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WEDNESDAY May 22 2013

‫יום ד’ פ’ בהעלותך‬ ‫י”ג סיון תשע”ג‬


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Inspiration: The Yetzer Horah’s example

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Recipe Fruity Summer Sorbets


Coffee Is Good For You

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The Center for Torah and Shmurah






The Segulah with the Power of Torah CHATZOS PARTNERSHIP Become a partner And experience miracles!

SEGULAH OF KETORAS The only Segulah written in the Torah!

MISHNAYAS & SHAS According to your specications-for the soul of a loved one

VACHTNACHT The Torah learning will protect the newborn

A “NIGHT” MIRACLE! The parents were helped after three arduous months of hardship. After they saw an astonishing turnaround through the heavenly power of “Chatzos”, they felt compelled to call our office and asked us to publicize their story, so that others in need should benefit from this amazing opportunity. But why should “we” relate their story? We’re letting “them” do the talking:

had happened!”

“Our saga began three months ago” the Lakewood couple recounted “when our young son suddenly started waking up each night and would simply not be able to fall back asleep for several hours. We tried everything! Natural vitamins, keeping him up late, medical advice, etc. but to no avail. It is impossible to describe the anxiety of those months. Waking up to attend to a child doesn’t sound too hard, but in reality it was a nightmare that drained our energy night after night. We were both exhausted wrecks each morning, barely getting by the day, facing a repeat performance the next night!”

By supporting the “Night-Learners”, they were helped with a “Night-Miracle”!

“Until the day Hashem blessed us with an idea, and we signed up with “Kollel Chatzos”. What can we say? It may sound amazing and possibly cliché, but the fact is this: Within “two days” of joining, our sweet child began sleeping through the night again, as if nothing

On top of all that, the parents told us that after searching for the right apartment for the last year in Lakewood, they b”H just found one, shortly after signing up with “Chatzos”. “We can’t think otherwise” the couple concluded “but to continue with our “Chatzos Partnership” and all the wonderful benefits it brings!”

WILLIAMSBURG KOLLEL CHATZOS! OPENING DOORS EVENT: MAY 28TH With a spiritual joy, the city of Williamsburg is greeting the announcement that the opening of the latest branch of “Kollel Chatzos-Williamsburg” will take place next Tuesday May 28th. On that day, Williamsburg will be afforded a fresh source of Shmurah for its citizens by the power of protection that “Kollel Chatzos” is blessed with. The kollel will be housed in the holy and prestigious home of the holy Satmar Rebbe Zt"l, at 500 Bedford Ave. and will serve as a positive influence of help and healing for the entire city of Williamsburg!

The Torah Centers of Kollel Chatzos: MONSEY N.Y.


2 Howard Dr.




18 Getzel Berger



T:347.927.4ADS(4237) F:718.799.9188 E:

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The Yetzer Horah’s example When Reb Eliezer of Dzikov, the son of The Ropshitzer Rav was a young child, he pulled a little prank on his revered father. The Ropshitzer berated his little boy and Reb Eliezer answered innocently, “What do you want from me, Tatte? It is really not my fault! The Yetzer Horah made me carry this out. It was not me, I did not do anything wrong.” The Ropshitzer looked down at his son and answered, “That is exactly whose example you should be following.

The Yetzer Horah teaches us to listen and not veer off from the path we are on for he always does as he was commanded. We too, must realize what the correct path is and we must stay on it. Young Reb Eliezer looked up at his father and said, “Tatte, the Yetzer Horah does not veer from his path because the Yetzer Horah himself does not have a Yetzer Horah. But, Tatte, we do possess one….so now what do you want from me?”

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4:51 PM

Natural Elegance

Pest Control, Inc. Commercial & Residential Prevention is the KEY to Pest Control Specializing in Pest Management Solutions for Bed Bugs • Roaches • Rodents  • And More . . .

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Fruity Summer Sorbets Choose from a variety of these delicious flavored sorbets…looks great aligned one after another…but will be equally relished as a single flavored treat too! Strawberry Banana 1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries 1 1/2 bananas (fresh) 1/4 cup lemon juice 1/3 cup maple syrup Pineapple Banana 2 bananas (fresh) 1 1/2 cups frozen pineapple 1/2 cup lemon juice 1/3 cup maple syrup Optional Sub: Use coconut milk instead of lemon juice for an ultra creamy sorbet (not fat free) Zippy Wild Blueberry

A few dashes of cayenne powder NOTE: Ingredient Subs: Maple Syrup can be easily substituted with Agave Syrup. Lemon Juice can be subbed with Lime Juice. A hint of citrus zest also gives a nice touch. Directions: 1. Add all ingredients to a high speed/high quality blender i.e.Vitamix. Tip: Slightly thaw the frozen fruit so that blends easily – but it still is frosty.

1/2 cup lemon juice

2. Blend until smooth - do not over-blend. Ensure mixture keeps as thick and frosty as possible.

1/2 cup maple syrup

3. Pour into freezer-friendly container.

1 banana (fresh)

Tip: A chilled metal container works best

Optional: 1/2 tsp ginger powder or grated fresh ginger OR dash of cayenne powder

4. Chill until firm.

1 1/2 cups frozen blueberries

5. Scoop and serve!

Spicy Mango 1 1/2 cups frozen mango 1 banana (fresh) 1/3 cup lemon juice 1/2 cup maple syrup


EZ-PASS tags available

T:347.927.4ADS(4237) F:718.799.9188 E:


For The Last Time: Coffee Is Good For You

It amazing how often you can hear people casually remark that they drink “too much” coffee, and really should cut back for their health. While caffeine in coffee can have adverse effects on some, coffee per se isn’t bad for you. It actually has tons of health benefits, from helping ease depression to cutting your risk of Alzheimer’s and liver disease.

PSC is an auto-immune condition that can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, liver failure and bile duct cancer.


That last one is newly known—the result of recent Mayo Clinic study. In research presented this week, the team showed how regular coffee drinking can cut one’s risk of developing a destructive liver disease called primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC).

better flow of oxygen and blood through the body and brain. 2. It can help prevent mouth and throat cancers. 3. It can help women—especially overweight women—stave off endometrial cancer. 4. Coffee may help reduce the risk of skin cancer. 5. It has antidepressive effects and can improve your mood. 6. Coffee drinking has been linked to better heart health.

Think probiotics are just for digestion? Think again. They can actually help produce nutrients your body needs.

“While rare, PSC has extremely detrimental effects,” said lead study author Craig Lammert, a Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist. ”We’re always looking for ways to mitigate risk, and our first-time finding points to a novel environmental factor that also might help us to determine the cause of this and other devastating autoimmune diseases.”

7. It can cut the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 8. It may protect your brain from dementia. 9. It may help you get more from your workouts.

10. It’s been linked to greater longevity.

Here are 10 more ways that coffee is good for you: 1. It can help your blood vessels dilate, allowing for T:347.927.4ADS(4237) F:718.799.9188 E:


Wholesale Prices!

Over Your

Personal Service We sell custom made furniture

They say... Look up, Get up,Don’t ever give up!

Did you know...? 80% of antibiotics in the United States are consumed by livestock! Believe it or not, 28.8 million pounds are sold in the US for use in farm animals! Unfortunately, the overuse of these drugs in animals could be problematic.

Humor ;-)


The U.S. Navy lost an entire ship and all of its crew and has no idea how it happened! The U.S.S. Cyclops was one of four Proteusclass colliers built for the U.S. Navy in 1910. The ship was the second one named after the Greek mythical giants. In 1917 the ship was commissioned due to the start of World War I and her captain, George Worley, was promoted to full captain. Sometime after March 4, 1918 the ship and her entire crew of 306 crew and passengers disappeared without a trace. They found out later that Worley was a German who had changed his last name. They also learned that he was quite the brutal ship captain and had an unstable and changing personality. All of his associates were known to be German or of German descent. Some speculate that he was sympathetic to the Germans and may have done something awful to his own ship. Nonetheless, the loss of the U.S.S. Cyclops is the single largest loss of life in the U.S. Naval history that wasn’t involved in direct combat.

Sudoku - Medium Level

Sudoku - Hard Level

A lot of critics are comparing President Obama to President Richard Nixon, which is unfair. Nixon’s unemployment rate was only 5 percent.

Specializing in toner

T:347.927.4ADS(4237) F:718.799.9188 E:

Today’s Solutions


looking for a front Manager. Salary 60k. Email: ypolon@

BUNGALOWS 1 & 2 bed-

Merchant Services company looking for Sales Agents. F/T or P/T. Call: 347-665-2438

room bungalows available in Brookview Cottages in Monticello, NY from June 20 - July 4 1 bedroom bungalow available in Brookview Cottages in Monticello, NY for the last 2 weeks. 718-916-5399 / 347-534-6757


Classifieds JEWISH CROHN’S & COLITIS SUPPORT GROUP Offering Support, Help, Medical Referrals, & Guidance 718-63-JCCSG - 718-6352274

PROFESSIONAL HAIRCUTS Professional haircuts & styles for every occasion! Haircut-$7 Hair blow & style-$10 house calls available upon request! Please call: (718) 851-3199/ (347) 731-8988 CHAYA MATTY’S HAIRCUTS Professional haircuts & styling . LOW PRICES! 718-437-0636 Bring a friend for and receive a special discount.


PARTNER WANTED Looking for a partner in the transportation business we have over 30yrs experience pls call 917-806-3420

male/female, live in or out, experienced elderly care, housekeeping, store help, etc. steady only 718 972 1324



Place your rental FREE! Via Email or Text only BORO PARK

Two 3 Bdrms 2nd & 3rd Floors All Totally Brand New Mid 50’s, bet. 12 & N.U. Asking $2,100. Call 347-450-4550

BORO PARK Office bsmnt

for rent 45th street btwn 12 & 13, reasonable, 3 desks. Also good for seamstress call 917-873-9640

BORO PARK Office for Rent Bsmt 52nd St 19&20, brandnew construction app 600 sq ft, split unit a/c, wired for phone & computer service 718-854-7331

MANAGERBrooklyn. Cafe

59 st bet. 11-12 Furnished Bsmnt for rent, 2 bdrms, modern kitchen, full bath, private entrance, W/D, call 718-871-2725


Job opportunity Place your Job opening FREE! Via Email or Text only

RECEPTIONIST New Business in BP looking for female Receptionist /Secretary email resume NURSING HOME Brooklyn.

Nursing Home looking for a Director of Recreation + Patient Coordinator. Email: ypolon@



Williamsburg. Wine Store looking for a F/T worker. Call: 9177713104 lv msg.


Catskills. Responsible Bochur 22+ needed as camp Driver. 10 weeks, good pay. Call: 718-635-0876


seeks talented Illustrator to work on a children’s book manuscript. Email: elliot6836@

ACCOUNTANT Midtown. Accounting firm seeks Junior Accountant. Must be proficient in Excel & QuickBooks. Experience a+. Email resume:

Lost and Found

FOUND a machzor with name schwartz in 17th ave area please call 347 587 0766

FOUND minnie mouse briefcase. 57th st & 11th av. Call:718-436-5918

FOUND pacifier with name avrumi. 14th av and 53rd st. Call 718-436-5918

Classified rates:

1 day- $5 1 week (5 days) - $20 4 weeks (20 days) - $60 Txt: 347.927.4237 E: Call: 347.927.4237 Fax: 718.799.9188

T:347.927.4ADS(4237) F:718.799.9188 E:



2013 Graduates Yearbook Coordinators You give us a graphic CD of your yearbook layout, and we give you beautiful completed yearbooks!

We offer fast, reliable and quality services of: >Printing >Professional binding with large selection of different materials, variety of colour, textures and styles >Gold/foil stamping or embossing school logos/symbols, and each individual students name.

Y&G BOOKBINDING 1022 43rd St. Brooklyn N.Y. 11219 718.438.0244 |


T:347.927.4ADS(4237) F:718.799.9188 E:

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