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d. Do you personally use nature (or realize that you do) as a “healing power” in managing stress in your life? e. In what ways do you use herbal or medicinal plants as a form of health care and/or healing? Due by 11:59 pm October 2nd. Worth up to 40 points out of 1000 total for the course. Week 7 (October 3–9): Fracking and Public Health: Narratives from the “Gas Patch” and the Medical Community Response to the Health Effects of Fracking -Eileen Skahill *Watch: Brief voiceover power point lecture on the history of energy development in the United States and how marginalized communities (in this case class disparities) disproportionally suffer in our energy consumptive society in the age of climate change. *Watch FILM: Split Estate *Read: 1. EcoWatch: “4 States Struggling to Manage Radioactive Fracking Waste 2. Frack Free Colorado: “Colorado’s Affected People” 3. Public News Service: “Fracking and Children”: 4. EcoWatch: “EPA Study on Fracking Ignored Contamination Studies”:­‐science-­‐advisory-­‐board-­‐fracking-­‐study-­‐ water-­‐contamination-­‐1968795058.html 5. Physician’s for Social Responsibility: “Position Statement” *Optional Reading: Concerned Health Professionals of New York- A Compendium: *Interactive Assignment: Take the My Ecological Footprint Quiz. (Go to: and enter Professor Skahill’s UCCS address and password provided below.) This activity is meant to give you a sense of your personal carbon footprint and impact on the Earth and its resources (not to create guilt or shame, though those emotions are entirely common). Print or write out your results for use in the discussion forum assignment.

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“Medical Humanities in the Digital Age” at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs  

“Medical Humanities in the Digital Age” at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Fall 2016