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• The Secret to a Successful Education • Health: Arthritis • Zucchini Soup • List Of Sales And Specials • 7 Exclusive Coupons • All New Sudoku Medium

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Squiggly Sudoku - Medium



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The Secret to a Successful Education Rebbetzin Chaya Ruchoma Kopshitz z”l, of Jerusalem, the wife of R’ Hershel Kopshitz zt”l, and a granddaughter of R’ Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld zt”l, merited to raise many children. Her sons are outstanding talmidei chachamim, and her daughters also married gedolim. Many people asked her what her secret was- did she do something extraordinary to receive this special merit? She replied, Bei mir in shtub haben alle gebensht hoich und die vent haben ge’enfert Amen! – “In our home every berachah was said out loud, and even the walls would answer Amen! I was particular about encouraging my children to recite berachos aloud and to always answer Amen. Perhaps in this zechus I merited raising talmidei chachamim.”

Hadassah.” Mordechai was the one responsible for raising and educating Esther. He did his job par excellance. Esther merited to play a key role in saving the Jewish nation from annihilation. She even rose to the level of becoming a prophetess. This pasuk reveals the secret to Mordechai’s successful education, explains the Yalkut Meam Loez Hakadmon. The word ‫אמן‬-he raised, is written without the letter vav- so that it resembles the word Amen. Mordechai taught Esther to appreciate the importance of answering Amen. With this education, and in the zechus of the angels she created with each Amen, Esther was able to overcome her difficult trial in the king’s palace, and brought about the salvation for her nation.

The pasuk in Megillas Esther says: ‫“ – ויהי אמן את הדסה‬And he raised

( Taken from Just One WordAmen)

Clearance Sale


On all synthetic wigs

4811 16th Ave. 718.851.3575

Prices to low to mention


All wigs must go! Hours: 11-6

1573 49th St. basement 718.871.0064

T:347.927.4ADS(4237) F:718.799.9188 E:



T:347.927.4ADS(4237) F:718.799.9188 E:


Fish Oil

Why You Should Be Taking Fish Oil For Arthritis Arthritis is a condition involving regular or silent inflammation in your joints. Milder cases are annoying because they cause stiffness and pain that’s difficult to treat. Whereas more severe cases can be debilitating and even prevent you from doing the everyday things you enjoy or need to do in order to take care of yourself. Most people know that fish oil has a reputation for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. So, it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to think it might be able to help treat arthritis. Indeed, there is ample evidence from a host of researchers supporting the use of fish oil as an arthritis treatment. What’s more, scientists believe that fish oil can actually help the most for the two most common types of arthritis.

What are the two most common types of arthritis?

• Rheumatoid Arthritis • Osteoarthritis Knowing a little bit about them can help you understand why fish oil is an ideal choice for arthritis treatment. Let’s take a closer look at these two types of arthritis and see what you can do about them.

What Is Rheumatoid Arthritis? This type of arthritis is inflammation in your body.



As such, it seems pretty obvious that you’re first plan of attack should be to reduce any dietary sources that promote inflammation. Second, increase the types of foods known to have anti-inflammatory effects. Since fish oil supplements rank higher than any other source, I’d say that’s a pretty good

place to start.

What Is Osteoarthritis? Unlike Rheumatoid Arthritis, this type actually eats away at your body’s cartilage. An ideal solution to this problem is simply to stop aging right now, but that’s not about to happen! Now, before you start asking is fish oil the fountain of youth, I can tell you right now that it’s probably not. But you can do several things to both prevent and treat this common type of arthritis. To be continued

Provided by Health Emporium

the natural choice

IT’S NOT JUST VITAMINS ANYMORE Today’s cutting-edge nutraceutical supplements have given rise to natural healing unlike we’ve ever seen before! Our Nutritional Consultant and professional staff can help access your body’s control panel, to bring about real lasting results.

Shmiel Weiss “Your Health Is Our Concern”

718.871.0777 1267 50th Street

(across from Eichler’s)

T:347.927.4ADS(4237) F:718.799.9188 E:


Zucchini Soup Ingredients: 1 lg. onion, diced 3 T. oil 2 cloves garlic 1 green pepper 1 small knob celery 8 medium zucchini 1 lg. potato 2 tsp. salt ½ tsp. garlic powder Dash of paprika and pepper Cut all vegetables into chunks. Heat oil in an 8- quart pot and sauté onion for 5 minutes. Add garlic, vegetables and spices and sauté for another 10 minutes.

TIP: If your hot soup ends up slightly salty, add a whole, peeled potato to the soup and simmer for about 15 minutes to absorb the salt. Remove the potato and serve. (Save the potato for the cook’s treat!)

Fill pot ¾ with water and bring to a boil. Lower to a simmer for 1 hour, and blend until smooth. Serve with onion -garlic croutons. Note: For heavier soup add less water. Variation: To add a speckled green look to the soup, leave one squash unpeeled and wash well.

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Place Your

Mouth watering pasta


FREE coupon must be exclusive for The Coffee

R&R Wig salon 1236 49 st. 718.435.0557

This week’s special cut your wig for $99.99 only. wash & set included. Please call for appt. Exp. 3/18


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Hours:Sun. Sun.11:00 11:00- -5:00 5:00 • Other Hours: Othertimes timesbybyappointment appointment . SaraGanz Ganz 718 Sara 718..972 972. 1324 . 1324 1141-50th St. .. Basement Ent. 1141-50th St. Basement Ent.

. 50% off winter merchandise

We specialize in Custom knits


Hours: Sun. 11:00 - 5:00 • Other times by appointment

Sara Ganz


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1141-50th St. . Basement Ent.

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Leave the mess to us...



We are extending our hours to accommodate you during your pesach preparations



order online or send us an email

1305 53 Street Call Us: 718.851.1970 Email Us:

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Beautiful 2 bedroom, 2

bathroom bungalow across Beautiful 2 Bedroom Furnished from Candlewood Cottages in Apartment For Rent. Second Monticello, a few steps from Floor, Private House, 11th Ave Walmart. Shoprite, home depot 55th St. Available for 1 year. and other stores down the Please call 718 795 5058 road. Large porch..For week or weekend..heimish crowd. Linen included, plus a lot more. Bungalow for sale: call:718-812-1431 Two bedroom bungalow for sale at Miami Beach Cottages in Monticello. Walking distance to House for sale. 58/11-12, walmart. Perfect location, Pool, 2 family+bsmnt, 899k shul, erev, Day camp, Gated. 347-794-6182 Call (347) 871-5444.

Garage For Rent - $200 51 st and Fort Hamilton (718)435-3142

Looking for an apt for Pesach for first or second days in the 12 13 14 ave low 40s please call 7182320596 looking for a worker in a busy restaurant suitable for a bochur call 1347 8395135

Newly renovated

Furnished studio apt. for rent. Separate front entrance W/D, AC. Great for 1or 2 Bochurim. 718-501-4816

Looking to buy used condo 2000 sq ft +. Bsmt not pref. Solid. Leave mess. 347- 581- 8230

Rosenbaum’s Food Center

Services Tutoring-Special ed

Special-ed Educator with 8yrs exp. is available to tutor your regular or special ed child after school hour&Sundays. Pls call 718.501.4080. Leave message or text. Looking for heimishe babysitter in my home 3 pm to 6 pm monday through thursday. Lv message 347 881 3070. Pesach cleaning? Looking what to do with Ur old & new books? call the new library @ 646-535book(2665) we will pick up and give credit to read new & old books! Pls. Leave msg. w/ name & best time to call back

Professsional haircutting & blowing 8¤ call Rivky 917-733-0545


enced tutor , excellent success rate with young elementary Cozy newly renovated furnished MAKE AN ORDER $75 OR students,call Zissy at 347 578 1373 bsmnt apt for rent. 59 st btwn UP PAY FOR IT RECEIVE A 14/15. Washer dryer a/c private 10% DISCOUNT Warm heimishe babysitter availentrance min 3 months $1250 able: daily, weekly, nightime, 917 468 4687 shabbos, overnight, dropins ATT Mothers and Family's : welcome; have a simcha ? If you available to help out v 11ave & 54st Furnished Drop off your baby we are near BSMNT apt Separate Entrance, Lshem Mitzvah with a Gmach Tiferes Rivka for car seats in your house (day High Ceiling, Washer Dryer, 12/36 st area call or evening times) Gas Electric included, Feel Free Ruchy:1347-683-2781 Please call 917-468-7557 to call 1718-435-3498 1168 40th 718-853-7447

Freezer full of trays of food from Professional binding. Give your new Seforim a long life! “meals on wheels” available And give your old seforim a new l’shem mitzva. Frozen fresh. life! Call 718-851-8543 or Call 718 404-1673 347-243-0697 2/3 bedroom apartment availPro Wig Stylist makeup artist by rivky able for rent. call 718-436-1581 Wash & Set $25 9175865730 Pls call 347-450-WIGS (9447) LEGAL PARKING SPOT JOB OPPORTUNITY FREE pick up and delivery! NEEDED Looking for female assistant for 14th Ave/59th Street vicinity SAVE ON YOUR HOME wedding photography for more Mon-Fri 9-5. IMMEDIATE! WILL PHONE Unlimited USA & information please call 347-268- PAY! Text info to 917 544 9684 Canada for just $23 with lifeline 8182 after tax & $37 without lifeline 11-50 Brand new Sunny 3 bdrm after tax. find out how just call Hair & wigs by Hadassa Steapt rent Central AC with 1 1/2 347-871-3303 fansky. $35 wash & set. Girls bath 2150. haircuts $10 & up. Daytime & 917 586 3327 Lv msg Also New basement for rent ideal for Evening appts available. A 1 Room office for rent with office off 13th ave and 40th st. 718-633-5949 Parking Call 19173350701

Business opportunity

Att: mothers and others,you can earn income working from home. Pt or FT. For more information call 206 208 4701

T:347.927.4ADS(4237) F:718.799.9188 E:


Mushky's Makeup Magic! Heimishe babysitter in warm Call for appt. 201.838.7393


Connections & Installations of Electrical ∙ Plumbing ∙ Filters Appliances ∙ Closet & Shelving CALL : 718-871-5763 KOL SIMCHA SPEAKERS make your simcha full of joy . For $49 and get 350w speaker+mp3 full of Jewish music+a good mic system: just call 17186004559

Wash & set $25 Hair styling $25. Girls haircuts $12. Please call 718.435.0557

Place your Classified for

E-Z 718-435-3252


Text: 347 927 4237

Email: To guarantee placement pay $15 a week (5x)

For all your typing and mailing list needs in English and Yiddish pls call (718) 686-1465 EXCELLENT MICE PROOFING .. Free estimated lowest Save on your con-edison prices call now & national-grid bills. find out 347 432 3562 how to get free energy. No commitments. Call 347-871-3303 Stop hair loss today !

prof. Hair & Wig services

and loving environment. Drop ins always welcome. On 60th st between 18th and 19th ave. 718-232-3096


Planing to travel? Travel with us it’s simple and EXPERIENCED MASHGIACH Will check all your fruits and vegetables & edible flowers (718)930-5180

Goldbergers Wigs

All synthetic wigs are $50 4811 16th Ave. 718.851.3575

kriah specialist to tutor your child with multi sensory techniques. References avail. Located btw boro park and Flatbush call 347-232-6699

Warm and wonderfull babysitter Boy 2 month supply gat one at 1042 50th street daily 8 month free call 718-972 - 4673 Toddler babysitting. 2:45. Call 347 423 9529 Small group. 10th ave & 47 st. Phone Service Say unPlease call 718-871-1688 limited times HELLO from your land line in the USA HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS!! for just 26.97, local 22.63 NO HUNGER, LASTING Window treatment, after tax. call 7185014158 RESULTS!! FIND OUT HOW dust ruffles,etc.customized to & Check out our other YOU CAN WIN MONEY FOR your taste. affordable priced. plans too LOSING WEIGHT ! 347 404 4765 Cleaning Ladies Hungarian CALL 347 885 4618 Cleaning Ladies. Housekeepers. Aides. Steady Hours. WIG REPAIR Tax returns for only $40 E-file for all your wig repairs we add Please call Mrs Ganz included satisfaction guaranteed 718 972 3681 hair to your new and old wigs. call now Free pickup and delivSatisfaction guaranteed!! kriah specialist ery. M Tannenbaum Accountant 718 - 435 - 0630 to tutor your child with multi 347 461 8076 sensory techniques. References avail. Located btw boro park learn to be your own Experienced tutor and flatbush call 3472326699 therapist. Available for college students Yingerman with experience is Prepaid long distance or high school (regents, GED, available to welp with issues like 1.25 cents to israel SAT etc.) for more info call o.c.d. Depression. anxiety. e.t.c no pin required (718)530-5968 l. Grunbaum 347 243 1586 646-262-2727 free evaluation Mini Van Service Stunning gifts of silver/crystal Hiemishe and reliable driver for unique selection in BP and all your local and long distance i have alot of experience with WSBG. 718 436 2227 or needs Reasonable rates call sketchup and photoshop, ready 718 522 1092 718-306-4633 to work now- 347-268-3803

Fruit classes forming now for info call:718-972-8181

Binding seforim and books call 7188095196 6/9pm



An experienced girl is available to do kriah or homework with your child. Call 1347 977 0650

Chaya Matty’s Hairdo Professional haircuts, blows, and styling 718-437-0636 Special price $5 - expires 3/15/12

T:347.927.4ADS(4237) F:718.799.9188 E:

‫מיני ווען סערוויס פאר אלע אייערע‬ ‫לאקעל און לאנג דיסטענס‬ 347.232.6305:‫רופט בנימין‬

Magnificent navy dress for rent Attention play groups! size 8. 7184350321 Do want to offer transportation ? Or is your bus overloaded? Wholesale bubble wrap Hiemishe lady with own mini LEARN HOW TO DANCE and bubble mailers van available don’t need to pay Private or form a group 646 208 9995 extra for a bus teacher Specializing in kallahs and Please TEXT 347-742-3779 GOWN- exclusive bridal family designer gown for sale. Petite call Shaindy 718 633 0685 size 0-2; great price. Please call BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM Tutor available (347) 546-2918. WEDDING GOWN Help your Mesivta Bochur size 4-6, worn once, cleaned. Princella excel. Experienced mechanech. 14k jewelry for baby thru teens $500 OBO Text 917 544 9684 or Very Reasonable. call 718 771 6886 after 6 PM for all your jewelry needs 347-794-9315 Matty Streicher 718-853-5456 Hrs. Sun. 10-1 otherwise call at Remedial Reading selling a ¤135 gift certificate your convenience. Dr.Helene Ribowsky from a linen store in bp for a Methodology discounted price. Reading specialist available to Gown - maternity black 2 piece pls call 206-376-4616 lv msg for sale $150 tutor your son/daughter please call: 718 633 5949 on all levels of reading and Toys, gently used, excellent literacy. condition, great prices for rent 4 beautiful mauve Call 347.243.5694 718-851-0190 jumper gowns with shells for 10 year old and 12-14-16. Please All shalach monis..... Phil & teds double stroller call.718 851 2623 in fairly new condition. Gr8 price plz call: 347.243.7655 Looking to sell brand new meLooking to send a gift for della swing pump $130 please someone in Monroe? We’ll call 1347-489-2658 MAGNIFICENT GOWNS FOR pick it up, Display and wrap RENT beautifully, and deliver to their for sale : beautiful megilos for EXCELLENT CONDITION-IDEdoor! Creative Gift Wrapping sale. great price. AL FOR SISTER OF BRIDE 845-774-8255 call 917 873 5355. IVORY SIZES 0/2 2/4 Professional haircutting NAVY SIZE 6/8 merchandise 4 sale : canon and up-to-date chasunah stylPLEASE CALL 718-438-3401 Camera A800 great condition ing. Unique line of accessories 60.00 dollars for sale reasonable rates call Stunning gifts of silver/crystal pls call 1718-633-3847 Yidis Klien 718.851.0203 unique selection in BP and WSBG. 718 436 2227 or MAGIC CLOTHS Merchandise Sale/Rent 718 522 1092 streak free - spot free - lint free Music eqp for sale NEVER use window cleaner Lost & Found 718 666 8844 again more info. call 347-581-2429 LOST a Talis batel and 2 pairs Magnificent blush raquel gown. of tefillin with the name Shimon Size 6-8 to rent. CHUSEN SHAS (oiz vehuGlick on the Tefillin batels on Pls call 718 851 8591 der) brand new in original boxes wed. 2/15 on 52st & 13-14ave $849 pls call 347-725-1795 call 347-465-7875 Beautiful Seforim Shank for sale Excellent condition $500 call Gown - size 6 black chiffon for Found a 32 gig SD card in 9175774823 sale $300 vicinity of 11/56th st please call: 718-633-5949 12 Office Desks Dark Color Mint please call 718-437-6457 cond. Buy some/all Desks. 8 BLOSSOM FINE MATERNITY Single & 4 LG “L” Desks. Call LOST: Samsung hm3500 blue Best Collection Ever 3478344329 tooth headset New Exclusive Eve wear Line in the area of shomer shabbos for sale Cybex carriage brand Knits (St John) Starting at $200. 347-526-7874 Huge Sale on now new call 9174747041 Hours: Sun 11:00-5:00 LOST: feb 6 in tifres rivka, a Beautiful navy maternity jumper Other times By apptmt. black bag with shoes and cosgown for rent or sale call 1141 50th Street, 718 972 1324 metics pls call 1347 860 3025 347-865-4675 T:347.927.4ADS(4237) F:718.799.9188 E:



T:347.927.4ADS(4237) F:718.799.9188 E:

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