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This Price is Right


here’s an old saying that when you shake your family tree, watch for the nuts to fall. For C of I’s Assistant Director of Information Technology Alan Price, when he shakes his family tree, he dodges Yotes left and right. Ask Price to provide detail of his family ties to The College of Idaho, and within the most recent three generations, he can rattle off a full dozen direct connections, including his own 2010 degree from the C of I. If he goes beyond those three generations, he enters a time when great grandparents gave room and board to Joe Albertson when he attended the C of I. If he needed a reminder of the family influence, when Price looks out his office window in Covell Hall, he can view the outline of the J.A. Albertson Aquatic Center where his uncle Mike Shines is the long-time Director of Aquatics and Strength Coach. Mike is married to Donna (Price) Shines, who is the Executive Director of The Mentoring Network and is one of five children of Dr. Don ’54 and Rosie Price, all of whom spent some amount of time being educated at the C of I. One of those children is Dan Price ’84, President of community banking at Mountain West Bank, who married another C of I student, Jana, and they are the parents of Alan. With so many roots attached to the C of I tree, one could potentially lose his own individual identity in a homogeny of purple and gold, but the Price family has successfully navigated many unique and unrelated callings across a broad spectrum, including Alan’s own work in IT at the College. From a world expert in water desalination (Kevin Price ’76) to directing the Bogus Basin ski school (Martha Price Caballero ’87) and virtually everything in between, the Price family is a living, breathing testament to the breadth of the C of I’s liberal arts education. “We produce the best long-term thinkers in Idaho,” he said. “The impact the College has actually had on Idaho, I think that’s our biggest legacy.” Alan was not one to allow the family name to give him an excuse to give less than a complete effort toward his own educational journey. On the contrary, he was selected as the Alumni Distinguished Senior for his outstanding achievement in academics and leadership when he graduated in 2010. About a year after graduation, Alan joined the College in the office of Development. Since then, he has worked in Special Events, and became IT assistant director at the end of 2017. He feels some of his best work is the work nobody notices. “That’s the irony of the IT world,” he said. “Because when it works, the whole point is nobody comments on it. For the most part, we’ve achieved that.”

In his time at the College, he has served in many volunteer positions. Most recently, he was the Chair of the Staff Association. Many have referred to Alan as the “glue” behind the College, and not just because he keeps the network infrastructure up and running. It’s because he understands and promotes the staff’s role in the College’s mission, and lives it as an example. “All of our positions, and I really do believe this, all of them have the opportunity to really do big things, toward the end of that mission, toward the students’ experience, which leads directly to their education and the outcome.” JOE HUGHES is the editor of Quest.

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Quest Magazine - Summer 2018  

The Alumni Magazine of The College of Idaho

Quest Magazine - Summer 2018  

The Alumni Magazine of The College of Idaho