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Company Overview:

Company Profile Juniper Networks® focus over the next decade is to continue delivering innovative software, silicon and systems that transform the experience and economics of networking for global service providers, leading enterprises and public sector organizations. Today, our software, routers, switches and security hardware run the world’s largest and most demanding global networks. One hundred percent of the world’s top one hundred internet service providers/carriers are Juniper customers…two thirds of the world’s internet transactions run across a Juniper system at some point…and Juniper’s existing network client software has been licensed broadly to run on more than 20 million PCs and mobile devices worldwide. From the start, Juniper saw the opportunity to help customers build and accelerate business value from their IT infrastructures. Since 1996, we have helped our customers stay ahead of the demands posed by the exponential growth in network users and endpoints, while meeting the business imperatives for high performance, reliability and absolute security. Today, Juniper is uniquely positioned to maintain industry leadership based on our core competencies in architecture, silicon design and our open, cross-network software platform that includes the unique Junos operating system (the only network operating system that runs routers, switches and security appliances), Junos Space network application platform and Junos Pulse integrated network client. Juniper offers a broad product portfolio that spans routing, switching, security, application acceleration, identity policy and control and management – designed to provide unmatched performance, greater choice and true flexibility while reducing overall total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, through strong industry partnerships, Juniper is fostering a broad ecosystem of innovation across the network.

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Our Mission:

Connect Everything. Empower Everyone. We believe the modern digital network is the most important advance mankind has ever made. The great wealth of possibility, innovation and discovery that is the result of a connected planet cannot be measured. It is for this reason that we strive to build the most open, efficient, reliable and secure network the world has ever known. We believe that a constant drive to innovate and simplify the network will empower our customers, our partners and ultimately, everyone. For over 14 years, we’ve been dedicated to solving the challenges of the networked world and we have a bold aspiration and agenda for the next decade - a fundamentally different approach to networking that starts with the mission to create an open network platform on which everyone can develop and deploy a constant stream of applications and solutions. This combined approach of providing unprecedented advances in network architecture while inviting an ecosystem of shared development is what we call the new network. The best technology becoming an open platform for the brightest new ideas. It is a vision that we believe will ultimately change the world.

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Kevin Johnson CEO

Pradeep Sindhu Founder & CTO

Kim Perdikou Office of the CEO

Mark Bauhaus

Stefan Dyckerhoff

Service Layer Infrastructure Technology Group Products Group

John Morris

Field Operations

Mike Rose Service, Support & Operations

R.K. Anand

David Yen

Foundation Technologies

Gerri Elliott

Strategic Alliances

Fabric & Switching Business Group

Luis Steven Avila-Marco Rice Strategy & Corporate Development

Human Resources

Manoj Leelanivas

Junos Ready Software Business Group

Mitch Gaynor Legal Counsel

Robyn Denholm CFO

Lauren Flaherty Chief Marketing Officer

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Our Calling:

Change The World. This is a call for innovation. An invitation... to the thinkers, the problem solvers and the visionaries everywhere. Sharpen up your pencils. Pull out your slide rules. Put on your thinking caps. And amaze the world with inspiration and new ideas for this new decade. • Ideas that will fuel discovery and knowledge. • Ideas that will create new products and services. • Ideas that will bring continents and countries and people closer together. • Ideas that will change the way we live and will benefit everyone on the planet. And what will enable all of this genius and inspiration? What will connect and empower this new decade of innovation?

The network. • A NEW network built on simplicity, security, openness and scale. • A network that tells us things—adapting and understanding the connections in ways we never thought possible. • A network that becomes fertile soil for the seeds of new thinking and new opportunity. • A network that’s built on brains, not just boxes. • A network that runs on Junos... and welcomes everyone... • And works with everything.

This is our story . . . ...and in the new decade, this vision of a NEW network will be our mission. Within our walls we hold the capacity for enormous achievement, but only if we believe.

We can change the world.

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Juniper’s Value Proposition

The operating expense of customers’ networks is outpacing the revenue growth they deliver. Juniper is reinventing the experience and economics of networking.

Juniper vs. the competition They have size; we have brains They are closed; we are open They have scale; we have an ecosystem of partners They create complexity; we strive for simplicity They acquire to win; we innovate to lead and create value They have diverse interests; we are a pure play in high performance networking

What is Juniper’s differentiated value proposition for customers? The New Network is software driven…… Junos software provides an ecosystem of innovation that enhances speed and time to market for new services and levels of productivity. Juniper’s market leading investments in R&D fuel the software, systems & silicon innovation required by the most demanding network environments.

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Our Values:

The Juniper Way We have a difficult mission ahead of us. To achieve it requires a new focus and philosophy. We cannot be timid. We must embrace values and behaviours that embody the kind of bold action this mission demands. We must deliver the right results the right way. The committed practice that we call “The Juniper Way” is embodied in five values that each of us must strive to achieve as individuals and expect to see in others. These behaviours will set the pace for the entire company and will be instrumental to our success in the next decade.

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The Juniper Way: Throughout the interview process, successful candidates should display the Juniper Values and act with the highest levels of honesty and integrity. We hire talented individuals who take responsibility and deliver on commitments.

We are Authentic

We are about Trust

We deliver Excellence

We are the genuine article— a company of honest individuals who believe extraordinary outcomes are the result of uncommon and inquisitive thinking and open collaboration. We are a company of many individuals, always operating as a single global company.

We inspire confidence in colleagues, customers and partners by always acting with integrity, fairness, respect and reliability.

We are driven by our craft. We pride ourselves on executional excellence, measurably delivering beyond expectations. Our work ethic seeks excellence as the goal and believes that disciplined repeated effort, with input from all sides, will yield the best results.

• We are self-aware, knowing our strengths and weaknesses and willing to admit mistakes and celebrate successes.

• We share agendas and objectives, encouraging feedback and discussion in an open, collaborative and respectful manner.

• We are systematic and disciplined in our approach to deliver high-quality results.

• We act confidently, but never arrogantly.

• We relentlessly pursue continuous improvement—having no tolerance for complacency or mediocrity.

• We demonstrate willingness to be open and transparent.

• We act with the highest level of honesty and integrity.

• We acknowledge and encourage others, giving credit where credit is due.

• We take responsibility and deliver on commitments.

• We seek to understand and include different perspectives, always acting respectfully, admiring and embracing the diversity in people and ideas.

• We respect decisions and support them with enthusiasm and follow-through.

• We demonstrate the courage to stay true to self, taking a tough and principled stand, even when it is unpopular.

• We assume positive intentions, viewing conflict as an opportunity to find constructive solutions that help all succeed.

• We act with a sense of urgency.

• We respect and trust that others will deliver against their roles and responsibilities. • We benchmark and measure the customer and partner experience turning insights into improvements.

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We pursue Bold Aspirations

We make a Meaningful Difference

We believe the networked world enables limitless possibilities. We strive to imagine, innovate and create solutions that transform possibilities into realities. • We seek out big, bold challenges that are difficult and make a difference that really matters.

We deliver the greatest net positive impact for all—colleagues, customers, partners and shareholders. We take accountability for driving to a positive purpose. We behave in a balanced, thoughtful manner that considers every aspect and outcome of our business decisions. We operate as responsible corporate citizens.

• We seek out and embrace great ideas no matter where they come from.

• We play to win on behalf of colleagues, customers, partners and shareholders.

• We demonstrate exceptional ability to discover and adopt new methods, growing from both successes and failures.

• We consider and balance the short and long term impacts of our decisions on stakeholders.

• We challenge current practices and take calculated risks to achieve breakthrough results.

• We proactively seek to anticipate and understand stakeholders’ needs and perspectives.

• We are lifelong learners, displaying a sense of curiosity and inquiry, experimenting with better ways—not afraid of trying new things.

• We measure the impact of decisions and constantly apply lessons from failures and successes to do good for all.

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Our Interview Process: Our interview and selection process is designed to help both parties decide whether joining Juniper is the right move for your career. Through a combination of values and competency based interviews and assessments either online or in person, where appropriate, we’ll ask you about what you’ve done before and what you would like to achieve next. You’ll understand more about the role and the people you’ll be working with, as well as experience the Juniper Way and the Juniper Values of authenticity, trust, excellence, aspiration and of course, making a difference. It can be rigorous at times but we believe a fair approach that helps us strengthen our culture with everyone we hire.

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Our Interview Process:

Who will interview me? Every career is different so we take a flexible approach to interviewing. But you can expect to be interviewed by a combination of technical specialists, managers and someone from staffing or a human resources business partner. As well as giving us a chance to understand your skills in different areas, you get to meet people from different parts of our business, this gives you a better understanding of our culture.

How should I prepare for the interview? Think about how your experience matches the role and how it would help you excel. Review your past success and development areas and develop self awareness. Understand what motivates you and what you need to succeed. And find out about Juniper –how we engage with our customers, our latest product road map and our recent success.

How will I be assessed? Where appropriate, your technical abilities will be assessed either online or in person. For example, a web-based test you can complete from home or a structured technical interview with one or more of our engineers. Your wider skills will be assessed through a values and competency based interview. There may also be further assessments dependant on the role and level.

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After the Interview: We will let you know our decision as soon as possible after your interview, either through your recruitment agency or directly from the hiring manager or the human resources team. Like everything we do, we’re always improving our recruitment process and feedback is always appreciated. Please feel free to share your thoughts with your Juniper contact.

Review our offer If you’re successful in the interview and selection process, we’ll make you a formal written offer. Your staffing contact is there to answer any questions you may have.

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History of Juniper:

Industry Leadership


From the start, Juniper saw the opportunity to help customers build and accelerate business value from their IT infrastructures. Since then we have helped our customers stay ahead of the demands posed by the exponential growth in network users and end-points, while meeting the business imperatives for high performance, reliability and absolute security.

After 11 years working at the Computer Science Lab of Xerox PARC, Pradeep Sindhu took a leave of absence to consider his next steps. Noting the explosive growth of the Internet and the importance of connecting computers, Sindhu was struck by the enormous potential of the router - the fundamental building block of the network.

Juniper remains uniquely positioned to maintain industry leadership based on our core competencies in architecture, silicon design and the industry’s only carrier-class, purpose-built "pure IP" modular network operating system - JunosŽ. Juniper offers a broad product portfolio, spanning routing, switching, security, application acceleration, identity policy and control and management designed to give customers unmatched performance, greater choice and flexibility while reducing overall total cost of ownership.

After some discouraging responses from venture capitalists, Sindhu managed to secure financing for his fledgling company and Juniper Networks was incorporated February 6, 1996, in California.

Today, Juniper Networks [NYSE: JNPR] is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with 7,000 dedicated employees and offices in nearly 50 countries. Our customers include the top 100 global service providers, 30,000 enterprises, including 99 of the Global Fortune 100, as well as hundreds of federal, state and local government agencies and higher education organisations.

Instead of starting small like many start-ups, Juniper decided upon what would become its signature approach - tackle the toughest problem and solve it once. The company's first product, the revolutionary M40 router which shipped in September of 1998, did just that. The M40 far surpassed all other routers on the market and established Juniper's position as an innovative and serious player in the hardware market. Developing the M40 was a major undertaking that required two years of research and work. During that time, to keep venture capitalists and customers happy, Juniper developed what would later become its major differentiator and the basis for all future innovation - JUNOS Software.

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History of Juniper:

Acquisitions While Juniper Networks® is primarily focused on organic innovation, we have acquired a few technologies and companies, including: • November 1999 — Layer Five • December 2000 — Micromagic • November 2001 — Pacific Broadband • May 2002 — Nexsi Systems • July 2002 — Unisphere Networks, a subsidiary of Siemens • April 2004 — NetScreen Technologies • April 2005 — Kagoor • July 2005 — Peribit Networks • July 2005 — Redline Networks • October 2005 — Acorn Packet Solutions • December 2005 — Funk Software • April 2010 — Ankeena

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Juniper’s engineering and business groups

Bangalore Our India Engineering Center based in Bangalore comprises over 1500 top-notch product engineering talent. It forms a crucial part of Juniper’s broad product portfolio spanning routing, switching, security, applications acceleration, identity policy and control. Juniper’s Bangalore team is involved in the full spectrum of engineering activities that include – software and hardware development, system testing, technical documentation, product line management and program management. Apart from R&D, Juniper India has presence in sales, marketing, customer support, technical operations and business operations. Fabric and Switching Technologies (FST) Group - The FST group serves the enterprise markets with end-to-end switching solutions comprising of the EX Series Ethernet Switches, MX Series Ethernet Services Routers and SRX Series Services Gateways. A nextgeneration Data Center Fabric with increased scalability, performance and simplicity is in development. Foundation Technologies (FT) Group - The FT group focuses on innovation and quality, through consistent implementation of common practices and procedures in software and hardware development. The FT team in Bangalore contributes significantly in the areas of network management, silicon development (ASIC), engineering services and operations for all Juniper products.

Service Layer Technologies (SLT) Group - SLT provides end-to-end security solutions for the service provider and enterprise markets. More than 70% of the world’s biggest companies use SLT products. The team in Bangalore contributes to the complete spectrum of the product portfolio: enterprise routing, VPN, Integrated Firewall, IDP/IDS, UAC and Application acceleration. Junos Ready Software (JRS) Group - JRS is dedicated to creating and delivering an ecosystem of software and applications built on the Junos® platform to solve the most pressing challenges facing customers today. These challenges include the development and deployment of advanced mobility and video solutions, automation of network tasks that reduces operating expenses, as well as the delivery of additional value-added services. Sales and Customer Support – Juniper India plays a critical part in the APAC sales and marketing with workforce across locations at Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. The Juniper Technical Assistance Center (J-TAC) at Bangalore offers 24/7/365 primary and advanced customer support and technical assistance. IT and Shared Services – The IT team in India focuses on infrastructure management and application management for global teams. The shared services team owns key business processes across multiple functions and geographies.

Infrastructure Products Group (IPG) - The IPG group builds the world’s fastest routers that form the backbone of the largest networks on the planet today and carry more than 40% of internet traffic. Product portfolio comprises of T Series core routers that scale through multiterabit capacities, M/MX Series routers which combine best-in-class IP/MPLS capabilities and E Series routers that offer carrier class routing platforms.

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Launching Our New Brand:

Juniper Networks – The new network is here From devices to data centres, from consumers to the cloud, Juniper Networks® delivers innovative software, silicon and systems that transform the experience and economics of networking. The company serves more than 30,000 customers and partners worldwide and achieved over $3 billion in revenue over the last year. More than ever business transactions, organisational interdependence and everyday life depend upon the secure and reliable availability of the global high performance network. Juniper Networks® was founded on the idea of connecting everything and empowering everyone. For the past 13 years, we've been at the forefront of network innovation and when the next major breakthrough in networking technology is developed, you can bet Juniper will be leading the charge. At Juniper, we have a fundamentally different approach to networking with an exclusive focus on providing solutions that solve the toughest and most complex networking problems — and deliver the promise of the connected world. The global infrastructure consists of rapidly increasing numbers of users and mobile device types. Multimedia applications, such as video, are placing unprecedented demands on the network and performance is the key to business success. With Juniper, customers are not forced to make sacrifices. Juniper delivers a high-performance network that enables the business, accelerating growth and innovation, while creating operational efficiencies and cost savings.

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Launching Our New Brand:

What are the benefits of a single OS? At Juniper Networks®, we believe that simplicity and innovation at the software level are the keys to advancing the network a quantum leap forward. Everything’s connected. Now it’s the software that will empower everyone. Junos, our foundational operating system, is the common language running across every router, switch and security device that make up our solutions. Open, adaptive, and customisable, it’s the perfect application development platform. The inherent security and stability of Junos, combined with its modular architecture and single code source, provides a proven foundation for delivering best-in-class performance, reliability, security, scale and total cost of ownership.

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Launching Our New Brand:

The Junos Platform The Junos Platform is an extensible software platform that gives developers unmatched flexibility to create dynamic applications that interact with the network from the client to the cloud. It’s founded on the Junos operating system, which provides a common language across Juniper Networks routing, switching and security devices. The extended software portfolio also includes Junos Space and Junos Pulse. Junos Space is an SOA-based, programmable network platform for creating and hosting simple, smart applications that reduce cost and complexity and open the network to new business opportunities. Junos Pulse is a unified network client that delivers intelligent connectivity, access and acceleration from the endpoint into the network.

Junos One The Junos One family combines Juniper's investments in silicon, software, systems and architecture. It offers the industry's first "network instruction sets" purpose-built to meet the needs of networking at massive scale. Junos Trio, the first released chipset, introduces revolutionary 3D scaling technology to help networks dynamically scale to support more bandwidth, subscribers and services — at the same time and without compromise. Junos Trio incorporates the groundbreaking technology and innovation behind 30 pending patents in silicon architecture, packet processing, quality of service and energy efficiency.

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The Next Decade for Juniper NetworksÂŽ: The past 14 years have been a period of enormous growth in terms of network-enabled devices. However, as the technology we use to connect to the network has advanced, the demands have increased exponentially. The explosion of mobile devices, high bandwidth downloads and global demand for an always-on connection has pushed the old network to its limit. The truth is, without radical innovation and new thinking, the network itself is likely to breakeither through the impossible economics of maintaining the infrastructure, or by the inability of complex, proprietary solutions to meet the demand. It's time for a new approach and it starts with a new philosophy.

The next decade: a new industry approach to innovation. Overcoming the challenges of the new network won't come from the proprietary, siloed approach of the last 14 years. In fact, the old way of doing things prevents innovation - the investment and brainpower is siloed within proprietary initiatives instead of being pooled and harnessed as a collective effort. In other words, innovation suffers and the customer pays for it. Fixing this broken model will only happen through an ecosystem of development in which advances come from collaboration and partnership. To do that, you need a common platform. And that's where Junos comes in.

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Clear Mission and Focused Strategy:





Innovations for the New Network:

Software Platform: Fuelling Innovation Across the Network

Data Centre 2 Cloud Initiative

Junos + Junos Space + Junos Pulse

Security at Massive Scale for Cloud Services

Five New Solutions + Eight New Products


Systems and New Silicon: “3D Scaling” and Universal Edge Junos Trio Chipset = 3D Scaling Breakthrough MX 3D Routers = First Universal Edge Platform

Junos-Based Partnerships Dell + IBM = Extended Global Market Reach Blade Network Technologies = First-Ever Junos Licensing Deal Dozens of Third Parties Building Applications on Junos



Cloud-Enabled Security:

In an open environment like Cloud, security is critical. After all, this is about inviting users INTO the cloud, not keeping them out. It’s about data flowing freely—and safely. We have flows between servers, we have flows between data centres and we have flows between the client and the data centre. Those are the critical flows that must be secured. To help our customers understand the best practices to secure these flows, to understand how to best leverage our technology and to accelerate their path to success, Juniper has five security solution modules. In the past, when people secured the flows, we found that appliances were being applied organically. As new applications came up, as new flows occurred, a new firewall would be installed in an organic basis. There is a much better way to do that using the SRX technology. We can apply the lessons of the cloud to secure the cloud. We can take these disparate appliances and we can pool them into a single virtualised pool of security services that can be shared across any flow of the data centre. Coordinated threat control is also a very critical capability. We can take knowledge of the identity and location of the user and of the application itself and apply more precise and granular policies to the environment. More secure with less obtrusion and a better experience. Finally, we can use Junos SPACE as the single point to provision all policies across the network and report threats for compliance.

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Junos: Open Platform for Innovation:



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Need for New Network Equation:



Routers T Series

SRX Series

EX Series J Series

TX Matrix Plus

E Series



M Series

MX Series

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Innovative Products and Technology:

Infrastructure Products At Juniper, we’ve developed, marketed and sold many of the industry’s most ground-breaking innovations across every aspect of networking technology. This includes a dedication to developing new, pure-play IP solutions based on a unique single architecture, single operating system and single release train that ensures performance, reliability and security at the scale that customers demand of their networks, without compromise. Our infrastructure products address the needs of service providers and enterprises for core and edge network capabilities, as well as for wireless access by combining high-performance packet forwarding technology and robust operating systems into a network-optimised solution. Our infrastructure products include: • M Series Multiservice Edge Routers • T Series Core Routers • E Series Broadband Services Routers • MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers • BX Series Multi-Access Gateways • Circuit Emulation PICs • CTP Series Circuit to Packet Platforms • JCS1200 Control System • IP Service PICs • SBR Series Steel-Belted Radius Servers • SRC Series Session and Resource Control Modules

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Fabric and Switching Technologies Juniper’s robust Ethernet switching and data centre networking solutions improve the economics of networking. Based on carrier-class, high-density hardware, our solutions reduce operational and capital expenses for branch, campus and data centre network environments, including EX Series Ethernet Switches, Cloud-Ready Data Centre Solutions, and Project Stratus. Project Stratus is a breakthrough solution to provide a single-layer connection fabric for massive cloud data centres that scales to hundreds of thousands of 10 GbE connections into a single data centre.

Service Layer Technologies Juniper’s service layer technologies empower network connectivity, yielding increased productivity to service providers and enterprises through safe, smart access. Solutions include: • Application Acceleration Platforms • Security Solutions • Intrusion Prevention Systems • Integrated Firewall and VPN Solutions • Access Control • Integrated Security Gateways • Secure Services Gateways • Network Security Management • Enterprise Routing

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Junos Software: Deployed in the world’s most demanding service provider, enterprise and public sector networking environments, Junos is the operating system driving Juniper Networks®’ leadership in high-performance networking. Junos offers the power of one operating system to reduce complexity, achieve operational excellence and dynamically deliver services with lower total cost of ownership. The consistent operating environment of Junos streamlines network operations, increasing productivity and reducing the risks of change. Junos is different from competitive approaches in both its design and development. Its modular architecture and single code source provide a proven foundation for delivering best-in-class performance, reliability, security, scale and TCO. Junos runs across Juniper Networks®’ entire portfolio of routers, switches and security devices, scaling from customer premise equipment to multi-terabit core routers.

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Contact Details:

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Juiper Candidate Book India

Juniper Candidate Book (India)  

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