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January 2018

Coleshill Town Mayors Charity concert ‘Oh what a night, early Feb in 2018, what a very special night was seen, The Groove Monkey’s were playing oh what a night!’ “Coleshill Rocked”, it was a super night! Coleshill Town Mayor, Councillor Tony Battle, hosted the fabulous live band The Groove Monkeys at the Town Hall to raise funds for his Mayoral Charity, The Woodlands School. There was lots of dancing and singing, and a great atmosphere, which was not dampened by the drizzling rain outside. The street food located out front on the Town Hall car park was delicious, hot roast pork and apple sauce baps or hamburgers and relish, all scrumptious and steaming hot! Carlicious Food & Events converted horse-box bars offered plenty of drink options and everything was undercover to keep the mood high. The Groove monkeys played lots of favourite covers from Oasis to Stevie Wonder! and the audience were very quickly dancing and singing along and shouting for more. Visiting guest dignitaries from Warwickshire County Council, Warwick District Council, Warwick Town Council, Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council and Alcester Town Council all enjoyed a great night out, and even the two chauffeur’s who attended were itching to get on the dance floor! In between the two sets, Michael the DJ provided additional great dance music and so the event never stopped buzzing. The special effects of lighting and steam made the atmosphere truly electric and soon shoes were off and handbags on the floor and everyone was moving and grooving.

Coleshill February 2018  
Coleshill February 2018