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Low Back Pain Page 4

Recipe: DIY sugar cubes

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Hope Hope; like wet dew on fresh green grass Golden sunlight through the clouds Butterflies in flight Hope; from darkness into light Hope; sparrows hopping on the tress Bushes swaying in the breeze Hope; a tentative toddler’s steps A newborn’s first slow smile Roses in their bud Kites flying in the wind Hues of color filter across the sky A new day about to dawn Hope; my heart is filled with hope It is that little spark of light The burns inside so bright Today will be a better day Tomorrow is a brighter future I look for the sun; it’s ray Hope is within me My heart lifts with song Like music wafting through air Youngsters playing without care Hope; Hashem is with us at each stage His hand clasped throughout Feel His love so strong Hear His Voice so clear Don’t let your hope die Kindle it each day anew Hear His Voice so clear This exile will not be too long Soon we will be home Just keep going full of HOPE!


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How to Finally Stop Low Back Pain

Low back pain, according to the National Institutes of Health, afflicts 31 million people. The American Chiropractic Association recently published 5 interesting facts: • 50% of Americans admit to having low back pain each year. • It’s one of the most common reasons for missed work. • Most cases are mechanical in nature. • The US spends $50 billion each year on low back pain. • 80% of the population will experience a back problem. Traditional medicine has failed miserably to effectively treat and resolve low back pain. Prescription drugs only mask the pain and surgery just doesn’t work. Millions of Americans are simply left to suffer. But there is hope! A recent review of three alternative therapies, conducted at the Oregon Health and Science University, revealed some promising results. Here’s a summary of the review:


Prolotherapy Prolotherapy is a simple, natural technique that stimulates the body to repair damaged joints and connective tissues. A pro-inflammatory substance is injected into the affected area, which leads to local inflammation. The localized inflammation triggers a wound healing cascade, resulting in the deposition of new collagen, the material that ligaments and tendons are made of. Prolotherapy has the potential of being 100% effective at stopping low back pain. Supplements for Reducing Low Back Pain Chronic use of prescription pain-killers for low back pain is dangerous and not very effective. Instead, try supplementing with the following nutrients for controlling the pain. • 5-Loxin (an extract from the Boswellia plant) -- 75 mg/day • Tart Cherry Extract -- 1500 mg/day • White Willow bark (nature’s aspirin) -200 mg/day

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DIY sugar cubes Why not spruce up the way you serve coffee or (iced) tea? It’s easy to make and so cute to look at! What you’ll need: • granulated white and/or brown sugar • water • bowl • teaspoon • ice cube tray or candy mold How to: 1. Pour about 1/2 cup of sugar into a bowl. 2. Use a teaspoon to pour small amounts of water on the sugar, little by little, and mix until it is a paste-like consistency. Make sure the sugar doesn’t melt during this process. 3. Fill the sugar-water-paste into ice cube trays, about half-way full, and press tight into the mold. 4.

Let dry overnight.


Carefully remove the sugar cube from the ice cube tray.



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The campaign name, was of course a play on words based on water’s chemical formula H2O. The purpose was to get costumers at restaurants to say no to H20. The program taught waiters how to use ‘suggestive selling techniques’ to offer a myriad of alternatives to tap water. Eventually a story broke about how successful the program was at Olive Garden. CocaCola took the story down, although they couldn’t keep the program out of the public eye when The New York Times published their own story on the program. Coca-Cola approached Olive Garden because the restaurant chain had complained about how many people were ordering water. Coke came up with the program, which included training for waiters and even incentive programs for people who managed to upsell drinks. They increased their check average and their profits based on this program.

Sudoku - Easy Level

Sudoku - Hard Level

A tsunami hits land with thousands of times the power of a regular wave. Regular waves are caused by wind pushing water at the surface of the ocean or other body of water. Tsunami waves are created by an event that affects the entire water column, from the ocean floor to its surface.

Coca-Cola ran a campaign called H2NO to train restaurant servers to dissuade people from ordering tap water!

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office for rent nice big basement 2 bathroom 46 off ft ham call yesh 718 436 9374

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Jewish Crohn’s & Colitis Support Group Offering Support, Help, Medical Referrals, & Guidance 718-63-JCCSG - 718-635-2274

Reflector Belt Gemach Stay safe. Be seen. Wear a reflector belt! 718-853-4966 evenings.

Job opportunity

customer service experience or sales & computer proficiency CALL YESH 718 436 9374

Job opportunity

Local Heimishe company seeks for secretary part time work call (718)704-0699

Job opportunity

Local company seeks ambitious individual for phone sales. Great position for the right person. If interested please call (718)704-0699

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39th street off 12 commercial space for rent 1st and basement call yesh 718 436 9374

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and mailing list needs in Eng- found navy patent childs shoe, on simchas torah. 13th ave 48th lish andYiddish pls call street 347-267-8047 (718) 686-1465

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Our professional women videographers are equipped with the latest in digital technology, to make your simcha lasts forever.

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