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Our Alumni Over 1,700 law students have graduated from the Colleges of Law. The majority have enjoyed successful careers in the legal profession, while others have used their law degrees to advance in fields such as higher education, law enforcement, health care, natural resources, accounting, insurance, and construction. All have experienced the transformative power of a legal education. By their distinguished service throughout California, our graduates have also helped to build the reputation of the Colleges of Law. Our alums have earned distinction on the bench, as judges and commissioners. They have founded legal services organizations and successfully campaigned for high public office. Some have followed a traditional legal path, establishing law firms where they have offered top-flight client service and taken honors as trial advocates. Others have challenged the status quo, breaking through glass ceilings to bring greater diversity to the legal profession. But our alumni have achieved more than professional success. They are well known for their commitment to public service within the communities where they practice, as leaders of local bar associations and philanthropic organizations. Prime examples of this pro bono ethic are the 10 Ventura campus graduates who have earned the State Bar President始s Pro Bono Service Award in the last decade. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding legal service contributions to those who cannot afford such assistance. Recipients include Laura Bartels, '97 and Debora Vierra, '96 (2001); Verna Kagan, '77, Carolyn Tulberg, '82, and Pauline Zebker, '78 (2002);

Michael Ford, '00 (2003); Gabriella Navarro-Busch, '93 (2004); Susan Ratzkin, '85 (2005); DarAnn Dearing, '97 (2007); and Deborah Jurgensen, '06 (2010). Our graduates have a proud tradition of service and, if you are a prospective student, we hope you will consider joining them..

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Alumni Of The Colleges Of Law In California Apply Today! The Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law, a nonprofit law school accredited by the Committee...