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Payment Information Paying your Bill Tuition payments are due ten days prior to the start of the semester. All tuition bills are sent to students through their Saint Rose e-mail account. To learn how to access your Saint Rose e-mail account, please visit

Payment Plan The Bursar’s office offers a semester-long payment plan. For a small enrollment fee, this interest-free alternative allows students to budget their fall or spring semester tuition payments over the course of three or four months. Students can choose to pay all or a portion of their account balance through the payment plan. Enrollment in this program occurs on a single-semester basis and requires a valid credit card or U.S. bank account number through which funds will be withdrawn on a monthly basis. By the end of the semester, the account balance should be paid off.

Employer Deferment Program Students who receive employer reimbursement for education costs may be eligible for our Tuition Deferment Program. To qualify, students must submit to the Bursar by the second week of class a completed Employer Reimbursement Form with a verification letter from their employer which includes the specific amount of their tuition benefit. There is a small fee to participate in this program, and any tuition or fees which the employer will not cover must be paid by the semester due date (10 days prior to the start of classes). Students are responsible for paying the deferred portion of their account balance no more than three weeks after grades have posted, regardless of whether their employer has reimbursed them at that point. To learn more about paying a bill or the aforementioned programs, please visit


Financing Your Graduate Education  
Financing Your Graduate Education  

A guide to financing your graduate education at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY.