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‫יום א’ פ’ האזינו‬ ‫ז’ תשרי תשע”ג‬

Zmanim 6:51.....‫שקיעה‬ 7:51...............60 8:03...............72

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High Fructose Corn Syrup:

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DIY Apple Candles Page 9

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New Breah Automotive Serving the community for over 30 years

Danny & Mordechai Rosenblum

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‫איש בער לא ידע וכסיל לא יבין את זאת‬ The Maggid RebYaakov Gallinsky explains why the proverb differentiates between the smart person and the foolish person, the ksil. The above verse speaks of the smart person as not knowing in a general sense, and of the foolish person as lacking an understanding of zos, a specific idea. The members of the Israeli Knesset were once taken for a visit to Israel’s nuclear plant in Dimona. They were given an in depth analysis and detailed explanation of how the nuclear plant operates. Of course, despite the explanations, there was no way they could grasp the full scope of nuclear science issues and its complicated mechanics. Following their tour around the plant, the MKs were taken to a conference room where the various aspects of the facility where further expounded upon and where they were given the opportunity to ask questions regarding the nuclear technology. Most of the parliamentary members understood that they were out of their depth in these waters, and it was only scientists who devoted their entire careers to this subject who could analyze and question the plant operations. However,


there was one not so bright fellow who raised his hand and posed a question. “I was wondering about that red button in the fourth room, and how it works,” he explained. Considering that the man hadn’t the faintest grasp of the basic underlying principles and the general complicated science behind nuclear technology, it was quite a foolish question indeed. So it is with us. Sometimes, we may have questions and ask why certain specific things happen to us, but do we even have the slightest understanding of the bigger picture, of how Hashem leads his world? Do we even have the slightest notion of what each individual event may mean? This is the difference between the wise and the not so wise. The wise person knows he doesn’t understand in general, because he acknowledges that when it comes to running Hashem’s world, he is out of his league. The fool, on the other hand, believes he understands the bigger picture and its complicated reasonings, and just needs to clear up one little issue with Hashem.

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High Fructose Corn Syrup: A Sweet and Dangerous Lie

Nothing but the Facts about High Fructose Corn Syrup High fructose corn syrup is produced when corn syrup goes through enzymatic processing to convert some of its glucose into fructose in order to make it taste sweeter. In the United States, consumer foods and products often use high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener. It’s become absurdly common in processed foods and beverages including breads, cereals, breakfast bars, energy bars, candies, dairy products, canned foods, and, well ... pretty much everything. Believe it or not, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) first exposed the dangers of HFCS. They actually released information showing a strong correlation between obesity and total fructose consumption, including HFCS. The data they put together showed a rise in obesity mirrored by the rise in total fructose, free fructose and HFCS consumption. The CDC is not saying that this is a cause-effect relationship. As we all know, there are many factors that contribute to obesity. However, they are citing HFCS as a contributor to obesity. So what else can be linked to HFCS consumption? Keep on reading to find out. Processed Fructose Disrupts Fat Metabolism Unlike glucose, processed fructose is readily converted to fat by the liver, leading to an excessive concentration of fats in the body. High and prolonged ingestion of processed fructose increases unfavorable lipid profiles in the body — specifically a rise in blood triglycerides — and disrupts insulin sensitivity.

showed that consumption of HFCSsweetened beverages for 2 weeks at 25% of daily energy requirements increased risk factors for cardiovascular disease comparably with fructose and more than glucose in young adults. With changes in lipid profiles and an increased risk for heart disease, it seems pretty clear that fructose ingestion is a contributor to plaque buildup and narrowing of the blood vessels — a ticking time bomb for the development of both strokes and heart attacks. Please note: fructose is a natural sugar found in fruit. But the amount of fructose in fruit is far less than in HFCS and has far less of an impact on lipid profiles. More Health Consequences of High Fructose Corn Syrup Let’s keep this as simple as possible. Here’s a straightforward list of additional health consequences that can be linked to HFCS (some based on animal models): •

Insulin resistance

Type 2 diabetes

Metabolic syndrome

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease


A study of 48 adults


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121 PCE

s” xc

Affordable Yom Tov Fine Porcelain Dinnerware 40 Piece Service for 8 Regular $89.99


Tishrei is Tish Time! Certain things Belong together






Farberware Classic 15 Piece Cookware Set Inc: 1,2,3,4,8 Quart Pots, 8” & 10” fry pans 3 utensils .Reg. $149.99







Cuisin Non Stick 8 Piece Cookware Cuisinart Set Red Includes: 1, 2.5, 5 Quart Pots, 8” & 9.5” Fry Pans Reg. $99.99



Rachael Ray SS Cookware w/Silicone Rachae Cuisinart Gourmet Heavy Stai Stainless i less inl Steel 9 Piece Cookware Set In: Handles. 10 Pc Set in: 1.5-qt ,3-qt covered saucepans, 8-qt covered stockpot, 3 qt 1.5, 3 , 4 & 8 Quart Pots w/ Lids, covered saute pan, 8" & 10" skillet 10 inch Fry Pans Reg. $179.99 Reg. $199.99



Delicately D li t l D Designed i d Di Dinnerware with ith G Gold old Accent 121 piece service for 12 includes 9 piece place lace setting, compotes, soup tureen and nd all serving ppieces iiec eeces

Deluxe Kugel Set 11 Inch Kugel Pa Pan an 9 Pc P G Gourmet ourmet Porcel Porcelain l in lai i EEnamel namel with Glass Cover, 10 Inch Fry Pann N Non-stick ti k 11,2,3 2 3 andd 8 quartt pots t with ith and 4 Scratch Free Utensils covers and 8” frying pan Reg $89.99


Stunning St i O Ornate t Dinnerware Di S Sett 121 piece service for 12 includes 9 piece place setting, compotes, soup tureen and all serving pieces Reg $299.99

‫לכבוד יום טוב‬


Sophisticated t d andd St Stylish li h Fi Fine PPorcelain l i Dinnerware 121 Piece Set Service for 12 with 9 Piece Place Setting Reg $299.99







Rachel Ray Porcelain Enamel 10 Piece Cookware Set Includes: 1,3 and 6 Quart Pots w/ Lids , 3.5 quart sauté pan with lid 8 and 10 inch Fry Pan - Available in Blue, Lime, Orange and Yellow Reg. $179.99



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Oneida id TTop Q Quality lit Yom Tov Flatware for O Richly Detailed Outstanding Deals Fun and Casual Oneida Modern M d or Ti Timeless l Gorgeous Traditional Stainless Flatware Every Day Prices 18/10 Flatware on Flatware 40/45 Piece Flatware Flatware 18/10 Flatware 18/10 60 Piece Service for 12 45 Piece Service for 8 60/65 Pc Service for 12 65 Piece Service for 12 60 Piece Service for 12 20 Piece Serv for 4 Service for 8 Reg. $129.99 Reg $119.99 Reg $139.99 Reg.$39.99 Reg. $99.99 Reg $169.99 Reg. $199.99

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‫בס“ד‬ 5 Handset 4 Handset

Canon 16mp Digital Canon 16mp Digital Canon SX260 12mp Camera 5x Optical Zoom Camera 8x Optical Digital Camera 20x 2.7” LCD Screen Zoom 3” LCD Screen Optical Zoom 3” LCD Screen W/HS System Reg. $299.99

Garmin 4.3” Portable GPS i Live Boombox Preloaded w/ CD Radio W/iPod Dock US & Canada Maps & Audio Input W/Lifetime Trafc Lane Assist & Reg. $69.99 Bluetooth Reg. $139.99

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Canon G12 10mp CCD Image Sensor 5x Optical Zoom Reg. $429.99

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Great g Pumpinn Actio

With er Hechsh

Dish Deep C over Glass at ,cak r, thats Greels u n K ,ughs For ug v kfk

No Need To Toivel


by Rabbi Eckstein

Hamilton Beach Rival 6QT Stainless Steel Crockpot S/S 7qt Slow Cooker Reg. $39.99 Reg. $34.99

Top Quality 5qt Electric Hot Pot Reg. $59.99

West bend 30 Cup Hot Water Urn Reg. $39.99

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Direct Drive Motor

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FITS 9x13

ion Convectn Ove

Braun Food Processor W/Kugel Blade & Juicer

Hamilton Beach 6 Slice Toaster Oven/Broiler Reg. $59.99

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Disposable Challah Covers 16 Pieces for


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Pomegranat Pomegranate Deseeder


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Challah Pans


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Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Potstss Encapsulated Base With Stay Cool Handles

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They say...

After making 1.4 billion crayons, the senior crayon maker for Crayola admitted he was color blind.

Effort takes time, time takes effort.

Since 1903 Crayola has been famous for their wide color spectrum of art devices. You’d think the ability to see the full color spectrum would be a prerequisite for the job. But just like that English teacher who never learned how to read, there was a man who in his 37 year career at Crayola, spanning 1.4 billion crayons, had been colorblind the whole time. His name is Emerson Moser, and he made the announcement when he retired. But if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you know that colorblindness isn’t uncommon. Up to 8 percent of men have it in some form, and over 10 million American males have it. Of course as you also likely know, this doesn’t mean seeing everything in black and white. That condition is called monochromacy and is exceedingly rare. The colorblind just have fewer photoreceptors in their eyes. The unfortunate thing is that colorblindness can restrict some career choices. Air Force pilots can’t be colorblind, and neither can electricians or firefighters. The strange this is that apparently Crayola workers, people whose entire working lives are devoted to creating colors, don’t need to be able to see the full spectrum

Did you know...?


Squiggly Sudoku - Easy Level

Sudoku - Hard Level

Crayola manufactured the biggest crayon in the world, which was made to celebrate the company’s 100th birthday. It weighs 1,500 pounds, is 15 feet long and could draw a single line 10 miles long.

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You can use these apple candles as beautiful, original centerpieces in your sukkah, just for that added sophisticated glow. And to make it even more “sukkasdig,” you can substitute a lemon for the apple (just follow the same instructions below with your lemon) and you’ll have an “esrog” centerpiece kids and adults alike will delight in watching as it burns.

DIY Apple Candles

Materials: Melon baller, paring knife, tea lights, apples, pen. Step 1: Trace tea light on the center of the apple. Step 2: Use a knife to cut along the marked circle. Step 3: Cut out the top of the apple. Step 4: Use a melon baller to make the hole deep enough for a tea light to fit. Step 5: Sprinkle a bit of lemon juice on the exposed white part of apple to keep it from turning brown. *here’s a scooped out apple Step 6: Place tealight in the scooped out part of the apple.

2 And that’s it! Make sure you scoop out enough of the apple to completely conceal the tealight~this makes it really look like the apple is the whole candle. For an easy table centerpiece, arrange apple candles around a large vase filled with apples and flowers.

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Boro Pk.

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Victorinox Knives

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630 Dahill Rd. Corner 43rd St.

Shochet on premises Parking available All chickens are donated to

Hours: Friday, Sept. 21 Motze Shabbos, Sept 22 Sunday Sept 23 Monday Sept 24 Tuesday Sept. 25 12

10:00 am - 3:00 pm 1/2 hour after zman till 1:00 am 9:00 am - 12:00 am 9:00 am - 1:00 am from 3:30 am

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