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‫יום ד’ פ’ וישלח‬ ‫י”ד כסלו תשע”ג‬


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Butterfly Insights The garage door opened, startling a large moth which had been spreading its wings. It displayed a bright red “tail” hidden by its motley brown wings, resembling more than a “butterfly” than moth. It flew immediately to its perceived escape, the circle-topped window where it frantically tried to exit through the invisible wall of closed glass. He raised the third-car garage door in hopes of aiding the moth’s escape. However, that caused it to fly higher and higher and become entangled in


a spider web. Becoming fearful that it would remain entangled in the web, he selected a long-handled broom to assist him in escaping the tangled threads. At this, the moth returned to furiously pumping his wings and banging into the glass, which was, in his perspective, the pathway of escape, but remained his cage. By simply turning his focus to one side, the moth would have easily exited his prison. Rather, due to its intent on one direction, the moth remained confined, captive. How many times does it occur that we

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place our battles, our hopes in one avenue and when it fails we actually fail to turn our head and notice another route left unexplored. When one door closes, another opens. We must be open to change, flexible to notice new opportunities and paths unexplored. Take the plunge, look around and observe new windows of prospect opening up each day!

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Don’t Be Tricked by Whole and Multigrain Foods

Whole grains have become popular for the health conscious, but make sure you know how to select your whole grains correctly. “20 grams of whole grains, 35% of your daily value of fiber, oat bran, nine grain, low fat blueberry”, don’t these terms sound healthy? Unfortunately, you can’t believe everything you read…… Read Your Label Look for the first ingredient to say whole wheat, whole oat, or whole brown rice flour. This ensures that most of the product is made from true whole grains. Check the total amount of carbohydrates. Anything more than 30 grams of carbohydrates equals more than 2 grain servings.

is starting to get high. Look for more than 2 grams of fiber. Scan the label for trans fat which is listed as “partially hydrogenated oils”. If you spot trans fat, don’t buy the product. Solution to the Problem Who says you have to buy these foods? Try making a fruit oatmeal from home, or make your own muffins or bars with whole wheat flour or almond meal. A trick is to use some stevia in your baking to reduce the sugar content. Seek out new healthy ingredients, eat most foods from home, and practice moderation in your choices.

Check the grams of sugar. Anything more than 5 or 6 grams of sugar


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the Segulah with the Power of Torah



Several days ago we received the following phone call: “Hello and a good year to all of you! I felt that for the sake of Kollel Chatzos continuing its crucial role, I must relate my own story. “I am an owner of a large apartment complex with many tenants. Over the last few months, getting ready for the winter, we realized the heat was not working but we simply could not locate the problem. We consulted with one ineffective “expert” after another costing us close to the astronomical amount of $200,000.00!! Meanwhile, the nights were getting colder and the heating “issue” remained unsolved. And without a problem there can be no solution!” “As winter had officially arrived, and after having received many frantic and angry phone calls from my tenants demanding heat for their families, I urgently called “Kollel Chatzos” and implored that they pray fervently for me. At the time I was also desperately looking for a new building, without luck, and asked that the honorable kollel learners also have that in mind for me.” “My good news today is amazing



on both fronts! Several hours after phoning “Kollel Chatzos” the heating problem was found and repaired! And two days later we were contacted by the proprietor of a highly suitable property who was looking to sell!” “Next time I will contact “Kollel Chatzos” first and save myself a lot of money and aggravation… Thank you so much!!!


Through the Merit of Learning at Chatzos, you Merit Great Success in all !that you do (‫ פלא יועץ‬:‫)זוהר הק' ח"א רז‬

CHATZOS PARTNERSHIP Become a partner And experience miracles! SEGULAH OF KETORAS The only Segulah written in the Torah! MISHNAYAS & SHAS According to your specicationsfor the soul of a loved one VACHTNACHT The Torah learning will protect the newborn

“Acknowledge at Katores” The ofce of “Kollel Chatzos” added the following notation; the building owner who called in the story above also asked that we mention his name during the special prayer of “Nusach Haktores” which is said by all the kollel members shlit”a with great concentration and emotion. The “Segulas Haktores” has already helped thousands of Jews throughout the world and brought joy and good fortune to countless families.a

1855-CHATZOS 2 4 2 - 8 9 6 7

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Honey-Dijon Roasted Potatoes A simple side dish transformed! Ingredients: 1lb red-skinned potatoes, chopped 1 small onion, sliced 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp Dijon mustard 2 tsp honey Salt & pepper Directions: Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Whisk together oil, mustard, honey, salt, and pepper in a large bowl then add potatoes and onion and toss to coat. Pour into a non-stick sprayed baking dish and bake for 40-45 minutes, or until potatoes are tender, stirring two or three times.


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Over Your Coffee They say... Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.

Did you know...?


A family in Elmira, NY was surprised when they received a postcard sent from Rockford, IL that was dated July 4, 1943! The sisters that were supposed to have received the card are no longer alive. The postcard was written by the sisters’ parents who were visiting their brother at the Medical Center Barracks at Camp Grant, near Rockford, IL. Perhaps what’s most surprising is that the card was delivered in mint condition, which has lead the people involved to believe that it was probably misplaced somewhere and found recently.

Sudoku - Medium Level

Sudoku - Hard Level

Unlike most other fish, the ocean sunfish does not have a tail. A female sunfish can lay 300 million eggs each year. Each egg is smaller than the period at the end of a sentence.

A postcard mailed in 1943 was delivered this year!

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