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The Future of Student Media

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The College Press creates interest for all students and local community members to be informed of what is going on at the high school and college level via all aspects of the media industry.


Media Professionals


Rich Online Media Portfolios

Our online media portfolios will have all of the information of an online resume including areas to show off work you have created from the start of school to the day your media career is finished. Keep all of your work in one place and have a professional portfolio to use for college graduation, personal organization and showcasing to potential Media industry employers. Our new online media portfolios will include:

• •

Journalism Article Showcase

• •

Student Created Radio Shows

Newspaper Experience Information and Showcase

Design Experience Information and showcase

Photo Journalism Hi-Res Showcase

Magazine Experience Information and Showcase

Photo Journalism Interactive Showroom Included In Every User Portfolio! The College Press will have a Photo Journalism interactive online showroom where our members can publish Journalism Photography and show off their talent. As users upload images to their TCP online media portfolios, they have the option to post digital photography in their photo journalism network for maximum portfolio exposure.

Students can interact with each other sharing photos for article publication, school newspaper, and yearbook.

Teachers have expressed student stock images would be a huge money saver to the school.

Students can create a school specific showroom where classmates can go to view their work, leave comments and socially share to others across all major social networks.

Students can submit photos to teachers via TCP online classrooms to receive credit for their photography.

PressMaker™ Online Newspaper Creation This year we are proud to announce our newest feature, PressMaker™. With the high cost of newspaper production, length of time to bring a team together and issues with design, newspaper creation can get extremely complicated. After talking with many high school and college teachers and students we have produced the perfect solution.

Create an extensive online newspaper with no Adobe Dreamweaver or CMS knowledge.

User permissions to ensure students only have access to assigned tasks.

• •

Free hosting provided.

Sign up for discounted printing packages as you upload to TCP and have your school newspaper delivered right to the school.

Ability to showcase your school print newspaper in seconds right on your online version.

PressMaker™ Online Newspaper Creation •

Choose from a list of powerful modules to add to your online newspaper website.

Easily move your newspapers layout by simply dragging and placing it where you desire.

Edit each area by simply clicking the edit button or remove the section completely by simply clicking the delete icon.

Team up with classmates in one of our online newsrooms to place images, video, radio, and much more.

RSS feeds so that local students and members of the community can stay up to date with the school news.

Sign up for discounted printing packages as you upload to TCP and have your school newspaper delivered right to the school.

Instantly socially share the school news to all major networks for maximum exposure.

Pressmaker™ Online Newspaper Creation • • •

Simple control of main categories and newspaper color. Add sub categories with the click of a button. Option to add student blog monitored by the administrator of the newsroom.

Online Student Publication Receive College Credit! Students will not have to experience the frustration of publication rejection. Their time and energy can be devoted to completion of the academics necessary for the future. All members can enjoy the perks of front page publication and professional editing by our staff.


RSS feeds that help create a specific community of readers for each student journalist. This is the best way for user content to reach people who are interested in what students have to say.

We Help College Students Graduate Earn Credit and Experience As a Journalism major, each student has certain requirements they need to fulfill for graduation. Some of the requirements for college graduation are:

The College Press provides students the following opportunities that have been approved by college professors as acceptable credit:

Student Portfolio: Work must be approved by a faculty committee one semester before graduation.

Media rich online portfolios that build exactly what students need for graduation.

Publication: 12-15 published articles by a publicly recognized news organization. (ie: student newspaper, college sanctioned publication)

Front page publication edited by our staff of professional editors.

Student Newspaper Experience: Journalism panels require that students work for a reputable publication.

Students can create an online newspaper and receive publication experience via PressMaker™.

Student internships: Journalism majors may obtain credit hours for an off-campus internship with a commercial weekly or daily newspaper or with a magazine.

We offer college student internships

Streaming Radio Broadcast Network The College Press Online Media Network will include an area where users can showcase online radio shows. As students create and upload their radio shows to the TCP online media portfolio for personal organization, they have the option to post projects in our Streaming Radio Broadcasting Network for maximum exposure for their personal online media portfolio. RSS subscription is available.

Online News Reporter Network: The Student Perspective The College Press Online Media Network will include an area where users can showcase streaming news reports for their television reporting requirements. As they upload high quality videos to their online media portfolio, they have the option to post projects in our Online News Reporter Network for maximum exposure. RSS subscription available.

• • • •

HD quality video uploads.

Create a school or personal news channel located in the Online News Reporter Network.

Socially share videos instantly to all major social networks. Free starter hosting provided (Premium package available). Showcase student videos in the schools online newspaper created via PressMaker™ with the click of a button.

Media Design Experience: An Eye For Design. Students will be able to showcase all media design projects they have created in each Media portfolio.

• • • •

Upload HI-Res images Socially share instantly to all major social networks. Free starter hosting provided (Premium package available). Excellent to send to future employers

Online Classrooms Plus, Work Added To Portfolios Teachers can sign up with a professor account on the network and create an online classroom where they can fully interact with students. Teacher accounts must be verified by the website administrator to ensure that all classrooms are legitimate. As the students submit work and receive credit, they have the option to add media to their portfolios and easily build a quality showcase.

• • • • •

Teacher Assignment postings Student Assignment board Online quizzes and tests Classroom assignment tracking Peer editing located in each classroom

Powerful Media Career Search Get down to Business. We are passionate about helping our students achieve their goals. The College Press helps students easily build a professional media portfolio. Our media career center will be full of opportunities and give students an inside perspective on exactly what requirements they needed to qualify for the position of their choice.

• • • •

Send your resume and portfolio out to hundreds of employers 3rd party resume support available. RSS feeds to specific job categories & location. Display teacher recommendations on portfolio for employers to view.

State of The Art Design Our Users Deserve The Best. The college press investors have confidence in our company vision. We have teamed up with some of the best web developers in the industry. Below are some of the projects our web team has worked on:

The College Press: Coming Soon New Features  
The College Press: Coming Soon New Features  

We are launching a new website january 2010 with new features. The College Press creates interest for all students and local community membe...