adolescence was linked to poor

double your risk of developing

as NUI Galway. If this policy is

to get out there, create brand new

The study also found that 98% of

huge scale increase in tax revenue

school performance, but that there

long-term schizophrenia or having

accepted, it may see effective steps

opportunities, bring brand new

students surveyed had consumed

from the sale of cannabis. These

was no direct connection between

a psychotic episode. Adolescents

taken towards improving students’

ideas to the table and give whatever

alcohol in the past year, with 44% of

views reiterate the views of Legalise

the use of cannabis and the ability

who use cannabis daily are also

knowledge about the dangers of

help I can to bring sport in UCD

them binge drinking on a

Cannabis Ireland, who held the first

to learn. It was thought that it

five times more likely to develop

drug , particularly in relation to

forward at any level I can.”

weekly basis.

ever anti-prohibition march in 2007

was simply because cannabis use

depression and anxiety in later life.

their education.







as much as possible for the casual

On interviewing several students



to get more sports events between

Cannabis is the drug of choice



programme officers and class reps


sports people. I think there is room to have more facilities for people who aren't heavily involved in the clubs, but still fancy a kick-about or a game, but maybe don't know how to go

stayed on campus regularly at the weekend.

“Not to mention

creating more to do for the people who stay on Res throughout the week and in particular the ghost town that is residences over the

October 26th 2010

The College Tribune

Sugar Sweet Arrangement With a Bitter Aftertaste As the notion of ‘sugar babies’ is widely reported, what is the source of this trend, and are more and more educated young women becoming embroiled in the sex industry? Timothy Potenz

It has been a familiar stereotype since university life first began, that of the penniless student. Although it can be a struggle to etch out a subsistence with meagre resources, most people manage by borrowing money from financial institutions or family members, surviving on maintenance grants, or just being savvy in their spending habits. The introduction of the discount supermarket has been a boon, while retail businesses recognise the value of the college market and student discount is available for many customers with valid ID. But in the face of public cutbacks and the most severe economic depression in a generation, what if all this is not enough? Where does the financially-challenged student turn to then? Recent media reports have introduced the figure of the ‘sugar baby’, a young adult female – often a student – who is struggling financially, and offers ‘companionship’ online. Typing “tuition help” into Google tells its own story – amidst search results citing grants or financial loans is a website offering “SugarDaddy Scholarships.” “Let Ridiculously Rich Sugar Daddies Pay Your Tuition Fees,” the site’s authors proclaim. Its main creator, Brandon Wade, a graduate of MIT, launched in 2006, enabling young women and their ‘sugar daddies’ to create profiles, match those of others, and enable real-life meetings. The ‘sugar daddy’ is typically expected to spend copious amounts of money on his ‘sugar baby’. She in turn is

expected to become what the site suggests as a “personal secretary, secret lover, extra-marital fling”, or whatever else is asked of her. Currently it is estimated that 1100 ‘sugar babies’ listed on the site are based in Ireland, primarily “us[ing] sugar daddies to fund their studies”, according to Wade. Yet the ‘sugar baby’ phenomenon, if it can be called as such, is still quite low profile, with few acknowledging prior knowledge of it. Gerardine Rowley of Ruhama, an Irish organisation that provides support to sex workers, described the notion as “news to [her]”, yet strongly condemned Wade’s claim that sugar arrangements are not, in effect, prostitution, reiterating: “If someone is selling sexual services for money than that is prostitution.” Wade’s contention, however, is that “two people negotiate terms of agreement – some about sex, some about money and some about any number of issues. There’s much more than sex to a sugar daddy and baby relationship.” Perhaps these arrangements are more complex than the traditional assignations of prostitution, but that does not paint over the fact that sex is the primary motivation for the willingness of ‘sugar daddies’ to spend with such largesse. An Irish student known as Lisa, who has signed up to Wade’s site, estimates that sex is involved in sugar encounters about “99 per cent of the time”. She estimates that a meeting with her “sugar daddy” lands her €1,000, and admits to “severe money problems” leading to the decision to create her online

‘sugar baby’ profile. “In a normal relationship, sex is expected anyway, so it’s not a huge issue for me,” she explains, adding: “I would usually have met the sugar daddy quite a few times before an arrangement is reached so I probably wait longer for sex than I would in a normal relationship.” Some acts, she admits, would make her feel “uncomfortable,” but these prior meetings are generally established “to ensure compatibility.” In short, despite Lisa’s disclaimers, the ‘sugar baby’ experience sounds very reminiscent of that of the ‘high class’ call girl, negotiating the boundaries to the client in advance. The popular internet blog of Dr. Brooke Magnanti, alias Belle de Jour, detailed her experiences as a London call girl. The blog later developed into a best-selling book series, and now features as an ITV2 mini-series starring Billie Piper. Magnanti, who revealed her identity to the media last year before an exboyfriend sold his story, is a research scientist, who made contact with an escort agency after funding ran out before the completion of her PhD. Also uncannily like the ‘sugar baby’ arrangement, which Wade insists is nothing like prostitution, Magnanti recently claimed on RTE’s The Panel that most of her clients sought the “girlfriend experience” – sex as encountered in the “normal relationships” Lisa talks of. Certainly issues of class and education are at hand here. While young female students may enter the sex industry to repay increasing debts – whether as ‘sugar babies’, table dancers, or escorts – they

Model poses Outside the Library Late One Evening PHOTO by Danny Lambert

often do not see danger or risk involved. When asked about their thoughts on ‘sugar baby’ arrangements, several UCD students seemed reluctant to give a decided opinion. Niamh Byrne sees “a lot of levels” to the sex industry. “There’s escorting, pornography, prostitution, and others. I wouldn’t consider it dangerous on the lower levels.” Second year student Jackie Hennessey, meanwhile, “wouldn’t outwardly criticise” a friend who decided to take up a ‘sugar baby’ arrangement, but “wouldn’t be a number one fan of what they did. You don’t want to preach to them.” The recent hysteria over Wayne Rooney’s extra-marital affairs with ‘high class’ escort girls has focused strongly on his marriage and his status as a role model, but a certain sector of the media chose to look at the backgrounds of the young women involved instead. The Daily Mail, in particular, has trailed the privately educated Jennifer Thompson since the story broke, snapping photographs of her as she spends her “ill-gotten gains”, and carrying articles with headlines such as “How did the oldest profession become a career choice for middle-class girls?” There is a tacit acceptance of prostitution involved here, as “the oldest profession” in the world, but the condemnation here is aimed at Thompson’s class status. She, like Magnanti, is from a middle-class, educated background, and should “afford” the morality which less privileged women of “the oldest profession” are denied. The fame of Belle de Jour saw readers exclaiming over

Magnanti’s well-written prose, questioning the veracity of her tale, and hypothesising that she was, in reality, a well-known male author, writing a fiction disguised as fact. The common attitude appears to be that working class women who enter the industry out of financial need are to be pitied, but those with an education are to be derided, or simply denied existence. Of course, female students and women with a college education encounter economic problems just as those who do not. Mayo-born Mary took a job in a lap dancing club in the UK town where she attends university, desperate to hide her £1,500 debt from her parents. On paper, it didn’t look too bad, as she earned about £200 sterling a night, yet as the nights wore on, the truth emerged as something very different. Mary had to hand over £70 per night as ‘commission’ to the club proprietors, and the idea of club dancers being literally untouchable was nothing more than an illusion. “There were plenty of times when I was told I could earn so much if I had sex with [a punter] for an hour – I was offered £1,000… and I thought about it. But the idea made me sick.” What was more, Mary found that her coping strategies were costing her financially, as she was “spending more than I was earning some nights because I was drinking so much in the club…I hated myself and was terrified people would find out”. She quit the job after five months. Mary’s experience mirrors those of many women in the UK,

| 7

documented by Kat Banyard in her recent book The Equality Illusion. British journalist Natasha Walter, meanwhile, released a book entitled Living Dolls in February, outlining the culture where women are encouraged to pose for lads’ magazines as an empowering action, and frequently as a way out of poverty. Yet when Walter interviewed the former editor of Nuts, he was curiously reluctant to endorse such a lifestyle for his own young daughter, only offering the insight that he hoped she would have more choices available to her. This is a strange contradiction given that the sex industry has more or less appropriated the feminist notion of ‘choice’, frequently scorning its critics as seeking to restrict freedom and impinge on what the public wants. Startlingly, what a lads’ mag editor wants on behalf of his readers, and what he wants for his daughter, appear to be wildly different. The sex industry, after all – whether the actions involved are initiated by a woman on her own behalf, by an agency or an Internet site, in a club, a restaurant, or a hotel room – primarily focuses on transforming women into ‘dolls’, to be looked at, ogled, and consumed, to be appropriated as a fantasy. Women with an education, a brain, break this illusion. So when Belle de Jour writes of an encounter with a client where she references the writer Martin Amis, she is declaimed as a fake. Jennifer Thompson’s parents are shamed into making a public apology for the actions of their adult daughter, assuring the media that they were completely unaware of her profession. And young women such as ‘sugar baby’ Lisa are keen to promote themselves as something more than a quick lay, declaring interests on her online profile as “good wine, good food and nights at the theatre and opera”. Part of this has to be due to knowledge of the disapproval from some, and a personal attempt to reclaim their own image for themselves, resisting the traditional stereotype of a ‘whore’. But it also appears to convey a message to potential ‘sugar daddies’, or clients, that they are also human beings with intellects and interests of their own. Is this then an attempt at selfprotection, despite the declarations of so many girls that they do not see themselves at risk? Gerardine Rowley worries about the perception “that young girls think they can enter into a business-like agreement of selling sex for money and come out unscathed. After working with women involved in the sex trade for many years, I don’t think there’s anyone who comes out without some form of psychological or physical damage.” Whether or not young women sign up as ‘sugar babies’ see themselves as participating in the sex industry is up for debate, but one thing is certain: there are a hell of a lot of similarities involved to those that are.




‘Hope’s’ Biggest Challenge Yet A week ahead of the midterm elections, Chris Bond assesses what impact the result will have on the presidency of Barack Obama and the struggle for power between Democrats & Republicans Just short of two years ago, Barack

Led by a charismatic figure of

‘’War on Terror’’ was in full swing.

Usain Obama was elected President

humble origins, John Boenher

According to the New York Times-

of the United States in a landslide

(bottom right), the Republicans

owned polling site Fivethirtyeight.

victory over Republican opponent

are claiming that the stimulus has

com, the Democrats are poised to

John McCain.

Obama became

gone too far and that it is adding to

lose seven seats in the Senate and

somewhat of a cult hero, with

the US national debt. In contrast

48 seats in the House. Should this

much hysteria surrounding his

to the Democrats’ policy, the

occur, the result would leave the

nomination and his eventual victory.

Republicans prefer a strategy of

Republicans being the leading party

He managed to redefine not only

tax and spending cuts. The most

in the House, with the Democrats

elections, but the way in which

high profile anti-Obama group is

maintaining the majority, although

people relate to American politics.

the Tea Party movement, consisting

reduced, in the Senate.

It was therefore no surprise that

predominately of radically right

Despite their slim chance of taking

major things were expected from

wing Republicans.

both chambers of the Congress,

President Obama.

If recent opinion polls are to go


Obama became the first Democratic

by, the Democrats are poised to

two Senate seats that they regard

presidential candidate to secure

suffer big losses in the Senate

as being of symbolic importance.

the majority of the vote for his

and in particular, the House of

The first is Senate Democrat leader

inaugural term since Jimmy Carter


(pictured below) Harry Reid’s seat

in 1976. However, given Carter’s

that the wheels have finally fallen

electoral record after 1976, this

off the Obama wagon and that he is

might not be regarded as a good

now destined to become a


one term President?

Upon taking up office,

Obama tried to give the impression


that he had stuck to the main theme

midterms often bring out more

of his campaign – change.


In the middle of one of the

presidential ones.

biggest recessions in US history,


Obama set about bringing hope

be the first President to suffer

to Americans.






the than

Poll accuracy




losses half way through his first

in Nevada, contested by Tea Party-

day in the Oval Office, he signed


endorsed Sharon Angle, with the

an executive order putting an


end to torture in Guantanamo

Reagan’s first term, the Republican

Senate seat in Illinois, currently held

Bay and other detention facilities

Party lost 27 seats in the House

by outgoing Senator Roland Burris.

run by the U.S. military. It was



President Obama has upped the ante

followed the next month by the

However, crucially, that did not

in recent weeks in order to limit

$787 billion American Recovery

prevent Reagan from winning 49

as much damage as possible. He

and Reinvestment Act, commonly

out of 50 states in the subsequent

has redeployed political strategists

known as the Stimulus Programme,

presidential elections.

An even

David Axelrod and David Plouffe

the largest single investment in job

greater and spectacular example,

who served him so well during the

creation, welfare and public services

though, is the midterm elections of

2008 Presidential Campaign. Over

in the western world.

1994. The Democrats, under Bill

the last few weeks, he has visited

In the summer of 2009 he started

Clinton, lost control of not only

several key battleground locations

to take on what has been the holy

the Senate, but also the House of

such as California, Nevada and

grail of the Democratic party

Representatives, for the first time

Washington State. He is making an


in 40 years.

Clinton, however,

argument that his policies are in fact

Against a background of bitter

managed a landslide victory over

working and is seeking a mandate

opposition from the American right

Republican opponent Bob Dole

to stay on course. Obama is also

wing, Obama and the Democrats

just two years later.

warning voters of the dangers of

succeeded in passing the healthcare

When looking back on the history

returning to the ‘failed’ Republican

reform bill (albeit watered down),

of previous elections, it is very

policies of two years ago.



uncommon for the President’s party

Even if John Boehner and his

healthcare system since Medicare

to make electoral gains during the

colleagues cruise to victory in the

was enacted under Lyndon Johnson.

midterm elections. Only twice in

House, holding the Senate will be

In recent months however, there

the past 100 years has the party of

interpreted as a good result for the

has been a backlash against Obama

the incumbent president made gains

Democrats, something that the last

from both the left and the right.

in the midterms, and one can argue

Democratic President Bill Clinton

Many progressives who flocked

that both occasions were influenced

failed to do. Obama himself will

to Obama in 2008 criticise the

by exceptional circumstances.

not be up for election for another

stimulus bill and the healthcare act

The first example was during the

two years, when the political and

for not going far enough.


spell of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

economic landscape could well have

Krugman, the Nobel Prize winning

All the way back in 1933, the

changed drastically.

economist, has claimed that the

Democrats made gains in the

One thing does seem certain, no

stimulus is not leading to more jobs

midterm elections in the midst of

matter what the result of next

and quicker recovery because it is

the Great Depresssion. The other

week’s elections are. The jury is still

too small to make an impact. The

example was the Republicans and

out on whether Obama will win a

right, on the other hand, consider

their ability to maintain control

second term by a landslide similar to

Obama’s domestic reforms to be too

of both the House and the Senate

that of Bill Clinton, or become the

liberal, some even characterising it

halfway through the first term of

first one term Democratic president

as ‘socialist’.

George W.Bush in 2002, as the

since Jimmy Carter.


On his very first


Does this mean






In 1982, halfway through President







October 26th 2010

The College Tribune

| 9

From behind a veil of ignorance Roma repatriation, the restriction of religious regalia, and racism in France are examined by Conor McKenna. The landmark decision in France to

freely within the territory of the

ban the burqa has recently cleared

Member States. By arguing that this

its last hurdle and will be made into

restriction is for public health, the

law. The ban imposes €150 fines on

French government has avoided

women wearing a face-covering

sanctions, but has nevertheless been

veil and €15,000 on someone who

criticised for their actions by EU

forces a woman to wear one.


The ban comes following the 2004


decision to ban headscarves of all


varieties in French public schools.

likened the repatriations to the

The divide between secular and

mass deportations of Jews and other

church matters has been intrinsic

“undesirables” under

in French society since the 18th

regime. President Sarkozy called

century. Jewellery and clothing that

these remarks “disgusting”.

depicts religion is strictly prohibited

On 15th October, France agreed

in French public schools. Many

to change the laws regarding

Irish people, who don’t give a

Roma repatriation after pressure

second thought to wearing crosses

from the European Commission,

on necklaces, would be reminded

doubtless hoping to avoid an

that such iconography isn’t tolerated

international scandal if the matter

in the school system. In the United

is recommended to the European

Kingdom, support for a burqa ban is

Court of Justice.The French Foreign

at 67%, according to a YouGov survey.

Ministry has not commented on

Yet it is not merely the veils that are

what the changes to the law will be.

being removed from French society:

Laws are being drafted which

the French government recently

repatriate first generation French

made headlines as it repatriated

citizens for committing certain

to implement such policies seems


are merely sent to prison.

The Celtic Tiger brought wealth




nothing short of a disgrace. The

and one must be able to show

However there have been no cries

but it also brought diversity in the

immigrants were removed from

past, it seems that France, rather

revolutionaries must be turning in



of racism; no one is willing to take

form of workers from across the

illegal camps in 2009.

than cherishing its increasingly

their graves.

disturbing similarity to the claims

a strong stance against what the

world. And yet how many of us

French law states that immigrants

diverse and multicultural society, is

Support for such moves has been

of many right-wing groups that

French government are doing there.

heard complaints about our EU

must prove that they will not be a

more concerned with the removal

echoed across Europe however,

are popping up across Europe.

By standing to the side and refusing

neighbours working three jobs

burden on the state for stays longer

of what it deems to be a social

with growing support for national

Worthiness is purely subjective and

to comment, are we giving the go

while Irish people struggled to

than three months. However, in

problem. This move appears to be

parties, such as the People’s Party in

a French government that seems

ahead for these shameful displays to

hold down one? We’re hardly above

sending the Roma home, France

an indirect attack on first generation

Denmark and the recently elected

intent on restricting diversity will

continue? Perhaps we are.

reproach in that aspect. A taxi drove

is in direct violation of European

citizens; many of whom have not

Swedish Democrats. Scandinavia

be the final arbiter of who is worthy.

Why do we say nothing? ‘Céad

past the university earlier with an

Parliament and Council Directive

abused the system, but are proud of

no longer retains its egalitarian

It seems incredible to believe that

Míle Fáilte’ is a phrase thrown

“Irish Taxi Driver” bumper sticker;

2004/38/EC of 29 April 2004,

their French citizenship.

reputation, as these parties gain

a first-generation French citizen

about a lot. Have we stopped to

let’s hope our diversity drives us

which declares the right of citizens

For France, one of the world’s first

significant support in the political

could be sent ‘home’ on the basis of

consider its meaning? Despite our

in the right direction rather than

of the Union and their family

liberal democracies and a country


committing petty crime, while some

welcoming nature, perhaps Ireland

down the right-wing.

members to move and reside

built on acceptance and equality,

According to Sarkozy: “French

French citizens commit murder and

too has become a little xenophobic.















worthy.” This

Top Right: Roma protest against repatriation. Left: President Nicolas Sarkozy defiant on matters of French citizenship. Above: Is the ban a veil for something more serious?




Gaeilge Ábhar Dochtúra: Conspóid Ospidéal Úr na nGasúr Eoghan Ó Murchadha

is €100 milliun le bailiú ó fhoinsí

tar éis a rá go sabhálfaidh seo thart

ann ó thaobh lonnú an ospidéil, agus

don phobal na fáthanna atá leis seo.

ann fós nár freagraíodh. Caithfear

carthanachta agus daonchairdiúla)

faoi €25 milliún in aghaidh na bliana

ní cheansófar an fhabhb seo nó an

Ní shásóidh freagraí folmha nó

éisteacht leo ar mhaithe leis an

Le deireanas, tá tar éis bheith ina raic

an easpa nó míshoiléire pleanála ó

ar an trí otharlann a thiocfaidh le

slua atá ag stocaireacht go mbógfáí

béal ban an aire a deir go bhfuil

daonlathas. Seans maith go deirfear

maidir le suíomh an ospidéil úir do

thaobh stiúradh an ospidéil anuas

chéile ann ar deireadh; Ospidéal

é ag dul ar aghaidh dall an rialtais.

an cinneadh glactha. Tá amhras

go bhfuil an otharlann de dhíth

leanaí, ospidéal a chosnóidh €650

ar fhadbanna ó thaobh deartha

Shráid Temple, Ospidéal Mhuire

Más rud é go bhfuil sé ródhéanach

mór léirithe ag grúpaí éagsúla,

láithreach bonn baill agus nach

milliun agus a bhfuil súil ag an rialtas

do shuíomh ospidéal an Mhater,


dul siar ar roghnú an tsuímh nó

tuistí pháistí atá tinn, dochtúirí

féidir dul siar ar chinneadh an

é a chomhlonnú ar shuíomh ospidéal

fáil ar an otharlann in amanna

Náisiúnta na Leanaí i dTamhlacht.

bhfuil an cinneadh glactha is réitithe

péidiatraiceacha is ollúna chomh


an Mhater aineoin an chlampair

barrthráchta, is


Aontaíonn Comhaontas d’Ospidéal

ar bonn feidhmiúcháin caithfear a


Pé scéal é, caithfear éisteacht.

atá tógtha ag dreamanna éagsúla

pháirceáil ar an suíomh. Cé gur

Nua na Leanaí le gach rud atá ráite

mhíniú go follasach is go hintuigthe

cheapann go bhfuil buncheisteanna

faoi. Tá an t-Uasal Philip Lynch i

éirigh Lynch as tá súil an t-ospidéal

ag Lynch. Tá de ghearán acu chomh

ndiaidh éirí as an gceannaireacht

a bheith ar oscailt roimh dheireadh

maith nár iarradh ar phaistí sular

ar Bhord Forbartha an Ospidéil

na bliana 2015.

roghnaíodh suíomh. Is ait liom seo.

Phéidiatraicigh Náisiúnta (BFOPN)

An fáth ba mhó gur beartaíodh

Tuigimse go bhfuil gá le próiseas

de bharr go raibh bundeacrachtaí

an suíomh seo a roghnú ná toisc

eolais agus dul i gcomhairle ach

ann an post a bhí faoina chúram

gur anseo is luaithe gur féidir

ní dóigh liom gur féidir a rá go

aige a chur i gcrích, dar leis.

otharlann a thogáil ann. Ba ar

mbeadh tuairimí na bpáistí ina

Deir an t-Aire Sláinte Mary Harney,

mholtaí an chomhlachta McKinsey

chabhair mhór ag an dream atá ag

áfach, gur iarr sí air éirí as mar nach

& Company (sainchomhairleoirí

réiteach pleananna don otharlann.

raibh suíomh an ospidéil i dtéarmaí

bainistíochta) a bhunaigh tascfhórsa

Tá an Comhaontas ag tabhairt le

tagartha an bhoird agus dá bharr seo



fios go bhféadfadh gach éinne a

nach raibh sé in ann an ról a chur

Seirbhíse Sláinte an rogha. Luadh

bheith ina shaineolaí ar cheist seo

i gcrích mar ba cheart. Is liosta

an luas lena bhféadfaí an otharlann

na hotharlainne ach ar ndóigh

mór fada gearán atá aige, áfach, agus

a chur ar fáil sa suíomh seo mar an

ní fíor sin. Is beag duine dáirire a

luann sé cuid mhaith fadhbanna

príomhfáth idirdhealaitheach gur

thuigeann i gceart mar a roghnaíodh

eile leis an togra taobh amuigh de

roghnaíodh an Mater i leaba na

an suíomh.

cheist an tsuímh; an bhearna mhór

n-ospidéal eile. Tá an t-Aire Harney

Is cosúil go bhfuil fadhb bhunúsach










atá ann ó thaobh maoinithe (tá breis

Satan's lair in UCD? A clearing in the trees near the Science Block generated much interest last week. Our photograph shows various symbols hanging from trees.The symbols are accompanied by a book entitled "Finding Sky" which was placed on a chair in the middle of the clearing, some pages were torn out of the book and names including Cormac and James were written on them. Is it Satan's lair or is it the location UCD's biggest Halloween Party? Let us know what you think,

October 26th 2010

The College Tribune

| 11

Motor News in Brief Jeremy O’Hanlon

Paris Motor Show From Paris with love, I mean cars. The Paris motor show has come and gone and there has already been a lot of excitement about what’s new on the scene not only caused by new innovative concept cars such as the gas turbine powered electric Jaguar C-X75, but also production cars hitting the roads soon like the all-new Audi A7. Here’s a quick round up of some of the best products the show had to offer.

Road Test: The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Jeremy O’Hanlon I’ve always had a thing for Alfa’s, possibly due to that ever so subtle hint of a Ferrari or the fact that Alfa’s seem to value style and beauty above

Jaguar C-X75

practicality. Either way, my recent test drives of two different versions of the Giulietta, the 120Bhp 1.4l turbo petrol model and the 105Bhp 1.6 diesel,

This new Jag is capable of reaching 205mph, can do 0-62mph in just 3.4

may well be the nearest I ever get to driving a Ferrari.

seconds and thanks to massive torque of 1180lb/ft blistering acceleration

When stepping into the test car, due to the courtesy of South Dublin Fiat

from 50-90mph is possible in just 2.3 seconds. The four-wheel drive

Alfa Romeo, I immediately noticed was how nice it was behind the wheel.

supercar is powered by four 195bhp motors (one for each wheel), adding

range to a remarkable 560 miles and produce just 28 grams of CO2 per

The instrument cluster is top notch and the speedometer and rev-counter needles spin forward and back when you turn the key – a very classy feature also used by Audi.

kilometer from the car’s plug-in charge capability.

While the 1.6 diesel version may be a bit short on power, it has plenty

up to a total 780bhp. The car has a zero tailpipe emissions range of 68 miles while running solely on battery power but thanks to two micro gas-turbines, spinning at 80,000 rpm, enough electricity can be generated to extend the

of low-end torque (320nm); vital in the overall drivability of the car and

Audi A7

providing good in gear acceleration. The 120bhp turbo petrol unit had plenty of power for a hatchback and was nicely free revving. The gearstick also has a nice clean short throw. The highlight of the Giulietta is Alfas new DNA system. First introduced as an option on the Mito, the DNA system comes as standard on all Giuliettas. This allows you to select three different driving settings Dynamic, Normal or All-weather. I quite enjoyed driving in Dynamic mode as this tightens up the steering, throttle response and overall dynamics of the car providing a more powerful feel and sportier driving experience. A turbo pressure gauge also appears on the digital instrument display and as gimmicky as it may have been, I quite liked it.

between 204bhp and 300bhp. An innovative WIFI system is available with

If I owned this car, I’d see myself leaving it in Dynamic mode almost all of the time as it brings out the best in the car.

the car, which allows users to set up a network with their mobile devices.

It wouldn’t be advisable to leave it on for low speed driving though; a tap

Audi’s brand new 5-door coupe - the A7 Sportback was on show in Paris. The new car fits, as you might guess, between the A6 and A8 in the range and is offered with a choice of petrol or diesel V6 engines. They produce

of the accelerator could see you trading paintwork with the unlucky person

Mercedes CLS Rivaling the new Audi A7 is Mercedes latest incarnation of their CLS 4 door coupe. Bolder and more muscular in stance than the previous model, the new CLS features an SLS inspired front grille. Initially there will be a choice of two V6 engines, a 261bhp diesel and 302bhp petrol variant. These engines will later be joined by an efficient 250CDI diesel engine offering 201bhp and claimed consumption of 5.1l/100km.

next to you.

The interior materials are of great quality and there’s a nice metal finish look

Both models I drove were the mid-range Lusso spec, which starts at

gear stick, although it would have been much nicer if they used real metal.

€21,995 (excluding works and delivery) for both the petrol and diesel. This

The cluster of switches below the radio are a nice touch and are reminiscent

specification provides a bunch of kit including alloy wheels, automatic dual-

of what you would have in a sports car. The dash is solid and the steering

zone climate control, cruise control, Bluetooth and MP3 connectivity and

wheel is great. The climate and radio controls are clearly laid out and the

steering wheel mounted controls, something that I find very handy. At this

speaker system is more than adequate to pump out tunes to a deafening level

price and specification, the Alfa nicely undercuts competitors and acts as a

while keeping good quality sound outside. Daytime running LED lights

nice bumper to usual Alfa Romeo depreciation.

(DLRs) come as standard and add to the cars exclusive look.

In fact, you can take away a brand new Giulietta with either of the engines

Overall the new Alfa is a nice change from the usual suspects such as the

I tested at Turismo spec for €20,000 but I certainly think its worth the extra

Focus, Astra and Golf and a great addition to Alfa’s current lineup. I can only

money to go to Lusso spec. Topping the line is the Veloce spec which adds

hope this new offering from the Italians is a taster of what’s coming with the

more goodies such as half leather interior, sports suspension and 17” alloys.

166 and 159 replacements due out in the next few years.

A Sat Nav pop up screen is also an option. A Start & Stop system comes

South Dublin Fiat Alfa Romeo are now taking orders for the Alfa Romeo

standard on all models.

Giulietta. See for more!




The College Tribune

October 26th 2010

| 13

Scoil an Léinn Cheiltigh

School of celtic StudieS BiBliography MaNuScript StudieS periodicalS aNd collectaNea celtic graMMar iriSh laNguage

oN-liNe puBlicatioNS catalogue iriSh literature WelSh iriSh hiStory aNd geNealogy BretoN hiBerNo –latiN School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4 Ireland. Tel: 00-353-1-6140113 Fax: 00353-1-6680561. Email: Web:


Exorbitant Outlay Should be Used Elsewhere

A UCD spokesperson has said that the University and the HEA are currently in discussions about the G&AG report. In this same document, the amount of €293 million for UCD staff costs in the academic year of 2007/2008 was published. It once more highlighted the huge outlay that is made to the 2,500 approximate staff of the university. Some people have the fortune to earn greater amounts of money than others in all different sectors in life, but the €293 million is surely enough for the UCD staff to ‘just about get by,’ and leave some amount to spare for re-investment elsewhere. According to an article by Seán Flynn in The Irish Times on April 21st 2010, the University was already over €12 million in debt. After viewing the figures revealed last week, one would worry that this level of debt will rise and punish the already suffering student population. The economic climate, as we sickeningly hear everyday, has changed since 2007/2008. With severe cuts on the horizon in the upcoming Government budget, the huge cost of staff costs is a strain on what is already a university in debt already. With less funding likely to be received also, it creates an obvious cause for concern. Somewhere in the outlay of €293 million, there must Editor: Colman Hanley

Designer: Emmet Farrell

Turbine Editor: Ryan Cullen Eagarthóir Gaeilge: Eoin Ó Murchú Copy Editor: Niamh Hanley

News Editor: Donie O'Sullivan

Sports Editor: Mark Hobbs

Photography Editor: Dáire Brennan

Photo of the Week

Two students enjoy playing football in the late evening thanks to the light of an October sunset. PHOTO: DÁIRE BRENNAN

Deputy News Editor: Amy Walsh

Fashion Editor: Aoifa Smyth

SU’s Best Budget?

performing. However whether the cost of €400 is a worthy and just investment, can only be determined at the end of their year. We wait with abated breath to see if this is the case. The balance of the budget appears to be off in certain parts, with the allocation of €50,000 for the University Observer exceeding the €35,000 for the Welfare Fund. The budget was no doubt reviewed and examined by the SU’s experienced staff from political and other backgrounds with a fine toothcomb, but it still manages to perplex some of us. The way in which some funds are used must be examined, for example the €7,500 that Belfield FM receives is a paltry sum in terms of the €760,000 estimated expenditure. Yet why is it that we never hear the Union’s radio station in SU shops across campus? Surely the Union ought to support its own investment by promoting it in simple ways and means such as this.

The UCD Students’ Union published their operational budget for the coming year and, as with any budget, it raised a few eyebrows. The first point of interest in every SU budget arises with the pay of its Sabbatical officers. €400 pay per week and the cost of certain expenses are given to the fantastic five. Like every group of sabbatical officers in UCDSU, there is little doubt that they believe in the work that they are


Contributors List:

Míle Buíochas:

Olivia Reidy, Matthew Costello, Rachel Walash, Chris Bond, Greg Acton, Jeremy O’Hanlon, Ciarán Leinster, Timothy Potenz, Emma Smyth, Liam Lacey, Patrick Fleming, Conall Devlin, Graham Luby, Conor McKenna, Róisín Sweeney, Laura McNally, Timothy Potenz, Kellie Nwaokorie, Kate Brady, Margeurite Murphy, Dan Nolan, David Murphy, Jonathon Barry, Simon Mulcahy, Tracey O’Connor, Ashling O’Loughlin, Niya Morrisey, Lee Maguire.

Music Editor: David Tracey Deputy Music Editor: Conor McKenna

be room for manoeuvre to use the funds for different projects that demand a greater need for investment. For a low percentage of this amount, those under pressure in this busy November and December period could have extended library hours extended at the weekend for the whole year and not just in the few weeks before exams in semester one and two. The yearly mantra of fighting for library hours to be extended is assumedly similar to listening to a broken record for some college officials, but for students, it is a vital service that cannot be underestimated. Rather than providing a €293 million wage for UCD staff, re-investment in the students of this University, the group that are more likely to drag this country out of the mire than the politicians of this country perhaps, would be of greater benefit for everyone.

In issue two of The College Tribune on September 28th 2010, a figure of €150,000 was described as being “overpaid” to UCD President, Mr. Hugh Brady. This figure was incorrectly described, and was a benefit-inkind payment.

Datascope Printing (Kevin Mitchell, David Walsh,Trina Kirwan and everyone else), Emmet Farrell (and his many housemates!), Niamh Hanley (Mo Laoch), Donie O’Sullivan, Amy Walsh, Philip Connolly, James Grannell, Jim Scully, Lorraine Foy, Dáire Brennan, Danny Lambert, David Tracey, Aoifa Smith, Mark Hobbs, Ryan Cullen, Ciara Murphy, Gary Fox, Conor McKenna, Ryan Cullen, Eoin Ó Murchú, Dáire Brennan, David Tracey, MCD (Rory Murphy & Colm Hanley),


It’s Satire Stupid!

1 out of every 7 dwarves is happy. “Prince Harry’s going on a little car trip” states the Queen. Descartes “off his fucking tits” claims new study. Antiques Roadshow omnibus set to threaten the lives of countless citizens. Spain tows The Isle of Man off to secret location off Africa. Man City offer Rooney 400 grans a week. Iranian weather shi’ite.

Rescued after an uncomfortable 69 Chile’s president has said his country will never be the same again after the extraordinary rescue of the 33 miners trapped deep underground for 69 days. The miners were left with only 48 hours’ worth of rations in the form of viscounts and Fig rolls when part of the San Jose copper and gold mine in Chile’s Atacama Desert collapsed on August 5th. The masses of people were in jubilation as the survivors were lifted from the mine with many in the crowd dressed as ‘Planet of the Apes’ characters as a practical joke to lift spirits. They received a mixed reception in the form of tarring and feathering. However President Pinera claimed that there won’t be

any conjugal visits at Camp Esperanza as Chilean law forbids having sex with a minor. Tears flooded from the eyes of the first survivor to emerge, he told us of his upset as he forgot to clock in, losing out on approx 1656 hours of payment. Wives who thought that their husbands would never return were in distress as their loved ones finally emerged, to their unbelievable disgust. Captain Scarlet who was in charge of the team of miners told of their struggle for food, health and sexual frustration. They dedicated their story to the late Roberto Panini, who they had to eat on the second day of entrapment. Then out of the dust

came the youngest victim, only 18 years old, who appeared to be walking in a John Wayne-esque strut, when reporters caught up to him, the captain was overheard whispering into his ear, “Whatever happened in the shaft, stays in the shaft”. When the final survivors were taken to hospital, President Pinera stated to the masses “I would like to thank everyone who has wished us well in our attempts and I would like to thank countries overseas who issued their aid and help, apart from America, who like in the case of Linda Nosgrove, thought that a rescue attempt should involve grenades.”

A Love Poem from the Diary of Anne Frank The following poem/song was discovered between the wooden floorboards where Anne Frank was in hiding. It is dated only three days before her capture. Nobody knows who it was written too, possibly a childhood sweetheart, an imaginary lover, possibly anyone who were to ever find it. I hope to hold your hand in mine, dear

We live in a crazy world, dear.

From my window I can only imagine it.

I wish I weren’t part of it.

Say you love me, here and now

For now when I go to the toilet,

Although I can’t fathom it.

I just can’t go ahead and flush it.

I hope to get out of here soon, dear.

I’m sorry that Hitler came to power, dear

I’m really getting sick of it.

His regime seemed so proud and fine.

My Inability to eat Rice Crispies,

But until they come and get me

Or practise on my new Drum kit.

I hope to hold your hand in mine.

October 26th 2010

The College Tribune

| 17

Sport uperleague

College Tribune

The College Tribune October 26th 2010

Aussies to Rule for Much Longer? With the sport having sparked much debate over the last decade, Liam Lacey reflects on the first game of the 2010 International Rules Series. Saturday night saw the return to our shores of the

periods of silence as the match ambled towards the

International Rules Series after a break of four years,

climax which saw Australia emerge triumphant with

Greg Acton reports on another bone crunching week of UCD’s own primadona filled football league.

with much focus on whether the much maligned series,

a 47-40 win in one of the lowest scoring tests in the

viewed as controversial by many, should be sustained or

game’s storied history. The Irish team, without stars

shown the door. After last Saturday’s performance by

such as Paul Galvin and Colm Cooper, who would at

Well it’s been another eventful few

both sides, the latter seems the most likely course

least excite fans in a game of this nature, seemed to have

weeks in the world of Superleague;

of action.

a lot of trouble playing coherently and an apparent lack

containing a good mix of broken

The push by both the GAA and AFL to cut out any

of interest was evident.

bones, cheeky chips and vuvuzelas!

sort of physicality in the compromised game has

Irish coach Anthony Tohill picked a team that was





unfortunately led to paying supporters witnessing a

supposedly quick and full of skilful players that lit up

timid, non-contact game where passion is certainly not

this year’s championship. But last Saturday night, they

the order of the day, as opposed to the fair but exciting

looked tired for much of the match. Thankfully a late

bit of a carnival atmosphere for their

physical battles that both sets of players produced in

flurry of points, the catalyst of which was a goal by

top of the table clash with Bean

previous revivals (forgetting, of course, the 2006 and

Footballer of the Year, Bernard Brogan, made the final

FC by breaking out the intensely

2008 series).

score look respectable from an Irish perspective.

annoying horns. You’ve got to give

The players that took to the field in the Gaelic Grounds

Next weekend sees the second test played at Croke

on Saturday looked uncomfortable during the 72

Park, but it’s doubtful, after the uninspiring first game,

them credit for their commitment.

minutes of play. They struggled to come to terms with

that 80,000 people are going to feel the need to watch

the new rules, which seem to prohibit players from

two teams engage in more of the same. A big game

displaying precisely what made the series so exciting to

is needed to excite whatever kind of crowd shows up,

though now that the Saucepans’

fans in years gone by. Gone was the hard tackling and

but also to try and save a series that looks to be on its

impressive run of wins is over. Bean

raw physicality that would at least prove to spectators that

last legs.

scored two good goals from corners

winning the Cormac McAnallen trophy means something.

Maybe the question the GAA and the AFL need to look

and despite a well-executed lob by

The lack of excitement in Saturday’s game led to long

at is: is it really worth saving? Perhaps not.

Eoghan Carney, they saw out

Saucepan Celtic faithful created a

We’ll find out shortly if these ‘fans’ are just fair weather supporters

the victory. Elsewhere, the infamous Back Door Bouncers, who hold the unofficial but proud title of ‘campest team in

UCD’, lost their star striker to a

not add anything to the league.

nasty injury during their game with

My experience so far is that the

Exither Quickly. In the 64th minute,

Division 1 Saturday league is in no

Evan Clabby was one on one with

way of a worse standard. They’re

the Exither ‘keeper who came out

both equally bad, so let’s put that

to collect the ball. The two players

whole debate to bed once and for

collided causing the striker to break

all. If you don’t feel like getting up

his leg in two places. The game was

early on a Saturday, you sign up

stopped for nearly half an hour

for Division 1. There is the only

whilst the player was helped by an


ambulance crew and then brought

Speaking of Divison 1 Saturday,

to hospital.This league ain’t so super

on the day the last issue of the

for some.

College Tribune went to print,

In case anyone cares, Exither

P.inV. Eindhoven beat Toke City

Quickly won the game 4-1. In

15-2! Just thought that deserved a

truth the game was over after the


first half an hour, in which Exither

I suppose Premier Sunday best get

scored three times. Luke Nolan

a mention then as well, it’s only fair.

gave the Bouncers some hope with

My sources tell me that Vets FC and

his second half goal, but the game

the excellently named Deportivo

was killed off fifteen minutes from

Lacka Talent look strongest in that

time when Exither scored their

league. There’s been three weeks of

fourth. It’s a first win for the Exither

glorious Superleague action now, so

Quickly lads then, but another

why does the Sunday league table

miserable loss for the Bouncers.

tell me that the worryingly titled



We Like Young Boys have played

in an absolute cracker to LM



zero games… answers on a postcard

Mountaineers last week in the


Premier Saturday league. By the way, the

word ‘Premier’ does

Clubhouse Club, Sligo. The UCD team, trailing by six strokes

Mark Hobbs

UCD Meet Surgeons in Collingwood Cup

heading into the final round, managed to turn things around due to John Greene, Jamie Rothwell, Stephen

The draw for the 2010/11 Collingwood Cup has been

Walsh and Colum Kenny totalling a combined five

made, with the games set to take place in Trinity’s College

under to beat NUI Maynooth by three shots. After

Park in Santry for the first time since 1992.

In that

winning the South of Ireland Championship and

year, UCD managed to beat the University of Ulster in

the Waterford Scratch Cup earlier in the year, John

Jordanstown (UUJ) 5-4 in a memorable final. The Students

Greene was able to win the Roger Greene Cup for

also managed to win the competition 1-0, two years ago, so

individual play by beating NUI Maynooth’s Irish

they will be looking to build on this year’s achievement of

international, Kelan MacDonagh.

reaching the quarter-finals. UCD kick off their Collingwood campaign on the 21st of

Fencing Team Can’t be Foiled

February against the Royal College of Surgeons. Should

The UCD Fencing team also had considerable

they win, they will meet the winner of the Ulster clash

success in the West of Ireland Open at NUI Galway’s

between UUJ and Magee. The freshman team will be

Kingfisher Sports Club. The Students won medals

competing in the Harding Cup in Maynooth during the

in every competition, starting with Captain John

10th to the 13th of February. The second team will also be

Wyatt’s silver in the men’s foil and Shona Carey’s

competing in the Crowley Cup during the 25th-27th of

bronze in the women’s sabre on Saturday. They

March in NUI Galway.

capped off the weekend with Modern Pentathlon

Intervarsity Success for Golfers in Sligo

Scholar Arthur Lanigan-O’Keefe’s victory in the men’s epee, as well as Joana Ramalho’s silver in

The UCD golf team enjoyed a spectacular win at the ICGA

the women’s foil. Further success came from UCD

Intervarsity Stroke Team Play event at Enniscrone Golf

alumnus Stephen Concannon, who won gold in the men’s sabre.




Women’s Hockey Look to Continue Good Form With the Ladies Hockey Club competing in the inter-varsities over the weekend, Captain Megan Tennant Humphreys took time out to discuss the team’s progress with Mark Hobbs. In sport it is often said that winning

and coach that have had little time

league, and Tennant-Humphreys

becomes a habit. In UCD, it seems

together to gel.

Coach Johnny

is looking for a similar result this

to becoming second nature to the

Harte deserves credit for integrating

term: “Our aim is to finish in the

ladies hockey team.

his new charges successfully.

top three or four. Even though

Last Wednesday’s 1-0 victory over

“We are starting from scratch. We

we are a new team we have to try

Old Alexandra saw UCD draw

have a new coach too so everything

and better ourselves.” Certainly

level at the top of the Leinster

is quite new so we’re trying to

their perfect start to the season is

Hockey league alongside Hermes

rebuild from the start,” said Tennant

instilling a belief in the players, and

and Loreto, with the three teams

- Humphreys.

Fortunately, some

is helping to counteract their lack

each emerging with maximum

of the newest players are of the

of experience in some quarters.

points from their opening three

highest calibre. These include three

“Before we started everyone was

games. The victory was completed

freshmen that have been inducted

kind of nervous about how we get

without their international players,

into the elite athlete programme

on but after winning a few games

Humphreys and vice captain and

and the side coped admirably in

at the university; Chloe Watkins,

you get confidence. We just need

academy player Laura Wilson, is

their absence with Laura Wilson



match practise. The more we play

currently working a treat.

netting the winner. This, coupled

Atcheler. The three athletes are part

together the better we’re going to get.”

Upcoming games against Pembroke

with the teams’ victory in their

of the National set up, and have been

If they are to improve further

Wanderers in the Leinster league and

sole Irish Hockey League game to

quick to distinguish themselves at

then their competition must take

Railway Union in the Irish Hockey

date, means the side have started the

the club. Watkins in particular has

notice, the suggestion that they are

League will prove very important

season with a bang, maintaining a

hit the headlines, scoring five goals

churning out victories while not at

in shaping the team’s ambitions and

one hundred percent record. What

in a single match early in the season.

the top of their game bodes well for

pretensions to silverware for the

makes this run of form even more

Last year the team established

their season. Their current blend of

season. The UCD Ladies Hockey

impressive is that UCD have done

themselves as top level performers

new talent and more experienced

team will hopefully find that some

so with a more or less new team

when finishing fourth in the

older heads, such as Tennant-

habits are very difficult to quit.



Leinster Division 1 (Women)




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

3 3 2 4 3 3 2 3 3 4

3 3 2 2 2 2 1 0 0 0

9 9 6 6 6 6 3 0 0 0

University College Dublin Hermes Loreto Old Alexandra Pembroke Wanderers Bray Railway Union Trinity College Corinthian Glenanne

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 2 1 1 1 2 1 2

Peace at Old Trafford? After a week at Old Trafford when football was of secondary interest, Mark Hobbs looks at the implications of the Wayne Rooney saga. A hectic week for Manchester

emerged from this week’s events;

mature as a footballer, and the

the conclusion and have spoke

United may have ended positively

Wayne Rooney.

veteran Scot excels in sheltering

about continuing the successful

with a win inspired by Mexican

While the timeline of events

his charges. He has helped Rooney

partnership, it will be fascinating to

summer signing Javier Chicharito

this week is so complicated and

deal with various scandals; affairs

see if the relationship between the

Hernandez, but it can be assured

confusing that it is not too far

and poor behaviour, and has been

socialist styled Scotsman and the

that the front man will receive little



understanding of the perils of

player that has gone against years

focus in the column inches given

conspiracy theories, if the truth we

youth and fame. Despite ample

of Manchester United culture will

the tumultuous time one of his

have been presented with is correct

opportunity to do so, Ferguson

hold up.

team mates has endured in recent

then Rooney has a lot to answer

never criticised him publicly and

Rooney is a wonderful player, and


for. In a normal job to publicly

maintained a level of trust and

on his day he is a talent that can


contradict your superior is career

forgiveness. And Rooney thanked

produce moments of magic and

uncertainty came to a head last

suicide. For Rooney to come out

him for this by telling the world he

inspiration. But he has let himself


down in behaving in the manner









on television and tell the world

was essentially a liar.

Champions League game of the

that his manager’s claims that he is



that he has. Whether fans will still

season, with manager Alex Ferguson

injured are false is obnoxious and

international has just been rewarded

hold him in his heart after essentially

issuing a statement revealing that

disrespectful when one considers

with has not been earned in the

holding their club and adored coach

Wayne Rooney did not intend to

correct manner. The magnitude of

to ransom is unclear.

sign a new contract at the club. A

it has never been witnessed at the

Whatever your opinion or politics

statement from the player himself

football club, and in many ways, it

on the biggest story of the season

confirmed this the following day.

goes against everything the club’s

so far, one thing is for sure; player

So then it has with considerable

ruler has been building for the


shock that on Friday the English

last two and a half decades. At

Rooney is a footballer playing at

international became the highest






Manchester United the honour

his worst level for some six or seven

paid player in the club’s history with

what Ferguson (above) has done

and the tradition of the club is

years, is behaving dishonourably

a new five year contract worth a

for him. The former Everton man

paramount at all times, players that

in his professional and private life

reported £160,000 a week before

came to Old Trafford as a raw talent,

have attempted to overshadow

and has just been handed his best

add ons.

and ended last season as one of the

or dishonour it have promptly

contract to date.

While on face value the saga

world’s best footballers, in no part

been shown the door. Rooney has

Sometimes, it seems, the best way

appears to have come to a positive

due to the tutelage of his manager.

apparently been rewarded. While

to win an argument is to shout the

conclusion for all concerned, the

Manchester United is one of

publicly the manager and player


truth is that only one winner

the best places a young man can

have both expressed their joy at

October 26th 2010

The College Tribune

| 19

Students Succumb to Scarlet Fever tone for much of the game. Bad

met the back of UCD’s Kilduff,

UCD: Billy Brennan; Sean Harding, Brian Shortall, Evan


veering into his own net.

McMillan, Michael Kelly; Paul O’Conor (Chris Mulhall

frustrated shots from distance were

The goal meant a nervy finish for

67), Greg Bolger (Stephen Roche 79), Robbie Creevy,

all symptomatic of the first half. At

Sligo, but they held on to claim

Graham Rusk (Dwayne Wilson 67); David McMillan,

times the ball was in a perpetual

an uninspiring win in the Bowl,

Ciaran Kilduff.

Matthew Blinkhorn (46)

state of dispossession around the

on a night when everyone’s mind

Subs not used: Michael Leahy, Ger Barron (gk).

Romauld Boco (48)

middle third of the pitch.

seemed to be elsewhere.

UCD 1 Ciarán Kilduff (86)

Sligo Rovers


UCD Bowl League of Ireland Premier Division Patrick Fleming Deep within the spirit of each and every football fan is the indomitable belief that every game is going to be a classic. Unfortunately, Friday’s end of season match between UCD and Sligo Rovers at the UCD Bowl will have plunged into doubt the faith of any and all who witnessed it. Sligo had a third place position in the league and a Europa League place to preserve, but with the glamour of a cup final date with Shamrock Rovers at the shiny new Aviva Stadium to look forward to, the frigid confines of the UCD Bowl seemed to do little to inspire enthusiasm in the Connacht side. From the off, both sides struggled to control a greasy ball and the Students found it difficult to clear their line into a strong breeze. Misplaced passes in the UCD defence early gifted Sligo’s John Russell two opportunities to strike, the first flying straight at Billy Brennan in the UCD goal, and the second forcing the net minder into a nice save down to his left. This poor passage of play set the




It was certainly a shock then, when UCD created by far the best chance of the first half on 30 minutes. Nice passing by Ciarán Kilduff (pictured right) and Robbie Creevy put Paul O’Conor in behind the Sligo defence, but his early shot was met well by Sligo keeper Ciarán Kelly, who blocked it with his chest. If the first half was sloppy, then Sligo’s start to the second was the definition of clinical.

In fact, it

took a mere twelve seconds for the ball to travel from the centre spot to the back of the UCD net. A cross from Romauld Boco on the right wing found the free head of Matthew Blinkhorn (pictured far right), who scored from six yards. The second Sligo goal, two minutes later, followed in the same vein. Cameroonian Joseph Ndo played Boco in on the right, and the Benin international calmly chipped the onrushing Brennan. With the job seemingly done, Sligo sat back and the game fell back into the excruciating pattern of the first half, with Sligo’s physicality just keeping UCD at arm’s length. When UCD did get on the score sheet late on, it was in the cheapest way possible. As Kelly in the Sligo net dawdled on a back pass, his shot

UCD Continue 100% Winning Record in AIL Continued from back page 

had a try ruled out for a marginal

was a long way off target and their

Greg Acton

forward pass. This set-back didn’t

poor start to the season continues.

stop the students from continuing

College’s excellent winning streak

On 35 minutes the Donnybrook

to press though, and replacement

goes on and they’ll hope to add

club were temporarily reduced to

James Thornton scored a penalty to

to it this weekend against Belfast

fourteen men when Thomson was

cut the gap to just four points.

Harlequins in Belfield.

sin-binned for not rolling away.

UCD looked the more lively side

Earls slotted the resulting penalty

going into the last quarter and

UCD: Michael Twomey; Andy

leaving the two sides level at the

David Doyle, who must be one of

Boyle, Andy Cummiskey (capt),

break.Wesley started the second half

the most mobile front rows around,

David McSharry, Tom Fletcher;

excellently and despite missing a

scored his second try of the game,

Niall Earls, Rob Shanley; John A

penalty, got their reward with their

fifteen minutes from time. The

Lee, David Doyle, Brian Hall, Brian

second try of the game.

game was put beyond any doubt

Cawley, Mark Flanagan, Shane

Prop Tristan Goodbody managing

when Shanley crossed the line for

Grannell, Richie Bent, Kevin Croke.

to gather Ross Barbour’s kick ahead

College shortly before the final

Replacements: Kieron Moloney,

and get over in the corner, sparking


Andy Pollard, Danny Kenny, James

a big cheer from the home fans.

Old Wesley did have a last minute

Thornton, Shane O’Meara, John

College could count themselves a

penalty, which could have rescued

Conroy, Rory Allwright.

bit unlucky when David McSharry

a losing bonus point, but Large

Keith Ward celebrates his hat-trick, PHOTO: David Maher/SPORTSFILE

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Story on page 18

Focus on page 18

UCD Women off to a flyer

Wayne’s World - Tribune Sport Reviews the Saga

College Tribune

The College Tribune October 26th 2010

Impressive Marian Ease Past Moycullen

Sport Youth of College Triumphs Against Old Wesley Old Wesley


UCD 27 Donnybrook AIL Rugby Divison 2 Greg Acton UCD made it three wins from three in the All-Ireland League with an impressive win over Old Wesley at

Above: UCD celebrate their third win of the Season. Below: Daniel James in possession for Marian. PHOTO by Dáire Brennan. throw line. Barry Glover’s low post spin moves and Neil

balanced scoring effort for the Students, while Ambler

Baynes’ athleticism helped the Students to numerous

led all scorers with a personal tally of 26.

easy points in the paint. After the game, coach Fran

UCD hope to keep up their rich vein of form when

Ryan praised what he believes is the “deepest bench” in

they make the short trip across town to DCU Saints

the league, as members of the second unit, Conor James

next week in an intense local derby which the Students

UCD Marian moved to a 3-1 record in the Men’s

and team captain Niall Meany, provided great hustle to

will surely relish.

Irish Basketball Superleague on Saturday night, with a

maintain the unassailable lead. Moycullen had a 5-0

UCD Marian: 5. Conor Meany, 6. Paddy Young ,7.

comfortable win over Moycullen at the Sports Centre.

run to close the half, but that still left the western side

Cathal Finn, 8. Niall Meany (c), 9. Daniel James, 10.

It was a game UCD never looked like losing, as they

58-35 behind.

James Crowder, 12. Barry Glover, 13. Michael Higgins,

showed greater intensity at both ends of the floor than

A much-improved defensive effort from the Tribesmen

14. Neil Baynes, 20. Conor James, 21. Matt Kelly.

their opponents, and had the more potent scorers in

helped to chip slightly away at the Marian lead in the

Barry Glover and James Crowder.

third quarter, though as Coach Ryan pointed out,

Marian coach Fran Ryan pointed to an “amazing” first

“Marian couldn’t keep up the first half intensity” for the

quarter as the foundation for the win, with the Students

duration. Moycullen’s 6’5” American, Mason Ambler,

taking a 35-18 lead which was never relinquished.

was effective on the boards at both ends of the floor

7-0 and 9-0 runs in quick succession put the Galway

and became the focal point of the offense. In addition,

men on the back foot, as UCD pummelled them into

intense half court defence aided their cause by taking

submission. Michael Higgins provided a spark off the

time out of the 24-second offensive shot clock for the

bench with three ‘3’ pointers allowing Marian breathing

Belfield men. Occasionally though, their full court press

space, while James Crowder’s combination of height

was easily broken, particularly by Barry Glover, which

and speed was a key matchup problem for Moycullen

made it nigh-on impossible to affect the scoreboard.

defensively as he went off for thirteen. However, the

Going in to the final quarter, UCD led 78-59.

textbook defence of guard Dan James on 6’4 scorer

The fourth quarter followed much the same pattern.

Cian Nihill was the key factor in slowing down the

Led once more by Ambler, Moycullen had brief periods

Galway team’s offensive rhythm, resulting in bad shot

of pressure but the closest they came was thirteen points

selection and fast break opportunities for Marian, which

off the UCD total. Niall Meany kept up the energetic

they duly executed.

performance, particularly on the offensive glass. The

A 6-0 run midway through the second quarter extended

game petered out with a score line of 95-79. Barry

Marian’s lead, as Moycullen struggled from the free

Glover and James Crowder combined for 39 points in a

UCD Marian


Moycullen 79 Conall Devlin

Donnybrook on Friday night. Late tries from David Doyle and Rob Shanley sealed a hard-fought victory for the students. Old Wesley started well and looked the more likely to cross the whitewash, but the UCD defence stood firm, ensuring that Wesley got little reward on the scoreboard for their early pressure. The first clear chance for points fell to Wesley’s full-back Alan Large, but he put his penalty attempt wide of the posts. It was the students that broke the deadlock when hooker David Doyle crossed the line on fifteen minutes, showing good pace after intercepting a pass near his own 22. It wasn’t long though before Old Wesley responded, and they did it with style as a brilliant move resulted in Alan Thomson scoring for the home side. Large converted and shortly after had an opportunity for three more points. This time he made no mistake with the penalty and Wesley led 10-7.

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UCD Try scorer Rob Shanley